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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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(groaning) bishop! bishop: upstairs! tony: you all right? hudson needs an ambulance. i found the wife. don't move. ducky: her body was preserved in formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, phenol-- basically, embalming fluids. stuffed into a vacuum-sealed storage bag. that's why there was no odor. and very little decay. and a cause of death, duck? yeah, a fractured neck.
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same as major newton. who do i notify about her remains? she had no family except the husband that killed her. i'll call her father's lawyer. do we know who the imposter really is? rita applegate. she was a waitress at a bar not far from lejeune. that's where they met. discovered they had a lot in common. she and captain hudson shared similar, um, desires that his wife didn't. she wants to cut a deal and is willing to testify. says that hudson killed his wife and transferred the body, all along with their personal possessions. after hudson retired, they were gonna dispose of the body, move to the caribbean and live off of lauren's money. greed-- the root of much evil. morning, my lord. hey, ducky. those are awfully nice-looking flowers. i take it that you and jake made up. those aren't from jake. they're from mcgee. tony: aw. well, that's kind of sweet. so, you-you guys are good again? bishop: yeah.
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i canceled my trip, got my deposit back, and, uh, it was a good thing. jake has to go out of town that weekend. a summit somewhere in asia. somewhere? asia's big. yep. need-to-know. couldn't tell me where. we'll take our little trip another time. yeah. so i got this, uh, leave request of yours. you still going to england? no, i think i'll take that trip another time. uh, thank you. um, you know, that heritage stuff isn't all it's cracked up to be. what happened? well... my cousin, crispian, called back. he knows all about archibald drummond. (chuckles) it turns out
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he was a... he was a scoundrel, and a-a thief, a con man. died in newgate prison. crispian says that some historians suspect that, uh, he may have been... jack the ripper. captioning sponsored by cbs and toyota captioned by media access group at wgbh next at 11:00, where are the plows? >> this is a total disgrace. >> some city streets still covered in snow, and train service disrupted for the commute.
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morning commute, mobile 2 is live.
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t os more than 2 feet of snow, and now this. >> the roads are terrible. >> this is a total disgrace. >> streets neglected. fire hydrants buried, drivers and plowed stranded. >> i can't jump two feet of
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new yorkers demanding action on the roads and the rails. >> good evening to you. i'm kristine johnson. we're now just hours away from the first commute from the blizzard of 2016. there are service disruptions on the long island railroad and the path. some streets are still impassable, and alternate side parking rules are suspended until monday, february 1. new york school districts are open, but other districts are closed and delayed. you can find a list on our website, closings. let's begin with lonnie quinn. lonnie, i know we're concerned with temperatures dropping overnight. >> i put these polygones up. 9 to 15, stuff like that. this was so big, simple guys. shaded in blue, huge snow. shaded in white, becausicly no snow. everybody community here that
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in your county you had 1 to 2 feet of snow. basely nothing north of our area. central park, the official number. 26.8. is that the biggest in history? kj, are you ready for this? you missed it by a tenth. like, i mean, nothing, that much snow is what you missed it by. yesterday, that 26.8 will forever be in second place to february, 2006, 26.9. i spoke with them at the national weather service, they're going to look at this one more time. but right now, all of that snow, and some black top being exposed. there could be some concern with some slippery spots out there. elise finch is out there in the field. we're concerned with some slipping and some sliding. >> reporter: absolutely lonnie, we've seen that on this corner along 8th avenue, and 56th street.
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intersection itself, down to the black top, it has been plowed. the problem is, as people start to move across it, they're having a difficult time. what you can't see at the bottom of the snow is that we've got a lot of slush. a lot of it is the melted snow. of course, it's going to freeze overnight. as temperatures drop below the freezing mark here in manhattan. the issue becomes black ice on the roadways, yes, that's an issue for some drivers. but slush on the sidewalks, also, slippery, dangerous intersections. people need to be mindful of that as they head out. >> okay, elise. a big concern for some commuters. will the lirr be back up and running by morning? check out the boards at penn station today. showing suspended, as crews
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tracks. more on the restoration process. >> reporter: long island railroad service is still suspended at this hour, but 7 of the railroad's 12 branches are expected to be fully operational tomorrow morning. with nearly 300,000 commuters relying on long island railroad every single work day, restoring the service can't come soon enough. >> railroad crews were shoveling up some rough patches at the mineola long island railroad station, gearing up for the return of trains and commuters monday morning. >> but it's good, i think just for the safety. safety of the people and everything. >> reporter: snow clearing equipment has been running on the tracks all day. the frozen switches delayed them from getting to some areas in need. other tracks were impeded by stranded trains. the mta also used stranded snow blowers.
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done by hand and rail yards that were buried in 2 feet of snow. >> you also have the practical problem of opening up the stations themselves, the parking lots, the staircases, et cetera. it's a tremendous amount of work. >> reporter: 7 of the lirr's 12 branches will be fully operational. port washington, jefferson bay, huntington, babylon, and green port. there will also be partial service on the montauk bridge. which is good news for queens resident, germane pebbles who needs the lirr to visit his son, who is hospitalized in mineola. >> i had to wait this morning to get a cab and they charged me extra bucks to get it. >> commuters are relieved, the worst is over. >> there's people who work in hospitals. there's places that never close. >> reporter: as you can see here, the platforms and the
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shape, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done at the west hempstead, far rockaway beaches. they are cross honoring lirr tickets tomorrow. that's the latest here live from mineola, i'm hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. thanks for that update. now a look at other mass transit schedules for the morning commute. new york city subway service has been restored. crews are still working to restore the q train in brooklyn, and the franklin avenue shuttle. service on mta buses, metro north, and new jersey transit have been restored. please do expect delays or route changes. path trains will be operational. you can see these pictures the at the track still covered in snow. just as the airports were getting back to normal, two delta airline planes clipped each other on the runway at
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it happened at 5:30 on the delta ramp. there were no injuries and no fuel leak. we did reach out to delta for more information, but we have not heard back. right now, a live look at jfk airport, where they had hundreds of departures today. because of the storm, nearly 34,000 flights were canceled across the country. more than 1,000 have been canceled for tomorrow. it has been nearly 48 hours since the snow began following. a lot of people who live in queens say their roads haven't been plowed. cbs 2's valerie castro spoke to some who say they want some answers. >> reporter: christine, we're here along metropolitan area. it's a main roadway. you can see it's clear. the plows have been here and have taken care of any snow. if you go just one block that way, it is a completely different story. the sound of frustration echoed throughout middle village in queens.
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>> reporter: he got stuck on the stretch of 69th road around 6:00 sunday night, and stayed there. >> came up this way, because every other block was closed off, and i got stuck right here. so. >> >> reporter: and you had four men trying to help you. >> four grown men, just as big as i am, and couldn't move the car, and we're all wondering what happened to the sanitation department. >> reporter: earlier, the snow plow was no match for the snow, and in jacksonville heights, the same struggles for drivers. mayor de blasio said 850 plows were deployed to queens. >> our central focus is on queens where we have neighborhoods, we just have to do a lot more and quickly. >> reporter: this man decided to do something himself in middle village, and hired this private truck equipped with a plow blade. >> i have to pay a guy to get
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>> no. $300. but i've got to do what i've got to do. i got to work tomorrow. >> reporter: our own cbs 2 live truck also got stuck. i got behind the wheel, but the tires just kept spinning. he will hope for more help come monday morning. >> i'm just going to go out here for a little bit, so that my car is safe, and hopefully in the morning, i have eight guys push me out. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see one of many cars that is stuck out here in the snow. mayor de blasio wants people who's cars are like this, to leave your car like this, instead of digging it out, and putting more snow in the mid- willing of the street, he wants residents to wait until the plows come through. reporting live in middle village queens, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. >> you heard the mayor say that
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many in the bronx saying, what about us? tracy is live, checking out the situation. >> reporter: we pulled over, because i want you to see this street. look at it. it hasn't been touched by a plow. residents say that is unsafe, and unacceptable. we're going to get moving, just so i can show you, these streets are pretty tricky to maneuver through. there is just so much snow. plows came through mull ford avenue around 7:00 tonight for the first time after residents complained their street and others in the area have been sorely neglected. >> you can't even call 311 because they don't even pick up the phone now. even if they made one pass yesterday, this would have never gotten to the way it is now. >> reporter: a layer of snow, and mounds piled up in the road.
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trying to dig out. creating quite an obstacle course for drivers. >> it's pretty difficult to get through some of the streets. >> everybody with their snow blowers is throwing it right in the middle of the street. it's really hards to get through the streets now. >> reporter: the roads no match for this suv that got stuck. joanne spent most of the day digging out her car. >> it hasn't been touched. hasn't even been touched. i don't know how i'm getting out of there tomorrow. i can't just two feet. >> reporter: they want to know why mayor bill de blasio isn't paying attention to their borough. and have some words of advice for him. >> do a better job. really, this has not been like this in a very long time.
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here are also worried that if there were an emergency, first responders would not be able to get through these streets. look at these cars, they are completely stuck in there. good luck getting out. we did see a plow on another street next to us. hopefully that means some relief is on the way for some of these people. live tonight in the pelham bay section of the bronx. meantime, unmistakable progress in new jersey, where the plows have been on the roads around the clock. brian conybeare joins us live from edgewater with more on that. >> reporter: christine, as the cleanup from the blizzard continues, people are running into one problem. what do you do about all this snow? here in edgewater, they're dumping it. a lot of it right in this river front park. >> reporter: some streets in
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more like bobsled runs tonight, with plowed snow piled high, and cars buried on either side. >> it's the challenge. there's no place to put it. >> reporter: in edgewater, the dpw had to bring out heavy machinery to haul it away. even main arteries, are busier. the right lane, more like half a lane in some spots, because the plows can only push the snow so far. all day long, people were digging out from the blizzard. but alvin decided to pay $100 to have it done. >> i thought that i would get a heart attack, if i tried to shovel all of this stuff myself. >> reporter: some side streets are still snow covered, and that had a has many districts canceling school on monday. like jersey city. >> it's very annoying. >> reporter: like many parents, she may have to skip work.
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and lose vacation days, or sick days. >> reporter: dozens of school districts across northern new jersey will be closed on monday. [ no audio ] >> do apologize about brian's audio. he was saying there might be some school closings and also some delays. do check our website. wake up with cbs 2 news this morning, starting tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. still to come here at 11:00, tragedy outside a new jersey home. a mother and a child found dead during the blizzard. another child in the hospital. the terrible accident while digging out from the snow. plus armed, dangerous, and missing. three inmates disappear from prison. how did they flee without anyone noticing. then later, fun in a winter wonderland, how to stay safe
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another look at mobile 2. checking out the roads in the bronx before the morning commute. >> and super bowl l is set. it is going to be peyton manning and the broncos against newton and the panthers. defensive end, jamal westerman
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in new jersey, a mother and her 1-year-old child died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sitting inside their car. neighbors placed flowers next to the car outside of passeo comb. neighbors say the mother and children were waiting inside. a 4-year-old child survived, and is right now in the hospital. one neighbor rushed in to help. >> mom tried to hold the kid. she gave cpr to the little girl. said she tried to help them, but she couldn't. >> police say the tail pipe was
11:23 pm
cause the carbon monoxide to come into the car. the plow truck driver got out before the plow was hit. there were no passengers on the train, and no one was hurt, thankfully. the nta says the train was not damaged. it's not clear if weather played a part in this fiery crash. a tanker burst into flames on route 80 in new jersey this afternoon. the truck collided with a small suv on route 30 near roxbury. the smaller vehicle also caught fire. a mother and son who had been inside were both taken to the hospital. some staten island residents spent date digging out of the snow, saying it took nearly 24 hours before trucks came out to clear the roads. just a few hours ago, crews finally arrived in the arden heights area to begin plowing the streets. lonnie quinn joins us once again with our forecast.
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still keeling with some very cold temperatures. >> it's going to be cold every morning this week. so this problem with some morning ice out there is something you're going to have to deal with for quite a while. we get a 19-degree reading right now. this is john out in patchog. be safe. a perfect transition right there. thank you, john. that's what we're going to be worried about here during the overmight hours. let me get you out to new york city. even the lights look like they're all sort of like muffled with a little blanket of white on it. the city is so pretty with some snow, but i know it causes problems. high thin clouds out there right now. 35 was your high. 20 was the low. here are my headlines, we're going to watch out for that morning ice.
11:25 pm
tuesday, but this time we would be a looking at more rain than snow. jackson heights in queens, 34 inches. that's almost 3 feet of snow, gang. then long valley, new jersey, 30 inches. greenwich, your 16 inches pales in comparison. take a look right now. a couple of high, thin clouds like we talked about. going through orange county right now. not going to be a big player in the weather. that got a little dizzying. hang with me here, gang. we're going all the way out to the four corners. a little disturbance here. this low pressure system will give us a chance on tuesday. put the future cast into motioner for your day tomorrow, a pretty good looking monday.
11:26 pm
that disturbance make its way in. notice rain, not so much snow. late tuesday going into wednesday. it is not going to be anything like what we just dealt with, primarily rain in that particular system. the numbers come together looking like this. a few clouds out there. the winds are going to be subsiding. about 24 degrees. everyone out there, your dropping below freezing. tomorrow afternoon, year above freezing. 37. looking across the board, you'll see the tremendous that we're talk -- trend that we're talking about. on tuesday, 44 degrees. each and every night, you drop down again below freezing. whatever rain you pick up on tuesday is not going to get rid of nearly three feet in some spots. >> absolutely not. my son was so upset. saying the snow is going to melt by tomorrow. >> hear me on this one. >> i don't think so. we've got a ways to go. by the way, we've been having
11:27 pm
sharing your pictures that you've posted on the facebook page. >> we got them right off the page. these are so great. first up, we have luka from the iron bound section of newark. where's waldo. another named valentino. and of course we have to make an effort to give equal time to cats. this is hutch. an indoor tabby who begged to go outside, but then had second thoughts. he probably envisioned himself looking more like the child seen on the right. we're told both of these babies in montclair were enjoying
11:28 pm
>> lonnie's not tired at all. you know those pictures, the viewer pictures and the video,. >> i love them. >> do you remember the guy surfing on long island sound? he's out there with a wet suit, surfing. >> you guys are all viewing vicariously. >> thank you, cindy. we know who is facing off in the super bowl. steve overmyer has the highlights from a big night in football. also, mobile 2 is navigating through some slippery roads in the city tonight.
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super bowl l is set. one game close to watch, the other, not so much. peyton manning, and cam newton, it's really the top two defenses in the nfl. he gives the broncos a comfortable 8 point curb against the patriots. tom brady throws this
11:31 pm
the game tieing two point conversions. the broncos pull out an exciting 20-18 win. the nfc championship was absolutely no contest. cam newton proving why he is the runaway mvp this year. and the panthers defense forced arizona into seven turnovers. seven! carolina wins, setting up the broncos/panthers match up in super bowl l. a final chapter to a legendary career for peyton manning. his thoughts on this match up later in the show, should be fun. don't forget, you can watch super bowl l on february 7 right here on cbs 2. coming up next, a massive manhunt for three dangerous men. a jail cell turned crime scene. tonight, we're learning how
11:32 pm
and live pictures from mobile 2 here.
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your morning commute. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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watch here as a giant snow drift falls from the roof of the hoboken library. it had been hanging dangerously from the rim of the three story building, so firefighters decided to knock it down. as one viewer commented online, the owner of the car below may not be too happy. they're not too happy also
11:35 pm
people are complaining that their streets haven't been plowed. tracee carrasco is live checking out the road conditions in the pelham bay section. >> reporter: i'm on the back side of that unplowed street we showed you earlier. you can see some residents have plowed their own little way to get out of the street. still, so much snow. a lot of them were complaining that they don't know how they're going to get to work tomorrow. luckily, the mayor did suspend alternate side parking for the rest of the week. but take a look. you can see there is a lot of snow even at this hour right now, we're seeing some people trying to dig out their cars, and we did see some plows out on the street, so hopefully some relief will be coming to residents out here. tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. all right, tracy. new tonight, three inmates who escaped a southern california maximum security jail are considered armed and dangerous.
11:36 pm
from the men's cell. they say that the trio got ahold of tools, and cut through steel bars. they made it to the roof, where they repelled to the ground, using a makeshift rope. >> it appears to be a very sophisticated operation. we will not stop until these individuals are back in our custody. >> the sheriff's aves is investigating how the inmates got the tools. a $30,000 reward has been offered for information leading to their arrest. coming up next, the dos and don'ts of winter fun. how to make sure you and your
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i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. what a difference a day makes. the massive snowfall made for a day of fun in central park as people took advantage of the weekend to play in the snow. cbs 2's elise finch spent part
11:39 pm
>> reporter: it was a sunday fun day. central park full of people enjoying two feet of fresh snow. many of them on sleds. >> when you have a hill that goes kind of down. >> you love that? >> yeah, and i like doing jumps. going fast. >> reporter: these kids demonstrated their technique. some sit upright, others go head first, but they told us, it's all about speed. >> usually, that's only something you can do on roller coasters, but now you can just walk to the park and sled down the hills, just really fun. >> kind of like a half pipe and a roller coaster. >> reporter: doctors say as fun as it is, sledding results in thousands of injuries every year. >> common bruises, to lacerations, fractiontures, and more severely we can see cranium injury,. >> reporter: he says parents can help prevent sledding injuries by making their their
11:40 pm
trays, landsry baskets, or pieces of cardboard. >> there's no stumps or rocks. >> in new york, it could be recycling, or garbage, or a hole. >> reporter: doctors say make sure you and your children are properly dressed in multiple layers with your hands, feet, and nose and ears covered. in central park, elise finch, cbs 2 news. so much fun out there. lonnie quinn joins us once again. lonnie, i remember taking cookie sheets out as a kid. >> i did the blade runner sleds, as a kid. this was more like the little saucers you saw the kids on out there. or perhaps the cookie sheet. you're looking at a partly cloudy sky. the high thin clouds break up for tomorrow. 32degrees for tomorrow. here's what you should be planning on. the entire area is going to refreeze tonight.
11:41 pm
there will give you slick spots in the morning. but it's a nice looking day tomorrow afternoon. temperatures up to 27 degrees with quite a lot of sunshine. maybe rain mixed in on the tail end of tuesday, going into weapons. but it's not a big gigantic system like we just dealt with. people around here are still talking about this storm. the question i'm it facing a lot, was it officially a blizzard? here's the deal. officially yes, it is a blizzard, and these are the official observations from know gentleman. in order for it to be a blizzard, you need three hours of the following conditions. you had them at 7, 8, and 9. 35 mile-per-hour winds or stronger. you've got 36, 37, 38, 39. it did qualify in that category and the visibility satisfies it in that category. the blizzard of 2016, officially, the skies, a few clouds out there. they're going to break up, and have a good looking day tomorrow. for tonight, temperatures drop
11:42 pm
orange, about 24 in new york city. everyone's below freezing. about to 37 in the city. everybody basically gets above freezing tomorrow, and your extended forecast, look at it quickly. notice kj, we're 44 with a rain chance on tuesday, so there's some good snow melts going on there. the stage is set for super bowl l right here on cbs. steve overmyer previews the big game. that's coming up next in sports. we're out of bud light. beer run? no. minibar delivery.
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sfx: door bell beer's here! (cheering) jb smoove? we're going to the super bowl! order bud light with minibar delivery
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well the super bowl is set. and in it again will be a familiar name. peyton manning may have a brittle body. in two months he's expected to retire. today, could have been the swan song for one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. the question is, does he have any more heroics left in that arm. there's always a layer of controversy surrounding a patriots game. now tablet-gate. only this time it happened to the defending super bowl champions. a malfunction caused their tablets to stop working in the opening half. here's eli's big brother, coming off his worst year as a pro. he missed 6 games with a foot injury. 17 interceptions. but today, he helped the broncos get out to an 8 point
11:45 pm
this was an uncomfortable game for tom brady. he was intercepted twice. he was sacked four times. he took 20 quarterback hits in this game, but amazingly, he was right there to give new england a chance to tie it with 12 seconds left. a missed pat in the game earlier, meant they needed to go for two to go to overtime, but the broncos defense staved off this wield comeback. they saved the win with an interception. for the second time under peyton manning, they win the afc championship. >> a lot of 4th down plays that ended up costing us. we made a couple, but again there were too many of those, and we never could play with the lead, we never could play on our terms. it was an uphill battle all day. >> it's not really time to reflect. we have two weeks to play. we've got to play a team that we are completely unfamiliar with. there's going to be a lot of film to study. i think once again, just trying
11:46 pm
we'll enjoy this victory tonight. this was a special victory. it was a heck of a game. >> let's talk about this heck of a game. with the afc championship. with the man who played with rutgers, then the jets. he is currently an all-star with the winnipeg blue bombers. >> great to be back. all the snow, all the shoveling. >> you made it here alive. how much snow shoveling did you have to do? >> i think i'm still snow shoveling. >> we're thrilled to have you in here. the family is all good. but i want to talk about bill belichick. he made some questionable calls. 6 minutes left to go in the game. you're down by 8, it seemed like a lot of people were asking him why he didn't kick a field goal at that point. is his overconfidence coming back to bite him at times? >> who can't trust bill
11:47 pm
won? i think it was the right decision at the time. you're down 8. you want to go in and score, and tie it up. you don't want to worry about, are we going to get the ball back? all day long, tom brady has been harassed. has been intercepted. you have a chance right now. you're down in the red zone to score points and to tie the game up. >> but we saw that a couple of times. he went for it on 4th down twice in a row. through the years, that's kind of what bill belichick does. >> he normally has it. he's normally on point, with all of these game time decisions. today, it didn't work out as well as it normally does. >> peyton manning is 39 years old. he's going to be the oldest man to ever start a super bowl. we thought that he was just going to be a game manager. he became a game changer, but how much is left in peyton manning? >> it's not many years. i know he has enough for the super bowl. >> he has enough for this game.
11:48 pm
now, because he plays the game between the ears. he's a thinking man. he knows how to get them in the right plays. get them out of bad plays. put the ball where it has to be, and sometimes where to hand the ball off to. who to get the ball to. >> tom brady was hit 20 times more than any quarterback in any game this year. you said he was feeling ghosts. >> ghosts. look around you can't see them, but they're there. von miller, 2.5 sacks. everybody was over him all game. similar to those games against the giants. when he has an open throw, he's feeling them. thinking somebody is sweeping for him. you see him ducking out of the pocket, and there's nobody there. he's feeling the ghosts. >> hard to imagine the cardinals and the panthers being able to duplicate what we
11:49 pm
regardless though, this should have been a better game. first and second in the nfl in points per game. 5th and 6th in points allowed. but cam newton has been the difference maker for the panthers all season. that is why he is a lock for the mvp. he runs in two more touchdowns on his way to a 27 point lead. the panthers are headed to super bowl l in santa clara, california. 49-15. it is their second super bowl trip in franchise history. >> so many people were talking about, we're going to the super bowl two or three weeks ago. the truth of the matter is, we can't go to the super bowl without winning that next game. and you know, the year we're going to the super bowl. we're not just going to take pictures. we're trying to finish this thing off. >> cam newton, mvp. >> mvp. >> what is it about him this year? what has he done? >> what hasn't he done?
11:50 pm
involved, and has just matured as a player. we wrote him off two years ago. we were saying he can't do this. he sits on the bench with the towel over his head. he's moping around. why is he smiling so much, and they're losing? this is the same guy you've seen throughout his career. he's very confident in his abilities. they're having fun out there playing. >> but this could be a changing of the guard. we saw how peyton manning knows how to read the defense. peyton manning does it with his athleticism as well. >> big, strong, fast, then he's matured to he can read the defense. he can hand the ball off. you can throw the ball. >> then he does the dab. >> do you dab? >> i do not. >> please don't. >> at least not in public. super bowl l comes your way on february 7. peyton manning and the broncos will face the carolina panthers. it is a game you can see on cbs 2. jamal, you are a rock star
11:51 pm
you spent five years in the nfl. and it seemed like you actually were a broadcaster for rutgers for a little bit as well. then it seemed like some doors were closed to you. what was your mindset when those doors opened up a bit? >> i always thought, when they close a door, find a window. i love playing the game of football. having an opportunity to go up to winnipeg and play in the cfl, it was tremendous. and i'm excited to go back next year. >> tim tebow was one guy who rejected the idea of playing in the cfl. should more nfl players take a closer look at the cfl. >> i definitely think a lot of guys should continue to play. it could have helped tebow. the cfl is a 3 down league and a lot of passing. >> it's a wider field. the defensive line has to stay
11:52 pm
>> i hate that. >> it puts you behind the 8 ball from the jump. but limits yourself to more speed and athleticism. >> the cfl, you have more spacing. it's a wider field, so you see a lot of gun runs, the quick passes to receivers. similar to what cam newton has done. they can run the ball. they like to throw the ball all the way around, since it is only 3 downs, you have to get the 1st down a lot quicker. a lot of points scored. it's a fun game. some of these certain college tames with the spread offense, like the patriots. anybody in june, if you're feeling your football needs, and you need some football to watch. turn on a cfl game. because it will definitely be a crazy game, and it's fun to watch. >> it suits you. you were an all-star, second in the league with 17 sacks. named the most outstanding player of the year for winnipeg. how do you do this in your
11:53 pm
>> i had a double. i had a twin brother. one guy handled that. had a great time. a lot of great coaches and a lot of hard work. i knew this is my opportunity to go up there and help the team win. the coaching staff was great. i'm on the fly every game, and trying to learn. i'm learning as i'm going, and had a great time playing up there. >> you got better as the season progressed. does this suit your game better? >> i think it does suit me. the things i like to do. i like to get after the quarterback. i like to rush the passer. i think i am a guy who can play with his hand in the dirt, and play standing up. that's one thing i try to do is be a complete guy. not just can only play the pass. i like to be able to do everything. they gave me an opportunity to go out there and continue to play. >> we know there are a number
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