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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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answers from mayor deblasio and dare row -- carolyn gussof has more as well. >> reporter: somewhere under this snow is 68th road. it's like walking on the moon with all of this snow. these folks right here, basically, they had to do their own digging out because this street, as you can tell, has not seen a plow in a long time. the folks down the street say they feel like they are trapped in their own homes because the city has basically abandoned them. >> we're always getting screwed. look at our blocks. there's snow. you can't even go down the block. >> reporter: steven schrader said he's fed up with the city. he lives here on 68th road, a snow covered road that he claims hasn't seen a plow since early saturday morning. >> they only do the main roads in middle village, not the side streets. >> reporter: feel like the forgotten neighborhood. >> we are. >> reporter: a sentiment echoed
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paula said she can't sleep because she's being held prisoner by huge mounds of snow outside of her home 469th avenue. she says a plow came early monday morning but only plowed half of the street and took off. >> i'm sick. i have a bad heart. this gives me so much angst tie. if an ambulance had to come, what's gonna happen? they can't get here. >> reporter: plows were making their way down the streets in bellrose queens where some residents stopped to wait for the city nows and and -- plows and were cleaning up themselves. >> how many times have they gone up the street? >> i think once. this is queens. >> reporter: your job is not easy. >> no. >> reporter: this plow driver had to stop two times on one street to dig out cars stuck until snow on his route. one city craw had to dig themselves out. mayor deblasio is urging new yorkers to leave the cleanup to the city. let the snow melt away naturally and let sanitation
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>> if you put all the snow from your car back in the street and your street is not passable, sanitation can't keep up with that if every time and again people keep putting more and more snow on the side of the street and the middle of the street. >> reporter: we see the light at the end of 68th road. we can see a crew in the distance finally clearing out part of 68th road. and this street will have plenty of time too clear out these -- or clear out the cars. the mayor had been advising them to leave, let nature take its course. off-street parking has been suspended until saturday. but there's a little bit of hope down the street. hazel sanchez, cbs news. >> big questions for the mayor. residents in eastern queens say unplowed streets are represent min of reminiscent. marcia kramer is demanding
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>> reporter: there's real anger in queens over delays in plowing local streets. >> this is a disgrace. our mayor, what -- what is he being paid for? to do what? to do this. >> not too happy on staten island either. the message to the mayor. >> plow it. send the truck here. >> reporter: but queens, especially eastern queens, is a particular problem. deja vu for some who still remember the blizzard of 1969 when it took days for the mayor to get plows to queens while manhattan streets were spotless. >> deblasio, thank you for not listening. i'm sure your neighborhood is clear. >> reporter: this councilman represents east queens and said the city's response was unacceptable. >> i'm appalled. scon.
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tweeted numerous pictures of streets that had not within plowed. >> queens, we often feel that we're forgotten, especially when it comes to snowstorms. but in a lot of things. the city is more than just suburban, map hatten. >> reporter: what upset many is the victory lap he took today to congratulate the workers. given all of the people still unhappy about their streets not being plowed, i wonder if it's premature to congratulate people. >> our sanitation workers have been working nonstop, long, long shifts. there barely get a chance to -- they barely get a chance to rest. no one is saying mission accomplished. a lot of good work has happened. if i'm living on one of those blocks, i will be upset.
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>> reporter: the mayor said the words new york, and impatience goes together. but he said 27 inches of snow is not going to go away overnight, things he said will be better in the morning. >> and you will be there to >> indeed. thank you. the nypd says there are six in the city. each of the victims was either finished shoveling. the medical examiner's office is investigating. and another possible blizzard-related death in new jersey. a 78-year-old woman found dead in her car in a burger king parking lot in hackensack. police say the medford long island woman told an employee at the burger king she didn't want to drive home in the snow. she was found dead in the car this morning. workers at a private ambulance company across the street say the car was covered in snow. >> 5:30 saturday morning, noticed car out there. sunday morning we were out there digging out the trucks
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>> the woman's name has not been released. it's another difficult commute tonight for thousands of long island railroad riders. penn station isn't more crowded than usual but it is more confusing. customers scrambling for alternate branches because four, the far rockaway, the hempstead, long beach and west hempstead branches remain closed right now because of the storm. after the morning rush hour, some describing as chaotic. carolyn gussof live at the other end to let us know how people are feeling and the progress on getting everything up and running again. carolyn? >> reporter: dana, good evening, with eight branches restored and four suspended, as you can imagine, the trains that are running, they are very crowded and there are delays. the long island railroad commuter council called for a lessons learned review. they are saying the railroads
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all hands on deck all day with shovels and torches and jet- propelled blowers. crews removed snow and ice from frozen long island switches. as trains sat still and empty on 6 of 12 branches for part of the day. it was not the commute the railroad or riders had envisioned. as of last night, 7 of 12 lines were to be running at 80% by morning. >> every e-mail i got said canceled, canceled. >> confusing, you know. it's like i look up and then 7:00 and then 7:30. >> reporter: the railroad scaled back expectations after switches froze overnight. thousands stood on platforms, jammed into delays, shuttles in stations where trains were not running at all. >> can't get to work. you see the trains and there's no room to get on. >> reporter: commuters waited
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signals. >> it's a joke. they tell us the 6:15 is coming. then it's canceled. >> reporter: the commuter council calling for a real-time mobile app for the nation's largest commuter railroad. >> they are trying but they don't have communication as usual. >> reporter: the railroad defending the communication as the best in the nation with 27 realtime alerts, via text, web and social media. but in weather like this there's that blanket guarantee of service. they should have suspended service sooner on saturday but they didn't want to stand more riders. the governor said it's a tough choice either way. >> if you leave the trains in service, then you are gonna have a harder time getting them back up and running when the storm is over. >> reporter: and that's what we're seeing. washington branch was restored midafternoon. why is the long island railroad
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fully back up and running? the railroad responds that metro north, of course, in that area, they got less snow and nj transit. they are fewer miles ofism packed track to deal with. still no estimate of when we'll have full service restored. carolyn gussof, cbs2 news. >> thank you. hube treads of schools in -- hundreds of schools in new jersey were closed. some will get another snow day tomorrow. so. students made the most of this day heading out sledding. vanessa took a ride with kids down a mountainside park in montclair. >> reporter: tell me the best part about this hill. >> very bumpy. >> reporter: what's the best part of the snow? >> you get to play in it and have snow fights and snowball
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>> the shoveling continues tomorrow. an update, newark city schools announced all public schools will be closed tomorrow. and jersey city public schools will have a 90-minute delayed opening. to check on your school, go to our website. could we be in store for round two? another storm is headed our way. we gotta lynn to lonnie. >> the time frame looks to be thursday late, kind of a squeeze play in the atmosphere. watch it come together here. not a guarantee. but it's too close for comfort. and playing in the snow takes a frightening turn. a little girl, hurt when she falls through a hole in the sidewalk. and this viral video sweeping the nation. snowboarding through the city. the response from the nypd might surprise you. and coming up on the cbs evening news, the iowa caucuses, one week away. scott pelley will have that tonight. >> what a great job everyone at
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we're going to have the i kaw caucuses on the evening tonight. seven danes from tonight, the first votes and we have brand- new polling information for the democrats and the republicans. all of that just ahead on the cbs evening news. also ahead here at 6:00 -- an nypd officer on trial for a deadly shooting in brooklyn. here the dramatic 911 calls played in court today. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done.
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the trial has pea gup for a rookie officer charged in the shooting death of a brooklyn man. he's accused of firing his gun in a darken the stairwell on november 20th, 2014. the bullet ricocheted off a wall and struck a man killing him. he was with a friend who tried to help while a resident called 911. >> let me ask you something. >> they are right here. they -- we are they are calling backup. >> prosecutors say the officer failed to help gurley as he laid dying. the officer's attorney insists the shooting was an accident. a little girl in the bronx is rescued after falling in a deep hole hidden beneath the snow. it happened saturday.
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her mother when she fell into the hole. she was able too grab onto pipes to keep from falling down any further. she's all right today. her mother thankful her child is alive. >> we were walking to the pathway on the side of my building and all of a sudden, my daughter just disappeared she fell through a hole and my immediately -- my read reaction was to jump in the hole behind her. i was very scared. i hear her say mommy help me. >> the family's attorney said he intends to fail a notice of claim against the city, the first step in a lawsuit. a viral video of snowboarding in the blizzard has people tuning in but it's also raising questions about how the nypd responded. dick brennan with the video and the story. >> reporter: the mayor didn't want people driving even walking in the blizzard.
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snowboarding or skiing behind an suv. new york >> reporter: youtube video producers thought it would be a good idea to rip through a snow- covered city complete with a sinatra soundtrack. >> [ cheers ] >> reporter: at one point, they take someone for a ride. >> can i go next? >> reporter: but if you think this is all fun and games, check out these wild maneuvers, doing ski jumps, and having close encounters with snow cabs. finally, someone caught up with them but listen to what the police officer said. >> yes, officer. you guys are awesome. >> reporter: it appears they are off the hook. we asked if the cops did the right thing. in a statement, they said police officer police officers have the opportunity to take action or exercise judgment for
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>> what did you think about that? >> it probably won't the easiest thing to do. >> i'm all for obeying but i was able -- i kind of wish i was able to do it. >> that doesn't sound like a safe thing. i think the nypd has done a great job being out there. i would urge people to not go on a joyride that could cause them some real harm. >> the video has 500,000. the you've guys did this same thing a few years ago. >> i remember covering the storm in 1996, a person on a snowmobile on fifth avenue. thank you. we're watching another potential storm. lonnie quinn. all right. >> let's get started. it's a good-looking sky. you have high clouds overhead. 35 degrees. headlines look like this -- the el nino track is in place and
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that means you get these coastal lows that develop and grow as they move into our area. next possibility would be thursday. >> here's how it would work out. this we mo move up the store -- this low would move up the shore. a little too close to discount the thing. we have one low to the north. wait for the low to come up to the shore. that's it right there. now it keeps us as of lunchtime on thursday in this channel pretty clear air. are you gonna discount that and that when it's that close. we keep our eyes peeled on this one. if you are wondering what the model numbers are saying. snowfall predictions. we just watch it. what see see for your day, a good tuesday start, more clouds later t will be mild tomorrow. could put of a rain chance in. rain chance tomorrow afternoon and then maybe some wet snowflakes tomorrow night. tonight, down to 29. refreezing it gonna be a possibility every single early- morning this week. we keep our eye on that
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for your day tomorrow, 44. it's mild enough. a.m. sun, p.m. clouds. there will be a rain chance any time after 3:00 p.m. tomorrow. and then wednesday, 42, thursday, 37. thursday is when we watch for the possibility of the storm to come onshore. if it doesn't come onshore, you have quite a bit of sunshine if we stay on the small chan. . but with a storm dropping in from the north, i watched this one. i watched it very closely. >> and we'll watch your sleeves. >> this last storm was -- >> you did a great job. >> everybody here, john elliott and our producer. >> what a team. giorgio and elise and vanessa. a hard time. >> hard time. >> record-breaker. almost a record-breaker. otis livingston joining us next talking football. >> if tom brady never hears the name manning again, it will be too soon.
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weeks away from super bowl 50. it will be a super matchup.
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nfl football. let's check in with otis. >> let's let the two weeks of hype begin. old school verses new school. the largest difference in quarterback history, 13 years. peyton manning against cam newton. how did they get to the super bowl, though? peyton, the underdog against tom brady. but he played like anything but an underdog. two first quarter td passes. 17-9 halftime lead. brady was hit 23 times. probably more than he was ever had. still had a chance. two-point conversion to tie. gets picked off. peyton manning and the proes headed back to the super bowl. >> in is a sweet day. a sweet victory.
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great example of what this entire season has been like. it's not been easy. >> another day at the office for the nfy. championship winners. cam newton with the pass. he's gone. 86 yard for the score. newton a couple of td passes and a couple of td runs. going airman. defense all dominated. one of the panthers' four interventions off carson palmer. takes it to the house. 49-15. the final. cam headed to his first super bowl. >> we came out, had a pretty successful game. but i know it's a lot of people, like i said, i -- that feel just like me. we're not done yet. >> cam newton was just 8 years hold when peyton manning was selected by the colts in 199. [laughter] >> you can watch super bowl 50, the golden super bowl right here on cbs2, february 7th at 6:30 p.m.
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the nets host the heat and the knicks host oklahoma city. carmelo anthony questionable for the matchup with kevin durant and the thunder. melo has been logging a lot of minutes since that ankle injury. now has a sore left knee. baked up. but doesn't seem too concerned about it. >> i will get through this. this is not anything i'm worried about. the coaches are not concerned. i look forward to beout there tomorrow. >> we shall see. mike pea zattia will have his jersey retired on july 30th. tom brady has four super bowl rings. with yesterday's broncos' victory. eli, peyton, 5-2 against brady. two for eli and three afc championships for peyton. maybe some brady could go against archie. [laughter]
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nunn at 11:00 on cbs2 news, i'm kristine johnson.
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and now we're learning it's part of a violent crime spree targeting people near j.f.k. airport and the suspect is still out there. also, nursing homes like you've never seen them before. that's because it's all about four-legged friends. the pet nursing home tonight on the news at 11:00. >> we have a four-legged friend to wrap things up at 6:00. an act of kindness from two nypd officers who came upon a stray cat that had climbed into the wheel well of a car in brooklyn. the officers used a jack to lift the car and remove the wheel to get the kitty out of there. there's the kitty. the good samaritan said she intends to adopt the kitten who is estimated to be about a couple of months old and eight lives to go. join us here for the news at 9:00.
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