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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news. chaos at laguardia as passengers flood the airport, and what happened when cops confronted these snowboarders. thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag. two united club passes. priority boarding. and 30,000 bonus miles.
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the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. spinning wheels. slippery sidewalks. cars, trucks, even a school bus stuck. >> help, help! >> two days after a massive winter storm, people are still snowed in. >> missed work a couple of days. >> even if you can leave your home, the commute is chaotic. >> it took me almost three hours to get in this morning. >> now freezing temperatures mean a new warning about icy roads, and there's a chance for more snow, just days away. >> my diagnosis for this is i'm
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>> good evening to you i'm christine johnson. we begin with some breaking news. drivers stuck, in traffic at laguardia airport. the gridlock forcing some people to get out of their cars and walk along the highway. joe biermann joins us live. what is happening? >> reporter: i've never seen anything like this at laguardia airport. hundreds and hundreds of airline passengers just walking away from laguardia airport. i assume there are folks that just arrived. the traffic at laguardia is just a complete mess. it's a combination of traffic control from port authority and nypd. we're going to show you the traffic jam. these are all the internal roadways here at laguardia airport.
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grand central 94th street. once you get into the internal roadways, you can see nothing is moving. this is definitely the definition of gridlock. the entire area around laguardia airport is just gridlocked. port authority, nypd have shut down a lot of the access roads in and out of laguardia. so some of these folks, as you say, they've tweeted out. they've been in these delays anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. imagine, it's 11:00 at night, and there's this kind much gridlock. live in chopper 2, joe biermann, cbs 2 news. >> i can't imagine, joe. thank you. we'll keep everyone up-to-date on this. complains continue from queens tonight. residents buried by the blizzard say their streets still haven't been plowed. tony aiello is live in middle
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>> reporter: kristine, this is 80th street in. there are ruts that allow traffic on the roads. then to the side streets, we'll bring the camera on the rooftop of mobile 2 around. you can see this street is completely closed. it's completely snowpacked. this is a scene being repeated in numerous queens neighborhoods. they're spinning their wheels, and they're sick of it. all day vehicles have gotten stuck on 101st street in ozone park. that street untouched residents claim by any city plow. >> how do you describe it? >> horrendous. they haven't passed by to plow the streets. it's been already what? two days? it's horrible. >> it's ridiculous. this is the only straight in queens that's like this. >> reporter: not quite. last night, our live truck got
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monday night, vehicles still going nowhere at the very same location. the mayor heard from residents who feel the city has left them out in the cold. >> help. don't forget us. >> life is not back to normal here in woodhaven, or richmond mark, or so many other neighborhoods in queens where people are literally buried under 2 and a half feet of snow. >> this is not your average storm. .2inches more it would have been the greatest snowfall in new york city in the last century and a half. we've got to get that through everyone's head. so, so much snow accumulated. >> reporter: the mayor says too many people are putting snow they remove from their vehicles back on the street. >> you literally will block a street. >> reporter: the mayor says he understands patience is wearing thin, and it certainly is. >> not getting done. it's he have aggravated.
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do you blame city hall? >> both. >> reporter: now we're driving on 90th street. you can see this street also barely passible. that's a minivan in front of us. i hope it doesn't get stuck as we try to make our way through this neighborhood in woodhaven queens. the mayor says he's not happy with the situation, that help is on the way. they're talking about bringing in front end loaders to scoop up the snow and get it off the streets. just another example now, the trouble in queens. chopper 2 over ozone park, where the wheels on this bus were going round and round, stuck in the slippery snow. they didn't have any luck. eventually, another school bus pulls up to give it a nudge. and the tires did get enough traction. the driver was able to safely leave the street. schools in newark, still closed tomorrow, as a city
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plans to deploy crews to the city tomorrow to help clean up around the schools. there are other closures and delays. you can find those on our website, closings. just a few minutes ago, the nta said the long island railroad will have all trains running in time for tomorrow morning's rush hour. it certainly was a frustrating day for commuters. >> reporter: yes, it was christine, but this is a major sigh of relief. the mta confirming all 12 branches of the long island railroad will be back in service for tomorrow morning's commute, after a nightmarish monday. trains were packed for the commute home on the long island railroad monday night. penn station was full of confused commuters staring at the schedule boards in disbelief. they had already gone through a
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>> the whole trip took me 2 hours and 25 minutes for a normal trip. >> reporter: mark can't understand how some drains are still not running two days after the blizzard ended. he was among the thousands of commuters caught in the chaos monday. they were told most trains would be running as of 5:00 a.m. >> what do you think could be done better? >> i think they should fire the management of the long island railroad. >> reporter: governor cuomo credited the hard work, but admitted it could have gone smoother. that is cold comfort for commuters. >> very frustrated. >> reporter: shannon flynn takes the train every day from franklin square to manhattan. >> do you have any other option? >> not really, unless i'm going to drive in. what is our choice? but they keep raising the fares
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crappier if you ask me. >> reporter: shannon, there is good news. all 12 branches should be up and running, will be up and running, they tell us in the morning, but officials do say, people should pack their patience and allow extra time, because there is still more work to be done, and there could be delays, so be prepared. >> thank you for the update, brian. the snow cleanup continues on the path line as well, which means a service suspension between newark pen station and journal square remains in effect for tomorrow morning's excite. new jersey transit will cross on path tickets from newark. as if the snow wasn't causing enough trouble, freezing temperatures mean concerns about black ice on the roads tonight. lonnie quinn is live on the upper west side with more. >> reporter: we're on 60th street. this picture that you see here,
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that's at common picture you're going to find anywhere. but we want to talk about this problem with ice. take a look at this. what you see down here, see that? that's all just wet roadway right now. and temperatures are going to drop below freezing for everybody. you're 36 degrees right now. take a look at what we're forecasting for overnight lows. everybody throughout the area. you're going to find it's below freezing for everyone. you go well north and west. 23 in liberty, that's dropping below that. blooming dale, new jersey is 19 degrees. it's not just a concern about getting out there to drive in the morning. that's where i'm concerned about your safety, but as far as the tough time you're going to have getting to your car out of the snow, if it's one of these cars encased in the snow. you're going to get afternoons. also, a coating of ice. right now, this poor guy here
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get to this. but this is going to get tougher, as it becomes icy. it's going to get that much more tougher. i'll have your forecast in just a bit. >> okay lonnie, be careful out there. other news now, a little girl in the bronx is rescued after falling in a deep hole, or rather hidden beneath the snow. it happened saturday near the st. mary's houses in month haven. the 6-year-old was walking with her mother when she fell. she was able to grab onto pipes to keep her from falling further. >> all of a sudden, my daughter just disappeared. she fell through a hole and my immediately reaction was to just jump in the hole behind her. i was very scared. i heard her saying mommy help. mommy help me. >> kalima suffered some cuts, but otherwise was okay.
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the family is planning on filing a suit against the city. on her way to work and slashed on the subway. we'll hear from the victim too scared to show her face. and a snowy stunt in the middle of new york city. see what happened once police got wind of it. and a wakeup call for women and their doctors. why flu like symptoms could warrant a trip to the er. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the nypd is searching tonight for a man who slashed a woman on the subway in soho. the 71-year-old woman was attacked. he suddenly slashed her in the face as he walked off the train. cbs 2's valerie castro spoke to the woman tonight, but she didn't want to be identified on camera. >> he just came up to you? >> yes. random. it was a crazy thing, you know? >> and you were on the train? >> yeah. i take that train every morning. >> had you seen him before? >> no, no sweetie. >> can you tell us what he looked like? >> somebody that i don't even know.
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people in the train. >> police believe the suspect is about 18 years old, and was seen wearing red sneakers and black jeans. we have an update on a story that we first told you about last night. an attack on a mom and daughter at a queens hotel is believed to be part of a violent robbery pattern. according to investigators, this have been four previous incidents since december 28. the suspect demands money before taking off in the victim's vehicle. president obama says he is -- in an op-ed post it on "the washington post" website tonight the president said isolating prisoners can cause devastating long term psychological effects. he cited the case of kalif browder. at 16, he was arrested for
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sent to reicher's island for three years. he was kept in solitaire and was never tried. after being released last year he committed suicide. a video shot during saturday's blizzard is going viral. a couple of youtube producers pulled off some wild stunts doing jumps, buzzing cabs. even came close to some snow plows. police findy did catch up to them but it appears they left the border off the hook. >> yes, officer. we had a complaint about you, so we're just going to act like we're talking to you all right? >> you guys are awesome. >> after asking if the officers did the right thing, the nypd said police officers have the authority to exercise discretion or take enforcement action. a woman's symptoms can differ from a man's. the american heart association says women may not experience intense chest pain.
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nauseous or have stomach pains. doctors say not knowing the difference in symptoms can lead to a heart attack going undetected. new tonight, who doesn't want to live out their golden years in style and comfort, but that's not always the case for aging pets. now a growing number of assisted living and retirement homes are popping up to care for dogs in the twilight of their lives. >> this is like a hotel for dogs. >> dogs who are often blind, deaf, and arthritic. >> their every need is taken care of. >> no different than a nursing home for people. house with a heart. senior pet sanctuary in maryland cares for dogs in their golden years. >> they come here to live out their lives. >> it's not the only retirement home for pets. all across the world, similar senior centers are popping up. caretakers say the dogs come to the homes for many reasons. some come from families who can
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others had owners pass away. but most have little chance of being adopted because of their age. >> here you go, morris. >> reporter: a team of nearly 50 volunteers are currently taking care of two dozen seniors. many of whom need constant medical treatment. like most of the homes, it runs on donations and grants. >> it's very hard when we lose them. you just have to remember that we fulfilled or mission when we help them pass cross over. >> we have to think about tay how we're going to handle their aging process, just like we worry about handling our aging process. >> reporter: she says as pets age, there are many different things you can do to keep them healthy, like managing their weight. taking care of their teeth, and giving them plenty of exercise. but it's also important to leave directors as to who will care for your pet, if you no longer can. >> for some people, retirement
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>> wonderful opportunities and not just for dogs. >> it's just the most astounding experience to be here with them. >> these retirement homes are not adoption centers. but animal experts urge people, if you are looking to adopt, elderly dogs and cats are often already house trained. it is time now for check back in with lonnie quinn. he's on the upper west side with our forecast. you mentioned black ice is a big concern tonight. >> reporter: i'm guessing you're talking to me, right? it's always something, kj. that little thing we wear in our ear just broke on me. weatherman can do his weather cast without it. so here we go, guys. the snow obviously all encasing the cars. we talked about it earlier. i stressed how you've got to get out and shovel it now. it's going to get tougher out there. let me get you outside. the temperature right now comes in at 38 degrees. skies overhead.
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more clouds earlier starting to clear up out there. in terms of how i see everything working out, we're in an el nino track, and it is in place. what that means is coastal lows develop. the next coastal low will be developing on thursday. as of right now. i'm going to stay on top of this. but as of right now, it is forecast to stay offshore. while another low from the north will drop in, supplying its own cold air. they don't look like they merge into one bigger storm, but we're going to watch it. this warmer, milder air will be in place tomorrow. all because of a warm front that is going to be passing through our area. the temperatures will be warm enough that any moisture that you swede out of this would be rain. here's how we see things working out as far as the future forecast. first, i'll talk about this rain chance for tomorrow. my goodness, i don't see too much out there. that's it. that's the front coming by. then i want to talk about what could possibly be happening
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there's that coastal system. see how it stays offshore, and off to the not, the snow showers associated with the system dropping in from the north. right now, they do not look like they merge, but we're going to watch this one again very, very closely. none of the models are picking up right now on any snow. not the nam. not the gfs. not the euro. but we're going to stay on top of it. it's a little too early for them. i think tomorrow on this newscast, we'll be able to give you numbers. the story will be wednesday night, excuse me, thursday night going into friday, where we watch possibly our next snow chance. let's go back to you, kristine in the studio. >> all right lonnie, who needs
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well could it be a changing of the guard, or a legacy sealing win? peyton manning facing the favorite for this year's mvp, cam newton. the golden super bowl is shaping up to be a great one.
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new school. peyton manning won his dual with tom brady. to give the broncos the early lead in the afc championship game. but brady had one last chance. his two-point conversion picked off. cam newton going to his first ever. he showed why he's the mvp favorite. two touchdown passes, and two touchdown runs for superman. the panthers hammer the cardinals 45-15. it really wasn't that close. a total beat down from the 1st quarter. >> this game really epitomized what we're capable of. i think it's also important they understand they've got to continue to keep their personality, and keep who they are. that to me is important. >> cam newton was just 8 years old when peyton manning was selected number 1 overall by
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the golden super bowl here at 6:30 p.m. now to baseball. after mike piazza has his day in cooperstown, he will once again be the king of queens. he joins tom seaver, as the only player to have their number retired by the mets. so congrats to mike piazza. time for a quick break. the highly anticipated
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enrollment for 2016 is happening now. [car starting] [engine revving] [crashing]
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welcome back everyone. the rangers last game before the all-star break. hosting the sabres in a wild 3rd period. sabres answer with two quick goals to tie it, but the rangers answer with two goals of their own. the red hot jt miller scores on
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and a short time later, matt scores. danny dekaiser keep it is himself. the red wings skate their way to a 4-2 win. in tennis, trying to start a new quest for the serena slam. on paper, tough match up against maria sharapova. intriguing. a dominating set by serena to move onto the semis. she mass beaten maria sharapova 18 straight times. domination. >> it looks so nice there.
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