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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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to my family. >> reporter: the mother of three and grandmother makes clothing samples according to her sister and didn't want her family to worry about her so initially she told them she cut her face on the job. >> that's the way she is. what's the matter with you? wake up! >> reporter: rivera needed 30 stitches to close the 4-inch cut on her left cheek. she then got a train again and went back to work today. >> i'm going to work. nothing going to stop me. i said you're crazy. >> i leave this problem to god because he's got to answer to god for everything that he's done. >> reporter: rivera wants to speak with her attacker when he is caught to show and tell him how his acts have affected her in hopes he won't hurt anyone else again. in borough park, brooklyn, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> rivera also says that police have told her they know who her attacker is and they are anticipating a quick
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stopped and the big clean-up is still under way. the snow and slush still causing problems in several neighborhoods even though the plows have been out in force. sanitation crews plowed 7.25 million tons of snow so far. that's enough to fill yankee stadium up to 66 times or enough to fill the empire state building 24 times. we have after the storm team coverage and the warmup that could break extra water our way. let's start with dick brennan live in the mobile weather lab in middle village, queens. dick. >> reporter: yeah, around 78th street in middle village. we have seen plows, frontloaders, back loaders, you name it, all across the streets in the last couple of hours and they have been getting to the blacktop of these streets which previously had snow on them but that doesn't mean necessarily that the people who are thrilled department. >> if you look down the block you can see the snow. that street was never plowed
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>> reporter: he wants to know where the sanitation department has been. he and other residents have had it up to here. >> they should have done it quicker. for three days this is the fourth day almost, we stay prisoners in the house. we are prisoners at home. >> we always neglected. it's not the first time that ball. >> reporter: i put the question to sanitation commissioner kathryn garcia. what do you say to people who say once again queens is the forgotten borough? >> that hasn't been my experience. all the storms i did last year some of which queens got hit very hard, you know, 12" of snow, i never heard that people felt like they were forgotten because we don't ever forget anybody. >> reporter: garcia says this time, queens got really clobbered and its small streets present unique challenges. the department has to literally take the snow off the streets and bring them to melters which are stationed around the city. >> the machine behind us acts as almost like a giant hot tub. it doesn't have to get very
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it gets between 40 and 50 degrees. and then it will melt about 60 tons of snow an hour. >> reporter: but even when the snow gets hauled away, there are the little infuriating things. >> the worst part is shoveling out the spot and someone takes it. >> reporter: someone took your spot? >> yeah. >> reporter: but anthony says he will get even. >> you shovel it, you leave, i'm taking it. >> reporter: it's war out here. a lot of people have had to shovel out their spots and sort of take that territory they hope for the next few days. you can see a woman still working down the block. the next thing people are worried about is if it rains as we may be getting rain, would this start flooding? but for now, there is at least a sense of relief that the roads clear to here. we're live in middle village, dick brennan, cbs 2 news. >> i think we have to do a story of proper etiquette about shoveling the spaces. >> it's war out there. now what these warm
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rain coming. it's sloppy out now across parts of the neighborhoods. you can only imagine how much worse it will get. >> it's going to be like puddles everywhere. lonnie quinn in the weather center now. >> with the snow melt, yes, and the risk for rain out there tonight, it's not a huge risk. there's a little bit of rain taking place. we'll talk about everything. but first about snow melting basics. saturday 11 p.m., maximum height of the snow in central park 26.8 "y are you ready for this? we have a 5:00 reading in central park. right now the snowpack on the ground is 17" so you have lost about 10" of snow out there. is he when will all of this snow be gone? -- so when will all of this snow be gone? the current depth is 17." the average high temperature is going to be 42 degrees over the next week, my son last year a senior in high school i was trying to help him with calculus. he said dad did you ever think were you going to use your
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we have had more algorithms figuring this out. basically within the next seven days this is going to be gone because that's how this is going to be melting. we are currently warm all over the place. 47 degrees in the city. 48 belmar. coolest reading you can find is 41 sparta. no 30s on the board at all. what about the chance of rain in here? because that would sort of speed up the melt. there's a little bit of rain making its way into like somerset county. chance. this is the warm front that's making its way through so today is your warmest day. we are still going to be above freezing every day but some of you today almost 50 degrees actually saw 52 out northwest of new york city today. so there's a lingering chance for some wet weather tonight about 34 degrees. as we get into our day tomorrow the high temperature 43. so some more melting out there. could be an early chance for a lingering shower south and east but for the most part skies will brighten up and for the people in new york city, i want you to consider this. brown snow melts faster than white snow on a sunny day
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chris, imagine that. >> you have been doing your wow. >> good to know. >> close that door, lonnie. we have been hearing from people about their frustration there. here's one example. a newark resident posted this video of a snow-covered street preventing a fire truck from getting to a fire. if you have any unplowed streets in your neighborhood, post your pictures and your video on our facebook page and hashtag it, send in the plows. an apology meantime from governor christie. he fired back at criticism over the way he handled the storm and now he is backtracking a little. cbs 2's steve langford has the story. >> i got carried away last night at a town hall meeting. it's not the first time. >> reporter: calling the mayor of north wildewood new jersey one crazy mayor in south jersey for saying the flooding after the snowstorm was worse
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governor to call the mayor to say he was sorry. >> i would like to sleep on it. i woke up this morning and i didn't feel good about what i said about him. >> reporter: but the governor isn't backing down over this comment. >> i actually went to school in new jersey have a lot of friends. >> where in new jersey? >> hunting ton. >> why are you here in new hampshire campaigning instead of helping, serving the damages done by the coastal flooding from the storm? >> well, because it's already done. it's already done. >> okay. >> reporter: tell me why you think it isn't. what would you -- >> i have friends, family calling sending me videos, pictures. >> where? >> all over the state. >> all over the state. >> flooding. >> all over the state, really? there's been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. that was cape may county. the one county that flooded so i don't know where from all over the state since we have 21 counties where that's happened. um, second, um, i don't know what you expect me to do.
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[ laughter ] -- you want me to go down there with a mop? [ laughter ] >> it was a joke so no, i don't think so. >> reporter: governor christie irritated with suggestions the mop comment might play into perceptions he has been absent often from new jersey. >> i was here. you can't be awol when you're here. yeah. i have been here plenty. [ inaudible ] >> it's a joke. you don't like the joke you don't like it. that's all. >> reporter: u.s. senators bob menendez and cory booker toured flooded areas of the jersey shore today but the governor did not. >> all the bays and inland waterways are frozen. so there was packs of ice four, five, six inches thick coming up in here and flowing with the water and banging into the buildings and cars and things. >> reporter: asked what the voters in new jersey will think of the mop joke the governor says they can tell him. in trenton, new jersey, steve
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us know on facebook: laguardia airport played catch-up today after yesterday's traffic nightmare. passengers who missed flights because of the chaos were still trying to get out of town. chopper 2 flew over the gridlock that surrounded the airport last night. some drivers say they sat for up to five hours. port authority says part of the problem was the rush of people who tried to cash flights delayed because of the snowstorm. some passengers decided to walk. >> had to cross the bridge to >> you didn't make your flight? >> no. >> i have been trying to get out of new york since thursday night. >> some of passengers told us flights were full. they worried when they might be able to leave laguardia. it was easier to leave long island today. all 12 branches of the lirr were up and running for the first time since the blizzard. there was some scattered delays this morning. that was a big difference from
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played out yesterday when riders packed the platforms and tried to squeeze on to the few trains that did actually arrive. county forced officials to evacuate a school building. chopper 2 flew over the scene in tarrytown this afternoon. you can see coned crews working right outside the tappan hill school. authorities say a backhoe ruptured a gas line near the building. about 300 students and staff inside the school were safely school. now to a developing story. a report of a shooting at a navy hospital in san diego appears to be a false alarm. navy officials say a preliminary search found no sign of a shooting at the bob wilson naval hospital after gunshots. the hospital's facebook page posted that an active shooter was reported and that people should run, hide or fight. the facility was evacuated and put on lockdown while police searched room to room. >> as of right now, we have found absolutely nothing that fired.
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this time. >> the navy says it's investigating what may have like gunshots. he was a famous face known for his work in drama and character actor abe vigoda has died. on my territory. >> anybody notice? >> vigoda was a supporting actor in new york theater for many years before rising to fame for his part in the godfather and he played a comic role that gave him great recognition detective phil fish in the comedy barney miller. he died at his daughter's home in his sleep today in new jersey. he was 94. >> classic lines in the godfather. >> i don't want to wait people's time. coming up, clearing away danger. it may take a little extra effort but a story about a long island neighborhood's
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hydrant could have you picking up a shovel tonight. >> mosquito bites have health officials on alert and warning women in some countries not to have babies. what's the real danger behind the zika virus? >> plus a new fight to make mixed martial arts legal in
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we'll be right back. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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the zika virus is causing worldwide concern over possible birth defects. thousands of cases have been reported mostly in central and south america. in the u.s., the centers for disease control is now issuing a travel alert for pregnant women. cbs 2's dr. max gomez is here to tell us whether or not we need to worry. >> reporter: zika virus is actually not all that new. it's been around since at least 2007. what's causing the concern is it's linked to a birth defect called microcephaly where the brain and head of the baby don't fully develop.
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mosquitos that spread several other viruses. so far there have been no confirmed cases of person-to- person transmission. a mosquito bite is the only them. can pass it to their baby in the womb causing the brain defect. so far several thousand cases have been reported in nearly two dozen caribbean, central and south american countries the greatest number are in brazil. a handful of u.s. cases have these countries. zika normally causes a mild flu-like disease with aches, fever, joint pain and sometimes pink eye. but it might also cause a temporary paralysis called guillen barre. it appears an infected person cannot pass it along directly to another person.
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the cdc has issued a travel alert warning pregnant women to delay going to those countries. and el salvador advised women not to get pregnant for two years. >> it won't affect you unless you're pregnant. >> that's been a huge spike of cases of microcephaly in brazil linked to zika. 80% of people don't develop symptoms who have been bitten. we haven't heard the last of it. and there's no vaccine, no treatment and in brazil where the olympics will be this summer so that's a concern. >> thank you. a baby who just could not wait to come into the world brought morning rush hour to a standstill on the fdr. the nypd tweeted pictures of a baby boy. several officers rushed to the scene after getting a call of a woman in labor just before 8:00 this morning. responding officers found a bib's father helping the mother in their car near 42nd street. >> i was a little surprised
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door and the head was already out. the baby came out immediately. me and dad helped catch the child wrapped it in a bunch of towels to make sure it was kept warm. >> they caught the baby! [ laughter ] >> the mom and the -- >> shot right out. >> and baby were taken to weill cornell medical center and he is doing fine. he looks healthy. congratulations. >> imagine that detective's surprise open the door. whoa! [ laughter ] a new push to legalize mixed martial arts in new york and bring millions of dollars into the state. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports new york is the only state in the nation where the sport is illegal. >> reporter: 2016 could be the year mixed martial arts is finally legalized in new york. that's the hope of albany lawmakers expressing cautious optimism that the logjam spanning the sport will finally be broken. >> it makes no sense why new york is the last place in
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united states, even the provinces in canada allow the sport. so i'm hopeful that finally we'll get this accomplished and then new yorkers now can spectate or participate in something that's taking place across our country. >> reporter: officials optimistic about getting legislation passed this year for several regions. first, governor cuomo publicly supports it calling for the legalization in his new budget. also a key roadblock assembly speaker sheldon silver, recently convicted on corruption charges. >> silver as absence obviously does help. >> reporter: supporters argue that mixed martial arts would be an economic boon to the entire state. a 2015 study by ultimate fighting championship a fight promoter found that 70 fights would generate $67 million in annual spending $22 million from out of state and international visiters and create 525 jobs. but opponents like manhattan senator liz kruger worry about medical issues, concussion and
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>> how can we legalize a sport which has shown time and again to have tragic consequences for its participants? because promoters and even the state can make money off of it? she wrote? i'm sorry but no price will make up for the damage this will do to the new yorkers who partake in this sport. >> people going to these events attending restaurants, staying in hotels, buying souvenirs and merchandise. >> the state senate has passed a bill for 6 consecutive years. officials say the assembly is very close to having enough votes if leaders through to get to the floor for a vote. i'm marcia kramer, cbs 2 news. >> promoters say they hope to bring mixed martial arts fights to madison square garden, barclays center and arenas through the state. >> very popular sport. very violent. but very popular. >> i know. it's growing in popularity. what a difference a few days makes. >> that's right. lonnie quinn, will these warm temperatures stick around? people are asking far and wide. >> pretty much so. as we push through this workweek we are going to be hanging on with temperatures in the afternoon that go above freezing. right now, outside you see a
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we had at different times during the day. look at that reading! 47 degrees?! charley hoffman one of my weather watchers sent in a temperature of 52 north and west of the area. so what to expect. as we push ahead it will be a generally milder workweek. every day we're going above the average. thursday's storms, as of right now it's staying away going out to sea. some snow is likely north and west but the big concern was about the two storms merging joining forces. that does not look like anything i see currently. we are flexible and keep watching it. here's the warm front coming through now. there are a few little rain showers tonight. i don't think you can pick up too much precipitation out of this. futurecast will show us how it's going to work out. there's your warm front a little rain tonight. wednesday overall a good day.
5:22 pm
and if this clipper system dropping in which i do think would give us a few snowflakes north and west but it's merging of that system that's forecast to be further off well which gives us a better forecast for thursday into friday. tonight a little rain at 34. i don't see the refreezing tonight in new york city. i think we should be just above freezing. north and west, even 30 miles outside the city, you will have refreezing so again all week long in the morning black ice problems. >> thank you. kids can amaze their parents with their tech knowledge. >> daddy was calling me and i pushed it. >> how a child's ability with a tablet saved a life. >> these people have never met.
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coming up at 6:00 this 86- year-old brooklyn man says he is suing the city he claims he was roughed up by the nypd. our reporter dave carlin working on that story tonight at 6:00. >> let me show you the video. brooklyn kitchen. he says officers came in, used a taser on him twice and kicked him and the cops were
5:25 pm
>> and he is 86. >> he is. >> lots to this story. thank you, dave. see you at 6:00. a boy in upstate new york used a computer tablet to help save his mother's life. cbs 2's valerie castro has more now on the norwich family who is very grateful their little boy knows how to use touchscreen technology. >> reporter: 4-year-old chad loves using tablets mainly to play games. >> what's your favorite game? >> um, my [ indiscernible ] >> your monkey game? >> mm-hm. >> reporter: but one instance of his mother's health complications last week was no laughing matter. his mom was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 6. the disease causes serious threats when her blood sugar gets too low. >> i was talking to my mom on the cell phone and she heard me starting to slur my speech and i started feeling a little sleepy. >> reporter: soon after that she went unconscious. alice's mother in north carolina called alice's husband stanley who was working at the time.
5:26 pm
house phone and got no answer. that's when he called the tablet and guess who answered. >> daddy was calling me. and when i showed -- i pushed it. and i had the cell phone on it. >> reporter: chad's dad told him to answer the door when 911 arrived and chad did just that. a common complaint of touchscreen technologies like tablets and smartphones is that children are becoming too attached to them. but in this case, chadwick's proficiency in technology saved his mother's life. >> i think that him using the tablet is the reason why she is still here with us today. i had no idea he knew how to unlock the tablet to even get on facetime. that was the first time ever. >> he realized what was going on and that he could get help from his daddy. >> this is a scary situation in general and it just puts me a little bit more at ease knowing that if something were to happen, at least i can rely on my son. >> reporter: having the presence of minds to stay calm in that scary situation. valerie castro, cbs 2 news.
5:27 pm
it is a winter chore that could save your life. it may not look like much but even a few extra inches of snow could create huge problems for emergency crews and a couple on long island has the proof. >> teetering on the edge of disaster. what caused this near collapse? >> plus, a recall from whole foods.
5:28 pm
coming up next. a life-saving lesson from a suffolk county family about snow and fire hydrants. good evening, i'm chris wragge. >> welcome back. i'm kristine johnson. the family had just cleared a fire hydrant buried by the blizzard. little did they know it would be used to save their own home from flames during the following day. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports from sayville, new at 5:30. >> reporter: it may be a chore hard on the back and take some time. but clearing the fire hydrant on your street or in front of your home can mean the difference between life and death. >> somebody could be lost. >> reporter: joanne and steve stood on their front porch counting their blessings. their neighbor's attic caught fire a day after they shoveled out the fire hydrant. >> good for the neighborhood, too. if something happened, that fire hydrant is more than one
5:29 pm
>> reporter: the victim's fire extinguisher no match for the blaze. the sayville department responded quickly and the chief says he and his firefighters were able to contain the flames, pets were rescued and the family got out without injury, precious minutes were saved. >> when we have a hydrant that's completely covered in snow, it can take us three to five minutes to clear the hydrant, make it an effective work area for us. and every minute that the fire is burning, it can double in size. >> reporter: the chief showed us hydrants in his community and beyond. some residents appear to be leaving the job for others unlike the victims, who protectively shoveled their neighborhood hydrant 24 hours before fire broke out. their house unable. displaced homeowners said digging out their street's fire hydrant is priority
5:30 pm
snowstorm. people should clear 3 to 4 feet around fire hydrants so they can hook up the hoses. >> in some communities homeowners are required by code to clear hydrants. whole foods is recalling 10-ounce vacuum sealed 8" pepperoni pizza as well as the 19-ounce 12" pepperoni. they were mislabeled as beef but they have pork. they were produced january 5 through january 22 and sold in the tri-state area. customers are urged to contact whole foods if they have the pizzas. presidential candidates on both sides are barnstorming iowa as we are just days away now from the start of the presidential nominating process. they are focusing their pitch to get out the vote. cbs 2's tony aiello has more.
5:31 pm
days to go before the iowa caucuses, the two gop leaders are focusing on one group in particular. evangelicals. >> as our friendship has grown so has my admiration for mr. chump. >> reporter: jerry falwell, jr., a preacher and head of liberty university announced he is endorsing donald trump. he hinted at the pledge last week when trump visited the school. >> in my opinion, donald trump lives a life of loving and helping others as jesus taught in the great commandment. >> reporter: cruz met with preachers in iowa monday telling him he is the only one who can stop trump. >> our values, the judeo- christian values that built america are under assault and we need a president who are defend our values and the constitution. >> reporter: he has a 12 point lead among white evangelical christians in iowa and in a virtual tie with donald trump. bernie sanders is claiming
5:32 pm
if the voter turnout is high. >> reporter: while at a town hall, hillary clinton brushed off a question about why some view her as dishonest. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> reporter: polls show clinton with a narrow leads over sanders in iowa. tony aiello cbs 2 news. >> and secretary clinton is sending out her husband former president bill clinton to campaign for her in iowa [ indiscernible ] met at the vatican this morning. it was the first meeting between a pontiff and head of state since 18999. rouhani gave the pope a rug and francis gave him a medal bee picturing of st. martin. harlem's apollo theater is celebrating its 82nd anniversary. the theater rang the opening bell at the new york stock exchange to mark it.
5:33 pm
was joined by theater board members supporters and staff. the apollo opened on january 26, 1934, with a show called jazz a la carte. "living large" with the piano man. a home with a great view from every angle including some famous neighbors and artwork straight out of a museum. >> and today in history. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman! >> on this day in 1998, president bill clinton denied having an affair with former white house intern monica lewinsky. in august of that year, he
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tonight's "living large" takes us to a home that has an art collection more valuable than the price of the house. billy joel is their neighbor. emily smith takes us to oyster bay.
5:37 pm
landing has a nautical theme build along oyster bay harbor. giant floor-to-ceiling windows look to billy joel's centre island home making him your neighbor. >> it has the modern feeling of space and height and light and i think it's very contemporary. what they had in mind was to house their art collection. >> reporter: every piece is prominent. picasso -- >> you caught it. >> reporter: the homeowner has a two-story office. what is all this? >> leather. we're on the way to my favorite room. >> reporter: okay. >> and this has phenomenal views of the waterfront. [ music ] >> reporter: the chef's kitchen floors. we toured the upstairs with molly grossman where you'll master suite. >> everything it was blue to
5:38 pm
beautiful, beautiful deck to enjoy the sound. [ music ] >> want to see the sitting room? >> reporter: skylights above just adding extra light. and then i see over here we have a gym. nice place to work out. >> you also have a beautiful sauna. >> reporter: the lower level has a home theater specifically designed to look like radio city music hall including a mini stage and a wine tasting room that connects with a temperature controlled wine cellar. to live large in oyster bay cove it will cost you $14,500,000. [ laughter ] >> a lot of money. if that's not enough -- >> different strokes for different folks. >> -- there is a guest house and private dock. joel lives. >> i'm sure he is glad we mentioned that. [ laughter ] they are some of the most powerful women on tv. up next, how you dress for
5:39 pm
find out from the show's costume designer. >> dana tyler has what's coming up on cbs 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00 tonight, water worries in new jersey. residents in one city told there might be contaminants in their water. why they can't guarantee the drinking water is safe. a warning about a new cyber attack targeting business owners and employers in our area especially if they are looking to hire new workers. we'll explain. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. to get insurance through new york state of health. we hp them to find the bestnsurce plan that suits their needs. working with so many consumers, you begin to develop a kind of kinship or friendship, a bond and you see them on a consistent basis, so it becomes almost like a big family, it's fulfilling and it gives me, you know, hope that there is a better future
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in utica, where a new kind of workforce is being trained. and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones, including medication reminders
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living with gorgeous views. pacific is dangerous for some california residents. cliffs in pacifica, california, are crumbling into the ocean making some homes uninhabitable. several buildings are in danger of falling as the cliffs are being eaten away by waves sparked by el nino. residents are being told to evacuate. >> here it is. the old saying goes, if you are not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space. >> there you have it. pacifica residents have experienced this. back in 1998, el nino storms caused one home to collapse into the sea. before they collapsed.
5:42 pm
>> no question evacuation needed! >> get on out. shoveling snow can be hard enough especially if your pet is in the way. a philadelphia family posted this video of a french bulldog, promise we'll show it to you -- being less than cooperative -- here it is -- being less than cooperative while his other than tried to clear the back porch on saturday. the dog is seen following the shovel's every move barking, even trying to bite the shovel. didn't like what was going on there. he wanted to play. >> get out there in the snow. >> all right. lonnie, it's warm out there. really warm. when i was actually making my trek into work, 87th and columbus there's a fire truck out there with the guys out shoveling out a hydrant. >> get out. >> look at that. video of it.
5:43 pm
for a story we're doing. newscast. right now, it's a night where i got a few clouds out there. but all in all you're dealing degrees. so mild out there. city. port jervis, 52 degrees today. the reading. 39 your typical so you're well above the average. morning low 38 this morning in new york city. so we were not below freezing in the city. in mamaroneck we had some icy spots. totals out there: jackson heights 34 inches of snow. it will take a while to melt it but it's not just the temperatures that will be melting the snow. other things come into play and chris and kristine and were talking about this at the start of the newscast. wind plays a factor and lack of shade.
5:44 pm
sunshine you'll lose the snow quicker maybe the backyard in the shade will stick around longer. and the dark snow absorbs the sunshine. so you lose dirty snow quicker than white snow. and new york city tends to have a little dirty snow out there. but what i have for you now as far as the temperature trend looking ahead, 48 today. about 43 for your day on wednesday. thursday down to a high of 37. below on thursday. but come on, that's still the snow melting temperature at 37 degrees. a couple of light showers. staten island a little sprinkle going over your area even nipping at the southern tip of manhattan down around battery park and making its way towards brooklyn. not too much of anything. but this is all associated with this warm front making its pass through the area. we could see lingering showers getting to the nighttime hours because we are not done with it. has to pass through the area first and the high pressure fills in. then we are talking about this system for thursday going into friday. now, i talked to you before
5:45 pm
systems combining and becoming a big storm? all this talk about it's going to be a one-two punch. that's not the way it appears right now as far as all the information i see. here's what's going to be your little clipper system. all right? we are going to watch that for thursday. i still believe this will be dropping in. i just don't think it's going to combine forces with a coastal system. you catch a little flake action thursday night and it's out of here. across the board numbers look like this. basically mild temperatures. 43 on wednesday. thursday 37. and again, thursday 37 could be combined with a little precipitation and then friday 39 degrees. saturday 40. sunday 44. keep going. monday 47. 46 for tuesday. i was looking at some long range stuff and overall right now once we get into next week and the thought is the month of february is going to go back to the stuff where we're running above average again. >> into the 40s. bye-bye snow. >> it will be gone.
5:46 pm
at a good clip. we lost 10" already. >> thank you. okay. we have all heard the expression dress for success. the costume designer for "the good wife" gave jill nicolini a lesson in power dressing. >> reporter: whether you're like these actors working as attorneys in the courtroom on "the good wife" or a regular person that has to report to the office every day, dressing the part is always key. >> i think the way that people dress definitely affects the way they feel and the way they approach their day. >> reporter: daniel lawson is the costume designer of "the good wife" and he took me on a tour. >> it doesn't matter what it costs as long as it looks good and you feel good in it. it doesn't have to be expensive. >> reporter: beside the fits it includes wearing solid colors.
5:47 pm
seem less committed to you? >> reporter: diane is a more high-end fashionista. >> it's colorful and well fit and it's sleek. >> reporter: juliana margulies traditional. >> it's a terrific fit. and it's sleek. here. this two level jacket is a little unique. we also have some interesting seaming in the skirt which again is sort of different and makes her stand out. >> reporter: accessories are okay like these statement necklaces but always remember to let the piece be the star. >> i think it's important to wear pumps. suddenly, you're going to have a straighter posture, you're going to feel stronger. i think that it's those small things like that, that come together that help you sort of pull yourself together and affect the way you're going to behave or the way you feel the rest of the day. >> reporter: and for the don'ts of power dressing,
5:48 pm
overaccessorize, don't wear something that's uncomfortable or overworn and, most importantly, leave the flats at home and stick with the heels. in brooklyn, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> lawson says that patterns are okay as long as they aren't too, too, busy. you can watch "the good wife" sunday at 9 p.m. on cbs 2. so much to think about. >> flip-flops really. >> i know. we're in studio. they can't see my feet. [ laughter ] >> kidding. always looks great. coming up next, one man changed dozens of lives for the better but he will never know his impact. see the triple thank you one stranger gave his family. >> then at 6:00 what's in the water? concerns in one new jersey
5:49 pm
warned about contaminants. an amazing story to share about the generosity of a long island family who lost a young son. it's also about a reunion between an organ recipient and the donor family. cbs 2's dr. max gomez has the story. >> just one of the happiest kids that you'll ever meet. still a kid at heart at 29. but, um, oh, goodness -- i'm sorry.
5:50 pm
>> he was my best friend. always cheered me up. we would make fun of our parents together. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's easy to see from photos of gavin why his mother and sister describe him as a happy young man. but they also talk about him in the past tense. last december 4, gavin was struck by a car while walking on sunrise highway. a few days later doctors said his brain stopped functioning. >> my baby boy. just miss him so much. he was everybody's friend. [ crying ] >> i'm sorry. i just miss him so much. >> reporter: you can also tell that gavin and his dad were huge mets fans. what dad and mom though didn't know at first was that gavin had recently signed up to be an organ donor. >> my niece said, um, you know, that he came to her too and said, i just got my id and i signed up, i'm going to be an organ donor so he was very excited and aware of checking that box. >> reporter: so the family
5:51 pm
horrigan donor. he helped nearly 50 people with livermore, heart, liver, heart, skin, lungs, bones and cornea. that's where it takes a turn. gavin's family got to meet one of the lives he saved. maria had been on dialysis waiting for three years for a kidney but that's not the odd part. turns out that maria and gavin's mother had known each other as teachers. >> she went to high school and i went to another one. >> reporter: live on new york connected them. >> how do you say thank you? there are no words. how do you say i'm sorry for your loss without being overwhelmed with happiness for your renewal of life? >> reporter: and seeing maria let gavin's family know he lives on. >> bittersweet, of course, i would want my son to be here but if he can't, then, you know, that somebody else can be. >> reporter: doctors the surgeons told me there are 125,000 people in organ waiting lists right now and many of them die before a transplant becomes available.
5:52 pm
there can be more second chances at life. >> it only takes a second to do it. when you go renew your license, just check the box. it's so easy. can organ donor families choose who is going to be the recipient? >> yes, as long as the types match up you can do what's called a direct donation to another person. not to a hospital institution or city. but to another person you can. >> wow. gift of life and more. thank you. that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. an 86-year-old brooklyn man says police barged into his home and shot him with a taser for no reason. tonight, the nypd is
5:53 pm
>> from snow to slush the big meltdown creating a new problem on tri-state area roads and sidewalks. >> and contaminated water, the warning for people in several cities in town why the drinking water might not be safe. >> and computers hacked. files held hostage. the new cyber attack targeting employers in the area. good evening. we begin tonight with that elderly brooklyn man who says he was just trying to make soup when he was tased by police. but the nypd has a different story. cbs 2's dave carlin talked to the man who claims this taser takedown still haunts him. >> i cannot sleep at night. i'm thinking about what they done to me. >> reporter: it was in the tiny kitchen of his crown heights brooklyn apartment that 86-year-old john antoine came face to face with nypd officers who were summoned
5:54 pm
a potentially suicidal call not in senior.
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