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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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next, ditching the next debate. donald trump says he has other plans, and a new travel alert for pregnant women, it's all next. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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cops take a taser to an 86- year-old cooking soup in his kitchen, and it was all a case of mistaken identity. from jackpot to jail. how a lucky powerball ticket gets a local man arrested. but first, bus drivers forced to walk dangerously close to cars as snow sits uncleared at the bus stop, and this is a problem cbs 2 has reported previously. good evening, i'm kristine johnson.
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cbs 2's tracee carrasco has more. >> reporter: it has gone untouched since the snow fell and as we have seen, this problem is nothing new. >> this is really, it's very dangerous. scary. >> scary is just one word used to describe the path off busy route 3 west at main avenue in cliffton. still unshovelled and uncleared three days after the blizzard. a grim reminder of last year when we first reported this problem. as you can see, not much has changed. >> it's same thing, every year over and over. >> i understand, they have a lot of things to do. meanwhile, we would love for them to make it a priority. >> reporter: they're forced to walk in the snow or the street, neither a safe option.
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you walk down the street in the middle of the road and a bus and bicycle almost hit each other. it's a mess. it's better than hiking through this. it's cold, and it's wet, and it's dangerous. >> we just have to make sure that the buses and the cars don't run over always. >> reporter: at route 3, and passaic avenue, the bus stop conditions aren't much better. dominic tells us after this weekend's snow, workers have been busy plowing the main roads and areas around schools, but says these walkways should have been cleared yesterday. >> at least one side. it doesn't have to be both sides if it's hard for them to get people to do it. because i know there's a lot of places to be plowed. >> reporter: the city manager tells us this storm put quite a strain on city resources, but he assures us, that's access
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live tonight from cliffton, new jersey, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. still, residents are upset it took so long. the city says the borough's small streets present unique challenges. according to the mayor's office, nearly 100% of queen streets have been plowed since the storm ended. the department of sanitation says 99% of all city streets have now been plowed. sources tell cbs 2, police have a suspect in custody accused of slashing the face of a subway rider. earlied today the nypd released video showing the attacker. >> just pretending that he fell. he fell on top of me, and that's when he slashed my face and i didn't eastbound know, because i didn't feel no pain
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>> reporter: rivera needed 20 stitches to close the wound on her face and she returned to work today. an elderly man in brooklyn claims that he was making soup in his kitchen one minute, and then for no reason, tased by police the next. the nypd has a different story. cbs 2's dave carlin has more on the taser take down. >> i can't sleep at night. thinking about what they've done to me. >> reporter: it was in the tiny kitchen of his crown heights brooklyn apartment that john antoine came face-to-face with nypd officers who were summoned there, but it was for a 23-year- old believed to be the boyfriend of his granddaughter, not for this senior citizen. it brought officers up to three flights and to his apartment, which was wide open, because he thought his wife was coming up. instead, officers came down the hall to his narrow kitchen where he was making soup, and used a taser on him. >> twice.
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second time here on the right side, leg. >> where did you fall? >> right here. forward on the ground. they kick me in the stomach. >> reporter: police say antoine had a large kitchen knife he would not drop and commend the officer for using what is called intelligent restraint. no comment on the alleged mistaken identity. listen to the initial call made by an officer who was contacted by a third party about a potentially suicidal young man there. >> any idea on how old he is? >> he's 23 years old. >> to think police officers are just breaking into an yes, i did's area of residence and not know a description or a race. >> reporter: he says he only had a knife because he was
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>> you were tased. >> i fall down. >> reporter: antoine faces a judge on the harassment charge. now to campaign 2016, republican front runner donald trump says that he will skip thursday's presidential debate in iowa. trump again criticized fox news moderator megyn kelly and her network. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else, so let them have their debate, and let's see how they do with the ratings and i told them, i said give money to the wounded warriors, give money to the veterans, they're going to make a fortune with the debate. we'll have our own event, we'll raise money for the wounded warriors, we'll raise money for the vets. >> trump's decision comes just six days before the iowa caucuses, fox news is not commenting. trump is in a close race. the latest quinnipiac poll
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ted cruz 29. money problems in the gambling resort of atlantic city have gotten so bad that the state of new jersey now wants to take over. governor christy announced a deal preventing atlantic city from going bankrupt. it would give the state power to control the city's finances for five years. and also today an apology from governor christie to the mayor of wildwood. >> i got carried away last night at a town hall meeting. it's not the first time. i had a night to sleep on it, i woke up this morning and i didn't feel good about what i said to him. >> the town suffered heavy flooding after its dune system was compromised by the storm. tonight, thousands of new
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if their tap water is safe to drink. environmentalists say a small amount of chemical contamination has turned up in a dozen jurisdictions. the chemical known as pfc is widely used in items like teflon cook wear and microwave popcorn bags. but it's not regulated, and not known if it is dangerous. it has been found in the taupes of orange, port pleasant, union, aqua and atlantic city. this happened in the frenzy over the record setting $1.5 billion jackpot this month. brian conybeare has a story that's new at 11:00. >> speaking in spanish, 66-year- old victor castillo of the bronx says what his friend did during the heat of the record
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when everyone was lining up for tickets was an unbelievable betrayal. castillo says he has no idea why the 40-year-old would steal a winning powerball ticket worth $50,000 from him. he grabbed the ticket and went into this bodega, and came out with a ripped up ticket waying it wasn't worth anything. but castillo checked and found out it was worth $50,000, and called police. the suspect brought the ticket here, but this is where his luck ran out. raceway workers checked the ticket and it was flagged as stolen in the computer, so sagurra got nothing.
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>> yeah, he friend for a long time. >> not anymore. >> no, no. >> reporter: castillo says he understood the suspect are certainly not friends anymore, and he hasn't gotten his $50,000 just yet. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. other headlines now, his famous face was seen on stage, and film, and television for decades. character actor abe vigoda died at the age ever 84. his daughter says he died peacefully at her home in new jersey this morning. next at 11:00, we have a new warning for pregnant women as the zika virus hits
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are you putting other drives in danger without even realizing it? the moments a monster wave toppled a moving car and the baby here that brought the fdr
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it's the law in new jersey and connecticut, but not in new york. now after another brutal storm, some lawmakers say that it's time to give new york police the power to ticket drivers who don't clean snow and ice off their vehicles. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: smashed windshields, injured drivers, a big winter worry. while new jersey can ticket drivers like this guy in howell township, who barely cleared a peep hole monday, new york can't ticket vehicles. >> could cause a fatality. could cause damage to a car. someone could swerve out of the way even if they were not hit. >> reporter: so he's going to try again in the wake of the
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>> if new jersey passed it, and they have it, why can't we? >> reporter: it does not appear the trucking industry is actively opposing this bill. for critics, it's mostly a limited government thing. why write into law what should be a matter of common sense? >> reporter: in hunts point, we saw a truck stuck in the snow, and a driver who supports the law. >> it's a good thing, if one of those pieces of ice falls off and goes through a wind shield, most companies have things that pull the snow off. >> if you hit them in the pocket, you see how fast they get up there and clean it. >> reporter: supporters hope opposition may be thawing. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. new tonight, president obama was briefed about the growing concern over the mosquito born zika virus. he met with leaders of the health and national security teams. meanwhile, a travel alert has been expanded to the caribbean,
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particular concern for pregnant women. this includes the u.s. virgin islands and the dominican republic along with two dozen countries where zika cases have been reported. the virus cannot be transmitted by human contact. but pregnant women can pass it along to their baby causing possible birth defects. one of the newest new yorkers made his debut this morning right on the fdr drive. the nypd posted these pictures to twitter. officers got a call that the baby boy's mom was in labor just before 8:00 this morning. the mom and dad to be were found pulled over near 47th street, and just in the nick of time. >> i was a little surprised when i opened up the passenger door and the head was already out. the baby came out immediately. me and dad helped catch the child, wrapped it in a bunch of blankets, towels to make sure it was kept warm. >> mom and baby were taken to new york presbyterian, while
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they are said to be doing just fine. congratulations. check out this crazy video showing the moment a massive wave topples over an emergency vehicle. 16-foot high waves caused by el nino storms on chile's pacific coast. good samaritans immediately rushed to help the people trapped inside, even as the waves continued to crash on the shore. thankfully here, no one was seriously hurt. let's get a look at our forecast now. lonnie quinn standing by, and we've got a little bit of melting going on. >> a lot of melting. let me check in with the weather watchers and see who's recording what. everybody is still melting snow out there. 41degrees comes in from cathy can. telling us a few sprinkles
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temps in the upper 40s, is helping the snow disappear. what i want to do right now, i want to show you a tape that was out yesterday when i was out live at this hour. those trucks and the cars that were all encased in the snow. same place there. i went back and revisited. you didn't know what color the car was in front of that silver truck, the gray truck. now you can see, it's a white rav4. the snow on the truck is down every bit of 10 inches or so. that's how things are working. you look at the numbers in central park. the snow melting basics if you will. we maxed out in central park, saturday, 11:00 p.m. with 26.8 inches. as of this afternoon, the reading from the national weather service was snowpack in central park down almost 10 inches to 17 inches total. so 9.8 is what we've lost since the top of the storm. so what do you expect moving forward? it will be a generally milder week. every afternoon, you're going to be melting snow. the thursday storm we were
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wants to stay offshore. you can rest easy. i'm going to watch every move it makes. one half of that is still going to mess with our area a little bit. here's how the future cast picks up on things. could still be cloud cover when you wake up. maybe a couple of lingering rain showers. then we're going to watch what transpires, as we get into your day on thursday. that's the coastal storm moving in. this is that clipper coming down from the north. watch here, this is thursday at 2:00 p.m. it never gets closer than that. it pushes out to sea. if that holds true, this is not going to be a big storm for us. there could still be a little snowfall. take a look at this the gfs is saying this is not a big number, gang. the nam is saying basically
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inch of a snow for monticello. a few showers around the east end of long island. this is all associated with that warm front, which is trying to gets its way out of here, and it's going to get its way out of here, and a better looking day tomorrow afternoon, thursday, 37. and thursday night, into friday, we continue to watch the possibility for those two systems to join forces and merge. but it just doesn't look like it's happening right now. there are no definites until it happens, but i will watch it for you. friday looking at 39 degrees. saturday, 40, and by the time we get to next week, some days that are 50 degrees outside. today we were 52 at sullivan. hear what kevin durant called the 20-year-old rookie. and there was a game to be played one of the most exciting
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garden. next at 11:00, super bowl stadium preps. we'll give you a preview of big changes for the big game. then after the news, stephen
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time for sports. otis is here. some energy at the garden tonight. >> carmelo anthony missed the game, but plenty of stars on hand. knick fans can dream, of course. can't they? he says it's nice to be linked to the knicks, but he hasn't really thought about it. he also calls kristaps porzingis a unicorn, because his skills are unique to the nba. unicorns can fly right? the knicks up by two at the break. they found themselves down by three. the game tied at 109. then kp6, using the left hand this time. bag to durant. he was as clutch as you can get.
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it at the buzzer, arron afflalo's shot. missed it by that much. okc hands the knicks a tough loss, 128-122 the final. the nets hosting the heat. he had to like what he saw in the 1st half. thaddeus young, a strong finish. the 3rd quarter, gerald green, the former slam dunk champ hoes you why, going up and over everyone. under 2:00 to go, dwyane wade, like mike tyson in the hangover, still got it. the heat hold on for the 102-98 victory. today was suppose the to be a banner day for the mets and their quest for another world series appearance. they certainly made us wait for the good news. he was supposed to take his physical sometime today. within the hour, we found out that yoenis cespedes did and he passed. now all that's left is the
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year deal worth $75 million official. that includes an opt-out clause after year one, which means he could be a free agent next year again. we'll take a look at super
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enrollment ends january 31st. welcome pack everyone. she woulda richardson will not serve any jail time for that high speed police chase back in july. today, richardson pled guilty for a reduced charge. he was given two years probation for the resisting arrest charge near his st. louis home. the nfl could still discipline richardson for the incident that involved going 143 miles per hour on an interstate with a 12-year-old child, a loaded gun, and a strong smell of marijuana in his car.
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left of your screen. sid the kid with his 17th of the season. 2-0 the final in pittsburgh. finally tonight, we know it will be the panthers and broncos, but what will levi stadium look like? the brand new stadium starting to take shape. the scarlet of the 49ers transformed to gold, for the golden super bowl. new luxury suites are being built. and by the way, to help with the hope experience, cbs sports will unveil new tech nothing. super slow-mo and 360-degree views. i'll get to see my 360 from the field. >> i know, lucky you. >> just a little lucky. >> somebody's got to do it for the team. >> are all of us going? >> apparently not. >> yeah, you might have to talk to somebody. >> just you. >> bring us back a souvenir or something.
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