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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 27, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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i'm mary calvi, chris wragge is on assignment. we begin with that breaking news, an under ground explosion sundays a cover flying and missing cars and people. steve joins us in lower manhattan with more. >> reporter: we are here on broadway on the corner of chambers that exploded at about 9:30. coned sid it is likely the result of snow and salt. take a look at those metal plates there. each one of them weighs about 150 pounds. they went flying into the air to give you an idea the power of this explosion, there were no injuries that we know of. we have spoken to a couple of witnesses. really like a big
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>> i saw pieces in the air, they came down in the snow. >> now this situation here, the hole is still making menacing noises and spewing smoke. a man was badly shaken and went inside the pharmacy and got looked over to see if he was injured, he was not. very, very lucky situation here since the power of this explosion, those plates, heavy into the air. live in lower manhattan, steve langeford. cbs 2 news. we are following more breaking news in manhattan a construction worker is in stable condition after a gruesome accident on sixth avenue, he fell from the fifth floor to the basement and got impaled on a piece of rebar. >> rebar is old rusty steal, hopefully the if the guy didn't survive the fall, the rebar is
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we are told he is impaled through the leg and abdomen. police are asking for your help to find a man wanted in another subway slashing in brooklyn the nypd says this man was on a number 3 train in bedford, a female victim took these pictures the man said i will chop you up on this train and struck her hand with a machete wrapped in a towel. the woman was treated and released. and a man arrested, a 21- year-old accused of attacking a grandmother on a d train, expected in court this afternoon. janelle has the new information. >> sources tell cbs 2 it was a grandmother of damon nowell's girlfriend that tipped off police. the 21-year-old accused of randomly slashing a 71-year-old
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as it pulled into the broadway lafayette station in soho monday morning. it is a random act, doesn't make sense. why cut somebody that you don't even know. >> police say nowell showed up banging on her door her grandmother calling police after recognizing the clothing he was wearing, it shows him running from the subway station after he attacked carmen leaving a 4-inch gash on her face. >> he pretended that he fell and he fell on top of me and that's when he slashed my face i didn't know i didn't feel pain or anything. police say nowells was identified in a lineup for the slashing. commuters relieved hearing about the arrest. >> i left two minutes before the guy came and slashed a lady in the face. >> but also weary. >> it is a lot of crazy people in here, they need to have more
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lot of crazy stuff i see every day. >> of course we are all glad he was caught there are always people doing crazy things seems like lately there is more and more. more police presence would be good. nowell's charged with assault for the slashing being charged with harassment for showing up at his girlfriend's home. police also tell us that he is accused of assaulting a fellow prisoner while being held inside of a holding cell. reporting outside of brooklyn, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. prior arrests. if there are seems like more slashing lately the nypd says there are, saying cases are up 14.8% compared to 2015 in january last year there were 249 slashings that compares to 286 so far this month. new at noon a new jersey
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raccoon, we are live with more, vanessa. the young boy was on his way to school here, he was just 6 years old walking with his mother among sixth avenue near boulevard when a large raccoon came running across the street, jumped on his back and began biting and scratching at his face, a good samaritan heard the screaming and started beating the creature with a pole. we spoke with that good samaritan over the phone, take a listen. >> i saw the huge raccoon on top of the kid, i see the kid in the red jacket jumped out and grabbed a stick. i've seen the raccoon on the kid's face biting and scratching. when i got in the car i cried because the first thing i thought of was my own son. >> the boy was taken to
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center with deep cuts on his face, especially under his right eye. and animal control does have that raccoon and rabies tests will be in on friday. we are live in new jersey, vanessa murdock, cbs 2 news. thank you so much. the mta announced a ban on hoverboards on buses and trains and subway stations affects the metro north, staten island rail way, and ride vehicles. already bans other wheels vehicles and stations and warns the lithium ion batteries could pose a fire risk, and commuter lines in chicago and l.a. and most major u.s. airlines. a violent end to an antigovernment stand off, been held up in a wildlife refuge. traveling to a community meeting police officers and fbi
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shots were fired one person was were placed under arrest. now to campaign 2016, before the iowa caucuses donald trump is throwing out the standard playbook in his bid to win the gop nomination, we have more from des moines. >> donald trump is living up to his antiestablishment label. >> let him have the debate, let's see how they do with the ratings. the brash businessman is pulling out because they refusedded to place megan kelly. they shot back saying politicians about a moderator violates all standards. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> ted cruz's closest rival accused donald of dodging him. >> apparently, megan kelly is really, really scary.
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vermont senator is surging. >> what a turn out. >> he had 14,000 people show up at a raleigh in near by minnesota. >> people are sick and tired of establishment politics and establishment economics. >> but hillary clinton says establishment is just another way of saying she can get things done. >> i'm not just shouting slogans i'm not just engaging in rhetoric, i don't think you can get what we need done in this election or in the presidency unless you level with people. >> clinton is trailing sanders released wednesday. cbs news. clinton is bringing in outside help in her bid to regain momentum. mayor deblasio will -- campaign this weekend. and a lingering problem this one, we've been reporting the dangerous conditions on bus stops.
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covered in mounds of snow, commuters are forced to walk in the street just inches away from traffic. >> we have to just make sure that the buses and the cars don't run over us. >> the bus and a bicyclist almost hit each other trying to avoid all the people. it is a mess. >> crews continue to work to clear bus stops in our area. the department of sanitation says trash and recycling pick ups resumes tomorrow. schedule pick ups today have been canceled. a warning credit card consumers about to change. and the zika virus and how the airlines are preventing travel headaches. drivers for the elderly, the important lesson they are learning and the improvements coming to the road. >> you have pretty skies over head, how long will they stick
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up. . new at noon, fast food chain wendies is reporting unusual chain of activities on cards, they first learned of the fraudulent charges, the extent of the breach is unknown at this point, the ohio base chain encourages customers to
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charges on their credit cards. a tourist have tested positive for the zika virus after traveling to central and southern america. here in the united states president obama is calling for new tests and treatment to stop the virus, a travel alert has been expanded to the caribbean and latin america with particular concern for pregnant woman who the pass the virus along to their unborn babies. american and united airlines will refund customers who book flights to the affected countries. a somber memorial honoring holocaust victims on in remembrance day. [ playing taps ] survivors and family members gathered, today marks 71 years since the soviet army, they placed candles at a wall where many were excused. they killed 1 million people
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expensive yacht sinks, hear about how everyone on board survived. driving safely? how elderly drivers are sharpening their skills to keep themselves and others out of harm's way. way?
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just ahead. . seen off the coast of florida, a 100-foot yacht yacht started taking on water, the captain ordered everyone to rafts. >> we noticed the boat was tilting off to the left, the captain went down to check and he said, came up and said we're taking on water. everyone on board made it to safety, investigators are checking if a shaft inside the out. the department of transportation says more americans are driving than ever before, some 214 million. alex dennis reports that includes a growing number of
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now there are some new ways to keep us all safe. >> a lot has changed since lorain first started driving 46 years ago. i buckle my seat belt when i started at 21 we didn't have seat belts. she admits she has changed too. >> i'm slower than i used to be. to sharpen her skills she went to an aarp smart driver course where students get a refresher on rules of the road. >> is that legal? no? the aarp's kyle says the courses are in high demand. >> we're seeing our class sizes increase and then in some cases double across the country. >> the reason why? there are now an estimated 38 million seniors on u.s. roadways a number that is expected to jump to 55 million in 2020. the department of transportation is already anticipating the influx of older drivers. there are plans to start installing signs with larger
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warnings of an upcoming intersection or stop sign giving seniors more time to react. >> the first priority the road. >> that could mean knowing when it is time to hang up the keys, they offer an online seminar if they believe they are no longer able to drive. she has years of driving ahead of her but avoids heavy track. >> in some cases i don't. >> cbs 2 news. lets get a check on your forecast, we had that nice warm change. >> you know what, it will be a little cooler tomorrow speaking of driving don't forget the windshield wiper fluid because there is so much spray my wife said, our little truck was thirsty, we needed a whole lotel of it. make sure you are staying safe behind the wheel and don't forget sunglasses, want to
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lisa has 42 degrees, also this. this system, lovely weather going on this week, how long can we keep it? you know what? this is a good point. when you think about it last year when it turned cold it just stayed cold, we've had nice melting and that really has been a blessing in fact, we've got proof of that. here is good reliable less, down to 12 inches so he is melted over 14 inches, and bruce, not to be outdone this is a sunny spot and there is a lot of heat available here. 19 inches has melted away in 3 days. this is great! let's have some more snow stat fun and take a look at some of the other snow piles around the area. wait a minute, we have to melt some of this away. here we go. 26.8, that was the near all time record total for the storm in central park now we're down to 1 inches.
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haven't lost as much there. 8 to 13 melts with the stations around the area, that was of last night, we'll see more of that, that just continues with particularly skies like this, we're starting to see some more sun, that's nice after the morning gray and a little bit of wet weather helping to tap down those totals too this morning partly cloudy and 43 right now, numbers, 43 in edison, belmar, interesting if you were to average these, it is about the same temperature yesterday. what a roller coaster ride. yesterday we hit 48, 48 going down in the books is the high for today, but that was at midnight. mid-40s. sunsets at 5:07 and a mix of sun and clouds to see. there could be a flurry or two north and west that's about it. we'll see more sun here through new jersey. here it comes finally.
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rotation, let's see how the models handle that. even this afternoon you could see a stray flurry or a little bit of sleet mixing in, that is going to be a minimal feature, most is just a dry day today. watch out for more lack ice into tomorrow morning with then here you go. friday morning here comes that clipper so there is a chance happens. it just kind of goes out, we'll leave some flurries in the forecast for you, but by and large, we're missing that storm and it is not a very impressive snow maker over the next few days. passing flurry, that's about it. but the good news is, mary, after we dial it down a few degrees just 39 for your thursday and friday, look at sunday into monday and groundhog day we'll see numbers back above normal so the melting will continue. that's good news, should feel nice too. everybody is loving it except the snow men. >> thanks.
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anytime download the cbs new york weather app, check live radar and send us your weather pictures and video, it's free and available in the itunes store. a boy in up state new york is being called a hero after he used a computer tablet to help save his mother's life. four-year-old chadwick loves using computers, he used the tablet to communicate with his dad after his mother who has type one diabetes fell unconscious while talking on the phone. >> he realized what was going on and that he could get help for his daddy. >> i think using the tablet is the reason she is still here with us today. i had no idea he knew how to unlock the tablet to get on face time. he said answer the door when 911 arrives and chadwick did
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stuck under for days. . coming up tonight beginning at 5:00, a new way to treat kids cavities, how dentists are freezing them instead of filling them. then at 6:00, a race against
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year and a half for a kidney, when she finally got the call, there was one thing in the way, the blizzard. how one man she didn't even know saved the day. those stories much more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. a happy ending for a stray cut stuck inside a storm drain the cat was rescued they were sending food down the drain so it wouldn't starve the cat is expected to be just fine. >> 8 more lives left. for john and the entire news team thanks for joining us
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