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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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after waiting for a bus after school. other schools are on high alert. steve langford is live for us this noon, steve. >> reporter: a beefed up police presence near the corner of albemarle and flat bush a girl reports nearly being the victim of a kidnapping attempt. >> an old rusty gray van pulls up to the b-49 bus stop on thursday a man about 40 years old offering the 11-year-old a ride, police say. the child says no, but the man gets out, a wooden stick in his hand, police say, and tries to grab the girl. >> that's a child, you don't do that to a child. >> the girl runs back to school where agents call 911. mrs.^a police precinct headquarters around the corner.
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right in front of a school and a police station is right behind us, shows the type of security we have in our neighborhood. the suspect is reported to have fled north on rogers avenue, they describe him as a black male, 5 feet, 3 or 4 inches tall. 40 years old weighing 140 pounds, gray baseball pants gray sweater. >> scary to know my daughter goes around the corner and may have stuff going on. >> there are three schools within a couple of blocks of here. the reported kidnapping attempt all the more brazen considering the fact that the police headquarters parks many of its vehicles right where this little girl was waiting. live in flat bush, cbs 2 news. another accused subway slasher expected to be in court for his arraignment. the suspect turned himself in
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janelle burrell has more from downtown brooklyn. >> ras alula nagaret. when heed admits to slashing a woman after having an argument on the platform when allegedly bumped into each other. telling them, quote, i will chop you up on this train, police say he pulled out a cloth covered machete and leaving a 2-inch gash on the woman's hand. >> you never know because it is so random. >> he turned himself in at the 25th precinct house where he lives. i always felt safe in the city but it is just crazy to hear such a thing.
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slashing in the city this week. this month's slashing incidents have been up about 14% compared to the same period last year. police commissioner bill bratton says they have deployed additional officers to subway stations and have assigned more to ride the trains themselves. you always have to watch your back. >> many new yorkers who ride the train say the rash of attacks have them more away even changes their routes. really upsetting. >> police say the victim and her sister reported several minutes of that altercation with nagaraet. he has prior arrests including one for robbery and control possession of a weapon. a new look at the deadly confrontation between police and armed occupiers in oregon. video shows the moment officers open fire on protester.
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out of the truck with his hands up, seconds later he reaches in his pocket where the fbi said trooper open fire. >> as the video clearly shows, it was a wreckless action that resulted in the consequences that you see here today. >> one of two dozen people who took over a wildlife refuge january second armed members remain held up inside the refuge. the fbi says the remaybing remaining occupiers want a guarantee. they are campaigning following last night's debate and donald trump's benefit for veterans. marley hall reports from des moines. >> reporter: governor chris christy was one of the first candidates back out on the campaign trail following the trumpless debate in des moines.
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had bowed out in his ongoing feud with fox news. >> let's address the elephant not in the room. minutes away. in new hampshire. >> you have to be tough, you have to be strong you can't around. ted cruz became a target. >> if you ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> this morning dr. ben carson gave his own performance high marks. >> i had probably the least amount of time but i think i probably had the most substance. >> some say chris christy gave a solid debate performance last night but the new jersey governor is way behind in the polls and likely have an up hill battle in iowa. asked why he should get
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>> he is the person most ready. >> voters like rogers have been following events closely. >> i hope it is not trump. >> the candidates have their hands full with last minute campaigning and along-awaited first in the nation caucus begins monday. marley hall, des moines iowa. the candidate raised $6 million for veterans at the alter that the event. a navy says a fighter jet was responsible for the sonic boones in parts of new jersey and long island, conductingsupersonic testing off the coast. residents reported hearing loud booms and feelings buildings shake, saying the flights are conducted almost daily in the area but atmospheric conditions can increase the chance of feeling the booms on land. new developments in the disappearance of college student lauren spierer from west chester county. the fbi raids a man home, what
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new information about the 6- year-old boy viciously attacked by a raccoon in new jersey. >> and ride for less? just cheaper to use uber.
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if you're on the go you can still catch cbs 2 news at noon, we are live casting on new clues in the disappearance of a college student lauren spierer disappeared now there may be a break in the case, ilana goldreports. agents in bloomington raided it going in and out of the home looking for evidence. cadaver dogs scoured the area. spierer's mother has never given hope for finding her. i think after all this time, i think that i have thought about it, every horrible thing that
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there is nothing that takes precedent over losing her. >> saying the property belongs to justin wagers, currently behind bars on several felony sec offenses and linked to missing person cases including lauren spierer, spierer went missing in 2011. these pictures show the last time she was scene and a mysterious white pick up truck circling the block. the 20-year-old finished her sophomore year at indiana university, she spent the night out with friends and never heard from again. >> not knowing and not having her is devastating, there are no words that, you know, it is single day. >> the spierer family hopes they'll give desperately needed answers and closure what happened to their daughter. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. investigators say they are not giving up on this case a
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know anything about spierers disappearance. a little boy was attacked, and released from hackensack university medical center, treated for deep wounds where the animal bit and clawed him. the attack happened wednesday as he walkedded with his mother to his elm wood park school a man rushed to help. he grabbed a poll and killed the raccoon. >> if you use uber, you will now be paying less starting today will drop fairs on its uber x by 15%, they'll drop from $3 to $2.55 with the per- mile from $2.15 to $1.75. and dropping similar levels and drop in rise for drivers and less time between fares. a new case in the suspected killer robert durst.
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he cuts up bodies like your local butcher. >> brian demands to stand trial for murder. more snow is on the way, john elliot tells us how much to expect and later you only have
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village. . let's get a check on this crazy weather. >> few flakes, few drops then those bitter winds get ready! it is going to be so warm next week, let's check in with our ever busy weather watchers, we get a quick snapshot, upper 30s to around 40. 42, so snow that is falling is melting on roadways and surfaces which is great. hey, big ed, big red has a new picture, we're seeing melting and in fact i want to dive into some of these pictures because it is so great. tony sent this in, you have this burst of snow and it goes out sometimes blinding at times kathy is down to three and a quarter inches after having a
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this too from bruce, i like this. 4 inches down from 26 just 4 inches left. major melting this week, and here is another one too. less is down to just over 10 inches closer to 30, and that is the case in fact as we scan the other stations, we've looked at how much snow we've lost. in the city, 26.8 inches fell now i'm told there is just six. 6 at la guardia, jfk, 10 at newark, on average we lost 18 to 23 inches of snow very few, it is up to kids and snow men around the area kind of bummed by that. gray skies threatening at times, we did hit 40. wind is going to intensify much colder this afternoon evidence of that a hint of it if you will north and west while we're in the 30s. look at babylon the hamptons the
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we should be, it will feel much colder than that this afternoon sunsets at 5:09. this is what i'm talking about mary, you head east, white and wet weather through parts of west chester county, randolph as well. further to the south. models don't bring in much of it for part of the afternoon commute, you can see some mixed precipitation a hint of sleet, a little bit of snow and then some rain, there is the possibility of a late day snow shower tomorrow but my concern between now and then those wind chills just the 20s late this teens tonight. now look at this. we're almost 50 by sunday and then warmer than that monday into tuesday, there is going to be wet weather, but it will be wet not white, a lot warmer as we work our way into groundhog day. thanks, john, have a good weekend. download the cbs new york weather app get the forecast
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your pictures and radio it is free available in the itune store. >> the strange saga of rob you are the durst in the series of deaths and disappearances is about to get stranger next week durst will plead guilty to a gun charge, begin the process that will ultimately land him in the courtroom for the murder of his best friend. 48 hours, erin has more. they remain friends for 33 years until christmas eve 2000 when police say he shot and killed her. now 72-year-old durst is pushing to be in a california courtroom by august to prove his innocence. like oj simpson, robert blake, and the man who called himself clark rockefeller, his trial will likely cause a sensation. >> why does robert durst want to go to california, it sounds crazy that he would actually
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>> it is not for the weather, it is because he is innocent. he did not kill susan. >> the attorney also defended durst back in 2003 in galveston texas. durst was charged with killing his neighbor, and dismembering the body. the evidence against him was overwhelming, says former west chester county new york attorney. >> you know, this guy is a murderer. he cuts up bodies like your local butcher. >> they believe durst's claim of self-defense acquitted him. >> not guilty. isn't it possible if he goes on trial for susan he'll get away with it again. >> i hate to say yes it's possible. i believe in justice, i believe in truth, how about this? i believe in karma. sooner or later it has got to happen.
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a journalist if robert durst's hearsay, how could it be asking? >> well, you know, there is this time when supposedly he goes in the bathroom and says, you know, what did i do, kill them all, of course. and according to the da the former da in los angeles, that would normally be hearsay and when you have an admission that could let it in. i think there is a real question whether that will actually get in it is not clear what he said everyone thinks he said kill them all, he may have said killed them all, i think it is a little vague i think it will be a real battle about getting that in the courtroom. >> erin, thank you so much. you can watch on 48 hours tomorrow night right here on cbs 2 in a special time
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mexico, they have it in the streets, street carts. >> this is a 2 for $10 deal, one heavenly bite. next is this monster. >> how does somebody bite into that? >> tell me what this is. >> you have breaded stake. >> okay. herb, queso. >> ham, avocado and chipolte on this sandwich and rice and beans makes it hard to believe that it is all for only $12. everything here is a great value and i love the authenticity of it. on avenue a between third and fourth streets check for dining deals and recipes and best buys. still ahead we are going back to the future in style how
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. coming up tonight beginning at 5:00, yoga with a twist, a new trend combining exercise and alcohol and helping love
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then at 6:00 melting snow, the new jersey home that was cleared after the blizzard, beginning at 5:00. >> after more than three decades the car made famous by the back to the future movies they plan to make 300 replicas of thesports car haven't been produced since 1982. it will cost about $100,000, it year. little windows? it was so hard to pull up in the window . you were in it? >> never owned one. >> that was it for us thanks
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