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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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mentioned the name of the street where her school is located. it was a scam from a caller in mexico. the girl was safe at school. >> it's horrible. i don't understand how people can do these things. >> reporter: it's called virtual kidnapping an ongoing scam targeting residents in new york, nevada, texas and california where this woman got a call about her brother. >> how much money can you pay right now? >> reporter: callers often demand immediate payment by a wire transfer and their kidnapping claims made more believable because they have often picked up personal details about the target from posts on facebook and other social media sites. >> i don't believe in the facebook. i think too much is out there for people, other -- these bad people. >> there's settings on these
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allow certain people to see them. check the privacy settings making sure it's only family members and people you want to see the pictures. >> reporter: the nypd and fbi have been warning about this virtual kidnapping scam for some time. any demand for ransom that involves a wire transfer payment is a red flag. in wednesday's case the family kept calm, confirmed their daughter was safe at school, and the reported the scam to the police. dana. >> makes you think twice, though, about everything you put out there. >> indeed. >> thank you, tony. also, on staten island, health concerns at an elementary school. a dozen students at ps 58 space shuttle columbia school may have norovirus. the city health department is looking into the illnesses. patients with norovirus often have stomach pain and nausea. the department of education says the school will be thoroughly disinfected over this weekend. a 12-year-old boy helping his father at the family business is confronted by a
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and now he is talking about being face to face with gunmen. cbs 2's lou young with the story in yonkers. >> reporter: security video shows the men entering the elm street meat market thursday night. they weren't shopping. >> people just came in the store and put your hands up. it seemed like a joke. then i turned back i saw two people with two guns. >> reporter: they say it gets very dicey after dark on this stretch. the store was closed. the robbers stood out front here looking inside and spotted the owner and his son cleaning up getting ready to leave. and they made their move. >> i told them don't touch my son. take whatever you want. don't touch my son. >> reporter: the store owner doesn't want his picture taken. he says the robbers got $700 for their efforts smashing their way into the cash register as father and son were held on the ground separately. >> right there. >> reporter: right there? >> right there. just had me on the floor.
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>> no. [ laughter ] >> reporter: no. it would have been okay. >> i'm not a baby. >> reporter: i know. but you had a gun pointed at you. >> yeah, for like 10 or 15 seconds and then took it off. >> reporter: violent crime suddenly taken in stride. the father says they need more police protection in this part of town. >> i ask him please, please, please, we need your help. we need you to help on elm street. >> reporter: a spokesman for the mayor says street and car patrols have been stepped up. in yonkers, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> the family has owned the store for the past nine years. they say neighborhood gangs have gotten bolder recently. police on long island arresting four people accused in a robbing spree. the three men and woman are accused of threatening clerks in banks and gas stations with a gun in a month long crime spree in suffolk county. >> these people are desperate and brazen and armed. so the danger cannot be understated.
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just terrific news. >> an alert customer followed a getaway car a short distance called police with a description solid description. police caution the public should never try to foil an armed holdup. they say getting a good description of the suspect and car is enough. new information at 6:00 on the disappearance of a missing college student from westchester county. lauren spierer vanished more than four years ago after a night of drinking with friends on the indiana university campus. now investigators are searching for clues on the property of a convicted sex offender. yesterday police and fbi agent raided the home of justin wagers. spierer's family hope the search sheds some light on what happened. >> not knowing and not having her is devastating, and there are just no words, you know, it's very hard to live with every, single day. >> investigators say wagers is
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an update on the raccoon that attacked a bergen county boy. health officials warn people in elmwood park that the animal did test positive for rabies. remember this scene a passerby saw the raccoon attacking a 6- year-old boy on wednesday killing the animal with a pole. the boy was walking to school with his mother when the raccoon jumped on his back and started biting his face. aryan was released from the hospital yesterday. tsa agents confiscated a large knife at jfk airport. we have a picture of it. security screeners spotted this knife with a ten inch blade at a checkpoint yesterday. it is unclear if the knife was in carry on or checked luggage. uber is doing something new yorkers are not used to, dropping fares. today uber dropped fares on its uberx services by 15%.
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from $3 to $2 dollars 55 with the per mile rate going from $2.15 to $1.75. while customers are happy uber drivers are mixed reaction. >> i'm definitely feel like we gonna get busy we gonna get whatever money we need and everybody gonna be happy. >> i'm going to quit. >> so what going to do? >> i don't know. >> reporter: the drop-in fares will result in more rides, according to uber. hundreds of longshoremen walked off the job. chopper 2 was over port elizabeth during the walkout that started at 10 a.m. the ports of new york and new jersey, this is the largest on the east coast. a long line of truckers was left trying to enter the port. a spokesman for the international longshoreman's association says the union has been in an ongoing labor dispute with the waterfront commission. joined by vice president joe biden, today governor
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to pass paid family leave in new york state. the vice president says employees who need to stay home often face some painful choices. >> you don't go to work, you don't go to work for a while, you may not be able to turn the lights on. >> there are times in life when you should be with family members because that's what it's all about at the end of the day. >> the governor's proposal calls for 12 weeks of paid leave to help working families care for a seriously ill relative or new child. if passed, the policy would provide the longest benefits period of its kind in the united states. "demanding answers," a sinkhole opens up in a staten island man's backyard. he says a broken pipe is to blame. but the city says it's not responsible. the paperwork we uncovered that might prove otherwise. >> on fire and out of control. see the dashcam video that shows officers scrambling to get away from a burning truck. lonnie? >> well, dana, a few of you
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a lit bit of accumulating snow today. we'll check in on just how much you got and where. we'll also check the weekend forecast in just a bit. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," new information in the hillary clinton email scandal. scott pelley joining us now. scott. >> for the first time, the government has acknowledged that some of the emails that secretary of state clinton kept on her private unsecured server at home contained top secret information. we will be looking into that and will have the rest of the campaign news for you coming up, as well. >> including scott an interview with donald trump a new one tonight? >> that's right. we have a new interview with donald trump, the first one since he skipped last night's republican debate. john dickerson will have that as part of our campaign coverage on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. >> thank you, scott. see you then also here at 6:00, last week's blizzard, no sweat for one new jersey family.
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and didn't shovel at all. take a look at this police cruiser video. this is route 15 in sparta, new jersey. a burning truck rolls backwards towards several squad cars. one police officer injured his knee as he drove out of the truck's way.
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road on fire. two people inside the truck got out okay. it's not clear why the truck burst into flames organ rolling. this happened yesterday. a sinkhole is causing big problems for one staten island homeowner. it's a story we brought you last night first. today we went back. the homeowners who claims the responsible party won't own up, vanessa murdoch is "demanding answers." >> i don't know where it turn. everyone is saying it's not their responsibility. >> reporter: morris shows us the sinkhole swallowing up his backyard on staten island. he says he has called his councilman, the borough president, new york city department of environmental protection, but no one wants to step in and help. that's why he turned to cbs 2. he says he first noticed cracks in the sidewalk this summer. then about three weeks ago, this 17-foot sinkhole opened up. he worries the integrity of his home hangs in the balance and something has to be done soon to stop the perpetually
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>> my home is my biggest concern. >> reporter: concrete is shifting and more earth is getting carried away. he convinced the sorts of the water is a broken dep pipe dedicated to carrying overflow from a pond to a lake below his home. >> this is the result of their negligence. >> reporter: he says he has proof dep is responsible. dep's own mid-island bluebelt drainage plans. the president of the cameron club pointed him to the documents. how do we know it's a dep pipe or city pipe? >> well, it's right there on the document right there. we didn't draw that. here's the existing pipe. and you see as it's going through this property right here, which is is morris' property. >> reporter: says dep had a plan to replace it but didn't follow through. >> here's the new line which they had designed for at the outlet to continue over to the side. >> reporter: he says the documentation even specifies in text it the poor condition
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replace the current outlet that's a deteriorated partially submerged pipe extending across private property. >> do it. this guy has a hole in his backyard. >> reporter: we sent copies of the document tow dep accident. the response: >> reporter: despite the documents, the stalemate continues. from the grasmere section of staten island, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> morris says he will pay to fix the backyard but first the city has to pay to fix the pipe. waiting for the snow to melt can be frustrating. but for one new jersey family, it's a sense of pride. in fact, they were looking forward to the blizzard to test out their unique snow melting system. cbs 2's christine sloan shows us how it works. >> reporter: this house in paramus, new jersey built to withstand storms with its bulletproof windows. it also has the ability to melt snow on the driveway and
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solar system that uses heated and cooled air from underground. >> we kept it on during the storm. so it melted about one to 1 1/2 inches an hour. >> reporter: the owner of the ecofriendly house has the pictures to prove it. shot in the morning and afternoon during the blizzard, by late evening the snow is gone but that's not all. the house itself heated and cooled by the earth and sun. >> the same system itself provides heating to the floor you're standing on during the winter and during the summer it provides cooling to some of the ceilings in the house. >> reporter: his father an engineer and chairman of metropolitan building consulting group created this green masterpiece and the house parikh grew up in. he took it apart stud by study reusing most of the wood and materials. >> ripped out of the furnace the broiler and air- conditioner all the radiators the hot water heater threw it out. >> reporter: the stove and refrigerator also solar- powered. and the house captures rainwater throughout the year
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is it more expensive to build something like this? >> a little bit more on the mechanicals at first. but every month, we make more energy than we use. we don't have an electric bill. >> reporter: even the family dog enjoys the natural heat. they hope more people choose homes like this. in paramus, new jersey, christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> that was really interesting. let's check in with lonnie quinn to find out how much more solar heat we'll get over the next few days. >> not much today. didn't get much sunshine and also you're down not final six inches so that's closer to the cold earth. that melts at a slower rate. let me show you what i see outside. with all my weather watchers around the area, okay temperatures mid upper 30s. we had some snow around. so places like islip had a trace. white plains you had a trace, as well. newark you had a trace of snow.
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snow, yeah, nothing. you had to keep going. you had to keep going. way up by poughkeepsie, pleasant valley coming in with a quarter inch. that reading taken by mark and janine. thank you very much for that. new york city right now, it's dark outside. we have a few clouds overhead. it's kind of a cloudy sky. 38 degrees. winds are picking up right now out of the northwest at 22 miles per hour. and winds will be a part of your day tomorrow. more so tonight. here we are at 11:30. so out on the town talking most everybody, most everybody, with some wind gusts, not sustained but gusts 25 miles an hour or stronger. then you get into your saturday morning and they quiet down but by saturday afternoon to the evening again they pick up to, you know, 20, 23, 25, miles per hour again a gust almost anywhere in the area. so just plan on sort of a gusty breezy day on-again, off- again for your night tonight and then for your day tomorrow. so what should you expect? refreezing is a concern for everyone tonight as we all drop below freezing. over the weekend it will be a sun/cloud mix on both saturday
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better day pushing 50 degrees in new york city. midweek wednesday, you're pushing 60 degrees out there. take a look at the weekend forecast. saturday 39 degrees. sun/cloud mix sunday, 48 degrees for the warmer of the two days. i think saturday morning could actually be starting off bright and then some clouds roll in later on. what we see out there right now we have had a couple of little snow flurries here a couple of little raindrops there. not a big accumulator. we found a quarter inch well north of the city. the two systems did not merge, okay? so we didn't worry about that. it's just this one little clipper dropping in. then we'll watch this for tomorrow but it's forecast to go north of our area. it doesn't look to be a big threat. i say almost all of it stays north. maybe a little snow flurry could squeak in to some of our north or northwestern suburbs. overnight temperatures below freezing so watch out for icy spots. tomorrow, temperatures above freezing for everybody but not to 40. so you will have some melting but not too quickly right now.
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you a status of where we are. we were at 26.8 then down to 17 on tuesday, wednesday at 9. right now you're just about 6" that still remain out there. across the board i can tell you it's going to get warmer on sunday, warmer still wednesday. i'm forecasting 57 degrees. >> look at that. >> in new york city. so i think some of the places south of the city could possibly find a 60-degree mark. >> oh, my goodness. >> crazy right. here we are early february. >> crazy for the groundhog. [ laughter ] >> thank you. no rest for the weary or the wounded. otis is here with more in sports. >> dana, the knicks have a game tonight against the suns but who is actually going to be healthy enough to play?
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a . checking with otis livingston now, first of all, seeing how the mets are doing mets, pardon me, knicks. >> yes. remember when were at .500? no. not so much lately.
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the battle with the suns losers of four straight and no word if three key players are in the line-up of. all three starters missed last night in toronto. the rest of the team put up a fight against the top team in the quicks with a 14-point lead down to one after this thomas jumper notice third. raptors have a pair of all stars on their squad. rosen pumped in 26. so did all star starter lowry including this 4th quarter doinger from three. knicks lose 103-93 and fall four games under .500. >> we'll learn from it. when we get them all back it will be fine. but we don't have them so we have to play hard and just try to give as much effort as we can. the nets will see a familiar face when they face the mavericks tonight in dallas. they are one time all star point guard darren williams goes up against his former team for the first time since taking a buy-out last season.
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away and in case you're thinking of going to the game still luxury suites available. some listed at $150,000 and i'm going to take one for the team. i'm swing by and help eat some of the shrimp cocktail if you need help. [ yelling ] >> keep pounding! that's right. thousands of enthusiastic fans turned out to the panther pride parade today in charlotte but not all the players were there. cam newton and others were absent which disappointed the crowd. the head coach was there leading the cheers getting folks hired up. all pro cornerback josh norman taking a selfie with friends. of course, everyone in attendance believes the panthers will win. but what about the nation's number one fan? >> i think it is a great story for peyton manning to be, um, you know, towards the end of his career in a super bowl again.
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the broncos have is unbelievable. but carolina looks tough. it will be close. >> it's going to be close. you can watch the action of super bowl 50 next sunday night february 7th right here on cbs 2 and don't wait until kickoff at 6:30. get your day started at 11 a.m. with the super bowl today. and finally tonight, the student section at college games always wants to feel like it's part of the action like it can sway the game. the arizona sun devils may have come up with the best. when an opponent is shooting a free three they have the curtain of distraction. michael phelps and chippendale dancers! it worked. the second time, they unveil his speedo. and, of course, he misses the second one. michael phelps, helping out there. [ laughter ] >> sun devils. >> he didn't go there. he was training down there but he was -- >> so the player was nervous you think? >> i would say so. [ laughter ]
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shooter and all of a sudden he missed two because of the curtain of distraction. >> too much information. it's a lot of skin over there. we'll be right back. >> carmelo anthony, kristaps porzingis in tonight's game. >> when are you flying out to the super bowl? >> wednesday. start filing reports wednesday night. so tune in here.
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>> we'll be right back. buraeth anrdofeah re noh orliisw rtelheth lo nth i me nddtfoalyo vis?'sootoe ck
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chairs, cones, even garbage cans, just to reserve street space? the post blizzard parking battles that are so bad the cops are getting involved. >> coming up tonight forget about these bulky wallets. now you can wear all of your information on your skin. high-tech tatoos. tonight on cbs 2 news at 11. >> finally here at 6:00 after more than three decades the car made famous by the "back to the future" movies, delorean plans to make hundreds of replicas again. it will cost about $100,000.
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