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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the search for a stranger who tried to lure a student on her way to school. and a flight tried to make an emergency landing. next. h... ah. you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city. this is cbs 2 news at 11:00. >> up in flames and just when you think this can't get any worse, a burning truck starts moving towards traffic. only cbs 2 talked to the driver. oxygen masks dropped from above. a flight forced to make an emergency landing. but first, a stranger motions to a ten-year-old across the street. and now a queens community is warning other parents as police search for the suspect. good evening, i'm kristine johnson, maurice is off tonight. cbs 2's tracy corosco is following this developing story. she's live in jackson heights,
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>> reporter: christine, right at this intersection is where the young girl got help from a crossing guard after a stranger tried to lure her away. the scary incident caught on surveillance video. now police are looking for that man. a stranger motioning to a young girl to come over. every parents fear caught on surveillance video this morning as the ten-year-old walked to her jackson heights queens school on 81st street. police say the girl ignored the man until he followed her and then reached out his hand to grab her. the little girl screamed and ran for help to the intersection at 81st and 37th avenue. a crossing guard stepped in, confronted the suspect before he ran away. >> it's a very sad for a mom. so no, nobody wants that my kid is in trouble. >> a terrifying thought for gabriella mendez. >> you know, always pick her up.
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>> so your daughter doesn't walk alone? >> no, never. >> mendez's daughter knows what to do if ever in that situation. >> police plastered these wanted posters with the man's picture all around the neighborhood. he is hispanic, in his 30s. 6'2", 220-pounds with a medium complexion and blue eyes. residents here hope he is caught before he has the chance to do this again. >> i feel scared for the kids who live in this neighborhood. i hope they find him soon. >> now police said that suspect was last seen wearing a dark green vest. dark green shirt, black hat, blue backpack, and has a large tattoo on his right forearm. we're live tonight in jackson heights, queens, cbs 2 news. >> tracy, thank you. new tonight, some more scary moments, this time on a flight from newark to vancouver. air canada flight 549 was forced to divert to toronto after the aircraft lost pressure.
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on twitter of the oxygen masks coming down, saying the pilot had to quickly descend from 36,000 feet to 10,000 feet. the passenger credited the crew for doing a great job in this emergency. the plane did land safely. a staten island family becomes a target of a frightening hoax likely tied to social media. they called police after receiving a call that a man, who knew details about their daughter, was holding her for ransom. it turned out to be a virtual kidnapping hoax from a caller in mexico and the girl was safe at school. scammers make these threats more realistic by gathering personal details from social media sites and then they demand money for their release. now to campaign 2016, in the final weekend before voting begins. donald trump is speaking out about his decision to skip last night's debate. and hillary clinton faces a new hurdle. confirmation that her home server contained 22 e-mails
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cbs 2 has more. >> it's a bomb shell dropping three days before the iowa caucuses. the state department saying seven e-mail chains from hillary clinton's private account totaling 37 pages were being upgraded to top secret. >> in consultation with the intelligence community, we are making this upgrade and we believe it's the responsible thing to do. >> top secret is one of the highest levels of classification reserved for materials that if released would cause exceptionally grave damage to national security. the e-mails from her years of secretary of state were on her private server in her home until she turned over 55,000 pages at the department's request. her campaign called today's move classification run a muck. clinton said she did nothing wrong. >> facts remain the same. there was never any information sent or received that was marked classified to me. >> on the republican side, donald trump says he has no
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night's g.o.p. debate to host a fundraiser for veterans. trump spoke about it with face the nation host. >> we gave a tremendous performance with lots of different people for the veterans. we got great coverage. because the debate was not as exciting as what we did. >> trump says his event raised $6 million for veterans. you can see more of john dickerson's interview with donald trump sunday on face the nation. dick brennan, cbs 2 news. >> a deadly stabbing inside a homeless shelter has the city stepping up security. tonight, department of home lesser vises police are frisking all residents and searching all rooms in east harlem. 62-year-old, devon black, was almost decapitated at the facility. police suspect his roommate, 22- year-old, anthony white. the victim was a former new york city schoolteacher and librarian. his son was called for mental treatment for the homeless. >> a tragedy that was entirely
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we need to make sure that the most vulnerable element of people in our society is protected. >> the suspect has not been arrested. an update on the raccoon that attacked a boy in new jersey. the animal tested positive for rabies. o he was being treated for facial injuries. the raccoon attacked the six- year-old while on his way to school with his mom wednesday. a good samaritan helped rescue the boy and killed the animal. sudden danger and then quick action on a new jersey highway. we are hearing from the driver that was behind the wheel of this burning truck and we're also seeing the dashcam video of a life threatening situation. cbs 2's dave karlyn has the exclusive interview. >> a delivery truck filled with snacks a blaze. and you're about to see that
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>> stopped so quick, it's scary. >> landing had just jumped out of the driver's seat. he says he pulled over southbound route 15 in sparta after realizing flames were coming underneath. he thought he was watching from him jump. >> the truck just came back. came towards the police car. >> sparta police officer -- the officers trying to save their patrol cars right in the line of fire. here's another view from inside sergeant joseph pensado's car. he didn't have time to get it in gear. the sergeant making a split second decision that saved his life. with seconds to spare, then diving out of the way of the burning snack truck. >> somehow, the truck missed the police car and everything and went all the way to the left lane and went against the car rail. that's what stopped the truck.
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injuries and the vivid memory of how much worse it could have been. in sparta, cbs 2 news. >> some welcome news now for uber customers. the company announced it cut fares by 15%. the base fare on uber dropped from $3 to $2.55. $2.15 to $1.75. while customers are happy, uber drivers have mixed emotions. >> i'm definitely feel like we are going to get busy. we are going to get whatever money we need and everybody will be happy. >> i won't do it. >> you're going to quit? >> i'm going to quit. >> and so what are you going to do? >> uber says the fare reduction will mean more rides for drivers. new developments on a walkout by hundreds of long shoremen. they have now been ordered back to work by their union. the workers walked off the job around 10:00 this morning in a reported dispute with the waterfront commission.
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elizabeth during the walkout that left a long line of truckers trying to enter the port. leaders with the international long shoreman's association say workers concerns will be addressed. >> still ahead right here at 11:00, a post blizzard parking battle is brewing. >> i can't park in the street. >> chairs, cones, even trash cans. but are these legitimate ways to save a spot? >> he just appeared at my door and he was there to save me. >> meeting the officer who brought her back to life after a massive heart attack. and the common bedtime behavior health. what you need to know before
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just because you shoveled out a parking spot doesn't mean it's yours. drivers are using just about anything to save street spaces and police say that these
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jessica schneider is live in new jersey where people are getting creative when it comes to saving their space. jessica. >> yeah, christine, i'm sitting comfortably out here in a parking space on harrison avenue and this street is lined with everything from these chairs all the way to these trash cans. anything that will mark out these coveted spaces here. it's all of these carefully carved out parking spaces. but now police are saying get it all off these streets. it looks like a garage sale gone bad. card tables, folding chairs, living room furniture, and baby stroller boxes. all carefully marking the spots these homeowners have worked so pain stakingly to preserve. >> how long did it take to shovel out the spot? >> a good hour and a half, two hours. >> tina washington knows it's illegal to save these spots, but with homes lining the streets and limited places to
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towns have no choice. >> you know, there's not many, over here, there's nowhere to park. >> one week post blizzard, police are promising a crackdown. lodi police putting up this notice, placing of objects in the roadway is illegal and is subject to removal and or fine. and a neighbor in garfield will be making the rounds monday, removerring all these markers from the sides of the streets. >> that's illegal. >> and no ifs, ands, or buts about it. >> her handicap spot was never plowed out, so she needs another place to park. the debate is raging on social media. one response, i would rather pay a fine than park two blocks away to the nearest open parking spot. lodi has some nerve posting this. >> you have to shovel your own parking spot. it's unfair for someone to come and take it. >> of course, part of the problem out here is that plows can't get to all this snow that
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and blocking all those parking spaces. people say they hope the warmer temperatures coming up will solve all these problems. we're live tonight in lodi, new jersey, jessica schneider. >> thank you. we have some breaking news now. police have a man in custody and that attempted luring of a ten-year-old girl. now, a man here captured on surveillance video motioning to the girl to come over to him this morning. the child was on her way to school in jackson heights when he approached her. but she ran and then yelled for help. >> an emotional reunion between a heart attack survivor and the police officer who saved her. 72-year-old kathleen manganello reyes gave each other a hearty embrace. reyes was carrying powerful new needles that delivered drugs
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>> goes right through the home. and the marrow, where we can introduce the medication and it circulates throughout the body. >> he was there to save me. it's unbelievable. >> emt's had tried cpr without success. >> women who have trouble sleeping are more likely to develop diabetes. researchers in boston found women who sleep less than six hours a night have difficulty falling or staying asleep or suffer from sleep apnea or at increase risk for type 2 diabetes. also hypertension, obesity, and depression. new tonight now, in the not so distant future, you could be wearing all of your personal information. everything from your credit card numbers to your vital signs. it's called the tech tattoo. >> forget fitbit. >> so this is really going beyond what the fitness tracker is.
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like a circuit board that gets embedded on to your arm. >> the tech tattoo, you can carry all of your information on your skin. >> information like your information and your credit card numbers that can be easily relayed to a smart phone app when you need to use them. >> we carry wallets around and they are so vulnerable. >> the temporary tat will also be able to monitor your vitals, like body temperature, blood pressure, even your stress levels and transmit this information to a mobile app or computer being monitored by your health professional. >> if there's an issue, they can call you. >> 20% of americans, i think, have tattoos. so there is a potential market there. >> but unlike the tattoos we know today, tech tattoos are not permanent, according to wired magazine. they are made with electroconductive ink that con tears sensors and in some cases, tiny microchips. the makers say they will last
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>> it's a fascinating idea. >> while still very much in the experimental stages, some other uses for tech tattoos in the future could be helping to track missing children or checking up on soldiers in combat. >> right now, they wear suits that try and keep track of all their vitals and if something goes wrong with the suit, maybe they have a problem. if it's on their skin, they know all the time. >> cosmetic company, loreal, alert you if you are in danger of burning from uv exposure. >> lonnie quinn is standing by. how is the weekend shaping up? >> we'll do okay. sunday will be the better of the two. it's cold outside right now and tomorrow is going to be a brisk day. look at your temperature readings. currently, you know, 20s, 30s, you have some winds out there blowing as well. 6, 9 miles an hour, 14 miles per hour. 14-mile per hour gusts and taking that temperature that you have, 31, you have a
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talk about that in a second. what does bruce have to say? i'm hoping i get to drive around with a car top down in a few days. wednesday, you will wait to see if you have your temperature. let me show you what i see outside right now. there's your picture, it's 32 degrees. 20-mile per hour gust makes 32 feel like 25 degrees. look what the wind wills be doing at 1:00 in the morning. still basically 25 miles per hour or stronger and then you get to the morning hours, winds will die down. later in the afternoon, pushing into the evening, here we are at 7:00 p.m., back to 25-mile per hour winds or stronger throughout the entire area. sunday is not going to be as breezy. all part of my headlines. it's also going to be much warmer on sunday. and it's possible we hit the 60- degree mark next week. bruce, if you're thinking about getting that convertible out, we may be able to squeeze it out on wednesday or so. may not be the best sky above. take a peek at saturday's forecast. a chillily one out there.
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sunday, you are pushing 50 degrees out there. i think some folks could find a 50-degree reading. the skies right now are just fine. we did have a few snow flurries today. a few little rain showers, pleasant valley, duchess county. a quarter of an inch of snow. the two systems never combined. this is one right here. a weak little clipper system pushing through. the bigger system is up around new finland and that's where the bigger snow is. what we're going to watch for your day on sunday is a system around minneapolis, now most of it is going to stay to the north of us. it's going to travel just like those big blue arrows. but you will have leading clouds that come into the area. you know, bright sky to start off your day. then the second half of your day, you'll have more clouds come in. this precipitation goes over our area, but it's possible maybe a couple will, you know, clip us. so, by sunday, now you're looking at the winds coming in from the southwest. it's a warm one for your day on sunday. overnight tonight, clear skies with a bitter wind at 27 degrees.
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we talked about that, 48 on sunday. there's your warmer of the two weekend days. then we go up from there. monday, 51 degrees. tuesday, ground hog day, it will be 50 degrees. and your 57 on wednesday. that's a pretty warm day right there. and then down to the 40s after that. >> not too shabby. >> thank you, lonnie. otis livingston is next with
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we'll be right back. now your jeep sports desk. >> carmelo anthony is the two were in the lineup tonight after missing last night's game with the rap tores along with jose. so welcome back, guys, knicks trying to snap their four-game losing streak, and they look sharp from the jump. to galloway to mellow, to robin lopez. the ball never touches the floor. suns turn the ball over nine times in the first six minutes. nine times. good look. flying in the net. knicks go out to a 20-4 lead. sasha finished a half in style for way behind. look at this. counted at the buzzer.
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second half, more of the same. off to a miss. look at this. the signature put back dunk. take another look. the effort of the 20-year-old was 7 points and 7 boards tonight, back to mellow. now he messed around. 19 points. 8 assists. the knicks coast to the 102-84 victory. former net all-star facing his team for the first time. started the game one of 7 from the field. but then he started to find his way to the net. net fans were asking, where was that the last couple years? brooklyn trailed by as many as 18 in the first half, and put up a mile. in the third, 28-12 from brook lopez. the problem was, brooklyn's bench was outscored by 32. former nick, raymond felton beats the buzzer and j.j. in the 4th, nets drop to 12-35 this year.
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another day closer to the golden game. super bowl 50, nine days away. head coach, ron rivera giving everyone a little pep talk and firing them up. that's their motto. keep pounding. fortunately, two of the other team stars weren't there. a little disappointing, but they had to be excited to see thomas davis who broke his arm last week, but plans to play in the super bowl. >> we told you we were going to continue to work hard. we were going to keep pounding and we were going to get back to this point, and now we're here and we have unfinished business. >> we're going to keep pounding and we know what time it is next sunday. we are going to come out here and we're going to finish the drill. >> and you can watch all the action on super bowl 50 next sunday night, february 7, right here on cbs 2. don't wait until the kickoff. get your day started with the super bowl today. time for us to step aside for a minute. when we return, another life lesson through sports. when is a loss just as good as a win?
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finally tonight, it's been the quest. an undefeated season is what a team or athlete is striving for. sometimes we can still win. that's the lesson we learned when undefeated high school wrestler, 27-0 took a loss on purpose. his opponent, andrew who has down syndrome. he had recently won his 100th match. but this may have been his fight, andrew was quoted as saying, i would like to lose to andy if i have to lose to someone. he said, we are both champions. here are the two of them a couple days ago. certainly looked like champions to me. >> that is so awesome. >> way to go into the weekend with that. >> that is really what champions are made of right there. you have to be -- >> how proud you would be of him. >> i'm already tearing up. >> oh my gosh. yeah. >> i like doing this.
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we'll be right back. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c.
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