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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  January 31, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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it's very overwhelming. >> she was shaky. she was scared. >> right now, a woman among two people murdered at home. neighbors reveal chilling information about the shooting, and another violent incident last week. good evening, i'm cindy hsu. witnesses say they heard gunshots and the woman's cries for help. now police are trying to find the suspect who opened fire in the apartments filled with children.
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at the scene in newark, new york. >> reporter: ashley jones' neighbors say they sensed trouble as recently as last week, when they say she saw jones inside that apartment building behind me, trying to hide from an ex-boyfriend. then last night, gunshots, leaving jones's three young children without a mother. canldzles and a small makeshift memorial sit outside the newark apartment building. police say jones and a 28-year- old man identified as jarrell marshall was shot inside jones's apartment while the children were home. the children, just 1, 3, and 4 years old were not harmed. >> as horrible as it is, it's very overwhelming. >> reporter: jones' neighbors were stunned to hear about the saturday night shooting. the motive, still unknown. some neighbors heard the fighting last night. >> screaming, gunshots. >> reporter: a neighbor who
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jones was having problems with an ex-boyfriend. she says the former couple had a frightening argument just last week. >> i was black and blue. >> what did she say when she came to you then? >> she was just shaking. she was saying she got a restraining order. >> reporter: jones' neighbors say she feared for her safety and worried nothing could be done to protect her. >> the way she was shaking, she was scared. >> reporter: so far, there have been no arrestsk and police have not released any information on a possible suspect. jones' children are now being cared for by family. live in newark, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. it's happened again, a subway slashing early this morning in harlem. >> reporter: the latest slashing, 3:15 a.m. sunday in the 110th street station on central park north. police say a 27-year-old man cut across the face. >> the slashing stuff, you
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>> reporter: police say the attack began when the victim got into some sort of fight with a woman who asked for help. that person stabbed the first guy. >> they got into the train, and thinking, you might be next yourself, you know. >> reporter: the victim taken to the hospital to get stitched up. police scouring the scene for clues, on the latest knife wielding subway suspect. >> wow, it's been going on. it's something serious. >> reporter: this slashing on the subway, the 5th so far this month, including this suspect accused of slicing a woman's hand with a machete onboard the 3 train. the police comitialer attempting to reassure the more than 5 million subway riders. >> i ride the subway system. my wife rides it. it is a very safe system. >> reporter: the 110th street station not unaccustomed to crime.
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what is it going to take for the police to be able to apprehend all of this crime that's happening right now? >> reporter: all of this stirring up new talk about banning cereal criminals from the subway. an idea that might not stand up to legal challenges. in harlem, steve lankford, cbs 2 news. police in manhattan are searching for the man seen in this surveillance photo. he's accused of assaulting a 70- year-old man at the bowery subway station. the victim says the man pushed him to the ground and stole his money and his senior citizens metro card. the victim was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the final frenzy is now to get people out in full force. voters will meet on monday night to make the first decisions in the race for the white house. >> reporter: on the eve of the iowa caucuses. >> it starts here tomorrow night. >> reporter: every presidential
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>> i want to ask one more time for your vote. i want to ask you to cause cuss -- caucus for me. >> reporter: they will set the tone of the race, and determine which campaigns can turn support into turnout. marvin miller showed up to donald trump's headquarters in demonday to help out. he's a registered democrat, but plans to jump ship to vote for the republican front runner. >> i just like the man himself, what he's done. and where everybody else, not so much. >> reporter: in the latest poll, trump holds a 5 point lead over ted cruz. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck, within the margin of error. political experts say this late in the game volunteers should not be trying to change people's minds, but making sure committed voters show up on caucus night. >> you have to physically show up. >> i'm calling with the bernie sanders pain. >> reporter: one of 15,000
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word on behalf of sanders. he has als, and says volunteering makes him feel alive again. >> it's brick by brick. one call at a time. one door knocking at a time. >> reporter: each campaign is time. cbs news, walky, iowa. there's going to be a lot less helicopter traffic over new york city. it's city says it's reached a deal with helicopter operators to cut the number of tourism flights to and from the downtown manhattan heliport. residents some plain that they cause noise all day long, and contribute to pollution. eliminating nearly 30,000 flights annually. operators have also agreed to end all sunday flights. members of the stop the chop community group that opposes the flights say the deal doesn't do enough. >> just like saying to someone you've been torturing all day,
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every four minutes need of two. >> a spokesman praised the agreement, saying it will still provide hundreds of jobs and a more than $50 million impact to the city. last week, we were just beginning to dig out from the blifort. this week, lots of people were out enjoying the water and a beautiful sunset. >> we can talk about what's ahead. temperatures were even warmer than what we had today. look at these high temps. yesterday's high, upper 30s. today, we were looking at high temperatures upper 40s, into the 50s, even a 60-degree temperature. tons of mid, and upper 50- degree temps. we have some even warmer temperatures on tap as we head into the workweek. those details coming up in just a lit. also ahead, a hole in the ceiling, a broken window, and a damaged door. thieves target a church just hours before sunday's service. plus, tearing down a home. a sigh of relief in the suburbs, as so-called zombie homes like these are hurting people who pay their mortgage.
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today, it got real for some players. the broncos and the panthers are making their way to the sight of the super bowl. wait until you see what cam newton is wearing. we'll show you later in sports. buraeth anrdofeah re
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lo nth new at 6:30, a victory for homeowners in westchester county. crews just leveled an eyesore that's been haunting a neighborhood. cbs 2's brian conybeare is live in mount vernon with more. >> reporter: cindy, the heavy machinery here is done for the night, but what was a huge eyesore for neighbors and dangerous, in fact, has now been reduced to a pile of
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a zombie home meets its apocalypse in westchester county today. this vacant, burned out abandoned house at 136 park avenue in mount vernon was badly damaged. the yard filled with trash, and neighbors gathered to watch it be torn down by the city, most welcoming the move. >> for property values, and safety reasons too. you know, somebody could get hurt. it could collapse. >> reporter: new mount vernon mayor, richard thomas, holding his children in front of the demolition site today is targeting zombie homes across the city, to help revitalize struggling neighborhoods. >> this house poses an imminent threat to public safety. >> reporter: it's not just a problem in this city. a new study shows there are 189 zombie homes in bank owned foreclosed homes across the county. their blights that cost neighbors an estimated $520
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mount vernon is the hardest hit of those. yonkers has another 39 of the zombie properties that cost neighbors $5.2 million. >> this is something that we're not going to tail rate. if there are any zombie houses in this community, we will take them down one at a time. >> reporter: the mayor says there could be now as many as 54 of those zombie homes here in mount vernon, and he's pushing for a state law that would make it easier for municipalities to crackdown and hold the property owners responsible. we'll see if that gets passed up in albany. reporting live in mount vernon tonight, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. thank you. a church crime just hours before sunday's service. a pastor gives cbs 2 a tour of the damage that has a congregation heartbroken. plus, a man with a bag full of pigeons seen walking down a city street. and don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook.
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new tonight, a new jersey church burglarized and badly damaged. tonight, police are trying to catch the person who cost the congregation somehows of dollars. cbs 2's ilana gold shows us the mess left behind. >> reporter: you can't miss the broken window at the greater mount moriah church in newark. >> did that stop them from getting in? >> it stopped them from getting in here.
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hole in the ceiling. someone crimed onto the roof and sawed right through it to get in. >> they were determined to get in. >> they were desperate. >> they were desperate to get in, amen. >> reporter: one of their first stops, the preacher's office. >> that had to be kicked in. because these boards were laying down here. >> reporter: when nothing turned up, they rummaged through the food planty in the basement, ripped off meat from the freezer along with crates of canned goods. >> they was looking to take anything they could use. >> reporter: all of this is donated by a local food bank and the church hands it out to those in need. >> everybody bit of that food matters. >> reporter: an alarming side for parishioners showing up for services. >> how does this affect your sunday? >> it makes me feel sick all of a sudden, i have to come out
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if someone would break in a church what else would they do? >> reporter: even though so many feel violated. >> we use this as stepping stone, not a stumbling block. we have to keep going. >> reporter: the focus is moving forward. they just hope whoever did this doesn't come back. >> in new jersey, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. a manhattan woman posted video on facebook of a man stealing pigeons. the woman who posted the video says moments before, the man used a net to trap the birds, scoop them up, and then took them away. the trapping pigeons in new york city is illegal without a permit. but it's not clear if the man has one. nypd tells us, they are aware of the video, but have not yet begun investigating, because a complaint hasn't been filed. no complaints about the weather today. elise finch is here. i've h.a lot of people saying, is this spring? >> it's spring-like.
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the weather absolutely feeling like spring today. let's check in with some of our weather watchers. temperatures are still incredibly mild at 6:48 in the evening. when we check in, we'll start on long island. we've got a lot of 40-degree temps here. this is from bruce. bruce is in north port. he says it's 43 degrees where he is. he says i'm definitely getting used to the spring-like weather. aren't we all getting spoiled? >> this is aldo. he says almost felt like spring today. no, it did feel like spring. even mild in pennsylvania. pike county. part of our dma. this is charlie, usually sending it to us from narrowsberg. but he's in lake wallam park, 50 degrees today. with a high of 60, do we dare say the spring like weather is back? yeah, it is back. will it stay? that's the question. let's take a live look outside tonight. this is from our camera high
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it's 47 degrees. winds out of the south at 8 miles per hour. 56degrees. that was the high temperature today. 39 is where with should be. 56 is what we reached today. still not a record though. 63 is the record for this day of the year. but even our morning low is closer to the normal than the temperature. today's high, 56 degrees. that's ther normal high for april 3. so it was absolutely spring like out there today. your vortex satellite and radar showing just a little bit of cloud cover. not a whole lot to talk about right now. we will at least have a chance to see some wet weather on your monday. still tapping into that mild air. that stays with users for a good portion of the week. going through monday, increased cloud cover. we head into the afternoon. we do have a chance to see showers with a few pockets of moderate, maybe even heavy rain. we head into tuesday. we dry out for most of tuesday. late tuesday, clouds roll in. after that, we start to see heavier rain. that's what we're expecting
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so could see showers, even some thunderstorms with that system passing through. for tonight, we're taking about more clouds. 42degrees in the city. 30s north and west. we head into the day tomorrow, mostly cloudy. 54degrees. we do have a chance of seeing some evening showers there. groundhog day, mostly sunny, 47. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. we've had a warm temperature today. we'll do it again tomorrow. wednesday, another warm one. 58degrees. although, you'll need the umbrella on that day. temperatures cool out a bit. but still not bad. so the roller coaster ride of temperatures continues. most people, i don't think will be complaining. still ahead, the broncos touchdown in california as super bowl week is officially underway. plus highlights from today's
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sports. well one week from today, super bowl l will be underway. steve overmyer is here with sports. >> who knows what storylines will emerge in the next seven days. but you're right, exactly one week from now, we will all be watching super bowl l here on cbs. the golden super bowl. it's going to take place in the home of the golden gate bridge. today, the broncos arrived in san jose. peyton manning looking his dapper self. the panthers are still in flight. did you see the pants that cam newton was wearing?
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never afraid to show his stale. the painted on zebra stripes. they were sold out on the versace website before the plane even landed. very popular now. cbs is your home for the biggest game of the year. super bowl l comes your way next sunday. coverage beginning at 11:00 a.m. otis livingston will be out there providing coverage all week. tomorrow night at 11:00, joining us to go over some of the biggest storylines of super bowl l. the knicks are clicking and resting right now. it couldn't come at a better time. tonight, the host the nba champion golden state warriors. if st. johns is going to make the dance, they're going to have to do something they haven't done all year. that's start knocking off some big east opponents.
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the wildcats got their act together. the storm put up a feebled response. st.john's drops its 12th straight game. still winless in the big east this year. can anyone beat novak djokovic right now? the second best player in the world didn't even appear to stand a chance in the finals in the australian open. not that it was up to andy murray, but he couldn't have picked a worst time to come up as a tennis player. he's been essentially a groomsman to some of the greatest legends in tennis. now novak djokovic. there probably hasn't been a greater separation between 1st and 2nd seeds in tennis history. his 11th grand slam title. finally, an unusual twist to this year's nhl all-star game in nashville. it's a 3 on 3 tournament, split up between four decisions. the metropolitan division, which the division everybody
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they were eliminated. how about this? john scott, who was voted in by the fans as a prank, the league asked him to bow out before the game, but they rescinded that at the last minute. that was him lighting the lamp to a standing ovation. coming up later tonight, talking about all of these super bowl storylines. >> and cam newton's pants. >> i think we're going to leave cam's pants alone, i'll let them go. we'll see if we can get hip to dab a bit. >> i know what that is. i do. >> that does it for cbs 2 at 6:30.
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we're back tonight at 11:00. i me nddtfoalyo vis?'sootoe ck
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