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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  February 1, 2016 2:00am-3:00am EST

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breaking news after sitting here with you that donald is not showing up. >> one on one with kelly seconds after aretrump announced his boycott. >> we go one on one about the debate without donald. >> megyn kelly's challenge to trump. >> can you honestly say that you could ha done a fair and neutral debate? then chris rock not backing out of hosting the oscars. now, what we foundvet about the
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>> he said i'm writing a new show. >> and long before will smith's oscar ou controversy, his past boycott. plugs new o.j. mini series outrage. >> from nicole brown simpson's sister to o.j. himself. did he just threaten to sue from jail? as we flashback to happier times, mr.their wedding with kris jenner. what the "scandal" star was doing with guys in drag. and how to besingle. see our exclusive round table with girls gone wild. now, in our 35th season, this is entertainment tonight. >> thanks for joining us, everyone, we are on top of two huge star-studded events.
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the screen actors guild award. and let's talk about this week's biggest headline, the fox news gop debate that was supposed to go down with donald trump and megyn kelly converging. the donaldde good on his threat this week that we drop out rather than face megyn. ma we spoke to the fox news star just as the news broke. >> donald is not showing up. what are your first thoughts on that? >> i'll be surprised if he doesn't come. i know he says he doesn't want to now. >> let's see how much money fox news is going to make without me. >> i feel like the people of iowa are still persuadable. he's in a tight race with ted cruz. i don't know why he wouldn't take the time to make the case with them on a huge forum.
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would have done a fair debate with him there. >> absolutely. i have no conflict and bias with donald trump. and i hones really do hope he comes to the debate. >> megyn kelly is a lightweight. >> fox news fired more attacks. >> this is a lightweight this is not a reporter. >> in a statement, the network said, quote, we can't give in towards terrorizations of any of our employ. but the donald wasn't giving up. i refuse to calm megyn kelly a bim bimbo, because thatees.uld not be politically correct. >> it's part of the game to attack the media or the moderators. i'm used to that. that wo particularly surprising. perhaps the nature of the attacks has been unusual, but i try to shut it out. i don't see any benefit to myself as a woman or a's not person or a journalist in taking that in. >> what were you going to ask him if he did show up? >> maybe i'll live them during the debate.
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no, no, i can't. >> and megyn, one of the debate's co-moderators, issuedweet t challenge to trump. >> come into the lion's den and answer the tough questions. stand there and engage, do well, do abetter. take on the other guys. let's have a meaningful, substantive exchange. >> he held an alternative event for veterans. >> you have to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. donald trump was joined here by his entire family, his wife melania and his daughter ivanka who is two >> weeks away from giving birth. >> and this photo was strammed. >> and in true trump fashion, the donald claimed victory, claiming he raised nearly $6 million for veterans and likening this event to the
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>> look at all the camrys, likeerascameras, like the academy awards. >> and trump is in iowa this weekend, campaigning in davenport davenpd sioux city. someone who has been quite critical of donald trump, kerryort an washington. you just interviewed her, right? >> yes. we talked about harvard university. >> i'm sort of done. i'm the woman of the yea >> kerry was being toasted and roasted by harvard's theatricals, which means a crazyr. parade with students in drag. given to performers who have a sense of humor and made contributions to
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washington has always spoken up for women of color. >> what's happened with the oscars has given us an opportunity to talk about things. so great. >> always about inclusivity, she loves the expanded shades for all ethnicities. >> this is the cocoa color that did not exist before. >> she also debuted a new do. >> let's talk about at haircut. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> i am comfortable enough in my manhood to talk about any haircut. >> thank you. i like your haircut too. th >> i got mine cut yesterday. >> yeah, i'm loving it. it's fun. >> what made you want to cut it. >> i just want to change it up smchs possible. and i'm always looking for ways
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>> she also reps o.p.i. nail color. >> i love the fact that you named one of yil polishes after your little girl. how cool is that? >> and that color is just a really beautiful nude, but it's a nude four na a skin tone closer to mine. so when i was growing up and people said nude, like nude stockings, it didn't mean a person of orolor. it reminded me of her little nudeness. one day she's going to hate me for saying that on television. >> you guys seec kerry's shorter do. >> she looks good no matter what she does. speaking of style, did you see what came out in paris couture they used a massive dollhouse to introduce the models, including kendall jenner and gigi hadid. >> i love whenweek? you're paying attention to paris fashion week. there's another big reason that all eyes were se five
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how will they influence the oscar awards? our nexton tho guest, jeannie breaks down on how this will translate to oscar's red carpet. >> the style take away for ms. jenner, low cut and plunging neckline. pay attention to the gothic-inspired straps. it lit up the pari night skies. let's turn to gigi. it's all about the cape. capes no matter where you go give offs a regal and authoritative file. it really gave off a feminine breath of fresh air. gorgeous. >> thels proved it wasn't just oscar worthy, it was perfect for the afterparty too as they gir twerked away on instagram. the girls were on point. >> scanning the paris runway, i
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sporting this versace gown. not only has she has the shoulders for this, but charlize has legs for days. the best song nominee, lady gaga. weow j law is the dior girl. but judging from the runways in paris, the trend was mixed media with interesting necklines. >> of course kn stealing from the paris runway to the oscar red carpet is4xqh nothing new. the j. lo did it wearingarmani. sjp did this. >> i think i went on line 20 seconds after it was on in paris, so i begged. >> oh, come on. i bet you didn't have to beg that much. >> she went like that and she got it. >> instantaneous. >> our one sta o is not scrambling for an oscar gown is jada pinkett smith. she says she will not attend. >> this is not ther whrst time a member of the
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. chris rock is 100 prgs hun100% not backing out of hosting the oscars. >> and in a landmark decision, the academy announced plans to double its minority membership by 2020. and of course hollywood was quick to react this week. >> it's a start. it's a start. >> the way i feel has not and will not change. it is a way to stand down and make a statement. >> this is dealing with the symptom fk not starting at the root cause. >> i think it's interesting. i do. we'll see what ens. >> i think doubling is a good start, but we need to have more denzels. >> reaction was bold. >> it's a happfive-way tie, all the
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>> snl spoofed the diversity controversy and nick canon posted a video. >> they're going to let the black man be the master for at least two hours. >> but boy, wasanny devito blunt. >> it's unfortunate that the entire country is aracist d country. it's illuminated. >> it's all fair game for host chris rock. we sat down with the producer at the naacp image awards luncheon. >> is the academy ready for what chris rock will bring? because i'm expecting somethi bananas. >> that would be correct. you should expect that. and yes, the academy is ready for him to do that. they're excited for him to do that. they know that'ng what we need. that's what the public wants. chris is very excited. >> he's not dropping out. >> oh, no. he actually wrote the show abouts week ago.
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provocative and exciting, he said, i'm a throwing out the show i write and yieting awriting a new one. >> it sounds like he's been trying out material. >> i got an e-mail from someone last night who saw him out at a comedy club, and theyhe was eye was annihilating. anthony anderson says he'll address the controversy when the said event goes live on tv one. >> we have the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. we're not going to harp on it all night. hit ite top of the show and move on. >> meanwhile, the academy president says it has left her a little shell-shocked. what was the toughest at th for you this week? >> the press. it just seems to be so much and everywhere. and i knew it would be a story, thing obviously, but wow.
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fueling those oscar boy cot headlines, this is not the first time a member of the smith family has skipped an awards show in protest. back in 1989, will boycotted the grammys, and he explained to stand. >> weigh chose to boycott, we feel it's a slap in the face. >> when will i us passin' it, he speaks out. he and deejay jazzy jeff were taking on the grammys over nots broadcasting the rap categories. 27 years ago, he and other artists including salt n peppa sat out. there's no need to argue
2:16 am
the hit "parents just don't understand." will and jeff's boycott paid off. a year later in 1990, the rap category was televised. >> this is a milestone in our career and a milestone in the history of rap. you know, we're just happy to make history, and we just wish it could have gone down differently. >> make surehat you tune in to the grammys on february 15th on cbs. and we're talking kate hudson t and jack black. get ready for singing. and listen up, ladies. >> always take a drink. >> we go inside the perfect anti-valentine's day movie, how to be single. i mean, who needs a date when are you happy with your bathroom? i wasn't. but for years, i didn't do anything about it. i thought i didn't have the money, until i learned about bath fitter. bath fitter puts a new bathtub right over your old one. isn't that amazing?
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announcer: get caught buzzed driving, and you could do some hard time. woman: craig. knock it off! sorry, mom. announcer: it could cost you around $10,000 in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates, and that could set you back a few years. buzzed, busted, and broke because buzzed driving is drunk driving. welcome k, everybody. now every star loves to do voiceover work. why? well, there's no makeup, no wardrobe, but you still get a bac
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by the way, you've got to be ready. so kate hudson and jack black had a pretty unusual way of warming up those vocals, and they demonstrated it for us. >> you look so cool. >> let's talk about the boots. did you guys ever get to work together? >> we never worked together on the project in the booth, but i do like to say that i'm making a movie with kate hudson, that's pretty fun. >> i am meme. >> oh, my god, she's show beautiful. >> i like to say that i'm traveling the world and doing a film with jack black. >> galavanting with jack black. >> while this is his third go-round as po, kate is a newbie. but they both have their rituals
2:20 am
>> aid in an enterprise at the age of 88. >> i don't know any of these. >> i do that sometimes. >> that's some good motor. >> sometimes i just do opera. >> oh. >> ah! yaw! >> wow. no, that wasn't right. i'm going to do it. >> bbbbrrrrrrr, i don't know what i'm saying. are you a fan of opera? do you go to the opera? >> no. i warm up my voice. >> i've never been to the opera. >> i've never been to the >>opera. >> i've never been to the onperaopera. i could imagine this could go well. >> by the way, i love may-may. >> i think it should be everywhere. >> maybe she's never been to the
2:21 am
football fan, so we can guess where she'll be next weekend. >> i'm going to be at the super bowl. >> who's going to be singing at but halftime? >> kaltte hudson. >> when is it? >> come on, jack! it's the super bowl! >> going up against 50 shades, a parody of "fifty shades of grey," which, by the way, looks hilarious. >> next month, the star of the original 50 shades, dakota johnson is in a bold newcombcomedy. and we look behind the scenes. >> this is alice. she's been single. and wants to make out with a random stranger. >> cheers to valentine's day.
2:22 am
valentine's day film? >> if you're single, you have to come and see it on valentine's day. what else are you th going to do? cry and eat chocolate in the toilet? if you're in a relationship, this may be great as it might make you reevaluate the relationship. >> you're single. >> i am. >> leslie mann is married to producer judd apatow. >> jake, your love interest in the film said that judd came on the quite a lot. >> jake had a very nice body and doesn't have any hair at all. >> ooh. >> and judd has a set lot of hair. he's covered, like he's like a monkey. and, in a good way.
2:23 am
different, and it was nice for me to be with someone who goes to the gym a lot and doesn't have any hair. >> by the it's way, their 17-year-old daughter was the toast of sundance for her new movie "other people." >> have you given her any dating ce? >> this is going to sound weird. she has like the cutest body, and i, you know, tell her advi that she should -- [ talking simultaneously ] >> [ bleep ]. >> because it gets, it really doesn't stay like that forever. i told her this, too. and she took my advice. >> cute, you know, she has always said to never compromise myself or my work or my dreams anyone, especially a dude. >> speaking of dudes, how about
2:24 am
at j. lo's concert last week. >> justin bieber was sitting two rows behind. we were like, let's pick him up, like, forereal. we we wrote him a love letter. >> old school. >> yeah, it was like grade school. write him a letter. justin, will you take us o after the show? pick yes or no. he picked yes six times. >> after the show, i still had ut kelly to compete. we let her know when i one he was going to choose. >> or both. >> i was fine wi hatever. >> well, not quite. >> he said ah, i just have to go and have a shower, and i'll meet up with you guys later. so we go back to keth w hotel room and wait. and then he never came. >> lly's no.
2:25 am
>> what kind of excuse is a shower? >> i want to know what you said to make him go ah!away. >> he was also with another girl. >> how dare he! >> so i thought i had good game, and i tried my best. >> speaking of game, we tested the ladies' abilities to deliver the cheesiest of pickup lines. >> there isn't a word in the dictionary for how good you look. [ laughter ] >> i was trying to be emotional. >> it was very emotional. >> i hope you know cpr, because you take my breath away. >> crazy! >> i think there's something wrong with my eyes, because i can't take them off of you. >> good excuse. yeah.
2:26 am
>> yo, yo, yo, you must be gentleman make jamaican, because you jamaican me kratz eyecrazy girl. >> celebrity crush. >> channing tatum. >> oh, my god. >> robert downey junior. >> last time you drunk texted. >> last time what? >> the last time you drunk texted. >> i've never been drunk in my life. >> the last time i drunk texted? >> yes. >> sunday. >> just gunone hour ago. >> sunday. >> sunday. >> and the film festival valentine's day. >> i've never had a date on valentine's. >> me either. ever. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> cheers to "how to be single". >> two fabulous ladies.
2:27 am
as close as we're going to get to a romantic film for valentine's day weekend. the other ones opening on february 12th are "dead pool", and "zoor ii". coming up, the press for super bowl 50. landember the makeout with meagan train meaganghan trainor? >> i love what remee getting at. >> that is next.
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>> he attacked my client with no justification whatsoever. >> a.j. mcclain stood by his back street boy. >> he with all make mistakes >> number four, george clooney adds to his family. he adopted a. hound. nate is a gift. >> number three, oprah's maj payday. >> i lost 26 pounds, and i have eaten bread every single day. >>or she said this new weight-watcher weight-watcher's commercial to her twitter followers, and the stock went up 20%. she raked in $12 million. number two, trumpless debate.
2:32 am
could have done a fair and neutral debate if he were there? >> absolutely. without theoblem whatsoever. i have no conflict, no bias against donald trump. fbts andwq3]-< this week? tyra'sany pr mom. >> it's going to happen. >> she announced her newborn boy was born via a surrogate. why did tyra keep it a secret? she explained because the heartbreak has beeno intense with failed attempts. right now, news on one of the biggest tv events. just as star-studded as any s awards show. that's for sure. the super bowl. the 50th anniversary of the game at levi stadium. this year we put together a special with the star super fans
2:33 am
at the big game. the denver broncos versus the caroli f panthers. coldplay and beyonce perform at halftime. >> i am planning on being there, so it's going tona be great. >> cam newton and carolina looking tough to beat. >> always a super bowl party. always. the annual holiday. >> i have been known t do the super bowl. i just like the festivity of it. >> no one's asked me to suit up yet. >> i enjoy theo gostivities. i think it's really fun to be part of the game and just watch. >> what do you do? >> i generally get down in the kitchen and enjoy a fe queso dip. >> seven layer dip, hot dogs, nachos. >> i think you should turn it into a gourmet tasting menu of chips and dip. >> i'm there for the food. >> i'm going to be at the super bowl. >> no matter what teams? >> no matter what team i will be
2:34 am
>> who's going to be singing at halftime? >> coldplay and bey. >> if you're on team coldplay, check out >> hello, i'm chris, i from coldplay. we're honored and thrilled to be playing the halftime show. it's going to be wonderful. >> the band has been filming'm their preparations. we're also expecting to see bruno mars, and a return performance for beyonce. the queen bey sleighed and featured a destiny child's reunion. >> you worked so hard on the show. >> it feels good do know that the hard work paid off. it's a live television show, the biggest show in america. and there's so many things that can happen. and i'm very happy that it went
2:35 am
>> were you the power outage? >> oh, lord, ion't know. >> yes, the lights went out right after bey's performance. and now, it's the 50th game, can she top d herself? >> beyonce's going to bring excitement and coldplay's going to bring the excitement. and together they're going to have nice mesh of good music, you know. >> check out e.t. at the big game. and we will be front and a center, and kevin frasier will have updates from san francisco. after the super bowl comes the grammys. it's also on cbs. >> so don't turn your channel from cbs, basically. that's where we'll see the nominee behind this hit. l tell you all about it when i see you again >> the video has i'l more than a
2:36 am
completely transformed charlie's life. this time last year, no one knew his name. now he's working with meghan trainor. now you gave me a little bi of a scoop i have to go with. music video with selena. witht mayeagan things got a little steamy. so what kind of route are we going to go request sath selena? >> i love what you're getting at. i mean, it's so, i mean, we're going to wait for the song to come out, first.wi we don't talk anymore >> charlie and selena have been teasing us on snapchat. we'll find oute when charlie kicks off his north american tour in march, but for now he's looking to bring home his first mor.
2:37 am
we got tied as the world's most unlikelygrammy duo. >> so is whiz your date? are you bringing a date? >> no, whiz will not be my date. i thinke're both bringing our moms. >> moms are a good date. >> with charlie, it's all about the music. we formula works. after building a youtube following, charlie moved to l.a. just over a year ago. his new home inand th hollywood hills looks over the capitol records building. >> how does your family keep you grounded? >> they the let me know that is15 years ago we couldn't afford tomato and we had to use catsup. and that money can go away very quickly. still ahead, we're talking to carol sauceurnett about getting
2:38 am
and why the icon won't come back [text message alert] [texting] [crashing] [sirens] this weekend marks the 42nd annual sag awards, where actors honor actors. now this show is so much fun. because the cast of movies and tv shows all sit at one table. and me tell you, that champagne will definitely be flowing.
2:39 am
to kate, aletittle titanic reunion. then the modern family, and then le sitting next to his beautiful wife sofia vergara. >> we try jo and mix it up and mix up film and television so everybody has a shot at getting to the stage. they all admire each other and want to be near each other. >> e.t.'s been following the sag awards for 22 years. and we are flashing back to amazing moments that have never aired on show before. >> i'm going to cry again. >> julia! our >> i'm just overcome. >> you're shaking. >> i'm shaking. >> i feel like i've got secretariat in the derby. >> you do.
2:40 am
your dad just caught your horse. >> stay true and strong to yourself. >> god, this is embarrassing. >> while there is no host this year for awards tradition, amy poehler and tina fey will be there. >> that would be presenting carol burnett with the life sag achievement award. and she couldn't be more deserving, but don't tell that to carol. >> ply dear friend julie andrews has a term that isbritish. my reaction was i was gob smacked. >> we're pretty gob smacked ourselves when we think about the 60-plus years carol has been inter entertaining us. >> i don't think anybody had more fun than we had. >> but when the television icon says she's not ever interested in coming back for a full-time series, we had to get carol's take. >> we just had a network breathing down our necks all the
2:41 am
we did an hour and 15 minutes, with all of costume changes, the musical numbers and all that, in about two hours, whereas a lot of these shows are 22 minutes of show, they'll take five or six the hours to take, and it makes me crazy, and it's because they're nit-picking everything and redoing stuff and redoing stuffil there's no spontaneity left. so i couldn't do that. >> in spite of all that, the comedy legend who unt paved the way for many of today's ladies -- >> i love tina and amy and maya rudolph. i think they're all quite wonderful. i love "house of card"house of cards"house f kardof cards." >> at 82, she continues to charm audiences. but as she prepares to accept
2:42 am
the next thing to8 do is decide who will play her. >> it's obvious, angelina jolie. i mean, who else? i keep cracking myself up. >> she is so quinnincredible. we asked carol which shows she enjoys watching today. she told us, "life in pieces", and "the grinder". 46 years after the manson murders, we're on the set with josh brolin's daughter playing charlie's girl. >> my parents were sending me articles. then nicole brown simpson's family speaks out. and this weekend in the entertainment tonight birthday which musician turned actor took drastic measures to get fit for
2:43 am
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that usualapses.ds to death or severe disability, and decreases in your white blood cells. the most common side effects are flushing and stomach problems. tell your doctor aboutly lea any low white blood cell counts, infections, any other medical conditions, or if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding or plan to breastf learn more about the most prescribed pill for relapsing ms in the us, at talk to your doctor about tecfidera,eed. and take another look at relapsing ms. next tweak,week, millions will be tuning in to see "the people versus o.j. simpson". >> one of the greatest things i've ever experienced.
2:46 am
>> john travolta getting high praise from kelly preston for his portrayal of robert shapiro. >> he asked me to do a charity. i couldn't do it at the time. but he was very happy i was doing this role. >> collin taylor gave me a review. she seemed to think it was a thumbs up. >> as rosecutor, sarah paulson said she and the rest of the cast did their research. >> i was wearing her perfume and watching her video. >>p there's nothing to worry about, man. i hope if anything, he sees my portrayal of him as that wider. >> the trial of the century back in 1995 is the feature of the episode.
2:47 am
lost, ron goldman and nicole simpson. on her wedding day, she was 25 years old. she never uttered a word, seem being to prefer living in the shadow. now her sister tonya feels nicole's story is the one being lost as o.j.'s saga is headed to the screen. >> two people got brutally murdered. this is not entertainment. this is not the john travolta, the cuba gooding, the david schwimmer, this is not hollywood. >> but nicole and o.j. did live the hollywood life. o.j. said marriage had tamed him. >> it brought stability in my life. it was the lady that came and offered me all the things i needed. >> today while simpson sits in a nevada prison cell, daily claims he is planning
2:48 am
furious over the series. he said these expletives who are making these may find out who the boss is w mini i'm suing their expletive. among the guests, robert and kris kardashian.hen >> we're very happy, and we hope you guys are happy and healthy and have a nice, long, happy life together. >> it was such a tragic story, and nicole was so dear to my heart, and i think about her and have such great cherished, treasured memories forever in my heart. >> nicole had helped her through a horrible miscarriage before her pregnancy with ke nicole had given her all her maternity clothes. she wore those during the trial. >> the story alsondall. exams how nicole's story seems to be untold. >> when we spoke with tonya
2:49 am
they allold us they had not seen. fx series yet. they do plan to watch it somewhat reluctantly. >> we asked cuba t gooding junior why he didn't reach out to o.j. he said the verse of simpson he's playing is the one from the past. if he were playing o.j. today, would have visited him in prison 50 times already. >> but because o.j. is so unhappy with this mini serieshe idea, i wonder if he would even see him. this one's about charles manson and the girls he persuaded to carry out his deadly mission. >> in our eyes, charlie could perform miracles. charlie was god. >> manson's lost girls. each received life sentences a for murder. james brolin's granddaughter plays one of the girls.
2:50 am
and ugly and loyal and she's, i just wanted to play her. i was excited to get into her shoes. likeimmediately, my parents were sending me clips and articles and everything. that was cool. >> atkins took part in all the murders. she died in prison in 2009. >> action. >> not that bad. a couple days in, you'll be back to normal. >> greer grammer, daughter of kelsey plays one part. >> there's definitely a lot of drug use, you see us smokin a lot. drugs are a very big part of who these people were. >> come to our ranch. >> drugs,g guys, food, and charlie. >> who's charlie?
2:51 am
>> she was one of manson's followers. and the one who at the end testified for the prosecution in exchange for immunity. >> christian madsen is the son of -- he plays chris watson, convicted of seven manson killings. >> charlie was so charismatic, so fun, everyone loved him. jove jeff ward plays manson, the evil mastermind. both are still serving life sentences. >> i'm willing to get out and kill a whole bunch of people. >> a bunch of children were giving their lives for what they believed in. it was an episode with lots of different reasons. susie had one reason. leslie had another. leslie told the court, what did you think when you were stabbing that woman? at least you won't be sending your son to vietnam.
2:52 am
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there they are. lots of stars celebrating birthdays this weekend. christian bale is 32. take a final look at your choices. which musician turned actor took drastic measures to get fit for his first major movie? >> he wanted us to look buff, i guess, i ate cardboard for three months. >> that is justin timberlake who turns 35. but the movie i "alpha dog" that he trained extra hard for. the sag awards, whats the sag style means for the oscar red carpet. kathie lee's daughter joins the et. team. and she pays tribute to her father. that's monday. we're almost out of time. but for all the late breaking
2:56 am
check out the new video from one direction for their song "history" from "made in the a.m." paying tribute to the original band. >> enjoy it and the rest of weekend, everyone. the world has never seen you and me got a whole lot of your history so we'll let it go we can live forever we can live forever and don't you know
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