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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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more breaking news, new jersey a new jersey -- man fell in an elevator to his death >> they confirmed it's an elevator maintenance worker who died here. i will show you the scene, we have police here and the medical examiner van parked over on the side. this happened around 7:30. it's been chaotic and challenging for the tenants here.
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happened in tower two. sources are calling this an industrial accident meaning the worker inside the elevator shaft fell to his death, but unknown. we arrived to find several police cars here. we went inside and spoke to tenants about how they were made aware of this. >> there was a message that apartment. what to the message say? >> that the elevators were out of order and an accident happened. so do not use the elevator. >> i walked down from the 32nd floor. >> sometimes the elevators malfunctioned but most of them are renovated and they are new. something like this is kind of unfathomable. >> reporter: also come inside our representatives of slade elevator company.
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we will not be given his identity until after family members are notified. live outside the galaxy towers in new jersey, dave carlin cbs 2 news. thank you now to campaign 2016 100% of precincts are now in after i was big night. republican ted cruz walked away with the victory. donald trump came in second senator marco rubio. it's a close call for the democrats with virtually an even split between hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders. we are joined with more on the winners and losers -- diane? >> very exciting to watch. the republicans have some surprises and overall record shattering turnout, up by nearly 600 people compared to 2012 and on the democratic side has ever seen. up until late this morning we still had a precinct outstanding and while clinton claimed victory early this morning, sanders has yet to
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>> a triumphant ted cruz thanked supporters for giving him the most votes in iowa republican caucus history. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> detectives -- >> there are only two ways to run, scared and unopposed. i'm certainly not opposed severe continuing to run scared . >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go onto easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> still analysts say both trump and cruz will have to look out first -- for florida senator marco rubio who did better than expected trailing trump by just one percent. >> the people of this great state sent a very clear message, after seven years of barack obama we're not waiting any longer to take our country back.
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side the vote came in much like the polls. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> the iowa democratic party said on its website the contest was the closest in iowa democratic caucus history. so close that at least six precincts reportedly came down to a coin toss with clinton winning every time. >> as i stand here tonight, breathing a got -- sigh of relief. >> and while she claimed victory sanders says his performance speaks volumes. >> for folks who did not think bernie sanders could win that we could compete against hillary clinton, i hope that pot is now gone. >> for others, the loss in iowa was much more clear. martin o'malley is calling it quits after getting just one percent of the vote and on the republican side, my copy -- mike huckabee bowed out with humor, bowing out with illness peering >> obviously the voters are sick of me and i need to
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>> many have gone on to win iowa -- when the nomination after losing iowa. lots of things can happen here with that primary schedule in february. >> diane thank you so much. the son of a former aide to mayor de blasio's wife claimed not guilty to manslaughter. victim. reported from hackensack where the victim just -- suspect just appeared before a judge. took the 19-year-old son of rachel nordlinger a former aide of new york city's. first mayor -- first lady pleading not guilty accused of killing a 16-year-old of spring valley new york. >> they shared a visit together. the evidence showed and does show that they in fact work for dealers. >> pc he had come at these for others to the edgewater new jersey home sunday night to confront nordlinger about money he allegedly owed him.
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alleging -- ending with him allegedly plunging a knife 17 inches it -- 7 inches into his like, severing an art of the -- and artery and killing him -- 7 inches into his leg, severing and artery and killing him. >> she left her position in part she said to spend more time with her son. his attorneys say in this case he was trying to save his own life. >> he was jumped and attacked and he probably saved his own life by taking the actions that he did. >> but the judge kept the bail at $500,000. the other four suspects are being held on $750,000 they'll. reporting from hackensack new jersey janel worrell, cbs 2 news. supermodel stephanie seymour applies for alcohol education and rehab. the former victoria's secret model appeared incorrect --
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programs that could get drunk charging -- job driving charges against her dismissed. police say she backed her land rover into another car on i-95 she was also charged with accident. following the brief court appearance her attorney said this: >> the seymour has applied for the alcohol education program which is a statutory program for first offenders. is generally reserved for first offenders where there are no extraordinary circumstances. >> the judge will make a decision on april 4. bill cosby appeared in a pennsylvania court today. attorneys for the canadian asked the judge to throw out -- for the comedian asked the judge to throw out the charges despite dozens vaccinate -- accusations dating back to gates. brian lab reports. >> bill cosby was led into the montgomery county courthouse for a hearing on the sexual assault case against him.
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comedian asked the judge to throw out a charge of aggregated into the -- and assault. in the criminal complaint cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former temple university employee 2004. willing participant. she settled the city -- civil case against cosby in 2006 for undisclosed sum. cosby's attorneys say his made after an agreement with then district attorney bruce castor that the former tv star not be prosecuted. more than 50 women have made similar claims against him, some dating back decades but this is the first time he has been charged. cosby's attorney called the case political payback for in the new da who reopened the case last year. >> a former district attorney says there wasn't enough there, it was a civil matter.
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later, one hot campaign later, we are here. >> bill cosby has been free on $1 million bail since his december arrest. he could be -- get up to 10 years in prison -- in prison if arrested. >> brian web, cbs news new york . on this warm groundhog day, the warm weather is not the only sign that spring is on its way. punxsutawney phil emerged from his home without seeing his shadow and that means an early spring. staten island chuck also failed to see his shadow so the two are in agreement this year. but tracking a busy day of weather tomorrow, john . >> absolutely in stark contrast to the beautiful sunshine today we have to prepare for flooding tomorrow. we will talk about it. and still ahead on cbs 2 news at noon we have the latest on the college students accused of murdering a 13-year-old. and 100,000 people are
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what's causing the chaos.
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call today for your free video otoscopic hearing check up. free demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology. and a free $25 dunkin donuts gift card. with the hearusa totalcare program, you get first class care, world class technology and a lifetime of better hearing. two virginia tech students remain behind bars in the
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old girl. 18-year-old david knight it's now or -- david knight and how are -- her body was found saturday about 100 miles away from her home after she had disappeared. police have not yet determined how she died. investigators say lovell and eisenhower recently met online. those who know eisenhower , a star athlete, are stunned. >> a very pleasant young man but very goal driven, focused on academics but also focused on running. >> keepers is accused of helping dispose of the victim's body. both are due back in court later next month. severe weather left tens of thousands of people stranded at a railroad station -- in china. take a look at the snow and ice disrupting travel plans for nearly 100,000 travelers. this is -- was on monday. the rare snow coincided with the run-up to chinese new year were hundreds of people travel home to see their families. officials estimate nearly
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place over that holiday season. a peeping tom at a text gin -- jim -- gym has people nervous about working out there. she pulled back the curtain -- he tried to shoot a picture of her in the shower. as she screamed he casually walked out seemingly without worry and now she is afraid to return. >> i hope they catch him. i feel like if he has the nerve to walk out so casually like he did nothing wrong, he would have the nerve to show back up to that gym. and what if it is another girl? >> police are releasing surveillance video and planet fitness has not commented. coming up at the reunion unlike any other, a mother
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a mother able to hear her sons heartbeat for the first time in nearly 3 years after he passed away. she met the little girl whose life was saved by her son's
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cbs twos john -- don champion has the story. >> reporter: the tears flowed instantly between heather clark and mr. gonzales. through their two children the mothers know too well the tragedy of loss and the beauty of the second chance. >> thank you. >> their stories started in 2013 when heather's seven-month- old susan -- son lucas died suddenly. >> so outgoing. >> reporter: in her moment of grief heather made the brave decision to donate his organs. she remembers what she thought. >> there's another family out there somewhere who is feeling something like what i am feeling. and i have the chance to make them not go through what i am about to go through. >> reporter: in arizona it's exactly what esther gonzales was going through at the time. her 18-month-old -- 18-month- old daughter jordan fighting for her life because of a congenital heart defect after countless surgeries and seizures, she needed a new heart to survive and that's
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lucas's heart was a match but because the donation was made anonymously the families had not met until this past friday. they found each other online, their bond was instant. then came a gift. >> reporter: okay, thank you -- >> oea, thank you. >> reporter: it played a beat of her donated heart and then heather got to listen for herself. >> that she would be so selfless to be able to think of another family while going through her grief. >> reporter: to moms brought together by tragedy but now bound by triumph. don champion cbs news. >> what a story, brings tears to your eyes. more than 120,000 people in the us are waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant.
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elliott and find out how we're doing with the weather. can you >> so touching. both women so strong. great weather today, let's check in with mary, she's got 47 there in middletown and hey, they need pop up groundhog puppets today in schools. that's a big hit. anthony normally very serious and he said -- i saw my sat my shadow -- i saw my shadow. and then mike had this picture, this is from a year ago, you remember a year ago on groundhog day we had the big storm, parts of the area of a significance no. really pretty pictures from ron, eva, referred -- richard and this is where he hangs out when he's not making headlines. staten island chuck. and this is from charlie -- he
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but he is a doll. we have sun overhead, 48 and winds are variable at five. we've already hit 48 and we will go for 50. sunset is at 5:14, a pretty day today. radar and satellite not getting much of a workout here but to the west, different story. lots of energy pushing into warmer air. tuesday is fine, wednesday even in the morning you see showers. i think much of the commute will be okay with showers just to the west and then the middle part of the day and into the afternoon the line takes shape and we could even see in isolated thunderstorm -- an isolated thunderstorm. now, here's the problem. even though so much of the snow is melted still parts of the area with -- have half a foot of snow and then you've got rain on top of that so yes -- we are ready have one flood
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some small stream and street flooding too because you are looking at the possibility of a half inch to 1.5" of rain. you have the recent snow melt so it's soggy or you still have standing snow and some poor visibility as a result of the snow piles over drainage. so it is going to be a challenging day tomorrow. tomorrow really kind of the busiest of the next few because and after wednesday, thursday looks pretty good after a morning shower and then friday into saturday we have nice numbers also. just make sure you're ready, paying attention. watch out for the potential of flooding tomorrow. >> okay. thank you. fennel can be a great addition to a roasted meal so how do you choose the perfect bulb? here is your tip of the day. >> today we're going to talk about fennel. the first thing to think about is licorice. it has an incredible licorice flavor but the texture of salary. it's cool. when you are picking out fennel, this is a beautiful piece of fennel right here. you want this ball to be nice and firm, white and green.
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there are not a lot of mix and cuts. the bottom should look freshly cut because it is so fresh off the crops. you want the stocks -- remember you can use these to be nice and crisp and firm and make sure these leads are still in -- still intact. you can sprinkle these on so many different dishes. when you bring the fennel home, store it in the refrigerator. you want to keep it cool and you can use it up quickly because these leads will decay a lot faster than the stock. fennel grows -- as the same season so they pair perfectly with orange. a fennel and orange salad with salt pepper and olive oil is probably the best winter salad you can have. coming up on cbs 2 news at noon we have an update on the police officer trying to adopt
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a heartbreaking story we told you about yesterday has reached a happy ending. retiring ohio police officer matthew hickey will get to keep his canine partner, ajax, after all. he was appointed as an exemplary officer cut -- allowing him -- and auxiliary officer allowing him to keep ajax. under law he would've had to have -- the dog would've had to be auctioned off, but no more. for john and the entire cbs 2 news, that's it for us, thanks for joining us.
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