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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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people in this area. clean coming up is ramming right now. gas & electric are stable. we got video of when the crane collapsed. here it is. >> almost even with us. >> reporter: cell phone video, you can hear the steel creak. people in nearby buildings could only watch as that massive crane just bent, it buckled and then collapsed. right now, this is what's left. it really -- i'll tell you, saw this in person. it looks like look a war zone. even street signs were bent like they were just made out of plastic. tonight three people are hurt. one man is dead. that man we have learned is 38- year-old davis wichs. he was born in prague and came
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earning a degree at harvard. his family describes him as the most special person ever. we have team coverage from the witnesses to the investigation. lou young reports. lou? >> reporter: kristine, worth street was closed during the portion of the morning rush when this happened. the crane was being stowed lining up along the street when it fell. even experienced construction workers say it was surreal like watching a slow motion disaster. >> looked like the typical crane being lowered down due to the weather conditions. >> reporter: no real hint of trouble in the moments before it came down. the big rig owned by bay cranes of queens and operated by galasso trucking and rigging was being secured because of the weather. construction workers told to step inside from their jobs because of the winds, watched from above.
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was having trouble getting it down. >> first attempt went about, maybe 10:00 horizontal. the wind started blowing so they went back up with it. on the second attempt to lower it that's when it got out of control and collapsed. >> holdly [ censored ] ! [ censored ] , fallly, [ censored ] , [ censored ] , [ censored ] holy -- it broke! holy [ censored ] ! >> reporter: the operator loves his battle to control the crane from here. that's the cab he was sitting in when the boom got away from him. it crashed to the ground with enough force to flip the cab on its roof. the massive metal treads pointing to the sky. >> it's like bombs going off. >> reporter: on worth street they saw construction workers running and then the crane clipped the building at 57 worth. the metal weight of the end of the cable ended up in an office and tons of metal fell. a crushed car with a trapped driver in the middle of the street. a whole row of parked cars crumbled on the south side of the block.
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all of us trying to run to help and then we saw a man trapped. >> the building shook. it felt like an earthquake. >> nearby buildings were evacuated including new york law school, water and gas service shut down as a precaution against leaks. subways were ordered to bypass the stops at chambers and franklin streets. emergency responders found relatively few casualties. >> they ran to the right and length. the guy that ran to the left was killed. >> reporter: 38-year-old upper west side resident david wichs was killed instantly as he walked along. two people were hospitalized neither with life-threatening injuries. mayor de blasio ordered hundreds of cranes operating in the city secured while we try to figure out what happened. >> i'm not going to minimize what's happened here. we have to figure out what happened. we have to make sure it doesn't happen again.
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live along the sidewalk at west broadway and worth. there's part of the crane as it lays all along this stretch as kristine mentioned at the top. experts tell me the winds that were gusting to 30 miles an hour were not strong enough to topple the crane on its own but they also say these cranes are most stable when holding a load and this as you saw in the video was not. live in tribeca, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> incredible. thank you. as we mentioned, this crime came down in seconds. we want to take a look at the full scope of that cell phone video of the collapse. here it is. [ yelling and cursing ] >> oh, it broke! [ more yelling and cursing ] >> reporter: really terrifying moments there. that intersection that you
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block away from. the damage, the fear, can you imagine at that very moment? it has left a mass of destruction here. to get an idea of the scale, i want to give you a look here at the fallen lattice. you can see the metal mess stretches more than an entire city block. actually, two. it's basically almost two football fields to give you a visual of that. and tonight, the entire area around the scene is closed off. police have blocked worth street from canal to hudson and also west broadway from worth to canal. investigators surveying the damage have a lot of ground to cover. this picture was shot a block away and it shows just how widespread the damage is to some of the rooftops and the buildings that surround. the fall sent bricks and debris crashing on nearby roofs and raining down on to the street below. shock and horror, no surprise
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we spoke with, who saw all of this happen. steve langford has more. >> reporter: the building boom in this city a sign of great progress and prosperity but alarm about these giant cranes reinforcing yet again fears that they just aren't safe. the terrifying sight of this 565-foot-tall crane plunging to earth this morning, something traumatized witnesses may never forget. you heard the boom. >> then you run to the windows and then i see a crane falling on the street. >> we all ran to help. all of us tried to run to help and then we saw a man trapped but they wouldn't let us go no farther. >> reporter: this disaster some local residents say is just what they feared when they first saw the colossus go up. >> it looks like something out of a movie set. >> reporter: brian o'rourke and his wife live on worth street. the crane was right in front of their building. >> she called me and said, it fell!
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>> we knew something was going to happen. we asked the operator galasso construction, rigging, what are the odds of this crane collapsing the day it was going up? they said you have a better chance of winning the powerball lottery. >> reporter: the catastrophic collapse shook local residents physically and figuratively. bruce lives across the street. >> it was the same feeling physically of shaking as 9/11 only far, far worse. i thought our building was going to collapse. >> reporter: the giant crane collapsed almost straight down worth street with deadly consequences although perhaps not as bad as if it crashed in another direction. >> if this crane fell 90 degrees the other way, 50, 60 people would have been killed. >> reporter: the fact that this crane was inspected just yesterday by the department of buildings is something that may not necessarily reassure new yorkers. live in tribeca, steve
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steve, thank you. so just another visual here right behind me. plenty of action. the crane still laying right down worth street. and carlos my photographer, if you could just pan up here, this is a very active construction site. we're going to show you some of the other cranes on some of the other buildings up top. carlos is going to pan that pictured right up top. you can see this is a very active area. there's a lot of construction here. as a result of today's incident, there were orders to secure all cranes here in the city. investigation is certainly a big part of this. what went wrong, how did it happen, how can we prevent another tragedy like this? i'm going to send it back to maurice in the studio. >> thank you kristine. so graphic the images coming from downtown today. among the key questions in the investigation, how could something have gone so terribly wrong when the crane had just passed an inspection? cbs 2's dick brennan here with
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>> reporter: lots of questions. the crane was being taken down because of specific requirements about wind speed. but the question, should it have come down earlier? the collapse happened as workers were trying to secure the crane by lowering the boom. >> no work was done this morning upon the arrival, the crews seeing that the wind speeds were around 20 miles per hour, and that their manufacturer requirement was when it got to 25 to bring it down, they didn't even start work. they just started the immediate securing of the crane. >> reporter: the city had just inspected it yesterday because an extension was being added. the crane had been put up january 30th to replace generators and air- conditioning equipment on the roof of 60 hudson street, a building nearly 40 stories high. >> we have full permits for the crane itself. we're further investigating what might have been required for the equipment that was being done, was being installed on the roof. >> reporter: but with a snowstorm predicted, should the crane have been secured earlier than this morning? one forensic engineer spoke to
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safety and weather. >> the problem is, is that if you know there's going to be inclement weather, you know, you definitely should have done it prior. by not doing it prior, um, you know, obviously put construction crew, innocent bystanders and as well as the crane operator in danger. >> reporter: the crane operator is 56 years old and from long island. he tested it zero on the breathalyzer. but there is a history of dwi arrests all from the '80s. while the crane is owned by galasso trucking and rigging. >> no recent negative activity. so at this point, we believe that they have been doing their work effectively but again, there will be a full investigation of everything that happened here. >> reporter: now, we reached out both to bay crane and galasso trucking and rigging but they have not gotten back to us. >> long way to go here, dick. >> indeed. >> thanks so much. we have much more for you on the deadly crane collapse
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including the heroic stories of people who ran toward the chaos to try to help the victims. also tonight, two nypd officers are recovering after getting shot in the south bronx last night. one of those officers was just released from lincoln hospital. and cbs 2's alice gainer was ther . [ applause ] >> reporter: 29-year-old officer patrick hit by a bullet in the face exits lincoln hospital surrounded by fellow officers. he leaves in a wheelchair, stands up and says he is feeling good a wound barely visible on his nose. he and a 24-year-old officer were hit in the bronx. >> male caller states officer down. >> reporter: the houser officers were on patrol at the public housing development at 8:00 last night when investigators say they were fired at, at close range by a 23-year-old man from the bronx. >> i heard a few loud shots the a man came running.
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>> reporter: police say three men were inside to allegedly buy marijuana. according to one of the men, he announceddest robbing the other two. as this was happening four uniformed officers saw the men. one took off. police asked chavez and the remaining man for identification. that's when chavez opened fire they say. the cop was hit in the face and the woman officer in the stomach below the vest. chavez ran in and said i shot that blank cop and i ain't going back. he asked the occupant to kill him. when he refused chavez shot himself in the head and died t pat lynch pba leader. >> it shows what cops are facing every day especially at the housing complexes especially during the vertical patrols. it shows the danger. you never know what you're going to encounter in those stairwells. >> reporter: as for officer
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lincoln hospital and is expected to be okay of the no word as to when she will be released. outside lincoln hospital in the south bronx, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. the other big story today, the snow. a lot of clogged commutes and tonight people are digging out and there might be more in the days ahead. lonnie. >> we are going to talk about the amount of snow that fell and who saw biggest snowfall totals. we'll also talk about weather concerns tonight into tomorrow morning in just a bit. >> also, 50 super bowls and they have been to every one. cbs 2's otis livingston introduces us to a very exclusive group of people. >> plus it's usually shrouded in secrecy.
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halftime show. there was snow this morning. new jersey wasn't a lot, about one to three inches in some spots. trucks and plows hit the streets and parking lots.
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school openings were delayed. several long island towns got almost a foot giving people an early start to the weekend in some spots. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff live along the l.i.e. in commack tonight. carolyn. >> reporter: maurice, good evening. as you well know, the long island expressway at this hour on a friday evening would normally be bumper to bumper. but so many long islanders woke up this morning said, no way. those folks that did venture out, they may be sorry. police across long island logged more than 300 accidents. there was heavy wet snow through much of the day on long island accumulating nearly a foot. the village of huntington all but shut down stores closed for most merchants. >> it was more than i expect but i drove safely and slowly.
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determined customers two, linda lowell has her priorities. >> i called my sister. i said, do you think we should get our hair cut today? she said why not. >> it's not the smartest thing to do but i figured not too many other people out so it can't be that bad. >> reporter: but is it that bad? >> it is. >> reporter: the road is treacherous, snow and low visibility causing accidents, even a tough go for the town of huntington snowplow drivers. they clocked among the highest totals. >> heavy accumulates quickly. as fast as you make a pass down one side of the street, we turn around and do the other side, the other side is covered again. >> reporter: a pleasant surprise for many. >> be smart and stay indoors and just enjoy the home. >> this winter's first official snow day for some long island schoolkids. >> it's kind of like bittersweet. no school but you have to do this all day.
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coming and coming. >> reporter: love those snow days. certainly the main roads back to normal now but the concern remains through the night that heavy snow still on trees and wires. we still could see out angles. pseg reporting around 10,000 outages right now. they have already restored 50,000. reporting live from the long island expressway commack, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. lonnie quinn is here now. she is only about 40 miles, what, east of us lonnie and that's dramatic difference from the city. >> guys, and -- and -- look, the snowfall totals played out exactly as we were expecting out there. and here's how we see it. yes, long island without a doubt had the biggest numbers. but bridgeport, connecticut came in at 7." white plains 5. jfk 4.6. tenafly 4." central par 2.5." we knew there would be a band
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we could see locally more than 4 to 4. bethpage and st. james a small area that saw it almost a foot of snow. syosset 5." what's happening currently? it's all done. no one sees any more snow as we go through the nighttime hours. we'll watch a system that's way out in the pacific northwest for a possibility for another chance for snow monday into tuesday. but tonight temperatures are dropping below freezing so watch out for black ice. you have snow coated tree limbs. watch for the limbs to fall and cause more power out more outages. the super bowl halftime is a big deal. this year the british band coldplay will take center stage. cbs 2's jill nicolini takes a look at how they are getting ready. >> we don't do press conferences that often so please forgive us if we aren't
5:19 pm
[ laughter ] >> reporter: that's front man chris martin from coldplay along with band member john, will and guy. they watched every previous halftime show just to prepare. >> we are going to try to celebrate those other years and, um, hopefully make a show as memorable as some of our favorites. [ music ] >> reporter: coldplay recently collaborated with beyonce on this song and confirms that the 2013 halftime performer will be a part of the show. but they wouldn't comment on any other surprise guests. [ music ] >> rhianna! >> reporter: this cbs sports promo has people questioning if rhianna will be making an appearance. and rumor has it that the 2014 halftime show performer bruno mars may be making a comeback. we do know that lady go ga will be singing the national anthem. >> everyone who does this show knows it's the biggest honor,
5:20 pm
people to put your life and soul into. >> reporter: last year lenny kravitz, katy perry headlined it. a woman's backup dancer became a social media phenomenon for offbeat moves. bruno mars tweeted he confirmed to join the halftime show and, of course, there's bound to be something that everyone will be talking about after sunday's performance. back to you. >> thank you. special coverage of super bowl 50 starts right here on cbs 2 sunday at 11 a.m. the game itself kickoff is at 6:30. make sure you stick around for a special live edition of "the late show" with stephen colbert after the game. he will have tina fey, will ferrell, megyn kelly, and others. colbert isn't the only one getting ready for a big show. coming up, how james corden is recruiting his parents for help with his special. and coming up next here at 5:00 tonight, she thought she
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it is national wear red day a day set aside to raise awareness of about women's risk for heart disease.
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introduces us to a young heart scare. >> reporter: three months after her baby girl was born, 37-year-old kristine giles thought she had the flu. >> oh, it's nothing. it's nothing. just nothing. i have a fever. >> reporter: the doctors actually told us you were dying? >> yes. into this 10-pound external life vest defibrillator 24 hours a day for six months. cumbersome and a burden miss giles returned to work as a lawyer for the mta. her family learned she was not getting better. she shared the journey of her heart at north well health in manhassett as part of national wear red day. heart disease is the number one killer of american women, warning signs can be unique. >> my first sign was swollen ankles. the furthest point from your heart. >> reporter: just like with
5:25 pm
symptoms may present differently in women. that's why they are so often misdiagnosed and treatment delays. doctors implanted her with a high-tech internal defibrillator known as sub-q. >> it helps the heart rhythm keep eye normal rhythm. >> reporter: she will need the device for life. >> i'm celebrating every day. every day is a gift. [ applause ] >> reporter: along with lifestyle changes, her optimistic outlook, inspirational. from manhassett, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> and giles is back to a full family routine, walking and practicing yoga, as well. coming up next, we are going to take you back to the scene of the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. >> we ran outside to see who we can help, how many were injured, if there was any more danger. >> we will meet the heroes who ran toward the disaster in hopes of saving lives. >> also, searching for a stranger who stuck a subway
5:26 pm
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the tribeca crane collapse caught on camera. hundreds of feed of steel bending and testing in the wind and crashing to the street below. one person killed, three injured. welcome back, i'm maurice dubois. >> reporter: i'm kristine johnson in tribeca the scene of the deadly crane collapse here this morning. right behind me they are still working to basically dismantle this massive crane that fell across worth street. it spans two city blocks. to give you another visual, that's almost two football fields. the scene still very active. the latest cell phone video we were showing you earlier shows that collapse playing out really as if it was in slow motion. when the crate crane hit the ground unfortunately a 38-year- old pedestrian was killed. three other people were hurt, two seriously.
5:30 pm
boom of this crane were just absolutely crushed. in times of trouble and chaos, people instead of running away, they run in to help. it was another example of what city. meg baker has more on that. >> reporter: paul treasurer of the nypd sergeants benevolent office window at his car on worth street, totaled by the crane. >> this morning, when i parked outside, i -- i looked up and i thought to myself, should i move my car? i said, no, it will be fine. but came inside. but when we heard the rumble and felt the building shake, i knew automatically what it was. >> reporter: the secretary said they felt the impact as it tumbled. >> it sounded like the big dump trucks that hit a bump, rattle, and heard it three or four times and all of a sudden
5:31 pm
it rocked the building. >> reporter: the sergeant along song a vice president didn't waste a second. >> we ran outside to see who we can help, how many were injured, if there was any more danger checking all the cars was the crane was across the tops of the cars on a driver's side. >> reporter: a man was stuck in his parked car. >> we couldn't pull the doors open. started to try to get him out. blood coming down the forehead asked a woman if she was okay. she was dazed. we saw the gentleman in the street try to get a covering. >> reporter: he is referring to the 38-year-old man who was found dead. he must have been trying to cross the street when the crane knocked him out. traffic was shut down on this block when the crane came down and the sergeants who own these cars that were crushed by the crane say if it wasn't, casualties. traffic nightmare. one casualty. >> reporter: normally that block at that time is flooded
5:32 pm
thank the snow for the delay. meg baker, cbs 2 news. also as part of code and the rules of when crane booms are lowered, they have to block off the area so there were employees holding pedestrians back in this area and thankfully so because as everyone is saying, this really could have been a lot worse. i want to take you back now to some of the video that i was able to get when we first arrived here on scene. i cannot tell you the enormity of this crane collapse. the base of it alone is literally turned upside-down. and then the length of those two city blocks. you can see it here on your tv. it's another thing to see it here in person. it is going to take days for them to clean this up. i was talking to one of the
5:33 pm
literally going to have to cut this into pieces, haul it away, and repair damage to the buildings and the street. that's the latest. there are crews here from the gas & electric companies, the fire department and also obviously police, traffic is blocked off to the area and they are being very strict regarding pedestrian traffic, as well. maurice, back to you. >> kristine, just a couple thoughts here. when you look at the scope of this thing, tribeca for those who don't know the neighborhood it's an interesting mix of residential and commercial. after all, you're like five blocks from city hall. talk to me about the -- the -- the fact that this crane came down in the middle of the street almost and just narrowly missed these buildings. the disaster could have been epic. >> maurice, i -- there's almost like no explanation for that right now. there was one person that i talked to earlier here on scene that talked to some
5:34 pm
almost as if the crane operator may have been trying to maneuver it as much as he could to avoid those buildings. we don't know if that's fact. however, we do know that we were all very fortunate that that crane did end up in the middle of a very narrow, narrow street. >> got that right. >> maybe it was fate. i have no idea. but it really is an incredible sight to see. >> so striking. very good reporting tonight, kristine. thank you very much. we'll see you at the top of the hour, i believe, at 6:00. let's talk about super bowl 50. it's less than 50 hours away. i beg your pardon. i'm ahead of myself. new information in a terrifying subway attack of a woman who got stuck by a needle. police releasing this video of a man they are looking for. a woman who does not want to be identified says the suspect bumped into her wednesday night at the 49th street and seventh avenue station. the 37-year-old woman felt sharp pain in her arm later and noticed a puncture wounds.
5:35 pm
court every course of antivirals for -- a course of antivirus for hiv and hepatitis. now to the super bowl. less than 50 hours away the big game is nothing new for 16 people. they have attended every super bowl. cbs 2's otis livingston not one of them. he has been to his fair share of super bowls and he has the story. >> reporter: that's right, maurice. this is will be the fifth super bowl i'll cover. the giants, new orleans, metlife stadium and this one in san francisco. that's a tenth of the game. i'm proud of that but that pales in comparison to a group that continues to tick this game off their bucket list year after year after year. the super bowl has gone from this to this. it's the greatest spectacle in sports and these will be the only 16 people to witness all 50 in person. >> three days a year i have to make sure i intend,
5:36 pm
>> reporter: professional photographer has been able to capture some of the most iconic shots. one of his most famous came poolside with broadway joe namath before super bowl 3. >> sat down at the pool had a press conference invited members of the media and i started to take these picture. two ladies are leaning over, two fans of his from alabama. they went to every game joe played. >> this is unbelievable. i never thought -- i'm going to start crying! it's emotional. >> reporter: this group of 16 has had some issues on its way to the golden game. >> one more time, i got to go to the super bowl. you had a heart attack. i'm going. >> reporter: that was super bowl x. he was also in jeopardy before super bowl xlviii with a herniated disk. >> i told to my fiancee you're going to tell me you can't go. he is going no matter what.
5:37 pm
was supposed to be the site of a love connection. >> trying to impress a woman 50 years ago. so i arranged to have airline tickets to fly down to l.a. football tickets to see the game, go to dinner, get a rent a car got to l.a., no m.o. >> reporter: she wasn't impressed with the game or me. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. they stopped dating in february of that year. but i do have some good news. super bowl xi he took another date. they ended up getting married. she told him you will never take another woman to the super bowl after this! and i was told that the ticket prices for super bowl i, $12, $10 and $6 with 12 being the most expensive. my, have times changed! the most expensive ticket according to stubhub, $28,000. with the average price about $5,000. i'm so happy that i have this thing to get me in for free.
5:38 pm
>> and you get paid! nice gig. >> yes, i do. [ laughter ] >> you know, i'm taking one for the team as i always say every year, maurice. >> somebody has to. [ laughter ] >> thank you, my friend. all right. coming up next here at 5:00, why things could dramatically change in the race for the white house. of over the next few days. and today in history, the 2012 super bowl rematch between the giants and the patriots. another late in the game play won it for the giants. eli raising his second lombardi trophy something his
5:39 pm
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now to campaign 2016. all eyes turn to new hampshire as voters prepare for tuesday's primary. and the candidates court the undecided. cbs 2's danielle nottingham reports from manchester. >> reporter: 21-year-old joe alexander still has not decided which republican candidate he will back on tuesday. >> what does a candidate have to do to get your vote? >> i think he needs to do a
5:42 pm
>> reporter: facetime is important in new hampshire and every minute counts. >> my mind isn't going to be made up until i sit in the booth. >> reporter: rebecca rand is further behind in the process. >> i'm stuck, like i haven't declared a party yet. >> i'm going to keep fighting until the last vote is counted on tuesday. >> reporter: candidates on both sides are working their ground game hard with barbara bush hitting the campaign trail for her son. >> i'd love to have your support. >> reporter: they can't take voters for granted here. a new poll shows a third of likely republican voters are undecided. almost twice the amount of democratic voters who still haven't picked a candidate. professor dale keen says new hampshire voters are weighing their options this election cycle. >> i think voters are trying to decide am i more angry and do i want to register my discontent to the parties or am i going to step back and say who do i want to be president? >> reporter: he says things can change in the last 36 to 48 hours leading up to
5:43 pm
danielle nottingham, cbs news, manchester, new hampshire. >> and snow in new hampshire forced some of the candidates to cancel today's campaign events. up next, it can be easy to get carried away during a big game like the super bowl. but cheering on your favorite team could actually do some permanent damage. we'll explain. and then straight ahead at 6:00 continuing coverage of today's deadly crane collapse. the very latest on the investigation. and a look at how many construction sites like the ones today are operating in the city. >> and a man sucker-punched and left unconscious lying in the street. now the search for the
5:44 pm
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fans will be cheering on their teams this sunday. but as dr. max gomez tells us, you can do permanent damage to your voice by cheering too loudly. >> reporter: no matter what your sport, the roar of the crowd is part of the fun of the game. but as nicole moyer will tell you, cheering too long and too loud can often leave you speechless. >> you got to a point where it was so bad where i could physically feel that i was
5:46 pm
>> reporter: it's a feeling most fans experience at some point. but doctors say if you ignore the warning signs, you could do damage that lasts a lifetime. >> anyone who has hoarseness lasts longer than 24 hours, see a physician. you have damaged more than just swelling. >> reporter: the director of the voice clinic at the ohio state university wexner medical center has these tips for protecting your voice come game time. be aware that smoke and alcohol dry out your throat and increase the risk of damage. during the game, listen to your voice and if it weakens, clap, don't scream. and throughout the day, make sure you drink plenty of water. >> it's really about hydration. keeping the vocal cords moist. whispering is worse than talking, it's more stress. >> reporter: if you are going
5:47 pm
from really quiet to a full scream. your vocal cords are like muscles that need to be warmed up to keep from hurting them. if you start strange to talk or sound raspy you're getting close to hurting your voice. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. >> if you start sounds raspy, that's the time to cheer to yourself for the rest of the game. [ laughter ] lonnie quinn is here. might use your inside voice. >> the dads' phrase that we use often at home. >> we are talking about snow, right? >> what a difference. start of the day to where we are like by the afternoon hours, that bright blue sky out there. looking just great. the clouds are late to leave the east end of long island but most of us had a nice second half. we knew it would be an ugly commute in the morning but not tonight. roads are looking good. temperatures in the 30s, they will be dropping tonight and all those roads that are wet will be icy.
5:48 pm
here's what we see. as you look out over central park clearing skies from west to east. so the last clouds will linger around the east end of long island. then they will clear places like orient point later, 38 degrees. actually clearing as we speak. here's your vortex satellite and radar. again, maybe a couple of thin clouds. but for the most part a pretty good-looking sky and it will be nice tonight. out west we watch this area around seattle and portland as our next potential snowmaker. now, in this el nino season, a very strong el nino season, i know that phrase is thrown around so much, just know this is typical. when you get these pacific northwest systems rolling onshore they dive bomb do the south, pick up moisture from the gulf of mexico, exit the southeast coastline and shoot up the eastern seaboard. this one will probably be true to form. is it coming to town or out to sea? let's show you how we see it now on the computer systems and the futurecast says, hey,
5:49 pm
on sunday, starting to see it emerge on our screen with low pressure to the north supplying cold air. if they merge you have a big system. let's watch it. here we are monday, 10:30 a.m. the center of the low is offshore. these two systems right here are not forecast to merge together. this would put more snow in boston. close if it was to wobble further west. there's another system behind that one. so we have actually two systems that are lurking offshore to begin next week. there will be a few chances for snow throughout the week. in fact four out of five days of the next workweek i have a snow chance. if those two systems that i showed you combined you had one large system which would affect us in a big way tuesday into wednesday. as of now they look to stay separate. for your forecast super bowl stadium in santa clara, it's a good-looking forecast if you have a ticket at levi's stadium. 71 degrees at the time of kickoff at 6:30.
5:50 pm
and at your super bowl parties you will probablely be indoors at the time -- probably be indoors at the time of super bowl. chance of snow four out of forecast. >> punxsutawney phil -- >> what about the groundhog? -- >> there's time. >> we are still in the heart of winter, man. >> we are. it's february. thank you. up next here in just a moment, turning the super bowl into a family affair. how james corden is recruiting his parents to help with his post-game special. and then at 6:00 a video that's spreading on social media.
5:51 pm
jersey. james corden has enlisted his parents to cover super bowl 50 for his special after the big game. cindy hsu with a sneak peek. [ music ] >> reporter: james corden is from britain.
5:52 pm
>> i know so little about american football that i -- i'm a huge soccer fan to the point where i call it football which is what the rest of the world calls it because it's played with the feet. >> and you are? >> dixon. >> reporter: his parents margaret and malcolm make hilarious special correspondents. as a warmup he had them cover an nfl game played in london. >> you're not going to take a nick [ indiscernible ] >> lots of naked men. >> we just thought who is the best people to send? so let's drop two 60-year-olds from [ indiscernible ] in the middle of san francisco and see what happens. [ music ] >> my dad goes it's a big deal. it's madness.
5:53 pm
[ music ] >> don't let the sun go down on me >> reporter: riding shotgun on his super bowl special is another fellow brit, elton john. >> we sang about seven songs. it's going to be funny. [ music ] >> reporter: anna kendrick will also team up with him. they will write and perform an original song based on what happens during the super bowl which could be anything. cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> and the all star line-up includes cindy crawford and zac efron. catch it on super bowl sunday around midnight right after cbs 2 news special edition if the timing for the game goes as planned. we'll see. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now.
5:54 pm
>> felt like a bomb. >> a massive crane collapses across two blocks of street below. >> it bounced off two buildings and crushed every, single car. >> cbs 2 live team coverage as the investigation continues. plus, the burning question. >> hope it doesn't fall and then it happened. >> were there warning signs days ago? deadly crane collapse, coverage continues right now. and good evening, i'm maurice dubois. dana tyler is off tonight. witnesses say it felt like an earthquake when the crane hit the ground today and now, tonight, it looks like a war zone. kristine johnson took a tour of the damage. the crane on the ground spanning two blocks. you can see the streets are now covered it concrete and metal. cars simply flattened. one man caught the fall with his cell phone camera from 20
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