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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  February 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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it is game day. we're hours away from super bowl l. the denver broncos face off against the carolina panthers. we have live coverage from super bowl city. >> plus, crews are back at it here at home trying to clear the site of the deadly crane collapse before tomorrow. this comes as the mayor is expected to announce safety improvements for crane operations. >> there is snow in the forecast for the next three days.
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continues right now. good morning. 7:00a.m. on this sunday, february 7th. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. today's top stories are straight ahead, but first meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. we mentioned snow. it's not going to snow nonstop for days on end. but we will have fernandez of snow monday -- periods of snow monday through wednesday. we're heading for the mid-40s out there under sunshine early, clouds moving in late. 35 in the city now. 27 in north field. new rochelle at 25. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, it looks awfully clear. it will be a beautiful start to your day, but an approaching storm will toss clouds in our direction as we move into the afternoon. by noon it's 43 degrees. feeling like 42. still lots of sun by then. 3:00clouds start to move in,
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that is our high for today. then by 6:00 tonight, 42 and mostly cloudy here at home. time, 71 degrees. it is going to be a beautiful day for super bowl l. we'll talk more about that snow forecast. thanks. the countdown is on now until super bowl l. >> fans watching the game today between the broncos and panthers are in for a major treat thanks to incredible technology. cbs2's otis livingston joins us live from san francisco this morning with a preview. good morning, otis. >> reporter: yeah, super bowl l, the golden game in the golden state. it's historic, magic and cbs sports came big for this one.
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from golf to the gridiron, we've got you covered. but tonight's viewing experience of super bowl l will be unparalleled. >> we wanted to just go over the top. it's super bowl l. we wanted to do everything we could to really hammer home how important technology is to the coverage. >> reporter: with 70 cameras from the pylons to the end zone, the network will employ more than triple the number of cameras it typically uses. you might see every muscle move, it's ivision 360. >> we've got cameras around the perimeter of the stadium, which gives a true 360-degree, like the movie matrix view, so you can stop a play, spin the point of view around any angle you want and see the blocking schemes, the receivers. >> reporter: these pylon cameras are bright, bold, and
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>> we've got 16 little cameras in each pylon, which gives a great view. you get great views of whether a football player's feets are in ground. >> reporter: there's also audio. never heard of before during the super bowl. >> there's a very good chance and possibility that the replay from one of these cameras could determine the outcome of the game. you never know. >> reporter: what we do know, cbs is ready to transport you like never before. that sounds like it will be sweet. cbs2's coverage of super bowl l continues at 11:00 through kickoff at 6:30 and i'll have your postgame covered. reporting from super bowl city in san francisco, i'm otis livingston. back to you in the studio. >> amazing to see all that goes into the behind the scenes. >> you don't think about it, right? >> thank you, otis. we'll check in with you again in a few minutes. stick around for a special live edition of the late show with
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he'll have tina faye, will ferrell, and additional surprise guests. after that don't forget to watch cbs news at 11:00. to the deadly crane collapse, there's been developments. >> today the mayor will announce safety improvements to crane operations. it comes a day after crews found the crane computer. >> we've learned one of the victims is out of the hospital. cbs2's ilana gold is live from the scene with that story. >> reporter: first we want to tell you we've noticed big changes at the scene. take a look. crews were out overnight and managed to remove that massive crane. you can see it's now gone from the intersection here at west broadway and worth. the next step is to haul out the cars and patch up the roadway and get the streets open by tomorrow morning.
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they used blow torches to dismantle this 565-foot long crane into dozens of pieces. experts will study them to figure out what went wrong. they're looking into a number of potential causes. >> it goes from a to z. we're going to talk about, look into the metal, possible metal fatigue, make sure the pins that are connecting pieces together, the counter weights, any wind information that's possible. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the topple on friday, as a veteran crane operator lost control. it plummeted 56 stories. >> it was an onslaught here. >> reporter: the crane operator is identified as kevin reilly of long island. he's been questioned and tested negative for all substances. the department of buildings is focused on the crane's computer. the commissioner says it records each movement and this could be key to finding answers.
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services, the company that owns the crane, has been cited four times for violations. >> any of those violations could vary. >> reporter: it's alarming for neighbors and commuters. david wichs was killed while walking to work at a wall street investment firm. 35-year-old dawn cojime was released from the hospital. 73-year-old thomas o'brian got trapped in his crushed jeep. he's still at the hospital with a head injury. >> we walk past scaffolding every day and don't think to look up and now it's something we have to be concerned about. >> reporter: here's another live look at the scene, where the cleanup continues. this afternoon mayor de blasio
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we'll let you know what hes that to say. ilana gold, cbs2 news. a funeral for david wichs will be held this morning at 11:00 a.m. on east 85th street. he'll be buried in saddle brook, new jersey. a new jersey man accused of driving over a curb and striking a police officer has been arrested. investigators say the dover officer was responding to a call about several people sleeping in a vehicle yesterday. when he arrived on scene, police say the suspect drove onto the sidewalk and hit the officer. that officer is now recovering. a second person in the vehicle was charged with drug possession and throwing bodily fluid at an officer. police have arrested a man they say is behind a string of robberies and slashing on the subway. 20-year-old jay irving was taken into custody yesterday morning. police say he slashed a man on the hand last week after the victim refused to hand over his
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investigators say he also stole food and snatched an iphone from a woman on a c train. there's been an up tick in crime on the subway system. >> sometimes i try to avoid the train altogether if i can. >> can't always do that. >> can't always do it, no. >> but you try. >> i try. >> i believe there should be more cops on the streets. how many times this is going to happen? >> police say a man was slashed early yesterday morning after getting into a dispute with two men. those two men are still at large. the gop candidates face off one last time before tuesday's primary in new hampshire. >> besides the game, it's the main event. [ singing ] >> find out how coldplay is making sure they're prepared for tonight's big half time show. >> first here is vanessa getting you prepared with the
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>> i saw that preparing for the show, and i'm preparing you for the snow. we're not talking crazy accumulations here. several days with snowfall. i'll have details coming up in my full forecast. orther errors can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer.
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swcho tt.swcho os a stunning sunrise over manhattan this morning.
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here at cbs2 news sunday morning. 37 degrees. 7:12. republican presidential candidates went head to head in new hampshire in their eighth debate last night. >> it was the first gop debate since ted cruz won the iowa caucuses. good morning, weijia jiang. >> reporter: good morning. this republican race will not only determine a nominee, but also the future of the party. front-runner donald trump continues to portray himself as a washington outsider, although last night he was not the one with the target on his back. candidates went after marco rubio who is catching up to trump here. an awkward start to saturday's abc news republican debate. some of the candidates didn't realize they had been called to the stage. but once things got underway, jeb bush and chris christie
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three are vying for mainstream gop voters. >> barack obama knows what he's doing -- >> there it is. the 25 minute scripted speech. >> reporter: donald trump made his first debate appearance since skipping the one in iowa. >> i would bring back water boarding and a hell of a lot worse. >> reporter: the republican candidates weren't the only ones to appear on national tv last night. the democratic front-runner here in the granite state, bernie sanders, tested out his comedic chops on "saturday night live." sanders complained about the wealthy 1% getting reservational treatment on -- preferential treatment. >> enough is enough. we need to work together if we're going to get through this. >> reporter: hillary clinton fired back about questions about her trustworthiness and benghazi attacks. >> there is more information
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in most other kinds of events. >> reporter: for some candidates, tuesday will be a make or break day for survival in the race. with the polls showing clinton as likely to lose new hampshire, her camp is already looking forward to the next two races in south carolina and nevada, where the voters are more diverse. her aides say voters here and iowa are highly white and liberal. live in manchester, new hampshire, weijia jiang. >> later this morning on face the nation there will be a full analysis of the debate and interviews with hillary clinton and bernie sanders, at 10:30. and we'll be speaking with the host coming up around 8:00. time for your exclusive cbs2 weather forecast. meteorologist vanessa murdock is staying busy this weekend. >> a lot of news.
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next few days. but today is the exception. it will be beautiful today. lots of sunshine early. warming up nicely to above seasonable temperatures. let's take you live outside to show you how this sunday morning starts off. looking at the ice rink in central mark. there are a few people out this morning. 35 degrees in central park. mostly clear overhead. moving ahead monday through wednesday, several snow chances. possibility of minor coastal flooding. here we go, looking good now, but the clouds are moving in from the south. it is associated with system number one. the system that will bring us snow tomorrow. here's the deal, overnight tonight through the day tomorrow this system will pass offshore. we will get grazeed by it,
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the city. tomorrow morning's commute could be slippery for some with snow falling. overnight monday through wednesday, it is system number two that brings us several opportunities for periods of snow. this clipper will move to the southeast, linger off the coast, and we're talking more light snow in the forecast. that's what the next several days encompasses, light snow. doesn't look to be a prolonged event. we'll talk accumulations in a minute. first, note today's nice finish. let's not forget it will be a beauty. then tomorrow periods of snow with that system passing off the coast. breezy as well, especially on the east end of long island. tuesday a chance, wednesday still a chance. as far as accumulations go, could see light accumulations, especially east and south of the city tomorrow morning with that system off the coast, but these totals are monday all the way through wednesday. 3to 6 inches in total east and south of the city.
7:18 am
coast we could see the higher accumulations. for everybody else a trace to 3 inches over monday through wednesday. it is not going to be an event that is endless, but nonetheless, we anticipate accumulating snow at times. today, 47 a sunny start. the clouds will thicken as system number one gets closer to us. winds out of the southwest, becoming northeasterly. then overnight the clouds continue to thicken and we start to see snow developing as we head towards the early morning hours. overnight low is 34 in the suburbs the 20s. winds picking up northeast at 10 to 20. for your day tomorrow, light snow in the morning, especially to the east and south of the city. could see a slick morning commute. high tomorrow 38. it doesn't get much warmer than that over the rest of the week. tuesday, wednesday tracking snow. mid-and upper 30s. for thursday, friday and saturday, temperatures will be struggling to get above the freezing mark and struggling to
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>> it's going to get cold. >> it's going to get cold, and be cautious on the roadways monday through wednesday for some spots. >> thank you. time now, 7:18. living large in a modern castle. coming up, see inside this property that's surrounded by water. >> are you still searching pinterest for a dish to take to the party? after the break we'll be sharing our favorite super bowl dishes. you don't want to miss this. it's cbs2 news sunday morning. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
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today we're going to talk a fennel. the first thing you're going to think about is licorice. but it has the texture of celery. this is a beautiful piece here. you want this bulb to be firm, white and green. check to make sure there are not a lot of nicks and cuts. the bottom should look freshly cut, because it's so fresh off the crop. you can use these to be nice and crisp and firm. and make sure the leaves are still intact. they have incredible flavor and you can sprinkle them on so many different dishes. store it in the refrigerator. you want to keep it cool. you can use it up quickly, because the leaves will decay
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unsurprisingly, fennel gross along side with orange at the same season so they pair perfectly together. a fennel orange salad is probably the best winter salad you can have. aside from the game and half time show and the commercials, the next best thing about the super bowl is the party, of course. >> if you haven't decided what to bring or buy, we've decided to help by sharing our favorite super bowl dishes. i was just told i'm going first, so -- >> that looks incredible. >> it really is impressive if i say so myself. my dip is a mexican bean dip. it's four layers. the bottom is refried beans, then cream cheese, then salsa, and then just monterey jack or this is a mexican four cheese blend, because they didn't have monterey jack. i made it in this pie dish because it's easy to put in the
7:23 am
>> it's delicious. >> right in. >> you're making it. >> there i am making it. >> you move quickly, wow. look at you go. i was little. my aunts, when we make this for any holiday it goes really quick. >> wow. >> it's super easy. pop it in the oven about 15 and bring. >> i took a chip about the size of my fist. >> really easy and delicious. yours looks good, too. >> these are my mini stuffed pepper footballs. you just take a stuffed pepper. you can use canned chili meat, i made taco meat by combining taco seasoning, onions, ground beef, obviously, and i actual put a cup of sloppy joe sauce. it's my little secret ingredient. throw in beans, whatever you like in your taco meat. or if you're feeling lazy, open
7:24 am
put the meat in the persons and cover that up with cheese, shreded mexican, whatever you have on hand. there's me chopping away. my knife skills improve dramatically when you put it in fast forward. you think with your going to be all professional when you're doing this. your eyes are tearing. anyway, you mash that all together. cut the peppers in half, take out the ribs and stems, but leave on the handle -- ribs and seeds, but leave on the systems for the handles. top with taco sauce and a little bit of sour cream to make your football design. >> you can recreate it with these, too. vanessa doesn't eat red meat, so i made some with barbecue pulled chicken. >> stuff the whole thing in your mouth at once? >> you can. probably a little ambitious to
7:25 am
it's not graceful to eat, but it's pretty delicious. >> really good. >> i love it with the pepper. so delicious. >> delicious. >> for the low carber that comes to your party, there you go. >> so good. what is yours? >> of course with the mouthful, my turn. chocolate cheesecake. this is something i actually believe i had at a super bowl way back when. it's an old family recipe. there is a secret ingredient in here as well. a little bit of espresso. >> richens the flavor. >> wakes you up a little bit. >> cream cheese, chocolate. see the teddy grahams. i use those as crust. graham crackers. lots of eggs, sugar, cream, a little bit of flour and the butter is just for the crust. long list of ingredients. it is a little bit time consuming, but it is completely worth the work. another trick about this, you can freeze it.
7:26 am
to the family friend that brought me this recipe. ginger stutten. it was at her house i first tried this. i had a little helper yesterday. my daughter who loves to get dressed up to make cheesecake. that's the way you cook, ladies. >> adorable. >> she is adorable, and you made little ones. >> the same dessert, just a different version? >> the large version cooks about an hour. the smaller version, about 15 minutes. i thought we could do the same here, this is home made whipped cream. you can make them look like little footballs if you choose. >> and home made whipped cream. >> that's easy as well. fresh cream, sugar and vanilla and whip it up. >> i'm coming to vanessa's
7:27 am
and we have this stromboli. >> this cheesecake is unbelievable, i have to say that. >> this is pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, provolone, salami, pizza dough, and sawn's wife,er -- shawn's wife said a tip is to start with the cheese and it seals it in. >> shawn's wife is an incredible cook, she makes stuff for us a lot. thank you very much. >> i'm still chewing. this is all delicious. for more on all these recipes, head to our web site, >> and we'll be right back.'re a heart attack waiting to happen. every cigarette makes you sick.
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living well your immununsystst rks s rd to keep you on top of your game. you can support it by eating healthy, drinking fluids, and getting some rest. and you can combine these simple remedies with airborne. no otherereading immunini brand gives you more vitamin c. plus it has a specially crafted blend of 13 vitamins, minerals and herbs. so when you want to support your immune system, take airborne, and enjoy living well. it is super bowl sunday. less than 12 hours the panthers will face the broncos. cbs2 has live coverage from san francisco. >> plus, major developments in friday's deadly crane collapse. the critical find that could
7:29 am
investigation. >> emergency meeting called by the union security council after north korea launches a long range rocket, the u.n. says was a cover for an illegal missile test meant to reach the united states. cbs2 sunday morning starts right now. good morning. it is just after 7:30 on this sunday, february 7th. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm diane macedo. today's top stories are straight ahead, but first meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. i'm still cleaning up my mouth from all the super bowl goodies. delicious. >> me, too. >> and we have lots of food which i know everybody will be doing the same today. you have great weather to get a little workout in before you decide to indulge in those wonderful snacks this afternoon. we know we're going to do it.
7:30 am
19 in summit. it's 26 in dareon. 19 in toms river. satellite and radar picture clear skies overhead now. clouds will be moving in. by noon it's 43. feeling like 42. partly cloudy. 3:00this afternoon your high 47. feels like 46, under partly sunny skies. by 6:00 tonight mostly cloudy and 42. dry for today. but snow is on the way. we'll talk about a few days straight with periods of snow, that's all coming up in my full forecast. back to you. thank you. super bowl l is just hours away and the excitement has reached a bit of a fever pitch. >> fans are eager to take in the game. cbs2's otis livingston is live there in super bowl city giving us a preview of it all. otis. >> reporter: there's a story behind the story for the denver broncos. by his own account, demarius
7:31 am
his number one fan, his mother, will be in the stands. as you know, two years ago when the broncos were in the super bowl at metlife stadium, she was in jail serving a 20 year drug possession sentence. in november, she was released after 16 years after president obama commuted her sentence. she was in attendance when denver hosted pittsburgh in the divisional round and her son scored a 2-point conversion in the first game she saw him play in person since he was in the 6th grade. despite crowd anxiety, she will be in levi stadium. >> also to have her here, i don't have to talk to her on the phone no more. i can be in the same room, we can pray together about it, and it's just special. to know she's there, it's like a dream come true. >> reporter: good luck to demarius and his mom tonight. enjoying a sporting event with a pro athlete would be at the
7:32 am
how about enjoying the game at a pro athlete's house? for $5,000, a lucky fan can enjoy the game at the home of roman parker. it includes a 70-inch television, access to a basketball court, tennis court, 24 hour concierge service. >> i don't think you need like 8. it's only, not that many bedrooms. if you want to bring eight i'm not going to limit you. just take care of the place is all i'm saying. have some beers, enjoy yourself, do what you do. it will be a great super bowl sunday. >> reporter: that would be pretty cool for someone in carolina. but if you're in the tri-state area, i know you have plans already, including tuning into our coverage at 11:00 this
7:33 am
tonight and i'll have postgame coverage from levi stadium. the $5,000 will go to harper's foundation and airbnb will match it. otis livingston. back to you in the studio. >> hopefully when harper gets home his apartment is in the same condition in which he left it. >> agreed. so many stories behind the stories. thanks otis, these are great. stick around for a live edition of the late show after the game. he'll have tina faye, will ferrell, and even surprise guests and don't forget to watch cbs2 after that. we have the latest on the deadly crane collapse in tribeca. you're looking live at the scene where the cleanup and investigation continues. today the mayor will announce safety improvements. >> it comes a day after crews found the crane computer. cbs2's ilana gold is live with
7:34 am
>> reporter: this morning still so many questions about what happened out here. it could take investigators several weeks to get answers. this collapse is prompting mayor de blasio to make changes. this afternoon he's going to be here and he's going to talk to us about his new plans to improve crane safety, especially in the wind. of course, another big focus is the cleanup. weekend. they used blowtorches to dismantle this 565-foot long crane into dozens of pieces, and hauled them out on trucks. experts will study them to figure out what went wrong. >> it goes from a to z. we're going to look into the metal, possible metal fatigue, the pins that connect the pieces
7:35 am
>> reporter: the crane operator lost control and it plummeted. he's been identified as kevin reilly. he's been questioned and tested negative for all substances. now the department of buildings is focused on the crane's computer. the commissioner says it records each movement and this could be key to finding answers. cbs2 has learned bay crane services has been cited four times for safety violations since 2011. that's something investigators wouldn't will elaborate on. >> bay crane consist of about a quarter of the cranes. >> reporter: david wichs, a 38- year-old harvard grad was killed while walking to work. 45-year-old dawn was released from the hospital. she was hurt while getting a cup of coffee.
7:36 am
trapped in his crushed jeep. he's still at the hospital with a head injury. >> we walk past scaffolding every single day and don't think to look up and now it's something we have to be concerned about. >> reporter: back out here live at the scene where crews are really making significant progress with the cleanup. that massive crane is gone and it's a matter of checking out the gas lines and patching up the street. the goal is to have this area back open by tomorrow morning. live in tribeca, ilana gold, cbs2 news. >> they have made a lot of progress out there. thank you. there was another construction accident yesterday. a man working at 317 madison avenue was hit in the head with a piece of concrete. we're told the concrete came from the 20th floor. he was lowered to the ground through a shaft and taken to bellevue hospital for treatment. developing in north korea, several countries are condemning north korea after it claimed it successfully
7:37 am
north korea state media aired photos of kim jong-un watching the launch. some believe it's a cover for a long rage missile test. secretary of state john kerry is condemning the action as a violation of u.n. resolutions. the u.s., japan and south korea have called for an emergency u.n. security council meeting. governor cuomo is calling for an investigation after he learned there was a radioactive water leak at the power plant. he said contaminateed water leaked. alarming levels of radioactivity -- they say there is no threat to the public. pictures show a chopper on its side. police say it tipped over while the pilot was making practice landings.
7:38 am
taken to the hospital with a leg injury. he's expected to be okay. the faa is investigating. time now, coming up on 7:40. there is coldplay, lady gaga and who else, the other superstar performances you can expect to see tonight during the super bowl. >> taking the polar plunge. swimmers make a splash in the middle of winter. >> first, here's vanessa murdock with your forecast. >> nice and warm today. well, it comparison to where we've been. then we have snow and frigid temperatures to discuss. lots to talk about. my full forecast is coming up. rain or shine, you can have the forecast any time with the cbs2 new york weather app. you can also check live radar, send us your weather pictures and video.
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she is laughing at my dance moves now. >> we are listening to lady gaga's song, and she'll be singing the national anthem tonight at the super bowl game. for some people, the half time show is kind of a bigger deal than the game itself. this year coldplay will take center stage. cbs2's jill nicolini takes a look at how the band is getting ready. >> we don't do press conferences that often, so please forgive us if we aren't that good. >> reporter: that's front man chris martin from coldplay. along with band members john, will and guy. they watched every previous half time show just to prepare. >> we're going to try and
7:42 am
hopefully make it as memorable as some of our favorites. >> reporter: they recently collaborateed with beyonce on this song and confirmed she would be part of the show. but wouldn't comment on any other surprise guests. >> rihanna. >> reporter: there promo has people questioning if rihanna will be making an appearance. and rumor has it that the 2014 half time show performer, bruno mars, may be making a comeback. we do know that lady gaga will be singing the national anthem. >> everyone who does this show knows it's the biggest honor, the biggest privilege and so they put their life and soul into it. >> reporter: last year, lenny craver its, police e el -- kravitz and police e elliott and katy perry took to the stage. >> maybe that's what i look like as i was trying to dance to lady gaga.
7:43 am
>> bruno mars has since confirmed since jill did that piece he'll be at the show. >> sounds like a good one. if you were calling all the shots for the big show, who would you want to perform at the big show? >> beyonce. >> katy perry. >> lady gaga. >> stevie wonder. >> i would like to see somebody new. >> donald trump. >> donald trump? >> jay lo. >> now i'm with you, man. >> reporter: describe the show. >> i would like to see her there. >> you don't care what she sings. >> exactly. >> have a band behind him? >> no, sit there and talk. >> donald trump, a trio. >> wardrobe malfunction? >> no. >> had to ask. >> you just want to hear celine dion sing.
7:44 am
>> just because you love me. >> can you sing it? no singing. >> eye of the tiger. >> behind donald trump? >> that's good. >> for once in my life -- >> i have money who needs me -- someone who needs me. >> you were my strength when i was weak you were my voice when i couldn't speak ,. >> something like that. >> even celine dion has to practice. >> who is doing it now? >> coldplay. >> who? >> coldplay. >> who? >> i know -- >> we're the same age. >> i want somebody new. who would that be? celine dion. i think she's been around for a while. >> i always say why don't they pick somebody country.
7:45 am
to see a country music artist. >> bruno mars was great a few years ago. >> i can't wait to see the elaboration. >> let's check in with meteorologist vanessa murdock. sounds like they'll have nice weather out there. today a good day ahead, right? >> they have 70 and sunny. >> we don't have quite that good. >> we don't have anything near that. i am most excited to hear lady gaga sing the national anthem. that's always my favorite part of the super bowl. i was stoked when i heard she was going to sing it. looking forward to that and today as well. bright and beautiful to start, but cold. however, we have a lovely warmup in store for us. let's check in with our weather watcherrers. 26 noways aldo -- says aldo. 19 in lebanon, new jersey. clear skies there as well. live outside, show you what's
7:46 am
skyline, isn't that a stunner? 35 degrees over central park. southwest winds at 3 miles per hour. what can you expect? a beautiful weekend finish. clouds thicken this afternoon through the overnight hours and we are focusing on the chance for snow monday, tuesday and wednesday. i want to put it out there now, we could have slick spots for your morning commute tomorrow, especially east and south of the city. we could have minor coastal flooding during high tide tonight and through the day tomorrow. clear skies everyhead. the clouds are getting closer, associated with area number one of low pressure. this is going to make its way up the coast. the center will pass offshore of us. we'll get grazed by this western edge. through portions of north carolina now, they're getting a little snow. this is what we expect from the system as well. light snow through the day tomorrow, especially south and east of the city. we're calling for periods of snow for your monday and it could make for slick spots on
7:47 am
system number two, this will impact us late tomorrow night through wednesday. it's a little clipper system that linkers off the -- lingers off the coast, bringing us periods of more light snow tuesday and into wednesday. hour by hour, sunshine this morning, clouds moving in late. by 3:00, partly sunny skies. overnight mostly cloudy skies with a little bit of snow developing toward tomorrow morning. 8:00a.m. tomorrow morning, steady snow across long island and it overspreads the region. periods of snow tomorrow. not an all day white out. these totals aren't just for tomorrow, monday through pile up. 3to 6 inches for areas east and shore. a trace to 3 inches for essentially the rest of us. not three days of endless snow, snow. the first round comes tomorrow
7:48 am
especially east of the city. today 47, lovely increasing clouds. tomorrow 38 with periods of snow and breezy. tuesday and wednesday still tracking potential for more snow. in the 30s. really what's going to happen late in the week is it's going to get oh so cold. we'll struggle to get out of the 20s by week's end. >> as for the morning commute tomorrow, not as bad as the friday morning commute for people on long island? >> this is not friday's storm by any stretch, but could be slick spots. thanks. >> time is 7:50. this takes water front property to a new level. >> after the break, living large in a modern castle, complete with towers. let's go [ beep ] they're piling in the backseat aah! they're generating steam heat pulsating to the back beat the blitzkrieg bop hey, oh, let's go
7:49 am
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we visit west chester county to see a spectacular water front home. >> the modern master piece has a private beach, water side pool and a dock. >> emily smith takes us on a tour of 707 taylors lane. >> reporter: it's a home with water on all sides. >> got long island sound, which is predominantly the view you have from the great room. >> reporter: it has three separate towers with communal space in the center and individual towers for bedroom quarters.
7:52 am
you have all the work areas and all the high grade top of the line appliances over here with your breakfast bar and your table offset a little bit over to the left. >> reporter: each room has sliding doors that show off the views. >> you are basically situated on rock, so uneffected in every way by the natural elements or the storms. when high tide comes you can hear the water going underneath the house, so it's elevated up for that reason. you're actually in the family room, but this one is compriseed inside the master bedroom tower. >> reporter: each tower is three stories. >> you're entering the top level of the bedroom tower, which obviously has the master. >> reporter: it's minimalist with a gas fireplace. >> get comfortable. >> master bathroom? >> master bathroom. again, sleek, sexy, neutral colors, updated by the owners. sunk in tub with views of the water.
7:53 am
deck, the highest level of the home. >> it doesn't get better than this. complete unobstructed views. >> reporter: it's an oasis with a thousand linear feet of direct water front. guests stay in the second tower. >> where your guests never go home. you have the master component, the guest and a third one for family or office or spillover, whatever you want. >> reporter: to live large here, it will cost you $6,975,000. >> the water goes under the house. >> that's amazing. crazy. >> probably sounds cool, too when that happens. >> yeah. >> taxes are about 13:00:00 a year. >> -- $130,000 a year.
7:54 am
this was sent in by our own dick -- for more information on how you can help, visit our web site, you don't have to jump into the water. there are lots of other ways you can help. >> i love how quickly everybody is running out. time is 7:55. there's the game, the half time show, and the food. what about the commercials? >> my dad is giving me a dad do. >> is he? >> dad do comes from the heart. probably not a whole lot of style. >> coming up we'll see which super bowl ads are already trending. >> the dad do. first, we'll check on the day's top stories and vanessa murdock's forecast all ahead,
7:55 am
continues at 8:00. (harold) looks like australia. (rob) i'm telling you, it's a western omelette. (jeremy) fellas! (harold) hey! what you got there? (jeremy) a new york lottery scratch-off game. you know, for fun. even here. oh, look. it's carol. (harold) that is how you get to be senior associate supervisor. (avo) take a break from the excpected.
7:56 am
it is game day. we are hours away from super bowl l. the denver broncos face off against the carolina panthers. super bowl city. >> plus, here at home crews are
7:57 am
site of the deadly crane collapse before tomorrow. this comes as mayor de blasio is expected to announce safety improvements. >> if you're enjoying the dry weather, enjoy it while it lasts. there's snow in the forecast the next three days. cbs2 news sunday morning continues right now. good morning. coming up on 8:00 a.m. on this sunday, february 7th. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm andrea grymes. top stories straight ahead, one of them the weather. nice today, but changes tomorrow, right? >> big changes to start the work week. today lovely, blue skies to start things off.
7:58 am
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