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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 8, 2016 3:35am-4:00am EST

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because this is an old building. a lot of dead spots where wi-fi doesn't work. we will see if we can. >> i was thinking about the wi-fi working? >> actually it has an issue. we'll see. >> the girls are just irritated by it sometimes. >> there is a first lady running right now for, for first lady, for president, does that give you any ideas, mrs. obama? >> of what?
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>> what are you talking about willis. i want to play the potus game. i love it when he -- >> i love it when he holds my hand. >> oh. >> i love it when she? >> i love it when she laughs. she has a great laugh. >> i can always count on her to -- >> i can always count on her to tease me about something. >> i can always count on him to -- >> not disappoint me. >> told you that a long time ago. >> i have never forgotten it. >> after leaving the white house, potus will want to? >> take a walk by himself outside. >> you think so? >> after leaving the white
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>> she is going to want to travel. and roam around the world in ways that we can't do when we are traveling in official capacities. >> you can see the rest of gale's white house interview later on cbs this morning. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out.
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>> the owner gets to take the trophy back. put it in the case either in carolina or denver. and this is their trophy that will stay with them forever. >> reporter: the vice president of the sports division at jostens, the company made super bowl rings, including the first ever super bowl ring. >> we created the ring for vince lombardi and green bay packers, 1966. we have continued on. >> reporter: the first super bowl ring for the packers had a simple design. 40 grams of gold and 1 carat diamond in the center. but as the the game got bigger, so did the rings. last year's super bowl ring for the new england patriots had 100 grams of gold and an astonishing 205 diamonds. totaling almost 5 carats. >> the last few years it's getting to a pin the where the next ring i have a funny feeling will be a double finger.
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as josten's master jeweler, the quarterback of design. at production facility in denton, texas he is already thinking of the next championship ring before the game is even played. but the owner of the winning team will coach him through the ring's final design. a process which can take months. >> they are pieces of art that tell a story of a championship. >> reporter: last year's patriots ring shows off the team's winning history with four diamond-shaped lombardi trophies. the packers 2010 ring features the iconic lambeau feel and the trophy coming home. the design starts as a 3 d computer model. then an actual ring is made for the team's owner to inspect. if the owner wants to add another diamond or put another lego on the ring, a new computer model is made, and a new ring is cast. once the design is finalized, a mold is made for each of the 53 players on the team with their name and jersey number on the
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the team has the option to make more rings for their staff. a 1500 degree furnace melts gold pellets into a liquid poured into each custom mold. the gold is then carefully polished and painted so sections of the ring scan be soldered together. then time to put the bling in the ring. a small team of 45 people will work on each ring. and this man oversees technician whose hand pick and set the diamond. >> you have to have the eye for bringing it altogether. these guys work in space, so they, they create that space. and fill it with the diamonds. >> reporter: after a final cleaning. the super bowl ring is ready for the hand of a champion. have you ever given a finished ring to a player? >> have i personally, yes, many times. >> reporter: what reaction do you get? >> i have seen everything from
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that you don't want to mention on tv, to in a lot of cases just going, that silent and crying. >> reporter: the ring is a symbol of hard work, sacrifice, and victory. that for many players is the defining moment in their career. >> when a team wins they're in heaven. they think they're invincible. and then they get the trophy, but the trophy is given back. they get the bonus money. it is gone. the thing that is left to commemorate is the ring. the super bowl halftime show was an all-star extravaganza with cold play, beyonce and bruno mars rocking the stadium. but halftime wasn't always such a high powered event. >> reporter: cold play's chris martin described the show as combination between the past, present and future. well our story begins in the past, 50 years ago, with a little marching band from
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five, six, seven, eight. >> reporter: these college band mates haven't marched together in 50 years. when we met up with them recently they hardly missed a beat. >> fall out! >> you had to bring your dedication each time, practice like you perform, and perform like you practice. >> yes. >> reporter: it was their performance together in 1967, that would change history. that year, the commissioner of the national football league invited grambling state marching band to play in their first super bowl. 129 men from a small louisiana college marched alongside the university of arizona's band for millions of viewers. >> there was a lot of weight on our shoulders. a lot of times we didn't pay particular attention to the weight. if we went out on the field and did a show and it pleased the public then we felt that we had done our job.
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years, marching band were a super bowl mainstay. then, in 1991, disney produced the halftime party. they chose the commercially successful boy band, new kids on the block. my world >> reporter: two years later the king of pop, michael jackson moon walked for 100 million viewers. more people watched his 12-minute performance than the game itself. and the era of the a list was born. >> pop culture's national holiday. it's become the place in which you see not only the kind of highest form of competition in sport. strike a pose >> and pop icons are affirmed. there is a real kind of sense of anything might happen. >> reporter: and anything did
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in 1996, diana ross reaffirmed her diva status with a performance featuring a chors, fireworks. and a high-flying exit. stages set for superstars, soon featured rising stars too. halftime producer, mtv took a chance during super bowl 35. aero-smith with a baby-faced britney spears. >> kind of a point of possibility for performers who are very much on the verge. as well as those who are cemented in our cultural imaginary. >> reporter: there is another moment cemented in america's imagination. janet jackson and justin timberlake's wardrobe malfunction in 2004 set a new
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>> complicated moment in super bowl history. it certainly changed the lineup of halftime performers for several years afterwards. hey jude >> reporter: super bowl 39, hosted a beatle. into your heart >> reporter: in 2009, it was the boss. glory days one, two, three, four. >> reporter: four years later, beyonce on full display. then rising star, bruno mars brought in the show's highest ratings yet. but none of the halftime steps or dramatic antics could have
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teenagers from louisiana. do you think the super bowl performances helped to raise the level of awareness people had about the university and its band? >> i don't think, i know so. super bowl 1 launched the grambling band's legacy. they later starred in commercials. played the super bowl four more times. and even inspired the 2002 film "drum line." >> my not e is you don't know what you are in until you are out of it. the grambling marching band of today made possible by a trailblazing band from the past. so what did you want to show america when you stepped foot out on the field? >> we leave a lasting impression on that individual to say "i have never seen anything look that before, and i will never see it again." nice, bro-tato chip.
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it wasn't only peyton manning playing possible swan song in super bowl 50. a carolina panthers coach could be saying good-bye to the game he loves. steve hartman has his story. >> reporter: all week, carolina panthers special teams coach, bruce dehaven has been deflecting. >> just going to refrain from answering a lot of question as but all that. for me it is a nonstory. >> reporter: reporter after reporter. there are more important things to talk about this week than him. >> appreciate your interest. this is not a story. >> reporter: in the one
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this week, i learned bruce dehaven knows a lot more about what it takes to win at football. than what makes an important story. if i only got a limited amount of time left, why would i want to spend it feeling sorry for myself? age of 66, bruce was diagnosed with an incurable form of prostate cancer. obviously, that diagnosis would have driven many people into retirement, but not bruce. in the end, i wanted to coach. >> reporter: why does coaching win out? >> i just love coaching. coaching is teaching. for whatever reason, it's in my blood. i mean -- i'll probably cry after this ball game just because -- we're not going to have another week of practice. >> reporter: in fact he loves practice so much he actually scheduled his cancer treatments around it. never missed a single day of work all season.
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living don't they? i find myself lingering after practice. thinking about, i want to make a little picture here in my mind. in case i am not doing this soon. >> reporter: he knows this could be his last year. and given that perspective, you would think the super bowl itself wouldn't matter as much. but don't talk to bruce about the prospect of losing. i wouldn't want to think about that. >> reporter: telling me it still matters. game still matters who wins and loses. >> we are in the same position. none of us are going to out of this alive. >> reporter: if you get out with the super bowl ring. even better. >> way better. rip as you probably figured out by now bruce is and always has been one of the nicest guys in the nfl. players like wide receiver, cory brown adore him. like a grandpa to me. a guy that i care about. >> reporter: the difference is this season everyone has been going out of his way to tell him that. >> when lou gehrig said i feel
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the world." i can understand what he meant. you just have no idea how you have touched people some times. and -- if it hadn't been for this, maybe i would have never known this. >> reporter: so says the man with no story to tell. steve hartman, on the road, in san fr approaching medicare eligibility? don't put off checking out your medicare options until 65. now is a good time to get the ball rolling. medicare only covers about eighty percent of
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that will throw you off track. you're looking at around ten grand in fines, legal fees, and increased insurance rates. let's try this again. smart move. because buzzed driving is drunk driving. super bowl 50 was big business for san francisco the but for some who live there just an expensive headache. john blackstone has a look at some backlash in the bay area. >> reporter: big super bowl 50s put all all over san francisco have been a popular place for photos and for vandals. pranksters quickly discover the letters could be rearranged so super bowl became sup bro, and superb owl and even oops, if the humor has an edge, many san
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is a big headache. we are psyched to be the host. in all excitement our city leaders dropped the ball. the city supervisor is demanding the nfl reimburse the city for expenses estimated at nearly $5 million. we provide public services, health care, police protection, and i think the nfl can afford to make san francisco whole. >> reporter: for many drivers no amount of money can make up for the traffic jams with super bowl events closing several major streets. >> i think the traffic is worse than new york. and then. >> reporter: to add insult to injury, levi stadium is more than 50 miles away in santa clara. >> think it feeds into the narrative, the city is getting too big too, expensive, too fancy. >> reporter: he is a columnist for "the san francisco chronicle" sees resentment that goes deeper than football. >> if you get in a fist fight if you mention gentrification. >> reporter: it made housing prices among the highest in the country. that's driven up the cost of most everything else. not all in san francisco have benefited. inequality is growing. the nfl comes to town. takes over the city. it is a huge corporation. >> yep. >> reporter: lot of san franciscans don't like that. >> they don't. we are san francisco, affinity for the underdog, for the
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type of a place. >> reporter: for all the grumbling, one of the most important industries in san francisco is tourism. city officials say the super
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