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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they seemed in shock as they tried to process what happened today. police say a housekeeper at the ramada inn discovered the dead this morning. 26-year-old rebecca cutler and her three young daughters had been stabbed. cutler, her 1-year-old daughter and 5-month-old baby died. 2-year-old miracle is in serious condition. >> kids was beautiful. >> reporter: the suspect 23- year-old michael sykes was cutler's boyfriend and father of one of her children. her uncle says the last time he spoke to her was three weeks ago. >> she was happy. she say we doing fine. >> reporter: was she afraid of him? did they have trouble? >> not to my knowledge. >> not to my knowledge, either. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon police say the couple had an argument. they say cutler reported to police that sykes had taken her phone. he was seen entering the hotel at 8:50 this morning and just four minutes later he is seen
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>> he then goes on gets on a bus and takes it to the staten island ferry. >> reporter: a woman whose family member lives in the hotel describes it. >> my sister heard a dispute. she thought it was normal. and then when the -- she started hearing more screaming and the cops. >> reporter: cutler and her daughters were living in hotel as homeless a temporary place to stay but police say she had been there since the beginning of december. today the city announced that the hotel with will no longer be used to house shelter residents but other hotels that do will be provided extra security by the city. >> i think we can all agree this is a heinous crime. the attempt to murder this whole family. >> reporter: police say michael sykes called his mother to tell her he had just killed his girlfriend and was going to kill himself. police are offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to his arrest. live tonight in brooklyn,
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now to a developing story in new jersey. a storm battered cruise ship is now approaching home. it's home port after several frightening days at sea. chopper 2 is live over the ship which is scheduled to dock around 9:00 tonight. vanessa murdoch reports. >> reporter: after several schedule changes the ship is expected to be here tonight at 9 p.m. right now, the port pilot should be on board and getting ready to bring anthem of the seas back home safely. >> i cannot wait to be back home in new york. i cannot wait to see concrete ground. >> reporter: just a few hours to go before thousands disembark from the ship. we spoke to him via skpe this afternoon. >> the worst part was not knowing if you're going to die. >> reporter: it's been three
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up in an explosive storm off the carolina coast. passenger scott tomback says the ship's master made it clear from the beginning he was going to outrun it. >> came on the p.a. system, said we have a storm approaching, and i'm going to put the pedal to the metal. >> reporter: instead, they got stuck in the middle of it with seas raging to 30 feet and hurricane-force winds slamming the ship over and over again. >> we were lucky i guess. we could have all died. you don't race mother nature. >> reporter: in a video broadcast to passengers the captain said he expected seas of 12 to 15 feet. [ inaudible ] >> became so intensified. >> reporter: rapid intensification happened. as for whether or not it was forecasted, the national weather service wouldn't directly respond. but they did provide their timeline leading up to sunday's traumatic experience. on wednesday, the nwf indicated hazardous seas were
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on friday storm warnings were issued with hurricane-force winds possible. and on saturday, some warnings were upgraded to hurricane force wind warnings, specifically citing seas of 33 feet. >> to me, it's inconceivable that the captain or the cruise liner, who was calling the shots here, decided to sail into these conditions with the marine advisories being what they were. >> reporter: maritime attorney james walker says it likely boils down to money. >> cruise ships don't make any money when they're in port. >> reporter: when anthem of the seas arrives tonight it will be greeted or met by a team of investigators from the coast guard. they will inspect the damage and make sure necessary repairs are made. as for the passengers, they have a choice tonight. they can leave or stay on board for another night. those we spoke to today said they will be making their way home but would travel again by sea.
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jersey, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. now to campaign 2016. after a disappointing 6th place finish in new hampshire, governor chris christie drops out of the presidential race. so what do voters in new jersey think? cbs 2's christine sloan has the story. >> reporter: governor chris christie ending his presidential bid saying on his facebook page, he is leaving the race without an ounce of regret. >> i think he should have just stayed in new jersey and not gone to presidential level. >> reporter: on facebook andy posts, long overdue, good riddance. another says he would make a good number 2 to trump's number one. political analyst peter woolley says christie not a top choice to be a vice- presidential candidate. he is from a democratic state and still may have to deal with "bridge-gate." >> there's the possibility that if the republican were to win in november's presidential race, that christie might get an offer to join a republican presidential administration.
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christie is better off focusing on his legacy in new jersey. >> we have a transportation trust fund which is all but bankrupt. we have bridges, roads and tunnels which are decaying. we have a public employee pension system which is overpromised and underfunded. >> reporter: young people including students here at this university will play a big role in this election with many saying they are supporting bernie sanders, some even talking about donald trump and john kasich! so we asked some students here what they think christie should do next. this college senior says, christie should fund education. what do you think of chris christie? >> um, not my favorite. ha, uhm, i remember in high school like we got cut in terms of it departments. >> reporter: it's the one thing she says he can make right without worrying about the polls. christine sloan, cbs2 news. >> christie thanked his campaign staff on facebook as well but would not say what
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and fresh off his victory in new hampshire, democrat bernie sanders made a stop in harlem to talk to al sharpton at a breakfast meeting at sylvia's restaurant. sharpton said he and sanders discussed issues including affirmative action and police brutality. sharpton says he and other civil rights leaders plan to meet next week with hillary clinton. he won't endorse a candidate until after that meeting. jurors resume deliberations tomorrow in the trial of an nypd officer accused of shooting an unarmed man in 2014. officer peter liang says he accidentally fired his weapon after being startled by a noise as he was patrolling a dark stairwell in a brooklyn housing project. prosecutors maintain that he acted recklessly and did little to help the dying victim akai gurley. the case proceeded today after a judge denied a defense motion for a mistrial. two police officers on long island had minor injuries while responding to a call at a gas station in medford.
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called police around 1 a.m. after they thought someone was stealing beer. police responded and stopped three suspects in the parking lot. police say the suspects put their car in reverse with both doors open. officers fired at the car to stop it from leaving. no one was hurt. police later arrested the driver shelt done davis and charged him with -- sheldon davis and charged him with driving under the influence. one suspect is at large. parents will talk about incidents of children being robbed. two teenaged boys were held up at gunpoint last week in park slope. the sign is posted in the window of the local movie theater about the holdup. >> we are trying to stay together on the main streets in the lights avoiding the park at night. >> i wish that the police would have more of a presence around here. >> something happens on the block, i kind of rally the troops and try to protect ourselves. >> police say in december, an
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a chokehold and his iphone stolen by two men. when the next storm hits, be careful where you dump that snow. a new bill would fine new jersey snowplow operators if they pile snow on spaces set aside for people with disabilities. some say it's about time. cbs 2's elise finch has the story now from bergen county. >> reporter: paula walsh has been in a wheelchair for nearly 50 years. she says the chair that affords her independence becomes ineffective against snow-covered sidewalks and ramps. something she frequently encounters after big snowstorms. >> they decide to push all the snow into the handicapped parking curb cuts, too. i think they assume that people in wheelchairs don't go out, you know, in bad weather. >> reporter: chris gagliardi chairs an advisory committee comprised of residents with special needs. >> a lot of people i spoke with say that they have trouble getting out of their doors to go places.
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are what prompted new jersey assemblywoman valley huddle to introduce -- valerie huddle to introduce a snow removal bill. >> if areas are clearly marked accessible they should be cleared out right away. it safe guards people with disabilities. it's obviously a safe thing to do and the neighborly thing to do. >> reporter: the bill will fine snowplow operators clearing public roads and deposit that snow on any properly marked access ramp, curb cut, special parking space or other improvement that gives access to people with disabilities. the first offense will get a $250 fine and after that $500 each. >> some snowstorms especially like the one we had it is extremely difficult to do. you know, white-out conditions, it's hard for us to really see all the markings especially when snow starts piling up. >> reporter: things lining improved markings are currently being discussed by new jersey lawmakers as they consider the bill. the earliest it could become law is this spring. in bergen county, elise finch, cbs 2 news. frigid temperatures to look forward to this coming weekend!
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today you maxed out at 39 degrees, all right? just about where you should be. average is 41. 10 degrees colder tomorrow. real cold for the weekend. >> also ahead, big sister to the rescue. her baby brother stopped breathing and she knew what to do. >> he's almost one year old. >> what is going on with him? >> he can't breathe or nothing. >> how a little girl's quick thinking paid off. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," scott pelley sits down with bernie sanders fresh off his win last night. scott. >> after the win last night, maurice, bernie sanders met us in his boyhood neighborhood in brooklyn. and hearst a little bit of what he had to -- here's a little bit of what he had to say. but new hampshire largely white. >> yeah. >> reporter: a more liberal population than the states that you're headed to next, south carolina, nevada, you're going to be facing african- american voters, latino voters. do you have a chance in those places? >> oh, i think we have a very strong chance. >> reporter: our interview
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rout of hillary clinton last night in new hampshire. and an update on what's going on with the republican race. all coming just ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you.
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millions of catholics around the world are observing ash wednesday. it marks the beginning of the 40-day season of lent. they went to mass like this one at st. patrick's cathedral to receive their ashes. they are a symbol of mortality and a public declaration of the catholic faith. tonight in the hamptons many people are calling a local police officer a hero for saving their life as a child. but this humble officer is giving all the credit to the baby boy's big sister. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan explains. >> reporter: the call from this 8-year-old saved her baby brother's life from her westhampton beach home. >> hi, this is the ambulance dispatcher. can i help you? >> my brother is about to die. he can't breathe or nothing. >> reporter: the second grader just home from school made the call for her frantic parents who don't speak english. she calmly recited their address and phone number. >> he is almost one year old. >> reporter: is he breathing at all? >> nope. >> reporter: is your mom there?
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do you see his chest going up and down? do you see him breathing at all. >> reporter: no, he is turning purple. >> reporter: so the police officer christian larrousse so on his own got there first. >> all of a sudden i'm coming up on the house. i see the front door open and mom's there. and i go running in the house. and he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: officer larrousse so formerly of the nypd say father of three and was told the baby had a seizure. >> i started with some pats on the back, see if i could dislodge if he was choking and started with the cpr. i got through three cycles and couple of more snack on the back and i heard the greatest thing other than my kids being born the baby crying. >> she was calm, cool and collected on the phone at 8 years old with the 911 dispatcher. it's fantastic. >> reporter: baby
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signed up for cpr training here at their local church. from hampton bays, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the community plans to honor the officer and the 8- year-old in a special ceremony the baby is doing fine. wow. >> we know the ending is good but such a wonderful story. my goodness! >> let's get to lonnie quinn with our exclusive forecast. bone-chilling outside. >> the talk is always snow when you're in the wintertime but the cold air is going to -- i think it's going to move into the number one spot as far as the biggest weather story. right now, kind of a cloudy sky at least partly cloudy. headlines what you should expect temperatures tomorrow 10 degrees colder than today. thursday and friday in the upper 20s. the real cold air will be
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times were you maxing out in the upper teens for your hughest temperatures. colders early-morning sunday morning at 5 a.m. it could be a record four your valentine's day. the record right now for the coldest valentine's day ever 2 degrees and we set that on, well, valentine's morning in 1916 way back when. forecasting right now 5 degrees to start off on valentine's day. but the models are trending colder. i'll adjust the number bringing it down a little bit but it's going to be cold. because of this bringing dip in the jet stream filling in with the cold canadian temperatures. old man winter blowing strong winds out there maybe 40-mile- per-hour gusts or stronger. it will feel early sunday morning, here's your valentine's, what you're waking up to snuggle with the one you love, people, it will be 15 to 25 below zero with the wind chill in the city. and then outside the city to the north, feels-like temperature will be 20 to 30
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feels-like temperature of 40 below zero to start off early sunday morning. catching a couple of little snow showers right now pushing through the yonkers area. that's what we have had. we have had some snow showers here some snow showers there. bigger picture will show you, this is not going to be a big accumulator for today. it's not going to be a big accumulator for your day tomorrow but this low pressure system is going to continue to push in the occasional snow shower here or there. i will say this morning, lebanon, new jersey, woke up to an inch of snow possible to do it again tomorrow. tomorrow, it will be colder and blustery winds gusting at times 30 miles an hour maybe stronger than that. 29 will feel like 10 to 20 degrees or so when you factor in the wind and then you're just getting started. 29 from tomorrow to 27 on friday to 20 for your high on saturday. otis livingston high on sunday 19. you start off at 5 on sunday morning. yo like that? >> i love it! >> something tellings me he doesn't. that's the best i have heard anybody ever respond it.
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it's going to be cold. real cold. i will say we bounced back to the 50s by the time we get into, say, tuesday of next week. so it's not super long stretch. cold air but it's going to be just as cold as any point last winter. >> happy valentine's day! >> it's a cold start. >> otis is here with sports. >> the more things change the more they stay the same. a new coach but the knicks with another loss 10 out of 11
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all right. new head coach. will it make a difference? >> it is a process. we got to go through it. i know you didn't expect the knicks to fire their head coach one day and turn into world beaters of the next. the roster is what it is. it's going to take time for the knicks to right the ship and right now it's the titanic. same old knicks last night against the wizards as they ran into a wall, john wall with a monster game 28 points. 17 assists. carmelo kept the knicks in it.
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this layup to cut it to 4 with 33 seconds left. and you got it hand it to the knicks. they fought to the end. game time three off the mark. they have lost 10 of 11 since january 20th. good time for the all star break to come. >> come back and we did it and we were able to do it. we should have a better start so we don't have to fight all the way back. this will be a good time off just to recover mentally and physically and come back and win some games. >> great time for the all star break. the nets will take the court for the final time before the break tonight. starting to see movement with nfl teams. the giants have parted ways with three veteran players, saving about $11.7 million against the salary cap releasing offensive lineman geoff schwartz and tackle will beatty. also released linebacker jon beason who then retired at the age of 31. he can i am to the giants from
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giants from carolina during the 2013 season and got a 3 year $17 million contract but has had extensive injuries missing 23 games over the past two seasons. well, baseball fans rejoice. spring training gets going next week! i'll start filing reports from port st. lucie in tampa on thursday. the mets start showing up before their report date and who could blame them? they have to be chomping at the bit after getting to the world series last season. jacob degrom eager to begin another season won the rookie of the year in 2014 and got to the fall classic in 2015. >> that experiences in my lot. the goal is to make it there so get there is in my second year i think i'll be more prepared next time that i have to do it. this year try to have the same mindset go out there throw strikes and, you know, let my defense make plays for me. >> there's always hope around the mets in spring training. >> oh, yeah. >> this year is justified. it's the first time we are going down there and it's more about the mets than the yankees. >> it is. >> we shall see.
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>> i'm looking at everybody. >> i think jacob degrom needs to change his hairstyle. >> those pants are interesting, too. back in just a moment. [ laughter ] i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see collections of art and superb photography and film. new york has beautifully restored theaters, that are now important centers for the performing arts. and museums that preserve the glories of the past. winter in new york state means
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coming up tonight at 11:00, fishing for fendy? thousand dollars worth of designer handbags stolen. the suspect never even set foot in the store. this one is a cbs 2 exclusive. >> that's amazing. who doesn't wonder what they would look like with a little plastic surgery? hm? the new way to try out your look before you go under the knife. that and more at 11. >> don't miss that one of the it's a good one. the 140th annual westminster dog show just days away now! but a different kind of dog stole the spotlight as well as many hearts today. take a look at these pups. some of the city's most lovable rescue dogs took part in this year's best in rescue dog show. all the contestants got special first place ribbons. organizers hope to raise awareness for animal adoption. >> adorable. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," justice department suing the city of ferguson, missouri. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. see you later at 11:00
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