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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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facelift. it's like a roller coaster ride that there was no into. >> we didn't think we were going to make it home. >> some kissed the ground, relieved passengers share their stories after a nightmare at sea. i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. we have live pictures from chopper 2 where some tech -- some passengers are still disembarking at this hour. the royal caribbean ship docked just before 9:00 tonight. tracee carrasco is live in billion forest. >> reporter: people are still getting off the ship right now, they are exiting that ramp behind me, they got here around 9:00 this evening. we spoke with passengers as they immediately got off the ship, some told us this was the
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they are just happy to be home safely. the manhattan skyline greeted the 4500 passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. passengers cheered from their balconies, grateful to be home safely. many couldn't get off the ship fast enough, even kissing the ground when they got off. >> free at last. >> we were first in line to get off four hours ago. >> reporter: the ship left on saturday but was forced to turn around monday after sailing straight into a winter storm. it hit 30 foot waves and hurricane force winds of 100 miles per hour. >> horrible. horrible. it was extremely bad. >> we thought we were going to die. >> reporter: passengers were ordered to stay in their room for nearly 12 hours to ride out the storm. >> we were stuck into our -- we were stuck in our rooms. everybody out, they were looking at the damage that was done. it did comfort us at three, five, seven, and 9:00 p.m. then he's not going to announce
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who is sleeping? >> reporter: this video shows the trail of damage left behind on the luxury liner. as crews worked over time to clean up the mess but many west -- questioning why the captain sailed into the store. >> he did tell us we were going to going to bad weather cup -- but he thought he could get around it. >> reporter: others praised the crew. >> it was safe. as far as we could see. we didn't know about how bad it was until the next day. truck royal caribbean apologizing saying they are strengthening their storm avoidance policy. >> it should never have happened. reviewing everything we did. and we are looking for any possible way we can improve our processes. >> reporter: passengers will be getting a full refund as well as 50% off a future cruise. some still undecided if they will take royal caribbean up on that offer. are you ever going to go again? >> probably not. it's too scary. >> we booked a cruise for next
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>> reporter: some passengers opted to stay on board tonight. they will be getting off the ship tomorrow morning. a team of inspectors will be out here to check out the ship, the damage, and make sure it will be safe enough to sail on its next trip which will be this saturday, live tonight from new jersey, tracee carrasco, cbs2. not everyone got off the ship without incident. chopper 2 captured two people being taken off in handcuffs. sources tell us they were detained in connection with a controlled dangerous substance investigation. there was no word on what exactly was found. getting ready for a bitter blast, heavy coats and scarves and earmuffs are out tonight. it's only going to get colder. >> lonnie quinn now, below freezing temperatures for several days? >> you got it. we'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow side 29.
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miles per hour. so tomorrow and friday, 10 degrees colder than were today. the real cold arrives on the weekend, saturday and sunday. brutal out there. the coldest time period? early sunday morning. could be a record low on valentine's day. the record right now, 1916, started off at two degrees. right now forecasting four degrees. i've lowered that from the five i had at the 6:00 new cast -- newscast. painfully cold air, compare this to last winter, look at this. the average temperature at this 39.2. this year, 48.6. overall, it's been a very well -- a very mild winter. you're going to forget about that by the time you get to this weekend. christine, let's go over to you. developing story, police still searching for the man they say stabbed to death a
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in a staten island hotel. cbs2's dave carlin is live outside richmond university medical center where a third child is in critical condition tonight. >> reporter: christine, the triple murder leaves a little girl without her mother and younger sister's. right now she recovers in this hospital, police are searching for that killer. outside this ramada inn tonight, guarded by nypd officers, wanted posters with photos of 23-year-old michael sykes, the man police say killed three. his own daughter just four months old, his girlfriend, the mother, rebecca cutler, and her one-year-old stabbed and to live in hospital as a two-year- old. >> i think we can all agree this is a heinous crime. >> reporter: police were called to the hotel after a housekeeper found the mother and children barely alive. investigators say before 9:00 a.m., sykes took cutler to a deli and was seen in the hospital -- in the hallway. been police say he went into carry out the crimes in less
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not long after the murders, police say sykes boarded the staten island ferry, his whereabouts now unknown. his mother told police her son called at -- admitted guilt and said he wanted to kill himself. coker was staying with her kids as part of a city program. ignorance hotel rooms for the homeless. for the residence there for the same reason boarded school buses and were taken to other shelters. james madison of brooklyn is cutler's uncle. he says he spoke to her three weeks ago. >> she was happy. doing fine, kids is beautiful. >> reporter: leading up to this, the couple argued over a cell phone. all this causing some people to question the city's policy of putting the homeless in hotel rooms without what they call adequate security, the your security is being boosted. live in west new brighton cbs2 news.
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stabbing of an hasidic man in crown heights brooklyn as a possible hate crime. investigators released security video of the suspect, police said the 25-year-old victim in traditional hasidic clothing was working on empire boulevard this morning when a man passed him, no words exchanged but the suspect allegedly stabbed the victim in the back. he ran into a check-cashing store looking for help. >> scary for us choose -- broad daylight and it's like a mean street here. and people are stabbing you and walking away? >> the suspect ran on albany avenue towards lefferts avenue. the victim is being treated for a collapsed lung. campaign 2016 now, the list of presidential candidates shrinks, chris christie and carly fiorina dropped out today. meanwhile, frontrunner donald trump has his sights set on south carolina. fresh off of a big in new hampshire, trump headed south, this evening it spoke to
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he didn't waste time launching a familiar attack on opponents. >> the last thing we need is another bush. that i can tell you. that i can tell you. >> the primary in south carolina is february 20. the democrats, february 27. bernie sanders was in new york today, in an interview with scott pelley, he called his campaign a political revolution. >> the republicans in congress are going to say have your revolution, but we're not going to have one here. >> the republicans for better or worse are going to be drawn into this revolution. i'm not going to change their minds. the american people will change their minds. >> also in harlem earlier where he had breakfast with al sharpton. the republican next chance to debate will be coming on cbs, saturday night, live coverage from south carolina begins at 9:00 p.m. millions of people are
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it begins the 40 day lenten season, worshipers attended services like this one in st. patrick's cathedral to receive ashes. the ashes are a symbol of mortality and public declaration of faith. a high-end heist caught on camera. >> basically fish the bags out of the store. >> designer handbags stolen and this he's never had to set foot inside the store? can you tell which star is in the spoof?
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now to a story you will only see on cbs2. purse snatchers with expensive taste. robbing a high-end handbag
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cbs2's tony aiello has more on the handbag heist. >> looking at 21,000. yeah. >> reporter: as in dollars. quite a hit in the pocketbook. from burglars with a taste for chanel, gucci, and louis vuitton. nearly new luxury accessories sold at the shop. >> the burglars, the very definition of brazen. breaking through a skylight to gain access to the second-floor office of the store. then poking through the ceiling near a light fixture only to realize that the goods were out of reach. so they tried again, this time in the ceiling behind the counter gain easy access to high-end handbag handbags displayed on a shelf. >> they were using tools and different things to hook them out and listen through the ceiling. they basically fished the bags out of the store. >> reporter: fished them? >> that's the term i'm using. >> reporter: at one point,
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on the sidewalk, sending it toppling to the floor. >> said to me that there are people out there that can't work hard on their own and have to take from people. >> reporter: he has boosted security and hopes the long arm of the law will soon hook these handbag burglars. tony aiello, cbs2 news. a warning for parents in brooklyn after several children were robbed. two teenage boys were held up last thursday night in park slope. in december, an 11-year-old was placed in a choke hold and his iphone stolen by two men. and warning of robbery is posted in the window of a movie theater. security concerns were addressed tonight as well. new tonight, going under the knife can take a huge leap of faith, but what of the future you want to change looks worse than before the surgeon's even started? >> now as dr. max gomez shows us, you can get a preview of how you will look after press
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>> reporter: they are considered some of the most distinguished works of art. today, you can still commission a bust but in an art form of a very different kind. >> if i didn't have this 3-d print, i would not have underwent surgery. >> reporter: this bust was created by a three-dimensional printer, mirror me 3-d. it's a perfect likeness, only better, says gorge. it shows what she would look like with a smaller nose. with as many as a third of all patients unhappy with their results, new technology like this can give patients more realistic expectations. >> particularly with the face where there is so much anxiety and stress around changes. >> reporter: starts with a photograph that gets transformed into a hologram and results in a 3-d model made out of a plastic like material called gypsum. i'll show you my end result in a moment. >> helpful for the patient and the doctor. >> reporter: dr. oren says a
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model for the pre-op consultation can also be projected onto the patient's body during surgery using different colors to help doctors be more precise. >> you can see that topographical map of what we hope to achieve. >> reporter: not just for cosmetic surgery. >> also reconstructive surgery like that of nine-year-old jonathan who lost an i to cancer. >> i looked at the meter and then i saw how do i get my eye back? >> reporter: the new technology help him rebuild his face and helped jonathan understand the damage was only temporary. >> he liked -- do you like the way you look now? >> yeah. >> reporter: here is the big reveal. what i would look like with the changes dr. temper suggested. it's a little strange, don't you think? >> he narrowed my knows a little bit. added some volume under my eyes, raising my cheeks here,
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my knows a little bit there and added a little length to my chin there. the changes would be more obvious for someone who is having a nose job, four head or eyelid, this is subtle but even small changes can make a real difference in outlook. these busts start at $60 and run up to $300. they are being purchased by people who want plastic surgery but think it's a great piece of art. >> what are you going to do with that? >> >> reporter: i'm going to put this on my mantelpiece at home. >> i think you can use it for halloween. >> by the way, you don't need anything. >> i think i'm going to stay with what i got. >> but the previous dramatic. >> reporter: when i look at this, it was a little creepy. i mean, a little weird. >> you can see the subtle differences. you really can. >> reporter: it is there. and i'm done. >> all right. so are we. >> thank you.
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donald trump no stranger to the cameras. -- you've never seen them quite like this. >> hole, bongo. you are donald trump. >> that is my name and you cannot wear it out. >> the website funny or die started streaming the parody movie. it was shot in december, the website will be kept under wraps until after the new hampshire primary. that was the plan. johnny depp stars as the billionaire turned presidential hopeful. no reaction yet from the real donald trump. >> i'm sure he's going to say it's great. >> that's right. huge. let's get a look at our forecast. >> it's huge. [ laughter ] >> it's all about the cold air in terms of my department. i want to get right to it for you. we'll go outside, weather watch is that the temperatures all over the area, we've got 29 right here out on the island, matt in new york, telling us only the beginning of the children remind everyone to
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you bet. going to get really cold out there, what we have is a rink, partly cloudy overhead, 39 was your high, temp -- 31 right now, coldest reading of the day so all in all, two degrees colder than you should've been in the high category, temperatures are going to continue to drop. a really cold day tomorrow and it's going to get worse as you look ahead, talking about last settles in here. national weather service is concerned about this and we are talking about temperatures, frostbite on exposed skin would set in in 15 minutes. so national weather service this far out from the actual event which would be saturday night into sunday morning, they don't issue a watch or advisory or anything like that. they just put out a hazardous weather outlook statement. that means dangerous wind chills are possible during that
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morning, could feel like, not talking thermometer but feel like 25 below or colder in the hudson valley, could feel like 10 to 20 below with zero in new york city, even a portion of our area, higher elevated spots north of the city could feel like 40 below when you factor in the wind chills. that gets here again, really, saturday into sunday but we're going to start feeling cold air tomorrow with the wind as well, a couple snow showers out there right now around oren county into morris county, nothing too heavy, not going to pick up much accumulation at all, an each today like around lebanon, a little coaching to image for some folks but this is not really going to amount to too much of anything. the flow coming in from canada will be the story. that's going to really bring in the cold air, we had fun with some of these towns yesterday, kugluktuk is at 24 below zero, lynn lake 54 below -- winnipeg, four below and reading like four below will be ushered into our area by sunday morning for some folks outside the city.
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the thermometer, thursday, 27 for your day on friday, you could have snow showers out there, but the bigger deal will be the temperature reading with winds as well, look at that weekend, saturday's high 20. sunday, you don't even find the 20s. stuck in the teens at best, wind chills will make it feel like single digits for most folks and starting off four or five degrees at best. the coldest temperature we had at any point last year, was two degrees. wouldn't it be -- will be close to that this time this weekend. close to a two degree reading. >> that's really cold. his face is frozen, that so- called. >> what do we have after the break?
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all right. the rangers try to stay ahead of the islanders for second in
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eight inches tonight. first matchup of the season for these bitter rivals coming in february. the hits keep on coming. rangers have got the goalie, kevin haynes waits for the mess to clear out front. then he buries it into the net. into the third, rangers breakout in the two on one. dominic moore makes it count. and henrik lundqvist is going to turn aside 34 shots for his 58th career shutout. 3-0 was the final. final game before the all- star break for the nets coming off the thrilling win monday night off the lucky bank shot for three. home against the grizzlies tonight, memphis without marc gasol because of a broken foot. has pumps in 18 in the first half, nets down five at the break. he only finished with 20. jeff green was money in the second half, three straight triples helping memphis extend
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remember vince carter? the former net is long in the tooth, but he can still get up. the nets lose by 19, 109-90. brooklyn, 14-40. time for a quick break. when we come back, things
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florida. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today
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welcome back. giants have released jeff schwartz and john beeson has retired after suffering multiple injuries. they -- jacob degrom still very young. his first season, he won the rookie of the year. last year, all-star. a big part of the rotation get that cut to the world series. you know he's anxious to start spring training. >> the most exciting was making it to the world series. it was unfortunate we didn't win but that's our goal this year. we all know that we are pretty good at pitching. that gives us a little confidence. finally, as the broncos put a bow on the nfl season, winning super bowl 50, now at
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attention to march madness. what better person to usher in madness than charles barkley? >> c the ball is tipped and there you are, running for your life, you're a shooting star. one shining moment is all on the line. one shining moment. that's good. >> no. no. that he signature charles right there. >> i don't need signature charles. i need pendergrast. >> would you say he's just a friend? >> the madness is right around the corner.
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>> thanks.lo pspts
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thanks for joining us tonight. >> coming up next, show with stephen colbert >> bernie sanders tonight
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