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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 16, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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building here behind me. police tell me a small glass patio table may have been picked up by a gust of wind, sending it off the 27th floor of this building at 5 27th avenue. police say one woman injured her neck and another woman was also hit by the debris. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. it is frightening to think of how much worse it could have been if someone was directly hit. again, two women injured, not seriously, taken to bellevue hospital and expected to be okay. it makes you think about looking up every time you are walking here in this city. that is latest here from midtown, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> thank you, hazel. our other big story is the wild weather. >> take a look at the huge tree
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this morning. all eastbound lanes were shut down while crews removed it. john elliott is here with the latest. >> i tell you, it is all tied together when you look at the peak winds. this is the view, gray and wet, 53 degrees with light rain. it is mild because of the south wind. in 2 last hour-and-a-half we have seen -- in the last hour- and-a-half we have seen winds well in excess of 45 miles per hour. look at these numbers, la guardia has 43-mile per hour winds. and i think you will see stronger winds in parts of long island as the storm is anticipated. it is all streaming out of the south, so it is mild but very damp. city. bergen, essex county and passaic, and more heavy rain waiting to fill in. this line with bright colors through parts of delaware and
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pushes through. we are concerned about adding half an inch to an inch-and-a- half of additional rain, so we are concerned about street flooding. also with that push out of the south, also mindful of the risk of coastal flooding, as 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. is when the coastal flood advisory ticks in. a quick -- kicks in. the next sampling of high tides in the 2:00 hour. we will talk more about the dynamics today and the cooldown later in the week coming up. but right now back to chris. >> thank you, john. you can get the cbs2 news weather app free and available in the itunes store. more breaking news now. this time in connecticut where a suspect was shot by police, reportedly at the scene of a domestic dispute. investigators also found injured children. cbs2 news lou young joins us live from fairfield this noon with more. lou? >> reporter: this is a tough one, a quiet town fairfield west of bridgeport.
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badly beaten and the father killed by police. this happened about six hours ago, about 6:00 a.m. the father apparently was in the driveway, shot by police. fairfield police say a 9-1-1 call came from the home and arriving officers were confronted on arrival. this is what they are saying for the record. listen. >> one of our officers came in on a 9-1-1 call. he actually walked up the driveway. when he did he was confronted by an individual who advanced toward him. the officer did shoot in self- defense. i don't want to say the husband was the one that was involved with this because in reality we don't know until the kids are interviewed and everybody is kind of spoken to. >> reporter: but you have four injured and one dead? >> we do have four injured and yes, one disceased. >> reporter: two children were transported to st. vincent's hospital. one child was transported to young new haven and both adults were transported to
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officer was transported to bridgeport hospital. again, the husband transported to bridgeport hospital died there from the bullet wounds he reeved in the driveway at the home in fairfield. his wife and children, ages 12, 13 and 15 are all injured at various degrees of seriousness there. it is presumed the father was the aggressor, but the victims, as the officer mentioned, have not been interviewed and they are the only witnesses to the crime, as to what happened inside this house. live in fairfield, connecticut, lou young, station stays. a powerful line of storms swept across south florida leaving behind a trail of damage. wind gusts up to 65 miles per hour and downed trees and power lines ripped through roofs in miami-dade county. marlie hall has more. >> reporter: powerful stormed uprooted trees and downed power lines in south florida and in
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off buildings, leaving debris everywhere. cell phone video captures severe weather in miami and the national weather service reported wind gusts of 65 miles per hour . one tractor-trailer overturned on i-95, snarling traffic for miles. and fire crews in miami-dade battled a fire caused by an apparently ruptured gas line. winds ripped letters off the sign at the goodyear blimp hanger in pompano beach and in fort lauderdale folks fished out furniture from the ocean. most of the damage appears to be minor so far. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. and now to the campaign trail. hillary clinton in new york this afternoon courting supporters in manhattan. cbs2 news janelle burrell is live in lower manatees where clinton just finished meeting with civil rights leaders. >> reporter: that is right. hillary clinton back on her home turf in new york trying to get the support of the minority community. she met with reverend al
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rights leaders in the city tries to get their support. as we have been learning, it may not be so easy. some called him controversial and sharp-tongued, but in this presidential race his backing could be significant. the reverend al sharpton says he is not ready yet to commit to any candidate. >> i am going to lean toward whoever leans toward us the most. >> reporter: i met with him before he headed into a meeting with presidential hopeful hillary clinton. she met with sharpton and other civil rights leaders at the national urban headquarters on wall street. >> clearly there is an economic issue, but there is also a race issue. i think to talk about economics without talking about race, to talk about the criminal justice system without talking about race and the disproportionate impact based on race is something that we need to have addressed by whomever will be the next president. >> my campaign is really about
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>> reporter: clinton flanked by sharpton and national urban league president expressing their concerns about voting right, affirmative action, other issues. >> i am not a single issue candidate. we don't live in a single issue country. we have work to do. that work can only be done in partnership. >> reporter: the former secretary of state's meeting comes a week after her opponent, bernie sanders, met with sharpton in harlem, right after sanders trounced clinton in the new hampshire primaries, taking 60% of the votes to clinton's 38%. having these leaders' endorsements could be secure in securing the minority voting block, but they say they need to see more of a can commitment before they announce what candidate they want to see next in the white house. it appears they chose this wall street location because it is headquarters for the national urban league. the meeting today was a roundtable discussion as as
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with bernie sanders in harlem last week which was more of a one-on-one meeting. to far sharpton has not announced whether he will be endorsing any candidate and if and when he will be making a decision. reporting live in lower manatees, janelle burrell, cbs2 news. days before the critique cal south carolina primary, on the republican side the war of words between donald trump and ted cruz is heating up. >> i think he is an unstable person. i really do. >> trump is attacking and threatening lawsuits and cruz is talking about the vacancy on the supreme court to rally voters. >> we are one justice away from a radical five justice left wing management, the likes of which this country has never -- wing majority, the likes of which this country has never seen. >> marco rubio is campaigning in south carolina and john kasich has moved onto the state of michigan.
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in afternoon at the state house in treenton, a week after ending his presidential campaign. he is expected to outline the state's ailing transportation followed up and public pension. well things are back to normal at grand central terminal a day after a power dark. metro-north trains ran on a normal schedule this morning. the lights were on but the lower level was still closed to commuters. a burst water pipe led to yesterday's outage. trains kept rolling and businesses were closed as people navigated the terminal in the dark. a new video show as man in the bronx shortly before he was shot by police at 3:00 yesterday afternoon. you can see the man carrying a
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police say when they arrived the suspect are he fused to drop the women. police fired, hitting the man once in the shoulder. a brooklyn mother says it was a crime of hate, her son stabbed in random attack and believes he was attacks because of his religion. >> reporter: 25-year-old yahoo dauntley brickman remains hospitalized five days office an attack in brooklyn. pain. >> reporter: her son has undergone two surgeries to repair a collapsed lung. police say he was attacked by this complete stranger on empire boulevard in albany yesterday afternoon. >> he felt someone very close to him, almost on his shoulders. he turned around and saw a man. before he knew it the man had stabbed him in the back. >> reporter: police released this surveillance video, showing the suspect? a blue hoodie running away from the scene at brickman stumbled into a nearby check-cashing business for help.
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virginia in a dozen random stabbings and slashings in the city since the new year. the victim was just walking home to his new bride when he was attacked for one specific reason, his mother says. >> he saw a chasidic boy and stabbed him. i believe this was a hate crime and he stabbed him because he is a jewish boy. >> reporter: police are investigating the case as a hate crime but the suspect has not been caught and that has israel landrum very concerned, who lives near the area where he was attacked. >> it is scary knowing the suspect is lose. >> reporter: and her son would send one message to nypd investigators. >> he is so afraid. god forbid we do not find him, then there when another person out there who will get hurt very soon. >> reporter: but no one wants to see this scene repeated. cbs2 news. the anti-defamation league
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information on the suspect. straight ahead on cbs2 news, new pope francis continues on his five day trip to mexico, traveling to the heart of mexico's drug violence. >> and research shows organic can be twice as good for you. >> and he with will look back at the highlights of last
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music's biggest night. . pope francis embarked on the fourth full day of his mexican tour. i arrived in the city of anpara this morning. he will be meeting with priest violence. he will also meet with young people and send a message about church. and in today's health alert, if you want to boost your omega fatty intake, go with two organic items. previous research linked omega 3 fatty acids with better immune function and cardiovascular function. and the grammy's showcase more than just music, making a statement and paying district to music legends. kendrick lamar walked away with
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swift nabbed three trophies, including the flight's most prestigious award. >> reporter: pop between taylor swift opened the 58y awards and won the -- 58th awards and won the top prize, album of the year. >> you don't let people side track you. >> reporter: kendrick lamar sent a powerful message about racism with his rap that won him five grammy's. the audience was brought to its feet as they honored maurice white, glenn frey and blue's legend b.b. king. and lady gaga brought back to life david bowie's work. mark ronson and bruno mars' uptown funk won record of the year and new grammy winner
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>> my mom and dad, thank you for always believing in me. >> reporter: but the night's highlights were center stage. a technical golden gate bridge affected adele's performance, but she -- technical glitch affected adele's performance, but she made sure the show did go on. well, justin bieber was among several artists that won their first grammy on monday. >> another good show. well, straight ahead on noon noon, who will -- on cbs2 news at noon, who will
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>> who will mess with that german shepherd, either! time for the exclusive cbs2 elliott. now. an incredible change! >> i would love to take my dogs for a walk but they would float away. there is a lot of moisture and winds. it is like "wizard of oz" wind out there the weather watch everies are saying. we are dealing with 40 to 50- mile per hour gusts. many in the mild 50s, but i appreciate this observation from sherry. she has 47 in woodborn. and this synopsis, snow, then ice, now rain. and the driveway is like glass, very dangerous when you are hanging out of the colder temperatures. this is a creative way to tell the story. hill. as a yardstick. normally the branches are here. look at all the ice.
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and i want to show you, too, more snow pictures. northport has hardly any snow left and more snow north and west and parts of the hudson posted. we will share in a second. in the city it is about wind and the drops. 52 and variable winds. 57 in the parks. 40s at monticello. these numbers compared to yesterday, anywhere from 27 to 41 degrees warmer. of course, dealing with the wind gusts, too. stronger now for parts of the jersey shore. and long island. it is going to be windy this afternoon. of course, we are anticipating numbers staying above normal, 56 the high today. here comes the rain, a light rain for the most part the heavier rain is filling in to the west. we will see that line continue
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light rain gives way to heavier rain. that in concert with some melting is why the national weather service just post this had flood advisory for parts of the area north and west. there will be localized street flooding. don't forget coastal flood advisories kick in this afternoon, too. timing it out for you, it is really between now and say 1:30. then 3:30 we see the worst of it. it will be rough after school. part of the afternoon commute, but then look at this thing, taking off and clearing out. it is cooler tonight. the wind will serve as an ally if it dries off the driveways and sidewalks so they are nice and dry tomorrow. cooler wednesday, cooler still thursday. relatively quiet to wrap up the week. >> the weekend looks pretty good. thank you, john. >> sure. still to come on cbs2 news at noon, millions of dollars worth of dazzling jewels up for sale.
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do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto , tell your doctor about any kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. you know xarelto is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary strictions. treatment with xarelto . ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . coming up on cbs2 news at 5:00, new products are popping up offering help for fertility without a prescription, but are they safe? we will take a look. >> and at 6:00, overfrustrated railroad long island riders have had enough and are rallying to get the attention of lawmakers. those stories and more beginning on cbs2 news at 5:00. and a jewelry set worth $21 million has been given the
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it once belonged to the floyd of the philippines. the former first family was accused of stealing billions of dollars from the filipino people in the 1980s. the collection include as rare pink diamond said to be the size of a grape. >> a lot of jewelry. >> that will do it for us at noon. i am chris wragge. >> and i am mary calvi. we will see you back here at 5:00. have a good afternoon. we'll begin tonight with breaking news. go! steve kroft from "60 minutes." yo, how you doin'? what did you mean by that? mr. president, what do you know? that's a very good question. i know it is.
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