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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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three attacks in 24 hours, random stabbings and slashings in manhattan. all of the suspects are still out there tonight. i didn't think it was a good thing for him to say. >> trump takes on the pope. the fight continue at a town hall tonight. breaking news, a whole lot of shaking tonight. news of an earthquake in new jersey. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. people reacted to to the tremors after the buster -- butler police department that to strike. they heard a loud boom and could feel their homes ship. some saying they smelled burning afterwards. >> lonnie quinn, what are we
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>> here's what's going on. 1.6 magnitude earthquake, these happen all the time in this area because butler actually sits on the fault line. the ramapo fault line. the reason why this was felt why so many folks, it was very shallow. to put that into context for you, the big locked hands and just earthquake, -- the big los angeles earthquake, very deep. the ramapo fault line is one of the major fault lines in our country. so the tectonic plates shifted and they felt rumbling out there. that's the situation. not uncommon, this happened to be closer to the surface. so a lot of people felt it. we will have your forecast a little bit later. that's the situation there. >> okay, bonnie. new yorkers are becoming more unnerved after a series of random attacks especially since the suspects are still on the news -- on the loose. tracee carrasco joins us live from university heights where one victim lives. tracy?
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with one of those victims, a 25- year-old who says he is happy to be alive, recovering after being slashed in the face with a box cutter while at work last night. his girlfriend tells us she is distraught over the attack. >> at the moment, he's trying to rest up and heal. >> reporter: nicole is trying to make sense of the violence slashing that left her boyfriend, 25-year-old bobby barbeau, with 137 stitches in his face after he asked this teen seat in a surveillance image to leave the silver spurs restaurant in greenwich village on wednesday night. leave. he said i'll be back. >> reporter: the teen was kicked out for bothering customers asking for money for a bogus basketball league. he came back minutes later and vestibule. >> he didn't expect the guy to slice him. >> reporter: just blocks away, another slashing.
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and prince in front of supreme, a popular skateboard store as a get in and shop. witnesses say the 21-year-old victim had just finished up in the store when there was some kind of altercation possibly an armed robbery or argument about him cutting the line when he was slashed. >> it was like some controversy down here. next thing you know, you see him walking over here, blood all over his face. >> reporter: than a third attack just after 5:00. the 33-year-old victim was walking along west 88th near columbus when a male suspect pressed a sharp object to his back and demanded the contents of his pocket. the suspect stabbed the victim and ran off with his kindle and headphones. now with three separate attacks in less than 24 hours, new yorkers wonder if they could be next. >> it could happen to anyone of us really. >> reporter: again police are still looking for the suspects in these three unrelated attacks. the latest victim in that upper
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the hospital in stable condition. live tonight from the university heights section of the bronze, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. -- in the bronx. donald trump firing back against pope francis who today questioned whether trump is a christian. francis was drawn into the fray when he was asked about trump's ideas on immigration. with the latest on campaign 2016, here is cbs2's jessica schneider. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. i don't think this is a fight. he said something much softer than originally reported. >> reporter: donald trump backing down after this hours before. >> for a religious leader, to question a person's faith, is disgraceful. >> reporter: trump's seeming -- seeming angry after the -- the pope responded to a reporter's question on board a flight from mexico to italy.
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thinks only about building walls , wherever they may be located, and not building bridges, is not a christian. >> reporter: the pope continued by saying he wouldn't tell american catholics who they should vote for.>> translator: as far as what you said about whether i would advise to vote or not vote, i'm not going to get involved. i say only that this is not a christian if he has said things like that. >> reporter: donald trump working to make amends with the pontiff. >> i like him as a personality and what he represents. i certainly have great respect for the position. >> reporter: holy war of words drawing delicate response from the other candidates. >> first of all i am pro-pope. okay? put me down in that column. i've seen -- i mean, come on. >> [ applause ] >> i don't think it's appropriate to question donald trump's faith. he knows what his fate is. if he has a relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it's none of my business. >> reporter: despite flareups today, donald trump is not
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to build that wall on the border with mexico. he repeated at the town hall tonight, the wall will be built and mexico will pay for it. maurice? >> thank you. a cbs news poll out today shows trump maintaining a commanding lead, 35% of the republican vote nationally, that's twice as much as his closest rival, ted cruz. marco rubio and john kasich now battling for third place. >> the democrats, hillary clinton leading bernie sanders by eight points nationally. 47-39%. the numbers are nearly unchanged from the prior news poll one month ago. neither democrat is taking sides in the government's battle with apple. both were asked about the matter. >> frankly, i think there is a middle ground that can be reached. clearly all of us would be very dismayed if we learned that we could have picked up information about a potential terrorist act and we didn't do that.
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most citizens see both sides. we don't want privacy and encryption destroyed. and we want to catch and make sure there's nobody else out there. >> federal judge ordered apple iphone. that is the san bernardino shooter. but the company is appealing. clinton also sat down today with cbs evening news anchor scott pelley. they asked her about perceptions she is a liar. >> have you always told the truth cook's -- told the truth? >> i've always tried to. >> some people are going to just gave me. always tried to? >> you're asking me to say, have i ever -- i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever have. i don't believe i ever will. i'm going to do the best i can to level with the american people. >> clinton also told pelley being honest is telling voters
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president. amid allegations, the nassau county executive made his first public appearance since cbs2 broke the story. ed mangano and his wife limited attended a summit today in mineola. marcia kramer was the first to report mangano requested a police investigation claiming he was the victim of a hacking. sexually suggestive texts appear to be sent from mangano's phone to several women including marketing executive karin caro. >> somebody out there getting their jollies, taking down a public official. we're vulnerable. you are in the public spotlight and this is some sick, warped individual. >> the acting police commissioner who was appointed by graham gano is conducting the investigation. the nypd searching tonight for a mugger targeting women. surveillance video from harlem shows the suspect trying to use a stolen credit card to buy sneakers. police say he struck at least five times in the last five weeks. mostly on the east side.
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from 22 to 71. in one case, the mother showed a firearm. a teenager is critically injured in a helicopter crash in pearl harbor. the chopper made a hard landing near the uss arizona memorial in hawaii. it was a sightseeing tour. five people in all were on board. all of them are still in the hospital tonight. the faa is investigating. it's that time of year, baseball is back. otis livingston live in port st. lucie, florida for mets spring training. otis? >> reporter: that's right. the mets begin spring training with a big-time bull's-eye on their back. was there attitude after going from the hunters to the hundred? we're going to hear from terry collins and lucas duda coming up in sports. also ahead, not the welcome home you want after a weekend away. >> i come home to water pouring out of my ceiling.
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mess and how to prevent it from happening in your home. also ahead, more on this
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we are getting a bit of a break from the record cold but it left behind major damage. frozen pipes and flooded homes, brian conybeare shows us what can happen and what you can do to avoid it the next time the temperature plummets. >> came up to this. >> reporter: this is what kathy fiume found after a getaway weekend with her family. >> water pouring out of my ceiling. insulation pouring out of my ceiling. >> reporter: ranch-style house was flooded when the temperature dropped below zero saturday night and a pipe froze and burst. >> our pipes are in our attic because we don't have a basement. >> reporter: thousands of dollars in damage. workers are getting three bedrooms at a hallway.
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ceilings. >> reporter: the cleanup continues, there are things every homeowner can do now to protect your pipes the next times it gets dangerously cold. even if that doesn't happen until next winter, experts recommend taking action now like insulating your attic, basement and crawl space. install foam sleeves unexposed copper pipes. or use electrified heat tape in known trouble spots. keep your thermostat above 55 and don't lower it at night to save money during frigid weather. >> hour and a half to two hours, you will have solid frozen pipes. >> reporter: the plumber who found this copper pipe with a small crack and says in extreme cases, some people have to move their pipes. >> the cure-all would be to rerun those lines to a new area. it's going to happen. it's got to happen or they are going to have this issue again. >> reporter: kathy poppa's advice? >> heat. >> reporter: and preparation before the next deep-freeze.
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a brazen thief, surveillance video shows a woman walking up to a porch, swiping packages, and turning around, walking away and taking off in a black jeep. investigators say it happened wednesday and inside the boxes were baby gifts. anybody with information on who this woman is is asked to call monmouth county police. more backlash from beyonce's controversial super bowl performance. the miami fraternal order of police voted unanimously to boycott beyonce's april 26 concert at the miami marlins stadium. the union says her super bowl performance promoted the black panthers and in an exclusive interview, the head of the union said beyonce showed she doesn't support law enforcement. >> putting out anti-police message is not the message you want to be sending out. officers that work these extra duties, they are voluntary.
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many of the officers i spoke to have said they are not going to sign up. >> the miami fraternal order of police represents more than 1000 officers. how would you like to be buckled up on a bench during your next flight? it could happen. airbus has applied for a patent turning rows of seats into benches. they say the seats could be reconfigured to fit a family of four or they could fit two larger passengers who might need more room. we'll see how that works out. puc that's all over facebook, fashionable clothes and coats for a fraction of what you pay in retail. >> but cristin severance in dallas did a little shopping on these social media boutiques to find out whether the deals are real or a rebuff. >> my favorite room is the sale room. >> reporter: when abby finds a good deal, she has to share. >> i thought the clothes looked really cute. >> reporter: an ad for this call drive. she ordered an aztec sweater
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>> when i opened it, this really rank smell came out of the bag. >> reporter: it was sewn together in the front. >> i had to go with tiny scissors and cut the whole thing apart. >> reporter: it fit tighter than she wanted. >> i won't be ordering from them again. >> reporter: i found thousands of similar complaints about rose gala and other heavy facebook advertisers. the overseas companies are accused of using fake pictures, misleading customers about shipping times and not giving refunds unless reviewers take down negative posts. >> this is cute. >> i went to for sites that advertise all over facebook. >> it looks great on the models. >> reporter: i put a black shirt and leather jacket for $16 from rose gala. a yellow dress for $23 from she in -- a red coat from nasty dress, now for the moment of truth. this is the black jacket. the very first thing i noticed,
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this looks like fake leather. the jacket in the picture does not. right away, i'm worried i'm going to bust through this like the hulk. it's called a wool coat, this looks more like felt. the black shirt was next. it is supposed to be longer and again, this is a medium. it's a little tight. this dress is too short and too tight to show on tv. take my word for it. the color is a little off compared to the picture. abby was not surprised to hear about our results. she's sticking with stores where she can see and smell the clothes before she buys them. >> not really any of the cheap facebook ads. i don't think i'm going to go down that road again. >> reporter: none of the clothing companies returned our requests for comment but in a statement, a facebook spokesperson told us facebook prohibits advertisements that are deceptive, false or misleading. the spokesperson
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appropriate action if violations are discovered. cristin severance, cbs2 news. >> as they say, you get what you pay for. the weather picture tonight, lonnie quinn is here, trying to catch our breath after that quake out there in butler. >> again, they are not uncommon, most of them are deeper and you don't feel them at the surface but there's a fault line right there. we get those little tremors. what was the outside right now, check in with my weather watchers, temperatures falling right now, basically into the lower mid-20s, that's going to be a cold night out there for everybody. one of the cooler spots we've got, 19, 21 up there, let's see who this is, 22 from john mccormick on the escalator. john is saying clear, cold, breezy, looking forward to temps in the 50s this weekend. it's going to be a warm one for everybody. there's your picture, empire
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was your high temps today, 36 off the mark by six degrees, headlines like this, next week, another storm brewing? i'll talk about that in a moment. a warm weekend is in the forecast, that's what john was talking about. and a flurry chance tomorrow, take a peek at that, beautiful sky, there's your flurry chance around the great lakes, not too much of anything. the storm chance for next week, getting its act together, flowing into the pacific northwest, a lot of real estate to cover, the gulf of mexico, a little more juice, then exit along the eastern seaboard and possibly can to our area. timeframe? if it's going to be our storm, tuesday, wednesday or thursday of next week. futurecast shows you how it's going to work out. more clouds that developed later in your day, tomorrow morning is bright, then the clouds come in. not much snow chance but a little one there friday night into early saturday and that later saturday, if there's any moisture, it would be rain because it's going to be warm
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39 for friday, 56 on saturday. 52 on sunday. sunday is going to be the better of the two days. 49 monday, of course tuesday, wednesday, thursday still trying to get in line with what the storm will give us and if it's coming right here. >> there's time. we will watch it.
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from florida. go back to port st. lucie where otis, no jacket required down there. >> reporter: that's right. [ laughter ] certainly no jacket required. pitchers and catchers did not work out today. they took their physicals so their first workouts to be tomorrow morning. expectations are skyhigh down here in port st. lucie after getting to the world series but as you can imagine, the grind of a regular season, a run to five games in the fall classic can take its toll. especially a manager who came under fire at times last season. the roller coaster of emotions were exhausting for terry collins. >> i spent my entire life with tremendous intensity and energy. i was gassed last year at the
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it was the most fun i've ever had in a game going through it. i want to do it again. i want to do it again. pretty excited about seeing those jerseys walk out on the field tomorrow. so many ups and downs during that run. i'm going to go with lowest point. lucas duda's errant throw in game five. it allowed the royals to score the tying run and they won in extra innings and get to celebrate the title on citi field. something that has haunted him all of season. >> what happened, i used it as a positive. you know, what happened last year happened last year. so learn from it, get better and hopefully make sure it doesn't happen again. across the state in tampa, it was report day for yankees pitchers and catchers. the bullpen led by their new closer, aroldis chapman. acquired from the reds in the off-season, the yankees picked
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possible criminal charges in a domestic violence case. police have since dropped the investigation because of insufficient evidence. chapman faces potential discipline under major league baseball's new must violence policy. chapman said he would appeal any type of suspension. joe girardi was asked why he named chapman the closer with all the uncertainty. >> it's hypothetical to predict what's going to happen. but we felt that when we acquired him, he had been a closer most of his career. that's where we would put him, but i understand it's a sensitive issue. we'll be sensitive about it. >> reporter: time for us to step aside for a minute.
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including the red-hot rangers. welcome back everyone. i'm otis livingston reporting from port st. lucie. the nets unveiled their new general manager, sean marks. he comes over from the spurs to
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no action from the next -- the nets or the knicks. tonight, the rangers were up in toronto trying to make it six wins in their last nine games. tied in the third until derek stepan drills in the game- winner with about one deck 30 left. the rangers skate away with a 4- 2 victory. islanders trying to keep up. new york or -- new yorker and a point for making it to overtime but fell short when thomas greiss lit up the game-winner with 43 seconds left. that's the story from here in port st. lucie, we'll be back at it early in the morning tomorrow morning. as the mets pitchers and catchers go through their first full workout. reporting from tradition field, otis livingston, maurice and kristine, back to you in the studio.
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thanks. thanks for joining us tonight. >> coming up next,
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