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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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let's get the story live now from downtown brooklyn and cbs 2's sonia rincon. sonia. >> reporter: maurice, the woman here was not hurt. she was almost thrown on the subway tracks here if he brooklyn borough hall subway station. she escaped and did everything she could to keep herself safe. women we spoke with here are saying, not again! another random attack on a woman waiting for the train. >> it's odd because i always feel very safe in the city but it is alarming. >> reporter: the 35-year-old woman walked away from a yelling belligerent homeland mess thursday night. she told police he was yelling and told her to leave and pushed her towards the tracks but she held on to a pillar. once the next train arrived she got on. she rode it to union square where she told the police what happened. police found the man fitting
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station on court street at 8:00. he is identified as 46-year- old david french. sources say he was arrested more than 20 years ago for hitting a woman on the subway. then a few times since then for minor nonviolent offenses. he has been homeless for years and in and out of hospitals for mental illness. women say there's not much you can do except be aware of your surroundings. >> i feel like they should have, like, you know, people like in here so they, like, check around who is, like, coming in. >> i would like to see more of a police presence in the subway. fares went up and people are getting hurt on the subway. it's not good. >> reporter: other riders like kelsey weeks have noticed more police and are grateful. >> about 3 a.m. and the police actually came on the train to make sure that i was okay since i was alone. so i thought that was pretty cool. >> reporter: we did reach out to the victim of this scary incident. she said she wanted to put it all behind her and didn't want
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the suspect is charged with reckless endangerment. he is being held without bail. a judge ordered him to have a psychological evaluation. sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. three to nine years in prison is the sentence for the manhattan teenager who drove illegally and killed a little girl. today in court, the victim's family lashed out at the defendant's repeated flouting of the law of. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: he entered this courtroom more than a dozen times but friday, franklin reyes did something he never did before finally apologizing to the family of ariel russo. the 4-year-old girl he killed in 2013. >> reporter: reyes was 17 and unlicensed when he hit the child and her grandmother in an suv as they walked to school.
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and forever haunted by an unanswerable question. >> i ask myself why. i confront my daily challenges wish i was the one dead and not my granddaughter ariel. >> reporter: ariel's mother pointed out his repeated reckless action. on bail he drove illegally and injured a cop and later escaped custody after a court appearance. >> reporter: russo showed the judge ariel's final school project a biography. the last page about her future, forever incomplete. >> with her goals and her dreams unfinished never to be realized. >> reporter: reyes looked grave as he listened. the 19-year-old perhaps finally comprehending the depth of the pain he caused. because he has been held
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for parole in august of 2017. the family will oppose the release every time else r he is eligible. tony aiello, cbs 2 news, lower manhattan. >> reyes says he has been sunday to abuse while at rikers. his lawyer asked that doe his time in a special prison unit for high-profile defendants. former mayor david dinkins is in the hospital. he is reportedly recovering from a bout of pneumonia at new york-presbyterian. the mayor is 88. he is in intensive care but is doing better. he is getting some rest and we are told he should be fine by next week. dinkins, of course, was the city's first black mayor. new information tonight on a story uncovered by cbs 2. the alleged "sexting" scandal involving nassau county executive ed mangano. despite his calls for a criminal investigation, he has yet to sign a complaint. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer was first to report the scandal and has the latest.
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asked nassau county executive ed mangano about the possibility that x-rated texts had been sent from his phone he turned it over to the deputy county executive for public safety. he denied. >> i am a victim here. i am being hacked. this is a lie. and i will bring every legal action to catch this person and bring this to justice. >> reporter: and demanded a full-scale investigation. >> look, i'm just getting involved in this 30 seconds ago. >> reporter: that was two weeks ago but sources say mangano has yet to stein a criminal complaint which sources say is puzzling to police. i asked lawyer and former fbi agent manny gomez about it. what's the ramification of signing or not signing a criminal complaint? what does it mean? >> well, if he signs a criminal complaint, basically, he's certifying that the complaint is valid. and by signing so, if the authorities find out that it's a false complaint, he could be
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by not signing it, he is quasi-off the hook. >> reporter: i asked the county executive's spokesman why a criminal complaint hadn't been signed. and if his boss is planning to sign it. he said that we will issue additional comment on completion of the investigation. >> not just a technicality here at all, right? >> reporter: no. >> all right. thank you. now to campaign 2016. it's down to the wire as republicans in south carolina and democrats in nevada get ready to vote for their presidential nominees tomorrow. cbs 2's alice gainer live in our newsroom with the latest. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, the latest polls show donald trump's lead narrowing as the six republicans left in minute support. on the democratic side clinton had a big lead but senator bernie sanders is closing the tied. it's a campaign trail that's growing more nasty. another day of jabs along the campaign trail. >> donald trump has never shown any interest in anybody
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>> reporter: jeb bush took aim at him during his rally. but there's one person trump says he doesn't want to continue to feud with. >> i don't like fighting with the pope. [ laughter ] >> reporter: trump, who battled just about everyone, did an about-face after yesterday's holy war of words during which the pope criticized trump's focus on building walls as not christian. today a vatican spokesman clarified that the pontiff was, quote, in no way launching a personal attack on trump or trying to sway voters. but stressed that francis often speaks about building bridges and not walls. moving on from the pope, trump launched into the other candidates. >> but cruz is totally controlled by the oil companies. >> reporter: speaking of ted cruz, he has narrowed the gap with trump in the latest poll out of south carolina. he told voters at a rally today that it's not just the presidency at stake but the supreme court. >> we are one justice away from a radical five-just liberal majority that will strike down every restriction on abortion across the country and mandate unlimited abortion on demand!
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other candidates continue to make their push through the palmetto state. >> we want to do for america what your governor and your legislature has done for south carolina. [ applause and cheers ] >> i want to make sure that our kids are going to be able to have the same kind of life that we got from our parents or maybe even better. >> reporter: over to the democrats in nevada, bernie sanders held a rally in elko, population 20,000. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: last night clinton shook the hands of a half dozen housekeepers folding linens in the basements of a las vegas casino. and hillary clinton hopes minorities and unions give her the edge over sanders but the culinary union nevada's largest union is not endorsing a candidate this year. the union backed then senator barack obama in 2008 but clinton won the caucuses. and a new cbs news national poll shows clinton with just an 8-point lead in the democratic race. in the newsroom, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. thousands line up to
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this here is a live picture from the supreme court where justice scalia's body is lying in repose. president obama and mrs. obama arrived to pay their respects this afternoon. the eight remaining supreme court justices joined scalia's family members and former colleagues. his son, father paul scalia, led a service inside the court chamber. >> i'm a lawyer and so i really respect the justices and the offices that they hold, um, and he really i thought did a lot for bringing the public into the court. >> a requiem mass will be said tomorrow in washington. he died saturday in texas on a hunting trip. he was 79. back around here we have new information tonight on a slashing outside of a soho clothing store. police now say yesterday's attack was not random. the suspect and victim knew each other. the 21-year-old victim had a previous confrontation with his attacker. it was initially believed that the victim had been cut
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line to get inside the store. there's been a significant rise in the number of stabbings and slashings across the city. police have investigated 533 attacks this year compared with 444 in the same period last year. that's a 20% increase. cbs 2's janelle burrell talked to a restaurant worker slashed in the face this week. >> 137 stitches. that's got to hurt. >> yeah. i went through it but, you know, i'm okay now. like i said, i'm not dead. >> reporter: living but not dead bobby barbot grateful to be alive talking to us through the door at his bronx apartment where he is recovering after the attack against him. police still hunting for this teen accused of slashing him in the face at silver spurs restaurant in greenwich village.
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the teen was harassing diners going table to table trying to get money. >> i told him to leave. he didn't want to leave so he just told me that he is coming back and i told him he is not coming back. >> reporter: police say the teen came back minutes later this time with a box cutter slashing barbot down his cheek leaving a deep wound. this morning, the nypd released these new images of three other teens they believed were with the attacker who they want to question. the hunt for that group happening as police search for this man, who they say attacked a 33-year-old man near columbus avenue and west 88th street on the upper west side on thursday. the man accused of stabbing the victim in the back before running away with his kindle and headphones around 5 p.m. arrest him, you know? people like that don't supposed to be out here. him. >> reporter: he says he is getting rest until his doctor's appointment next week and says he plans to go back to work as soon as the doctor
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reporting from the bronx, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. >> great spirit. janelle, thank you. a 6-year-old girl nearly drowned this afternoon at the popular spa castle in queens. police say the girl was pulled from a jet pool which is actually a posted no swimming zone. there is no age requirement at this queens spa castle. at the one in manhattan you have to be at least 10. spa staff said that a staff member performed cpr on the child. star singer stayed silent and she blames one man. today kesha went to court to try to break a contract with a producer she claims assaulted her. what a judge decideed. >> a heartless theft. a cancer patient's donation swiped from a counter. but you will really be surprised by what the victim had to say. >> plus, otis, the mets and a ukelele. >> are you really getting the
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singer kesha was in manhattan court today battling for the right to make new music music? >> every >> reporter: the pop star lost a preliminary injunction that would allow her to be free of her contract with sony music and producer dr. luke. >> pretty heartbroken right now. [ crying ] >> um, because if it weren't for kesha and her music i don't know where i would be today. >> it's inhumane. everything about this trial, it's sickening. it's disgusting. [ music ] >> reporter: in 2014, kesha sued dr. luke claiming she was sexually physically and emotionally abused by him for over 10 years. he has denied these allegations and said the singer made the story up in an attempt to ruin his reputation.
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that the judge could not make a decision today. this case represents sexual abuse victims across the world. >> no one should be forced to work with someone that sexually abused him. >> reporter: kesha posted this picture on her instagram yesterday and said she had to tell the truth. this is not just for me. this is for every woman every human who has ever been abused. >> it's disgusting. sony if they have any integrity should not be trying to make money off a person and then insulting them. it happened with michael jackson among many others in the past. >> reporter: in 2014, dr. luke filed a defamation lawsuit against kesha's mother and manager. that case was thrown out two weeks ago. in lower manhattan, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> kesha's legal battle is ongoing. the dispute unfolded in courts across three states. on dr. luke's behalf sony has no comment on ongoing
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turning now to some lighter news. spring training all about optimism. when your team is coming off a world series appearance excitement reaches a fever pitch. >> if you win they will come and that's what met fans are doing in port st. lucie as we speak. otis livingston spent the day with the team and the fans and got into some music this afternoon. otis. >> reporter: that's right. plenty of excitement coming off the world series appearance. 1500 people at the complex the largest first day of pitchers and catchers since they began holding spring training down here in port st. lucie in 1988. [ music ] >> reporter: a festive atmosphere as the mets pitchers and catchers officially opened camp. the first time as defending national league champion since 2001. >> everyone comes together with high hopes.
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you're not seeing someone for three months that pretty much grew together as a family throughout the year. to see everyone here is -- wakes up every day with a smile. >> it was fun to see the guys out there and the energy level in the morning. didn't have much to say today except let's go get 'em. >> the position players don't report until next thursday but as usual there are many already here. ready to get back to work because they have a bull's eye on their back now. >> we did some amazing things over the course of the season offense defense guys that filled in when there were injuries. we are going to have to continue to do those things and step up even more. >> you get everybody's -- the you. it's more hostile on the road. to shut down the national champion line-up. anything. it's going to be a much tougher road because we have proven that we can win. >> reporter: a winning team, ears. [ music ] >> coach, i'm ready to play
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[ music ] >> thank you! [ applause ] >> reporter: you notice i held that mic a little far away from my mouth but special ukelele. plenty of excitement around here but the next big time is next friday when the position players work out with the full squad and it will be crazy. coming up at 6:00, we'll have much more from here in port st. lucie and check in with the yankees over in tampa. reporting from mets spring training, otis livingston, kristine and maurice, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, are the yankees fans created equal? comments that one team executive made about money and different classes of fans. it's creating a stir. weather picture is creating quite the stir, as well. there's the weekend and sunday into monday. lonnie quinn here with a wild ride that's just ahead.
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thing so far all week long. up and down temperatures. just remember, sunday morning was 1 below zero. right now clouds and 34 degrees. 37 was your high temperature. so off the mark, should get to 42. couldn't do that today. what you should be planning on? spring-ish type weekend lies ahead a really good-looking one. both days in the 50s. more clouds north of the city. there could be snow showers push through, as well. it's going to be breezy but generally pleasant looking weekend ahead. i think saturday looks better than sunday. right now, look at this -- a little burst of some snow showers pushing through the area. this is not going to be too much of anything but again right on top of the hudson right now around newburgh is where there's more of a moderate snow shower a coating for some folks out there but we still look at that time frame from sunday now going into monday for our next significant chance. we'll talk about that a little bit later.
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still ahead, we have seen the fires and the falls. now the government is sending hoverboard makers a warning. could they be considering a recall? >> are websites and apps your
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a thief stole a woman's car with a dog inside. the search for the dog and the car. >> plus unwanted emails clogging up your inbox. and unsubscribing a chore. a local lawmaker wants to to make it easier to stop them coming up at 6:00. while parents are concerned about technology, interfering with their children's homework, there are actually be helpful. but some educators and even potential drawbacks. cbs 2's mary calvi explains. >> reporter: it's after school and homework time is just grubs. but instead of pulling out traditional paper and pen to get started, she turns to websites and apps. >> i rely on them heavily. alone. experts say most students don't go to the library and do hand searches anymore.
5:26 pm
open to us at the touch of a button. >> reporter: among of the most popular tech tools for homework help, grammerly which finds and corrects grammatical mistakes. easy bib which creates bibliographies and spark notes where students find quick study guides for literature. experts say these tools relieve a lot of pressure. >> homework demands are going way up so kids are stressed by the amount of homework they have. >> reporter: but can stress tempt kids have the sites do their homeworks? some sites and apps actually provide complete answers which isn't always good for learning. >> they are depriving themselves of the opportunity for interaction and learning if they use an app to get it right and they never learn what they needed to learn to really understand that process. >> reporter: what can parents do to make the most of their kids' homework tech tools? brush up on necessary subjects so you, too could be more helpful and ask your child's teacher to recommend the most appropriate sites.
5:27 pm
for technology and her mom's help in making homework time manageable. and since 94% of students report using technology to do their homework, it's something parents and teachers need to embrace. mary calvi, cbs 2 news. beyonce facing a boycott by miami police. up next, will the nypd follow suit when she comes here? >> she ordered a sandwich but is accused of taking more from the counter. the heartless crime that cost a teen who is sick with cancer. >> and honoring one of america's most famous and
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a remarkable lesson of forgiveness from a new jersey teenager living with cancer after a thief steals money donated for his medical bills. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back, i'm maurice dubois. the 16-year-old could have been angry after someone stole that donation jar raising money for his cancer treatment. but his reaction is setting an example for us all. cbs 2's meg baker has the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: this is a tight- knit community here in elizabeth, new jersey and a
5:31 pm
help raise money for one of their own. >> karen is part of our community [ indiscernible ] >> he has been doing good. he has been feeling very blessed for the support of all the community. >> reporter: 16-year-old kevin blanco is battling cancer. hodgkin's lymphoma. a donation jar was placed in a bakery to help pay medical bills. >> i just want to thank everybody that supports me and donated to me. if it weren't for them, i wouldn't be able to get through this. >> reporter: but this woman came in and stole the jar on monday. take a look at this surveillance video police looked at weather owner of the bakery. it's -- with the owner of the bakery. it's clear. she orders a sandwich. the worker goes to the back and she stuffs the jar with $300 in it into her jacket. the thief made a hard right towards first avenue and that's where elizabeth police called 27-year-old jessica lopez redhanded near her home on livingston and first avenue. police said she admitted to taking the donations. charged with theft, she faces up to 6 months in county jail.
5:32 pm
people that just, you know, aren't as wealthy and aren't are. and i realize that maybe she needed it for her family or her son? >> i'm happy, um, because she shouldn't have done about that you, you know, i hope nothing really bad happens to her. just a lesson. >> reporter: a lesson in forgiveness from one strong kid. in elizabeth, new jersey, meg >> great example. elizabeth police benevolent association is donating $500 to replace that stolen money. tonight a new government warning about the danger of self-balancing schoolers known as hoverboards. the consumer product safety commission says consumers are risking injury or even death by riding these popular devices. the agency warns the battery- powered devices do not meet voluntary safety standards and pose an unreasonable risk of fire. meanwhile, counterfeit hoverboards like this one which could be even more
5:33 pm
jfk airport. customs officials say they caught nearly 1400 chinese- made devices in december. the value of a real one would be nearly half a million dollars. some breaking news into the cbs 2 newsroom on a story we report earlier today. police are now questioning a man in connection with a stabbing and robbery on the upper west side. this is surveillance video of the man they were looking for. charges have not been filed. the attack happened on columbus avenue and west 88th street yesterday afternoon. the victim is listed in stable condition. new fallout from beyonce's controversial super bowl performance. the backlash started after the star's halftime show with critics saying she promoted the black panthers. the miami fraternal order of police is now urging law enforcement unions across the country to boycott beyonce's upcoming world tour. in a statement today, the nypd sergeants benevolent
5:34 pm
have not planned to boycott and beyonce's actions further complicate relationships between communities of color and police add, quote, she along with other public figures could better serve people by working with the law enforcement community to bring people together rather than build upon an anti-police atmosphere." she inspired many people around the world with her words. but today, harper lee, the author of the classic novel "to kill a mockingbird" has died at the age of 89. lee was one of the most famous and adored authors in this country. when "to kill a mockingbird" hit book shelves, harper lee's first novel was an instant success. it went on to become an american literary classic. for decades, the story of racial inequality and social injustice has been standard reading in schools across america. the work was loosely based on lee's life growing up in the deep south. she was born in 1926 and raised in monroeville,
5:35 pm
close friends with writer truman capote. she moved to new york in 1949 where she published "to kill a mockingbird." it won a pulitzer prize and became an oscar winning movie with gregory peck starring as atticus finch. >> there are some things that you're not old enough to understand just yet. >> reporter: in 2007, president obama presented a very frail lee the medal of freedom. [ applause ] >> reporter: that same year, lee suffered a stroke and returned permanently to monroeville where she lived a reclusive life. last year, she was thrust back into the spotlight with the publication of her second novel which was actually written before mockingbird. lee's attorney claimed to have discovered the manslaughter of "go set a watchman" in a safe deposit box. it was published with enormous fanfare despite questions about whether lee had ever intended to release it and concerns over her health and mental competence. some readers were shocked at
5:36 pm
the book set a one-day sales record for adult fiction. lee died at the age of 89 leaving behind a treasured literary legacy that began with one of the most influential novels in american history. >> great legacy she leaves. coming up next, our own lonnie quinn caused quite a social media stir when he faced a dilemma with his daughter during a potentially painful procedure. should you hold your child down or use restraints? we'll have the tough debate. >> dividing yankee fans by their net worth. the controversial comments made by a team executive. >> and today in history, 30 years ago, coca-cola introduced a new flavor cherry coke. the company was trying to find a flavor to rival dr. pepper. they settled on cherry after also testing vanilla, lemon
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many parents have struggled how to help your child get to a painful dental procedure is happening to the daughter of our own lonnie quinn.
5:40 pm
weighing in on facebook about the various option parents have. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch looked into it. >> reporter: lily has a smile that melts hearts. especially her daddy's. >> daddy. >> reporter: lonnie's little lady is just 3.5. a few weeks ago, she slipped in the tub and cracked her two front baby teeth. >> the dentist said we have big problems. the roots are severed on these teeth and they have to come out. >> reporter: he said if you saw lily today you would never know anything is wrong. she can even bite into an apple -- >> she has one little gray snagle tooth. >> reporter: she is still smiling. daddy not as easily. >> i feel so on edge about the whole thing. >> reporter: he now needs to make a decision. lay with his daughter during the procedure and restrain her or use a dental papoose. >> it's a straitjacket. it was pink but looked like a straitjacket. >> reporter: some parents do opt to use it to guarantee restraint. or because some parents can't
5:41 pm
we reached out to dr. penny a pediatric dentist. she says there's no papoose in her office and says the parent should hold the child. >> there is a parent there and it's comforting. >> reporter: children or parents, who is more uncomfortable? >> i would say the parent. >> reporter: she says a child has no prior experience. >> you really have a clean palette. >> reporter: children bounce back quickly. >> they get through it. they have much more happiness than we do. we as the parents, we start thinking about, well, what about the complications or will my child be scarred emotionally physically? >> reporter: a child doesn't think that way. all lily knows -- >> we told her that the tooth fairy is going to come and get her teeth. >> lonnie says not only is she cool with that, she is excited about it. at least for now. and he is absolutely dreading it but knows he has to be there for his little girl and
5:42 pm
the favorite part of my conversation was when you heard stories about dads crying when their kids cry. that's not in the game plan. >> it can't be because sharon and i have talked about it. look, believe me, i think it's in my heart to be crying with her but, um, i can't. i got to be -- i got to be the rock, man. i got to be the dad there. >> that's right. >> my facebook has blown up over this whole thing and people are splitting down the middle about a lot of folks saying no, as tough as it is, put them in the papoose and don't be in that room. don't have mom and dad associated with a traumatic procedure like that. i -- i -- i will tell you, the other half are saying i don't we'll be there. the kids are resilient, you know? we have had one of our kids down for stitches. and that was the worst thing ever on his face but he is fine. you have to come strong with the money and tooth fairy. [ laughter ]
5:43 pm
know if your daughter is a good dental patient. what 3-year-old is? not a good dental patient. >> we are with you. stay strong. we'll have a forecast of snow coming up. then coming up at 6:00. >> you can keep everything. i don't care. i don't want anything but my dog back. >> her precious puppy stolen in seconds when a thief drove off in her car. the search tonight for the missing dog. >> and a new warning about an old scam. how thieves are using jury
5:44 pm
information. (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering)
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apple taking criticism about the san bernardino iphone. donald trump calling for a boycott of apple until they comply with an order to help unlock the phone. the company says it's a privacy issue. earlier today, the justice department filed a new motion demanding apple immediately comply with the order. the motion says the company's push-back is a marketing strategy. the yankees are in hot water with some fans who feel the club is trying to separate the wealthy fans from the everyday fans. >> cbs 2's steve overmyer reports. >> reporter: it has become a
5:47 pm
the past couple of days, this firestorm of outrage on social media has been building. after announcing they would no long take credible tickets the yankees tried to pacify the situation by having their chief operating officer call in to a radio show. what he said has some new yorkers mad. >> quite frankly, the fan, you know, may be someone who has never sat in a premiere location, so that's a frustration to [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: did you hear that? the coo of the yankees just intimated that maybe the poor people should stay in the lower priced seats. >> we want to support the team but if they are going to have an elitist attitude then you tend to want to not spend money supporting the team. >> reporter: the yankees added 37 suites and 8 lounges for a reason. premium seats are pricy ranging from $700 to $1,500. but if you get them on stubhub they are a quarter of that. >> if i paid for the ticket i
5:48 pm
game anywhere i want to sit at. you should be mad about it. i'm a new yorker and i'm mad about it. >> reporter: the daily news said this, but some new yorkers think the yankees are right. >> if you are paying that extra money you wonder, what did i pay this for. >> reporter: the yankees loyalty to these premium seat holders continues to widen the divide with the blue collar fan. >> low income apartments when they have a side entrance. we don't live in that system anymore. >> the people with more money don't believe we have moved past that, stay in your class. if you are low -- if you are poverty level, you buy poverty level tickets. >> reporter: otherwise go down to steerage and row with the rest. pleb of the plebs? >> that's right. >> mets fans can still buy off stubhub and print your tickets at home.
5:49 pm
>> all right. >> the one to talk about over >> definitely. weather time now. lonnie is here and after a week of up and down and all around, we are about to see >> we enjoy every weekend. >> even the bad weather weekends we enjoy it. just enjoy them all. but we're talking about snow chances. a little more sunday night into monday more tuesday, wednesday, thursday. winter is not over yet. your picture outside as of right now there are some clouds overhead. it's 34 degrees. take a look at my headlines. we have a nice weekend coming up. kristine was just saying let's get ready to enjoy it. it will be good-looking. not perfect but a nice weekend with mild temperatures. there are a few snow chances. some rain could be mixing in as well because again we are
5:50 pm
but here's your vortex satellite and radar picture. cloud cover throughout, breaking up in spots out there especially nassau county. a little peek between the clouds and a little bit of snow is falling north of the city. 5:00 in the morning saturday morning now, north of new york city could see some snow showers all part of the same system that's sort of like blowing through putting scattered snow showers here or there. maybe you catch a coating. not a big accumulator but that's what we see saturday morning for the most part your weekend is going to be nice. the sunshine comes out, there you go for saturday. and then you get into your day on sound. i now believe that saturday is the better of the two weekend days. sunday later more clouds come in and here we are sunday night going into monday. that next system comes through. and again this blue color is snow. the pink color is the sort of the sleet line and the green would be the rain. looks like snow monday. 5:00 in the morning. we are getting ready to get the kids back to school. a lot going on.
5:51 pm
and it pushes out of here nice and quick. so by the afternoon hours on monday, after you go back to see sunshine overhead but that's another snow chance. and then there's going to be yet another one. so here's our system up around the great lakes. then you go out west and it's that great lakes system that could give you that sunday night into monday snow chance. then you get out west and we are still watching this flow off the pacific. if it holds true to form, this will dive down towards the gulf of mexico gather that moisture and push up the eastern seaboard. an event next week possibly. saturday a coating and then a time period where monday morning you could see a little bit of snow out there. weekend looks good. 56 saturday. 52 sunday. then if you take a look across the board at all the numbers, monday is 47. tuesday you're 40. and again, once you get into like, you know, tuesday into wednesday you're back again
5:52 pm
clouds if they will lead to a rain/sleet snow mix. the combo is out there with temperatures around freezing. >> when is spring again? >> march 20. >> there you go. thank you. well, most of the time it's never easy for drivers to win a traffic dispute with an officer but that's changing. what was once exclusive for police cruisers is now inexpensive and accessible enough for all drivers and it can seriously help your case. >> they serve as good defense mechanisms for you if you have to go to court. >> tonight at 11, how people everywhere are saving time and money and using the dash defense. coming up next here at 5:00, they are prices that will make you stop in your shopping tracks. but are those deep discounts you see on your facebook pages what they seem? we put the control thing to the test. >> and then at 6:00 email overload.
5:53 pm
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. see the ads all over facebook. fashion al clothes and coats for a fraction of what you pay in retail but we did a little shopping on social media
5:56 pm
deals are real or a ripoff. >> my favorite is the sale room. >> reporter: when abby finds a good deal, she has to share. >> the price is right. and i thought that the clothes looked cute. >> reporter: an ad caught her eye on facebook. she ordered a sweater for $23. >> it smelled when i opened it. >> reporter: the open shrug was sewn together in the front. >> i had to go with two tiny scissors an cut it apart. >> reporter: and it fit tighter than she wanted. >> i definitely won't be ordering from them again. >> reporter: i found thousands of similar complaints on site jaber about rose gal and other heavy facebook advertisers. the overseas companies are accused of using fake pictures, misleading customers about shipping times and no refunds unless reviewers take down negative posts. i went to four sites that advertise all over facebook. >> it all looks great on the models.
5:57 pm
shirt $13 and another item and other items from various sellers. a red coat. you cannot get a wool coat for $25. now for the moment of truth. [ opening package ] >> this is the black jacket. the very first thing i noticed, the material. this looks like fake leather. the jacket in the picture does not. right away i'm worried i'm going to bust through this like the hulk. this looks more like felt not wool. the black shirt was next. it's supposed to be longer and again this is a medium. and it is a little tight. this dress is too short. too tight to show on tv just take my word for it. the color is a little off compared to the picture. abby wasn't surprised to hear about our results. she is sticking with stores where she can see and smell the clothes before she buys them. >> not any of the cheapies
5:58 pm
i don't think i'm going to go down that road again. >> reporter: no comment from the clothing stores. but facebook says it prohibits advertisements that are deceptive, false or misleadin and will take appropriate action if violations are discovered. cbs 2 news. >> and that's all for the introduces at 5:00. the news at 6:00 -- and that's all for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. i don't want anything but my dog back. >> caught on camera. a thief takes off in an suv with a woman's beloved dog inside. >> new tonight police question someone in connection to one of the city's latest slashings. >> i'm deeply sorry for the pain i have caused. >> a long overdue apology from the driver who hit and killed a 4-year-old girl on the west west.
5:59 pm
his sentencing day. >> and scam alert! how thieves are using jury duty and the latest trick to get personal information. good evening. dana tyler is off tonight. we begin with breaking news. a little girl nearly drowns in a pool at a spa in queens. >> cbs 2's tracee carrasco live at the scene in college point. tracee. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, the spa castle is still open here at 11th avenue in college pollen count queens. a manager on -- college point queens. a manager says they are doing their own investigation right now. the drowning happened at 2 p.m. this afternoon. a 6-year-old girl was pulled out of the jet pool a no swimming zone. witnesses aren't sure how long she was under water but when someone saw her they immediately jumped into to action, pulled her out and started cpr. >> so the gentleman noted the shadow figure so he just went down and removed the child from the water and told the people around to call 911.
6:00 pm
people came, they knew what to do in this situation. and i approached them to make sure they were doing the right thing since i was an emt for many years. >> reporter: now, the girl's hair may not have been pulled back and got caught in the jets which pulled her under water. police say no criminal charges will be filed. that child was taken to booth memorial hospital with minor injuries in stable condition. very lucky tonight. live tonight from college point queens tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. some new information now on a stabbing on the upper west side. police are questioning this man, suspected in a robbery and attack yesterday on 88th and columbus. he is suspected of stealing a kindle and headphones from a man -- rather, and then stabbing him in the back. the victim is in stable condition. for the first time we are also hearing from bobby barbot who was slashed in the face wednesday at the greenwich


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