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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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next, rescued from a river. a last-minute decision saves a life.
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next. live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city, this is cbs 2 news at 11:00 right now, praying for a miracle. a mother's emotional plea to find her missing son. >> you hope they will find him. i hope. i just want to see. i don't care >> a desperate search after a plane crash on long island. how the missing man's actions may have helped other passengers survive. good evening, i'm cindy hsu. crews are expected to resume their search tomorrow for a man who disappeared after a plane crash. the 23-year-old may have risked his own life to get three other men to safety in long island
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valerie is live. >> reporter: the two missing men aboard that plane are from queens. tonight, his family is praying he is found alive just like those other survivors >> i want him to show up. >> reporter: right now, he is the only missing passenger after a small plane crashed in long island sound saturday night. his mother didn't know he was missing until this morning >> we visited, i just hope he'll come to my house. i just want to see >> you're hoping they'll find him? >> i hope. i just want to see. >> reporter: the plane like this went down after 11:00 p.m. near port jefferson. his friends, 25-year-old artricio ramirez, nelson gomez,
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on board. he turned the controls over to the instructor when they started to have trouble and gomez force landed the plane in the harbor, and dive teams prepared to search under the surface. . >> he is in the water. >> reporter: eventually, it was suffolk county police officers who pulled some of the survivors to safety using kay kayaks they found nearby. >> we walked along the shoreline and found three additional kayaks and went into the water. you could hear the victims calling for help. so it was -- you know, you had to get out there, and it took what we had. >> reporter: he says even though they didn't find the son, they're hopeful they will see him again >> they didn't find anything, the body or him. i just want whoever can walk around and look for him to
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. >> reporter: i spoke to the missing man's girlfriend. she says out of the group, he's the only one that really knew how to swim. she says the survivors told her he pushed them out of the plane once it crash landed into the water so they wouldn't drown in the wreckage. they say they saw him swim to shore. the police department will resume a search for him tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. reportinglive in elmhurst queens, vastry castro, cbs 2 news. a developing story involving two police officers shot in brooklyn yesterday. ballistic tests show at least one bullet came from the suspect's gun in the car. andrew yurik was hospitalized and william reddin with a gunshot wound to the hip. multiple officers fired at the suspect after he allegedly pointed a gun at police, drove
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car people on edge after more random actions in the city. two more attacks since yesterday. hazel sanchez is live in the williamsburg section of the bronx with more. hazel. >> reporter: cindy, one of the latest slashings happened right here on this street behind me. a woman had just left this the street when she was randomly attacked by two men. many others wondering where this increase in slashings and stabbings is coming from. maria de jesus says she feels uneasy working here in williamsburg after one of her regular customers was attacked right down the street. >> and i work here, and i pray it doesn't happen outside. >> reporter: police say the26- year-old woman was walking here around 5:30 saturday evening
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and jumped out. one man, armed with a knife, slashed her ear and stabbed her in the abdomen. police say the victim didn't know her attackers. all the recent slashings across the city make her afraid to walk alone. >> when i walk, i'm not feeling anything, but if i hear anything, it makes me nervous. it makes me scared, you know. >> reporter: police say another random attack happened here on east 173rd street in the bronx around 3:00 sunday morning. investigators say someone slashed a 32-year-old man on the face and ran off >> it is a little bit out of the normality of this neighborhood to get a slashing. released this surveillance video of another man who slashed a man in a food cart line on jerome avenue on valentine's day and fled the scene. more than 530 stabbings or
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january 1st this year. a 20% increase over last year. tony herbert, community activist, says the city needs to step up to make the streets safer >> we are killing ourselves. we're creating a modern day genocide that is truly wiping out a generation that will take out our community going forward and we can't keep doing this. >> reporter: both victims were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. we're live in the williamsburg section of the bronx, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news >> hazel, thank you six people slaughtered in a random shooting spree in michigan. tonight, police say it was an uber driver behind the trigger. kenneth craig reports from kalamazoo where people are gathered to mourn. >> reporter: music and prayer for hundreds of grieving kalamazoo residents sunday night, gathered at a church service to honor a number of
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rampage. >> this kind of thing happens in california or new york city or overseas. it doesn't happen here. >> reporter: authorities say45- year-old jason dalton spree allegedly began when he seriously wounded a woman around 6:00 saturday night outside an apartment complex. son were killed at this car dealership. then investigators say dalton killed four women at a roadside a 14-year-old girl was seriously injured. investigators say the women were in two peoples here at this cracker barrel parking lot. authorities are still searching for a motive. >> reporter: cbs news confirmed dalton was working as an uber driver and passed the couple matt millan says he was dalton's passenger less than two hours before the rampage >> he was kind of driving through medians, on the lawns and speeding along. and finally, once he came to a stop, i jumped out of the car
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>> he posted on facebook to warn other passengers to stay away. authorities believe he would have continued his shooting spree if he weren't stopped. . new at 11:00, a bus passenger from new jersey tried to do the right thing and report a suspicious unattended bag on board to police. but as cbs 2's brian reports, the response was not what you might think. >> reporter: we've all seen this message, if you see something, say something. >> since 9/11, i keep my eyes open. >> reporter: that's exactly what john highline of north bergen, new jersey, did when he saw a suspicious passenger leave a bag behind on a long bus trip this weekend. he called police. >> they're like what do you want me to do about it. i'm like what? there's a bag on the bus, i want the bag off the bus. >> reporter: he said the other passengers turned on him heckling the 47-year-old construction worker. >> everybody's saying the guy
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tap your heel together three times and we're going to blow up. >> reporter: highline says the general bus company driver even threatened to fight him. after several calls to 9/11, port authority police finally pulled the bus over here outside the holland tunnel. they spent about 20 minutes using bomb-sniffing dogs and it turns out, there were illegal untaxed cigarettes in the bag. still, people we spoke with agreed with him >> i would have called police >> take 20 minutes out of your lives, make sure if you see something, say something >> and he'd do it all over again. . >> reporter: cbs 2 news. mayor de blasio is getting into the middle of a food fight. this video surfaced showing sanitation workers throwing away boxes upon boxes of fruit and vegetables earlier this
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the nypd says the vendor was warned several times about blocking the sidewalk but failed to fix the problem. mayor de blasio says in cases like this, he does not want to see good food thrown out. he's instructing all agencies to donate confiscated but useable food to city harvest. some showers out there right now. elise finch has more. >> we are seeing light rain across portions of the area. not everybody is seeing rain tonight. a lot of our northern suburbs didn't see a thing. you can see the lighter rain pushing across long island. we've seen moderate and heavier showers moving offshore. we'll have more chances for rain into the work week and i'll have the details coming up in your full forecast >> a woman pulled out of the water with seconds to spare. everyone got out of this burning bus alive. also ahead, serious fans at webster hall, a star performer
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why witnesses are calling him a victim. and then later, a warning for married couples. a new study reveals why husbands are making their wives feel tired >> and the yankees new ticket policy, and why it should matter to you. spring training is getting into shape. otis livingston will have more on the hill. >> and they weren't the only
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new video tonight of a dramatic rescue of a woman trapped in a fridged rushing river in the middle of the night. you can see firefighters lowering ropes into the merrimac river trying to get her to hold o she lost her grip and floated away. she was treated at a local hospital for hypothermia. rescuers say she didn't have much longer before not being able to survive survive. in lake forest illinois, passengers aboard this megabus caught fire.
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out of the side of the bus when the driver pulled over. >> higher and higher. there were multile explosions. >> everyone got out safely, and the passengers got onto a new bus to milwaukee. no word on what caused the fire a massive brawl breaks out at a popular east village concert hall. the rapper on stage was in the middle of all the chaos. . >> reporter: mayhem and violence on stage at webster hall saturday night, much of it caught on video posted to social media. rapper skate, in the middle of his act, and security wants to stop the show after a fight broke out. these two fans all saw it happen. >> he, like, stomped the ground >> they threw him on the ground and started kicking him.
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rapper grabbed by guards seen in one video on the ground appearing to get kicked repeatedly >> and when skate finally came out, he had cuts all over him. >> reporter: on his twitter page, skate declared, quote, security has no right to assault me or my family. outside webster hall, the young rapper's fans appalled and angry >> to see him get hurt like that and cry, i just wanted to cry with him. >> reporter: surveillance video show police arriving at the scene but it's not clear how or if they intervened. a police report tells us -- a venue's facebook page tells us saturday's incident is being fully investigated. our guests are our primary focus.
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hall say the bedlam doesn't surprise him >> it gets crazy over here. >> rapper skate promises another new york show in the near future. in the east village, cbs 2 news. women who feel like they can never get out from all the other health work they have to do, might have someone to blame. a new study from the city of michigan says having a husband creates seven extra hours of work per week on average. single women did about 12 hours of house work a week while married women did 21 hours a week. married women with three or more kids did the most housework, around 28 hours a week. i heard elise finch laughing. . >> 21 hours, i'm not going to go that far, but it has increased. >> the weather was very mild this weekend >> it was very mild. most people enjoying the fact
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temperatures saturday and today. will we continue into the work week? that remains to be seen. weather watchers, what kinds of numbers we'll see right now. we'll start on long island. this is john, he says it's 41 degrees where he is. got a lot of 40-degree temps as we head down the jersey shore. this is thomas in manchester township. he says it's 44 degrees where he is. the rain has started. at least it's not the white stuff. it did cross my mind as well. we did see a few flurries on radar in some of the northern counties, but this was not a snow event. this is adam in middletown, and he says it's 39 degrees where he is. his comment, an occasional spotty shower, and it's rain and not snow. there's a trend here. hopefully, he'll continue to think that as well. we have our rain ahead and most of us, it will be rain and not snow mid-week. we'll talk about that in a second. right now, we have showers out there starting to exit the area. we're currently at 46 degrees,
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miles an hour. so how much rain did we get out of this system? not much. i mean, barely a drop in the bucket for most locations. montauk got the most. cooler than yesterday. 50s and 60s. today for the most part, mid- upper 50s, jfk the hot spot and central park at 55 degrees. still puts us 12 degrees above the norm. 45 degrees is where we should be. 55 today. here's the exiting rainfall. it has been light as i mentioned. a little bit of flurry activity on radar didn't necessarily make it to the ground but here's the system currently in place. the area of low pressure is to the south that we're sort of on the northern fringe of that, but we do have dryer air moving in for tomorrow. as you look at future cast, you basically see that rain moving out of here. it is dry pretty much start to finish. we see clouds returning to the area, and that's going to be
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that we start to see that next round of rain moving in. some of our northern counties could see a few snow flakes and snow showers out of that, but for the most part, it is a rain event that starts tuesday night. overnight tonight, the rain ends, but any place we saw rain, and freezing temperatures could see black ice developing overnight tonight. tomorrow, bright skies. it's looking like a really good day, 47 degrees. not quite as warm as what we had over the weekend but still nice. things start to get unsettled remain unsettled wednesday into thursday. and thursday we see our temperatures spike again and friday drying out, cooler for the weekend, and we'll have the dry weather returning >> not too bad. a lot of kids going back to school and the parents are saying, see ya. >>. [laughter] >> thank you very much, elise. the mets make a move going down in history. >> the lady started yelling, please help my son. he's only 15 years old.
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>> approximate approximate >> how about the transition speed as kevin klein buries the game winner. the nets went up against a man on a mission. hornets guard and bronx native kimball walker took over as charlotte wins 104-96. st. johns overcame a 19-point deficit to seton hall. they had a chance to pull off a quality win. but in the final seconds, they didn't even get a shot off in time. the pirates win 62-61. seton hall is one win away from a 20-win season. and we'll be joined by yankees beat writer jared diamond and breaks down the real reason the yankees changed their ticket policy. that's coming up later in sports. >> thank you mornings turn dangerous near central park. a woman injured when a light pole crashes to the ground. and feud between the girl
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. new tonight, new jersey police need the public's help tracking down two men accused of stealing an elderly woman's life savings in a tree trimming scam. they knocked on the woman's door thursday and offered services but told her she had to pay in cash. while inside her home, the police say they distracted her and stole $10,000. >> we deal with a lot of different crimes but when you target a 90-year-old woman who's worked her entire life and you take her entire savings in cash and walk away, karma, i can't imagine what would happen to you a mother and child injured after a cab goes out of control
11:31 pm
cones and police tape mark the spot near fifth avenue and 84th street where a cab jumped the curb. the driver told police another cab swerved into his lane. the original cab driver hit a light pole that fell on a woman walking with her child. another woman in the back seat was also hurt in the crash. police are looking for the driver of the second cab that caused the accident still ahead, a rescue becomes a family affair. >> any second is precious. >> and a helicopter crash turns strangers into heros. how the rescue taught a little boy a lesson.
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ties with a local troope. new information on that incredible video of the helicopter crashing into the water at pearl harbor.
11:35 pm
not for a heroic family that dove in, pulled out the pilot and a family of four. >> reporter: this video catches the moment the helicopter plunged from the sky. what it doesn't show is the daring rescue that came after shawn winrick put down his camera. >> a bunch of people jumped into the water and we tried to help the survivors. >> reporter: 57-year-old navy veteran juan velario, he and his family were planning to witness the pearl harbor video and witnessed the crash. instinct took over >> i ran out as fast as i could because it was a helicopter. >> reporter: he found a woman >> the lady started yelling please help my son. he's only 15 years old. he's stuck in the helicopter. please get him out. >> reporter: he says that teen was still strapped in his seat as the helicopter began sinking. it took rescuers nearly 10 minutes to free the boy and
11:36 pm
wife, alissia, a critical care never, was waiting >> we need to do what we can for this young boy. we were all strangers to one another. everybody was collectively able to work well with one another. >> reporter: the pilot and a family of four canadian tourists all survived. as for velario's family, they never made it to the pearl harbor memorial but their two sons got a valuable lesson about bravery and courage >> it makes me very proud to know that they could do that, i could do that. anything could happen. any second is precious. >> reporter: chris martinez, cbs 2 news, los angeles bill cosby's wife camille filed an emergency motion to postpone her testimony. the motion claims o'neal was involved with the allegations brought against cosby. seven women say bill cosby sexual assaulted them. the women say bill cosby, the
11:37 pm
them as liars taking a look at the week ahead. tomorrow, a judge will decide whether a manufacturer and distributor and will isser of the a.k. assault weapon used in the sandy hook massacre will stand trial. family members of the 26 killed in the attack will be at the hearing. wednesday morning in hartford, a retrial in the 1975 death of a teenager. a judge granted new trial after he was freed on a $12 million bond. he served more than 11 years of his 20 years to life prison sentence. also wednesday, leaders of the u.s. house and senate will present a congressional gold medal in honor of the 1965 voting rights marchers. the ceremony held at the u.s. capital begins at 3:00 p.m. girl scout controversy. the catholic archdiocese is urging priests to cut ties with
11:38 pm
they are saying the organization has previously taken stances that are too adult and not appropriate to be discussed with children. >> we know it's going to be hard and i think that's why we're asking there to be a conversation about it because it can be emotional at some times >> incredibly disappointed. we've had a long relationship for almost 100 years, where we bring leadership development to girls >> they believe they will continue to support the girl scout cookie program saying they gain valuable leadership and social skills. elise finch is here with the forecast things good interesting, monday, a lot of times, it's the worst day of the week heading back to work, actually may be the pick of the week weather wise. let's get right to it, taking a live look outside. this is the camera out there mostly cloudy skies, 46 degrees, winds out of the northeast at 9 miles an hour.
11:39 pm
temperatures, not bad. chilly in monticello, barely above freezing there. 42 for babylon and 40 on the nose in the hamptons. look at the 24-hour temperature change, and it's definitely cooler right now than it was this time yesterday. 8 degrees cooler than it was this time yesterday. so that rain is now coming to an end from northwest to southeast across the area. higher pressure moves in, so we're expecting dry, sunny conditions tomorrow, and certainly cooler than what we saw this weekend. a larger system pushes into the area tuesday afternoon, remains through thursday. that's going to make for some unsettled weather this week and right now, it does look like a primarily rain event. take a look. we mentioned the rain moving through the area. this is a light rain. the rain amounts have been
11:40 pm
nevertheless, here is that system moving through the area of low pressure to the south and as it continues to move offshore, the rain will come to an end tonight. higher pressure moves in tomorrow. we have a cool day and get it with lots of sunshine, so it's dry and nice monday. tuesday, a little bit chillier, afternoon rain starting to pick up, but it continues late tuesday into wednesday and thursday, so you can see something substantial there, 1- 2" of rain with the system that moves in mid-week. tonight, we'll see temperatures at or just below the freezing mark, so any place it's wet, we'll see black ice developing on untreated roads. tomorrow's temperatures will be in the mid-upper 40s. 28 days until the official start of spring. tomorrow, 92 -- not bad, but you'll need the umbrella tuesday, wednesday and thursday.
11:41 pm
finish at the daytona 500. and an unusual twist at training camp in florida. that's next in sports.
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twitter. now, your jeep sports desk. >> let's start with spring training. decades ago, the purpose of spring training was to get these baseball players into shape.
11:44 pm
job. now they're expected to show up in prime physical shape. congress seems to be a problem for the yankees last year. their lackluster offense late in the season was somewhat due to the fact that they were gassed. otis livingston is in tampa. and they're not going to do it this year. >> let's cue the olivia newton john music, let's get physical. am i dating myself here. hopefully a long run in the playoffs, players will get fatigued and get gassed. the yankees believe they have a remedy for it. put some dirt out and some grass on top of it. another day of stretching, fundamentals, light jogging, and a humongous mound in the outfield that the players have to run up a number of times >> it's cool. i like it >> not a big deal? >> no. it goes, indeed, we have a lot
11:45 pm
of those. it's not a big deal. >> reporter: there are six increments of 10 yards, and it gets to as high as 10 feet at the top. >> just something i've used throughout my whole career. i used it when i was a college coach, i had it for entire teams. that was with the agility, form running, speed development, base running stuff with it. forcing the guys to have to work hard constantly. that's what i'm doing is here to make the guys work >> obviously, it's different, but i don't think they're doing things that are dangerous. it's not like we're skiing down it. i suggested we put snow on it one day and go sledding but i don't think i'll win that. >> reporter: what to name this monstrosity, yankee hill, bunker hill, or my personal favorite, benny hill. instead, they settle on >> i don't name anything that's come from, like, from the stump, it's gone from a bunker to whatever they want to call it at the end of the day,
11:46 pm
happy we're getting support from ownership to the front office, to our staff and our players and i know guys just want to work. >> reporter: there was no c.c. sabathia running the hill. he will, he will be limited because of his knee. reporting from tampa, otis livingston, steve, back to you in the studio >> thanks to otis well, this week, the yankees raised some eyebrows by changing their ticket distribution policy. it's a move that directly impacts your ability to purchase tickets at least on the secondary market on anything but the yankees ticket exchange. for more on that, let's send you back down to tampa where we find wall street journal writer jared diamond. good to see you once again. thank you for joining us. >> glad to be here >> all right. this is something you wrote about last night. for those who weren't caught up on all of the particulars here, did he quickly explain the crux
11:47 pm
>> sure. in a nut shell what's happened is the yankees have outlawed print-at-home pdf tickets. those are the tickets you commonly find on stub hubs, you upload them, the buyer buys them, prints them out and goes to the game. those are no more. the yankees are going to a mobile ticket. the ticket is straight on a smart phone, you go to the game. the problem as it stands, stub hub and other third-party resellers cannot transfer mobile tickets from the original person to the new person. the only way to transfer them is on the yankees ticket exchange which is run by the yankees and has a ticket floor. which means you cannot sell your ticket for dirt cheap. there's a bottom for how cheap you can sell them. at stub hub, you can sell them for as little as you want. >> the yankees say they are
11:48 pm
it happens about 1/100th of a percent of the time, stub hub says. but this isn't really about fraud, is it? >> no, it's not about fraud. it's almost ridiculous we're being told it's about fraud. everyone is aware, which is about controlling their inventory. control of their own secondary market. they're not the first team to try to do this. the dallas cowboys have done this, the golden state warriors have done this in some way, command of stub hub and their inventory. however, for a baseball team to be doing this, it could have a major impact on fans getting those great deals, and it could lead to fewer people in the ball park when the summer comes. >> you reported 40% of the ticket sales are done within 72 hours of actual game time. you spoke to the yankees' randy mede about this, and he said we have the ultimate right to protect the value of our inventory, as long as it's done
11:49 pm
if they're setting a floor on the ticket prices, jared, which makes good business sense, can they really claim it's a free market society? >> let's be clear. they are not doing anything that's illegal. they're not doing anything wrong. we could argue whether it's a good business decision or bad business decision. we could argue whether it's a good pr move or bad. what they are doing is certainly allowed. there's no questions there. when he said it's a free market economy, to me, stub hub is a free market economy. if there's a wednesday night in may against the white sox and no one wants to go to the game, you should be able to sell your ticket for $3. if that's how much they go for on stub hub, that's the free market. on the yankees ticket exchange, they may say you can't sell it less than $9 or $10. stub hub is really the free market but the yankees don't want that. they want these tickets to have value. they want to be able to tell their season ticket holders, look, you will be able to recoup some of your investment
11:50 pm
frankly, it wasn't a very good look to see tickets on stub hub going for $5. >> as we put a pin in this topic, which i think is going to be a topic we're going to be talking about throughout the year. the yankees are an organization built on character but the biggest move includes a man accused of domestic violence. no official ruling has come down, but chapman could be banned from camp. if this is true, is the spring suspension more damaging? >> joe girardi, the manager of the yankees was not happy about that possibility because if you think about it, let's say chapman is handed a 10-game suspension for this alleged domestic violence suspension. part of that suspension is you can't work out in spring training. when he gets back, he's not going to be in shape because he hasn't worked out with the team. if it's 10 teams and he can go through spring training, he's
11:51 pm
10 days, does an extended spring, comes back out, no big deal, ends up flying out after 10 days. >> we'll find out. rob manford might rule on it at the end of spring training. yankees beat writer jared diamond, thank you for your information. >> anytime. now to the ice. and for all the flack the rangers got earlier this year, they are still an amazing home team. their record is 22-6-3. kevin klein drills in the game winner in overtime. they beat the red wings. 1-0 shutout at the garden. nets taking on the charlotte hornets. kimbalwalker has averaged 24 points per game since christmas. that's the second most in the east. tonight, he negotiated around for 28 against brooklyn. 104-96 the final there. a lot on the line in today's rivalry game between st. john
11:52 pm
they were down 19 and stormed back to take a three-point lead with 58 seconds left. isaiah whitehead only shot one for 12 for the pirates and made his free throws down the stretch. st. johns had a chance to win this in the final seconds, couldn't get a shot off. 61-62. seton hall moves within one win of a 20-win season. to the daytona 500 on the final lap. he goes too high. he slips to the back. hamlin had a chance to dive in between him, and he ekes out a 4-inch victory to take his first daytona 500 win. finally, over the past five years, this high school basketball team has gone undefeated. they have 82 section 1 wins and three state championships.
11:53 pm
found out it's not just an amazing team but also one unforgettable coach. dan ricky's practices are like his games, something to behold. >> game speed. come on, kay. you've got to be quicker. >> how does your practice style make this team a much better team? >> the pace. the pace we play at is more college-like. >> destiny, go, you're the girl. finish. good job. get back, quick >> he believes in hustle. maybe it's because he's also the football coach. for this team, fortune favors the bold >> if he wasn't like he is, we wouldn't be where we are. it motivates us to play how we play >> rotate, go, go, go. get in and go >> this was supposed to be a down year for the three-time defending champs >> when did you know you had a state championship caliber squad >> the minute i saw them on the court. we knew we were in the mix.
11:54 pm
deposition >> aubrey griffin is 5' 11. her father played nine years in the nba, though she didn't pick up a basketball until just a year ago. she's already 14 years old and has a couple of 44-point games >> my coach has confidence in me. i keep attacking the basket. he tells me i could go by any girl that i want to, and so i just do it. >> she can go to the basket nonstop 24/7. just give her a ball, and she's gone >> she's an amazing basketball player and person, what can't she do. watching her is so amazing. sometimes i sit there and i'm like, are you human. >> reporter: three freshmen you might expect resentment from the seniors, but the strength of this squad is their unity >> there's no age on the court. we all play as though we're the same age. everybody has a say.
11:55 pm
freshmen doing well. we want the best for everybody on our team >> everywhere we go, we hang out, we know each other so well, so when we're on the court, we don't even have to think twice. we know what to do >> shoot it, if you got the shot, take it. somebody has a better shot, pass it. . >> what do you want people to know about this team? >> i want them to know that this is a young group of kids that work really hard and put team first. >> just an update on their season. they won their second-round match-up yesterday. they will now head to the final four against new rochellon
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we'll be right back. that does it for cbs 2 news at 11:00. for the entire cbs 2 news team.
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have a great week. hey!


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