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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news. multiple people killed in a workplace shooting. tonight, chilling details about how the gunman spent his final days before the massacre. mild weather, high winds and plummeting temperatures. tracking the weather change you want to be ready for by the morning. i got along with everybody. >> you get along with nobody. >> another rough-and-tumble republican be -- debate tonight in texas. >> i'm kristine johnson. the five candidates wasted no time attacking each other. jessica schneider live in the newsroom for us with more. jessica? >> reporter: all of these debates have been contentious. but this one showcased a lot of back and forth and a lot of crosstalk between the leading candidates.
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at stake in just five days, the tensions were definitely high. >> welcome to texas. >> reporter: the debate in houston immediately transforming into a texas sized rumble. >> when i was leading the fight against the amnesty bill, where was donald? firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. >> you don't have one republican senator and you work with them every day of your life. >> you're the only person on the stage that's ever been fined for hiring people illegally. >> i'm the only one on the stage that's hired people. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: rubio repeatedly trying to trounce on trump. in what has now narrowed to a three-man race. >> if he builds the wall the way he built trump towers,
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immigrant labor. >> here's a guy that inherited $200 million. if he hadn't, you know where he would be right now? selling watches. >> reporter: rubio turning the tables on trump pointing out his repetition, something rubio got called out for a day debate before new hampshire. many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> [ cheering ] >> i watched him repeat himself five times, four weeks ago. it was a meltdown. >> reporter: trump coming -- coming under fire for not releasing his tax returns. mitt romney alluding trump has something to hide. >> i want to release my tax returns. but i can't release it while i'm under an audit. we're under a routine audit. i've had it for years. i get audited. as soon as the audit is done, i love it. >> reporter: ben carson and john kasich largely stayed out
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stick to pure policy, but with those candidates only polling in the single digits, they were largely ignored by cruz and rubio and trump. of note, george h. w. bush and barbara bush were in the audience a few days after their son jeb bush dropped out. jessica schneider, cbs2 news. >> thank you. one of the key questions is whether trump can't beat the other candidates in their home states. poll released earlier today shows cruz leading trump 38-23 in texas. but a quinnipiac poll shows trump trouncing rubio in florida 48-28. and the poll in ohio, trump ahead of kasich by five points. dealing with more wild weather tonight after a day that started with mild temperatures, winds picking up and you'll want to dress for winter tomorrow. lonnie quinn -- lonnie quinn is
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>> reporter: you can take a look at the light post behind me, the flag is whipping, basically parallel to the ground. i've got the mobile weather lab, this bad boy right here. parked on the sidewalk, 39.6 degrees as of right now. check in on the winds around the area, new york city had a gust of 30. hamptons at 25. everybody basically with a wind gust of 20 or more. temperatures, 28 in monticello, greenwich, babylon, feels like that when you factor in the wind, 16 in monticello, new york 34. basically all of us feel like it's below freezing outside. and speaking of below freezing, your future temperatures by the time it is 7:00 in the morning, you're going to have a thermometer reading below freezing and winds as well, wait till you see what the feels like temperatures will greet you when you walk out in the morning. right now, back to you in the studio. >> thank you.
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swallows public works truck. officials say the whole is five feet deep, 20 feet by 30 feet. the truck was responding to reports of water coming out of a manhole. turns out raw sewage was overflowing. it's unclear if the weather has anything to do with this. following breaking news out of kansas, a workplace shooting leaves several people dead, more than a dozen injured. in a small community in mourning tonight. >> valerie castro joins us with more. >> reporter: four people are dead including the gunman, 18 others are injured. this happened in the town of hesston, a community with a population of 3700 people. law enforcement sources say this is not terror related but workplace violence. employees frantically ran into the arms of their loved ones, reunited after news a gunman opened fire at excel industries. a lawnmower manufacturing
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>> i seen a guy pull up. i heard him yell something. that's what got our attention. turned around, popped up with an a.k.a. for -- with an ak-47. fired a few shots before he went in to the building. >> reporter: sources confirmed the shooter is 30-year-old cedric ford, a patron at excel industries. gunfire erupted inside the building. >> we kept hearing pop, pop. i ran over, there's a gentleman named adam, he got shot. >> reporter: family members quickly arrived. this woman was reunited with her husband in the middle of a live interview. >> he's okay. somebody assumed got shot. and -- oh, my god. >> you can come in here. >> [ crying ] >> reporter: first responders rushed to the scene, carrying the injured out on stretchers. law enforcement officials moved in with high-powered rifles to
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ford was killed by authorities. video posted to the gunman's facebook page a few days ago shows him firing what appears to be an ak-47 into an empty field. other pictures show him posing with firearms and in this video, he sings along to a sign that says, looking for revenge. any reason as to why ford targeted his workplace has not been uncovered. >> never would've thought in 1 million years this guy would have done it. >> reporter: officials are investigating several other crime scenes related to the shooting. ford also shot at several vehicles and injured a driver on the way to his workplace. valerie castro, cbs2 news. >> thank you. sources tell cbs2, nypd commander has been stripped of his badge because he could not be found when two officers got shot. captain scott forster was supposed to be on duty at brooklyn 71 precinct
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this past saturday, but our sources tell us when the officers were wounded at 330, he was not in the building and did not pick up his phone. internal affairs is investigating reports that his absence caused delays. is new york state trying to sneak a homeless shelter into a brooklyn communities -- into a brooklyn community without telling the residents? we got an exclusive look at the state owned brooklyn development center in east new york. it shut down back in december. sources confirmed the state is planning to put hundreds of homeless housing units on this 35 acre site. but the office of general services denied anything has confirmed. >> i don't believe it's starting construction on something and figure out what you put there later. that makes zero sense to me. zero. >> neighbors tell us they had no idea the site could be used to house the homeless. chilling video in the attempted murder of a long
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shooting of the owner of oheka castle. cameras caught gary milos walking toward his car -- gary melius. the gun and runs to his car and fires. the gun appears to get jammed. mili us was shot in the face but he survived. >> we want people to take a hard look at this video and cooperate. it's in the interest of justice , there's a dangerous person out there and we want to bring them to justice. >> melius has offered a leading to an arrest. batman in handcuffs, the times square. police identified the 42-year- old as josi martinez, they say the 63-year-old man was -- the woman was tipping martinez after they took a picture together and that is when he allegedly reached into her wallet and grabbed a $50 bill.
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later. seven people plucked from rough waters, next, new details from inside the rescue. >> i found out about it, i was really upset. commencement controversy, why local students are being
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most important milestones.e sttinrn aillewi uoa utox st anab. t 0 g lo a dnldspds
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it tbeer it tfi. marine radio has seven members on board and nobody needs medical attention. >> that's audio from the u.s. coast guard after a fishing boat with seven people on board ran around and was rocked by 12 foot waves in east rockaway inlet. but they weren't the only ones in distress. the coast guard crew sent to rescue them hit a sandbar and capsized in rough waters. the seven fishermen, all airlifted to safety, the water is too dangerous for them to swim the short distance to soar -- to shore. >> a rescue swimmer couldn't even handle the conditions. so conditions are very
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>> the five coast guard members whose boat capsized swam to shore, thankfully no one was hurt. a commencement conflict at broke college has many jewish students upset. this year ceremony is for scheduled for 5:00 p.m. at berkeley center but students who observe the sabbath that starts at sundown that night say they won't be able to attend the graduation. -- at baruch college. >> they don't have to look at their watch every two seconds saying, do i have time to stay here and time to get out and rush? >> made me depressed when i found out about it. i was upset that the scheduled it at 5:00. >> more than 700 students have signed a petition. this -- and the college says barclays has an event earlier in the day and there are no timeslots available. the alleged scandal involving ed mangano may have been a hoax.
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evidence that mangano exchanged sexually explicit text messages with a local marketing is added. however, there is still a mystery about where the communications came from. >> the evidence that i have and the investigation that i did shows that mr. manteno and mrs. cairo did not affect each other. with the evidence i have, the phones were not hacked or spoofed. >> mangano argued that his phone was asked. -- was hacked. that controversy reignited the issue of spoofing. >> so we wanted to find out exactly what it is and who's using it. dick brennan explains. >> now please enter the number you want to use. >> spoofing has grown rapidly in recent years. >> reporter: they are easily downloaded apps that let you
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text, even change your voice. >> nice meeting you. enjoy the rest of your day. >> reporter: spoof card is one of the apps. company vice president says caller privacy. maintain your identity the way >> reporter: it has other features. to disguise who, where you are, over sleep, make it sound like you're stuck in traffic. medical clinic director daniel lidar uses it a different way to collect unpaid bills from patients who ignore his calls. he puts their own office number in caller id but when they pick up, it's not their employer. it's him. >> most of the time, i get a good response. it works well. >> i don't see anything positive with it whatsoever. >> reporter: paul viola says there's a dark side to spoofing . >> what is the purpose? very plain and simple, to intentionally deceive others. end of story.
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spoof card has been used for malicious purposes but says those instances are rare. >> a valuable service that helps people and it does far more good than harm. >> reporter: there have been some arrests resulting from improper use. the company says it cooperates with law enforcement and has its own fraud unit to help cut down on any abuses. dick brennan, cbs2 news. a 60-year-old woman is fighting regulators in the uk to try to fulfill her late daughter's dying wish. she wants to use her daughter's frozen eggs to give birth to her own grandchild. the 28-year-old daughter froze her eggs when she was diagnosed with cancer did it when she was -- five years before she died. authorities won't release her eggs because she never left a written consent. if successful, the 60-year-old woman would be the first person in the world to become pregnant using a deceased daughter's eggs. doctors tell us it is risky.
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there is a significant increased risk of miscarriage and other complications. >> the mother lost her case in high court in britain. it is now being considered in appeals court. talk about a swinging temperatures, chilly again. let's get our exclusive forecast with lonnie quinn. on the westside, lonnie, we see the wind flapping the winds on your hat there. >> nice hat. >> reporter: my dog years here? i didn't have to travel too far air. like you said, i'm on 57th center. with the mobile weather lab parked right here on the curb slash sidewalk. take a look at the top of the mobile weather lab, everything out there serving a purpose, collecting rain information, wind speed, i've got all kinds of equipment i'm using at my disposal here. if you can bring you down, i've also got and monitors.
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now, temperatures and how they are dropping. a big swinging temperatures, wait until you see what today's high temperature was. a different perspective on the city, 38 degrees, officially in new york city. i know we're coming in at 39.4. you've got clouds overhead, right now wind gusts up to 30. my headlines look like this: addressing the kiddies tomorrow, hats, scarves and gloves. dress for winter. a cold morning, single-digit feel for some of you out there. and then we're talking about the chance of 60s by the time you get to monday. 61 degree reading officially today, 17 above the average. morning. the day. as you wake up tomorrow, 30 degree reading on the thermometer. son is out but only feels like 15 to 25 degrees. some of you could be feeling like sleep -- feeling like single digits.
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sunshine yes, but don't be fooled. it's going to feel cold all day long. it may never feel like you get above the freezing mark. the radar picture shows you a few snow flurries in the area. right now, more snow to come, does not hold itself together. passes through, sunshiny day for your day tomorrow. friday's high, 38. the sun, saturday, real cold morning saturday. 25 up to 40 degrees. the sunshine with us. sunday, 56 degrees and monday, some of you could find 60. i'll go 57 in the city, tuesday is our next chance for precipitation. i know i'm catching some great about the dog years, but i wore this had for our sister station broadcast at 9:00 a.m. i have horrible have had. that's why i was wearing it. back to you. >> if you're not careful, you could fly away with that thing. >> the flying nun. >> very exciting.
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sports is next. steve ecn for otis tonight. a rod is here. >> he's winning people over
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this could be a milestone year for one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game. alex rodriguez is about -- about to embark on the next leg of the quest for immortality. just 13 away from joining the 700 homer club, exclusive group that only includes babe ruth, hank aaron, barry bonds. his revival at the age of 40 brings elevated expectations at the plate and in the clubhouse this year. otis livingston has more. >> reporter: a year ago, alex rodriguez was just coming off a season-long suspension for ped use. the four he could pick up a bat, he had to answer a barrage of questions. >> nothing more painful to be fired and then have an opportunity to come back and try to do things the right way. >> last year was extremely challenging to come into. difficult one. i prepared tremendously hard. didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: no one knew what to expect. >> there it goes.
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>> reporter: not the monster 33 home run, 86 rbi season, turning the booze into cheers. >> i saw 12, 14 home runs, 80 games. that was a fair handicap. i didn't know what to expect. i know i came in hungry. i couldn't believe what happened. >> just his love of the game. he wanted to perform at a high level and he did. he was big for our offense. look at the production and the on-base percentage, he was really big for our club. >> reporter: now he's back with less baggage, hoping to take the yankees on a trip to the fall classic. >> we have one goal, that's to win a world championship. last year was the start of something good. really excited about our young players and helping them develop their skills in new york. we have unfinished business into this year. >> reporter: a rod feels great but unlike mark teixeira, he won't be playing until he's 45. he would ask if you would be
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he said may be, his daughter's teams are at the boys and girls club. reporting from tampa, otis livingston, cbs2 news. >> orders will have more tomorrow, making his way back to port st. lucie. mutually baseball is changing its rules, find out
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some are calling this the chase utley rule. baseball has rewritten a role put under the microscope after ruben tejada's leg was broken. baserunners will not be allowed to change their path. they must make a bona fide slide. umpires will have the ability to call the baserunner and the better out. the rangers, the dry spell is a thing of the past. they have won eight of 11, the beach st. louis tonight. they are fifth in goals per game, the go-ahead go in the third ends up being the game- winner, 2-1 is the final. the notes waved just -- joe johnson. he forfeited $3 million to allow himself to be a free agent
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maybe the heat, maybe the cavs. you never know.
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if you haven't liked the cbs new york patriot, make sure you do. head over to >> is there any way to battle germs? we went straight to the columbia school of nursing. holding your breath when someone sneezes is basically pointless. also worthless to wipe a cuff -- to wipe a cup after drinking after someone who was sick. i don't know why you'd want to do that anyway. hand sanitizer is a godsend but reminds us that warm soap and water is the best. for more advice, head to >> or runaway. >> or live in a bubble. thanks for joining us tonight.
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