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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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time for a segment of mean tweets from donald trump's account. >> lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. the problem is, he is a choker and once a choker always a chocker. [ laughter ] >> he misspelled it chocke. >> once a choker, always a choker. it never changes. the guy who misses the kick, when he misses the first one you have to get rid of it. once a choker always a choker. >> reporter: so what does all this mean for the race? some experts are already handicapped. >> i look at the vote for example in the new hampshire primaries. >> reporter: this person from stony brook university predicted the winner of the presidential election popular vote every time since 1996. now his choice? >> donald trump will win the next presidential election by a substantial margin that puts it at something like 97% certainty. >> reporter: there are those who say don't bet on it. but who knows?
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momentum coming out of last night's debate. the question has all this bickering change the dynamic? the challenge for rubio can he it's coming up fast. >> 97% certainty. i'd like to see that math. >> okay. >> they really kept this under wraps this trump and christie endorsements. no one expected it. >> people are saying the moment they walked out. it's very hard to do as now. there were some more bomb lockdowns at several bergen county high schools today. new jersey lawmakers and police say they have a plan to swatting. cbs 2's ilana gold explains what they plan to do. >> reporter: police surrounded and evacuated teaneck high school this morning after investigators say a computer- generated message was called in talking about a bomb threat and threat to kill students. detectives now call it a hoax. >> whoever is doing it has to
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i have a test. we had to walk out of the test. it's disrupting. >> reporter: the same call went to high schools in bergenfield, hackensack, mahwah and another town. >> my child wants to go home. so i'm here just to get her. whatever makes her comfortable. >> she doesn't feel safe? >> yeah. i mean, who would? >> reporter: police say their responses to the hoaxes is costing taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. they are trying to stop it but it's a challenge. >> it requires technology to trace the calls and see where they originated from. >> reporter: mahwah police chief says those phone numbers are internet-generated and untraceable. he tells us police departments in bergen county along with school leaders and prosecutors will meet in march to find ways to crack this technology and find out who is behind it. >> it's quite possible that this call wasn't made from the state of new jersey. it may have been made from the west coast or from europe.
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new law in new jersey goes into effect that increases penalties for swatters bringing 5 to 10 years behind bars and up to a $150,000 fine. >> it's great to make it a felony but it doesn't accomplish much until you can charge it and have the penalties imposed. >> reporter: the real issue tracking down whoever is causing these scares. in teaneck, new jersey, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> schools in stamford, connecticut have dealt with similar scares this week. the mayor sent a letter to the governor asking for stricter laws. he would like extending prison time and holding offenders responsible for the cost of police response. age accidental bump on the subway led to a man getting slashed in the face. now police are looking for the suspect in the latest case of city slashings. it happened this morning inside the station at 57th and seventh avenue in midtown. a 60-year-old man was boarding the train when he bumped into the suspect. after an argument, police say the suspect pulled out a knife and slashed him. he called the police when he
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side. >> i saw the ambulance over here and the cops pulled up behind him and they went right into the ambulance. somebody must have been in there injured. >> the victim was taken to lenox hill hospital where it took six stitches to close the wound. the former chief of suffolk county's police department pleaded guilty to charges he beat up a suspect and then tried to cover it up. james burke was arrested in december. today he admitted he used unreasonable force when he slapped and hit the man who stole a bag from his suv. prosecutors say burke then asked officers to lie about it. under the plea deal, burke is expected to serve up to 51 months behind bars. a mother accused of going on a spending spree with a disabled daughter's medical malpractice settlement money. the woman faces charges for the theft of more than $65,000 of her 11-year-old daughter's funds.
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right arm from a nerve injury. she used money intended for her daughter for items including liposuction, tummy tuck and trip. she could get 15 years in prison if connected with. massive hiv and hepatitis scare in new jersey. we are hearing from one of the patients involved tonight. arlene was one of the more than 1,000 people just informed she might have been exposed to the illnesses. she was treated with intravenous drugs at shore medical center about two years ago. the hospital now says during that time it a pharmacist was switching vials so he could steal medications like morphine. the patient may have come into contact with that now former employee's blood. >> i'm going what, what, what? i'm going through this paper -- this can't be right. i must have reread this letter three times. it just seems like en we should have known about this before now. >> she got tested and she is fine. it is a medical first in the united states. it could give new hope to women who never thought they
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cbs 2's scott rapoport has all the details on the break- through uterus transplant. >> reporter: it is a groundbreaking medical procedure doctors at the cleveland clinic performing a uterus transplant. a 26-year-old woman with ufi which prevents her from being able to carry a child. she received the womb from a deceased donor during a nine- hour surgery and tonight is reportedly in stable condition. >> offers you the opportunity to have a baby, which is clearly a very special thing for many women. >> reporter: the doctor is a gynecology surgeon at langone. she says uterine factor infertility affects thousands of women worldwide born without a uterus, lost their uterus or it doesn't function. in these cases, even iv.
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for these women, the prospect of a uterus transplant could offer hope. >> it can be very important for women who have no options and no opportunity to have children on their own. >> reporter: this procedure is part of a clinical trial doctors at the cleveland clinic saying they will perform 10 such procedures on women with ufi. doctors say there are many steps involved in all this. among them, before the procedure the recipient's eggs are harvested and frozen for implantation later in the new uterus. over 12 months the transplanted uterus heals. after that, the frozen embryos are em planted one at a time until the woman becomes pregnant essentially ivf. if it works after one to two babies the recipient has a hysterectomy to remove the transplanted uterus so she can stop taking antirejection medicine which could have side effects. encouraging? >> encouraging. novel. you know. it's always good to have more options.
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women with ufi to experience pregnancy for the very first time. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> the first success of the transplant was done in sweden in 2014. a plan to change airline restrictions at westchester county airport has hit a rough spot. that airport in white plains is currently limited to 480 passengers an hour but the county executive wants to replace the limit with a daily cap saying it's needed to accommodate increased traffic during peak travel times. some residents in surrounding communities very concerned. >> the airport is big enough to support the same number of runways and terminals. it's got as much land as laguardia or more. i'm terrified. >> all we're trying to do is make it more convenient and accommodate two changes in technology. >> the county legislature will review the request next week. governor cuomo announced plans today to reduce the threat of coastal erosion on fire island. the joint state and federal
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coastline along the most vulnerable areas. 20,000 cubic yards of sand from a stockpile at robert moses state park will be used to build temporary dunes. following superstorm sandy the threat of erosion along fire island has increased. today marks the anniversary of the first bombing of the world trade center. a memorial was heads on the north side of the 9/11 memorial itself. it was 23 years ago today a truck bomb was donated in the parking garage under the north six people were killed. more than 1,000 people were injured most of them in the chaos following the blast. next, a view from above. the coast guard releases new video of a daring rescue off the waters of queens. >> also, a curious deer gets a lesson it won't soon forget at a new jersey school. >> looking at the radar showers out there. could this have anything to say about your weekend?
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>> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," new information about what may have triggered that deadly shooting rampage in kansas. >> scott pelley is here now live. hi, scott. >> reporter: hi, kristine, maurice. great to be with you. so many people killed, so many more wounded. we have learned today what may have been the thing that triggered the gunman's rage. we'll have that and the campaign news for you just ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> thank you. we'll see you at 6:30. >> and still ahead right here at 6:00, double duty. meet a westminster show dog
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impressive. frightening close call to show new new jersey. take a look. an nj transit change going to hoboken from suffern hit a car on the tracks at the midland park crossing at 8:20 this morning. authorities say the car had been stuck on the tracks at midland avenue. none of the 575 train passengers or the four people in the car were injured. some new coast guard video shows a dramatic rescue off the coast of queens. see here one man being lifted into a helicopter yesterday morning. one by one all 7 fishermen were rescued after their boat ran aground. the first rescue attempt was halted when a coast guard boat
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on board had to swim to shore. rescuers are okay. a deer learns a lesson she will not soon forget at a new jersey middle school. this curious creature gave quite the scare to student and middle school. the doe apparently jumped through an unlocked window right into the main office. local wildlife experts say she is about a year old. neighborhood for days. bergen county animal control skate sedated her and took her away. last week we met the top dog at westminster. now we meet wyatt who has been to the show five times. but as cindy hsu shows us his day job is more impressive. >> reporter: here's wyatt at westminster but his real job is service dog to his owner janice who has a seizure disorder. he is also a therapy dog for anyone who needs him. maria sarin tino was brought to tears remembering her own dog. >> hello, girl. >> oh. >> i know, maria.
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>> yeah. >> that's a wyatt move right there. >> reporter: the 7-year-old dog goes from resident to resident at the oakland rehabilitation and healthcare center. >> his real name is grand champion champion rambo's gunfight at the o.k. corral, jcscaom. >> reporter: you can just call him wyatt. were you surprised to hear he has been at westminster five times. yes. i watched the dog show. i didn't realize that was wyatt. now he will be a star and i will have to follow his career. >> reporter: which includes helping children with special needs. janice started the nonprofit group merlin's kids which rescues and rehabilitates shelter dogs into service dogs for children and veterans. ben is autistic and wyatt visits him as he waits for his own service dogs. his parents say it's normally very hard to keep ben calm and get him to sleep peacefully. >> noticed while he was sitting down with him, he is
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and ben needs to be a little calm because ben can be a handful. >> i feel like it's closing my eyes. >> reporter: he dreams of getting a service dog as wonderful as wyatt. >> i would feel so happy. >> janice is amazing. she is sent from heaven with what she got for the dogs. not only does she rescue dogs, she saves people's lives. agree. in allendale, new jersey, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> hm. that. >> so majestic. beautiful. >> it's special. it's like they had this whole other language that we don't know anything about. >> a lot of sense. credit for. lonnie quinn has the forecast. up? >> it's going to be real nice this weekend and then we'll drop back down with a little cold air at the end of next week but there's the
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snap of cold air that we may stuff. there today. right now, plenty of you are below the freezing mark. 30 around clifton. 30 in lebanon. 29 up in west milford. that's adam in middletown. good-looking sky. everybody has a good-looking sky. it's cold. wind blowing, as well. take off 5 to 8 degrees for the wind chill. new york city right now 32 degrees. take off 4 for the wind chill there, feels like 28. it was a nice clear sky and it's going to be colder tomorrow morning than it was this morning. morning. but even colder so saturday morning. the winds will be dying down. that's a good thing. your weekend. tomorrow, you'll have the sunshine hit 42 degrees. that same sunshine stays in place for sunday.
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some of you could see that 60- degree mark for sunday. a real good-looking dade. 39 was the high today 31 the low. we'll be colder tomorrow morning. looks like new york city going to start off at 25 degrees. that 25-degree mark in the city, goodness, that's the lowest one i can find anywhere in the area. starting off at 13 in liberty. what will the winds be doing? they are going to be backing down. right through the nighttime hours plenty of folks with gusts at 25 miles per hour or stronger than that. montauk a gust over 30 miles per hour. then you get into the morning. now you're walking out saturday morning, sun is out. looking pretty good. temperatures -- i showed you they are on the cold side but the winds at least are now down between, say, 5 to 15 miles per hour. not as strong out there for tomorrow morning. it's going to be cold and i don't think we see any snow flurry out at the great lakes. just not our situation.
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activity pushing on around the pacific northwest for a late monday. chance of some precipitation maybe better chance though on wednesday. here's how we see it.42 saturday, 58 sunday, 60 in new york city on monday. late monday going into tuesday a little bit of a chance for a shower out there. high temperature on tuesday 54. wednesday would be a better bet to see some wet weather at 51. and then thursday and friday, now we go back to your mid- and upper 30s out there. so the cold air comes back. but again after that snap, the signs are there's not a guarantee but the signs are right now leaning towards that being the last cold snap. >> all right. time to change it. thank you. new york city council is looking to ban chewing tobacco at ballparks. the city's health department is back the legislation saying roughly 400 some odd thousand kids nationwide try smokeless tobacco every year after seeing pro athletes use it. the city hopes to have a ban in place by opening day at yankee stadium and citi field. both the yankees and the mets
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and both the yankees and the mets are in florida for spring training. otis livingston is also there. today he is in port st. lucie. otis? >> reporter: hey, kristine. yoenis cespedes ups the ante in his own game. we'll check the newest car in his collection. and it was a rough finish to the season last year for the yankees. >> coby ellsbury. how will -- jacoby ellsbury. how will he bounce back?
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all right. i can't wait to see this. otis livingston joins us from mets camp. what's the latest? >> reporter: kristine and maurice,february 26, 2016, you can see it's the day that the mets officially begin defense of their national league title and set out to get back to the world series and hopefully win it this time. the first full squad working out together today down here in port st. lucie, florida. some of the sights, matt harvey with the bullpen
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walker getting reps in the infield and the manager terry colin, okay, overseeing everything. the thinking amongst the team is while it's not going to be easy to get back to the fall classic they have the talent on the roster to do so. >> i think guys come in with more confidence. the organization comes in with more confidence but nothing changes because our expectations are high last spring training. they are going to be the same this spring training. no matter what, you know, going on outside of this clubhouse, um, you know, the confidence and the think that was just the >> it's awesome. today obviously the first official meeting with everybody in there and you look around the room and there's a lot of talent a lot of positivity towards not only this camp but the season and we're all excited. >> meanwhile over in tampa the yankees with their second day of full squad workouts and let's face it if they're going to have a successful season, they're going to have to have a big season out of that centerfielder jacoby ellsbury.
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he is in the third year of a 7- year, $151 million deal. he has been injury prone in his first two seasons in new york and after a strong start last year he struggled down the stretch. the low point, joe girardi leaving him out of the line-up in the wild card play-off game. ellsbury says he is ready for a fresh start. >> i mean, i basically, you know, didn't take anytime off in the off season. just got back right into the training right into the lifting. um, and, um, yeah, i mean, i feel strong. i feel excited. >> reporter: all right. and finally tonight, our daily check of cespedes and what kind of wheels he is rolling into the mets complex today. it's been an epic week so far. today a customized 2016 jeep wrangler valued up to $85,000. check out the rims and interior. you can see the theme.
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know there are some who may see he is too flashy spends too much but through his customizer alex vega he says as a poor kid from cuba he has put in the work to have this hobby. [ speaking spanish ] >> being a kid he never thought he was going to be here in the united states. [ speaking spanish ] >> after he got here, he saw the possibilities that he could have whatever he wants. so he worked hard for it. >> reporter: and they say that tomorrow's car is going to be the best of the week. stay tuned. reporting live from port st. lucie, florida, otis livingston. back to you. >> thank you.
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back in just a minute. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern.
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coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, a mother and daughter sprayed in their faces by a stranger. that's just the beginning of this bizarre crime. the search for the suspect who just added a new victim to his list. >> you want to be 120? i spoke to scientists and
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of their seniority. have a great weekend. see you at 11. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> pelley: the campaign deteriorates. >> donald trump is a con artist. >> pelley: and the front-runner get an endorsement no one saw coming. also tonight, zika virus is confirmed in nine pregnant women in the u.s. one child has a birth defect. the deadly shootings in kansas. what might have triggered the rampage and the hero cop who stopped him. and steve hartman with the duck. >> i'm his mom. >> reporter: you're not really his mom. >> yup, i'm his mom. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this may go down as the week the party of lincoln devolved into a crippling civil war of the own. there was nothing grand in the


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