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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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the airport right now, 40 miles per hour winds. right now 35 in the city, we're close to that 40-mile max there for parts of the island. let's just do to map and tell you about what we anticipate as far as the real feel or wind chills numbers starting at around 6:00, wind chills below freezing in the 20s across the board and then wait there is more. it stays cold. wind chills tomorrow morning between 10 and 18 degrees so a really cold way to wrap up the day then we're going to focus on white weather to wrap up the week, we'll talk more about that. new yorkers said they've had it with slashings on the subway. marsha cramer has more on the new plan. shootings and murders are down so you've lost interest in them, when was the last time any reported on that.
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william bratton and mayor deblasio have been on the defensive in slashing and stabbing incidents saying people shouldn't worry because most were not random. >> i fully understand many new yorkers are concerned is could something happen to them. now that people are worried and the slashings have continued they've taken action putting more cops on the subways at night. the plan, to reduce murders and shootings have been in effect for weeks, it puts more cops on the trains during the 8 p.m. and 4 p.m., and midnight to 8 a.m. tour since strategic response group to targeted stations and cops assigned aboveground are being asked to stop into subway stations in their command and walk the platforms. 645 slashing and stabbing incidents since january 1st compare today 536 for the same period last year. in the transit system alone 15 slashings this year compared to
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subway riders had this reaction to the new action plan. >> the police make me feel safer. people feel more protected and of course those doing the damage will feel they'll get caught. do you think it will make a difference? i do believe it will make a difference because like we all need protection from everyone getting slashed out here. now to campaign 2016 the candidates are back on the trail after super tuesday primaries hillary clinton and donald trump came out big winners but the rivals have no plans to get out of the race. here is a look at the delegates trump leads with 315, and 1033. andrea grymes is here with more. chris and mary, hillary clinton and donald trump each won 7 states last night, there has been so much talk about the republican establishment trying to stop the trump train but the voters are not listening to the
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give trump resounding victories. >> another night of cheers and celebration for donald trump. he wrapped up the most super tuesday first place finishes among the gop but also gave some credit to rival ted cruz. it is really been great. i want to congratulate ted on the winning of texas, he worked hard on it, i know he hard he worked actually. trump won seven states including the home state of texas and bringing his total to 3. marco rubio won minnesota the first victory of the campaign. both cruz and rubio trying to make the case that they are the one who can take on donald trump. he is trying to exploit people who are hurting that he is fighting for the little guy. donald trump has never fighting for the little guy. head to head, our campaign beats donald trump resoundingly. >> last night trump called himself a unifier saying he is prepared to work with anyone.
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with congress, paul ryan, i'm sure i'll get along great with him. he is going to have to pay a big price. >> cbs political analyst says trump's momentum has stunned the establishment. >> i talked to republican leaders yesterday who said maybe our best course now is trying to figure out some way to have an open broker convention, we've got to figure out some way to stop donald trump from getting to the magic number. on the democrat side, hillary clinton came up big winning 7 states. she targeted trump's slogan in her speech. >> we know we've got work to do, but that work, that work is not to make america great again, america never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. clinton's challenger bernie sanders won four super tuesday
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the remaining 35 head to the poles. let me assure you that we are going to take our fight, everyone of them. clinton takes her fight back to new york today with the rally tonight at the jacob javotz center on the west side. the republican candidates head to detroit for their next debate tomorrow night. andrea grymes thank you. a former nypd office is dead after a shoot out in a dallas suburb. the officer worked with the nypd for five years before moving to texas. he was responding to a call of shots fired at a park near an elementary school and the suspect open fire. he died in the hospital. a suspect. happening now the driver accused of killing an off duty nypd officer appeared in court. new jersey turnpike. cbs 2 janelle burrell is live in elizabeth at the union
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a lot of details in this case, still unclear. did that officer have his gun drawn at the time he was killed and did the driver who hit him was he completely at fault. well today in court, his attorney, the driver's attorney says that he is innocent of the charges against him. >> william espinal-mejia standing behind a plexiglass enclosure, his wife as he pleaded not guilty to the charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident. the 35-year-old accused of striking off duty nypd officer vincent harrison along the shoulder of a new jersey turnpike hitting and killing him with his car and not stopping. >> stay on the road, he left, he didn't pull over somewhere further down and make a phone call. he didn't get off the highway and make a phone call. he didn't drive to a police station and make a phone call. prosecutors say he had been involved in another fender- bender accident just before the
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he had gotten out of his car and apparently exchanging words with the other driver. according to investigators, officer harrison may have had his weapon drawn right before espinal-mejia hit him. mejia's defense attorney said he did make an attempt to help the officer but didn't want to jeopardize his own family safety. >> after it happened, espinal- mejia, to the individual at which point a tractor trailer came down and started to jackknife and it was just a very, very dangerous situation he had his wife and cousin in the car. officers say espinal-mejia surrendered when he showed up in his home in linden new jersey. and colors remained draped over the doorway where officer harrison worked not far from where he grew up.
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the funeral. he was one of the officers trying to do good, trying to make a difference. now a judge has set bail at $100,000, 10% cash bond. espinal-mejia is a native of the dominican republic but is an american citizen, if he does make bail he'll be expected to surrender his passport. reporting live this afternoon in elizabeth new jersey, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. thank you. was it a case of ski rage? a doctor accused of assaulting a boy on a ski slope pleaded, he appeared before a judge the 44-year-old was skiing with his son at the mountain creek resort on valentines day when a 12-year-old snow border ran into them. police say he punched the boy in the mouth and hit him with a ski pole. the attorney said the doctor had no intention of harming the boy. an update a long island village voted to stop new e-
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for business, officials approved a moratorium on vaping lounges, saying too many health questions remain unanswers. vape shop owners say they are safe and misunderstood. dozens have opened on south shore. the royal caribbean anthem of the seas is cutting another trip short. arrived in its home port last month, got caught in the severe storm off of north carolina on saturday royal caribbean they would return to avoid another storm in the same area, there is also a norovirus outbreak aboard the ship, and royal caribbean said that had nothing to do with the decision to return. a manhattan woman accused of milking hundreds of thousands of dollars from elderly men how police say she used her charm to support her fancy tastes. and a plane debris could
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malaysia airline flight that disappeared years ago. a toddler falls out on an interstate, inch away from speeding cars. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
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. a manhattan woman accused of draining the retirement savings for luxury cars has been caught.
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was a fortune hunter. tony reports. >> reporter: the da says it happened in washington heights. older men approached in restaurants and coffee shops by a charming woman investigators say before long she gained her money. >> there was a lot of people trying to scam older people these days. very sad. >> yeah it is because these people worked hard for their money. >> 44-year-old, accused of ripping off three men who lived alone. an 81-year-old church musician and former college professor. she allegedly played on their good nature with false stories of an abusive husband and children who died young the da says evans took $400,000 spent on clothes and convertible. more than 10 years ago when
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married a man in his 80s. he was nathan sparrow died in 2006. evans still lives in his apartment paying $300 a month. one neighbor reacted to the criminal charges. i'm not terribly surprised. >> why do you say that? >> it seems to be the nature of who she is. >> now she is in jail the da says her alleged victims paid a high price for her friendship. cbs 2 news. new at noon, a possible clue into the search for the missing jet with 239 people on board, investigator are trying to determine whether a piece of wreckage that washed a shore came from the plane. the debris was part of the right hand stabilizer came from a boeing 777, same type of plane as the malaysia jet, there is no record of a missing boeing 777. from an increase in pickpocket incidents to subway
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of worry about before you even get to work, but once you safe? you plop your belongings down at your desk and don't think twice about get them? well think again. >> the u.s. chamber of commerce said 3 out of 4 employees are stealing something from each other or from the company itself. wallets office supplies even lunches swiped by the people, you may know sitting right next to you tonight at 11, what the companies and colleagues are doing. scott kelly. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> hear from the astronaut who is back home after living a year in orbit.
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and snow in the forecast. . take a look at this frightening video of a toddler caught in the path of oncoming traffic the boy falls in the back of a minivan as his grandfather derived down a highway in china. they pulled over and helped the boy, the grandfather didn't realize the child had fallen on to the road, his van was rear ended recently and the door was
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astronaut scott kelly will fly back home to houston later today after an out of this world trip. >> scott kelly back on mother earth. >> scott kelly gave a thumbed up last night moments after landing last march kelly flew to the international space station, conducted countless experience for long duration trips, spent an unprecedented 340 days in orbit. >> i'm definitely encouraged on our ability to go even longer. you know even though i look forward to coming home and there is things that i miss, i felt like if it was for the right reason i clearly could have stayed. >> kelly beat his closest u.s. contenders in terms of times in space by 125 days the world record by the way of 438 days in space was set by a russian doctor and that was in the 90s. incredible trip with the pictures, if you follow him on
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sun rises have been incredible. at least we know one question, hair growth in space. >> we had rain this morning and we have wind, you we have snow on the way what is up? snow is on friday, it is windy and cold today. paul is trying to do work on the roof here, forget about it. it will blow you away, make sure you are ready for that. there is stuff blowing around and the chill and the thrill is out there. so numbers, you know almost just academic, it is a little warmer south and east than north and west, 42 with a gusty wind feels a lot colder than that, but storm steve wants to know about this snow. friday morning that's going to be the busy period do appreciate all the photos just a great way to show how windy it is with old glory and i appreciate this. a lot of garbage cans flying around stuff is in the treat, thinking this weather is for the birds. so let's talk about it. we've got cool conditions today and tomorrow that will kind of prime the atmosphere for the possibility of some of that
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look at that camera, that's the camera he should be working on but can't because it is just blowing around. 40 wind out of the northwest, screaming to 35 miles per hour. numbers around the area, 39 in middletown, morristown, low 40s for the jersey shore noted to the east it is still in the mid-40s expand the view look at the cold air up state, we're going to tap into some of that tonight and these numbers compared to yesterday it is a lot colder off to the west look at that pittsburgh look at the drop from day to day so when you do the math the wind chill in the city is 33. wind chill in albany, 13 degrees wind chill in buffalo is just 9. 55 the high for the books that was at midnight, 45, below that already. 72, your records sunsets at 5:00, 49. sunsetting on meteorological winter, the average temperature is 5.9 above normal that means it is the second warmest one on record. but not today.
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and cold, some snow off to the west, that's really not the feature you have to look even further to the west here is what it means your day today dry, windy, cold, thursday is cold, clouds will thicken by early friday morning that's when you see evidence of a little built of snow. now the models are hinting that it takes its time so yes, it's through the morning commute but now we could see that snow linger into the afternoon and even for parts of the island into the evening as well so that could slow you down, it shapes up on saturday, still not talking about a lot half an inch to maybe 2 inches but it is the timing. it is going to slow you down on friday, then there is a recovery, you're back in the 40s, another weak system early sunday and then it is a spring preview, we could be in the upper 60s by the middle part of next week. thanks, johnny. yellow peppers are some of
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grilled and pack a nutrient punch. >> here is your tip of the day. >> today's tip of the day is going to be what yellow peppers. yellow peppers in the market, not locally grown, the mild favor and the sweetness for this time of year, is fantastic. mixing it with all the other pepper colors, and you have a great pepper sandwich a little bit of sausage cheese, on nice sauer dough bread make sure they are yellow all the way around like mother nature put a lightbulb inside, make sure it is free from shriveling whatsoever, and when you bring them home store them in the refrigerator right away, yellow peppers great price. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy.
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>> victor: you're just another traitor! all of you are traitors! you think your lives will be better without me?! think again! you'll be nothing without me! nothing! >> nick: well, i guess that's that. >> victor: get out! you stand here, you condemn me?! you should spend that time thinking about life without me! get out! you are traitors, all of you! i said get out! i mean you! you turned against me! go ahead, paul. arrest me. see what their lives will be without me.


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