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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mayhem in midtown, sidewalks so crowded commuters are forced to walk through traffic just to catch their trains. exclusive cbs2 investigation. a horse takes off running through times square. police were able to catch up with it. officers surround a car after an explosion in the bronx. police say this was no accident. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. the latest on the breaking news, police responded to a car explosion at roberts avenue in the pelham bay section. they say to devices, one with a detonator, were found under the wheel well of a car. one of those devices went off deploying the car's airbag and then blowing out the back tires.
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the time but no one was hurt. cbs2 exclusive investigation, a dangerous free- for-all in the middle of the city streets. >> pedestrians risking their lives in a mad dash to make it home. now we are demanding answers from the city on this expanding problem. dave carlin live along seventh avenue where this has turned into a daily occurrence. >> reporter: what a scene. seventh avenue mobbed with people right out on the streets. we are demanding answers on what's causing this and why it's happening. what's going on here? king kong chasing these people? overdressed marathon? no. just a weekday evening on seventh avenue. >> you can't walk. it's crazy. >> nothing normal. >> reporter: people walking and running in this place they should avoid. because they are desperate to get home and seventh avenue sidewalks are so ridiculously clogged.
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a lot quicker. >> reporter: and a lot more dangerous. way too close to cars and trucks, bikes and buses. >> have you ever almost been hit? >> yes. >> pedestrians walking into the store earlier. >> the mayor needs to do something. >> reporter: a transportation expert calls this appalling. >> this is not acceptable. we should be providing adequate space for pedestrians to walk. >> the best solution is something many drivers would like. one less drivingly approaching penn station for three hours every evening. >> the city can create these temporary pedestrian walkways with traffic cones. >> reporter: at the intersection of seventh avenue and 34th alone, the city recorded 27 crashes with injuries over the past two years and those are only the ones serious enough to get reported. the department of transportation would only say
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and referred us to nypd which handles enforcement. even increased threat of getting jaywalking tickets will deter -- won't deter the runners. >> what are they going to do? >> reporter: try to stop you? >> they would have really angry you new yorkers. that is not going to happen. >> reporter: we see traffic cops in these intersections in rush hour but we see them focusing on the traffic, not so much people out there in the middle of the streets. in midtown, dave carlin, cbs2 news. now we have our eye on the storm, winter doesn't seem to want to quit. lonnie quinn tracking the diving temperatures from the weather center for us. >> everybody is below the freezing mark. 30 in the city, the warmest reading, edison at 31, monticello at 19, factor in wind gusts, about 20 miles per hour in new york city, feels like 22. monticello, feels like five degrees. and before tomorrow is done,
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25, feeling like 12. through your day. by 11:00 tomorrow night, we are looking at snow, actually making its way to the area, how exactly when? a little bit later in this newscast. maurice, back to you. a wild night in times square after an nypd horse got spooked and ran around on its own after tossing the officer who was writing it. tracee carrasco live now in times square. tracy? >> reporter: it was like a scene from the wild west, nypd horse got spooked by a loud noise, took off running through times square and ended up here at this parking garage. it happened around 7:45 tonight, at west 48th between seventh and sixth avenues. the horse bucked the officer off, then ran to sixth avenue,
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icon parking garage where the nypd mounted unit keeps its horses during breaks. the horse knew exactly where to go. the horse was not lose for very long but three vehicles were damaged during its escape including a yellow cab. >> when i looked up, i didn't see no officer on it. the seat was hanging off the horse. and they came here and went into the garage. then he was telling everybody to get out of the way. then he went down to the cul-de- sac where they go for their break. >> we got scared for the units. we moved away to the sides. some people were screaming. thank god nobody got hurt. >> reporter: thankfully there were no injuries but that officer was taken to bellevue hospital as a precaution. from times square, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. a female dunkin' donuts worker is the latest city slashing victim. 35-year-old ronald thompson walked up to the window and cut
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thompson is homeless, he is in custody. that attack happening only hours before the mayor and commissioner announced a new plan to take on subway slashings. the city will add patrols on trains at night and officers are assigned above ground, checking on subway platforms. after the announcement, mayor de blasio boarded a train himself, he wrote from city hall to transit headquarters in brooklyn. heartbreak and outrage from the family of a seven-year-old girl killed in a hit and run in west new york. the little girl's mother tries to put into words her unspeakable loss. she spoke with valerie castro. >> reporter: these parents are in a position no family wants to face. living through the death of their own child. jamie korea told me in spanish she will keep good memories of her daughter, a beautiful girl
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happy -- yeimy coria. she says this black suv hit them both, the driver as seen in the surveillance video gets out of the car, then takes off after seeing what he's done. when the driver looked at them, he only muttered an expletive and then left. fabian rodriguez and his wife joanna rosas-alvarez were arrested the same day. police said the couple tried to cover up the crime by return -- by reporting the car stolen. they both appeared in court today pleading not guilty. joanna rosas-alvarez seemed to cry during the proceedings. coria couldn't find the words when asked what she would say to the people who did this. as to where she'll find strength now, my daughter will give it to me, she said. my daughter will give me the
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the driver's sister says he is in the country illegally. she believes that may be why he panicked and drove away. he and his wife also have a seven-year-old child. kristine? >> heartbreaking, thank you. to campaign 2016 now, it appears been carson will end his presidential bid. saying there's no path forward to the nomination. the retired neurosurgeon had a poor showing in elections last night and trails by a wide margin. we will have more details friday when he speaks at a conference but his longtime business manager says carson will no longer actively seek votes. democratic front-runner hillary clinton returned to new york city after winning seven states. after a rally, mayor de blasio, governor cuomo and other politicians joined her onstage. then it was off to a fundraiser at radio city featuring jamie foxx and also elton john.
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they could, new video shows a team of thieves storming a store in 60 seconds. sick animals sold to unsuspecting families. what happened when we confronted the storeowner. the countdown to prison,
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every day. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. new surveillance video tonight, a team of these storming a houston gun store. they pull up with a large pickup truck, smash the windows and attach a chain to the doors. then they rush in, smashing a row of class cases, they grabbed handguns, police say they got away with at least 50 weapons, some of which they fear could end up on the black market.
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after a pet store has been shut down. the owner accused of knowingly selling sick animals and that's not all. jessica schneider has more now from middlesex county. >> reporter: i'm the shepherd thought she was bringing nine- month-old mini schnauzer dreidel home to start making years worth of memories with her two kids but less than 24 hours later, he was sick, running a 105 degree fever. 30 days later, dreidel died of a viral illness with no known cure. >> my kids talk about our dog that we've only had four such a short period of time but everyone got very attached. >> reporter: she purchased the dog at this now shut down pet store in east brunswick. the owner, vincent, is now sacked with 267 counts of animal cruelty. after officials say he repeatedly sold sick dogs to unsuspecting families. he denies he did anything wrong. >> every pet store has sick dogs. they get sick.
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>> reporter: there seem to have been a lot of sick dogs. >> there could be a lot of sick children at school. >> reporter: officials found three dead dogs in the freezer of the store. and sources say a 10-week-old german shepherd named gwen died days after authorities found her in an isolation room at the pet store. vets could not save her. >> not to buy from stores. live and learn. i didn't know how bad it could be. we got a really bad one. >> reporter: he runs four other stores here in new jersey and in new york. authorities say all of these stores are now being investigated. in emerson, jessica schneider, cbs2 news. >> very sad. reality tv stars joe and teresa giudice are opening up about family, prison and his possible deportation. she finished her sentence for bankruptcy fraud, now she's offering her husband some advice before he starts serving
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>> the biggest thing is don't trust anyone. >> that's the easy part. it's what they put you through before you go. as what they try to mentally and physically break you down. >> the couple from the real housewives spoke exclusively with entertainment tonight. new tonight you probably spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your family members. >> it's hard to imagine how one of them could steal from you but turns out, office thefts are on the rise and so too are creative ways to catch a cubicle quick. here is hazel sanchez. >> reporter: watch is this man rifles through his coworker's purse and pockets for cash. it may be shocking to think the person who sits next to you for eight hours a day could steal from you, but workers say it happens all the time. >> my phone got stolen at work today. >> if you are that hard up for cash, just ask me.
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unzip somebody's lunch bag, and take out there sandwich and eat it. who does that? >> reporter: apparently, plenty of people. prompting signs like this posted on countless refrigerators across the country. >> we've all been there. >> reporter: joe is a criminologist. >> u.s. chamber of commerce did a study, three out of every four employees are stealing something from each other or from the company itself. >> reporter: statistics show theft by employees costs company is as much as $40 billion a year which ends up affecting pay. >> the companies can't give employees raises. >> reporter: leonard bellino says many people who would never dream of stealing outside the office have sticky fingers at work. watch as this employees caught on camera leaving with an arm full of the company's paper towels and paper cups. >> it's the thrill of doing it and getting away with it. they feel underpaid. the way they are being treated.
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colleagues are getting trevor -- getting clever when it comes to catching thieves. these tiny cameras are being rigged to everything from pens to keys. and capturing incriminating videos. >> the company needs to come out with a policy. >> reporter: because employees steal to the each -- extent that management permits it, companies are except -- they are adopting zero-tolerance. >> one national retailer fired a worker for barwin a coworker's sweater overnight without asking. >> that's really unbelievable. >> bolts, right? a long home -- a long way from taking some paper cups home. >> i've never been exposed to that. >> especially when there are so many cameras around. >> the fear of god is in me. i'll never do that. [ laughter ] lonnie quinn standing by with news of some snow.
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that one time. >> my think one? >> it brought out my eyes. -- my pink one. >> weather watch is bringing in temperatures on the cold side. everybody out there below the freezing mark, let's go to connecticut, 29 right now from stan in greenwich. windy and cool today, felt like march. weight, it is march. you are onto something. you're going to see something of -- snow and real cold air, temperatures upper 60s, close to 70 within one seven-day forecast. it's a nice-looking sky overhead, no problems. freezing out, 30 degrees, the chill is 22. factor in wind gusts out there. 55 officially the high temperature, 45 would be the average. yesterday, i said the almanac is going to be deceiving by the because you're going to show
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day, the coldest temp with at all day long, it's going to continue to drop. the winds will still be with you in the morning. still gusting up there. they won't be with you by the afternoon. could be snow starting to knock on the door. 11:50 9 pm because i didn't -- the snow making its way in. i'll tell you how much in just a moment and then 70s are possible for some folks next week. the first thing on that list, the winds. 7:30, gusting 15 to 20 as a general rule for a good chunk of the area. then afternoon hours, winds have gone down to single digits for just about everybody. what about the snow chance? midsection of the country,. how it is playing out. more so like midnight tomorrow night, this would be into the overnight hours on thursday, 4:00 a.m., decent snow out there. 4:00 in the morning, then watch this. i'm stopping it right here at 3:30 to show you the signature
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the east and has a little bit more snow, south of new york city could see more snow as well because the center of the storm with the big precipitation is still down to our south, well to our south. if this changes, i'll be the first to let you know. we feel pretty confident of that particular track. maybe a trace for some folks, two inches or more for others. or more would be potentially south of the city. if there's no mixing involved especially east end of long island, you could have the biggest numbers. the numbers are not going to be all that big. numbers on the thermometer, 38 for thursday, 37 friday, wet snow mixed in, 42 on saturday, 46 on sunday. then you can tease ahead to wednesday at 66. those temperatures keep climbing. >> i love it. thank you. otis is here now with a look at sports.
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taking care of its female employees, a british company is allowing we can -- women to take time off during their time of the month. the policy is being put in place at a company called coexist. the manager of the community arts space max baxter feels the decision is good for business. she says if you work with your natural rhythms, your creativity and intelligence are both fulfilled. the host of the late late show sure has a style all his own. >> he does, he's showing it off on the cover of the wall street journal magazine march men's style issue. you can see him covered in fake tattoos for the photo shoot. he talks about the magazine or to the magazine about his tenure in late-night tv while the uk native is making himself at home in the u.s. oh, my. he says certain things are just
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>> bangers and mash? >> bangers and mash every time. >> boot or trunk? lift or elevator? >> why would you add syllables? >> to see more from the photo shoot, check out the wall street journal magazine on newsstands this sunday and catch him tonight and every weeknight on the late late show
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aroldis chapman apologized for using a gun in his incident, says he no longer owns firearms. his suspension begins on opening day. his yankees with their first game today, rough start, he didn't make it out of the second. grand slam by holiday.
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one of those stories that makes you think it can only happen in hollywood. a brush with death averted by the kindness of a hall of famer. too good to be true? it really happened to tom walker. >> gives you chills every time you think about it. >> reporter: the guzman moment? new year's eve 1972. his father tom was a good friend of roberto clemente. he was helping him pack food and supplies on a plane bound for nicaragua. in fact, walker wanted to join him on the plane and help deliver the supplies but was told he needed to go enjoy new year's eve by clemente. >> a coast guard cutter located the wreckage of a cargo plane in which superstar the -- roberto clemente and two others were killed. >> reporter: that twist of fate, neil walker would not have been here. so no surprise his father spoke so highly of the great demonte. >> the relationship my dad had with him was very strong. he gets choked up about it.
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humanitarian, cared deeply for people. that was normal for him. >> reporter: in another twist of fate, walker was born and raised in pittsburgh and wound up playing for his hometown pirates. with constant reminders of the man that saved his father's life enabling him to be born. >> saw his picture everywhere. he had a quote, the right-field wall was 21 feet high. i would always try to give it a tip every time i ran out to second base. something i hold close to my heart, every time i see clemente and the boys, i try to thank them for saving my life. sounds crazy but it's true. >> reporter: gives you goosebumps. klimenta story. i love that picture. e sttinrn aillewi uoa utox st anab. t 0 g lo a dnldspds
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cash money the biggest discount and understand... the dizzcounts. safe driver, paperless, paid-in-full, multi-car and joey fatone. savin' you five hundred i'm savin' you five hundred we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! thanks for joining us tonight. >> coming up next on show with stephen colbert octavia spencer and john stamos,
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coulier. ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> jon: stephen colbert! >> stephen: hey, everybody! hey, jon! hey! ( cheers and applause ) welcome to the show, everybody! thank you so much. thank you down here. thank you up there. thank you so much. good to see you. welcome to "the late "the late show" everybody. i'm stephen colbert.


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