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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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let's start talking a end about the issues that matter. >> something else must be i guarantee you there's no problem. >> from politics to personal appearance, marshall -- marco rubio and donald trump go head to head on just about every topic in another heated debate. >> first, bundling up for another blast of winter, snow already falling in some spots. could be looking at a missing morning commute. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. lonnie quinn is live with the mobile weather lab. lonnie? >> we're out here with the mobile weather lab, keeping our eye on the storm.
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storm, just the fact it could have slick spots in the morning. all of my equipment on the top of mobile weather lab, not being put to the test with the exception of the thermometer up there. we're bringing in a temperature reading of 36.3. that's right here on 57th. the park is at 34, 33. what's happening? right to the winter weather advisory that have been issued by the national weather service. only for ocean county, that started at 10:00 p.m. tonight. we'll go into 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. the radar picture shows you snow falling. areas like wayne over into portions of bergen county, then from toms river, over to trenton, a little slice of snow shower activity coming through. not talking big totals. we're looking at a trace to two inches or so, most likely to find that 2 range. tomorrow afternoon, this is long gone but still cold tomorrow. we are live with the mobile weather lab on the west side. let's go back to you inside.
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the republican debate stage tonight. candidates slugging it out, most of the pressure was on them trump. jessica schneider with the latest now on campaign 2016. >> reporter: it's the 11th debate for the gop candidates. while it started off collegial -- >> let's start talking about the issues. i'm ready to do that right here, right now. >> i also happen to call him a lightweight. i have said that. so i would like to take that back. he's not that much of a lightweight. >> reporter: it devolved into the usual bickering. this time about who's the best candidate to beat hillary clinton. >> of all people on the stage, he performs the worst against hillary clinton. >> wrong. i beat hillary clinton. i have not started on hillary yet. believe me, i will start soon. >> reporter: trying to fend off
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republican candidate romney telling voters to cast their ballot for anyone but trump. >> donald trump is a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> he was a failed candidate. he should have beaten president obama easy. he failed miserably. >> reporter: pointing out that he has won 10 contest so far, amassing 324 delegates to cruz's 230, rubio 111 and kasich, 25. john kasich making his case he's the only serious candidate. >> people say everywhere i go, stage. >> reporter: trumps facts coming under attack by moderators. >> your numbers don't add up. please put up fullscreen, more than a half trillion dollars, your numbers don't add up. >> reporter: ted cruz challenging trumps loyalty because of his past political contributions. >> donald trump in 2008 wrote four checks to elect hillary
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i'd like to ask donald, why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008? it wasn't for business. how can you stand already -- stain on a debate stage and think you shouldn't be -- >> reporter: tonight's debate comes at a crucial time for republicans and a nominating contest that has been anything but normal, four states vote on saturday, then primaries on tuesday leading up to the back -- next big calendar date, march 15 with florida and ohio. maurice and kristine, at the end of the debate tonight, rubio, cruz and kasich said they would support trump if he was the nominee. >> very lively conversation tonight. for sure. thank you, jessica. the man who set of hillary clinton's home computer system is now talking to the fbi. his name is brian pagliaro. 2000 emails sent and received through clinton's private server contain information that later became classified, he
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called for congress last year. break the law? it is a crime to knowingly mishandle information outside of channels. a quick thinking crime victim turns into a crime finer with the help of surveillance camera. the man recognized a suspect who allegedly broke into his house this week. cbs2's brian conybeare has the exclusive story. >> these lockers were all opened up. >> reporter: john describes his son's bedroom after a burglary. >> stuff all over the place. this little box he keeps his money in, it's open on the bed. the money is gone. i'm like, we've been ripped off, you know? >> reporter: video from a neighbors house shows the suspect walking down six place. >> when i came in, the guy was still in here. he bolted out the front door. >> reporter: you can see that on the surveillance video.
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sweatpants. at 11:30, john says he was driving on more lott avenue when he saw a guy walking down this sidewalk who looked like an awful lot like the suspect in that video. >> it looked just like the guy. so i go around the block and come around slow and i take his picture with my phone. >> reporter: john called police then had a surprise >> the guy approaches my car picture for? i said my house was robbed and you look like the guy in the video. >> reporter: the alleged burglar identified as abdullah taylor was cut by police hiding behind a car on 12th avenue in neighboring patterson. >> you get your house ripped off and it's a good feeling when they catch the guy. >> reporter: with a little help from the victim himself. brian conybeare, cbs2 news. a night of drinking ends with three nypd officers suspended without pay. newly promoted lieutenant and two detectives were involved in
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island last friday night. police tell us one of the detectives crashed into two cars and plowed into a hair salon on arthur kill road, investigators say the officers were celebrating a promotion at a bar next to the salon. a yellow cab driver is the latest slashing victim. he was slashed in the four head this morning in brooklyn. he says he picked up three men and one of them attacked before getting out of the cab. police arrested the three later after another man was attacked in the same area. update to a story we brought you last night, mayor de blasio addresses the need to better manage the crush of commuters flooding seventh avenue near penn station. every week night, commuters take to the streets trying to avoid jammed sidewalks. the mayor now says more than 200 traffic enforcement agents are being added to city intersections to help out. to give a lane of traffic over
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>> one proposal has been to give extra lane of traffic for the three hours from 5:00 to 8:00. >> to that's -- that proposal is worth looking at. >> right now there are no plans to issue tickets for jaywalking. the new transit hub opened today. the building is called oculus. commuters now have oculus -- access to one entrance to the pavilion. the rest will be open in the spring. the hub will connect port authority trans-hudson trains to new jersey with 11 new york city subway lines and also ferry service. oculus did open five years behind schedule and cost $3.9 billion. worried residents voicing concerns about a proposed third track for the long island railroad. hurt -- leaders heard from residents in a meeting. most are against the $1.5 billion project. it would add a third track to the lirr mainline in nassau county in order to increase capacity. many worried the work will take
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>> this project, they are going to tell you five years, we'll be looking at their trucks and their faces for 10 years. i don't think the project is right. i think you are going to hurt -- >> leaders say they plan to take residents' concerns back to the governor. bird droppings being blamed for three day shutdown at the indian point nuclear plant. last december the facility automatically powered down due to problems with high-voltage lines. a team of experts has now traced the trouble to what's known as bird streaming. plant managers are installing bird guards on the transmission towers. road rage taken to a new extreme. the brawl over a bike lane that was caught on camera and driver accused of taking things too far. leave me alone. >> elderly woman attacked.
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new jersey backyard looking
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some horses broke in. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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he came inside. he choked me. shut up and give me the money. >> a 91-year-old woman comes face-to-face with a gunman feet from her home. the woman says she was in the lobby of her apartment building yesterday afternoon when the robber attacked. >> i said please, leave me alone. i'm a sick woman. leave me alone. >> police believe this is the man who committed the crime. they released new surveillance video a short time ago. the suspect allegedly mugged a 71-year-old woman in her home on sixth avenue and prospect place a month earlier. new video tonight of a violent confrontation over a bike lane in chicago. a 19-year-old man recording video on the go pro camera called out the driver in an suv for being in the bike lane. that driver chased the teen down and attacked him. leaving him with a bloody eye.
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has not yet been found. a pet owner makes a disturbing discovery. new jersey police vote -- posted photos to their facebook page. sergeant's owner recently found a copper bb lodged in the dog's had. investigators are trying to find the person who shot sergeant with the bb gun at the owner's home on state highway 12 in kingwood township. a neighborhood in woodbridge looks more like an old ranch in the west after several horses got loose. the resin we spoke with believes the stable near her home owns the horses, she says they got in through a gap in the fence, they ended up in her backyard and got out into the street. shaw says the fence was broken by the strong winds last week. >> there was a fence built like that that was pretty strong. in the future, that would happen because horses are friendly but i want my kids to be secure.
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out of harms way. no animals or people were hurt. development in the war on breast cancer. researchers say they've discovered a way to stop the disease from growing and spreading in mice. cbs2's carolyn gusoff tells us what it means for humans. >> reporter: behind the scenes at the laboratory there are words you don't often hear in cancer research. >> it is a very significant breakthrough. >> reporter: words not taken likely. dr. david spector says it was a eureka moment when a new drug he and colleagues invested chewed up and destroyed aggressive and metastatic breast cancer cells. without harming healthy cells. his recently published findings explain the drug acts as a smart bomb, tested on mice, it seeks out and lashes on to what's called non-coding rna, a little understood cousin of dna in the cell nucleus. the rna destroyed, they discovered that's what breast
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>> the tumor totally changes from a very aggressive state to a far less aggressive state. and at the same time, metastasis which is the most critical aspect of this disease is reduced significantly. >> reporter: a cancer cell densely packed with rna but within weeks of treatment, much of it was gone. >> this is a very personal choice you have to make >> reporter: at the breast cancer hotline where survivor jeannie volunteers, it's too late for her mother and grandmother both young women who lost their battles with breast cancer. but there's new hope. >> it will take a few more years but i think it's going to happen. if it happens in my lifetime, it's a wow factor. >> reporter: researchers are cautiously optimistic, so much hinges on the next phase, testing on human tissue and clinical trials possible within three years. on long island, carolyn gusoff,
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time to talk about the weather and two you outside. >> lonnie quinn is standing by because we got snow on the way. not too much on the way. >> you're right. there's not too much snow involved. honestly though, the timing is not great. folks could make for some slippery spots while sleeping, keep that in the back of your head, the mobile weather lab, all my goodies up top, the data display right here shows you 36.1 degrees. keep in mind, 36 one -- between 10 and 11. that's where you get your official readings. at belvedere castle, the official reading, 34 degrees. we do have flurries in the area, not in manhattan right now but winter weather advisories, also in effect for ocean county and that's until 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. i have a sneaking suspicion that may get canceled before
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i don't think this is going to come together into a big storm. the radar picture currently showing us some snow in the area, zoom in and find snow falling, over to ramapo, down to the shore, falling from jackson to break, to neptune, pushing in the direction of toms river. the wider picture shows you decent snow is falling right now, around washington, dc stretching towards norfolk, virginia. i'll tell you if that portion of the storm wasn't ramping up right now, it's actually stealing some of the moisture from the portion of that front that's going to move through our area. see how it's much more organized around the mid- atlantic then it is off to the west of our area. so that's what we're dealing with. the more ragged portion as it pushes on through. so how much snow are we talking about? take a look, the latest information, the most aggressive model i can find, suggesting 0.7 for new york city, 1.8 for break. an inch for montauk. these are not the totals. if i give you a big broad
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say our area is looking at 0 to 2, a trace to two inches or so, most likely spots would be those areas in pink south of the city and off to the east. that's where i think you'd see the biggest numbers. futurecast shows the book back wants to stay to the south and east, so offshore, we get clipped by the edge of it. it will clear by tomorrow, late tomorrow afternoon. how is everything coming together? let's talk about the change, the change happens by wednesday of next week, that's when we tap into a southwest wind, temperatures will be 10 to 25 degrees above normal. you couldn't possibly establish a record on wednesday. the record right now in the books for wednesday is 69. i'm forecasting 69 for next wednesday. but if i see a little bit more guidance that's going to suggest 70, 71, i'll let you know. there are my numbers and i'm sticking with them, 38 tomorrow, and a little bit of snow.
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sunday morning possibility of seeing a few wet snowflakes, not going to be an accumulator. then i think we want to focus more so on what we can expect as a reward come wednesday. we are live here with my favorite vehicle in the whole world on the west side of new york city, back to you inside the studio. >> thank you. is this one the truth were a tall tale? scott kelly became a bigger man during his year aboard the international space station. we are told he actually gained two inches in height because his spine became elongated. although he didn't look any taller than his twin brother who met him on the tarmac in houston, could be the shoes, we don't really know. the effect is only temporary. >> one of our viewers heard us talking about that 5:00 -- she tweeted me and says, gravity on earth compresses the spine.
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so he's elongated. let's get over to steve. >> i'm ready to go out into space any time. a rough night for the rangers, more specifically, henrik lundqvist. he lost his cool against pittsburgh. hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis.
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yeah, that's why they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot
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iterguane.wel ri wn omedanseupoudeceto urewi-.swchowndet00egspdspl tanphe rju $.9a ntonneswcho tt. it tfi. steve is in for overs tonight. henrik lundqvist out of character tonight. >> not a site we normally see. he is known as a mild-mannered, cheerful and engaging guy. but he's also a fierce competitor. we had a rare glimpse of lundqvist having his button pushed. it displeased the king. lundqvist was run over by his own teammate who want of a whistle to stop the play, but was was not forthcoming. so he stopped the game himself by flipping the net over, that is a delay of game penalty. a short time later, the penguins turned a deficit into a 3-1 lead. lundqvist is beaten three times in 1:39, he did not return for the third period, the rangers
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muscle spasms. pittsburgh wins 4-1. don't you think it's time to put this winter kind us and watch baseball? not just talking about fielding practice but actual major league teams in a game with a score. the results don't matter but it doesn't mean we're not paying attention. we're also keeping an eye on daniel murphy in a nationals uniform, he would walk in his only at-bat against his former team, then he goes to third on this long bryce harper single. the defending mvp takes rafael palmeiro -- rafael montero off the ball, the nationals win 9- 4. murphy spoke about playing his former team after the game. >> really excited to see those guys. it's been the last day of the world series since i've been able to see any of them. i've been able to text the coaches and players. >> i'll go with baseball player. father. husband. the yankees playing their
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great sign here, alex rodriguez planting one over the fence on his first swing of the spring. the tone setter for a man who's going to be 41 in july and sits just 13 homers away from the coveted 700 club. carmelo anthony has admitted he should not have responded to a heckler. he didn't want to issue an apology but he did.
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welcome back. the devils are technically still alive for the playoffs but they need to go on a run. maybe it started tonight. they beat nashville in overtime. the islanders road trip has gone better than expected. kyle okposo dumps in the game- winner. the win was tempered by an injury on the ice. the isles have won five of six on the road, 4-3 in overtime. if there's one thing a team never wants to hear, it's their star player using their own or as a punchline. carmelo anthony did that when he lashed out at a heckler. to clear the air, they released a
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have responded. today we find out that melo didn't really think he should have had to apologize. this was his response when he was asked who prompted you to apologize? >> the knicks. it was mr. dolan decision. anything that happens in new york, i get blamed for. that's just the way it is. >> he called out his owner by name. win or lose, the knicks are always entertaining, aren't they? >> yeah. man, that was very candid. >> it was. we'll have to see how that sets with the front office. >> a collaborative effort. >> yes. [ laughter ] lemme get a mcpick 2 listen up!
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before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even deadly. yeah, that's why they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot may still need a booster. thanks for joining us tonight. >> up next, stephen colbert
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have a great night. (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show!" i am stephen colbert. thanks, everybody! thank you so much! (cheers and applause)


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