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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> crews were clearing snow from the pedestrian and bike path of the brooklyn bridge. >> this is a nuisance storm. it is off to the east and south. in ocean county we can see banding. that's where we'll see the most significant totals. we have a winter weather advisory in effect for another half hour. two to six inches when it is all said and done. a look into the future between now and 3:00 this afternoon. we should finally see it wrap up. the concern is going to be very cold air tonight. we could see refreezing. we'll talk about that and a big warm up next week coming up in bit. right now let's send it back to the desk. >> thank you very much. the snow this morning made for a slippery road situation and slushy commute. >> several inches of snow fell in parts of new jersey. >> reporter: here on the ocean
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inches of snow overnight and this morning but not cancel classes. no sleeping in for these students bundled up as they went to school. >> i thought they would not be opened. >> but not the case. >> yeah. >> are you dumbed? >> of course. >> reporter: some moms admitting to snow fatigue. >> we feel like we are in a snow globe. >> reporter: mostly grassy and elevated surfaces getting snow >> the roads seemed good. it was light. >> reporter: many are hoping this will be the last time we have to use shovels this season. at mark gellar's hardware store on main street the fertilizer display. >> itching for spring. yes. we are getting ready. >> reporter: while patty has
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a day like today. >>i'm not complaining this year. last year it lasted into april. >> reporter: she said a few more days of slush and coal -- for what's coming. >> reporter: all the snow on the playground means no recess for kids. they are looking forward to warmer temperatures next week. the snow is causing problems for passengers at our airports. united airlines passenger tweeted this picture of smoke in the cabin possibly caused by desizing fluid. the plane has been sitting at the gate for two hours. we are following breaking news in new jersey. at least seven schools have been evacuated because of bomb threats. there may be more. the sheriff's office says the schools are being searched. river dale regional high school
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affected. just last week a similar situation unfolded with some of these same schools. investigators lead those threats to a prank called swatting. fdny is responding to a fire at harlem hospital. this is a live look. the fire started on the tenth floor. firefighters confined the fire the halls. patients were transferred to smoke. a cab delivery driver shot while picking up drivers is now fighting her his life. >> reporter: that driver, 37- year-olds was not licensed to drive a cab. he is in critical condition at
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as you can see several streets on the border of long island city remain closed off as police search for the shooter. >> reporter: a chain of events started at this club nearby on 34th street street and 36th avenue. >> i was like how does this happen in my neighborhood? it is scary. >> reporter: a delivery driver took four men to the club before 5:00 a.m. the men got into a huge fight there and ran out to the cab which was still outside. someone started shooting at them. hitting the cabby. he drove off but crashed into parked cars ending up at 35th street and 37th avenue. people who live nearby heard the impact. >> my mom is a light sleeper. when she heard the boom she woke up. >> what did you hear? >> an explosion. >> reporter: police worked through the morning keeping streets blocked off with crime
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difficult for nearby businesses like this mercedes dealership. >> everything is locked up. our other shop is around the corner. there either. it is shocking. you don't think this could anywhere. >> reporter: out here live you can see the car on the scene as police continue to search for clues. the passengers in the car stayed at the scene. it is unclear how many shooters they are looking for. police are questioning several people and reviewing >> thank you. in campaign 2016 punches are still flying after last the main target? front runner donald trump with his rivals trying to stop his march to the nomination. donald trump was back at it friday morning slamming his near detroit.
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>> reporter: it was much of the same last night in a debate that deinvolved inso a yelling match. through the night senators ted cruz and marco rubio used attack after attack to take down donald trump like this one from rubio about trump university. >> he is trying to con people into giving them their vote like he charged people into giving him their money. >> is this the debate you about in the general election. >> last night someone needed to land a knockout punch. it didn't even look like they came to box. >> they are saying he is going to ruin the country and the republican party they sort of stepped back if they say i'll endorse him anyway. >> reporter: friday, rubio said the reason is simple. >> we as republicans feel hillary clinton would be a disaster to the country. that's how bad she is. i look at that as a reflection
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donald trump is. >> reporter: even though trump is the most likely gop nominee he does fare the worse against clinton in a head to head matchup. >> voters head to polls this weekend with caucuses and a primary in five states. three nypd officers a suspended after a night of drinking. one detective crashed into a car. officers were celebrating a bar next to the salon. police arrested a man accused of breaking into an apartment building in chelsea overnight. a woman called police at 3:30 after seeing the suspect hanging outside her bedroom window. initially residents thought the man had fell on scaffolding. officers rescued him then took him away in handcuffs.
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a homeowner has a surprised confrontation with a man accused of breaking into his home. >> when i came in the guy was still in here and he bolted out the front door. >> that wasn't their only run- in. how he managed to help police catch up with the suspect.
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felony charge. a quick-thinking new jersey man says he helped catch the suspect who broke into his home this week. >> he recognized him on the street. >> reporter: john describes his son's bedroom after a burglary wednesday morning in new jersey. >> stuff is all over the place. this little box he keeps money is is opened on the bed and the money is gone. i'm like oh my gosh. we have been ripped off. >> reporter: surveillance video from a neighbor's house shows the suspect walking down essex place. that suspect was still inside when john got him. >> i scared him when i came in and he bolted out the front door. >> reporter: you can see that on the surveillance video. the man runs off wearing a gray hoodie and sweat pants.
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saw a guy walking down the sidewalk who looked like the suspect in the video. >> it looked like the guy wearing the same clothes and everything. i go around the block and take his picture with my phone. >> reporter: john called police then had a surprise confrontation. >> the guy approaches my car and said what are you taking my picture for? i said my house is robbed and you look like the guy in the video. he said video? he took off running. >> reporter: the 22-year-old was caught behind police hiding behind a car on 12th avenue on patterson. >> it is a bad feeling when you get your house ripped off and it is a good feeling when they catch the guy. >> reporter: with a little help from himself. still to come, a young mother falls to her death on a hiking trail. >> she said let's hike the 25 most famous trails in oregon.
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researchers on long island said they made a break through that could lead to a cure. scientists invented a drug that destroyed breast cancer cells without hurting healthy ones. mice cancer diminished. >> the effect was so dramatic i could have not predicted. >> it will take a few more years but if it happens in my lifetime it is a wow factor. does this new york state license plate look real to you? it is made of cardboard. it was on the rear of a car and there was no plate on front. the driver a 28-year-old has a suspended registration and no insurance. she is facing charges including felony possession of a forged instrument. >> was it on the back of a big wheel or a car? let's talk weather and go over to john elliott.
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way. >> big warm up next week. a lot of contrast. area. a lot of good pictures coming in and observations. boy, does this say is it. the snow is covering the skidoo. pictures really do tell the tale. this is in brooklyn. she is worried where you don't clear the snow on the sidewalks it will be slippery. significant snow in little silver, new jersey. more shots from the island from ralph and dan and walter from bradley beach. we are dealing with more snow for ocean county. we'll show you that in a second. that's where we'll see the biggest totals.
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still most cloudy and 32. wind out of the northeast at 22 miles per hour. readings between 27 and 35 with the wind. it feels-like the 20s with limited exception. in fact clog is 14. high today 38 well below normal. 70 and 7 your records. sunsets 5:51. there will be sun. we are seeing evidence of that north and west. here's the satellite and radar. the break in the clouds is bright in orange county and sussex. still light snow for parts of the island and heavy snow continues well moderate snow continues for ocean county. 3.5 to four inches of snow. we'll add more with left over flakes into the afternoon. the other side of this is this wind out of the northeast. uncomfortable.
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clouds. it is relatively quiet. there is a little disturbance overnight saturday into sunday. models hinting at the possibility of a passing shower early. then we'll some warmer conditions sunday into the first part of next week. left over snow showers south and east and 38. watch out for slippery spots. my concern is there could be icing. you know where you had the melting and sidewalks that didn't get cleared it could be slippery with a morning low of 31. warmer ultimately. next wednesday 69. would tie the record. 69. that is the normal high for the tenth of april. get your taxes done. >> thank you. find out the weather any time download the cbs weather app. it is free and available in the i-tune store and google play. hike on an oregon trail
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her death. was is an accident. of tomorrow night's 48 hours. >> reporter: from the first moment steven met rhonda he knew he met the girl of his dreams. >> nothing could compare to rhonda. >> reporter: after the birth of return to modeling. she needed to lose some weight. >> she came up with the idea. she goes let's hike the 25 most famous trails in oregon. that was our goal. >> reporter: as rhonda and steven made their way up this eagle creek trail they had some challenges. >> had it been raining at the beginning i would not have gone up. >> reporter: by the time steven and rhonda headed back down this narrow path the weather
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suddenly disaster struck when rhonda slipped off the trail. >> a man hiking with rhonda said she fell off the cliff. >> reporter: rhonda's best friend recalls an ominous conversation about that hike. >> i knew there was a hike planned. >> he said he is either going to propose to me or kill me. >> reporter: five long years past until a grand jury was called to review all the circumstantial evidence. their decision an indictment. nickels was arrested and charged with the murder. >> what changed after all these years that lead to his arrest? >> evidence was really nothing at all but what did change was a best selling true crime writer, steven jackson writes an e-mail to the prosecutor saying that he is writing a book about the case and it seems as though there is no justice here.
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writes him back and says she is going to convene a grand jury. the next thing you know after five and a half years mr. nickels is indicted. >> you say it is light on the evidence side. potentially pushed her? million dollar life insurance policy that was taken out. both of them had a policy. there may have been a love triangle where steven nickels may have had a relationship with his girlfriend's sister. that's about it. there is nothing at the scene. there is no evidence, physical evidence or eyewitnesses that says he did this murder. >> thank you so much. you can watch trail of tears on 48 hours tomorrow night at 10:00 on cbs 2. we are following breaking news. moments ago the los angeles police department held a press
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of o.j. simpson's former estate. the location where she was killed along with her friend ronald goldmann back in 1994. construction worker reportedly found the knife at the home when it was demolished in the late 90s. the worker gave the knife to a now retired police officer. the officer had the knife at his home all these years. it is now being investigated to see if it is connected to the infamous murders. >> the investigators will continue to look at this. that item has been recovered by robbery homicide investigators. it is treated as we would all evidence. lab. they are going to study it and examine it for all forensics including dna and hair samples. that is on going as we speak. >> officer is said to have thought the case was closed. o.j. simpson was acquitted in the deaths. the murders are still
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight at 5:00. healing power of music. a man who nearly died walking and talking again because of a song. how the therapy is helping him. at 6:00 four workers in animal shelter honored for saving a dozen dogs in a daring rescue.
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tallest building in the west is getting an upgrade. 72 story u.s. bank tower in l.a. is adding a glass slide. it will begin on the 70th floor and slide customers down a level. it is to be ready in june. tickets to cost $8. you could not pay me to get on that one. >> not a big fan. just take the stairs. that's going to do it for us at noon. for the entire news team thank you for joining us. we are back at 5:00.
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great weekend everyone! >> nick: how do they know dad faked his condition to avoid going to jail? >> sage: well, that's the least of it, don't you think? i mean, considering all the things victor did to get him arrested. >> nick: it's bad news all the way around. >> sage: well, i just hope all this stuff isn't scaring away our baby mama. >> nick: [ sighs ] shawn? >> sage: hey, shawn. are you all right? >> shawn: yeah. um, i just got terrible cravings, so everything's not okay if you're a jelly doughnut. >> sage: [ laughs ] well, sit in my chair. i'll get you one. >> shawn: that's okay. i called in an order to go. i've got a thing i have to get to. >> sage: oh, like -- like a meeting? >> shawn: i have an ultrasound. you guys want to sit in? >> sage: yeah. we'd -- we'd love to sit in. >> shawn: cool. at the hospital. half an hour. >> sage: we'll see you then. you didn't even say "hello."


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