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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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could not speak to me on camera, he did let me inside to see if there are signs that say do not drink from this mountain. also in front of those water fountains are large jugs. they have also been brought into the building for all staff to drink from. now, parents here who were dropping their kids off tell me they had no idea, here is one mom told me. >> i didn't know you just mentioned me that now. absolutely! it is water, i never thought the water would go to newark anyway. that's alarming. now her main concern is not today, but that her two kids have been drinking this water for how many years now. so the principal does confirm
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over night. they haven't been found in the newark department source water where led is found in drinking water, it enters through the delivery system meaning from school. now newark's mayor will be holding a press conference on be there. i'm told that call haves started to go out to inform parents of the issues and you can go to our website cbsnewyork. thank you. west chester county students have just been let back into their building after being evacuated. they confirmed there was a gas leak at the school chopper 2 was over the scene when students were escorted outside on to the football field. coned crews and the fire department are trying to determine the cause of the leak. we have had a real change in the weather the mercury jumped 20 degrees in just a few hours.
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the upper west side working to enjoy warmer temperatures. we have coverage on what's becoming coverage, let's begin with john elliot in the weather center. you're right. when we were doing our morning show right here channel 2 it was 45 degrees. 65 at 11 right now 16, that's just fine. 69 in the city. looking at kinston, wayne, look at the beautiful jump in jersey shore. speaking of shores as promised the south shore on long island with the south shore breeze. 69 already on the board. we tied the record right there other records in jeopardy, you bet. you got a wild, la guardia, newark, very close to tying to record and breaking it later this afternoon, and could see some records today. why it is a big ridge you've got that push of air out of the southwest, that's why we're
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parts of the hudson valley and interior sections as well. guess what we'll see a near repeat tomorrow maybe some rain north and west we'll talk more though. sending it back to mary. spending time outside is a must on a day like today. cbs is live from the upper east side with more, magdalania. mary, i can tell you, i can highly recommend if you get out to lunch today, this is the day, the official start of spring march 20th. fooling everybody out here, everyone i spoke to say it is absolutely gorgeous for people who work outside it can mean fuller pockets. >> when it is warm you see a lot of people walking around a lot of tourists. at least it is a better work environment.
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and they get cracked also. we spoke to new yorkers basking in the refreshing temperatures others missing a fun that the winter brings. i add also wished we got more snow because we like sledding. the layers of clothing that were essential this morning now extra baggage. >> a price well worth paying for such a gorgeous day. i'm feeling glorious! you can see everyone on that stairs right now soaking in the sun just with light t- shirts, light jackets and sweaters, i'm seeing a lot of smiles out here as well. don't put that winter clothing away just yet. this is just a preview of spring. live on the upper east side. cbs 2 news. hope you are not right. a developing story in yonkers as police investigate a suspicious package in the parking lot. we have live with an update on
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>> reporter: in a car in a parking lot a scary morning here in yonkers as a busy north broad kay remains shut down, and dissending on an apartment parking lot. take a look. >> the building at 207 north broadway was evacuated when one of the residents got in her car and found what looked like a bomb in the trunk. >> it appears to be some type ofrudimentary explosive device, heard something rattling in the back and stopped and examined that and called police. we secured the area, bomb technicians examined it, rendered it safe at this point. yonkers copped called the police bomb squad who sent a robot to deal with the device. from chopper two we saw a pro pain tank wires and others added to the suspicion,
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done a lot more damage if it had gone off. >> a nice day like today. >> a little unnerving. after the initial alarm, people are watching the police from a distance and relaxing a bit now confident the danger if any has passed. looks like they have thinged under control here i'm a little bit more, feel a little safer. we're expecting north broadway to open up pretty soon, we understand propane tank was not full, possibly configured to look like a bomb and not a bomb if that was a joke, the police are not amused. we're live in yonkers, cbs2 news. in campaign 2016 donald trump continues to gain momentum in the republican race following the contest. as the candidates get ready after splitting wins last night. andrea grymes is here now with more. that's right.
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tonight's debate riding high after defying the odds in michiganmy, donald trump won three of four states and ted cruz picked up a new endorsement. >> it is time to unite behind ted cruz, ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states! >> late this morning former gop candidate carley fiorina tossed her support behind texas senator ted cruz saying he is the only one who can beat donald trump and hillary clinton. cruz won idaho but 100 delegates behind the republican front runner. >> if this race continues and continues to narrow into a clear two-man race, head to head, donald trump loses and loses badly. last night the new york businessman challenged cruz on that point after racking up his latest batch of wins this
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>> he'll say i'm the only onethat beet donald trump! yeah, he won like four, and i won like 12, 13 right? he forgets the other part. >> trump called himself a unifier and had a message for the gop establishment. >> i said let's come together folks we're gonna win. ohio governor john kasich hoped to win in his home state next tuesday will save his struggling campaign. >> we are all familiar with march madness the home-court advantage is coming north. the state of ohio. it is a similar situation for florida senator marco rubio who heads to the polls next tuesday, he did not win one delegate in yesterday's contest. >> it always comes down the florida, doesn't it? >> on the democrat side, bernie sanders scored a huge upset in michigan inching ahead of rival hillary clinton.
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opportunity to thank the peopleof michigan, that had us a few days ago. the former secretary of state took mississippi currently has more than half the delegates needed to win against the vermont senator. >> we have those differences those differences pail in comparison to what's happening on the republican side! both democrat candidates will debate in florida the next gop debate is also in florida tomorrow night. chris. all right andrea thank you. the primaries are next tuesday could be make or break for marco rubio, all eyes will be watching florida to see how rubio does in his home state other states holding primaries include illinois, missouri, north carolina, and ohio. the search is on for a third suspect who police say was part of a drug sale that shot. this afternoon that detective is recovering in elmhurst hospital that's where janelle burrell is live.
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cover detective is doing well this afternoon, but witnesses describe that scene in brooklyn as chaos ended with that detective, accidentally shot by his own partner. this afternoon the search continues for the alleged drug dealer who started it all. nypd officers leaving elmhurst hospital where the colleague is recovering. while in bushwick brooklyn patrolman kept guard at the crime scene, a bullet hole now visible in a minivan where two of the suspects were sitting as a heroin bust went down gunfire erupting. >> i just hear gunshots, like what is that noise? this photo showing the detective moments after he was struck by a bullet. investigators believe that shot was fired by sergeant, his partner. as they were trying to interrupt the drug sale $80 worth of marijuana nicknames american dream. two suspects were taken into custody, one seen on this cell
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the arrest. this afternoon the search continues for the third man believed to be selling the drugs. tuesday night an all out man hunt with police helicopters and several k9 units saturating the area around wilson avenue in troutman street as officers try to found him. investigators say the mayhem began around 6:30 p.m. while the sergeant and detective gladstone approached the suspects identifying themselves as police. this man watched what happened next. >> the detectives were stopping the car in front of them, they reversed it. >> in that moment both the sergeant on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective they fired their weapons so the detective was hit in the shoulder apparently by the shot that came from his colleague. police say one of the suspects was shot in the leg and wrists recovering at belleview hospitals.
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not believe the suspects were armed. >> now at this point it is not clear yet what detective glad stone will be released from the hospital as for the two suspects who are in custody police telling us this afternoon both are career criminals one of them 46 years old with 58 prior arrests, this afternoon charges against both are pending. reporting live this afternoon from elmhurst queens, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. much more ahead on cbs 2 news at noon. the tourist is killed on a rampage that ties to our area. a close call for a reporter
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escaped an out of control car. . firefighters are investigating the cause of a fire in a jersey home on ohio street, there was at least one person injured. officials have identified the american tourist who was killed in a stabbing spree in israel. taylor force was a west point graduate an army veteran who was looking on his nva at vanderbilt university when a man went on a rampage 1 dozen others were attack.
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palestinian attackers were also killed. a close call for a reporter who barely escaped an out of control car on live television. >> alex savage was reporting on a train derailment in the san francisco bay area during his live shot two cars collided right behind him one went out of control jumped the curb and raced right towards him. after the camera man yelled get out of the way, luckily nobody was seriously hurt. three days of mourning and ceremonies begin for first lady nancy reagan, a private family service will be held first in santa monica today later the casket will be moved for a two- day public viewing at the ronald reagan presidential library. the funeral is friday, nancy reagan will be laid to rest next to president ronald reagan on the grounds of the library. remembering the man behind the beetles. love, love me too!
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. the man known as the fifth beetle has died. george martin was the legendary producer behind thebeetles he was a jazz producer back in is the 62 and helped launch a revolution i said let's record every song you gotment come down the stairs and whistle through they will in a day. martin died he was 90 years old. said he was like a father, and thanks martin for his love and kindness. let's get to today's weather, what a day out there today and record temperatures as well, here comes the sun, john. wanted to do the show live outside today, good afternoon mary and chris, so many great reports elana is wearing a t- shirt in brooklyn we have folks
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island, this is what's interesting sherry and ed, way up north 72 and beautiful red hook numbers even warmer down south, this is 76 from lorain and butler. thermometer and the direct sunlight read 85 degrees, feeling like the buds from charlie, kathy took the orchids out some sun. mike and matt out there, they feel like they've conquered winter so i appreciate that. well. here is what we're looking at in the city. some more pretty blue for you. and numbers like this. 69 tying the record already. winds are calm. belmar. these numbers compared to yesterday, 5, 10, 15 degrees warmer than tuesday, we turned
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74, that's that and reverse should be 47, 69 we've died it sunsets at 5:57 we're looking at a normal high for the 29th of may, feels like may 29th, this is another way to kind of put it in perspective. 74 today in the city, is the normal high you'd expect for this day in daytona beach. its been awhile, christmas eve was the last time we saw the 70s. maybe you were in daytona beach christmas eve. we have these great skies, wind out of the southwest anthony another weather watcher, the fighter risk is elevated with that dry southwest wind so let's make sure we play it fire safe and the real key there is if you see something, call it in quickly, that wind could cause fires to spread quickly. we aren't anticipating any rain today, in fact the chance for rain during the day tomorrow is north and west. there could even be an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow, parts of
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happens during the course of the afternoon and evening. this pushes down and through so we actually will see the numbers retreat by about 10 degrees from thursday into friday, a repeat day tomorrow with a few more records tied or broken and the 60s friday, saturday you are better your two weekend days saturday and sunday, remember you are going to lose that hour of sleep so check the batteries and get ready for that. florida. >> to find out the weather anytime just download the cbs new york weather app get the forecast check live radar and send us your weather pictures and video, free available in the itunes store. still ahead why people on
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casting a shadow on the ground, even a plane adjusted its flight plan so passengers could take in the site for the first time in 30 years. millions. millions of the u.s. will also get to experience a total eclipse next year on the 17th of august. >> mark it down now! a bit of a long wait. all the different ways people are capturing it. that's it for us, thank you for joining us. cbs 2 news is back at 5:00 we'll see you back at 5:30 have a great afternoon get outside. >> beautiful out there. i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan.
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>> sage: i mean... >> chelsea: i know. [ both laugh ] >> sage: oh, my gosh. are you sure you want to give me all this stuff? what if you and adam decide to have another baby? >> chelsea: trust me. there is plenty more where that came from. i may or may not have a slight shopping addiction. [ laughs ] especially when it comes to connor, so there's like three of everything for him. >> sage: oh, god. thank you so much. really. >> chelsea: yeah, of course. i know! it's my pleasure. seriously. i'm sure, you know, it's been overwhelming with how fast everything's happened with the adoption. >> sage: not for me. i've been ready to take this little boy home ever since i heard he could be ours. >> chelsea: mm. i'm really thrilled for you and nick. no one is more deserving of a happy ending than you guys. sage. sage. >> sage: yes? >> chelsea: what's going on? >> sage: what do you mean?


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