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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we were so far above the mark, it felt fabulous! as we look down the list, islip set a new record of 6 degrees. jfk no new record 62 the high there. winds in off the water meant such cooler temperatures at the coastline. quite a contrast. 69 right now in central park. 49 in the hamptons all of this because of winds across water temperatures in the 40s. coming up in my full forecast, we'll talk about whether or tomorrow. >> thank you. anxious for the start of sun today. >> the park is the place to be and that's where we find rochelle. >> reporter: the sun has just about set over this park so you do need a light jacket now
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days of this year, new yorkers who got the chance to get outside it was just glorious. >> reporter: it's dinnertime at glen island park. no reservations needed. >> we have shrimp, kabobs and all. i brought some hot dogs. >> reporter: the ambience perfect, dress code not enforced. >> short sleeves, feels great. >> reporter: on the upper east side, hot dogs from the cart on fifth avenue hit the spot for lunch. as for getting around today, people took to the sidewalks, steps of the met jacket-free. kayakers on the long island sound are jumping at the chance to get paddling. >> this is unusual obviously because of the weather conditions. so we couldn't wait to get back into the water pretending spring has arrived.
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side working outside just got easier and more lucrative. >> you can make a trip two, three time. in the wintertime zero or one. >> reporter: you make two or three times more when it's warmer? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's the perfect day to show off your creativity. >> peace and calmness. >> reporter: for others, just enjoy the work of mother nature outdoors. >> i feel fresh if that makes sense. >> almost california, almost. >> reporter: now, for us out here in glen island park, forget california! this is perfect. everyone still out here relaxing, running, walking, enjoying these beautiful temperatures. it just can't get any better than this. live in new rochelle, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. we have some breaking news now. a stabbing on a platform for the j train. chopper 2 over the scene at the crescent avenue station in brooklyn. you can see police activity here.
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large fight involving teens and young adults took place before the stabbing. no word on if they are related. she victim was taken to jamaica hospital and is expected to survive. with a growing homeless population and troubled shelter system, the city is undergoing a 90-day review of its homeless shelters. >> we wanted to proactively inspect and post violations so that we are very transparent what the situation was and that would set work that needs to be done to address the situation. >> the city's human resources administration commissioner steven banks says during the review period with coordination of multiple agencies, more than 2600 inspections were completed which is a third the a inspections conducted in -- a third the amount of inspections conducted in all 2015. is the effort making an impact? tonight we show you a homeless woman who fell through the cracks. some in her hell's kitchen
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cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer tells us why. >> reporter: her name is sonia gonzalez and there is just one question that comes to mind when you see her pushing her stunning and unfathomable collection of possessions rusted and broken-down carts filled with a wild array of bottles, clothes, blankets, food from one spot in hell's kitchen to another. how has this homeless woman stayed under the city radar for decades? and so you like your life? >> well, i got to do it if you got -- you got to try be to normal because you don't be normal you can't survive. >> reporter: neighbors and residents some of whom have repeatedly called authorities say she is at times good- hearted and at times bombastic. they also say her possessions block traffic and prevent customers from entering their businesses. pat owns three bars. >> it's up sweating she parks her stuff in front -- it's upsetting when she parks her stuff in front of our places. i ask her gently to move to avoid the explosion. somebody should be doing
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>> reporter: the real issue for city resident not only those who live and work in hell's kitchen is this. >> now that it's getting warmer and people are coming out of the subways and their hidy holes where they keep warm and are going to be on the streets, what's the administration' policy in dealing the street homeless? >> it really highlights the importance of the new resources that the mayor has committed to addressing street homelessness in the city, which has several aspects. first of all, it has an aspect of canvassing cities as the city hot spot areas to identify people that are on the street. and to connect them to services. >> reporter: but as human resources commissioner steve banks knows all too well, it's often difficult to get the street homeless to accept help. sonia likes the street life and the restaurants. what's your favorite restaurant around here?
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i like chinese. yeah. >> i feel real bad for her. i wish somebody would do something about it and help her out. put in a place where she needs to be. >> reporter: well, the nypd just told us they have called the sanitation department and asked them to clean up the area. they also plan to try to convince sonia to go to a shelter or else. and i think there will be more to the story. >> heartbreaking. >> it is heartbreaking but, you know, she very much likes her life believe it or not and you got a sense from talking to her that she has made peace with it and is determined to survive. >> hm. all right. we'll stay tuned. don't drink the water. that's the warning at 30 public schools in newark after authorities detected high levels of lead in the drinking water. cbs 2's meg baker reports on what's being done to keep the children safe. >> reporter: parents did not know that when they sent their children to school today, there was something extra in the water. >> i was not aware.
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that until you just mentioned it to me. >> reporter: almost half of newark's public schools tested positive for lead a reminder of what flint, michigan is dealing with. >> lead poisoning? that's some serious issues. >> reporter: drinking water has been turned off at 30 schools including here at louise spencer elementary school where they first last week. that prompted officials to request test results back from an annual contamination check- >> we then accelerated the results that were at the lab for that -- for that, um, to -- we got two of them back both of them showing preliminarily that there was an elevated, um, lead problem. >> reporter: but parents weren't told until this afternoon. >> how long ago was this report done? how long did the schools sit on the information? >> reporter: they are retesting all 65 schools. officials say many that tested positive are older schools
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that the problem is not with the city's main water supply. in newark, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> the mayor is asking for donations of bottled water as issues. police call in federal agents after an unusual bomb scare in yonkers outside a this morning. police sent in a robot to check out a device found in the truck of a car. inside, a propane tank near a crude detonator. the drive discovered the device while getting ready to leave the building's parking lot and the driver discovered the device. >> she was in the vehicle and moved the vehicle and heard something in the back and stopped to examine it and called police. >> the device was disarmed without incident. police searched the couple's other car and found nothing. so far, no charges have been filed. police continue to search for a third suspect involved in a drug sale that left a police detective shot. it happened last night in bushwick, brooklyn.
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police trying to stop the suspect's van just before it crashes. an exclusive photo also shows an injured detective. investigators believe he was shot by his partner as they tried to stop the drug sale. >> at that moment, both the sergeant who was standing on the driver's side of the vehicle and the detective where he was they fired their weapons. so the detective was hit in the shoulder apparently by the shot that came from his colleague. >> two suspects were arrested and the injured officer is expected to be okay. >> update now on former mayor david dinkins. a spokesman says the 88-year- old has been released from the hospital. he spent nearly three weeks at new york-presbyterian being treated for pneumonia. this was the second time dinkins was hospitalized for the condition. the spokesman says he is glad to be back at home with his bride as he loves to call his wife. he is anxious to get back to work but still needs to get his strength back. trapped in a marsh! the race to save a man buried
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the middle of nowhere. >> new credit card chip technology creating problems with gift cards. how the rules are changing. >> record setting warmth today but does it last into the weekend? i'll have your full forecast coming up. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," severe weather pounds parts of the south! scott pelley joins us now with the preview looking ahead. hi, scott. >> reporter: a rough start as spring approaches, maurice and kristine. have a look at the flooding in louisiana, where waters are reaching the rooftops in some places. our correspondent is there at the scene. we'll have that and all the political news coming right up on the "cbs evening news." >> see you soon. >> and coming up later in sports, a rare spring training subway series. what happened when the mets
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head in florida? the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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new at 6:00, a man got lost on the way home and was sucked into a marsh filled with sand. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: silver lake on the north fork glistens in the distance but it branches into a marshy creek in greenport and that's where 22-year-old bernie perez became trapped for hours in what felt like quicksand. >> i was really scared.
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thought were you going to lose your life. >> yeah. because my whole body was frozen. >> reporter: taking a shortcut home, perez suddenly had no idea where he was, pitch dark, freezing and sinking up up to his armpits. police pinged his cell phone to find him. >> it's not an area where anyone goes. >> reporter: an officer on night duty thought fast. >> i stopped at my residents picked up waders and i made my way around through the marsh in the woods and found him. >> reporter: at this point the officer says perez was nearly unconscious and overcome with hypothermia. >> i was holding him up for a good portion of the time and he apparently had no feeling in his legs. his legs were just hanging. >> reporter: he and his backup called for a raft to help evacuate. the graduate of greenport high school now working as a chef.
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>> i really appreciate what the person did for me. i mean, he saved my life. >> stopped breathing at one point for 30-second and he came back and -- he he's a tough kid to be able to withstand that cold and that temperature for the amount of time he did. >> reporter: many residents here proud of the rescuers. >> that's amazing! wow. my hats off to them. >> reporter: there were sirens and shouts from police and three local fire departments all involved in saving his life. from southold, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> volunteers from greenport, east marian and southold fire departments also helped in that successful rescue. >> the big apple is predicting another record year for tourism during a travel trade show in germany. nyc & company says it expects more than 59 million visitors by the end of the year. 47million of those visitors are expected to be domestic while over 12 million
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if the numbers hold up it would be the 7th consecutive record-breaking year for tourism. next time you go to buy a gift card you may be forced to pay for it in cash. retailers are trying to crackdown on gift card purchases made with stolen credit cards because of a change in federal rules t used to be credit card companies would take would take a loss but the seller gets stuck holding the bag. two other strategies stores are taking. limiting gift card purchase amounts and making buyers show identification. pioneering research on a baby could answer questions about our metabolism. doctors in baton rouge, louisiana, are monitoring this infant here. the baby spends three hours a day inside a metabolic chamber at a biomedical research center. it measures the exact amount of oxygen he breathes in with how much carbon dioxide is exhaled and the amount of calories burned. the researchers hope to determine what mothers should eat and how often to feet their babies.
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happens very early in life sets what we call the metabolic fingerprint for how you will be for the rest of your life. >> my daughter and my 2-year- old seem to be the same. and then my 3-year-old and the baby seem to have the same body. >> doctors say that there are no risks of spending time in this chamber. >> if we could get a guidebook, wouldn't that be something? and a handbook on how to deal with those kids once they start growing. >> a lot less stress in this world. >> wait until you get to teenagers. >> i can hardly wait. lonnie is off. vanessa murdoch is n let talk about this gorgeous day. >> unbelievable day! record shattering temperatures across the region and we keep the unseasonable warmth not just tomorrow but through the next seven days. it won't be as warm as today but nonetheless, we have a very unseasonable stretch ahead. what i'd like to do now is check in with our weather watchers to see what the highs were across the region.
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it was 82 in east brunswick, new jersey. 83 in pleasant valley new york. cooler in plainview. 69 there. narrowsburg 79. you get the point. normal high today 47. we were so far above that. we take you live outside for a beautiful picture of the sunset. it officially went down about 20 minutes ago. but it is a beautiful finish to your day. 69 degrees temperatures are dropping south winds at 9. as we look at your headlines, records shattered for today. still warm tomorrow. we could tie a couple of records but there will be more cloud cover around tomorrow. i think it will be harder to accomplish that task. shower chance arrives tomorrow afternoon mainly north of the city then overnight thursday into friday showers are possible for all. today's high of 77 degrees it is the normal high for june 7. nearly summertime warmth today for some it certainly was with those highs in the 80s.
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high pressure sof the coast. around this area of high pressure persistent southwest winds pumping in that warmer air. but things do change. it's warm tomorrow. many of us still in the 70s. then this cold front starts to make its approach as that happens, shower chance north of the city in the afternoon. it's overnight when it front rolls through and a chance for showers for all. but today, tonight, stays very mild. we'll be bottoming out in the 50s. still well above the normal daytime high. tomorrow night best bet for weather to the north, thursday and friday better chance for showers for everyone. skies begin to clear, temperatures will be cooler in the 60s friday. but still above seasonable and breezy. tonight partly cloudy, 58. mild. tomorrow, lovely for the most part. 74 degrees. mostly cloudy on the whole.
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this. staying above seasonable for the stretch. it is going to be 64 by friday afternoon with sunshine and breezy saturday 60 increasing clouds. then into sunday there's a chance for wet weather to move on through. don't forget to turn the clocks ahead. and then after that we're staying in the 50s. it gets unsettled in the 50s. >> but overall not too bad. >> not as far as temperatures go. >> thank you. steve overmyer is in for otis with sports. >> yeah. a hectic last couple of hours. today is the first official day of nfl free agency and the new york teams were busy. why
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stomach pain, upset or burning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. steve is in for otis tonight. let's talk free agency in the nfl. >> what a crazy day. today was the big day. the nfl's annual free agent frenzy began just two hours ago. and it's already featuring some big names coming to new
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switching new york jerseys. the giants have been aggressive. they signed jacobs for five years making him the second highest paid corner behind darrelle revis. but the spending spree continues with the top rated free agent pass rusher olivier vernon from miami an $85 million deal making him the second highest paid depender in the league and then they stole damon harrison away from the jets signing him to a $46 million deal. they spent nearly half their salary cap space in the first hour of free agency. and even though the jets didn't have as much money to spend they land the best running back matt forte. the two time pro bowler has led the nfl in all purpose yards since he came into the league in 2008. he will replace chris ivory who went to the jaguars. the sold-out subway series in port st. lucie was attended
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he say degrom's preview strikeouts over three innings but the yankees had five hits off the right-hander. chase headley. yoenis cespedes one of his two hits on the day, this one ends like all spring training games should. in a four-all tie. new york's version of march madness begins tonight with the big east tournament at the garden georgetown and nepal tipping off at 7. at 9:30 marquette. and st. john's. but another local team has already booked their ticket to the big dance. fairleigh dickinson rallied to knock off wagner last night earning them the n.i.t. title and an automatic bid to the ncaa tournament. really an impressive achievement for this team that one season ago was tied for last in the league. >> we paid our dues. we lost 15 straight games last year and these kids could
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disintegrate and they came together. >> started out with a summer. we had a good bonding session i would say. and we worked hard together and we all had the same goals. and it just showed. >> so fairleigh dickinson joins iona as the automatic bids. saturday stony brook will be in the american east final and then on sunday selection show we are hoping to see clearly seton hall but hopefully monmouth in there, as well.
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>> back in just a minute. coming up at 11:00 tonight barricaded roads and cars clogging up residential streets. now major backlash just for using a traffic app. >> every day there's hundreds of cars if not thousands that use our side roads as a cut- through to the bridge. >> the problem that could detour your next ride. cbs 2 investigates the new traffic trouble tonight at 11. coming up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," could more mosquitos be the answer to fighting the zika virus? >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. see you at 11:00.
6:30 pm >> pelley: deep trouble in the south. floodwaters swallowing everything in their path. >> it's a disaster. i feel sorry for these people. >> pelley: also tonight-- >> there's only one person did well tonight, donald trump. >> pelley: two, actually. bernie sanders pulled off michigan impossible. a decorated veteran accused of attempting to murder a pastor has been arrested at the white house. and the man behind the mania, remembering the fifth beatle. >> those guys, i fell in love with them, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: the national guard is rolling in louisiana tonight. the governor has declared a state of emergency. more than 14 inches of rain and counting have fallen near shreveport.


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