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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is a nice residential neighborhood. police say the woman did survive who was attacked. and preliminarily it does not appear, police say, she knew her attacker. police blocked off the weapon, a knife laying on the sidewalk on beverly road in prospect park south. as officers combed the area. investigators say just before 10:00 a.m. this morning the attacker approached a 53-year-old woman from behind who was walking and stabbed her in the neck. this woman, who did not want to be identified because passing after it happened and said she took off her own shirt to try to stop the bleeding. >> she said she was walking down the street on the phone and a gentlemen came up from behind her and cut her neck and ran off. we kept pressure on her neck until they came. and tried to keep her calm. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. police say the attacker said
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dropped what appears to be an american flag bandanna before taking off. neighbors say it is terrifying. >> it is a tragedy for whoever is involved and tragedy for the rest of us. >> reporter: you are taking a live look at the knife that's still there on the sidewalk. police say they are searching for the attacker described as a male black, 6'0" wearing a gray hoodie. it does not appear that the victim or attack knew each other. in brooklyn a man was arrested for stabbing two people in prospect park. the suspect slashed a 30-year- old jogger in the hand while trying to rob him wednesday night. minutes later the same suspect
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the stomach and took his wallet. more breaking news on the east side. out-of-control cab hit two people and crashed into a building in the middle of rush hour. we are live on the east side with this story. hazel? >> reporter: it was a crazy scene that cabby came flying through this intersection on east 33rd street and first avenue. according to witnesses he went through a red light and slammed into that building behind me. you can see that area is roped off now. at that hour this place was bustling with people making it very surprising that only three people were hurt. this picture was taken minutes after the taxi driver seen leaning out of his cab smashed into a building on east 33rd street and first avenue. >> he hit the guy and his speed picked up like that. >> all the cars were stopped and this cab was flying. took out a guy on the bicycle,
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car, swerved back over to the bike lane and took everybody out. >> reporter: the accident happened across the street from nyu medical center. nyu technician chris collins was crossing 33rd when the cab came barreling up the street. >> it hit the lady in the right leg up in the air. i was stuck in the middle of the street trying to figure out which way he was going to go. the car went behind me, brushed my clothes as he went by into the wall. >> reporter: cab smashed into an nyu medical office sending glass flying. it is unclear what caused the cabby to lose control. he and the two people he struck were not critically hurt. >> it is scary. there is a lot of people around here. >> it is amazing nobody got killed. >> another half a second he could have taken out 20 people.
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have been so much worse. what you are looking at now is the window that the cabby hit. that's the window of a conference room that thankfully wasn't being used this morning. of the three people hurt no one suffered any life-threatening injuries. live on the east side hazel sanchez cbs2 news. >> thank you very much. it is a summer like day. no hats or scarves or coats needed. it is a sign that winter is about over. john elliott is in the weather center with record warm temperatures again today. >> a lot of short sleeves out there. let's see where we are now. as of now we have new records. it is official. it is a new record for laguardia 75. newark is 77. that beat 76.
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park and it is just lunchtime. we are going to see changes because there is some wet weather on the way. a front will usher in a chance for more rain and on the flip side of that it is cold on the other side of it. 74 in the city. 48 in chicago. cooler air is on the way. we'll time it out and have the rest of your weekend forecast coming up. right now let's send it back to chris. >> to check the temperature any time download the cbs 2 new york weather app. you can check the radar and send us your weather pictures. negotiations are underway between new jersey transit and the rail unions threatening to strike. both sides are meeting at this hour. >> reporter: they have been inside a ballroom here at the
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10:00 a.m. one of the negotiators for new jersey transit told us they are motivated to strike a deal sooner rather than later. as for the unions, they are saying if the talks continue to go well they are considering postponing this strike so that the trains can keep running. union members, new jersey transit officials and negotiators heading back to the bargaining table determined. whatever it takes to avoid a strike. >> whether it is a today issue or a tonight issue or a tomorrow issue or a sunday morning issue that's a game i don't want to freeway. >> reporter: spokesperson for the 11 rail unions not as talkative as he walked in. cautiously optimistic. >> do you guys think you'll be able to reach a deal today? >> that i don't know.
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that's why we are talking. >> reporter: today's face to face negotiations are one step closer. rail unions have been working without a contract since 2011. sticking points include better health benefits and a steady wage increase. while some commuters are sympathetic to the unions many are anxious for a deal to be 100,000 people rely on the transit trains daily. with a current strike deadline drawing closer many are worried. >> it will be disruptive. a lot of people will be stranded. >> reporter: the contingency plan will accommodate 40,000 commuters who will be affected. >> traffic is terrible. it takes an hour and 20 minutes to drive on a good day.
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>> we are not going to go do anything to jeopardize the customer's commutes. that's not our thing. a. >> reporter: negotiators have not given a timetable for how long they'll talk today. unions are saying if talks go well they'll consider postponing the strike. in any event, new jersey transit has made plans if the strike does go through to gradually reduce train service starting sunday morning. several new jersey transit passengers were injured when a car slammed into their bus in newark. bloom field intersection was shutdown while police investigated. the car first hit a number 11 bus and struck two other vehicles. the bus driver and five passengers were hurt. investigators are looking for a flasher in spring harbor.
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high school student tuesday morning and exposed himself. the man attempted to engage the victim before she ran away. he is 20 years old driving a small tan colored sedan. new york city has taken action to a woman in hell's kitchen. last night sanitation workers tossed items that belonged to sonya gonzales. we told you yesterday how she symbolizes the city's homeless problem. she talked about her cart with blankets and food she pushed through the streets. >> i have to do it. if you are going to survive you have to beat them. if you don't you cannot survive. >> police were planning to convince gonzales to go to a shelter. it is not known if she went to one. her belongings were hauled away. to campaign 2016 and the face off between bernie sanders and democratic rival hillary clinton. the 8th democratic debate took
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week's race in florida. the democratic race is heating up after sanders surprise win in michigan both candidates took time to go after republican frontrunner donald trump. >> he is trafficking in prejudice and paranoia and has no place in our political system. >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. >> democratic contenders went on to clash over immigration reform, healthcare and cuba. former remaining republican miami. dozens of flights grounded at laguardia. a brawl breaks out on a plane after it landed and fists started flying in the aisle. flood danger.
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and more rain is on the way. don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page at new york. both runways are back
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the shutdown lasted five hours while crews repaired a pothole. the problem caused frustration for travelers. fists were flying on a fight from baltimore to los angeles. it was all caught on camera. you can see hair pulling and punching inside the cabin of the spirit airlines plane. once the plane landed people got angry other passengers were playing loud music. thing escalated after a few words were exchanged. no one was seriously hurt. severe storms forced thousands of people from their homes in the south. three people have drowned. the weather system stretches from texas to tennessee. cbs 2 david beg reports from louisiana, which is under a state of emergency. >> reporter: a second blast of heavy rain pointed north louisiana overnight. >> we just stalled out. should have known better than do that to begin with. >> reporter: 15 inches have fallen in other parts of the state. another foot could be on the way.
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officials to call for the homes. >> it is a disaster. >> reporter: more than 100 roads have been closed. some are crumbling. drone video taking over shreveport shows entire neighborhoods under water. 100 homes have been flooded. most are in the hougton where the water has risen to roof top levels. >> has this ever happened here? >> not like that. >> reporter: emergency crews are going door-to-door urging people to get out of the high- risk areas. we are getting calls coming in from every direction. >> reporter: good news in subdivisions including where we are. the water receding. but there are homes that are still flooded. eight neighborhoods are under mandatory evacuation. national guard has been called in to help with rescues. we are told the rain is expected to continue for the next two days. cbs news louisiana.
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shelters for flooding victims forced to evacuate their homes. thousands of people are expected to pay respects today to nancy reagan. yesterday 3,000 people filed california. public viewing. first lady michelle obama will attend. reagan will be buried next to her husband. still to come, a big announcement stephen colbert with cbs this evening. john elliott is here. how warm will it get? >> we'll add a few more degrees. we'll check in with weather
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a big announcement from stephen colbert this morning. last spring he stunned schools in south carolina by funding all school projects in his home state. funds came through donors since then others have been inspired to give. today he announced hashtag est school day and has celebrities, athletes and
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million to fund 11,000 projects across the country. >> people are giving money funding the project object -- the projects. >> tonight steven talks with his favorite fourth grade teacher. you can see the late show tonight on cbs2 at 11:35. let's talk about what is coming down right now. i appreciate my weather showers. that rain is now pushing through parts of the hudson
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i like this picture, too. they have started to get insect control underway there. that is a great shot. more reports of rain to the west and to the north. also a sweet little welcome back to annie who says she is back with 75 in white plains. it was ironic she was in georgia when alex had a baby named georgia. welcome back. let's talking about the rain. evidence of rain to the north overhead in the form of clouds in the city. it is part of a front that will usher in cooler air. i was talking with my producer, justin, we set a record low i mean smashed the old record low minimum. in other words as cold as it was this morning is as warm as it has ever been. 74 ties the record. it is not as bright but it is warm in white plains.
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you can seeing evidence of that front. 75 adding a degree will set the record. sunsets 5:58. not as much sun as we saw yesterday. here we can see showers. some not hitting the ground yet. it will. all of this ultimately pushes through. the showers that will slow you down and slicken up the roadways are in sullivan, orange and putnam. you'll see some light rain in morris and somerset county. changes from yesterday. there is the rest of our front. as we pointed out, flooding rains continue. it is the slow-moving nature causing all the problems and headaches and heartaches for the southeast. let's time it out for you. you can get a sense of that. between now and 4:00 a lot just rides the ridge. then starts to break through during the overnight hours. tomorrow morning we'll see some showers. then it is a northwest wind. you'll see things clear out and you'll feel the breeze. we'll be in the 60s tomorrow. it will feel cooler with the wind.
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that's the better of the two weekend days. 60 on sunday. chance of a shower late on sunday. we spring ahead with those clocks. hanging on to the heat today. notice through the seven-day forecast we are above normal. we'll just feel a dip tomorrow and then the rain rolls in this afternoon and tonight. >> little bit of summer mixed in with our winter. thank you very much. when we come back carpool kareoke.
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jo coming up tonight a commuter cashes a dangerous door opening without a platform in front of it. first calories and salt now carbs. new warnings one lawmaker wants to see on menus in new york city. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. it is not only a staple on the late late show with james corden but it has become a viral sensation. >> you have m in the place
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as for me you'll see. >> that carpool kareoke with adele has gotten 25 million views alone. reminder you can catch the late late show with james corden weeknights at 12:35. >> that is a funny bit. i love it. we need him in the driver's seat. too funny. that's it for us at noon. for the entire cbs2 news team thank you for joining us. we are back at 5:00. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. until then have a great afternoon. enjoy the day!
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>> nick: i'm sorry we didn't get a chance to talk last night. shouldn't have. >> sage: no, you just said one thing you shouldn't have, the most hurtful thing you could ever say to me. you accused me of wanting to adopt this child to replace our son. >> nick: i said i was sorry. >> sage: i know you did. but christian is irreplaceable. i said that to shawn the very first time we met her. me, nick. >> nick: sage -- >> sage: i need you to stop questioning me and support me. can you do that? >> ashley: so you think an mri is really necessary? >> dr. neville: well, given your latest bloodwork and the severity of your symptoms, i think i need a little more information. >> ashley: yeah, but, neville, information has a way of getting out. >> dr. neville: no, it won't. i promise you. the radiologist is a good friend of mine. i'll make sure he sends the results to me. what is it? what's wrong? >> ashley: i'm just wondering if it's worth it.


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