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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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to new york city. the northeast corridor is the busiest route. cbs 2's lou young is live in newark where both sides are trying to hammer out an agreement. >> reporter: the clock ticks, the talks continue here and your monday morning commute hangs in the balance. take a look. >> no comment. >> reporter: union leaders have been tight-lipped today during what management says should be the final negotiation session to avoid a rail strike. 4,000 nj transit rail workers have authorized a strike beginning sunday morning if the two sides can't make a deal. at issue pay hike for workers who make 6-figure salaries with overtime and who right now don't have to contribute to health insurance premiums. they haven't had a contract since 2011. nj transit says the two sides are close enough to warrant optimism. >> there's no reason why this can't close today. it should close to-day. everything that we have to talk about we have talked through. we know exactly what the differences are between us. now time to close those
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agreement, lift the threat of a strike off of the heads of our customers and move on. >> reporter: a former negotiator for the railroad tells us he also expects a resolution because the alternative would be so disruptive. >> this should be settled and it probably will be settled because a strike the -- risk of a strike far outweighs the benefits of whatever can come out of a future negotiations after a strike. >> reporter: who do you blame situation? >> the governor. >> reporter: he says that from his insider perspective that the reserve fund for nj transit shrank from $350 million to $34 million under chris christie's watch. the deal he says that is in the works likely will be expensive because of the retroactive pay because they haven't had a contract in recent years and he says it also will be expensive because it will have to be paid for without the reserve fund.
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he predicts fare increases. live in newark, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> in the event of a strike, commuters heading to penn station will need a plan. cbs 2's emily smith is live there with your contingency commute. emily. >> reporter: kristine, if the strike happens monday morning's commute will not be easy. but there are other ways to get across that river. whether you drive, ride a bus or take a train, nj transit officials are warning all commuters that a potential strike by the rail union will have a severe impact on our roads. and commuters are bracing for the potential reality of no available trains. a contingency plan in place includes increased bus service as well as path, light rail and ferry service. >> a key component of the plan is using strategically located park rides. >> reporter: the locations will be hamilton station, pnc art center, metropark station, metlife stadium, and ramsey route 17 station. parking at these locations
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added service will run inbound 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and outbound 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. all tickets will be honored. ticket machines have already been installed at the park and rides like these at metlife stadium so riders without monthly tickets can buy tickets. keep in mind this contingency plan will only be able to carry 38% of new york-bound new jersey transit riders. that's only 40,000 people. far short of the 105,000 people who take trains daily. this will probably add 10,000 vehicles to the roads. and if you do drive into work if there is a strike that day, officials are asking people to carpool. they say that would be a one- hour train ride could be a three-hour car ride with all that additional traffic. live from penn station, emily smith, cbs 2 news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage all weekend as we count down to the strike deadline.
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a long island beach as an emergency landing strip. the single-engine plane landed at sunken meadow state park this morning. minutes after taking off from failed. so the pilot with a student on board taking a first lesson sand. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch talked with the veteran pilot. >> reporter: has this ever happened to you before? >> no. i'm flying 5 years and this is the first time -- 35 years and happened. >> he did what he had to do landing it safely on the beach. >> no one was injured. the student pilot plans to try again tomorrow. as for the plane it will have to be dismantled and moved. no strikes at the airlines but you would be forgiven for thinking that there was some kind of work stoppage at newark this morning. the lines to get through security at terminal c were enough to make you want to drive to your destination. cbs 2's steve langford has the video. >> reporter: that sinking
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they face security lines like this painfully clear this morning at newark airport a maddening shuffle toward the tsa checkpoint at terminal c the line snaking down halls and upstairs far out of sight of the security area leaving hundreds wondering if they will even make their flights. >> the security lines are terrible. they always are. >> reporter: the tsa recommends travelers arrive at the airport at least two hours two hours. >> i get people coming through screaming at me on social media and the like just so frustrated about this particular airport. >> reporter: on capitol hill this week, a u.s. senator's plea to the head of homeland security to reduce lines that look like something out of the soviet union in the 1970s. >> can't we do something it alleviate this outrageous problem that rightfully is angering people at the newark airport? >> one of the things you can say to your constituents, senator, is, you know, join tsa precheck for the shorter
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>> reporter: tsa precheck an expedited security screening program available for a fee may or may not be the answer to these mind numbing lines. >> it's been a long time since i have done that because i definitely use the precheck. >> reporter: the tsa tells cbs 2, quote, the recent increases are caused by the rapid growth in travel volume combined with a ee nude emphasis on rigorous screening following testing that showed unacceptable results. >> tsa is understaffed. >> reporter: hurry up and wait at newark airport, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> our call to united airlines which operates most of the flights out of terminal c at newark was not returned. nypd needs some help in finding two men accused of stealing cigarettes, cigars, lottery tickets and cash from a staten island grocery store. the two were seen on video on located on richmond terrace. police say they entered through a cellar door and took off with $5,300 in goods and cash.
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remove cash from an atm inside the store but failed and damaged the machine. a postal worker who pretended she was too scared to leave her home won't be able to set food there for six- month. maria of the bronx is going to jail for fraudulently collecting $200,000 in worker compensation. she claimed to get panic attacks when she went outdoors but police say she took cruises to alaska and canada. she also completed a 10 month nursing program. this story touched us all. on christmas day in 2011, madonna badger's children and parents were all killed in a fire. now she tells cbs 2's mary calvi how her daughter's memory is inspiring her to change how the world views women. >> reporter: it's the most devastating tragedy a mother can imagine. for madonna badger everyone she loved was gone in an instant. >> when i became a mom, that was it. i mean, that was the number
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>> reporter: in 2011, fire- ravaged her home in stamford, connecticut. her three little girls 9, 7- year-old twins were trapped the divorced mother tried but couldn't save her children. her parents also died in the fire that christmas day. >> i wanted to die. >> reporter: she even contemplated the unthinkable. >> i was afraid of killing myself because i thought, oh, my god, i won't see them. >> i can't imagine it was an easy journey for you. >> no one knew what to do with me. >> reporter: she was put into four different psychiatric hospitals until her roommate from college came for her. >> it was like breaking out of jail. and, um, you know, it was -- i was like just like i remember calling her on the phone saying i can't do this anymore. i cannot be here. i cannot be amongst strangers trying to therapy-ize me. >> reporter: she says the daughters she lost will always be with her.
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you know? they may not be here with me on this earthly plane but they are here with me and so, you know, i talk to them, i pray to them, i pray with them. i -- you know, look through their pictures and remember and cry and move on to the next day. >> reporter: today, madonna badger runs a successful advertising firm on fifth avenue. >> i'm here and i'm going to do something positive with the time that i'm here. >> reporter: and she is. with a new movement that's gone viral. she is calling on the advertising industry as a whole to stop using images that objectify women. >> if my little girls were here, um, i would be mortified at what they were seeing. it's about a human change. it's about saying, i'm not okay with this anymore. i know there's a better way. i know there's a smarter way. that's what we're really asking for. >> madonna badger has such an inner strength that comes
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she says what keeps her going is the belief that one day, she will see her little girls again. each day she is using her time and experience to make a difference. mary calvi, cbs 2 news. >> if you would like to know more about the campaign, women, not objects, go to our website, as we continue here at 6:00 a bizarre accident on a busy highway. a tire flies across the roadway slamming into the roof of a car. where did this come from? >> a high school production of a hit broadway musical the producers surrounded in controversy. is it censorship or political correctness? >> reporter: well, it's been a really nice end to the workweek. but this day isn't all about cooling down. cooler than our record temperatures earlier in the week. things get even cooler tonight. i'll have the details coming up in your full forecast. >> okay, elise.
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at what's ahead on the evening news at 6:30. >> reporter: hey, great to be with you, maurice and kristine. it was an interesting day for donald trump today. he picked up a major endorsement. and also, picked up some major protests at his rallies. describing the protestors as the people who are trying to destroy our country. we'll have all the latest political news and the rest of the world news coming right up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. >> we'll see you then. >> and life after sandy. billy crystal reaching out to help his hometown rebuild after the superstorm. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer.
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terrifying accident on the grand central parkway. a tire flies off an suv crosses over the guardrail and smashes into the windshield of an oncoming car. this happened around 2:00 this afternoon. the accident caused stop and go traffic during the evening commute. the drive inside the struck car was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest. the condition unknown. the show must go on tonight in rockland county but a high school version of "the producers" will be missing something. the swastikas have been cut from the satirical musical about hitler. cbs 2's tony aiello. >> reporter: if someone scrawled a swastika on a desk at tappan zee high school it would be treated as a
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which explains why this stage will be devoid of swastikas when high school presents the mel brooks musical the the call made by superintendent bob pritchard. >> there is no context in a public high school where a -- a -- a swastika is -- is appropriate. >> reporter: the controversy erupted as these things so often do on social media. after someone posted a picture of swastikas on this stage on their facebook page. [ music ] >> reporter: this 2009 video from ardsley high school gives you an idea of what was planned. swastikas on nazi flags and arm band during springtime for hitler, the satirical show within a show that ridicules the german mad man. a handful of parents found the swastikas offensive and complained. after checking out the stage, the superintendent agreed. >> the optics, the visual, the -- was -- was very -- to me was very disturbing. um, i -- i considered it to be an obscenity just like any obscenity.
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some of the performers seen here at rehearsal feel the production has been unfairly censored. it's the talk of the town. >> it's sat tire. , you know, it's not supposed to be taken seriously. it's satire. >> reporter: are you offended by the swastikas in the show as a jew? >> no. >> i personally think mel brooks would be very honored that the controversy is going on but i think he would be disappointed in the censorship. >> reporter: but the district decided a symbol of hate is out of place on a high school stage. in rockland county, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> the superintendent says he consulted with several rabbis and the rockland holocaust study center before deciding to cut swastikas from the show. elise finch is in for lonnie quinn tonight. he has our exclusive forecast the mobile weather lab. the sun is setting and it looks like it's getting chillier, too, elise. >> reporter: it really s we're here at columbus circle with our trusty mobile weather lab and, of course, the instruments on top of the current temperatures.
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the back where it officially -- well, in this spot, we are at 60.1 degrees. the official temperature for central park is 59. partly cloudy skies, 59 degrees, northwest wind at 17 miles per hour. so you may have needed a jacket all day. you may need a coat tonight. saturday okay. sunday clouds. the high afternoon temperature 63. the official high on the day degrees. that is around midnight. but it will now officially go down as the high for the day that puts us a full 20 degrees above where we should be. as you look at the temperature trend not quite as big a drop from yesterday as today. but still, not in record category. take a look at current temperatures, we have a cool 46 degrees in liberty, 47 for montauk but 50s for
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58 for fairfield and babylon. 59 for linden and central park. 61 toms river. your vortex satellite and radar showing just a few high, thin clouds out there right now. the bigger picture shows the area of high pressure keeping things dry for us and, of course, the area of low pressure that's been wreaking havoc in louisiana. that area of low pressure and the moisture associated with it will be here in a weakened system. tonight things chilly. right now, they already are quite chilly and windy. you will definitely need a jacket tonight maybe a coat later tonight. as we head into tomorrow, it's looking like a really good day. tons of sunshine. later in the day we have a chance to see some rain. so for tonight, mostly clear skies. but chilly 42 degrees that's in the city. 30s as we head into the suburbs.
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above the freezing mark tonight. it's going to be chilly. weekend looking good. 62 for saturday. 60 for sunday. we are doing the countdown to spring for nine days and take a look here's your seven-day forecast the weekend looks good. but expect some rain to start the workweek. we are live in columbus circle with the mobile weather lab and with that i'll send it back to you. billy crystal is auctioning mementos to help his long island hometown that was battered by superstorm sandy. the actor and comedian grew up in long beach. the city was one of the worst hit community when sandy tore through. he is selling dozens of items to help with the rebuilding. >> i just moved out of my office of 23 years into a new space and i have all kinds of really great stuff that i'm personalizing and there are magazine covers, and interesting things, like this is the prototype of the first poster for 700 sundays and i'm signing everything. >> there's also sport
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baseballs and basketballs. you can place bids on ebay until sunday. love him. all right. otis is up next with sports. he has a preview. >> it's a fantastic finish for the huskies and the nfl carousel spun through florham park. which former rookie of the year met with the jets and could signal the departure of ryan fitzpatrick? it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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the mets news, otis livingston here. >> henry mejia not done yet. there's a twist to the lifetime ban from baseball. he is not going out without a fight alleging in a bizarre press conference today that major league baseball rigged the positive results. that's right. he says his second and third positive tests never happened! he alleges that major league player wanted information on another player they were investigating and he said no and they drummed up the positive test that resulted in the lifetime ban. he said he was a victim of a conspiracy and the players union should have done more so according to his attorney they
6:24 pm
suspension and through his reasons. >> he is a person with feelings, with values, and only [ indiscernible ] for support -- [ indiscernible ] >> major league baseball quickly responded with a statement denying all of his claims as well as stating: and in the meantime, the mets continue on without mejia one of the key guys in the bullpen within antonio ba started doe had no relief. the nationals scored twice as the mets lose 9-5. yankees orioles in tampa. masahiro tanaka looks as good as new slated to be the opening day starter struck out the first two batters and three innings of one hit baseball. ellsbury continued his hot
6:25 pm
yankees win 7-1. orioles haven't won a game this spring. there's more intrigue into the ryan fitzpatrick situation with the jets two sides said to be far apart on a deal and today robert griffin iii who was recently released by the redskins was in florham park visiting with the jets. remember this guy mark sanchez? he is now a maine super bowl champion denver broncos -- a member of the super bowl champion denver broncos. peyton manning retired and brock osweiler signed with houston. something incredible is taking place in march. the end of the third overtime kevin johnson knocked down the triple with .8 second left. they start celebrating. adams says no! banks it in from 3 quarter court. that maybe the shot that kept their ncaa hopes alive! they win 104-97 in four
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>> it ain't over until it's over. >> by the way, surprise you didn't show the button. >> i was -- >> oh. >> disappointed. eagles disappointed more >> thank you. we'll be right back. i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done. that's important to me. my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics,
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don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. you can find us at coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, building a better password. why rutgers researchers say goods like this are much safer than the security most people are currently using. >> plus, you or your loved one could be making a deadly mistake when you get in the car. the law in new york that could give passengers a false sense of security. it's coming up at 11:00. please join us at 9:00 on tv 10/55. >> the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. have a great to night and great weekend, too.
6:30 pm >> pelley: a gentler trump at the debate, but more violence at his rallies. >> i think there are two donald trumps. >> pelley: and they don't agree with each other. >> i don't think there are two donald trumps. i think there's one donald trump. >> pelley: also tonight, rising waters put thousands of homes at risk. mourners celebrate nancy reagan and an undying love. oh, my dear our love is here to stay. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a nurse who gets the surprise of her life. >> i have goosebumps right now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today, donald trump's rallies drew more protests, his campaign drew a big endorsement, and his opponents drew up an emergency


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