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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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marco rubio drops out of the race tonight on a tour day- night on the campaign trail. but it's still a close race in some states for the other candidates. results still coming in. good evening. i'm maurice dubois doo-wop. -- i'm maurice dubois. >> hillary clinton picks up wins in three states. it's closer in illinois and missouri. donald trump wins florida, illinois and north carolina. john kasich picks up a big win in his home state and missouri is still too close to call. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. [ cheering ] >> reporter: john kasich may have shaken up the field by winning in his home state of
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donald trump to secure the nomination before the convention. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> reporter: but tonight marks the end of the road for marco rubio, trump trounced the center in his home state of florida. >> while it is not god's plan that i be president in 2016 or maybe ever, and while today my campaign is suspended, [ booing ] the fact that i've even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> reporter: trump may be facing a convention fight but he remains the clear front runner. >> we're going to win, win, and we're not stopping. >> the only republican remaining in the race is ted cruz. >> tonight we continue to do -- to gain delegates and continue our march. >> reporter: bob schieffer gave me some super -- some perspective on today's votes. >> if trump gets the nomination before they get to cleveland, that's going to turn the party upside down.
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but if it goes to that open convention, who knows what happens after that? >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign [ cheering ] >> reporter: for the democrats, hillary clinton avoided another surprise loss like the one she had last week in michigan. but bernie sanders seems to be the candidate generating the enthusiasm. >> we are doing something very radical in american politics. we are telling the truth! >> reporter: schieffer says it makes for an uncertain outcome in november. >> we want to look ahead beyond both conventions and to the general election, i don't think you can predict what's going to happen or who's going to win. >> reporter: tonight, here's a look at the delegate count after those big wins for clinton and trump, trump closer to the nomination with 574 delegates followed by ted cruz, rubio and kasich are far behind. 1237 are needed for the nomination. for the democrats, hillary clinton has more than double
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nominated, they need 2383. so trump and clinton won the florida primary with a little help from their friends. >> a whole bunch of new yorkers who have moved down south. cbs2 political reporter marcia kramer joins us now from boca raton with that part of our coverage. good evening, marcia. >> reporter: good evening. you know, you can't change your zip -- you can change your zip code but you can't change your new york dna. seems like having a little bit of that new york dna helped candidates from new york. >> we voted of course for donald trump. very important because he's the only one that can tap into stopping the corruption. >> he is beholden to no one. he's a billionaire and he is going to come out a billionaire. of these are just two of several new yorkers at the town center in boca raton who say they not only voted for trump,
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transplanted ones often have strong opinions. so there were a few people we found, i mean if you, who voted against trump. >> i voted for rubio against trump. in fact i even reregistered from independent to republican in order to vote against trump. >> reporter: hillary clinton did well too. >> who did you vote for? >> hillary. because i'm basically a democrat. and i would vote for anybody who got it out of the democratic party. i'm so disgusted with what's going on. >> reporter: then there were some new yorkers who in new york fashion have an identity crisis like this man in the make america great again hat. >> reporter: how did you vote for? >> i voted for bernie sanders. >> is that who you wanted to vote for? >> well, i've been a democrat all my life. now i have -- a lot of my views are on the views that donald trump has. >> reporter: i also found a
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who did you -- who would you have voted for? >> kasich. i think he's got the best plans for the country. we need a change. both parties. >> reporter: well, with florida's primary over it's on to utah and arizona. as for new york voters, the ones who didn't change their zip code, they have to wait an entire month before they can vote. reporting live in boca raton, florida, marcia kramer, cbs2 news. >> thank you. breaking news out of new jersey where a 20-year-old woman is fighting for her life after getting struck in a hit and run. police are trying to hunt down the driver responsible. cbs2's valerie castro is live in paramus with more on this. valerie? >> reporter: kristine, the northbound lanes of route 17 in paramus will be shut down for at least the next hour while police continue their investigation. behind me you can see the road closure and
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evening, you see investigators closely looking at debris on the roadway, left behind by the car after the collision and whatever the woman might have been carrying. she was taken to hackensack hospital with critical injuries. we still don't know why the woman was on the highway, if she was walking on the shoulder or perhaps trying to get across several lanes of traffic to the other side. police believe she was hit by a black toyota suv around 8:00 this evening. they are now looking for that suv, they say it has damage to the passenger side fender and the side view mirror, i get a black toyota suv, back out here live as i mentioned, route 17 will be shut down through at least midnight so keep that in mind if this is the direction of travel you are headed in, all of the southbound lanes are still open. live in paramus, valerie castro, cbs2 news. >> thank you. also breaking tonight a driver and passenger are in custody after police say they lead nypd officers on a high- speed chase. it ended in a crash in mount
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the car smashed into parked cars, a woman who was in the backseat holding an infant suffered critical head injuries. the child is in stable condition. new development in the water warning. newark's public schools, blood tests will be now offered to more than 17,000 students who may have been exposed to lead. cbs2's tony aiello spoke to a student who is taking precautions. >> what goes through your mind? >> that i might get sick. >> reporter: soraya brings a bottle of water to school every day. wilson avenue 130 schools with elevated levels of lead in the tap water. now 17,000 students will be offered blood tests to see if lead is also in their system. >> that's good. absolutely. keeps everybody safe and stuff like that. >> reporter: ras baraka means many -- many parents might opt out. >> we're not forcing people to get lead test.
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are going to come forward and say this is what they want to do. >> reporter: younger kids are most at risk, 2000 students in early childhood programs will be tested first. the water supply is fine. old pipes and fittings inside aging buildings are to blame for the spike in lead levels. part of wilson avenue school is 135 years old. of course the schools in newark has been -- have been controlled by new jersey for many years. tonight the maker challenged governor christie to come up with a plan to fix the aging infrastructure in the schools. in newark, tony aiello, cbs2 news. police are searching for whoever has been shooting up vehicles and businesses with bb guns. investigators say that have been at least 36 shootings in east meadow, levittown and north america. left behind? a costly mess that dented car doors and shattered windows. residents want the suspect off
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>> first reaction is that what's next? if it's not a car, is it somebody walking their dog or are they going to start shooting at people? >> the most frustrating thing is that this person is still on the street. >> police also released security vehicle. anyone with information is urged to call the police. spring breakers, we -- beware. mosquitoes could be buzzing around and with 11 people in suffolk county already infected, health officials are warning college students to take extra precautions if they are heading to warmer climates. zika virus can be passed through sexual contact. doctors are asking people to practice safe sex and wear long sleeves, pants to avoid but bites. a fight over lights. >> it looks like science fiction. >> supposed to save money and the environment. but some residents say led lights are ruining their neighborhoods. leaks, water damage, even mold, only open seven months what a brand-new subway station
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this is where the seven train goes out to the west side. repairs are scheduled to start friday overnight, they could
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complete and cost $3 million. new tonight residence in a historic brooklyn neighborhood are not too happy about the their streetlights. >> tracee carrasco reports now on the light fight. >> reporter: on midwood street in the historic district of prospect lefferts gardens there is a glaring sign of the times, that line the streets, brand- new led lights, met with mixed reaction from residents. >> it looks unearthly, like science fiction. >> as long as the lights are on, i'm happy. >> a block away on flatbush avenue, you can see the old streetlights compared to the bright new led lights. >> the colors are not rich amber that we did have. >> reporter: these led lights, part of a citywide project by department of transportation with a hefty price tag of $75 million is set to be largest led retrofit in the country. the city estimates once complete these lights will save
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at an additional 400,000 in yearly maintenance costs, the city boasts this is another step in reducing its carbon footprint by 30% by 2017. residents question if this is the best option for their quaint street. >> if there's a tremendous savings of energy, that is a good thing. but i also -- i'm not quite sure it has to be this ugly. >> reporter: the city has no -- no plans to reconsider these lights here and the conversion will continue as scheduled. it should be complete in brooklyn by august. reporting from prospect lefferts gardens brooklyn, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. prescriptions in new york state are going digital. instead of a pad, doctors will use a computer to issue prescriptions electronically. starting march 27. the mandate will help keep controlled substances including
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currently new york state has a database that prescribers can crosscheck a patient's history. those who need to fill a prescription out of state will still be able to get it in paper form. lord and taylor will settle claims that it deceived customers by paying for instagram posts. federal trade commission says 50 people were paid as much as $4000 to post pictures wearing a dress from the retail's new clothing line. the posts were not disclosed as advertisements. parents often share pictures and videos of their children on social media but they may be doing more harm than good. >> what is funny? >> nothing is funny, but he. >> the first generation to see childhood mistakes and memories become viral videos. some are already butting heads with moms and dads over embarrassing posts. but a child psychologist says parents should make privacy a priority and never post
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without permission. >> when you put your kid in that position where you are using them for comedy value, not even asking their permission, you are crossing another boundary that makes them feel like i can do that other people. i could make fun of my friends and videotape it and put it online. >> the doctor also urges parents to remember college recruiters and employers, google before accepting and hiring someone, even childhood videos and photos can influence that decision. >> not just embarrassing, kids just do it permanently. >> that's the truth. >> lonnie quinn needs to ease up on that one. >> that's me. guys, we are talking about an improvement weather-wise but not quite done with winter weather. i'm going to make some sense of that in a second. first out to my weather watchers, temperatures right now, hovering around 50 degrees mark in new york city.
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this is victoria, yorktown heights, welcome to my show. first time i had a chance to use you on air. let's see what you have to say, victoria, beautiful day today. is there any more snow on the way? funny you should bring that up. first of all, yorktown heights, talking about a beautiful day, new york city, socked in with the clouds north of the city, the sun came out early. right now we new york city it has become a nice night like did you guys go out for dinner? the skies got pretty. >> i saw the moon. >> you bet. a nice-looking night out there, 51, high temp was 56, a little bit for 6:00 this evening. 5:51, warmest reading of your day is seven above average. headlines look like this, tomorrow looks pretty good. it's an unsettled week so there's going to be a rain chance later tomorrow but the bulk of your daytime hours look good. but you may not be done with snow just yet. wouldn't be until sunday, a slight possibility. but thinking about springtime snow, snow storms in the spring
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april 6, 1982. 10 is in new york city. opening day for the yankees, taking on the rangers, snowed out. snowed out for 48 hours. vortex satellite and radar looks beautiful. good-looking wednesday, late wednesday night could see a little bit of rain coming through later in the afternoon. futurecast and play, starting to make its way in five, 6:00 in some of our western servers. then we deal with a little bit -- a little bit of rain. thursday looks good and then lo and behold another rain chance later thursday. computer rendition of how it could possibly play out. it gives you an idea that there is unsettled weather out there, this is 5:30. but perhaps this plays around at 1:30 and it would have something to say about the st. patrick's day parade, let me show you how we see the futurecast working out, 62 tomorrow, 60 on st. patrick's day, i would take a small umbrella if you are going to the parade. 56 on friday, colder for
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sunday is the first day of spring but there is a forecasted coastal storm, looking like it's going further and further out to sea, if it comes close to shore, could possibly have wet snowflakes for us. >> if. >> all right. we will wait. three local schools are left heading to the ncaa tournament. is weak. -- this week. they hope to pull out big wins. iona loaded up the buses for the big dance. they play thursday against fourth-seeded iowa state. while iona is 13 seeded and considered underdogs, the entire city of new rochelle is rooting for a st. patrick's day win. otis livingston is back
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tournament coming up. and here is otis, time to get your march madness on. >> tonight there's going to be two teams going home. that's just the reality of the whole thing. ncaa tournament underway. the first four games, fairleigh dickinson trying to capture the imagination of the country like tonight's opponents, florida gulf coast did three years ago.
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their next game -- nickname from a few years ago. dunk city. the eagles andy -- perfect 7-7, the knights were down 21 at the half. fdu was their own worst enemy, just 33%. and you just get -- 96-65 the final. >> my guys are still champions. if i'm going to tell everybody they are the third youngest team in america after we win a championship, the fact remains we were still third youngest team and tonight we played like that. >> but the future is bright. iona's journey is just beginning. headed for denver colorado, they will face iowa state on thursday. by the way, three victories over ranked opponents in their history, their last in 2005
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think they can do it again? >> we feel like we have a chance to win if we play our style of ask all. so definitely lower seat and we will be in the maroon jerseys but we are excited for the opportunity. >> try to stay focused and listened coach and soak up what he has to say because he's been there. >> it's the best if you're a coach and you love your players, nothing better than to give them this report. big rally on long island for stony brook, the sequels entering uncharted waters. never been to the tournament in history but thursday, you can throw inexperience out the window. >> got to play good basketball. be mistake free. got a hall of fame coach, first- round draft picks, they don't lose many games. i know it will be a home-court for them. but we will have some of the t- wolves nation there too. >> we believe, coach.
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time for a quick break. welcome back, everyone. strange news out of mets camp today, they waved ruben tejada. sandy alderson declined to comment, major league baseball prohibits teams from discussing waivers. tejada expected to play in today's game against the marlins, noah syndergaard looked good, one earned run in 3 2/3. the mets win 8-6. yankees taking on red sox tonight, ivan nova with a strong outing. one run allowed, striking out four. the newest yankee, aaron hicks, takes the newest red sox, david price deep. the yankees win it 6-3. islanders breathing down the neck of the rangers. one point behind the blue shirts with two games in hand.
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in pittsburgh, the islanders looking for the comeback in the third period. tonight on the power play, ties it at one. a shootout, the penguins win it. the islanders pick up a point. they are now tied in the division. back by popular demand. you guys asked for it. the baby race from sacramento, folks! supposed to be the cutest and fastest babies in the area. a few didn't get the memo, though. not even getting out of the starting blocks. look at landon, takes a nap. down the stretch he comes! now she is over, she made it. >> she crossed the line. >> she broke the tape. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] just roll that tape again. >> like pandas. blue skies smiling at me
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