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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for you so you know when this will be moving into your area. we heard about staten island. you have a thunderstorm right now. 6:08 it's into wayne. 6:33 into new york city. manhattan. 6:36 yonkers. 6:39 into hempstead. i'd like to track the back edge. when is it over? it's over in new york city at 6:57. there could be trailing activity behind it overnight. it's over. we have lots more to talk about including a chance for snow. can you believe that? back to you >> thank you. a long island teenager offered a second chance may have blown it. 19-year-old cory gloe was behind the wheel in a drag race that ended in tragedy five correspond killed when the car crashed. now he is in trouble again.
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>> reporter: days after a judge offered cory gloe leniency the 19-year-old is back in handcuffs re-arrested in a speeding car with an illegal knife just a mile and a half from where gloe admits he killed five teens drag- racing. >> he is still reckless. >> there's no remorse here, zero. >> reporter: the parents of 14- year-old carly who died in the mother's day 2014 crash are not surprised. last week, g loe admitted he was street racing, the other car packed with the girl and others slammed into oncoming traffic. in a youthful offender plea deal he will serve only 6 months with you set a condition. >> he said in the court, the last court date, anything, any trouble whatsoever, youthful offenders is off the table and he will be served with the maximum time for each one of those charges. >> reporter: the the new arrest ought to be a deal breaker they say. cory gloe was a passenger tuesday in a car driven by a
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high rate of speed with a gravity knife and small bag of marijuana. >> they are speeding and doing whatever they want. how many lives do we need to lose before the system stops giving slaps on the wrist? >> reporter: his attorney says it's a pocketknife. >> i think at the end of the day, um, they are going to do what's right and just in this case. he has a lot of [ indiscernible ] >> i wonder if he is on the right path? i question whether youthful offender was the right decision in this case. >> reporter: the defendant didn't have possession of the knife but he can still be charged as an occupant of the car. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the judge could now impose a sentence you have to 15 years for each of the five teens who were killed in the 2014 crash. the limo driver hit by
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deadly crash now faces charges. carlos pino is charged with criminally negligent homicide. investigators say the 58-year- old made a risky u-turn leaving a long island vineyard last july when he was hit by a pickup truck. four women in the limo were killed and four others were seriously hurt. >> the person who is criminally responsible for this crash is carlos pino and carlos pino alone. he failed to take any precaution or any action to make sure he could safely enter the westbound lanes. he continued to attempt to make his turn without stopping, without looking. >> it appears to be first for where a -- the driver of a vehicle that's been hit by a drunk driver an alleged drunk driver and allegedly speeding drunk driver has then been criminally charged following
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the pickup driver steven romeo was charged with driving under the influence. a story in queens a student accused of bringing a loaded gun to school! chopper 2 was over ps 40 on union hall street in jamaica this afternoon. police say an 11-year-old boy brought a .38-caliber pistol to the school yesterday morning. the fifth grader told the police he found the gun under his grandfather's bed. that man, 54-year-old kenneth miley, is now charged with criminal possession of a weapon. another scare at a long island school after a toy gun was found in a parking lot. chopper 2 was over this one in farmingdale state college in suffolk county as police patroled the campus. the school was locked down after somebody reported seeing what they thought was a rifle. students and staff were urged to take shelter during the investigation. it turns out the rifle was a "star wars" lightsaber. you've probably noticed us talking more about slashings and stabbings over the past weeks.
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there's no reason to worry about crime and public safety. cbs 2's hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: manhattan before 6:00 on amsterdam off west 171st, five people were stabbed or slashed when a brawl broke out at an underground social club. two hours later two suspects pistol-whipped and robbed three employees at the rodeway inn. >> every time you turn around something is going on here. this is a quiet beautiful neighborhood. >> it's not safe anymore. >> reporter: mayor de blasio says new yorkers shouldn't feel unsafe with statistics showing a drop in some violent crime. >> a lot of people are wondering if that's accurate. >> the nypd's statistics are quite clear that murders are down, that shootings are down. >> reporter: amy who lives two doors away from the hotel that was robbed today has a different impression. >> i would say crime is the know down.
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i two say crime is not down. i don't feel as safe as i did when bloomberg was in office. >> the bottom line is we're on the right path and then in the course of this year we are going to be adding 2,000 more officers on patrol. i'm convinced we're moving in the right direction. >> reporter: while some new yorkers say they feel uneasy with the recent reports of slashings and violent crimes like the robbery here, there are also a lot of people who say they are not concerned and feel the city is doing all it can. >> i don't know that there can be more that they can do without a lot more money put into and a lot more time and their end. >> everybody blames the mayor like he is not doing his thing. he is one man. the police are working constantly. the city is safe. >> reporter: although there may be some people who have an understandable reason to disagree today. on the upper west side, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> while murders have gone down 30% this year compared to the same time period last year, felony assaults have gone up 13%. trial began today in the
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it's a cold case murder of her 5-year-old son. michelle said her son disappeared at a carnival and then said he was abducted. timmy's remains were found a year later in a creek. then she was arrested in florida where she was living and brought back to new jersey to face trial. >> the very person who brought him into this world took him out. >> what kind of mother who was planning to murder her child would go out a week before this and buy his graduation gown? >> the trial of michelle lodzinski is expected to last for months. several yeshivas were raided. several people were going in and out of this private business in monsey removing computer hard drives. investigators say the searches
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ramapo were part of a fraud investigation. authorities are looking into whether rockland yeshivas properly spent federal money for education technology. the battle is on in washington after president obama announced his supreme court nominee. judge merrick garland appeared with the president and vice president at the white house. he served 19 years on the u.s. court of appeals in d.c. the president described him as one of america's sharpest legal minds. garland became emotional as he thanked the president. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. [ voice breaking ] >> other than when my wife agreed to marry me. for me there could be no higher public service than serving as a member of the united states supreme court. >> but senate republicans repeated their statement that they will not consider any nominee until the next administration. tonight's evening news with scott pelley will have much more on what's shaping up to be a fight over garland's
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>> next at 6:00 a homeless woman's caravan took up a city block before sanitation workers removed it. she is now back with more. >> a scam alert at six flags that's too good to be crew. >> meet the horse bringing happiness to children in the hospital. >> this line of storms not quite as strong as it was maybe an hour or two ago but i'm telling you, there are some cells in that, that are really powerful. i'll tell you when they reach your area coming up in just a bit. miracle-gro believes life has a few simple rules. start things off right... in a loving environment and they'll end up just fine. peppers or kids? yes. miracle-gro.
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the nypd still at odds with a homeless woman to get her off the street and clean up her mess. we first told but sonia gonzalez last week after police confiscated 20 of her carts. the hoarding took over block after block of hell's kitchen. police efforts to fix the problem have not worked. cbs 2's ilana gold has the story. >> reporter: we couldn't miss an irate sonia gonzalez at 11th avenue with her cart packed. minutes later she threw food on a hell's kitchen sidewalk and got aggressive with us when we approached her. all because crews with the city showed up and removed her things. overnight, we watched gonzalez hauling her massive collection of bags and cardboard across
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can't ignore. >> she within the course of two or three days had regained two or three carts and she is probably the hardest working homeless woman in new york city. >> reporter: for years there have been repeated complaints to the city about this homeless woman street hoarding. one week ago we told but the city confiscating 20 of her carts. gonzalez has been sprawling them across sidewalks and dragging them across busy intersections. do you think this is even working? >> do you know it's not solving her own personal issues or problems. >> reporter: the coalition for the homeless says the city is in a tough spot. >> needing to balance the needs of this individual woman against any other public health and safety concerns. >> reporter: the mayor says they have consistently tried giving her housing options and mental health assistance since 2009 but she refuses. for now it can only make sure she isn't breaking the law telling us she is only allowed to keep what she can carry in a single cart. how do you help something like this?
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get some help if they renews is. >> engagement, trust building, housing first. it takes time. >> the mayor says: the nypd says it's also going to keep checking in on gonzalez to make sure she isn't accumulating too many carts. in hell's kitchen, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the mayor's office says gonzalez's cans and bottles are being stored at the city's sanitation department. the city will help her exchange them for cash. consumer alert tonight has some thrill seekers in for a bumpy ride. there's a ticket scam at six flags amusement parks. the company sent out a warning to customers on their facebook page. look out for fake free tickets in exchange for referring three friends or by visiting the company's website.
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in an offer sound too good to be true, it probably is. he is a little horse with a very big job. he brings smiles to the faces of patients at a children's hospital at mount sinai. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch introduces us to honor, the therapy horse. >> reporter: the hooves can be heard in the hallway as honor makes his way to the children at mount sinai at the hospital. when he enters the room the children are star struck. perhaps, it's because honor isn't the color this little lady expected. [ inaudible ] >> this is what the kids need. they do need these kind of activities to take their minds off of the real reason they're here. >> reporter: dr. lisa satlin system chair of pediatrics for the mount sinai health system says being hospitalized is stressful. >> they are sick. they don't feel well. they're not with their friends. they're here in the hospital. getting poked and prodded.
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their minds off their illness and to sort of focus them on something else. really is impactful. >> something mystical about a little horse. when you see a real horse walk into a children's hospital it's a magical moment every time. >> gorge garcia is the cofounder of gentle carousel miniature therapy horses and all volunteer nonprofit organization. he knows his little horse makes a big impact. she tells us her daughter maria has been at the hospital for more than two years. this moment is magical. >> they need something to help to feel better. >> reporter: for these sick children, honor provides the perfect distraction. from the children's hospital at mount sinai, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. >> and honor also appeared on a live closed circuit tv show at the hospital. kids too sick to meet him in
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with questions for his trainers. honor is a rock star. >> they just want to be kids. they don't know any better. it's so sad. it breaks my heart. >> a strange place with furry animals. >> the looks on their faces were so cute. lonnie quinn has the forecast. we have some snow on the way and thunderstorms. >> right now they are out there. we had heard from some people on social media, hey, i'm in staten island, got a thunderstorm out here. i'll show it to you on the radar but it's more than staten island. let's check in the weather watchers. temperatures today have been nice all around the area. 50s and 60s. the warmest air today was found well north of our area because you were away from the seabreeze and i'll telling you place like red hook, you were 66 now and you were warmer closer to 70 a couple of hours ago.
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manhattan. 56 degrees. 65, are you kidding me? that was your high temperature. 15 degrees above average. here's where i want you to be -- here's what to expect overnight. there's a rain threat through 11 p.m. but it's a nice start to your parade day tomorrow. could, however, see another bit of rain late in your parade time. friday looks to be colder and then sunday is the day we all watch for some cold air in place and some moisture offshore. vortex satellite and radar. so here are the storms. importantly to give you a heads up. it could be into your neighborhood. 6:22 into newark. new rochelle 6:42. hempstead 7:04. this line is about 20 minutes
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break but there is a little more behind it. here's the cell going towards gravesend right around eltonville and staten island but pushed offshore. that was a lot of heavy rain for one sort of precise little area. here's your big picture. and here's why we talk about a chance for rain tomorrow especially later in the day with this big circulation up around northern great lakes, it could push a little bit of moisture through. so for your parade day on st. patrick's day, 11 a.m., 57. i think it's looking goofed. 2 p.m. 62. 5 p.m. the chance of rain, could be here earlier. that's why i'm suggesting have an umbrella at the parade. then we talk about sunday. it's all about a storm that has not even formed yet. this big l would show you where we think the storms would develop first. snowstorm for us. offshore it's nothing. one particular model. 2, 3 inches of snow for portions of our area. that's one model. the european is a little more robust than that with bigger numbers.
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we have to watch the track of that. 45 saturday, 46 sunday. sunday is the day to watch. even though it's the first day of spring, could be some snow flying. >> what a rude day that would be. >> wouldn't that be nasty? >> thank you. otis livingston is here with a look ahead at sports. >> free agent news with the jets. they have a replacement. >> we lost a team in fairleigh dickinson, but we still have iona, seton hall and stony
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time for sports. buckle up. it's madness time. >> and then there were three. after fairleigh dickinson inson's lost last night leaves us with three locals left in the big dance all tip off tomorrow. stony brook faces kentucky. seton hall faces gonzaga and
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they are getting used to the mile high altitude in denver. the gaels are the underdog to the cyclones so they play games on the court not on the paper according to the head coach. >> when you're a mid major low major you have to have the special day to beat them. so they may be better than us 364 days a year. we need to be better than one day. we are hoping that day is tomorrow. >> they are a good team. woo think we're good. so we are going there and play as hard as we can. hope to come out with a win. not whether they were underdog or whether we are the lower received on people's brackets or didn't get chose. we are going out to play. >> that's why they play. mets are off. they officially send off ruben tejada. he cleared waivers so he is released. so this will be one of the last images we see of him. the dodgers chase utley breaking his leg in that division series last year. it ended tejada's season and led to rules changes about sliding.
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they are also shorthanded at shortstop with cabrera injured. yankees about to get under way in tampa. eovaldi on the hill against the blue jays. the jets linebacker demario going to the cleveland browns and to fill the big cleats of harrison, they went bear hunting. jarvis jenkin signed a deal for the jets. he spent the first three seasons in the nfl with the redskins before picking up four sacks with the bears. he is expected to provide some depth for the great defensive line of mohammed wilkerson, williams and sheldon richardson. and finally tonight she danced with the nation's number one sports fan in the white house and she still has her dancing shoes on. 107-year-old virginia mclaren cut a rug with the harlem globetrotters. she said she dreamed of meeting the world famous basketball team but didn't think it would ever happen. she also said she would
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well, imagine no more, virginia. there she is. [ music ] >> that was the presidential medal of honor the white house gave her for her years of volunteer service. 107. >> see that rhythm? oh, my goodness. and that smile. quality of life. >> she will outlast all of us. >> i would be sitting down
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>> we'll be right back. coming up tonight at cbs 2 news at 11:00, a diner destroyed by a suspicious fire. now a new jersey mother is behind bars. how she is being connected to this crime. >> plus, not just for women anymore! men now moving in on the botox trend. cbs 2 takes you inside the "bro-tox" party tonight on cbs 2 news at 11. >> it exists. >> mm-hm. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," the supreme court nominee. a look at merrick garland and the political battle ahead. thanks for watching. see you later.
6:30 pm >> this is the greatest honor of my life. >> pelley: a choice and now a challenge to the senate. >> i have fulfilled my constitutional duty. now it's time for the nat to do theirs. >> pelley: also tonight... >> hillary, hillary, hillary! >> pelley: the front-runners are tasting victory, but trump has a warning about a challenge to him at the convention. >> i think you'd have riots. >> pelley: an alleged drug addict working in a hospital may have put 3,000 patients at risk of hepatitis and h.i.v. and norma at 90 having the time of her life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: today president obama said his supreme court nominee would head to capitol hill for meetings tomorrow, but hours later senate republican


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