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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  March 21, 2016 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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we're on great terms. number four. is adele married? the singer's had fans propose at her shows, but she sent the rumor mill into overdrive after wearing this dazzling ring on her ring finger. there are rumors that she's already married to her boyfriend simon, but her rep had no comment on the story. number three, mariah carey's wedding countdown? the pop diva who kicked off her european tour will reportedly tie the knot on a caribbean island with only 50 guests. number two, blake shelton fights back. >> i don't picture you and alcohol. >> is that right? >> wow, have you been in a coma the last few years or what? >> it's playful comments like that and his fun-loving image that have landed him in trouble
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touch cover, rehab for blake. his declaration this week, a suit filed against the magazine in october, setting his record straight, he says i do not drink excessively. binge drink or drink vodka before 11:00. i do not slur my words or stumble when i drink. and the number one story this week? richard simmons speaks out. >> no one should be worried about me. >> his last public appearance, january of 2014. last weekend, the new york daily news cited a former friend who claimed richard is being tormented by witchcraft under the control of his housekeeper. the executive producer asked richard about it. >> is she holding you target? >> oh, no. theresa has been with me for 30 years. we're like an old married couple. it was time for me to take tomorrow timesome
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>> we have more later. and tv's live musical "the passion" just in time for palm sunday. everything about this production is epic, and we are bringing you special courtverage as they take over the city of new orleans. that's where i visited the set as they rehearsed. look into my eyes that's where my demons are >> i'm doing "demons" from >> wow. >> that's kind of dope. >> with jesus. >> so you guys are doing a little duet? >> a little back and forth. >> in the studio with the stars, including seal and tricia yearwood is where the real magic of the passion live happens. during the two-hour, modern-day till telling of jesus before the
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celine dion's "love can move mountains." that's actually the scene the cast was shooting when i visited the set. jesus played by jean carlos and you can see everyone pretty much wears jeans and jackets because this is set in 2016. love can move mountains >> what we're hearing is dope. it's all live, and they're hearing -- >> you work with eva longoria on telenovella. >> yeah. >> when you said i'm going to take a little time away because i'm going to play jesus, what did she say? >> you know eva. she's like, oh, jesus! she's a huge believer. and she's a woman of faith. and she was very, very, very, very excited.
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the show is jesus' facing upon shus pilote -- uponpontius pilate. and they sing "we don't need another hero." >> how can you go wrong when you stay with the word? >> tyler says he's going to continue his role as narrator for as long as they do this. guess what, the girl is taking part in this, i'm going to be in the production too. i'll be tyler perry's sidekick. i'll be interviewing people on the procession of the cross as orleans. it weighs 285 pounds. it's huge. now let's show you more from the "passion." with upon shus pilatee pontius pilate, seal, in
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>> to be a part of one of the greatest stories ever told is something that really kind of appealed to me. no expression >> seal plays the magistrate who trying to spearare jesus' life. >> also in the studio, chris daughtry. the singer told us he had thoughts about playing judas. >> i wasn't sure if it was something i wanted to do, a, b, i didn't know if i wanted to do a musical, i didn't know how it was going to be portrayed tor
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love. >> we have so much more to show you from this live, musical extravaganza. on the way -- >> how the cast is recreating the last supper scene. i'll take you by my side >> then inside oprah's weight loss journey. how much has she lost? and why is she dropping naughty wo >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock, that guarantees your rate can never go up at any time, for any reason. but be careful. many policies you see do not have one, but you can get a lifetime rate lock through the colonial penn program. call this number
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they take their daughters to work. and why not? this gene pool has me so jealous. cindy crawford are twinning. the blond daughter, heather locklear, and ava. she's taken a page from her mother's playbook, the blue-eyed look alike mother/daughter has always been close. ava is now a college freshman. finally, meet the fishers who are out to be the next kendall and kylie. they are in team vogue. bella is a blogger, and olivia has her own successful youtube beauty channel. our favorite videos, the mommy makeover, and slang. >> what does sleek mean. >> sleek?
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because of your mommy? and here's someone else just like us. oprah. okay, not just like us. but she is trying to stay fit and check out her gorgeous new cover shot. lady o has dropped 30 pounds, all the while telling us that she eats bread every day. really? every day. that was the first thing that nancy o'dell wanted to know about when they got together on the set of lady o's new tv series. >> this is the thing. i said i love bread, people. it doesn't mean i'm eating a loaf every day. i love bread. i had my peace ofiece of bread last night. she is dropping more than just weight. she auctioned off her wardrobe on ebay. it includes a skirt she wore for the 20th premiere and the dress on this cover.
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99 cents. >> i've had so many clothes. most of them, i never wore them more than once or twice. i have shoes that i merely took downstairs, put them on as i was going out to sit in the chair you know? so i have all these, like, louie vuitton shoes, and when you pay for as much on a shoe as you did on a down payment for your house, it's hard to le thet the shoe go. >> what she's super excited about now is returning to acting. and secrets, sex and sin hiding in a megachurch. >> it's time, brother. >> the character that i play owns a blues club and had a bar and a drinking problem and all
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type for me, and, you know, she uses [ bleep ] a couple times. and so -- >> is that hard for you to [ bleep ]. no, it's fun. i used it once, and stedman said i'm not going to stand here and listen to that kind of language. i wasn't even talking to him. >> don't do that. >> ever, ever, ever. >> that sounded a lot worse than it actually was. >> i just want to know what the word was. >> we'll talk about it later. oprah did not swear. we have to do a little bit of bleeping and be extra careful, because what you can't even say the description of the word, which i didn't know. >> i didn't know that either. but now we do. >> now we do. let's get back to our special on this weekend's live musical on palm sunday. we are talking about "the passion", and of course one of the pivotal scenes is the last
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it's not just modern songs used to tell the story of jesus' last days. i'll take a breath i'll take you by my side >> a park is the setting for the last supper, and a food truck provides the meal for the apostles and jesus played by jean carlos pannella. >> we're used to singing live, we're used to performing live, and to do it on tv and seeing that fox are vetting. it's live right there. if you mess up, and that ex-sightment,ex siet ex-sightment ex-sightment. >> here are details, he is 27 years old. and after serious investigative work on instagram where he has 1.3 million followers, here's what we found out.
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he works out, likes to play get tar guitar and very talented. here's passion bit numbers. it takes place in nine different locations. over a dozen stars and 200 extras, and seven pre-taped segments that will intercut with the live action. >> a 20-foot cross that the people of new orleans are going to be carrying from one point of the city to another. >> to bring to you where you are going to get crucified. >> oh, we have to show you another star playing one pivotal role. mary. see how ms. tricia yearwood is reenacting the last hours of jesus with a whitney houston song. that's controversial from the get-go, right? and richard simmons tells us if he'll ever make a come back when we take him to his hometown
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disappeared from the public eye, he chose to do it with "e.t.." our first interview happened back in season one, and we have followed richard ever since, every tear and triumph and inspirational moment. >> they trust me. they trust me with their lives and i trust them with my life. >> you made a mistake! but that's okay! we can fix it! >> now that he's going through his alone time, we felt his commitment to help others is still there, but he needs time. >> i'm very beloved. me. and i just want everyone to know that i love them very much, but it's time right now for richard simmons. all the traveling, all the teaching at my studio, all the videos and dvds i've made, it was just time to step back and
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going to do and just be at home and just be happy here. >> welcome to my kitchen. >> in 2006, he invited us into his home, the same hollywood hills house he still lives in. he was concerned about obesity in young people. >> the kids today are overweight and not eating correctly. >> he says don't worry about him, he's on the mend from a knee injury. >> i really don't want to do anything right now. i'm at peace, feeling better, and i just need some time. >> "e.t." has spent so much time with richard, he's like family. he does more than just help people lose weight. he lifts up their souls. >> that's what my videos do more than anything, make somebody say hey, i may never be a size 5. but i'm a terrific person. people have been wonderful to me. they've accepted me. they've loved me. and appreciate all of them.
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>> in 2005, he took us to new orleans right after hurricane katrina devastated his hometown. >> oh, my god. this is bourbon street. how are they going to get this water out? my home. this is where i started. home. >> in recent years, richard helped judge our annual "e.t." potluck contest and served as our special correspondent for "dancing with the stars" where he previewed the dancing at his hollywood home. >> it's runway night on "dancing with the stars"! >> and while we miss him and his boundless energy, he promises we'll see him again soon. back. but right now i'm just busy doing some of the wonderful things that i'm doing. i'm writing a new book and just doing things for me. >> we hope richard remembers the motivational advice he told us
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>> always, always know your self-worth. if you have self-worth you take care of yourself and all the pieces of the puzzle come together. >> and we will continue to follow the story and bring you the latest very maniesy developments. tricia yearwood is getting ready to play mary. this is a big role, but nobody had more faith in ms. yearwood than her husband, mr. brooks. >> did garth chuckle a little when you said hey, guess what, i'm going to play mary, the mother of jesus. >> he's been supportive of this. these sessions have not been easy. it's been challenging, i'll get home at night and i'll be, like, i don't now. i don't know if i can do this. and he's like, you've got this. >> do you get to sing any of your songs?
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>> aren't you also singing a whitney song? your love is my love >> that's the first song i sing in the song. i should have said no. okay, you want my to sing a whitney houston song? i could not do the whitney licks if i wanted to. it's about putting myself in the moment and relay the message to the people. holding on holding on to you >> tricia lienended her incredible voice to the storey of jesus' final days. the stars will wear modern clothes. christ will even be seen in an
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brilliant? >> some of it is right from the scriptures, and so fit for the story. after jesus's on the cross, mary sings a song called "broken." it's so perfect. i'm falling apart barely breathing >> i'm broken. this is braking my heart-- breaking my heart. it is in the home. she knows he's got a bigger purpose, but her suffering is for a mother. >> is there some trepidation about getting on, singing live, acting live? >> yes. i'm freaking out now. no, i've acted. i've sung. i've never done the two together. and you're in that moment, in new orleans. i think the emotion, i've sung before and gotten emotional. it's hard to sing when you're crying. it looks really cool, but it's not that easy to do.
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the stairs are very narrow, so you have to be careful. >> tricia took me down the secret passage way where she's prepared her five songs. >> is that the only thing you're doing? >> we'll see. >> other performances will include katy perry's unconditionally. and "demons." >> i think really, whatever your faith, whatever your religion, the message of jesus is love one another. so that's what the take away is. >> yes, indeed, trooeicia. she has another project in the works. she and garth are making their
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it's a christmas cd that will travel considerations provided by there they are. lots of stars with birthdays this weekend. glen close is 69. kathy ireland is celebrating 53. holly hunter, 53. which action star once worked at a security guard at a nuclear
3:29 am
that is bruce willis who turns 61 this week. happy birthday to all. monday, ben affleck talks batman versus superman and his ginormous bat tattoo. >> i have never seen a good representation of it in the media. plus, kim fields' surprising revelation before her dancing debut. >> this one never wants to eat, never. >> you get so conscious about the fact of somebody lifting you and dragging you. and david beckham dishes about family night with victoria. before we go, check out the video from norwegian deejay. >> it broke through the top 40 chart and the house party video has more than 89 million views. >> enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everyone.
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we used to have it all now, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, wave out to the crowd take our final bow it's time to go but at least we stole the show


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