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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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liang was convict of second- degree manslaughter. and he faced a sentence of up to 15 years. the brooklyn district attorney just announced justice will be best served if liang's sentence is five years' probation with no jail time. but the condition he serves six months of home confinement with electronic monitoring and he perform 500 hours of community service. the d.a. says: >> reporter: akai gurley's family is aware of these sentencing recommendations. the gurley family's attorney sent us this reaction: >> reporter: brooklyn district
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case, which attracted widespread attention, there are no winners. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. now to some new information in the belgium terror attacks. authorities announced this afternoon the suicide bomber on the left of your screen there who died at the brussels airport was the suspected bombmaker in the paris attacks turkish investigators meanwhile say they caught the bomber on the right near the syrian border last summer but they sent him back to the netherlands with a warning about his terrorist ties. as the investigation continues, the search is under way in brussels for two siblings with ties to new york. sasha and alexander were reportedly on the phone with their mother yesterday. she says she heard an explosion and the phone went dead. the brother and sister have family in the netherlands but have been living and working here in the city. in the wake of the attacks, there is renewed debate over an old controversy.
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the only way to protect new yorkers in this age of encrypted phones is to return to aggressive surveillance of muslims. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has that part of the story. >> reporter: to combat terror go where the threats is, muslim neighborhoods in new york city. congressman peter king says that's the best way to get intelligence here about possible attacks. >> no matter how much security you have at airports or train station once a person arrives with a bomb odds are the damage will be done people will be killed. so it's essential that we get the intelligence and you can only get that by being on the ground having people in the community. >> reporter: king, a member of the homeland security committee, demanding that the nypd return to a program attacked by many undercover surveillance of muslims. he underscored the need for the cops to be undercover with the terrorists able to cover their tracks with sophisticated phone and computer encryption, he says it's the only way to know what's going on.
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thing that was done against organized crime yet undercover police get informants, get infiltrators. >> reporter: king rejected republican presidential candidate ted cruz's call for uniformed police to patrol and secure the muslim neighborhoods touching off a heated debate with city officials. >> new york city under mayor bloomberg had a program that focused on working proactively with the muslim community to stop radicalization to prevent attacks from radical islamic terrorism before they occur. now, what happened? mayor de blasio came in and decided political correctness of mattered more than keeping people safe. he disbanded the program. >> reporter: the police commissioner says he is wrong. >> he doesn't in a what the hell he is talking about -- he doesn't know what the hell he is talking about to be frank with you. i took great offense of that statement. >> reporter: there is a great divide mostly along the lines of age. do you have a problem with the police undercover coming into your community?
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have right to come and they can check, why not? >> if someone is wrong, he should be caged. >> i don't like that idea. it will probably upset a lot of people. >> i believe it's an invasion of privacy. it's, um, the first amendment. we should have to, like, show what we're doing. >> reporter: police commissioner bratton told me today that following the brussels attack, the nypd put a number of new yorkers under surveillance without get of giving away too much he said the people in the nypd watch list seem to be people trying to make contact over social media. he said there's no evidence they belong to a specific cell. >> thank you. drivers who routinely use the tappan zee bridge have noticed some big changes recently during their daily commute and not all of them are good. while the new bridge is taking shape, the old bridge is showing some obvious signs of wear. he would asked lou young to take a closer look. >> reporter: on the hudson river between tarrytown and south nyack the two crossings
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one is 60 years old. the other is being born. drivers can't wait to switch. >> you can see it's definitely time to have the new one completed as soon as possible. >> reporter: regular bridge users say the old tappan zee is showing rust. >> the old bridge looks terrible. they are letting it go. >> reporter: he is right. you can see what they are talking about. the state stop painting the old span last year because it's expected to be closed to traffic sometime in 2017. rockland county executive ed day whose county is on the west end of the crossing has also noticed the rust spread and said he has been assured what we're seeing is cosmetic. >> the reality is if i didn't shave for two days or brush my hair i would look pretty bad. didn't mean i can't did my job. this is like t the superficial parts of the bridge. >> reporter: the new york state thruway authority in fact says the old bridge is in better shape than four years ago. the state spent $145 million redoing the deck where the cars drive because it was so bad you could look down and
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that's no longer the case. but looking up now and seeing rust is not exactly a confident builder. >> it's a little shaky it seems, but so far it's standing up. hope they get the new one built as quickly as possible. >> reporter: this is what the new bridge will look like. you can see it's really starting to take shape. the centerrers to are rising. the massive blue i beams are beginning to support pieces of the highway as traffic moves by on the old bridge. the current schedule has the first span opening up next year, the old bridge starts to come down then. both new spans should be open in 2018. because the new $4 billion bridge has more reinforced concrete than exposed metal, painting and rust we're told are not expected to be as big a maintenance issue as before. in tarrytown, lou young, cbs 2 news. the next big change for the bridge will come at the end of next month when the freeway switches to cashless tolls on the tappan zee. new train tunnels under
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$700 million commitment for preliminary engineering work on the project. $35million will come from amtrak. and the other $35 million from the port authority. the framework for 50/50 spending was announced in november. the existing tunnel is 106 years old. a fire destroys an historic church in new jersey during one of the most important religious times, holy week. flames ripped through first presbyterian church in englewood last night and it was a quick-thinking 12-year- old girl who spotted the flames and called 911. no one was inside the church at the time. holy week services are off. calls have been pouring in from nearby churches and synagogues willing to help. >> we have so many options for this sunday for easter. the spirit of chipping any think is just part of the spirit of englewood. >> investigators are still trying to determine what caused the fire. they say it does not appear to be suspicious. the victim of a brutal
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hill is speaking out about his ordeal. fresh direct driver kevin tello had three broken vertebrae in a confrontation that started over a car crash. he says a man in his of in this video damian bailey slammed into his truck with his van. he said that when he got out to take pictures of his license plate the suspect hit him with his van and then dragged him floor -- then dragged him for three blocks and beat tello with a mallet. >> what did he say to you? >> absolutely nothing. he was -- it was like he was in another world like he was possessed by someone else. >> tello is hospitalized and isn't expected to walk for six weeks. bailey faces multiple charges and he is due back in court friday. someone is driving off with luxury cars parked in one of new jersey's communities but many residents don't know it. cbs 2's meg baker has the story from short hills. >> reporter: virginia was awoken by police this morning
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bmw convertible was stolen from her driveway on forest drive in short hills while she slept. >> i was pretty much stunned. i really wasn't getting a lot of information because i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: here's how police knew her car was stolen. >> they had gotten my license plate off of my vehicle that was going eastbound on route 78 and i guess a high-speed chase and they ran the plates and that's how they came back here. >> reporter: she tells me she had been shuffling cars in and out of the driveway as she was moving into her new home. and she may have left the keys inside. you can see the tread marks where the thieves sped off on her lawn. >> they wiped out one of my benches. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one hit last night. another car stolen around the block on hobart. police say in the past month there have been two incidents on fairfield drive. >> since march 10 we have had six cars stolen. >> reporter: the thieves are going for high-end cars overnight. >> range rovers, mercedes, bmw's, acuras. >> reporter: i spoke to
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who were very surprised to >> this neighborhood is >> safe. >> we came from hoboken so in about our safety and stuff. leave the doors open and -- so it's a little bit new for us. >> reporter: word to the wise? >> keep your doors locked. don't leave your vehicles, keys in your vehicles. and, um, anything suspicious call us. >> reporter: she is hoping her ezpass records will lead police to the robbers. in short hills, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> police are collaborating with police in essex, union and morris counties where there have been a rash of car thefts, as well. coming up, targeting tellers. they call it magic. how crooks are making money disappear at local banks. >> and a-rod's big announcement. one of the most controversial yankees of all time, now news of his future with the team. >> and it's 6:10 at night. we are holding on to 70
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of rain up to our north. i'll talk about if any of this makes its way in and our next chance for rain coming up. >> coming up next on the "cbs evening news" new information on two americans missing in brussels. scott pelley joins us now live with more. hi, scott. >> reporter: kristine, a dozen americans were wounded in the terrorist attacks yesterday. and we have a lot more information about them. we are going to have that for you near the top of the broadcast. and a fascinating story about new technology that can detect the kind confibomb that was used. all that for you -- that can he kind the kind of bomb that was used. -- that can detect the kind of bomb that was used. all that for you on "cbs
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a group of suburban scammers has conned at least 12 long island banks out of $1,000 at a time. police say by distracting tellers during cash exchanges. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan says the hunt now is on for multiple suspects. >> reporter: the con artist walked right into this islip bank his pockets stuffed with 3,000 in u.s. currency strode up to the teller. unknown at the time, four our suspects working together say police strategically placed at banks scattered around suffolk county were simultaneously pulling off the same scam. >> they seem to be organized. they seem to be professional and that's why we suspect they hit many more banks. >> reporter: the quick change
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successful more than a dozen times. detectives releasing multiple images from bank surveillance cameras. here's the m.o. the burglar has $3,000 in 50s and 100s asks the teller to break it into smaller bills given 10's and 20s but changes his mind asking for euros instead. the teller doesn't have that. con artist says forget it. give me back the original bills. >> there's a little bit of a shell game there. as they start handing the other money back to the teller that gave them they pocket some of it and it's done like magic. >> reporter: in each case ripping off $1,000 in cash. sleight of hand? bank customers are outraged. >> get real jobs and do real work. it's ridiculous. very brazen. so you wouldn't expect that it's so obvious. >> i can't believe the bank tellers are letting it go. >> reporter: this clerk said it happened in her store. >> they will ask for cash or
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and then they change their minds. um, -- >> reporter: it's the confusion. >> where it's too late. they have pocketed the money and then they're out. >> reporter: other banks now suspect they too have been conned and are reviewing shortages previously labeled as errors or even as thefts by tellers. from islip, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> a bronx man who spent 20 years in prison for a crime he says he didn't commit was freed today. authorities removed the handcuffs from richard rosario after a judge vacated his murder conviction. the bronx district attorney made the request while her office investigates the case. rosario says that he was in florida when the victim jorge was killed in 1996. rosario gave authorities the names of witnesses but they were not interviewed until recently. >> i have been in prison for 20 years for a crime i didn't commit. my family didn't deserve this. i didn't deserve this. nor the victims' family or the victim.
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be fully exonerated with his indictment dismissed. he is back in court in june. reality tv star joe guidice is spending his first night behind bars. this morning, he hugged his wife teresa outside their montvale home before heading off to fort dix federal prison to serve 41 months. in 2014 the couple from the "real housewives of new jersey" pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and failure to pay taxes. teresa served 11 months and was released on the good behavior in december. joe could be deported after his sentence since he is an illegal immigrant. let's turn know to our forecast. lonnie quinn is standing by. it's definitely comfortable temperature outside. >> i know you like a little more sunshine. we may try to work on that for you. but temperature-wise we are not going to be able to duplicate what we had today tomorrow. it's going to drop down a little bit but we'll work on everything for you. checking in now with the weather watchers around the area. about 70 degrees around the city. cooler to the north.
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this comes in from morgan smith. morgan in the convertible right there. strasburg and he has some partly sunny skies. high temperature was 71. we bumped it down to 70. so 5:51. 71, that's 20 degrees above average. tomorrow winds off the water so it will be cooler. maybe around 3 p.m., 59 in the city. and then the further east you go you file cooler air. warmer inland. partly cloudy north of the city, partly sunny south of the city. bigger picture will show you wet weather up around albany. our next chance for rain right
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wichita. this low pressure system and the associated front will make its way in here more so early friday. let me show you how it works out. early friday would be the beginning of it. here's how it looks on futurecast. 7:30 friday morning. the front itself you can see it off to the west. that's going to make its way through later in the day. about 3:30 or so could be some bouts of heavier rain out there. and then it sort of clears for a good-looking saturday. then you move into sunday and sunday is your easter. and 9 a.m. easter morning, it's cool, quiet about 47. degrees. 6 p.m., 55. i'm saying dry for now. i think sometime late in the evening on easter where you start to see the real cloud cover thicken up and there could be a rain chance. probably a better bet for sunday. so the numbers across the board, 60 for your day tomorrow. 64 on friday. i think that's going to be mixed with wet weather setting you up for a good-looking weekend because it will clear 56 with the sunshine on saturday. about 57 maybe 58 for a high on easter sunday. then you go into monday and
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then we are in the mid- to upper 50s for tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> okay, lonnie, thank you. >> you bet. otis livingston has a look ahead at sports. otis? >> kristine, we get a whole two years to appreciate the brilliance of alex rodriguez. the slugger announced he is done after 2017 and don't call it the o'dell beckham room but these skirmishes with josh norman led to a change in the nfl rule book for 2016 and
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otis is here. a-rod makes a big announcement. >> derek jeter did it before his final spring training. this guy is giving us two years heads up. he will be 42. his final contract will have run out and alex rodriguez says he will be done playing baseball. he told him espn reporter today he is hanging up the cleats for good after the 2017 season. the final season of his 10- year $275 million contract. he said, quote, i won't play after next year.
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for me, it is time for me to go home and be dad. end quote. the hall of fame numbers are there but will he get the call after a 22-year-old career which was tainted with ped use and a season long suspension from baseball? barry bonds's all-time record looks like it's going to stand for a while. a-rod is 75 shy of 762. yankees nationals and while its not official yet masahiro tanaka is scheduled to open on april 4. bottom of the third former yankees steven drew leaving the yard. tanaka gave up 7 runs including two homers so far. right now it's 7-0 nats in the 4th inning. mets and blue jays colon bouncing back from last week's bad start. six shutout innings, three six and 6ks. jays win 3-1. just 10 more spring training games for the mets. the nfl owners wrapped up their annual meetings in florida today made a couple of changes which they hope will
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you remember the battle odell beckham, jr. and panthers josh norman had in week 15? because of that there was a proposal for personal foul rule in 2016. any player with two such fouls in a game will be ejected. also a touchback is moved from the 20-yard line to the 25-yard line giving players incentive to not bring the ball back out of the end zone. there were more concussions last year. hockey a big game at the garden tonight as the rangers host the bruins. blue shirts have three regular season games left. -- nine regular season games left, rather. but these games will have a play-off type atmosphere. washington has gotten top spot but seven point separate 2nd and 8th seeds. rangers are in 2 spot. every game is critical. >> there are so many points to
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continues to win and we know that. so we are trying to focus on our job each day. >> everybody enjoys that type of pressure type hockey and i think we are looking forward to last night and getting into the tournament. college basketball, iona extends the contract of men's head basketball coach tim cluess through the 2020-21 season. they went to the tournament three of his six years in new rochelle. carmelo anthony missed sunday's game with a migraine. he was asked today whether the stress of the season caused the migraines. i don't think so, he said. quote, if that were the case, i would have had migraines every day last year! [ laughter ] >> touche', melo. >> being honest.
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back. coming up tonight at 11, a frightening phone call you might never expect. >> the irs is filing a lawsuit against you. and you need to call this number. >> cbs 2 investigates the irs imposters who aren't just coming after you over the phonymore. plus, a big mistake mid surgery. how a doctor is accused of
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that's coming up at 11. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," what's being done to protect the west from acts like brussels. a look at new bomb-detection technology. >> pelley: more american victims have been discovered as a massive manhunt expands across europe in search of at least one belgian bomber. also tonight, brussels remembers the victims. here at home, sniffing out terrorist explosives, building a better dog. >> this is the digital dog. >> pelley: and springtime in denver, a mile high and a foot deep. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tonight brussels is a city in mourning. the 32 lives lost in the terror attacks are being remembered at


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