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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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that ibrahim el-bakraoui was a terrorist. the suspects are all linked to paris terror suspect salah abdeslam, who wants to be extradited to france. >> because i think this is the most important part of the file and i think his explanation he has to give them there and not in belgium. >> belgium's interior minister and justice minister offered to resign today over this intelligence failure. the u.s. state department has issued alerts about the potential risks for americans traveling to europe. and that has altered the plans for some new jersey students. cbs 2's meg baker reports on this. >> reporter: it's tiffany's dream to travel the world. that's why she signed up for a week-long trip to europe with 50 classmates at hough county prep. they were set to leave today. >> all of us are devastated. >> it's hard to place the emotion. everybody was crying. >> reporter: the jersey city students had been planning for over a year saving and fundraising the $4,000 per
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but the school superintendent canceled the trip due to the heightened terror alert after the bombings in brussels. students tell me they were all packed. they had brought their suitcases to school yesterday to be checked and that's when they got the news. >> there were people who have been saving up for this, parents took a second job just for this. >> reporter: the travel company has a cancellation poll is i that refunds part of the whole amount. $2,500. this because the school made a decision as to cancel unlike some other schools after the attacks in paris. >> all the parents are frustrated because the company is not returning our money back. they are just going to send us a voucher. >> reporter: on the other hand, travel companies oven must commit to hotel rooms and tours in advance with cash themselves. the district said late in the day some students made arrangements directly with the travel agency to go on the trip. accompanied by parents. the school is not involved. still, some students say it was the safest decision to stay home and their parents agree. >> they are supportive of the superintendent's decision because of the safety but they
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>> reporter: travel insurance does not cover world events like the bombings in belgium. in jersey city, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> we did reach out to ef tours the travel company running the trip and we have not yet heard back. there are charges tonight against hackers from iran who allegedly targeted a dam in westchester county trying to disrupt how you bank, as well. cbs 2's sonia rincon has new information from rye brook. >> reporter: why this small dam in the woods of westchester became the target of iranian cyber criminals is a mystery. but authorities say they know who they are looking for. the attorney general loretta lynch announced the indictments of 7 men connected to the iranian government saying they targeted 56 systems in the u.s. most of them banks, customer information wasn't compromised. but it caused millions of dollars in business when the systems were deliberately overwhelmed. >> online services were disrupted. hundreds of thousands of americans were unable to
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>> reporter: and then there was this infrastructure target. the bowman avenue dam in rye brook only one of the men is believed to be behind the hack here in 2013. since then, new software and a new sl uce gate is installed. he wasn't able to control them. that's because the gate happened to be offline for maintenance at the time. >> what was proven was that they could hack into these systems and at some point in the future be able to control the operating system, raise the sluce gate or worse. >> reporter: the westchester county executive says it shows the public and private sector need to stay ahead of hackers. preet bharara calls it a frightening new frontier of cyber crime. >> we live in a world where a devastating attack on our financial system our infrastructure and way of life can be launched from anywhere in the world. >> reporter: he says everything will be done to catch these men. and neighbors near rye brook hope he meant it.
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>> they were able to hack into the dam, what else could they do? maybe hack into indian point? hopefully they will find these creeps. >> reporter: if caught they could face 10 years in prison and one could face an additional 5. sonia rincon, cbs 2 news, rye brook. >> the upgrades at the dam after the cyber attack cost $30,000. a health scare at a school district in rockland county to report. investigators say that dozens of students at nyack middle school and liberty elementary school have been exposed to tuberculosis bacteria. the students are being tested but no other children are at risk according to officials. >> there has been no exposure on school grounds in our buildings, um, whatsoever. >> tb is one of the major killers in the world still today. and most of the cases, yes, that we see in america at this point are brought in from those who have lived or traveled abroad. >> the students were in
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school bus worker. on angry protests in brooklyn over the district attorney's recommendation of no jail time for a former police officer who killed an unarmed man. the demonstrators gathered outside the offices of district attorney ken thompson. he suggested former officer peter liang should receive home confinement and probation for killing akai gurley. liang's gun went off in a dark stairwell in the pink houses projects. he was convicted of manslaughter. some say d.a. thompson is trying to be fair- minded. gurley's family is outraged. >> you hurt us. people of color! your kind! how dare you! >> i actually demand the d.a. for making the decision, a professional decision, that he had to made. i actually commend the decision. >> liang met with gurley's fiancee and apologized. the judge who presided other new york city's "stop & frisk" case is stepping down
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in 2013, u.s. district judge shira sheindlin ruled that the nypd's "stop & frisk" policy discriminated against minorities and she ordered changes. she served 21 years on the federal bench. she sent an email yesterday to judges in manhattan and brooklyn that she was leaving to work for a large new york city law firm. the body of the last crew member on the tugboat that crashed in the hudson two weeks ago is recovered. 56-year-old harry hernandez died alongside two other crewmen in the march 12 crash. a massive crane hoisted the boat out of the water this morning. the tug was headed to albany -- rather, from albany to jersey city when it hit a construction barge near the tappan zee tam. investigators hope that the vessel's log book and gps can shed some light on what happened. the port authority's word of commissioners -- board of commissioners has agreed to fund a new bus terminal in
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agency's 10-year capital plan. the agreement ensures that the new terminal will be able to accommodate an estimated 165,000 bus commuters in 2040. the plan also prohibits construction of a replacement terminal in new jersey. there's a new push to toll the free east river bridges and tax drivers coming into manhattan. the goal is twofold. reducing traffic congestion and also improving mass transit. officials say the tolls would generate $12 billion for upgrading buses and subways and fixing roads and bridges. create 30,000 new jobs. and also create new transit cbs 2's political reporter marcia kramer has the story that's new at 6:00. >> reporter: honk if you have heard this story before. a coalition of new york assemblyman and transit
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entrance to manhattan. >> our once enviable transportation system is broken and outdated. >> reporter: move new york director alex matheson unveiling the latest effort to get the state legislature to enact a plan to bring congestion pricing to new york city. not only tolls but fees to enter manhattan. drivers would pay $5.54 with e- zpass to cross the now free brooklyn, manhattan, williamsburg and queensboro bridges. taxis both yellow and uber, would charge a surcharge below 96th street. $1.35billion would be generated each year money split between mass transit and bridge and road repairs, and areas with limited mass transit would see you in projects including northeast queens, southeast bay bridge, the entirety of staten island and the east bronx. >> reporter: proposals to toll the east river crossings has tantalized generation of politicians starting during the depression in 1933.
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repeatedly looked to the bridges to raise revenue, the most recent push started by former mayor michael bloomberg a month after taking office in 2002. drivers didn't like it then and they don't like it now. >> this is very bad. as a businessman trying to go in and out of manhattan, all it will do is cost the -- my customers and myself a lot more money. i'm firmly against it. >> it's not a good idea. >> it's ridiculous! it is. this city now chasing everybody out. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: and it's still an uphill battle to get albany to pass congestion pricing. sources say a assembly speaker like former assembly speaker sheldon silver is against putting tolls on bridges that are now free. a senate spokesman said firmly no new taxes, tolls he said are definitely new taxes. >> a lot to be debated, marcia, thank you. some new proof today that
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the big apple are paying a pretty penny. last year the city collected $1.9 billion in fines and fees. that's an all-time record and up 13% over the past four years. nearly 60% of that cash came from parking violations. another large chunk was collected from dirty sidewalks and recycling violations. you could pay a big fine for flying a drone in one town. >> i thought it was coming through my window. it was like i saw it so close. >> close call that led to a drone free zone on long island. plus, more than 60 pounds of cocaine smuggled on a plane. the flight attendant now facing charges tonight. >> we're not as warm today as we were yesterday. but we're doing all right. i will say the clouds are going to thicken up. there's a rain chance out there. you can see it off to our west. we'll tell you when that gets here and what to expect for easter coming up. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," hear from a survivor of the brussels terror attack. scott pelley is here now live
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>> reporter: kristine, we have a remarkable interview with sebastien, a belgian who played basketball in the united states. he told us from his hospital bed how he thought he would die but instead, willed himself out of the airport chaos. we'll have that and the rest of the world news all coming
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there's some pushback from a long island village against the brave new world of drones. great effect estates has turned itself into a "no drone" zone, great neck estates. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports. >> reporter: she she is us how big the drone was that recently hovered outside her house. >> i thought it was coming through my window. i saw it so close. >> reporter: so now the one square mile village of great neck estates has taken a step citing concerns over privacy and safety officials voting to ban drones from its airspace. a wise move says one resident who had a drone land on her front lawn. >> you can release drones. they can get away from you and they can go into power lines. >> reporter: drones are regulated by the faa but that hasn't stopped local governments from taking on the billion-dollar industry. huntington prohibits drones from being flown on someone's
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and suffolk bans all summer drone flights over beaches. but at a college where enrollment in a new drone minor is booming, the dean cautions against hazy regulations. >> those type of riles are ineffective and almost unenforceable. >> reporter: the technology is unstoppable, he says. and regulations often are driven by fear of the unknown. they are pushing for better training. >> that's really the problem in the industry is training and the fact that anybody can buy a drone and take it out and do what they want with it. >> reporter: but no longer in great neck estates. the new law could shut down drone use in real estate listings. >> i think it shows the neighborhood, shows the parks and the pools. and when our drone guide does those photographies, they get permission from everybody. >> reporter: teens were allegedly responsible for the two incidents that prompted the ban here. the new law calls for hefty fines for violators, $500 per incident or 15 days in jail. in great neck estates, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news.
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regulated by the faa which already bans drones above that point. a jetblue flight attendant charged with trying to smuggle cocaine through security at los angeles airport, 31-year- old marcia reynolds appeared before a judge in brooklyn federal court today. the prosecutors say on friday, reynolds dropped her bag filled with $3 million worth of cocaine at a security checkpoint at l.a.x. ran. she was arrested yesterday after she turned herself in at kennedy airport. >> she may not have been fully aware of what was in the bags. >> i can assure you there's more to this story and when the -- the facts will come out and it will be surprising more to the story. >> because she turned herself in the judge granted her release on $500,000 bond conditional on california law enforcement weighing in on the matter. reynolds has been suspended from her job. and this just in. a major protest over the future of cuny.
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>> hundreds of professors, students and supporters reel rallied outside governor cuomo's midtown office demanding adequate funding for the university system and contract improvements for faculty. several arrests were made of a spokesman for the governor tells us that cuny will receive its full $1.6 billion in state aid this year and urged the union to resolve its contract negotiations with the schools. it is time to look at our forecast. easter weekend is upon us for some of those celebrating -- i guess not really. it's not a friday but i'm off tomorrow so i'm already thinking. >> i'm in that state of mind, as well. >> it's cloudy. >> right now it's cloudy. we'll see more sun as you get into the weekend. i think a lot of people had that big taste of spring yesterday where you were 71 degrees. not the case today. as of right now we have been cooler because the winds have shifted. the picture -- and this is kind of what kristine is talking about. you can see the clouds have set up. you have a temperature right now 48 degrees.
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so anytime you have have any kind of an easterly component to that wind, it's going to keep your temperatures this time of the year on the cooler side. 55 at 2:21. 4 degrees above the average of 51. take a look around the area. these are your tri-state temperatures. off to the east end of long island, southampton right now comes in at had 2 degrees. smithtown 47. atlantic beach 46 degrees. jersey shore you're going to find that toms river is at 46. you have to go inland to find the warmest readings. you're 55 around ramapo. and you're 54 also right around mount olive and the warmest readings were north of that. i'm talking places up around the delaware water gap believe it or not had some really warm readings out there. as of right now, what you see
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the rain still off to our west. and some of this -- you know, let me give you a bigger picture. stretch that out. give you a good idea of the front itself. there is snow in the northern great lakes but its this rain we watch to make its way through our area. this is a front, okay? it's a cold front. textbook stuff ahead of a cold front you always get a warming southwest wind and that is your air mass that will float in here tomorrow so temperature-wise it's going to be fine. the wet weather is all part of the picture as, as well. you put it into motion. into your early-morning hours on friday. it's not until lunchtime that the actual front comes through so anything prior to that is going to be some leading activity on the lighter side and here we are around lunchtime it's moving through and clears out for your saturday. and on sunday, i think a few additional clouds and take a peek at this. this could bring in some wet weather by the time you get to those hours maybe after midnight on sunday going into monday but saturday 56. good-looking sky. sunday easter, 58. a few more clouds. and then right across the
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>> where did it go?! >> i think they are trying to tell you you're out of time. >> no, i'm trying to get to the -- let's try it again. wow. it was there and it disappeared, kj. i have been doing this job for like nine years it never happened. 67 friday. 56 on saturday. 58 on sunday. monday, we go back now to where i think even late sunday maybe there's a rain chance but monday, i had to just put all clouds out there. doesn't look so good. >> thank you. otis has a look at sports. >> kristine, is there trouble in gotham city? "the dark knight" struggles again plus a big three wasn't good enough for lebron. you want more. and steve overmyer will get you prepared for march madness
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all right. the mets season opener in kansas city just 11 days away. concerns about the opening day starter mat harvey. his second-to-last start after that first game. yoenis cespedes decides the ball is out of his reach.
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the up says you cannot be serious look and throws him out. the mets lose 8-5. cc sabathia and the yankees about to get under way in tampa against the race. jets fans while you wait on ryan fitzpatrick, cross robert griffin iii off your list. a two-year deal worth $15 million in cleveland. starting late in the 2012 season he was often injured and then didn't play a snap all last season behind kirk cousins. after winning last night in chicago by 8, they host the bulls at the garden tonight. cavs in town to face the nets. lebron james maybe taking some time to talk to carmelo anthony. lebron said he would love to play with melo, dwayne wade and chris paul at some point in the future. i guess the big three in miami wasn't big enough. he has to go with the big 4. he says everybody dreams and
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would take a pay cut if it happens. and he hopes at that time they would be playing someplace warm. if there's one thing we know about march madness it's that the favorites don't always win. we're looking at you, michigan state. but as steve overmyer reports, even though your brackets are broken you have reason to watch. >> reporter: we can count on one game this weekend ending on a buzzer beater. the first weekend was perhaps the most exciting ever! notre dame got the irish kiss off the glass. >> it's good! wisconsin has won it! >> reporter: at the badgers giving xavier fan bill murray another varmint to hate. if you like the "blue bloods" it's no better matchup than north carolina and indiana who have ten championships between them. the acc is the first conference to send 6 teens to the sweet sixteen but will they be the first conference to fill the final four? if you are a fan of the famous, the deepest team is kansas.
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history of getting rocked and shocked. maybe you like cinderella. this year's sweet sixteen features a pair of double- digit swedes but far from wearing the glass slipper. syracuse is 10 with a hall of fame coach and gonzaga with a reputation for the upset. >> dreams come true! >> reporter: ever won wonder if they swap with ted cruz? nothing. >> i don't see it. i asked my parents and they don't see it. >> reporter: we wish we didn't see the iowa state coach dancing. i think he is trying to do the whip. isn't that cute? roy williams skip is more like a oopsie. >> guess that is why they call it the big dance. >> le that baseball thing is
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we'll be right back. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way
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coming up later after the basketball game miss mother died and he says that he was denied the right to say good- bye. >> it makes me feel like i'm living in a nightmare.
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led to a loved one getting cremated by mistake. a woman attacked by fake cops in a camaro. the search before they strike again. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. see you tonight after the game. >> pelley: we've learned that two suspects in the brussels bombings were on a u.s. terrorism watch list. also tonight, a victim tells us his story of survival. >> i'm thinking, i gotta make it. i gotta see my daughters again. i gotta see my girls. >> pelley: campaign 2016-- good luck learning what the candidates stand for. >> donald, you're a nifling could, and leave heidi the hell alone. >> pelley: comedian garry shandling has died. hollywood threatens to boycott the state of georgia in defense of gay rights. and gloria gaynor survived disco, and now her anthem will,


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