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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  March 27, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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stop before the suffering starts. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. right now christians around the world are celebrating their faith this easter sunday. we are live at st. patrick's cathedral where cardinal dolan will say mass this morning. plus this. it's devastating. you know, it's usually something that doesn't have to happen to good people. >> an easter outing turns tragic when an elderly couple is killed in a head-on collision. the disturbing allegations against the driver who ran into them. americans killed in an actor terror. the arrest of one of the suspected belgium attackers. "cbs2 sunday morning" continues
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live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news this morning. good morning. it's 8 a.m. on this sunday, march 27. i am dick brennan. >> i am andrea grymes. happy easter. meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at our easter sunday forecast. a little cloudy out there right now? >> yes. it looks grey. it will get a little bit brighter as the day progresses. breaks of sun expected this afternoon with temperatures warming to seasonable levels. along the coastline because of winds in generally out of the east it is going to feel much cooler than 50s. we will be feeling like the 40s along the coast there. temperatures right now in the 40s for most of us. 43 great neck. madison 37. what we haven't seen a lot of this morning is movement of these numbers. that cloud cover is slowing us down on the warming front. as far as the vortex satellite and radar picture goes
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dropping any rain. it will be a dry sunday forecast. we will break it down for you hour by hour. by noon 49, feels like 47. mostly cloudy. by three this afternoon we warm to a high of 55. partly sunny at that point in time. i want to bring you down to 9:00 because at that point in time we could actually see a few showers around. they would be stray at best. it is tomorrow that we have the main rain event to start the work week. i will talk about that in my full forecast. andrea dick, back to you. >> vanessa, thanks very much. christians are celebrating easter today. on this day the holiest day on the christian calendar. >> many observing the holiday will be heading to church. that's where we find magdalena doris outside st. patrick's cathedral in midtown where people have been filing in already this morning. ma da lean a. >> reporter: yes, the second
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it is standing room only as the faithful are coming out to celebrate in droves. it is easter in rome. today marks the end of a 40 day lent period of reflection and around the world it's a time for celebration and family. thousands gathered in st. peter's square this morning to celebrate the holiest day of the year for christians and to pray together. poach celebrating mass and calling on christians to find home. his homily urging the faithful to open their hearts and be joyful, saying in part let us not stay imprisoned within ourselves but break open our sealed tombs to the lord so he may enter and grant us life. on the evening of holy saturday came the easter vigil in rome. pope francis saying st. petersburg basilica in darkness representing jesus' death.
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represents the light of jesus' life. that radiance carried into the church by pope francis and solemn prayer and mourning the three days after death marking his resurrection. here at home timothy cardinal dolan led a holy saturday mass at st. patrick's cathedral speaking about what is at the heart of this easter celebration. >> let us listen with quiet hearts to the holy word of god. let us meditate on how god in times past saved his people. >> reporter: he then blessed easter gaffes filled with food for the celebration. around the world this morning christians will congregate to reflect on sacrifice, forgiveness, and rebirth while celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. easter. now, as you can see, all is quiet right here in front of st. patrick's cathedral. just a few minutes ago the entire steps all the way down to the sidewalk were filled with
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and timothy cardinal dolan will be celebrating mass here at 10:15 today. magdalena doris, cbs2 news. >> thank you. we are following breaking news in queens this morning where an elderly man has died after a fire ripped through a home in jackson heights. the fire broke out around four this morning on the first floor of this home in the 2500 lock of 87th street. police say the 88-year-old victim lived in the multi-story home. two firefighters are treated for minor injuries. it's not clear what caused the fire or if anyone else was in the house at the name a new jersey family is this morning after two grandparents are killed in a horrific head-on crash. now, a 23-year-old driver is under arrest. cbs2's brian coneybeare reports from new brunswick. >> i couldn't believe it, that
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>> reporter: friends stunned by what happened to frank and audrey corso. these photos show the devastating scene. firefighters frantically running to help after a deadly head-on crash. >> i saw the accident in the road right in front of the house. i knew it was bad. i could tell by the white car. >> reporter: the corsos died instantly when their white toyota was hit by this black suv. investigators say they had just taken their son and two grandchildren to an easter egg hunt nearby and were headed home. >> they were always so nice to everybody. i would see them out walking all the time and, you know, they seeing their family over there i rot county prosecutor says 23-year-old frank cabezas was drunk at 2:45 in the afternoon. lost control and slammed into the corso family's car. >> it's a tragedy for the entire community. >> reporter: 10-year-old marisa corso was flown by helicopter to robert wood johnson medical center children's hospital in
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broken leg. amazingly, her dad and five-year-old brother were not seriously hurt. the thought of an easter holiday outing turning tragic is hard to fathom. >> i feel sorry for those kids. >> reporter: cabezas wasn't injured. this isn't his first time in trouble. he was busted for allegedly driving drunk in his underwear in 2012 and hit with drug charges in the past as well. >> cabezas is facing multiple charges including dui, reckless driving and death by auto. police are investigating another deadly crash in the bronx where a save tahoe slammed into a dry cleaners. this happened in the allerton section. police say the 37-year-old driver hit two parked cars and struck a light pole before crashing into the store at 800 allerton avenue. he was rushed to jacoby medical center where he died.
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it is unclear what caused this driver to lose control. a solidarity march postponed. >> the man caught on camera with two suicide bombers has reportedly been arrested. we are learning more about the americans killed. cbs2's kenneth craig. >> reporter: belgian authorities have charged three men with terrorism offenses after a series of raids linked to tuesday's bombings in brussels. americans stephanie and justin shults were among the died. joseph empey will make a full recovery. >> i felt complete gratitude that my son was alive. >> reporter: prosecutors said a man only identified as faisal c. was arrested thursday. he is now facing terrorism and murder crimes. belgian media reports faisal chafaeux is also the mystery
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in surveillance video with the two airport suicide bombers. there is a heavy law enforcement presence here at brussels airport which has been closed since tuesday's bombings. authorities say they have finished investigating the crime scene inside and now engineers are looking at the damage. >> we also have to look at security measures because security levels have rosen in our country. >> reporter: solidarity march scheduled for sunday has now been postponed following security concerns that the police department is stretched too thin. still hundreds of people returned to the growing memorial saturday to share their grief and sadness. kenneth craig, cbs news, brussels, belgium. >> investigators say brussels airport is stable despite the attacks. it is set to reopen on tuesday. and this morning u.s. secretary of state john kerry is and john miller chief of counterterrorism for the nypd will both be talking with john dickerson this morning. >> he joins us live with a preview. john, good morning. >> good morning.
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we are going to talk to about the situation in up. what they are trying to do in that complicated effort to stop terror across 28 different states, how big the holes still are and what the sense of urgency is. we will talk to him about americans travel to europe for this summer, how worried should they be. and we will talk to house homeland security chairman michael mccaul about the situation in america. what do these attacks in europe suggest about vulnerabilities in america. and the political conversation going on. that's a conversation we will have with john miller. we are going to talk to him about security in new york. but then also obviously commissioner bratton speakle out very strongly against comments by ted cruz in the presidential campaign about what america should do to respond in terms of surveilling muslim neighborhoods. a lot to talk about with them. andrea dick,-we will have our political roundtable. there is still a presidential campaign going on. >> that's right. but there is, john, it would
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lull in the primaries leading up to, let's say, i think april 19 when new york comes up? >> we have got wisconsin coming up. and on the republican side that's a big spot because there has been a week now without a contest this week. and in the battle between ted cruz and donald trump, which got uglier, which we didn't think was possible, but they succeeded in having an uglier back and forth this week. when wisconsin matters because it's a big state and there is some evidence that ted cruz is doing better there. it's a state with a lot of delegates where you if he can beat donald trump in wisconsin, it will show that that can happen in a big state. so that's something that everybody's watching on the republican side. >> and we look forward to your show as always. thanks for checking in with us. a full hour of "face the nation" later this morning. a big line-up today at 10:30 on cbs2. bernie sanders interrupts
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>> all right. are you ready for a news alert? we just won the state of washington! [cheers and applause]. >> big wins over hillary clinton during saturday's democratic races. plus, arrested before take-off. why an american airlines pilot is accused of almost putting passengers in danger. on the move to learn about a tasty take on a traditional peeps for easter sunday. >> here is vanessa murdock. looks good, right? here is your forecast. >> oh, man, i am a lover of peeps and chocolate. two of them. i am in heaven. that looks amazing. the forecast is looking pretty good today. we have got some rain on the way. i will have details coming up. first though, a check on the
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now to campaign 2016. it was a saturday sweep for senator bernie sanders. the democratic presidential hopeful scored huge victories over former secretary of state hillary clinton in three state caucuses. >> he would say huge. he snagged 71% of the votes. 25 delegates at stake. washington state 101 delegates. sanders defeated clinton 72-28. the margin of victory bigger in alaska. the vermont senator took 81% of the vote.
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momentum means is in state after state huge voter turnouts. >> that's how i meant to say it. sanders trails clinton by 700 delegates. republicans don't head to the polls until april 5th when wisconsin holds primary, as you heard from john dickerson, for both parties. is tampa police say bold thieves were caught on camera stealing eight cars from a used car dealership. ten young men busted through the front windows in the dealership early friday morning. they rummaged through the drawers until finding the keys to eight cars. two of the cars were recovered, one after a crash with another vehicle. police believe the suspects are part of a bigger crime group based in orlando. and keeping in florida. two florida sheriff's deputies are being called heroes after rushing into a burning car and saving a woman's life in southern florida. you can see the deputies braving
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from her car as fire engulfed the vehicle. the deputies say they were running out of options for the woman who was trapped between her steering wheel airbag and seat belt. >> there was no other choice. we had to go back. there was no other choice. when the fire extinguisher ran out, the only way to continue, we had to go back in the car. >> one deputy had second-degree burns on her hand and forearm. the 58-year-old victim is now in intensive care, but is expected to survive. >> that is incredible. time to check in on our exclusive forecast. >> 8:17 right now. a lot of people getting ready, many to head out to church on this easter sunday. what's the weather looking like? >> cloudy and in the 40s for most of us. heading to the low and mid 50s today. not a big warm-up expected. it's going to be a seasonable end to your weekend. live outside, showing you the picture closer up so you can
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it is overcast. 43-degree reading out of central park. east winds at 8 miles per hour. that will have an impact on the coast today bringing temperatures in 40s for highs. low and mid 50s. the exception close to the coast. clouds this morning. some sun this afternoon. then as we make our way into your monday morning commute we are talking rain. monday morning commute could be messy with steady sometimes heavy rain. your evening commute though i think will be salvaged because the storm system should be moving out before then. temperature trend looks like this. remember friday? 72 degrees. yesterday 55. if it felt chilly to you, today will feel chilly as well. we are anticipating a high of 55. very much seasonable for the entirety of the weekend. tomorrow a high of 59. it is possible we will bump that up into the low 60s if things time out just right. but of course it will be
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then tuesday cooler. 54. it will be bright. we are talking really powerful winds late monday into tuesday. on the vortex satellite and radar picture we see the clouds overhead. low hanging clouds for most of us. thicker clouds moving in from the south. as you go through the day high pressure will no longer control the forecast. two areas of low pressure will join forces bringing moisture with them, instability with them, and that's where we're starting to see the showers push in overnight and special for your monday morning commute. a break of sun through the afternoon hours today. overnight the moisture starts moving on in. 7 a.m. note some steady rain through the region, maybe some heavy pockets as well, and it lingers. here we are at 2:30. this is kind of the back end of the system. so i think by 3 or 4:00 it's dry, but the roadways could still be a little bit wet. so your evening commute, i don't expect rain falling but still could have ponding on the roads out there.
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skies clear but winds kicking up. today a high of 55 degrees. again along the coast it will be cooler. more like mid-to-upper 40s. as we look at tonight's low 44 in the city, 39 new falls, tomorrow steady rain especially early. by afternoon some showers and it should be clearing out by evening. a high of 59 tomorrow. by tomorrow late afternoon the winds are picking up. gusts will be reaching 40 miles per hour. and those powerful winds persist for tuesday with a high of 54. wednesday it's 56 and mostly sunny. then for thursday 68, pushing 70. late in the day rain will be moving on in. it will linger into friday. 64 your high on friday. saturday 58. the numbers continue to drop from there. we are talking about highs potentially in the 30s and 40s as we make our way into late sunday, monday, tuesday. monday morning lows could potentially be in the teens. >> a week from tomorrow? >> right.
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a week from tomorrow, yes. >> thank you, vanessa. this easter a lot of people are dressing up in their sunday best. but you can also dress up your dessert like the holiday favorite peeps. >> 1010 wins tom is on the run to learn how to make chocolate dipped tuxedo peeps. >> the first thick, you have to melt the chocolate. you can use the hair dryer. when you melt the chocolates, you can see some pieces here. use the blender. blend it with the melted chocolate. >> you are not going to get a shock jock? >> i hope not. everything going to come very smooth. i am going to use this. we are 30-degree celsius, which is 92 fahrenheit. >> reporter: this is the dipping of the peeps? >> the reason we don't dip them deeper is because they do breathe by the beak. you don't want to emerge the beak. otherwise, they will die.
8:22 am
sugary concoctions. >> i will show you how to decorate them. cut out of parchment paper a triangle like that. create a cone. when the cone is created, spin it, put the tip inside the cone, and then you can put chocolates in there and write with it. cut tiny piece of the tip. >> reporter: this whole idea of eating chocolate on easter, any idea where it came from? >> i don't know who had the idea. but thanks to him or her. let's not change that. >> reporter: for cbs2 news, john montone, 1010 wins. >> happy easter from the peeps. >> i eat chocolate every day. >> every day, yeah. >> right. but i have never melted chocolate with a hair dryer before. i have to try that. >> i have never seen that one before. 8:22. they got on their marks, but no one said go. kids are knocked over and eggs are stolen when an easter egg
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and the madness continues with a big upset by villanova. this is "cbs2 news sunday morning." clinpcagins r teetpe 1yesruin d perand hhe ctor tiaconorththd ar. aowawdsret erhi.buwh ty meroyo ster ty an l. lyiohathfaes teetn e stwaedneorrit w,etup ft 0meinrn wh uaupadandolo sed pl tanphe r st$699eron, li.cae n'ofr teet ee ts stt preth gd,
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march madness rages on as a team makes the final four for the first time since 2009. here's steve obermeyer with your sports update. >> am with, the first week of march madness was this chaotic
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but by this week insanity was restored as the cream rose to the top and gave us some games that were superior. a pair of heavyweights, villanova and kansas. both these schools have a history of coming up short in the tournament. 'nova though came up with some extended runs. 13-0. 10-0. kansas would fight their way through. there they were within a basket of taking the lead in the final moments. game, and like two heavyweights this was too close to call. a turnover proved a little bit too costly for kansas. villanova survives. they will be representing the big east in the final four. 64-59. oklahoma and oregon for a trip to the final four. this has been a dream season for the ducks. they earn their first top overall seed, or top seed, rather, in school history. it's been a bigger year for buddy heald. if you want to know what kind of scorer he is, he is the first
8:27 am
threes prior to the final four since steph curry. hey, buddy. oklahoma taking out oregon 80-68. for cbs2 sports, i am steve obermeyer. have a great day. well, thanks, steve. time for our furry friend finder. we have for you twins. yes. >> twins. >> brothers and sister. this is the little guy here. >> brody, who is very calm and peaceful, but just getting a little antsy. apparently he is teething, we are told. i lost a toy. that's going to be a problem. i lost the toy. but a lovely dog and a great demeanor, too. calm and easy going. the cutest little face. >> so sweet. they are both westty poodle mixes. in the face they look like westties, but brody his coat looks like a poodle. this one is super confident. they are puppies. they are not yet potty trained. my goodness, they seem like they
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right now easter celebrations here and around the world. we are live at st. patrick's cathedral. as can you see, people getting ready to head in and reflect on this sacred holiday. plus this. it's something that shouldn't have happened. >> a community comes together to remember the victims of the deadly east village explosion one year later. and a heist in queens. a jeweler is held at gunpoint and robbed of more than $10,000
8:31 am
"cbs2 news sunday morning" continues right now. live from studio 46 this is good morning. it is 8:30 on this sunday, march 27. i am andrea grymes. happy easter. >> meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. we just saw in that live shot people getting ready to head into st. patrick's cathedral. luckily, no rain falling on them. >> no rain in today's forecast. after sunset, close to nine, maybe a few stray showers. it's really tomorrow wet weather will impact the day. today it won't be super bright, but it will be pleasant. 43 right now in central park. on the vortex satellite and radar picture plenty of clouds hanging over head. they break up this afternoon. breaks of sun later on as we warm into the mid 50s.
8:32 am
if you live near the coast, winds will be out of the east today, which means along the jersey shore and the east end of long island it will feel more like the 40s out there. overall, a pleasant end to the weekend. coming up we will talk rain and a rollercoaster ride of temperatures through the next week or so. andrea and dick, back to you. >> thank you. a day of prayer and reflection as christians celebrate easter sunday. >> many are heading to church to mark the holiest day on the christian calendar. magdalena doris live outside of st. pat's in midtown. >> reporter: good morning, dick and andrea. as you know, we start the show at six in the morning, and since then the feeling out here has changed. the cathedral feels alive and awake. as you can see, people are heading in for the third of eight services this morning.
8:33 am
to st. patrick's cathedral for easter sunday mass. it is easter in rome. today marks the end of a 40 day lent period of reflection and around the world it's a time for celebration and family. thousands gathered in st. peter's square this morning to celebrate the holiest day of the year for christians and to pray together. pope francis celebrating mass and calling on christians to find hope. his homily urging the faithful to open their hearts and be joyful, saying in part, let us not stay imprisoned within ourselves but let us break open our sealed tombs to the lord so he may enter and grant us life. on the evening of holy saturday came the easter vigil in rome. pope francis entered the silent st. peter's basilica in darkness representing jesus' death. the lighting of the pascal candle represents the light of jesus' life.
8:34 am
church by pope francis ending the time of solemn mourning. at st. patrick's cathedral, speaking about what is at the heart of this easter celebration. >> let us listen with quiet hearts to the holy word of god. let us meditate on how god, in times past, saved his people. >> reporter: he then blessed easter baskets filled with food for the celebration. around the world this morning christians will congregate to reflect on sacrifice, forgiveness, and rebirth while celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. easter. as you can see, people are lining up on the sidewalks right now to get into st. patrick's cathedral. the last two masses that have been held here have been standing room only. i am sure that will only continue as cardinal dolan is set to celebrate mass here at 10:15. and outside at around that same time the annual easter bonnet
8:35 am
it is a tradition that has been going on here since the 1870s. live at st. patrick's cathedral, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. back to you guys. >> an exciting day at st. pat's. thank you. a community gathered to remember the victims of a deadly explosion in the east village. yesterday marked one year since the devastating blast. cbs2's dave carlin reports. >> reporter: one year after the explosion and this fire caught on cell phone video brought horror and death to 2nd avenue in the east village. this empty lot where three buildings stood becomes a place of candlelight and prayer. photos of the two men who lost their lives. 27-year-old moises locon and 23-year-old nicholas figueroa. here is figueroa's mother ana. >> some say that a loss gets easier with time. nothing could be further from the truth.
8:36 am
on the fourth floor of building where the gas line blast originated. she lost her home of 44 years. >> horrible. horrible incident that shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: four people were indicted last month on manslaughter and other criminal charges. the building's owner, her son, a contractor and plumber allegedly tampered with the billing's gas line and failed to warn residents. the disaster that resulted is leading to new laws, including legislation to mandate more inspections of gas lines. >> these laws are in honor of nicholas, and moises, and the entire east village community. >> reporter: even a portion of this blast site could fetch $10 million if sold to developers. politics want to make sure that owners who are allegedly negligent do not benefit. >> because of his death and moises death can change this and make a difference. yes. nicholas would have been proud. >> reporter: families here were promised the city will crack down on landlords who perhaps
8:37 am
take deadly short cuts. in the east village, dave carlin, cbs2 news. new video this morning. police say the man seen on surveillance video robbed a queens jewelry store at gunpoint days ago. it happened at adl jewelers. the suspect demanded gold, diamonds and watches. an employee says the man ran but a $15,000. no arrests have been made in the case. robert de niro is pulling a anti-vaccine documentary from the tribeca film festival after a careful review. a woman has a child with autism. the filmmakers claim to examine the long debated link between vaccines and autism. numerous studies have found no such link. spring is in the air now.
8:38 am
other thrilling rides at coney island. chuck schumer joined leaders in brooklyn to help open the park for 2016. the first 100 guests also got the exciting honor of riding the famous cyclone rollercoaster for free. luna park will be open on weekends and school holidays and starting memorial day weekend it opens daily. maybe this season will be the season i finally ride the cyclone. >> he don't like those rollercoasters, do you? >> no, i told you that. >> maybe that wild mouse maybe to start? >> yeah. with the little kids. yeah, that's more my speed. we are just teasing. all right. 8:38 in the morning. trouble on the tarmac for an american airlines pilot. plus, egg hunt chaos. why some parents are being blamed for ruining a day of fun for thousands of kids. we have cleaned out the kitchen. now to the closet. we have insider tips to make
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the faa says an american airlines copilot may have been drunk when he arrived for a flight out of detriot. he was detained yesterday morning after he reportedly failed a breathalyzer. american airlines put customers
8:42 am
the pilot failed a second test at the police department. he has been released as authorities decide whether charges will be filed. an easter egg hunt in connecticut ends with parents scrambling to find their kids. it happened at the pez visitor's center outside new haven. a crowd of thousands stormed the fields before they could officially start the event. the easter excitement was so bad witnesses say parents were knocking over kids. some even stole eggs out of people's baskets. >> when my son left, he had a broken basket and was hysterically crying. >> it was like locusts. everybody descended and left. >> organizers say they tried to inform parents there was extra candy on hand for the kids who definite gets any. no one was hurt. if you are planning an easter egg hunt, let's hope it's a little more civil and let's hope the weather cooperates also. vanessa murdock is here with that. >> it will cooperate. it's just not going to be as
8:43 am
overall, i think it's a pretty nice sunday forecast. looking pretty good. let's check in with the weather watchers this morning to see what's happening out there. temperatures have not warmed up much yet. we are heading for the 50s. and one ever our weather watchers says, hey, a good day for yard work? i say absolutely. we will have plenty of clouds. there is no rain in the mix. warming into the mid 50s as long as you are not near the coastline. tom donovan reporting sunshine in islip. winds on the calm side at four miles per hour. 42 degrees looking to les. he has cloudy skies in little neck. things looking decent right now. just not perfect with ample cloud cover hanging over the region. let take you live outside. show you what's going down out there. murky picture from high atop the em pair state building. cloudy skies. east winds at 8 miles per hour. what can you expect from the forecast? clouds this morning giving way to some breaks of sun for this
8:44 am
we are talking a chance for showers after dark tonight, but really tomorrow your morning commute could be a soggy one. the winds pick up big time tomorrow night into tuesday gusting to 40 miles per hour. as far as what's happening right now we still have high pressure dominating. the circulation around this high brings winds in off the water. those easterly winds are atmosphere. that's why we have that low deck of clouds over head right now. so by this afternoon a few breaks of sunshine, but then this evening the clouds will fill right back in as these two areas of low pressure get closer to us. they bring not just moisture, but also that opportunity for rain. for today we stay dry. so very happy easter to all of you celebrating today. tomorrow morning your commute could be a soggy one. we are talking steady, possibly heavy rain during that morning window. around 3:00 in the afternoon this front moves on through with that kind of a last-ditch effort for showers. by your evening drive i think no rain is falling, but the
8:45 am
as you make your way into tuesday it's windy. sunshine again late tomorrow into tuesday. these winds will really be ramping up. then to start april we are talking about temperatures dipping down into the 30s and low 40s for highs. so big changes on the way. next week late there. but today very much seasonable. 55 degrees. clouds this morning. sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow 59 with rain for the first two-thirds of the day. then tuesday/wednesday back to seasonable in the mid 50s with lots of sun. thursday into friday 60s out there. rain though late thursday into friday. next saturday 58 and partly sunny. andrea, over to you. is it a challenge navigating through your wardrobe looking for something to wear? maybe your closet is in need of a makeover. our spring cleaning series continues this morning with anna desouza, style contributor for ebay. tips how to upgrade our closets. welcome.
8:46 am
>> we are going to talk about spring cleaning. a lot get to. what is a capsule wardrobe? >> you take everything out of your closet and you are going to separate it into three bins. the first is your capsule wardrobe. it's 37 pieces that you are going to rotate every three or four months. >> seasonal items? >> exactly. these 37 pieces include shoes and jewelry. these of the pieces that make you happy wearing them. >> where did you come up with 37? >> that's the insider number. >> interesting. >> yeah. so the second bin is your trial separation bin. the items that you like. maybe they don't fit so perfectly any more. put them under your bed. if you don't search for them in go. the last bin is your sell bin. there is a high likelihood you you don't know it. >> probably from the trial separation bin. >> exactly. you probably have goods that are lightly worn or new with tags.
8:47 am
they have 160 million active buyers. they sell a pair of shoes every two seconds. there is a high likelihood you can get cash for the items you have. they have a partnership with ship. the thing that trips people up most when selling is actually look for that box, looking for the bubble wrap in order to get everything together. with their partnership, you basically sell your item. you request a ship courier that comes to your house within 20 minutes in new york city. it's free to the end of june. you hand the courier that blouse or the handbag and you don't have to worry about shipping. >> they do everything for you? >> yes. >> okay. so if you aren't selling but you want to organize, we have some good tips here? >> exactly. you want to go and look to fashion insiders and visual merchandising experts, right? they do it the right way. you go to a boutique and go ooh and ahh how they have organized.
8:48 am
you fold it and put one item on top. other. >> and you forget what's on the bottom? >> exactly. stack it up right so you can take a quick gander and see what you have in your drawers. same thing for your lingerie drawer, which tends to be -- >> a mess. >> like a black hole of stuff, right? >> um-hmm. >> look to the really fancy beautiful lingerie stores. they actually compartmentalize everything. you can get a shoebox, put it in there. put your bras in beautiful compartments and it looks beautiful. >> this is a trick they use in boutiques, too. >> exactly. this is an insider tip from the fancy boutiques you go to. they hang the denim with a shower currenten ripping. you hang this and your denim is not going to get wrinkled. >> and you can hang them up in the klosset. what do we have here? >> there are items you may not
8:49 am
you are not taking your beautiful clutch to the office. why not display it in a beautiful way so you feel inspired by it and you are able to, you know, take a look at and use it and rotate it in when you can. >> nice decorating idea. these i love. these few ideas here. >> i am completely obsessed with these. the first is the hanger. now, you have probably seen those felt hangers. they can be pricey. turns out you can make this for practically free with just a little bit of hot glue. so you just zig-zag a hot glue onto a hanger. it can be a plastic hanger or wood one like this one. all of your strappy dresses -- >> will not slide off. >> talk to me about in. >> i love this hack. i feel like you're going to use it, too. you grab some chalk. it's a diy dehumid fire for your closet. into summer. i love next leveling it.
8:50 am
work items, you can sprinkle a little bit of essential aisles, like a citrus or eucalyptus or a rosemary onto that section so it's energizing. you open up the closet doors and it feels fresh and energized for the day. >> lastly, these lights on the end? >> right. at the cornerstone of every celebrity closet is smart lighting. you can do it yourself with christmas lights. whether it's the type you plug in or battery operated, tape it on the inside border of your closet. every time you open up the closet, it's beautifully lit with the items you are inspired to wear. >> thank you so much. we really appreciate it. and for more information, if there is anything you missed, you can catch all of these ideas
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am it's easter sunday. many of you hoteling family parties. >> here to show us how to impress your guests is matt lambert of the musket room. happy easter. you have a lot to show us. talk a little bit about lamb and why it is so popular this time of year. >> i think it has something do with the fact that the spring lambs being born and also it's very delicious. >> and delicious is really the main thing, right? >> it smells great, too.
8:54 am
>> an hour and a half at 375 degrees fahrenheit. i am not good. i check it in celsius. so i don't have the fahrenheit number. >> you're from new zealand? >> right. >> take us through. show us how you made it. basically, the whole premise is your sunday roast. so we have a roasted leg of lamb, which is just boned out and tied. we have a little bit of wild broccoli rub, which is from pennsylvania. that's just gently cooked with a little bit of garlic. we have a salad, because you can't go wrong with salad. peas are just coming in. we have some peas. a little bit of sea urchin on there just to be a little bit different. it's also delicious. >> never had sea urchin. >> and then like another side i wanted to cook because it's simple and as easy way to impress people is roasted brussels sprouts. >> can't go wrong with brussels sprouts.
8:55 am
>> that's for sure. you really can't go wrong with bacon. >> basically, i made some bacon here. i have reserved the fat. a little bit nervous as to what's going to happen in this pan. >> stand back. >> we are lucky. basically, we are going to do that. the best way to do this is when you are nearly ready for them, so you will get the fat ready to go and try to put them face side down. they are going to cook more evenly. and you get a nice nice situation going on. >> you can smell the bacon. >> what do you put on top? >> basically a little bit of roasted onions that i had. the bacon and then when it's all said and done i am going to deglaze it with a little bit of cabernet vinegar. that way you just kind of, you know, it cuts the fat. the bacon is a little bit fatty.
8:56 am
>> as you are continuing do that, when you go to the butcher, what should you ask for when you are buying a lamb? what are a couple of things to keep in mind? >> depends what you are planning to do. if you want do a roast, you want to get a sort of cut that comes from somewhere that cooks for a long time. if you are cooking a rack, you can do it in a pan and it's not necessary to do it a long time. if you get a shoulder or a leg, that's good. you can cook it sort of on the bone. i like to take the bone out. that way when you have cooked it, there is less fuss and you to go. >> oh, geez. >> i put him on the spot. >> from new zealand. >> it's nice. >> i know some people will know that. >> they will. some of our viewers will. as you continue to do that, we are going to pause really quick and check in with cbs sunday
8:57 am
>> yeah, john paully with a >> looks good. good morning. it is easter sunday. what better day to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the easter bunny? we'll also introduce you to an beans. we will meet the two women behind the extravaganza known as wrestlemania. and see if the film "batman vs. superman" lives up to the hype. and we will visit one of america's favorite tv pastors joel osteen. all of that and much more. >> we look forward it, jane. thank you so much. and we look forward -- you should see what's in front of us. can we take this roast with us? >> i was cooking you guys lunch. >> it's breakfast, but that's okay. you said you paired it with peas and salad. >> uh-huh. >> and your delicious brussels sprouts. i am going to try some of the peas. thank you so much, matt.
8:58 am
us. we are back tonight at 6:30 and 11. i am dick brennan. >> she is andrea grymes. >> happy easter. >> i will have some now. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning, and happy easter. charles osgood is off today. i'm jane pauley. and this is "sunday morning."


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