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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> a man was found dead next to an office complex. cbs 2 joins us live with what we know so far here at noon. good afternoon. >> here's what we know, a building manager at the glen point office complex was found dead outside one of the buildings this morning. we're told the 56-year-old man went up to the roof of the seven story building this morning at 7:00 a.m. to take a look at possible damage as a result of winds this morning. the wind blew the building manager off the roof we're told. his body discovered shortly after by a passer-by again. a 56-year-old building manager blown off a roof, off a seven story roof of the building. live, steve cbs 2 news. high winds whipping up trouble across the area. a national weather service wind
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damage has all ready been done. cbs news magdelena is live. >> as you can see, this tree toppling down on this house here in long island. it's a familiar scene throughout the tri-state area. winds doing damage. last night patsy williams woke up to this. >> all of a sudden i heard the crash. and it scared me so badly. >> the dead tree in her backyard was sent crashing down hitting her home, damaging the brand new siding and gutter. >> if that tree had been three or four feet over, the head of my bed is right there. where i was laying at, me and my grandson. broken by powerful wind gusts. branches slammed and crashed. those noises echoing throughout the tri-state area. trees were no match for gusts of winds up to 50 miles per hour.
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driver woke up to a damaged car. in yonkers, the same thing, a tree trump crumpled a toyota rav 4 under its weight. a fire department was called to 79th and broadway after debris fell from the condo building. luckily, no one was hurt. over night power lines were jeopardized cutting electricity to homes. outages were noticed to an estimated 4,000 customers in long island. 5,000 in new jersey. 1700 sites lost electricity with jersey central power and light. greg from massapequah woke up in darkness. making for an interesting morning trying to get around. >> flashlights and the old fashioned -- >> and alt last check, the outage numbers across the tri- state area have really rebounded.
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now the work begins where mother nature left her mark. live in massapequah, magdelena, cbs 2 news. elise is in for john today and she joins us with a first look at the weather. >> the winds are dying down a little bit below wind advisory criteria for most locations. but it's still windy if you step outside. a wind advisory in effect as you mentioned for the remainder of the area, the wind advisories were allowed to expire at noon, take a look at these wind gusts. 26 miles per hour wind gusts for central park and sparta. 33 for babylon. 38 for the hampdens. 36 in white plains and monticello. we're talking about gusty and potentially dangerous winds. the future wind gust does show however that we get out of the 20s and 30s as we head toward this evening. and finally we'll see the winds hours. by tomorrow, we're talking
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today we're 54 degrees. tons of sunshine. a tiny bit cooler because of the wind. i'll have the rest in a bit. the heavy winds made it queens. a fire caused significant damage to two homes. >> john king salvaging what little he could from his home this morning. >> no. all done. >> his family living in one of the two units badly damaged here at 2341, 91st street. a mini explosion around 2:00 tuesday morning. >> we heard a loud pop. >> she shot this video on her cell phone. >> i thought it was the wind blowing. the wind was going crazy. i saw flames. and my mom was telling everybody come on, we got to go. >> our house is next to the garages and it was a ball of
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loud and it just took over so quick. >> before it was over, the fire consumed three detached garages, this house and it quickly spread to the home next door. it took 150 firefighters more than an hour to get the fire under control. >> it's very windy out here. and the wind does play a factor. >> if you take a look behind these houses here, you can see just how charred these garages are. the homeowners say this is where they first spotted the flames before the flames jumped into their homes. >> my bed room is in the back. the fire started in the back. all nine people who live in the two houses made it out uninjured. the family is now staying with relatives as they find new places to live. the fire marshal working to determine what ignited the flames. in east elmhurst queens,.
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the fire destroyed a home on north tamarac drive this morning. it started before 7:00. firefighters were told about a man still trapped inside. a woman managed to get out. heavy equipment was used to bring what was left of the house down. the cause of the fire has not yet been determined. tense moments when an egypt air flight was hijacked and diverted to a mediterranean island. all hostages on board were hijacker arrested. >> a hostage scrambled to safety, jumping out of a cockpit window during a hijacking in cyprus. the suspect accused of seizing the egyptian air bus was later arrested on the tarmac at lanaka airport where he forced the aircraft to divert and land. a passenger told the pilot he
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egyptian tv identified this man. an egyptian national. he released 49 passengers, including eight americans. but he kept the pilot, co- pilot, and a handful of others on board for several hours. the president of cyprus laughed off the events in an earlier press conference. >> in any case, it's not something which has to do with terrorism. >> the hijackers motives remain unclear. but witnesses say he through a letter on the tarmac and asked it be delivered to an ex-wife in cyprus. no explosives were found on the suspect. a week after the terror attacks in brussels, train service is mostly running again, there's increased security for the subway system. the station where one of the bombs exploded remains closed. and the airport hasn't yet reopened. 35 people were killed last tuesday when suicide bombers hit the airport and train station. investigators are still searching for at least one suspect. capitol hill is returning
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pulled a gun at the capitols visitor center. 66-year-old larry dawson pointed a gun at officers before he was shot monday. dawson was taken to a hospital where he's listed in critical condition. this is not the first time the pastor caused problems on capitol hill. he was ordered to stay away after he disrupted a session of congress in october. he's been charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault an an officer. now campaign 2016. donald trump's campaign manager is in trouble with the law. charged with battery for grabbing the arm of a reporter. the incident happened march 8th at a campaign event in florida. in a statement the trump campaign said he's innocent and they're confident he'll be exonerated. happening today, the obama administration will unveil measures aimed at curbing the nation's opioid epidemic. a plan to allow doctors to
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60 medical schools will heighten training for prescribing opioids. why it's not the first time this student's family gets attention in new york city for the wrong reasons. plus lying down on the job while still getting work done. the new desk that takes office comfort to a whole other level. [ music ] and a sneak peek at tonight's prime time special.
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big star from new york this morning, people on medicaid who might otherwise be struggling to care for themselves won't have to. because homefirst, a product of elderplan, is there... helping them with bathing, dressing and meals so they can remain safely at home.
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continuing the work of the four brooklyn ladies caring in so many ways. call 1-866-386-4180
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don't forget to follow us on facebook and like our page. follow us on >> see you later. >> the driver posted the video claiming he's been harassed by before. the student jake claims the driver made anti semantic a ride. he's the son of steven croman who is under investigation for
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out of their homes. instagram announced it wanted to arrange photos according to what they think is most interesting to the user. instead of the current method that shows the newest photos first. backlash may have led to the delay. instagram is testing the new feature with a small group of users. imagine lying down on the job without getting into trouble with your boss. a new desk takes working at a computer to a new level. your health. >> absolutely perfect. >> the art workstation was the majority of their day at the computer, like eric miller at the know haven't novant school. users can stand, sit, recline, and even fully lay down all while continuing their work. the desk has a thin sheet of metal and magnets are used to
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other items attached to the desk to be, the monitor is bolded on. >> at the press of a button you can transform from one position to another without putting hen tall energy into it. >> more and more office workers are getting away from sitting at desks. treadmill desk. and doctors say it's a good thing. a review found sitting for prolonged periods of time increased the risk of cardiovascular disease by 14%, cancer by 13%. and nearly doubled the risk for diabetes. >> it's amazing. >> it may improve your health but it comes with a cost. the flexible desk retails for $5,900 when it becomes available later this year. don't be surprised to see more desks heading in this direction. cbs news, los angeles. >> you may be able to move into the desk, you may find it
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desk will weigh about 250- pounds once it's packed with your computer. >> i asked a question on facebook and i was interested to see what people had to say. one person said if you're at work, go to the spa after words. but other people were like ready to put in their orders. >> i'd be knocked out the entire time. >> still ahead, super era to the rescue. the big movie star who jumps
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people at the beach. it's an early night for late, late show host james corden bringing car pool karaoke to prime time. [ music ] tonight we'll give you something great >> corden presents a very popular segment in an hour long car pool karaoke special. including a visit from jennifer lopez and never before seen clips with adelle, justin bieber and others. the prime time karaoke special airs tonight at 10:00 followed
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>> he sounds so good. he's got a great singing voice. i'm going to leave this one up to you. actor keifer sutherland is swapping his crime fighting hat for a cowboy hat. he debuted his first country music video not enough enough whiskey. not enough whiskey in the world tonight >> sutherland started working on his first album down in a hole about two years ago after he finished the final season of 24. he goes on tour beginning the 14th of april. making stops in dutchess county and asbury park in may. if you're a fan of keifer singing country music, get a ticket.
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country music awards. tim mcgraw and kenny chesney, katie perry, carrie underwood and watch the 51st academy of country music awards sunday night 8:00 here on cbs 2. he's been known to play a super hero on the big screen this weekend hugh jackman took on the role in real life. he's on the beach in australia helping life guards when several people including his son oscar became caught in a rip tide. the 47-year-old actor waded into the water and helped pull them to safety. pretty impressive. he's a hero. elise finch is in for john elliott today. what are you going to tell us about this wind, when will it die down? >> the wind advisory expired for most of us.
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down now, it'll be gradually better toward the evening. let's see what conditions and temperatures we're seeing out there. a lot of upper 40s. the warmest temperature i can find, eva in east brunswick, it's 55 degrees where she is. it was slow to warm up as we headed into the lower hudson valley, this is adelle, 51 degrees with tons of sunshine where she is. we have a 50, this is mark and janine. breezy, cool, and beautiful. it's windy for some people's taste. but i think it's a great day. tons of blue sky. the camera shaking a little bit. this is the camera from atop the empire state building. and it's a huge departure from yesterday. yesterday we were talking about clouds and rain. today it's sunny but windy. 49 degrees. winds out of the west at 10 miles per hour. gusting to 26 miles per hour. these are the temperatures, liberty at 39 degrees. we have lots of 40s and a few
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freehold in spring lake at 52. stanford at 52. wood mere at 50 degrees. it's warming up nicely. 54 degrees is the forecast high for today in central park. that's the norm for the day. exactly where we should be. and we're expecting to hit it. pollen, yesterday we were aided by that rain. the pollen was low. hopefully we had a chance to enjoy it. it's between that medium to high range. today it'll be again tomorrow, thursday, and friday. so if you are an allergy sufferer, know the next few days will be tough. higher pressure building in. what we have on the vortex satellite and radar is a whole lot of nothing. that's what happens when you have high pressure dominating. very little cloud cover. no moisture to speak of. but the winds are as a result of the pressure gradient. the high pressure building in and the departing area of low pressure yesterday. the difference between the two turning up the winds. today. die down.
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we get tons of sunshine. without the winds, tomorrows temperatures should -- thursday we get a third of mild air. that's great. but we also get some clouds and late on thursday we're expecting rain to move in and stay with us on friday. for today, 54 degrees, bright blue skies, a little blustery still. winds out of the northwest, 15 to 25 miles per hour. but still seeing gusts any where from 35 to 40 over the next couple hours. wind advisory expired for most of us. for tonight, 36 degrees. that's in the city. it'll be a little breezy. but not exactly windy. colder in the suburbs. so just know, kind of a chilly start to your day on wednesday. we will get plenty of sunshine. warming up to 58 degrees. as i mentioned, with the lighter winds, the 58 will feel like 58. then we spike, 69 for thursday. 68 for friday. those are the temperatures chris likes to see. a chance for rain late thursday into friday.
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and sunday and monday, a little chilly. some 40s. >> i'm looking forward to the 60s as well.
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we'll be right back. coming up tonight at 5:00, fighting for every vote in new york, why the state's primary is becoming very important to the presidential candidates. then at 6:00, you might want to double check your gas bill.
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be working properly. those stories and more tonight at 5:00. if you were watching basketball the pelicans weren't the only one shows knicks carmelo anthony. watch as a boy runs up to the court in new orleans and makes a b line for the knicks forward. the kid hugged him him during stoppage. it's not clear what moved him to hug the knicks star. but it was sweet that he hugged him back. >> nice gesture. usually we don't condone that. luckily it was the end of the game so they didn't throw the young man out. which security has been known to do. that's going to do it for us at noon, for elise and the entire cbs 2 news, thanks for joining us. >> cbs news is back at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning
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>> victor: i chose to protect the very company that i've built from the ground up. i chose to protect those i love, even if i had to bend the law to do it. but that is who i am. that is who stands before you. that is the man you have to judge. that's all. >> judge murray: ladies and gentlemen of the jury, before you begin your deliberations, i must remind you that the defendant is presumed innocent


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