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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  March 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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new at 11 a casting controversy, has hamilton in hot water. is the broadway hit breaking the law? >> he was taken away from me. in a very horrible way. >> a mother looks for clues to find her son's killer. was he lured to a building to be brutally murdered? working for votes in wisconsin, the three remaining candidates take the stage at a
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donald trump addresses the arrest of someone on his own staff. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> and i'm maurice dubois. we'll have more in mode first tonight breaking news as we speak, fire terry through several apartment buildings on dekalb avenue in bushwick, brooklyn. right now flames leaping from rooftops, smoke spilling into the night sky, fire began about an hour ago in a three-story apartment building that spread to at least four other structures. more firefighters are now racing to the scene as the fire grows, so far no reports of injuries, no word yet on how the fire started. now to campaign 2016, a very important week in wisconsin. >> cbs2's jessica schneider is here now with the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: 42 delegates up for grabs in wisconsin's primary next tuesday. it is not a winner take all contest so delegates will likely once again be divided. wisconsin's governor scott walker has endorsed ted cruz but tonight it was another war of words.
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first, vowing to fight to the finish to keep donald trump from being the republican nominee. >> donald is not going to be the nominee. we're going to beat him. >> reporter: trump backing down from his previous pledge to support whoever emerges as the candidate as the convention. >> whoever the nominee is? >> i don't. >> you don't? >> we'll see who it is. >> you won't promise -- >> essentially saying the same thing. >> reporter: hours after trump's campaign manager was slapped with a summons and charged with simple battery for allegedly grabbing a reporter's arm and causing these bruises at a campaign event in florida on march 8. ted cruz saying lewandowski should step down. >> would you ask him to resign? >> of course. shouldn't be conjugated. rivers of the campaign staff should not be physically assaulting the press. >> reporter: trump refusing to use his famous phrase, you're fired, on his campaign manager.
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i would have loved to have fired him. would've been much easier than talking to you about this all night long. >> reporter: as the primary season moves closer to the convention, candidates are battling for every last delegate. ohio governor john kasich saying he will stay in the race despite only winning ohio and calls to get out. >> virtually every national poll, i am the only one that beats hillary clinton consistently. in fact in the last poll that came out, i was up 11 points. >> reporter: john kasich also backed off a pledge to endorse the eventual gop nominee. and kasich heading to new york, he'll be at howard beach for a stop at gino's pizza. new york of course now very much in play, in its primary three weeks on april 19. it is the first time since 1988 the nomination has not been locked up by the time the votes are cast right here. maurice and kristine? >> thank you, jessica. hillary clinton and bernie sanders agreeing to debate here
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primary. nothing is firmed up yet, but there has been talk of holding the event in brooklyn. both candidates are crisscrossing wisconsin ahead of the primary their next tuesday. >> think about what the real prize here is, my friends. the real prize is winning in november by beating the republicans. >> what momentum is about his seeing young people by the millions getting involved in the political process. >> sanders won the last three caucuses which were held on saturday, but clinton maintains a lead in delegates. the hottest show on broadway is winning praise for groundbreaking casting of black and latino performers. but now hamilton may have run afoul of the new york city antidiscrimination law. cbs2's tony aiello his life in times square with more on this casting controversy. tony? >> reporter: kristine, hamilton sold out tonight and pretty
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foreseeable future, you can see the crowd at the stage door waiting for performers, it is a huge hit. but the producers may have missed the mark with this casting notice inviting nonwhite performers to audition. one critic says hamilton takes a story that valorize is dead white guys and redefines it with black, latino and multiethnic performers playing america's founding fathers. as the blockbuster musical looks to expand to other cities, this casting notice posted by producers seeking nonwhite performers looks problematic to civil rights attorney randolph mclaughlin. >> what if they put an ad out that said, whites only need apply? african-americans, latinos, asians would be outraged. >> reporter: that violates the new york city human rights law which makes it unlawful for an employer because of the actual or perceived race of any person to discriminate.
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that you have a preference for one racial group over another. as an artistic question, sure. he can cast whomever he wants to cast. that he has to give every actor eligible for the role an opportunity to try. >> reporter: the press rep for the show told me the language in the notice seeking nonwhite performers was approved by actor equity the broadway union but a top union lawyer says such language would not have been okayed and in fact the union approved casting notice says all ethnicities can audition. show producer jeffrey seller defended the diversity of hamilton cast and the legality of the nonwhite casting notice. quote, i stand by it and believe it to be lawful. >> reporter: the city commission on human rights says it has not received a complaint about that hamilton add, the commission has fined employers in the past for discriminatory language in advance such as saying waitress instead of wait staff. if the commission takes issue with the hamilton had, it is
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producer to comply with the city law. reporting live in times square, tony aiello, cbs2 news. a brooklyn mother is pleading for justice after the heinous murder of her son. the people who killed him are still out there. cbs2 lou young has the developing story now. >> he was taken away from me. in a very horrible way. >> reporter: a mother's grief on display in brooklyn as a family begs for help finding her son's killers. 23-year-old amani miller vanished from his usual routine two weeks ago. a job delivering construction agreement and a daily call to his mother, he was found facedown in the stairwell of canarsie bayview houses about 2:30 in the afternoon. >> they took me down to the station and told me that he was dead. [ crying ] >> reporter: the police are familiar with this place. this murder was especially brutal, he was cut a lot, seemingly tortured before he was shot, badly broken body thrown down a flight of stairs. almost like it was personal.
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in that place. and i'm not trying to be, you know, critical of anyone's living situation, but he had no business there. not there. >> reporter: the young man from bed-stuy has a clean record. the housing project where he died is a long way from his usual haunts. his murder is the latest in a series of shootings there. >> it's believed these young men are being lured there. we don't know by whom. it's assumed it might be young ladies. it's being investigated. this is what we're hearing. >> reporter: miller's wallet was missing. they released this security video of a black town car, the killers may have written in it and are hoping the driver will lead them to suspects. we're in canarsie, lou young, cbs2 news. a man is charged with opening fire in a suffolk county neighborhood, police arrested 25-year-old cameron sutton cutter, after they say he confessed to randomly
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deer park. bullets hit at least three cars in three homes on oakland and fairview avenues. the homes were occupied at the time and no one inside was hurt. oscar-winning actress patty duke died today. >> [ singing ] identical cousins. >> duke was best known for playing identical cousins on the '60s sitcom the patty duke show. in 1962 she won an oscar for playing helen keller in the movie the miracle worker. duke died this morning of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. she was 69 years old. the strong gust of wind may be to blame for the death of a building manager in teaneck. 57-year-old clifford lemay fell 7 stories from the roof of the great point office complex. the building's management company says he went up there during last night's storm to check for damage. lemay's body was found on the ground this morning. trees toppled around the region from the intense winds, long island among the places hardest hit.
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an hour there. lonnie quinn now with a look at how this thing is going to play out as we go down the road into the next couple days. lonnie? >> okay. the storm that give us all the winds is now well outside of our area. you are right, we did have some areas that had 50 plus mile-per- hour winds. new york city had a 43 mile-per- hour wind gusts, those are all starting to come down. there's your nice, clear air mass, that sets up for tomorrow, even to thursday. tomorrow i do not think is the day the temperatures will budge. the temperatures will change on thursday, i'm going to talk about that change is just a bit. >> thank you. a dramatic escape, a pilot climbs out of a cockpit after a plane gets hijacked. what we're learning about the suspect. really for your wallet, cbs2 with the secret ways to
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you don't have insurance.
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new video now of the fire we told you about at the top of this broadcast. it shows the blaze now tearing through several apartment buildings on dekalb avenue in bushwick, brooklyn. the fire began in the three- story apartment building around 10:00 tonight, it has spread to at least four other structures. so far no reports of injuries. update now on that egypt airlines plane that was hijacked, passengers have arrived safely in cairo tonight, they were met by excited and relieved family and friends. the plane was forced to land in cyprus after the hijacker forced -- falsely claimed he was wearing an explosive vest. all passengers and crew members including several americans were released. one of the pilots was seen jumping out of the cockpit window. officials say the hijacking was not an act of terrorism and the hijacker appeared to be mentally unstable. he was arrested. new york city's largest public park has gone dark. nearby residents say they are complaints of being ignored. streetlights throughout the park in the bronx appear to be
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we saw several lights out as we drove through the area on shore road. the city island civic association says the problem has been going on for more than a year. it says drivers already face problems like too many deer in the area, and unsafe road conditions all made worse by the lack of light. >> all those issues get compounded if you can see what you're doing. affect there are 66 lights out, the largest park in the city of new york is a very serious problem. the city department of transportation says it is aware of the concerns and working on repairs. a university of michigan student's profanity laced rant against and uber driver is caught on camera. >> you are and uber driver. go [ indiscernible -- loud beeping ] see you later go [ bleep ] working all day? guess what [ bleep ] >> the driver recorded the video and posted it online. he refused to give jake roman hayride saying he has been harassed by him and his friends before.
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city landlord stephen roman said the driver made anti- semitic remarks. the driver has been suspended as police, uber and the university of michigan investigate this incident. new tonight while nine out of 10 americans have health care night -- that doesn't mean they can't necessarily afford their medications. >> with rising cost of drugs, many say they are forced to choose between prescriptions and everyday necessities. even food. but as cbs2's dr. max gomez shows us, there are new ways to save. >> this is for the 30 day supply. >> reporter: philip lambert needs his insulin but when monthly costs hit $1800, he considered skipping it. a potentially dangerous decision. nearly half of all prescribed medications never make it past the pharmacy counter because consumers simply can't afford them. >> it's the only place of retail you can think of where you don't know what the price of medication is until you actually get to the counter.
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>> experts say it's gotten worse over the last year. millions of americans seeing a spike in drug prices. anywhere from a few to more than hundreds of dollars. per prescription. >> reporter: this has left some to take matters into their own hands. >> those patients take them home, they split pills or take it every other day. that has a tremendous human cost because patients are not given the medications they need. >> reporter: but there are options. >> blink health is a new technology company helping patients save on their prescriptions. >> reporter: a whole new approach to giving consumers a way to buy perception drugs at heavily discounted prices. whether you have insurance or not. brothers matthew and jeffrey jenkin are the company's founders. >> we have prices on over 15,000 medications. 50% of those drugs cost less than $10. >> reporter: simple to use, just search for your perception, pay for it online and pick it up at your local pharmacy. if your co-pay is lower, they will refund your purchase. >> we're accepted at over
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that includes walmart, walgreens, cvs, basically everywhere. >> reporter: to reduce his monthly costs from $1800, philip qualified for a federal program called 340 b. his insulin costs just $34. they are also discount -- they are discount cards at stores like walgreens and kmart. >> we have 10 prescription medications, some of the most widely prescribed medications that our members can get for three dollars a month. >> reporter: also a number of websites and apps that help you comparison shop in your neighborhood. you can even get free perceptions at sam's club if you are a member. dr. max gomez, cbs2 news. let's get a look at our forecast now, lonnie quinn is standing by. the winds are behind us. at least the strong winds. >> the strongest ones, yet. maybe a little wind out there right now, 20 mile-per-hour gust or so. but some of you had 50 mile-per- hour gusts into the early morning hours. we don't see that out there as of right now, matter of fact,
11:20 pm
around the area, let's go to some winds right now, what people are reported, bayonne at 22. that's what we're talking about there. bloomingdale at 12 mile-per- hour gust, yorktown heights, 11. poughkeepsie eight miles per hour in new york city right now, clear sky, good looking picture right there, 43 on the thermometer but a wind gust of 21 makes 43 feel like 37 degrees. almanac shows you the high temp was 53 at 2:14. typical high temp this time of year, 54. officially one little old decree below average. morning low, 44 degrees at 8:12 in the morning, coupled with pretty good wins out there. here is how we see things, colder tomorrow morning, 35 with chilly sunshine, 35 starting off in the morning. okay? but the winds will be calm as you go through your day on wednesday, is to start off early morning, don't see them as a player, it will be a warm-
11:21 pm
tomorrow, mid-50s, looks like mid-, upper 60s for thursday and friday if not a 70 degree mark out there. friday comes with a rain chance. there's your low-pressure system, this is what created the wind because this was interacting with the spacing between the low and the high. it was a much tighter pressure gradient before when that low was at a closer proximity, now pushed up into canada, good- looking day tomorrow with less wind and then notice on the backside of this high, that's where we find precipitation that will be in here, does not look like on thursday, more like friday but could see a little bit of wet weather late thursday. stop at 5:00, 6:00 at night on thursday, here comes some of the leading rain, associated with that system. 6:00 p.m. on thursday, more so friday, this is 6:30 friday morning, morning commute could be wet weather out there. could see bouts of heavy rain as the actual line makes its way through, friday at 5 to 30. not a great day on friday. and then you get to next week, another round of cold air with
11:22 pm
out of the 40s. april 2, third, fourth, and fifth. let me give your extended forecast, see what it is we're talking about here, 58 on wednesday, big jump in temperatures, 11 degrees on thursday up to 69. the daytime hours on thursday look great. friday, 68. there's going to be that rain chance on friday. right now the amount of rain, i'd say less than a half inch but i'll stay on top of that and that the cold air gets here by the time you get to sunday. sunday, monday, tuesday called out there. >> thank you, lonnie. maurice, i bet you didn't
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all right. some really good news about matt harvey. let's get to sports. >> that's right. >> i didn't miss that. >> as i was saying it, i was like -- >> well done, though. >> check this out, that collective sigh of relief is from mets fans from port st.
11:26 pm
state area. matt harvey's mystery condition revealed today, a blood clot in his bladder. harvey today lightly taking part in practice. yesterday fans imaginations ran while wondering what the condition would be that would lead the mets to say his opening-day start was in jeopardy and he might have to fly back to new york to see a specialist. turns out that condition that caused him so much pain on sunday passed on monday, was checked out today and his back on schedule to start this sunday in kansas city. >> everything feels great. i feel relieved that everything is clear and good to go. we had a little procedure done this morning to go check the bladder. everything was clear. i'm cleared to do some minor activities today. then back to normal tomorrow. >> going to pitch a couple innings. big day for the front and back end of the yankees starting rotation. joe girardi needed to see something out of mosques europe tanaka. hard to say if you liked what
11:27 pm
tanaka scattered seven hits over -- girardi still not ready to name and the opening-day starter. back in tampa, cc sabathia goes for innings against the pirates, gave up eight couple runs but looks like he will be the yankees fifth starter. time for us to step aside for a minute. when we return, who is the only college hoops team celebrating a championship this year? columbia. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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welcome back, everyone. the nets lost in orlando by 34. no highlights necessary. the magic pulled off the four-game season sweep. columbia lions facing uc irvine in the cit championship. the lions facing the tallest player, 7'6", mamadou. the big man had four points. columbia went on a 12-0 run late. a circus shot from grant collins. nba draft prospect, his three was a dagger, columbia wins their first ever postseason championship, 73-67 the final. steve overmyer has more. >> columbia, the chance. >> reporter: champions, not a term associated with columbia usually until now. >> we hot -- fought hard for this, man. nice to end the season with a win. we've invested a lot of this program, tried to change the
11:31 pm
make it a winning program. >> reporter: describe this atmosphere right now. >> it's electric. i mean, this is a division i college basketball at its finest. >> count it! >> reporter: every time this team needed a big basket, you were there. it feels great. >> we have low-end rosenberg. some games it is for them, some games it has fallen for other people. i was lucky enough to hit my open shots. >> reporter: only the second ivy league team to win a postseason tournament. >> we've got an empty trophy case, finally got something to put in there. >> reporter: this program hopes tonight touches off a new tradition. steve overmyer, cbs2 news. >> what a feeling. the devils trying to keep their hopes alive, they beat the bruins 2-1. islanders hosting the hurricanes, in a strange spot, three points from the third seed, three points out of the playoffs. kyle okposo, there they go.
11:32 pm
greiss, to pick up the other point, 2-1 the final in the pk. a big night with columbia.
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>> excellent. s. t 'vreiv aew re clinpcagins r teetpe 1yesruin d perand hhe ctor tiaconorththd ar. aowawdsret erhi.buwh ty meroyo ster ty an l. lyiohathfaes teetn e stwaedneorrit w,etup ft 0meinrn wh uaupadandolo sed pl tanphe r st$699eron, li.cae n'ofr teet ee ts stt preth gd,
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thank you for joining us tonight. >> up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". 's guests, adam driver and music from savages. have a great night. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey, welcome to


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