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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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are noncompliant. it falls into the hands of local police and prosecutors to track them down. we spoker former bergen county prosecutor john molinelli. >> we have some sophisticated computer and mapping software to help them keep constant track of the tier 1, 2 and 3 offenders. >> reporter: those tiers are determined by the severity of the crime. molinelli says many on the noncompliant list are often tier 1 offenders who move and forget to reach out to local police. he said if there was a threat to the public -- >> if there was a megan's law offender at tier 3 that was absent the local chief would notify the community. >> reporter: no matter what level of tier offenders fall under, the fact that some are unaccounted for is traumatic to victims. >> knowing the person who attacked them is accounted forgives them peace of mind in terms of their safety and their well-being. so not knowing where they are,
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opposite of that. >> reporter: the two new jersey counties with the most unaccounted for sex offenders are union and passaic. they each have 13. we did reach out to the prosecutor's offices in both counties. we wanted to get information on how they plan to remedy this. no word back yet. live in new jersey, madalena doris, cbs 2 news. an explosion in bayonne, new jersey, injures three contractors and two police officers. pseg crews were installing a new gas main and conducting a pressure test when the small blast happened this morning. the line was being pumped with air not gas. authorities say two of the contractors have serious injuries and another worker and the two officers have minor injuries. police were on site directing traffic when the explosion happened. tonight several people are hurt and more than a dozen brooklyn families homeless after a fire torched a row of apartment buildings. the damage is so extensive,
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buildings will collapse. cbs 2's ilana gold reports from bushwick. >> reporter: cell phone video captured the bright orange flow and flames shooting in the air on dekalb in bushwick. heavy wind forced them to jump from roof to roof overnight. the fast-moving fire torched five apartment buildings for three hours. >> that's incredible. i'm telling you. because when i see all this flame and sitting down right here i feeling the heat. >> reporter: he watched the fire from across the street as it gutted his karate and fitness center on the ground level. >> i put everything there. everything. all my sweatings inside there. look right now, it's garbage. a lot of kids have a good dream and look happened. >> reporter: this was your dream too? >> that was my dream, yes. >> reporter: the fdny says 11 tenants were injured. they are now recovering from bumps and bruises. investigators also tell us 42 people had to evacuate including many children. >> you ran out with your
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my father and mother and little brother. >> reporter: the units charred and full of debris and so dangerous city issued vacate orders for all residents. this man's mother didn't have she lost everything in her home 263 years. >> she is happy that at least she came out with her life. material things can be replaced. >> reporter: investigators still searching for the cause and worry about the stability of what's left. crews have set up a safety zone in case it collapses. how do you start over? >> i don't know how to start over. i want to continue growing in the same neighborhood in bushwick. >> reporter: in bushwick, brooklyn, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the red cross is helping 19 families find emergency housing and assisting with food and clothing. now to the wacky weather we have been having. the calendar says spring.
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has felt like a different season. >> i'm waiting for summer. can't come fast enough. >> it's way too cold. we have been here all week for spring break. nice spring in new york, thanks. >> lonnie quinn live in the mobile weather lab on the upper west side with what exactly is going on out there. lonnie. >> reporter: guys, this is literally just a crazy sort of wacky kind of day. wait until you see what some of the lows were. some of you started off this day at 15 degrees and here we are in the afternoon. this is a restaurant on the corner of 85th and broadway on the upper west side. the waitress just cleared all the silverware and glassware off because folks just out there dining outside, and some areas started off at 15 degrees. let's walk over to the mobile weather lab. current readings on the top of the truck. i have all my instruments. it's all displayed right here. 50 degrees. still a little wind but not nearly as breezy as it was yesterday. now, if you take a look at the morning lows that i have been
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at this! southampton started off this morning at 15 degrees!! 1-5! crazy cold. vernon 21. -- liberty 21. newburgh 21. degrees. today and tomorrow. that rain off to the west won't move in until late tomorrow or friday. start. i'm going to put 70 on the board! chance for an evening shower or maybe a nighttime shower but look, whether you hit 69 or 70 it's going to be close but it's a big flip-flop from where you were early this morning. guys, we're live with the mobile -- let me try that again. it's my vehicle! live with the mobile weather lab on the upper west side, back to you to you in the studio. >> thank you. let's go to the campaign trail now. donald trump is facing fire for saying women should be punished for having illegal abortions. the controversial comments came after a town hall as
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call for a ban on abortions would mean. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion yes or no as a principle. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment for the woman. yes. >> 10 years, what? >> that i don't know. >> why not? >> i don't know. you take positions on everything else. >> it's a very complicated position. >> trump later said, this issue is unclear and should be put back into the states for determination. i am pro-life with exceptions, which i have outlined numerous times. both democratic presidential hopefuls condemned trump's statement. today on abortions two candidates are campaigning primary. it is a vote that has a potential to shake up the place in both parties. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has the story. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: hillary clinton opened up her campaign to win the new york presidential primary with a spirited rally in harlem.
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opponent bernie sanders but reserved the bulk of her fire for republican donald trump. >> just listen to donald trump. he plays coy with white supremacists. he says demeaning and degrading things about women. he wants to round up millions of latino immigrants and kick them out of the united states. loose cannons tend to misfire. >> reporter: campaigning in wives trump returned fire. >> hillary is a disaster. [ applause and cheers ] >> hillary clinton will be a disaster [ applause and cheers ] >> a disaster as president. and i will beat hillary and the one person she doesn't want to -- i know this for a fact, the one person she does not want to run again is donald trump. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich was also in new york at a pizza parlor in howard beach and avoided the bill de blasio faux pas of eating pizza with a knife and fork. he predicted there would be an open convention. >> nobody is going to have
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ted cruz now needs almost 90% of all the remaining delegates to be the nominee. that won't happen. trump needs about 55% or more. that's not going to happen. because i'm going to be competitive as this moves more and more on to my home court. >> reporter: although the other presidential wannabes were not in new york here. it's a treasure-trove. 95 republican delegates up for grabs, 291 democratic primary. ted cruz was in a women for cruz rally in madison, wisconsin, with his wife, mother and former candidate carly fiorina. >> this event this morning is a celebration of strong women. as the democrats love to pigeonhole women. put them in a little box, okay, you have a set of issues that are women's issues. and you can wear that hat and that's what you're allowed to think about. >> reporter: bernie sanders
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>> billionaires are able to buy elections. that is not democracy. that is oligarke. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be in westchester tomorrow. bernie sanders in the bronx. april 19 is the primary. expect a lot of campaigning before that. >> thank you. the new plan to stop aggressive panhandling in times square got a hearing today in the city council and there was quite the cast of characters. batman minus the mask and penguin looked down from the gallery. the proposal calls for the creation of special areas. anyone to looking a buck like naked women and other characters would be restricted to designated areas and no longer allowed to roam freely around times square plaza. >> some people are feeling that they are getting unwanted and aggressive solicitations and we want to find a way to create a space where people can continue to ply their trade and express themselves
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others walking through the space can do so in away they don't feel they are being molested. >> opponents say the vast majority of these characters and ticket sellers behave themselves. they fear they will lose money under the new plan. if passed, it could be ready to go by summer. syracuse university is in the grip of march madness! the school today held a sendoff for the men's and women's basketball teams both heading to the ncaa tournament final four. [ music ] >> bands crowded the fieldhouse for the pep rally. this is the first final four trip for syracuse women's team while the men have been a surprise getting so far as the tenth seeded team. they will face north carolina on saturday. the women meantime play washington on sunday. i'll be watching. >> everything will be orange on sunday. in just a moment, he was rushed to the hospital without his wheelchair and then his
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why was it given away without him knowing? >> new information about casting questions for a hit broadway show with the producers of hamilton just -- what the producers of hamill done just had to say. >> you may need to spend extra time at the airport. why security lines will get longer. >> mapping health issues on your face where acne on your
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about your body. not enough people enrolling in tsa precheck is leading to long security lines at our airports. frustrated passengers say the extra long lines are causing them to miss their flights. the tsa had hoped 25 million people would enroll but only 9 million have done it so far. and on that promise, congress cut more than 4600 tsa screeners leaving the agency scrambling. >> i'm convinced that we can improve the process with
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effectiveness targets and improve the passenger experience. >> the tsa is using dogs to sniff bags and help the lines move faster. making news tonight on the casting controversy involving the megahit broadway musical hamilton. the producer agrees to amend an audition notice that called for nonwhite performers. cbs 2's tony aiello broke the story last night and reports outside the theater with the latest. >> reporter: this is the casting call that hit a sour note with the broadway performers union and a lawyer says it violates city hall. tonight, hamilton producer jeffrey sellers says, quote, the casting will be amended to also include language we neglected to add, that is we welcome people of all ethnicities to auditions for hamilton. one critic says hamilton takes
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white guys and redefines it with black, latino and other ethnic performers playing america's founding fathers but as the blues cal musical looks to expand, this cast notice seeking non-white performers is a problem. >> what if they put an ad out that whites only need apply, other ethnicities would be outrage. >> reporter: he says it violates the new york city human rights law which makes it unlawful for an employee because of the actual or perceived race of any person to discriminate. >> you cannot advertise showing that you have a preference for one racial group over another. as an artistic question, sure, he can cast whoever he wants but he has to give actor eligible for the role an opportunity to try. >> reporter: the press rep for the show told meet the language in the notice seeking nonwhite performers was approved by actors equity the broadway union but the union
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and pointed out the union approved casting notice posted at back says all ethnicities can audition. >> they all specify that actors of any race are permitted to attend auditions and be considered equally for the roles. >> reporter: again, tonight, the producer has agreed to revise that casting notice to comply with union policy. jeffrey sell, says he intends to continue to cast non-white performers in the lead roles in hamilton because that's what the creative team intends. live in midtown, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. let's talk about the weather now. next couple of days may feel like a summer vacation. >> lonnie quinn on the upper west side to fill us in. lonnie. >> reporter: couple of days we'll be feeling really nice. today the temperature right now very similar to yesterday at this hour but the winds
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it looks and feels like spring on broadway. you will see the flowering trees doing their thing. i'm going to spin around and check on the mobile weather lab for the current temperature reading. i have it parked right here between 85th and 86th and i'm coming in currently with the temperature reading of 51.6 with winds about 6 miles an hour. sunny skies, 48. the radar picture no problems. tomorrow it's going to be southwest wind. the majority of area will warm up nicely. but the east end of long island southwest wind for you travels over the ocean water which is still in the 40s. it will be cooler for you. afternoon highs tomorrow most everybody in the 60s and 70s. the lower 70s. but boy that's nice. east end of long island your temperatures will be in the 50s. but by the time you get to the end of the weekend, we're talking the cold air returning
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we'll talk about that later. back to you in the studio. >> good. the sorry if we were chatting amongst ourselves. that's what we do sometimes. i hope none of that got out. because it wasn't good. [ laughter ] >> it wasn't pleasant. >> we were in deep discussion. back to the news. it was supposed to be complete and ready at the end of this year so has the renovation of a nassau coliseum stalled? today the developers gave us a sneak peek of what's happening behind the scenes. carolyn gusoff put on a hard hat to find out. >> reporter: a new improved coliseum is supposed to be coming soon but four months since breaking ground it doesn't look that way from the outside. look inside, say its developers, inviting us to be the transformation in progress. >> we are on time. we are on schedule. we are on budget. just where we want to be. >> reporter: bruce ratner says despite a three-month delay for labor negotiations, overhauling the outdated
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year as planned. the arena now gutted with demolition and asbestos removal under way. >> when this is completed then it will be one of the great structures in this country in terms of the way it looks inside and out. >> reporter: planners say get ready for a huge upgrade, a modern facade, a grand lobby, a new minor league basketball team. gone are the 1970s concession stands that clogged hallways. there will be a new beer garden, lounges and double the bathrooms. and there will be better circulation within the arena because nearly 4,000 seats have been ripped out. planners say the new capacity 13,000 is what the original coliseum was actually designed for. reduced capacity, a sore point with islander fans still reeling after the team's move to brooklyn. the isles had promised to come home for six games each season but even that's unclear. the team is being sold and the nhl must sign off on the smaller arena.
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there will be 6 islander games practices, two exhibition, four regular season here. who knows what the future holds. >> reporter: just last week the association for a better long island plasticked the pace of the project -- blasted the pace of the project calling it a tepid makeover. it doesn't represent local interests. >> long islanders have been expelled from the process and that's something that's of concern. so we would like to see a lot more transparency. >> reporter: but officials call it an historic public- private partnership and expect doors open next march. in uniondale, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the development is privately funded. you might recall nassau county voters turned down a referendum to build a new coliseum with taxpayer money. the new additions coming to local ballparks this season at citi field. >> and some bad news for people who love their baked goods and other sweet treats.
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short supply. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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can have serious consequences. for almost 40 years jacoby & meyers has successfully represented thousands of clients. winning them the money they need to take care of themselves and their families. you fight the cancer. we'll fight for you. coming up tonight at clock bullets fly as a family watches tv in their weather watchers home. windows and more shattered! who fired the shots into this home? >> plus, it's not for sale sow
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make an offer? a brownstone owner brooklyn taking a drastic measure to keep people from knocking on a door. those stories and more tonight at 6:00. in the meantime, mets fans will be treated to more than just baseball at citi field this year. the national league champs have made some changes while keeping the family-friendly environment. cbs 2's steve overmyer has more on what's new at citi field this year. >> reporter: at citi field, experiencing baseball is a whole new ballgame. this was the famous pepsi porch. it's now coke corner. >> we have kind of got a backyard theme going on here. we have some turf, corn hull. >> if you are going to have a backyard. >> yes. exactly. >> it doesn't matter what sporting event it is, cornhole is always there? >> this is a smaller version. it's not up to league standards. >> 1-1 now. >> reporter: for those who play videogames this is a motion sensing video monitor.
5:26 pm
against virtual mets. >> we have the technology in the screen to kind of measure your power, measure how far it's going. it will stitch together a gift of your swing and share it on your social media. >> win the whole damn thing! >> reporter: the mets have added various chefs. this 38-ounce tomahawk rib chon goes for $150. the hot dog is still $6.25 which is still the most expensive in baseball. 20 bucks will get you two dogs and a drink. but the mets say their value is in the event. >> they want to make sure you're providing a 360-degree entertainment experience when you're here. if you are here with your children there's fun things for them to do and see. that's our dna from 1962 on, to be really fan and family- friendly. we said let's stick with that. >> reporter: and they have. by the way the mets have turned the success in the field into higher ticket sales. they are up 100% in ticket
5:27 pm
and don't forget they still have a deal with stubhub which means as the game nears you stand a good chance of getting good seats for low prices and good meals. high caloric content but really tasty. >> tasted like chicken most of that stuff. >> it was much better than just chicken today. >> by the way, how is that simulator thing? >> they hadn't plugged it in yet so it's not up quite but it will be video of degrom, harvey, syndergaard, throwing at you and they will have a "connect" -- connected to it so it's going to able to sense your swing and they will be able to turn it into a little gift. you'll be able to share it. it should be fun. >> nice. >> we can strike out against those guys. great. >> thank you. [ laughter ] up next at 5:00 a life- saving piece of equipment. >> it feels like i lost a loved one. >> the strange events that led this man's wheelchair being given away while he was in the hospital. >> also, neighbors want to
5:28 pm
fighting to keep big box stores out? >> a bittersweet discovery about a new york man who lost his life in the brussels terror attack. the happy news his family never got to celebrate. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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a wheelchair disappears while its owner was rushed to the hospital. good evening a i'm maurice dubois. >> welcome back to the broadcast. the owner is hospitalized tonight wondering how he is going ability to get around once he is released. >> cbs 2's mark morgan reports on the strange turn of events that led to the wheelchair that's now gone without a trace. >> it's part of me. they gave it away. it feels like i lost a loved ones. >> reporter: william brown has muscular dystrophy. his special electric wheelchair has been stolen. he was in this chase bank branch on friday night when he fainted and lost consciousness. he was taken by ambulance to the hospital but his motor rise the wheelchair stayed behind. brown said bank officials told him they would hold it for someone to pick it up but that someone turned out to be just an acquaintance. >> we gave it to the person we
5:32 pm
they said they gave it to me brother, didn't ask for identification. >> reporter: bank officials declined to explain how it was handed over. chase said, it is our understanding that the man who was given the wheelchair regularly accompanies the customer and assists with the this branch location. also the customer previously identified this person as his multiple occasions. brown says the man he was talking to at the bank were just acquaintances, not friends or relatives. while chase officials maintain he is often seen in the bank with those individuals. brown feels he should have at least received a phone call to identify the person in question. >> call me. what was the reason they just gave it away? it is confusing and hurts and i don't know what to do for the first time in my life. >> reporter: lenox hill has given him a regular wheelchair but cannot use it due to lack
5:33 pm
he hopes for a miracle that the wheelchair will be returned. mark morgan cbs 2 news. >> chase says they are continuing to review security video of the night in question for further clues as to who may have stolen that wheelchair. free of strip malls and big box stores, that's the word from a small long island enclave fighting preserve their community on the south shore. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports on the open space fight from moriches. >> reporter: montauk highway a tranquil five mile stretch on long island's south shore from moriches to eastport. >> i went for a run this morning. and my companions on the run were about a dozen woodpeckers. >> reporter: locals are not happy to learn their pristine land is currently zoned to allow for more than 500,000 square feet of commercial development. they say enough space for five gigantic walmart's. >> we are not nimby's. i want to stress that. it's not that we don't want
5:34 pm
people come out here for housing. but we just don't want the box stores here. >> reporter: residents now crying out to elected officials to preserve their small town way of life. >> we want to keep the flavor of the community. it's a beautiful little town. it's gateway to the hamptons. >> reporter: there are deep roots, traditions, mom and pop establishments, the eastport luncheonette not changed in six decades. >> it would hurt us here. we wouldn't be able to provide our service and compete with these other stores. >> reporter: the councilman says it will be a worthwhile and critical vote. >> we want to push the development to the existing downtowns and preserve the way of life, the vistas, the historic buildings. >> reporter: the hamlet, home
5:35 pm
and landmarks are tantalizing to developers. >> it helps define our sense of place. >> reporter: a public hearing on the rezoning plan will be held soon. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> the proposed rezoning would allow for more mixed use retail and commercial space in existing downtowns of the hamlets. on capitol hill today, senator gillibrand met with president obama's supreme court pick. the new york democrat is calling on her colleagues to vote for judge merrick garland who would replace justice antonin scalia. he alsoment with minnesota senator al franken. at least 15 republicans said they would meet with garland but many are opposed to a vote until after the november elections. there is more heartbreak out of last week's terror attacks in belgium. it turns out that alexander pinczowski one of the victims with ties to our area was secretly married! his wife, now a widow, cameron
5:36 pm
family during the frantic search. she says they married in 2013 and were waiting until all of the immigration paperwork was complete to have a traditional wedding in north carolina. pinczowski and his sister were killed in the brussels airport blast. much more coming up. singing with j-lo and texting leo. what you missed from last night's good time. it was carpool karaoke. >> a growing problem that won't be erased. why the city may have to leave some graffiti up. >> today in history, 35 years ago, john hinckley junior shot president reagan outside a washington hotel. the bullet pierced reagan's
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graffiti concerns are growing in new york city tonight and is enough being done to clean it up? cbs 2's hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: graffiti, it's everywhere in new york city.
5:40 pm
>> i think it's visually assaulting. >> reporter: state senator tony avella of queens says after requesting graffiti removal in his district, he discovered the clean-up on city property had taken a back seat to other priorities. >> the fact that now the city under the mayor de blasio's and the department of transportation has chosen not to respond to graffiti requests unless it's profane or racist is highly unacceptable. >> reporter: senator avella says department of transportation's commissioner told him the city couldn't respond to all the graffiti complaints because the agency was concentrating all its resources on the mayor's vision zero plan. the commissioner tells us that is not true. >> i don't understand that. they are unrelated. we have not had funds to clean the graffiti off every light post in new york city all the time. >> reporter: she sent a letter to avella responding to the concerns saying, it is difficult for d.o.t.
5:41 pm
resources for the removal of graffiti at the expense of needed maintenance and transportation improvements. but the commissioner says the city's economic development corporation, edc, is ensuring vandalism is's dressed. >> the mayor's -- is addressed. >> the mayor's most recent budget, he has put a lot of money into edc and we are going to work with them to target area where there's a lot of graffiti. >> reporter: do most new yorkers think graffiti clean- up should be a top priority? >> well, yeah. but there's so many other things wrong. >> i do think the city should take care of it yes. >> reporter: crews are contracted to clean graffiti on city property every five- year but for some who find it in their neighborhood, that isn't soon enough. in astoria, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. >> the city did announce and expanded graffiti clean-up initiative in february that will include removing graffiti from public and private structures. nobody and we mean nobody is more fun in the carpool lane than the host of the late-late show james corden.
5:42 pm
names for carpool karaoke and last night his prime time special with jennifer lopez coming along for the ride. . [ music ] >> j-lo didn't just bring her singing voice. she brought her cell phone and james had fun with that, as well. >> any suggestions? [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> leo responded. jokingly. he knew what was up. j-lo took notice by the way what viewers were saying. look what she just happened to retweet last night. i'm sorry.
5:43 pm
it says at k johnson tv. i log her feed. take a look. i'll right there. >> when it happened you let out a scream. we thought there was a mouse in the building. >> oh, no. look how many retweets it's gotten 79 at this time. [ laughter ] >> she has a lot of fans. i'm one of them. she was great. >> so much fun. >> great show. up next as we continue here at 5:00 it can be an embarrassing problem but we may have answers to your concerns over acne. the cause of your breakout could be as simple as where it is on your face. >> then at 6:00 shattered glass and a bullet hole left behind after shots are fired into a family's home. tonight the search for the gunman who opened fire in westchester county. >> and when bikeshare programs compete, the riders lose.
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hoboken against jersey city. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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a new report on alzheimer's found caregivers make major sacrifices to take care of the loved ones. the alzheimer's association report says more than 5 people have the disease. caregivers are sometimes forced to quit their jobs or reduce work hours to take care of them. expenses can also force some
5:47 pm
themselves and their own families and neglect their own medical care. the report also says some caregivers end up using their own savings and retirement money to cover costs. other health news, breaking out with pimples is frustrating and embarrassing not just for teens. many adults have it, too. dr. cbs 2's dr. max gomez says that knowing your acne triggers can help you avoid those breakouts. dr. max. >> reporter: if you are of a certain age, you are probably told to avoid chocolate or fried foods or cola soft drinks if you wanted to avoid breaking out in pimples. turns out there's no science behind that so-called conventional wisdom! that said, there are some things you should avoid to keep acne at bay. >> reporter: acne is the bane of almost all teens and some adults. while pimples always seem to pop up at the worst time, knowing your acne triggers are an important part of prevention. >> knowing the triggers can help you to treat them better. it can help you to avoid
5:48 pm
manage your treatment better. >> reporter: believe it or not, where you break out can give you a clue as to the cause of the acne. if it's around your chin or jaw, it's probably due to stress or hormones. both stimulate oil glands that clog pores and feed bacteria. >> just having stress alone can exacerbate oil production and inflammation. >> reporter: weather plays a role especially warm, humid weather. again because your skin is oilier under those conditions. even very dry weather can be a problem. not because it's an acne trigger but because acne treatments dry your skin, which many patients dislike. and then there's exercise. pimples will tend to form in areas that are covered and rubbed during exercise. >> anytime you have sweat, anytime you have oil and couple that with occlusion from sweat, whether it's from headbands, sweaty clothes,
5:49 pm
shoulder pads, chin straps, like you get with football, lacrosse, hockey players, all of that can be a problem with exacerbating the acne. >> reporter: so dermatologists suggest showering as soon as possible after a workout to reduce acne producing oil and bacteria on your skin. there are some very good treatments from acne. you don't have to suffer but you should probably go to a dermatologist to make sure you get the right treatment for your skin. >> certainly will, dr. max, thank you. weather picture, don't get used to anything around here. lonnie quinn, it's end of march into april. here we go. hey, lonnie. >> reporter: yeah. all over the place, guys! and right now, i'm up with the mobile weather lab on the upper west side outside the french roast restaurant between 85th and 86th in broadway. i live in this neighborhood. i know it's open 24 hours. there's no way when the servers came here this morning for breakfast no way did they
5:50 pm
for dining outside and yet early this afternoon people were outside eating. this morning temperatures were in the 30s! take a peek right here. i have the mobile weather lab parked right on broadway. let's check out the temperatures. we're coming in currently with the temperature reading of 51.4 degrees. winds still breezy not as windy as yesterday. a different vantage point to the city will show you there are a few high cirrus clouds overhead. the almanac shows the high today was 56. the morning low was 37. are you ready for this southampton? your morning low was 18 degrees this morning. excuse me, 15 degrees this morning! my headlines say, hey, get ready for the warmth because we'll have two days near 70 degrees coming up and then it will be a cold start to april and you cannot rule out snow. there's a possibility for that. i'll talk about it in just a moment. it's all because there was cold air that's rushing in from the north so we're talking april 3 through 6. temperatures not getting out of the 40s. maybe some days close to 50. morning lows some of those
5:51 pm
be a snow chance mixed in! here's what we see right now on the radar picture. there's a line of rain out around memphis and st. louis. that could get into our area. it looks like late tomorrow not during the day. i think if you look at the futurecast things look good out there around 8 p.m. tonight, maybe -- thursday night, excuse me, maybe a couple showers a little light leading activity. friday 5 a.m. you start seeing more rain in the area some heavier bouts, even a possible embedded thunderstorm by friday 10 a.m. the front over new york city. at 11 p.m., it's gone. all right? and things start to clear out. so let's talk numbers. for tonight it's mostly clear, about 48 degrees. so nothing like the morning lows you had last night. at least 10 degrees warmer. tomorrow, about 70 degrees. you will have cooler temperatures off to the east because of a southwest wind for you comes in off the water but for the rest of us it warms us up. there's going to be that evening chance it's a late- night chance for rain and then across the board the extended forecast, 72 on friday, that's first day of april.
5:52 pm
on saturday, 58 degrees. a scattered raindrop still possible to start off the day. otherwise partly sunny by the afternoon. sunday 47. but it's windy. look at sunday morning about 34 and then monday 46. and monday, you're looking -- into tuesday, you're looking at a little bit of a precipitation chance. i cannot rule out snow. we are going to watch it closely. but right now, we are live in the mobile weather lab on the upper west side. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. a cookie clash is resolved. pepperidge farms settled a federal lawsuit it filed over the milano cookie. they claimed trader joe's had a cookie that resembled it. they reached a resolution this month. turns out giant pandas are just like us. >> they like to take selfies it turns out. check out this video of an adorable panda at the giant panda observation and research center in china. it kisses and cuddles a staff member. really?
5:53 pm
cell phone. panda knows what to do. puts his arm around him and poses for the shot. >> i love it. [ laughter ] >> oh, my gosh. >> i love it! >> looks like it's biting his shoulder. >> those things are so awesome. we saw them last week down in dc with the family. amazing! just munching on bambo sticks? babies and adults. >> any day you can see a panda is a good day. >> it is. in just a moment, it's in everything from ice cream to lotion but a problem with the world vanilla crop could make some of your favorite treats more expensive. >> and then at 6:00 angry and annoyed. a brooklyn brownstone owner says his house is not for sale.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
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ask about free installation and access to nearly 500,000 wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. we are approaching that time of year when a stroll for ice cream seems like it's time to do it. >> yes. but this summer consumers can expect to shell out more for
5:57 pm
products made with vanilla. cbs 2's dave carlin explains why. >> reporter: these youngsters eyes popped to see so many flavor choices at this ice cream counter. for the two, ice cream is a treat for every season. >> they love it. they always ask to go for ice cream. probably every week. >> reporter: but a supply and demand problem could have some people trying to hold the vanilla. the price of vanilla beans tripled in just the last year it's a bitter reality for ingredient. >> we have been buying at the highest market price. >> he and wants to expand her expand her business. vanilla is inside almost all the 40 sweets she offers so she will have to cut back elsewhere to passing along the higher costs to her customers. >> we'll do everything in our power like i said to keep our pricing if it's lower shipping rates or lower delivery charges to make up the difference. >> reporter: but linden says, if vanilla prices keep soaring
5:58 pm
raise prices and it's not just ice cream that will cost more. vanilla is used in popular organic food extracts, drinks, cookies, cakes, and vanilla is the main ingredient in chocolate. >> i didn't realize that. >> reporter: valley murray says her family -- valerie murray says her family loves ice cream so much they make it at home. >> we look forward to it in the summer. it's a shame it's going up. >> reporter: for the most ardent vanilla loves going without is not an option and exactly how much more they will pay remains to be seen. in suffolk county, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> it's also a main ingredient in many perfumes and lotions so prices could rise for those products, as well. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> shattered glass and a bullet hole through a wall.
5:59 pm
westchester county and why? >> missing sex offenders, authorities can't track down dozens on the registry. >> bike battle. two new jersey cities at odds over bikeshare programs and riders are caught in the middle. >> and a brooklyn brownstone owner says his home is not for sale. so why do people keep trying to buy it? good evening, i'm kristine johnson i'm maurice dubois. dana tyler is off tonight. we begin with that frightening ordeal for a westchester county family. they were watching television when a bullet flew through their window. cbs 2's lou young has the story new at 6:00. >> you know nothing happens here. >> reporter: until it does. >> until it does! right. >> reporter: and it has. in lovely low key larchmont, a shooting overnight. this purple lexus drilled from behind as it sat parked in a condo complex just blocks from the village center and a stray bullet veering off into a cluster of expensive homes and through one of them. >> the bullet came with enough power to make damage. >> reporter: the family was
6:00 pm
liquor cabinet seemed to explode. >> i was watching the tv and just the first i heard was the impact and i heard the -- the -- the glass broken. >> reporter: then they saw the hole in the front of the house and heard additional shots. residents at the carleton house condo complex where the lexus was parked began calling 911. suspects were seen running to a waiting car. things like this just don't happen here. >> shocking! shocking. i'm living here 25 years here, never heard shooting in larchmont. >> reporter: police will not say in the car's owner was the target or hit by accident. the incident pierced the community's sense of security. >> my children both was at home in the bedroom, yes. >> reporter: so this could have hurt somebody. >> yes. i'm actually very afraid to be here in my own house. >> reporter: witnesses heard four shots but mamaroneck town police who were handling the


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