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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  March 31, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon. i'm chris wragge. a high school security guard on long island facing charges for allegedly video taking the student using the bathroom. >> daniel williams then posted the picture on social media. >> reporter: classmates of the alleged victim a 16-year-old male student says he feels embarrassed and humiliated that he was recorded using a toilet inside a bathroom stall at roosevelt high school is a trusted security guard took the video and posted it on snapchat. daniel williams, on the job for two years charged with endangering the welfare of a child. >> he was cool us. he was always chill. for him to record people in the bathroom, that's the last thing we could expect from him.
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recorded footage about ten seconds to snapchat. a popular mobile messaging app for images which self destructions after the user views them. in this case the video was captured and saved and is in the hands of the nassau detectives. >> the 16-year-old was and the stool and the defendant taped this. >> reporter: school administrators tell us mr. williams is suspended with pay and is ordered not to return to school grounds without approval. some parents call that a slap on the wrist and wonder how williams passed background checks. >> i'm disgusting. this go on file. this is something we should be notified of so we know this within our school districts again. >> reporter: some students call this a prank gone bad. >> it is surprising. personally.
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he is a really nice guy, with everybody, all the students, teachers. it surprises me that he did that. >> reporter: he is cooperating fully with police. the security guard had no pryor arrests or incidents. williams was released with just an appearance ticket and due in court next month. police released new video of a man they say is linked to robberies targeting the elderly. we have the report from brooklyn. >> reporter: new, clearer images of the man police say has been preying on the elderly. in this video taken around the same time he attacked 83-year- old aaron schultz inside of her apartment. >> does he look familiar to you? >> yes, he does. >> reporter: we visited the grandmother, healing from the violent encounter saturday
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brokennen and her face badly bruised. >> i got smashed in the face. >> reporter: she is encouraged to see the case getting so much attention. investigators believe she is the fifth person he has attacked. >> he preys on old ladies like me. >> reporter: he targets victims during the day holding them up at gun or knife point robbing them. in january he held up a 76-year- old woman and 87-year-old man in their home. he targeted neighbors surrounding prospect park in brooklyn. >> i'll never let anyone i don't know in. >> i don't have any doubt they'll find him. i think they need to find him before he does it to the sixth person. >> reporter: this suspect could still be armed. based on the victim's injuries
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police are hoping to make an arrest before this man strikes again. >> police believe the suspect has stolen more than $1,000 in all from his victims. police in the bronx are searching for two men involved in a hit-and-run that critically injured a teenager. he was crossing 65th street at union avenue yesterday afternoon. witnesses say when they saw the crash before the two suspects got out of the car, they then ran away. >> the guy was running across the street. the car hit him like that. boom! the guy went flying. >> he went flying? >> yeah. >> police believe the suspects may have been driving a stolen car. two 19-year-old woman from long island will be arraigned today after alleged bypassing counterfeit money. the two attempted to use fake $100 bills in several stores.
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motion picture use only printed on them. the two then struck a pedestrian and a parked car yesterday while trying to flee. they are charged with petty larceny and leaving the scene of the accident. a mother is charged with drunk driving with her 2-year- old daughter in the car after a crash on long island. 30-year-old kerry mcfay was arrested after she crashed into two parked cars yesterday. officers discovered a daughter in the backseat without a seat belt. she faces dui and child endangerment and additional charges from previous arrest warrants. now to campaign 2016. presidential hopefuls are courting the new york vote ahead of the april primary. >> moments ago former president bill clinton began the first of
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manhattan trying to sway voters to superintendent his wife for president. three of the five presidential candidates are making appearances in vermont today. bernie sanders walked out to thunderous applause in pittsburgh. >> not only can we win the democratic nomination, we can, with your support the general election. >> reporter: next up? new york. sanders will be holding a rally tonight in the bronx. he is trying to get votes from hillary clinton's adopted home state. she campaigns later this afternoon in westchester. today her husband is campaigning in manhattan. >> i want to ask you to do everything you can to get the vote up. to get a big vote out for hillary. >> reporter: a new quinnipiac poll today has clinton ahead of sanders 54-42%.
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republican field in new york with 56%. ted cruz 20%. ohio governor john kasich at 19. kasich is not counting out new york. he made a campaign stop at a pizzeria yesterday and this morning spoke out in midtown against trump's comments on abortion. >> as commander in chief and leader of the free world you don't get do overs. you need to be able to get it right the first time. >> reporter: trump is fighting backlash from all sides after this exchange yesterday on msnbc. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no? >> the answer is there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman? >> yes, there has to be some form. >> the latest demonstration of how little donald thought of the issues facing this country.
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governor christie, a trump supporter defended him. >> people misspeak all the time. with him everybody wants to make a bigger deal over it. i get it. >> reporter: back to the quinnipiac poll. new york remains a solid blue state. survey found in head to head matchups clinton and sanders edged out the three republicans running. >> thank you very much. stay with us for continuing coverage of campaign 2016 and the new york primary on tuesday the 19th of april. new jersey transit commuters won't have to dig deep this year. governor christie says there will not be a fare hike. jt is facing a $57 million budget gap. christie says they'll have to deal with it without boosting fears. prices rose 9% last year because of a budget short fall. new warnings about the zica virus. federal officials say the virus can spread further than previously thought.
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the two mosquito species that carry the virus could reach as far north as new york. there have been no sexually transmitted cases in new york but the increased range is definitely a cause for concern. >> we don't have mosquito control efforts on going in a major way in the united states. congress turned down a significant bill to research easter break. there will be issues as month . >> a vaccine is not expected to be ready until some time next year. there is much more ahead on cbs 2 news, at noon powerful tornadoes and wild storms ripped across oklahoma. homes were destroyed. others had roof and walled torn down. we'll check on the damage. we are not expecting that damage here at home but we'll have rain and the possibility of thunderstorms. i'll have your full forecast coming up. >> it is also very important that you manage expectations.
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this afternoon at all three tri- state area airports along with airports in four other cities including chicago. many security officer, baggage handler and other employees plan to walk off the job. they are protesting unfair labor practices and demanding a $15 per hour pay rate. a powerful storm system is sweepinacross the southern united states wednesday leaving a path of destruction. four tornadoes hit oklahoma injuring several people and damaging dozens of homes. manuel is in tulsa, oklahomawith more. >> it is on the ground moving eastbound. >> reporter: multiple tornadoes ripped across northeastern oklahoma wednesday evening. cbs affiliate kotv captured the chaos from their helicopter. >> we have farm buildings and out buildings up in the air.
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violent winds pounded suburban neighborhoods leveling houses anduprooting trees. an adult and three children were in this pickup truck when it crashed upon it. the family suffered no injuries 5800 homes and businesses lost power. national weather service will be out here assessing damage like this to try to determine the intensity of the tornadoes. cbs news tulsa, oklahoma. heavy rain and flash flooding are forecast for the southeast through friday. that storm front is heading our way. vanessa murdock is tracking the storms. this afternoon will be a great time to spend outdoors. find out how warm it will get. a reporter gets a real surprise. see what happens when a parrot
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tonight is a big night on cbs. it is the season finale of the comedy "life in pieces." the show follows an extended family through four short stories every week. jill talks to one of the stars. >> do you think there will be a
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wake us up by saying hello mom and dad. i am in need of assistance. >> or you know what? i'll go to work and you stay in and wet your pants all day. >> reporter: jen is learning about the joys of parenthood. >> it is about the trials and tribulations of what that means and what it means for our relationship. >> reporter: she goes back to work and her husband greg, is a little jealous of her new male assistant. but in real life hanks is a dream. >> we are besties. it is an amazing cast. we love each other on and off screen. >> reporter: she tells me there will be a lot of life-changing events on tonight's finale. >> anymore children on the way for you? >> my lips are sealed. >> reporter: a family secret will be unvailed. >> you can watch the one-hour
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pieces" here on cbs 2 at 8:30. unexpected guest flew into a report's shot in australia. >> get it off me. it is not funny. >> the parrot landed on the reporter while she was preparing to go live on tuesday. her cameramen had to help get the parrot off of her. after viewers saw the clip the bird was reunited with her owner yesterday. let's get to your forecast and find out what to expect. it is a beauty out there today. >> a beauty but breezy. have you been outside? the winds are cranking but so warm. we are heading to 70 and above. the 70-degree mark. first step in this business is checking in with our weather watchers right now. they have given us several reports of the temperatures across the region now. let's see what's happening at this point in time.
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71 jackson. 73 in east brunswick. the coolest spots seem to be in the low 60s. it is going to be unseasonably warm this afternoon. that trend does not stop today. live outside we have clouds out there. partly sunny. 67. southwest winds 13 to 25 miles per hour. relative humidity down a bit from earlier at 43%. as for your pollen report, juniper and maple the predominant pollens. high today. lesser tomorrow and saturday. reason being rain is in the forecast then. that will help keep pollen levels down. as we make our way into sunday we get rid of the wet weather. winds will be cranking so pollen levels are back up. 55 in the hamptons.
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today of 70. 21 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at this noon hour. warm air stays in place tomorrow. then numbers start diving. windy out there now. gusting to 36 miles per hour in babylon. 23 mile-per-hour wind gusts in white plains. these windy conditions persist today, overnight and into the right now we have sun and clouds. this is what is heading in our direction. oklahoma tornadoes. for us tomorrow showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast. can't rule out a severe thunderstorm at this point in time. certainly the intensity of the storms that happened out west are not expected here. hour-by-hour for today the clouds come in. the sunshine takes over again. pretty much a nice afternoon. just on the breezy side. overnight some showers. then as you make your morning commute, chance for showers and maybe a storm. same story at the midday hour. same story for that evening commute. periods of rain and thunderstorms for your day tomorrow to end the work week.
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it is going to be warm today and tomorrow. 70 today. 72 tomorrow. 59 on saturday. we are tracking the likelihood of rain overnight saturday into sunday. frigid air moves in. sunday morning wind chills will be in the teens and 20s. by afternoon on sunday it is 45 degrees feeling like the 30s. yes, we could see a little bit of snow early sunday morning. after that we are tracking more potential of wet weather turning into snow monday and tuesday. >> we don't like the "s" word. >> to find out the weather any time download the cbs new york weather app to get the forecast. you can check live radar. it is free and available in the i-tunes store. stephanie is in the produce aisle with your tip for the day about a vegetable that will be available for a very short time. >> reporter: now that we are in
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have a short season. one is white asparagus. while it is growing it is completely cloud covered and not exposed to sunlight. when you are picking out whiteasparagus you want it to be pearly white from top to bottom. you want to make sure the tops are closed. check the bottom, they should be nice and shiney and should look freshly cut. when asparagus in your hand green or white. give it a good squeeze. you should here a squeaky noise. that means it is clean and fresh. when you bring it home store it like you would other asparagus. keep it in the fridge in an opened plastic bag so it can breathe. when it comes to cooking them, peel the outside to get rid of the thick skin. expose the sweetness in the middle. when it comes to using this you
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after you'll it. give it a little more cooking time for your recipes. you can grill it outside or saute it with othervegetables.
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we'll be right back.
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you probably heard of 3-d movies but 4-d. we'll go inside a movie theater that brings the action literally to your seat. coming up at 6:00 a grass roots effort to keep a casino out of a long island community has paid off. where will the slots go instead? find out at 5:00. a terrifying encounter for a woman on a nature walk in florida. >> oh my god! oh my god! oh my god! >> she captured this video of a panther running in her direction. she posted the video to her facebook page on tuesday. it happened at the national audubon society swamp sanctuary in napels. the panther did stay in the sanctuary. >> i saw on 60 minutes they are more afraid of us than we are of them. that's going to do it for us at noon.
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have a good day! >> kevin: victor newman is going to prison. >> mariah: couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. >> natalie: i can't get my brain around the idea. a man like victor newman doesn't get convicted. >> kevin: and yet he did. >> mariah: can the world even function if he isn't running it? >> kevin: we're about to find out. >> mariah: so what's the protocol here? do we throw a parade, fireworks? popping champagne seems appropriate yet weird. >> kevin: considering how many folks he took down with him, weird is right. and michael purposefully threw his defense. >> natalie: oh, wow. [ scoffs ] that's brave, or stupid, or both.


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