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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  March 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pull over for police in paramus, new jersey and it wound up going through three different communities. part of the chase came to an end here in hackensack when one of the officers from the hackensack police department who was joining the police pursuit slammed into a silver sedan that was just driving along here on summit avenue. now one person is dead and multiple agencies are investigating. [ sirens ] >> reporter: ambulances raised to the scene of a police involved crash just before 2 p.m. on summit avenue in hackensack. the violent impact clearly visible where the patrol car pursuing a motorcycle slammed into the driver's side door of this gray four-door sedan. >> i was in my houseworking and i heard a crash. >> reporter: this neighbor was one of the first people on the scene. >> i just heard that the cop was speeding to another incident and ran into the car at full speed. >> reporter: multiple victims were taken to the hospital
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hackensack police officer and the driver of the silver sedan was badly injured. >> the person was still in the car and they were doing everything they can, i guess, working on them trying to revive them or save them and i know early on that it wasn't good and it's really disheartening, you know? it's really disheartening. >> reporter: the civilian in the civilian vehicle is the one most seriously injured, do you think? >> yeah. i don't know what happened to the police officer. but i think on both parts, you know, the cops are just trying to do their jobs and, you know, do what they do and -- and it's an unfortunate situation. >> reporter: police confirmed the motorcyclist continued into nearby maywood where he wound up slamming into another vehicle. that motorcyclist was arrested and taken to the hospital by multiple charges. driver wasn't hurt. but unfortunately the same
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people involved in the accident at the scene here in hackensack. that innocent motorist will not confirm that is the person who died but it appears they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time today. reporting from hackensack, new jersey, brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. this developing story now. underground explosions sent a metal cover crashing on to a lexus moments after the driver got out of the vehicle. it happened on east 64th street in sunset park, brooklyn, shortly after people saw smoke coming from a manhole. the cover came from a utility service box. another one just like it also flew through the air. they weigh about 300 pounds apiece. >> i was sitting in the car when the whole thing first started to happen. worse. we were standing right there. i mean, there is a god. >> you said your heart was beating, boom, boom. boom. >> i running over there, running over there all the happened? i don't know. >> coned said it believes the trouble was caused boo a contractor who hit an
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breaking news on manhattan's east side. a pane glass fell from a hotel sidewalk. glass came off the doubletree hotel this afternoon on 51st street and lexington avenue. it dropped about 30 feet. witnesses say a person was taken to the hospital with a minor cut to the face. the glass was not part of a window and appears to be decorative. the department of buildings is investigating. this commuter alert now. the lirr is getting back on schedule after problems caused by a disabled train. an amtrak train was stuck outside a tunnel. a rescue train removed t several lirr trains were canceled. a bronx woman thinks she is getting a visit from a city inspector and then ends being robbed in her own home. cbs 2's hazel sanchez has the story from morris heights. >> reporter: police are looking for the hooded man in this surveillance picture. investigators say he tied up
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martinez inside her apartment in the morris heights section of the bronx. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: she says, she is afraid to go outside to open her door. she hasn't slept since the march 7 attack. the suspect claimed to be an inspectors from the city's plumbing department who wanted to check her bathroo for lead. she trusted him even without identification. he threw her on a couch, tied her up and ransacked the apartment. >> reporter: he took my money, my daughter's phone, my medicine, martinez says. the suspect robbed her about 2 p.m. then in broad daylight ran from her apartment here on this busy stretch of university avenue. neighbors say the robbery is a frightening safety reminder. >> he tied her up and then robbed her. >> oh, my goodness, that's terrible! i mean, i'm not just -- i think in any area in any neighborhood you shouldn't
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if i'm alone, um, i wouldn't even open the door to them. i would tell them to come back at a different time. >> i would have asked them for identification which are always supposed to do. and i would find out, you know, the reason that they are visiting my home. >> reporter: martinez says she will ask for id and make confirmation calls before allowing any stranger into her home. she is grateful she wasn't hurt and her children were at school when the robber showed up. in the morris heights section of the bronx, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. this disturbing discovery on long island to tell you about. a newborn's body in a backyard in glen head. officers originally responded to a call of a woman who needed medical assistance. after doctors did a medical exam, investigators returned to the scene to find the child. an autopsy will be conducted to determine whether the baby was born alive or dead. no arrests have been made. a high school security guard on long island has been
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police say he videotaped a student using the bathroom. 24-year-old daniel williams allegedly recorded video of the 16-year-old in the toilet stall and then posted the video on the social media site snapchat. williams is now charged with unlawful surveillance and endangering the welfare of a child. airport workers here and across the country staged a one-day strike. hundreds of cabin cleaners at laguardia, newark and kennedy walked off the job in a pay dispute. they want an increase frommed 10 to $15 an hour. and they want safer working conditions. united and jetblue say the walkout did not impact flights. the strike is scheduled to end at 10 p.m. a new jersey woman's car was stolen but it's what she says was inside the trunk that has her so very upset. cbs 2's alice gainer has the story from east orange. new at 6:00. >> i miss my mom a lot. the pain is still there. [ crying ] >> that's my mother.
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left of my mother. >> reporter: her mother died in 2013. once she was crime mated, her ashes were given to walker. but now they're gone. >> the car was parked right here facing this direction. >> reporter: walker's car was parked in this lot on north 15th street in east orange. it was a 1999 jeep cherokee similar to the one pictured here. she says the car was stolen sometime between sunday into monday. inside the trunk, her mother's ashes. she says what's puzzle something that the car wasn't even working. >> someone had to tow it because it didn't run. you know? it had a flat tire so you have to pick it up. >> reporter: the car had been sitting unused in the lot since last july. her mother's ashes have also been in the trunk for some time. she explains the bizarre circumstances s. >> i had them in the house. and because the kids was like getting curious and they wanted to know what's inside of this, i took it out. and i said this is the best place for me to put it because the car is not moving. it's going to stay right here. i don't want my kids getting
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i wanted to find the perfect urn for my mother and i have [ crying ] >> reporter: she says she doesn't care about the truck. >> i could never get my mother back. truck. >> reporter: she is hoping someone will just return the ashes to the lot or to the police station. in east orange, new jersey, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> a spokesman for the city of east orange says police are investigating this as a stolen vehicle. the lot it was parked in is private but police say it doesn't appear the owner of that lot had it towed. they also say that she did not mention the ashes in the police report. campaign 2016. from westchester to midtown the presidential candidates worked hard to try to win over new voters ahead of our april 19th primary here in new york. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton went into the belly of the beast bernie sanders's territory a college campus suny purchase where she
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[ chanting against hillary ] records the protestors were escorted out. >> we're very sorry you're leaving. >> reporter: but it gave clinton an opportunity to slam one of opponent bernie sanders's signature platforms, free college tuition for all. >> go and read the fine print. it basically says, yeah, it will be free if the governors of america put in about $28 billion. >> reporter: i asked bernie sanders today and i asked him about it. >> our plan imposes a tax on wall street speculation which raises more than enough money to pay for free tuition in public colleges and universities, two thirds of the money from the federal government, a third comes from the state. >> reporter: i also asked sanders about his strategy here in new york. his hope to cut into mrs. clinton's support in the black community. >> the bottom line is i think we have the message. and the message is that it's too late for hillary clinton's brand of establishment politics and establishment
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we need real change in this country. we need the people to stand up and tell wall street and tell the 1%, they can't have it all anymore. >> reporter: a poll has hillary clinton beating sanders 54 to 42%. the poll had donald trump leading. the poll completed before trump found himself fighting backlash from all sides after his comments on abortion. comments he later walked back. donald trump spent some time today talking to republican party leaders. the republican front-runner tweeted, just had a very nice meeting with probe bus and the gop. looking forward to bringing the party together and it will happen! >> donald trump is clearly not prepared to be president of the united states. as commander-in-chief, you don't get do-overs. >> reporter: he said he intended to fight to convince trump supporters here to change their minds.
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there's away, about the zika virus. health officials say the mosquitos that carry it could be coming to the tri-state area! >> i thought it dropped down from the sky and it was a meteor. >> a big surprise for two women walking along the beach. the mysterious object they found buried in the sand. >> and certainly mild outside but rain is getting close. i'll tell you when it arrives in just a bit. >> coming up on the "cbs evening news," a glimpse inside an ancient town devastated by isis. >> scott pelley now looking ahead to the broadcast. hi, scott. >> reporter: kristine, maurice, great to be with you. pal mirra in syria was one of the world's great treasures. one of the wonders of the world. and our elizabeth palmer is now the first american to enter the city of palmyra after it was abandoned by isis. much of what was there is now gone. we'll have that story and a complete wrap-up of campaign 2016 coming right up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:0.
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there, scott, thank you so much. a pricy car up in flames at the new york international auto show. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
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new concerns tonight for the zika virus in the united states and our area. the cdc released a new map showing two mosquito species carrying the zika virus that may spread farther north than first believed even extending to the five boroughs. the city says it's not detected these types of
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but it is preparing for all scenarios. just yesterday, 14 city agencies reviewed new york's overall zika response. new york state officials are also headed to a federal zika summit in atlanta tomorrow. the medical community is abuzz over two groundbreaking organ transplants. patients with hiv received organs from a donor who had also been infected with a strain of hiv. a law that banned people with hiv from donating organs was overturned in 2013. doctors at johns hopkins in baltimore were first to perform such an operation. >> this opens the doors for so many more of these kinds of transplants to happen, so many lives of people with hiv saved by these transplants. >> one patient received a liver, the other a kidney. things really heated up today at the new york auto show. but not the way organizers wanted. check out this porsche 911 turbo going up in flames this morning. workers rushed over with fire extinguishers. officials say it was an
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put out in a matter of second and nobody was hurt. well, what on earth is it?! that's the question on staten island after something very strange showed up seemingly out of nowhere. cbs 2's scott rapoport is on the case. >> reporter: it is the case of the mysterious metal object on the beach on staten island. >> i said, what the heavily is this? >> reporter: gina bruno and regina said they were strolling the sand here at great kills beach when they came upon this bizarre rusty thing ama bob buried in the sand and didn't know what to make of it. >> i still want to know what it is. >> reporter: it's three feet in diameter. so i'm told. what do you i do with it. i'm trying to measure it. >> with your body? >> sure. >> reporter: about 150 pounds. where did it come from? >> honestly, i thought it dropped down from the sky and was a meteor. >> reporter: then the park police came and roped the area off with yellow tape just to be safe. some bystanders speculating whatever it was, might actually be an old world war ii water mine like this.
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>> i thought it was a bomb. >> reporter: she posted pictures on facebook resulting in a slew of helpful comments like, don't touch it! run! call your shrink! and the ever insightful, it's a plane turd. so what is it and where did it come from? you're asking, right? we asked the guys from the national park service who were sent here to remove it with this front-end loader. >> i'm not sure what it is but it's basically hollow on the other side and just looks like some kind of metal fire pit or something. it's not a bomb? >> no definitely not. >> reporter: it's not a meteor? >> no? >> it didn't come from the sky? >> not from the sky. >> reporter: and now headed off to the scrap heap. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> we are we still don't know? >> we don't. in fact, scott just got off the phone with the federal park police. they say there's still no word on what it is. and how it got there. >> gosh. >> i mean they needed that big
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beach. >> i thought it was a weber grill. >> it could be used as one. repurpose it right? >> get some food and grill it up. all right. there you have it. lonnie is here now with some answers to some other questions. right? >> yeah. are they going to keep this warm air in place? what's the weekend going to be like? the answer is you'll get the warm air for another day but it may not be your favorite day tomorrow. right now outside we are seeing some building clouds. it's cloudy now no breaks at all. 67 degrees currently. and that warm temperature fueled by wind from the south. warmest reading of the day was 73 degrees at 2:50 p.m. 18 degrees above the average. taking a peek at where the biggest temperatures were recorded today, we were 7 3 in central park, 74 in newark. teterboro 73. islip 65. gig harbor 59. the further east the cooler
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sag harbor couldn't make it to 60. 59, all because of a southwest wind for people, coming in off the land for most of us but the south shore of long island you catch that wind coming in right off the water because again, there's how it would be flowing. so that's the only spot that would catch the cool air. everybody else warm by an air mass that's been traveling over land and this time of the year the land heats up while the water is still on the cooler side. here's what we have in our atmosphere. we have this front that's going to make its way through. and wherever you see those little flashes of yellow and red, there are the possibility for some, you know, embedded thunderstorms as it makes its way through and this is also the same system that rumbled through tulsa, oklahoma and sparked three or four tornadoes. that's not what we're calling for in this area but i wouldn't rule it out tomorrow to see a thunderstorm possibly squeak in as you zoom in tight for our area. clouds right now are out there. but the wet weather for tonight i mean maybe some of this gets in around 1:00 but
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it's not going to be too much. this is what it looks like at 11:0. maybe a shower, here or there not too strong. a little more widespread in the morning. isolated heavy downpours for the morning. more likely to see some downpours in the afternoon but again, not everybody getting it at the same time. that line then pushes through. sort of clear out for the a portion of saturday then colonoscopy come in saturday morning and it could be some leftover rain. a big part of the forecast is what's going to happen saturday night as you go into sunday. there's the possibility to see a little snowflake out there. some higher elevations -- maybe a coater in the higher elevations north and west of the city. but the cold air is coming back for the next week. >> we are watching. thank you. otis is here with a look at sports. >> the snow? [ laughter ] >> carmelo anthony asking for less time on the court. it's true. and it's for a good reason. plus, the latest on the
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we are already talking injuries and we haven't even reached opening day yet. >> that's a product of spring training. you know, a lot of guys not really happy with spring training. but yankees getting ready to head north for the start of the season. joe girardi named masahiro tanaka the opening day starter at the stadium monday against houston he said reliever brian mitchell will miss three months with a fractured bone in the left big toe. reliever andrew miller says his fractured right wrist won't keep him out of the opener on monday. he had the injury yesterday off a line drive. he said he can't imagine not pitching through an injury to his nonthrowing hand. he was asked what if hand specialist recommends he not pitch? he answered, then i'll find another doctor. you got to love his passion. rough outing for michael pineda today, 5 innings, six runs on seven hits including four home runs. the yankees got rocked by the cardinals 9-1. as they get
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huge concern given the injuries and rough outings and joe girardi has named a fit starter down to cc sabathia and ivan nova. the mets are going to las vegas to play the cubs tonight and tomorrow before flying to kansas city for the season opener sunday night. well, the u.s. women's national soccer team making some news off the field filing a lawsuit against usa soccer. five members of the team including carli lloyd, hope solo low and 58 election morgan are filing a wage discrimination action on behalf of the team. they are telling the equal employment opportunity commission that based on a 2015 financial report the women's team generated 20 million-dollar more revenue than the men. but they are paid almost 4 times less. men's team goalie tim howard said they support the women's fight. the action was filed by a law firm cohired bay jeffrey kessler who represented among others tom brady and ray rice against the nfl. youth is finally being served with the new york
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leaders to make it so. carmelo anthony says he initiated the conversation with kurt rambus after a closed-door meeting on tuesday. sacrifice some personal minutes to give some of the younger guys more playing time and experience and why not? the knicks are going nowhere. and the team should take a look at the younger players to see if they have any value going forward. carmelo played only 33 minutes sat out an 11 minute stretch in the first half in last night's loss in dallas. with just 15 victories going into last night's action, the lakers will try anything to get a win including the old hide behind the opposing team's coat trick. it worked as marcelo is standing behind the miami coach and look at that steals the ball. the lakers won in overtime so if they started that kind of stuff in game one, plenty of wins. >> who would have known.
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>> we'll be right back. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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coming up on cbs 2 news at 11:00, a midair collision caught on camera. a skydiver talks about spinning out of control and surviving. >> also, fasting for better health. why a new study says women may want to wait longer between meals. all of that and more coming up at 11:00 tonight. >> up next on the "cbs evening news," it's the broadcast journeying to an island off scotland to ask donald trump's ancestors about his candidacy and his hair. >> thank you for joining us. [ laughter ] >> see you at 11. good night. merica journalist seized the treasure isis has stolen from the world. elizabeth palmer has reached palmyra, syria. >> reporter: we can't venture into further into the ruins because the whole place is laced with mines and dynamite. >> pelley: also tonight, tornadoes rip through oklahoma and menace the south. theatre champions of the soccer world so why are american women paid a fraction of what the men


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