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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 1, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> and i'm chris wragge. we begin with yet another slashing in new york city. a man attacked early this morning on the subway. >> police say the victim was cut by a man demanding money. cbs2's steve langford is live at the scene. >> this latest slashing at the subway, people wondering if the guy next to you on the subway has a knife. >> mezzanine level of the subway at church and barkley, a man heading to work is approached by another man asking for money. the first man refuses to hand over cash and gets slashed across the face. >> we're scared too, you know. >> the coffee vendor saw the police response, measure of reassurance in a city that can't help but wonder who's next. >> obviously i'm afraid for my mom, my dad, and you know, family. >> the latest victim to take a blade to the face suffering only minor cuts but the psychic
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>> new york's a very human place, so i hope they can somehow, you know, get a grip on this. >> the suspect fleeing the scene as exasperation with this season of the slashing spree mounts. >> need more, you know, more surveillance, more police presence, you know, to be monitoring all of this. something's got to be done. >> the suspect here described as a male about 5-8, a black shirt and blue jeans. live in lower manhattan, steve langford cbs2 news. new information, a woman who claims she was slashed in the face yesterday near broadway street in lower manhattan has recanted her story. was a lie. the 20-year-old woman says a man called her a terrorist and slashed her. the woman was self-inflicted. she's at bellevue for a psychiatric evaluation.
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lead found in newark's school buildings, 30 had tested positive for high lead levels. janelle burrell has more from one of the latest schools affected. >> many newark school parents frustrated and baffled. how long have officials known lead was in the water and how long were their children exposed? >> it's crazy for the kids to go through that, because some kids don't carry bottled water. they depend on the school's. >> the most recent round of testing took samples from eight nontraditional school facilities in the district. samples were taken from all 324 sources of water in the buildings. a quarter of the samples came back with elevated levels. 17 of the contaminated samples were from drinking water sources. ten of those came from drinking water here at newark legacy charter school which had already taken preemptive action when news broke last month that other facilities had high lead levels. >> we turned off all our water sources and switched to bottled
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expert to test the water. >> coo annette riffle said their independent testing found the water safe. they're now retesting. >> our school is actually moving to a filtration system, a high end water filtration system called reverse osmosis. we're in the process of installing that now. >> they did a very good job. they got bottled water to our kids. they were very proactive in making sure our school was safe. it is the government, the city. >> city officials insist the water is safe and that it's the old pipes causing contamination. they continue to offer free blood tests to students but some parents say they don't trust the city to test their kids. of the 17,000 students eligible only 300 have so far used the service. >> i will not take my children to the same people that caused the problem. that would be ridiculous. >> new york school district officials say they will be releasing weekly updates about
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they also say that they'll be releasing lead test results dating back to 2012 in an effort to remantraps parent. cbs2. >> 15 parts per billion is the acceptable level. get ready for a round of wild weather within the next 48 hours. a possibility of unseasonal warmth, rain, plunging temperatures, and snow. the rain expected this afternoon is part of the same system that spawned tornadoes in the south. this twister touched down in mississippi last night. we go to vanessa murdock. >> it is true. it is the same system. take a look tornado watches still in effect for our neighbors to the south through atlanta, georgia, just to the south of there all the way up rain. for us here at home, we don't have the intensity of the down south. what we have is a little bit of northeasterly direction. this trend will continue for the rest of your afternoon, even into the evening hours.
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absolutely, but it looks more like we'll see just more showers moving through. very mild today, 74 degrees and breezy. this does not last. as you mentioned dropping temperatures and a chance for snow. we talk about that in my full forecast. chris and mary, back to you. thank you. a big minimum wage hike is coming to new york state. >> the legislature and governor cuomo have reached a deal on the state budget which includes the increase. cbs2's andrea grymes has reaction. >> at this men's clothing store on 3rd avenue in harlem. >> $15 is a must have. >> but you disagree? >> i think it's a lot of money, $15. >> a debate this morning over the minimum wage. governor cuomo ammonissed a budget -- announced a budget deal with the state legislature that includes hiking it from $9 an hour to $15 an hour across new york state. >> you give a person on a minimum wage a raise, you know what they do with it? they spend it.
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they need it. >> the raise goes into effect gradually, not needily. in new york city wages will get to $15 in three years, four years if a business has fewer than ten employees. in westchester on long island, $15 in six years. the wage hike is a win for workers who have been rallying for higher wages. bodega employee and married father of two says he works hard at full-time making 9.75 an hour. >> we don't deserve to get that. we deserve to get more. >> we have a lot of responsibilities back home, and a lot of family. >> but many business owners say they simply cannot afford the raise. >> no, no, with the business going on today, no, no. dollar. >> the business council of new york state agrees saying "this increase is still too much for many businesses. the last thing employers need
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the governor says beginning in 2019 the state can suspend scheduled increases if economic conditions warrant. >> increasing the minimum wage has fiscal implications for new york state. it's able to be part of a budget deal in large part because it affects tax revenue. in harlem andrea grymes cbs2. >> the budget also includes 12 weeks of paid family leave, which the governor calls the longest period in the country. now campaign 2016 where bernie sanders and hillary clinton are in a war of words. clinton sounded off when confronted by a green peace activist about taking money from the fossil fuel industry. >> i do not, i have money from people who have worked for fossil fuel companies. i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about me. >> clinton says it's money from people who work for the companies and that sanders himself has accepted the same. it.
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lobbyists of the industry, i think you're receiving money from the industry. these are lobbyists who represent the oil and gas industry. >> meanwhile, the republicans are considering party unity after a week of setbacks including an uproar over abortion laws and a charge against his campaign manager, front runner donald trump met with party leaders in washington. both sides say they plan to come out of the convention working in the same direction. a docking disaster is caught on camera. tourists jump to safety when a whale watching ship slams into the pier. >> this 7 week old baby is reunited with its family. >> residents are puzzled after a mysterious object is found on a staten island beach. when is it.
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a short cruise in california ended with a crash yesterday that injured seven passengers. the ship was returning from a whale watching trip in the san diego bay when witnesses say it came in too fast. the impact damaged the ship's
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people on the pier ran for cover while ship passengers braced for impact. >> just kind of grabbed on to the side of the ship and hanged on because we knew we were going to hit. >> another guy standing next to us started saying we've got to move, we've got to move. >> he was honking the horn and then somebody said he can't stop, he can't stop, run, run, so that's what we did. >> the injured passengers are expected to be okay. the crusade a mechanical malfunction caused the throttle to become stuck. a pennsylvania infant is back with his family today after a frightening ordeal thursday. seven-week old asir simmons was found after police say he was kidnapped by a stranger during a trip to the mall. surveillance video shows a woman walking away with the infant. the suspect had befriended the child's family prior to the abduction. an amber alert was issued. local detectives found simmons hour search. the woman is in police custody. federal park police are trying to figure out what two
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island beach. this is what they found, a large metal half sphere rusted and sitting in the stand. >> i said what the hell is this. >> and i still want to know what it is. >> honestly i thought it dropped down from the sky and it was a meteor. >> i thought it was a bomb. >> a lot of options right there. some observers thought it resembled the rusted out remains of the world war ii era water mine. so far they have not been able to identify it. >> what could it be. >> i'm wondering the same. >> it's the home run that helped new york heal ten days after the 9/11 attacks. >> this one has a chance >> so why is the iconic jersey that mike piazza wore that night going on the auction block. >> plus this. >> a man confesses to stabbing his friend to death after a night of drinking but when he sobers up his story changes.
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happened inside apartment 1601. a night of bar hopping turns into a tragedy. a law student is found murdered inside his friend's studio apartment. no one remembers what happens. >> richard schlesinger takes a look at what happens in this 48 hours preview.
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working the night shift near washington d. c. in october 2013 when mark wau a promising 23-year-old law student was stabbed to death in the tiny apartment where his friends raul gupta a grad student and gupta's girlfriend, taylor gold a biomedical engineer lived. they started the evening bar hopping but ended it in police custody. >> here, can you hop up for a minute? >> detective paula hammel thought it would be an open and shut case because gupta told officer skeba that he did it and why. >> i caught my buddy and my girl cheating. i killed my buddy. >> as gupta sobered up he changed his story, now insisting he had no idea how mark wall was stabbed. >> i did not attack mark.
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i just want to put that on the record. >> and strangely though taylor gold insisted she didn't remembered she couldn't say for sure it wasn't her. >> did you kill mark? >> i don't think so. >> after hours of questioning detective hammel brought them together. >> i did not stab him. >> i don't think i did either. >> this conversation could decide who goes home and who goes to prison for murder. >> richard schlesinger from 48 hours joins us live. richard what do the forensics in this case tell us? well, the forensics unfortunately for the police in this case didn't tell them much because taylor gold and raul gupta lived in that apartment, so if they found dna or fingerprints or anything like that, they would expect to because they lived there. so they had to resort to sort of more old fashioned police work to solve this case. >> a surprise to the people
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young and they were able to admit a heinous act like this. >> yeah, the people covering this case, the police all thought -- there's really no typical suspect but these were highly educated kids with everything going for them, and for this to happen in this bizarre circumstance was unheard of. >> richard schlesinger thank you, and you can watch what happened in apartment 1601 on 48 hours tomorrow night right here on cbs2 at 10:00: the potential sale of a mike piazza baseball jersey is stirring up controversy. >> lopez wants it away. >> this one has a chance! mike piazza. >> piazza hit that home run on an emotional night at shay stadium in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. three years ago the mets sold it. the private collector loaned it back to the team for display and now he's selling it. much to the ire of some passionate fans. >> what you have is a problem with the feeling that the mets let go one piece of memorabilia that they should have never let go, no matter what the price.
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auction will open on monday. it's expected to fetch $50,000 or more making it the most expensive mets jersey ever. get ready for a wild ride when it comes to the forecast. warm today and then that all changes. let's bring in vanessa murdock with a look. >> well, from 70s today to feeling like single-digits, teens, and 20s on sunday. that is the roller coaster ride we are getting on. today though some breaks from the rain. maybe you can enjoy a little bit of the warmth. first order of business here, we have to check in with our weather watchers. let's see what the temperatures are like right now across the region. 60s and 50s. 60s even 70s out there. the list looks like this, 70 in bloomfield, 68 in middletown new york. then we get to the cooler spots, patchogue 53 degrees. wherever you're near the water and those winds are out of the south those temperatures will be cooler today.
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the coastline lucky to get to 60. live outside, it is a bleak picture. we've got 68 degrees. a light rain and those winds are making the camera move southwest at 12 to 22 miles per hour. relative humidity at 71%. now your pollen report. today it's not looking too bad at all with these predominant pollens being juniper and maple, but as we go through the next several days those numbers really climb. here is the setup, showers today, maybe a thunderstorm later on all courtesy of this cold front. by this evening 9:00, this portion of our system makes its exit. then tomorrow an area of low pressure develops that brings us a chance for more showers to start your weekend. so your saturday not completely dry, and it will be cooler because behind this cool front cooler air is making its way in. then saturday night into sunday this area of low pressure comes diving in from canada bringing
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some snow early on sunday. yes, snow on sunday, brutally cold temperatures. winds on sunday could be gusting as high as 60 miles per hour. so for today, here's the deal. we're going to head for 74 degrees, on and off showers. a chance of thunderstorms. best bet for that later this afternoon and the evening hours. winds out of the south, southwest at 10 to 20. overnight tonight we get a little bit of a break later on from the shower activity, 52 degrees. then tomorrow more showers in the forecast and cooler. 59 your high for tomorrow. i want to say the best bet for wet weather will be south and east of the city early tomorrow, and then a chance for showers for all of us as we get into the afternoon. now, saturday night into sunday here's what's going down. we have a high wind watch in effect. that's because we could see gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. with that expect isolated power outages, and then because of the wind and that cold air
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north and west sunday morning around the 20-degree mark sunday in and around the city. snow early sunday could accumulate, trace to up to 2 inches well north of the city. lots happening, more snow possible monday into tuesday. my goodness, it is going to be quite an interesting ride. 74 today, showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, 59, some showers around, not a total washout. sunday windy 45 will feel like the 30s and 20s monday into tuesday another system rolling down from canada brings us another chance for some snow and maybe a little bit of rain as well. >> okay. rain better than snow. >> yes. absolutely. >> it is the kiss that left stephen colbert speechless.
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ask your doctor about xarelto . coming up on cbs2 news, tonight at 5, what's wrong with this wedding invitation. volunteer firefighters could be punished for something that symbolizes their love of the job and each other. >> coming up at 6, covered in graffiti, shopping carts full of junk. who's responsible for this mess along the henry hudson parkway. >> we need to put a hell fire through that roof right now. >> helen mirren, a thriller about the use of the latest
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against terrorism. it was a different kind of stealth operation i had a chance to ask her about. >> i have to ask you about the kiss you planted on stephen colbert. >> i know. i hope that wasn't sexual harassment. it was sort of, you know, because he had no choice, did he? >> you left him speechless. >> i have been secretly passionately in love with stephen colbert for a long time. as i walked out, you know, i absolutely didn't plan it, and literally as he said and helen mirren and out i walked, and i think i'll have to kiss him. i have to because if i don't kiss him now i'll never ever get to kiss him. so i grabbed my opportunity. terrible. >> she went on to tell me she loves her husband but stephen colbert right under. >> something about being kissed by a dame right. that's going to do it for us at noon. thanks for joining us, i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi.
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have a great weekend. >> luca: ah! >> summer: oh, so sorry. oh. >> luca: "oh" good or "oh" bad? >> summer: hi. >> luca: [ chuckles ] >> summer: um, coffee to go? you must be in a hurry. make that another coffee to go, please. >> luca: yeah, jabot's making a big announcement at the gcac. i-i need to be there. >> summer: no way you still have a job. >> luca: i've been instrumental in shepherding the pass key project. jack needs me on his team. >> summer: yeah, except for the part where you busted my mom in


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