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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tell me where the wild th live from studio 46, this is cbs2 news at 6. i'm going to go out. this is not going to keep me from going out. >> a 103-year-old woman robbed but not giving in to fear. a developing story as police arrest her suspected attacker. >> plus don't let the sunshine fool you. it's going to look and feel a lot more like winter.
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long island man accused of civil disobedience. >> a suspect arrested for an attack on an elderly and innocent woman in the bronx. the 103-year-old was in a hallway when she says a woman almost half her age got violent. dave carlin is live in co-op city with more. >> . >> a despicable crime here yesterday afternoon and what did the suspect get from the 103-year-old, prepaid meals, a magnifying glass, bingo cards and 35 bucks. >> luis signore is tougher than she looks, surviving a brutal robbery that left her body sore. >> my head, my hands, my back, my neck. >> the senior who has lived here 45 years says she is legally blind and hard of hearing and therefore must have appeared to be an easy mark for the suspect seen on the building security video. the woman followed signore to
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and robbery taking off with a push cart loaded with two meals signore picked up from a senior center and her purse. >> they're desperate. i don't know. they took about $35 because i had two purses, two separate purses. >> in the purse were her bingo cards and that's the loss that seems to bother signore the most. >> that's what i miss, my bingo. >> she is relieved to learn police have a suspect in custody. police charged 53-year-old sharon mcneil who does not live in the same building with robbery, assault, and harassment. signore says becoming a crime victim at 103 will not define or change her. >> i'll go out. i won't go out right away, but i'm going to go out. this is not going to keep me from going out. >> reporter: signore says she relies on that community center for all of her meals, and nothing will stop her from going and getting them every day in person. live in co-op city, dave carlin cbs2 news.
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new jersey where firefighters are battling a 3-alarm fire. firefighters say the building on fulton street went up in flames inelizabeth. you can see the smoke billowing. the building is believed to be vacant. no word on injuries and no idea what may have caused the fire. the port authority bus terminal has reopened after a bomb scare forced a partial evacuation. sources tell cbs2 a suspicious package was found in the south wing outside of a bar around 2:00 this afternoon. the building was evacuated while police investigated. port authority police gave the all clear about an hour and a half later. no word on what the package had inside. police also checked out a suspicious car that was abandoned with the door open. we have an eye on the storm tonight. signs of spring in hells kitchen this afternoon with sunny and seasonable temperatures, but tomorrow a much different story. meteorologist elise finch tracking snow, wind and frigid temperatures.
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things are going to be changing pretty rapidly. here's your vortex satellite and radar. we have a little bit of rain moving through the area but it is to the west we have our this is a clipper system that us. this is the area of low things for us. we will be seeing a little bit of a rain/snow mix around the area believe it or not. 36-degree temperatures, winds out of the west and northwest between 15 and 25 miles per hour and if gusting to 40 miles per hour. those 30-degree temperatures will feel significantly colder, and the winds are a huge story. we do have high wind warnings in effect for most of the area. wind advisories for the rest of the area. they go into effect at midnight tonight. they remain in effect until 2:00 on your sunday afternoon. again, we are talking about gusts to 60 miles per hour. it will make those temperatures feel like this, anywhere between 20 and 30 degrees for a good portion of the area. north and west it will feel like it's between 5 and 20
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we're talking about some frigid, frigid weather. cindy will have more coming up in just a bit. police searching tonight for the gunman accused of shooting a man who was trying to break up a fight inside a car shop in brooklyn. police released this picture of the man they're looking for. investigators say the suspect shot a 42-year-old man inside leslie otto repair shop in flatbush. the victim was rushed to the hospital. it's unclear what started the fight. new information in the case of a long island woman charged with murder in the death of her newborn baby. 20-year-old sharon sodot was arraigned today. she gave birth at her home in glen head, suffocated the baby plastic bag. the bag was found in her police say sodad hid the pregnancy from her parents and initially denied giving birth. she's being held on $1 million bond. nearly two weeks after the deadly terror attack at belgium's biggest airport,
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off tomorrow. the three brussels airlines departures will be under tightened security. the airport has been closed since march 22nd when suicide bombers blew themselves up there. full passenger service is expected to be restored by the end of june or beginning of july. police in brussels detained at least two dozen demonstrators at the site of a memorial for the victims of the deadly terror attacks. they were chanting on the steps of the square protesting islam phobia and calling for peace. the city backed all formals -- banned all forms of protests. in campaign 2016, the wisconsin primary just three days away, a loss for donald trump could mean trouble for the republican front runner. bernie sanders is hoping to keep up momentum after a series of primary wins. >> candidates are criss- crossing wisconsin saturday ahead of tuesday's primary.
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donald trump losing in the badger state would make it harder to clinch the nomination. in an interview set o'it air tomorrow on face the nation, trump says he's not ready to change abortion laws. >> the laws are set, and i think we have to leave it that way. >> according to the latest poll, ted cruz is leading the gop race with a 10 point margin. >> nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. >> wisconsin has 42 republican delegates up for grabs. even in cruz would win the primary, still wouldn't be enough to keep an open convention or not. >> i can't win enough to get to the convention with enough dell fats. neither can cruise. donald trump would have to win better than 60%. as you know he's never got anywhere close to that. >> on the democratic side 86 delegates are at stake and the race is starting to get ugly. protestors disrupting clinton at a recent event.
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came to say that, we're very sorry you're leaving. >> the latest polls show bernie sanders with a narrow lead over hillary clinton. that's good news for the sanders campaign after winning five of the last six contests. idaho, utah, then a western sweep last weekend and alaska, hawaii, and washington. >> there has been some concern as to whether or not bernie sanders could win a general election. the last poll that i saw here in wisconsin had us in your state 19 points ahead of donald trump. >> but overall clinton is still ahead in the total delegate count. >> clinton's delegate count includes 469 super delegates who have pledged to support her. sanders only has 31 super delegates. one of the 11 unions that reached a new deal with new jersey transit officially approved the new contract. the machinist union overwhelmingly approved the deal that came a day before strike deadline last month.
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their contracts the new jersey transit's board of directors will vote on it. governor christie will have a final say on the agreement. >> the changes that could affect airline prices. danger from up above, a small plane falls out of the sky and ends up on top of a car. >> and then later a fight over red light cameras gets one man arrested. why are some people supporting his actions. >> plus. >> she said because we all think you're a terrorist. >> a teacher in trouble after allegedly calling out a student in front of his classmates. >> and it's forced the rangers and the islanders are in a fight for a playoff position. >> and ever hear of a burger izza, how about a pulled pork parfait. we're going to show you some of
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later in sports. new at 6, a small plane slammed into a car as it crash landed on a freeway in southern california. a female passenger inside the car was killed and three others were injured. the pilot and a passenger in the plane were also seriously hurt. witnesses say the plane crashed on to its belly, then plowed into the back of the car which was stopped on the side of the road. investigators are trying to determine what caused the plane to crash. they are the cameras posted at traffic lights to catch drivers going through red lights. not everyone is a fan, and now some in suffolk county seem to have taken their dislike to a whole new level. steve langford reports on the latest arrest in an apparent campaign to block the cameras.
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many seeing red at the corner of main and landing in smithtown where police say they caught red handed 26-year-old brian valentine placing plastic bags over two of these cameras friday about 5:30 p.m. the father of the suspect camera shy as his son awaits arraignment in district court in islip. >> today i'm here in support of brian valentine. >> support at court from the man who calls him the red light robin hood, steven roof. we've spoken to him in the past. he's been arrested several times tampering with cameras which he calls a money grab. >> many people have been killed due to shortening of yellow lights only for revenue. it's become a war where people aren't afraid to go to jail. >> this isn't the first time there's been a report around here of somebody trying to blind these unblinking cameras. >> every couple of weeks someone does something to it. >> gary rothman works right next to one of the smithtown red light cameras.
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there and put stickers right on the camera. >> suffolk county calls the red light program a matter of safety reducing crashes at intersections and saving lives. >> i don't like the red light cameras, but i still don't think it's right to go around and you know, mess up things like that. >> mixed feelings about this latest act of apparent civil disobedience. >> a lot of us think he's a hero. it's quite a big movement that makes people like that a hero. >> red alert in smithtown, cbs2 news. >> the red light camera fine in suffolk county is $50 and a $30 administrative fee. slashed over cereal, the nypd is searching for the man accused of cutting a bronx store employee. the man tried to leave the pioneer store on white plains road yesterday before 6 p.m. without paying. an employee stopped him, and that's when police say the suspect cut the employee with a small knife on the left side of his face. the suspect took off.
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a teacher accused of making a shocking statement, a student says he was called a terrorist in front of his class. tonight the outrage and the investigation. >> and don't forget to grab your coats. it may look nice outside now, but winter returns in just a few hours. >> don't forget to follow cbs2 news on facebook.
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6:16 pm controversy in the classroom at a middle school in houston texas, a 12-year-old honor student says a teacher called him a terrorist in front of the whole class. cbs2 brian conybeare has more. >> i was just laughing at the movie, and the teacher said i wouldn't be laughing if i was you, and then i said why. she said because we all think you're a terrorist. >> he says the class was watching a movie after standardized tests and that
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students started making fun of him. >> they're like oh, i see a bomb and they started all laughing and making jokes. i was upset and i felt like i was put in the corner and like everybody just looking at me. >> administrators have removed the english and language arts teacher from the classroom while they investigator, but his family wants her permanently dismissed. >> no religion should be targeted ask disrespected by any administrator on any school campus. >> just because my son is a muslim doesn't mean he's a terrorist. he's an american. he's as american as anybody else. he was born here. that's all he knows is how to be an american. >> the family says walid will stay enrolled at the school but they would like religious sensitivity training for students and teachers. the skies over newark airport will be getting busier. the faa is easing limits on the number of hourly flights at the airport. in 2008 flights were restricted to 81 per hour to reduce
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the faa says delays have decreased significantly. port authority says the move should lead to more competition and help reduce fares. the changes take effect in october. the rain did not put a damper on little league opening day in brooklyn. mayor de blasio attended the ribbon cutting ceremony. they also celebrated the opening of the newly renovated field. many brought umbrellas along with their baseball gear as they hit the soggy field for the festivities. >> elise finch is here with your cbs2 exclusive forecast to see if we're going to get more rain and cooler temperatures. >> we are, i know, just when everyone thinks oh, spring is here and it's going to get warm, it's like no no no. let's flash back to winter for a second. that's what we're going to do here over the next 24 hours. we will be getting a taste of winter. it will look and feel that way. let's check in with some of our weather watchers, see what kinds of numbers we're seeing out there right now. temperatures are still pretty mild. we head to new jersey. this is anthony in plainsboro
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he says another day of changeable weather, cloudy then sunny, cloudy now sunny. i got you. it's a little bit of a mixed bag, that's for sure. as we head to parts of long island, yeah, 50 degrees there. this is less in little neck, and his comment is bring in the plants, tie down items that could fly away. yeah, you really should because the wind will be incredibly dangerous. now earlier in the week we had a windy day. it will pale in comparison to what we're going to have. the hudson valley, we have cooler temperatures there, it's 48 degrees where she is. let's take a live look outside see what we're dealing with. you can see the clouds, our weather watchers commenting about the clouds. we're partly sunny right now, 5 degrees, winds out of the south at 14 miles per hour. the rain is over for now, but we are expecting a rain/snow mix late tonight, and those winds as i mentioned, really really ramp up. highs around the area today, 64
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central park and laguardia, not too far behind reporting highs of 61. bridgeport and islip in the 50s. 61 today for central park puts us a full 5 degrees above where we should be. i hope you had a chance to enjoy it. we will not be feeling above normal at all as we head into tonight. a little bit of rain out there right now, but we look off to the west, it is this clipper system that is our main concern in terms of being a snow maker. we've got a cold front. we've got this other clipper system. we're talking about windy conditions and also this rush of cold air. you put it together, it's an unpleasant combination. just after midnight, 1, 1:30 in the morning we're looking at this first line coming through. we're talking about heavy rain. then we're talking about some snow. early sunday morning we are looking at relatively widespread snow showers out there. then we continue to see a little bit more snow, a little bit of lingering snow before it all starts to move away. take a look, we're talking about a mainly rain event as we head for long island and down the jersey shore.
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a coating to an inch. north and west of that, we could see 1 to 2 inches. basically what we're looking at is we will see the wind increase. we get a rain/snow mix, 36 degrees, and of course this is very significant. we do have these high wind warnings in effect for most of the area. they remain in effect until 2:00 sunday afternoon. we're talking it will feel like it's between 5 and 20 degrees well north and west of the city. for most of us between 20 and 30 degrees is what it's going to feel like late tonight and early tomorrow. tomorrow's high is only 42 degrees, but with those winds it will feel colder. we start to rebound very nicely on monday, but still kind of a soggy start. tuesday chilly but at least it's sunny looking a little better. >> i'm glad i didn't do my spring cleaning. i have all my boots out. i'm ready to. >> okay. >> you have to hang on to them today. kind of crazy. >> thank you. today is world autism awareness day. people across the globe are lighting blue to shine a spotlight on autism in hopes of raising money and raising awareness. new york city sanitation is
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more than 2500 trucks and street sweepers are displaying the lighted up blue poster. as you can see here, the wheels are also painted blue. this is the 8th annual world autism awareness day. still ahead a preview of tonight's final four, plus a fight to the finish for the islanders in and rangers.
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sports. an exciting time on the court and the ice. steve overmyer is here with sports. >> baseball's about to begin as college basketball is opening. we're getting ready to get into playoffs and hockey. both the rangers and the islanders will make the playoffs.
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mainly avoiding the top team in the league in washington. the isles would love to have this first round matchup. the penguins have won 11 of 12 and pittsburgh assaulted john van swab rue by a for five goals on 33 shots. the islanders move down to the final wild card spot as they get blanked 5-0. the penguins now lead the rangers by 3 for second place in the standings which means a nice advantage in the opening round of the playoffs. doesn't it seem like just yesterday our brackets were being broken by middle tennessee state. here we are in the final four. syracuse has a chance to become the first unranked national champion ever. their game's later tonight. villanova and oklahoma just started. villanova has a recent history of early exits. in the dance they're hitting everything this year. their shooting percentage is the second best in tournament history.
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with a player of the year candidate, buddy heel of oklahoma. he is expected to be the top pick of the nba draft. >> i think he moves without a basketball at a speed and with a level of intelligence that no one else we've played does. i think that's what's going to make him a great pro. a lot of times the great college players have the ball in their hands all the time, he's so good. you just don't play against anybody like that. we're about a month out from the kentucky derby in may. we still have a handful of preparations to get to. these are the horses that are trying to round out the final field. number 5 oscar nominated wasn't even nominated for a triple crown series but he held off to score 23-1 upset in the spiral stakes, oscar nominated can be added to the derby for $200,000. baseball's opening day is tomorrow. if you've been to the billion park recently, the game is secondary to these culinary specialties. that's why we brought in new
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wideman to show us some of the unique treats from ballparks across the nation. sit back and enjoy things like the burger izza. >> i might not see you after this. it might go dark after this. here it goes. my arteries are crying. my taste buds are loving it though. >> they're loving it right? that's actually pretty good. >> how has somebody not thought of this before? >> that's a great question. i don't know. maybe all the people who were working on this idea were a little too under the influence to actually bring it to life. >> we had such fun just eating all of those. >> what was your favorite? >> it probably has to be the burger izza. it really did come through. i don't know what i expected, but it was better than expected. >> i know you put a plate aside. >> i know, everybody in the newsroom is loving all of this. that will be tonight. >> thanks steve. >> sure. that does it for cbs2 news at 6. for the entire cbs2 news
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joining us, we're back tonight
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we'll see you then. >> axelrod: campaign 2016 tonight. falling behind in wisconsin, under fire for his latest comment on abortion, donald trump refuses to rule out running as a third party candidate. >> when we meet at the convention, we'll see how we're treated. i want to see how we're treated. >> axelrod: also tonight, the exroortd new security at brussels airport. a preview of what could be coming to an airport near you. can a collar worp by humans


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