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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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up. >> i am 100% convinced that lacy spears is directly responsible for the death of garnett spears. >> cbsn, live news streaming to you. cbsn. cbs news. always on. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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right now a security scare in times square. streets blocked off and pedestrian plazas empty on a busy saturday night. the clues police found in a suspicious truck as the driver ended up in handcuffs. first, where did spring go? a triple threat of winter weather. snow, wind, and cold could lead
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just when you thought the cold weather was over, mother nature throws us a curve ball several weeks into spring. the storm that is headed our way sent bricks flying in chicago, and in indiana, power lines toppled during the storm. what can we expect over the next few hours? elise finch has the answers. >> reporter: well, cindy, we can expect damaging winds, downed trees, downed power lines, not out of the question. it's hard to tell it doesn't look that dramatic. looks like rain and snow, but we have a clipper system a fast- moving area of low pressure, and we will see the damaging winds with this system, and we are looking at the vortex satellite and radar, a little bit of rain, and not a ton of moisture. the precipitation is not the big story with the system. it's the winds. right now, not impressive. calm winds in edison, white plains, and in greenwich, 13 miles an hour. 14 for the hamptons, and not
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at midnight a high wind warning going into effect. midnight tonight to 2:00 this afternoon, we could see gusts as high as 60 miles an hour, and we could absolutely see sustained winds of 40 miles an hour. damaging winds overnight tonight, and we will see the winds increasing over the next hour. rain and snow mixing as well. 36degrees, and it will be cold overnight with the winds feeling colder. cindy, i will have more coming up in the full forecast. a suspicious truck forces an evacuation in times square. the heart of manhattan cleared out on a packed saturday night, and cbs 2's brian conybear is -- conybeare is live with more. >> reporter: there were suspicious-looking items in the front of this truck, and there's georgia plates on it, even though it's a brooklyn business listed on the side.
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police had to clear out thousands of people from times square just before 8:00 on a busy saturday night, and they evacuated the entire area, and they even brought in barricades to keep people a safe distance away from this white beatup truck. it's right outside of two major theaters and the marriott march marquee hotel. inside were suspicious wires on the front seat and one gas can in the cap. the american eagle outfitters store nearby and other businesses were locked down as a precaution. >> they closed the store, and we went into the back. we couldn't go outside. it was crazy. >> reporter: the evacuation an eerie sight. in this video from earth cam, times square looking like you have probably never seen it, the streets completely empty, and even broadway's hottest musical hamilton was affected
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the audience was issued to the basement by police. robert puet's son was there. >> he texted me 10 minutes after it should have started and he was told there was a bomb threat. >> reporter: police swarmed the suspicious truck, and the bomb squad determined there was no truck. the unidentified driver was eventually located, handcuffed, and taken into custody for questioning. it reminded many of 9/11 and the 2010 failed terrorist bombing in times square that was stopped by quick-thinking street food vendors. >> reporter: because of the evacuation that woman was not allowed to get into her broadway show "finding neverland" and she is hoping to get a refund or a ticket to tomorrow's show, and again, the bomb squad did come in, and police have given the all
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back to what passes for normal here on times square on a saturday night. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. earlier today there was an evacuation at the port authority bus terminal. you can see people waiting outside adds police investigated, sources tell cbs 2 that a suspicious package was found in the south wing around 2:00 this afternoon. the port authority police gave the all clear an hour and a half later. no word on what the package had inside. police also checked out a suspicious car that was abandoned with the door opened. new video tonight of a slashing that started with a fight over cereal. it happened during a heated confrontation with a store manager and a suspected thief in the bronx. police say the man tried to leave the pioneer store on white plains road yesterday without paying for the box of fruity pebbles. the manager stopped him, and the man attacked with a small knife, slashing him on the cheek.
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a 103-year-old woman robbed in her apartment building. tonight police say they have the suspected attacker in custody. dave carlin reports for coop city. the crime is not breaking the victim's spirit. >> reporter: louise signores a 103-year-old who is tougher than she looks. surviving a brutal robbery that left her battered and sore. >> my hands, my head, my back, my neck. >> reporter: the senior has lived here for 45 years, and she's under 5'0", and she is legally blind and hard of hearing, and therefore she must have appeared to be an easy mark. police say this woman in handcuffs, 53-year-old sharon mcneil followed her into the building and robbed and assaulted her.
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premade meals signore picked up at the senior center and her purse. >> desperate. that's all. they took $35 because i had two separate purses. >> reporter: also in the purse, a magnifying class for reading and bingo cards, and that's the loss that seems to bother signore the most. >> that's what i miss, my bingo. >> reporter: she's charged with robbery, assault, and harassment. >> reporter: her neighbors in this building say they will continue to check on her to make sure she is comfortable, safe, and fed. >> she is a nice, sweet woman, and since i work here, i know her, and she is very nice. i know a lot of people are going to look at her and get more attention. >> this is not going to keep me from going out. >> reporter: signore says becoming a crime victim at 103 will not define or change her. in coop city, the bronx, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. police say the suspect underwent a psychiatric evaluation at jacobi hospital,
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a man tries to break up a fight in a car shop in brooklyn and ends up getting shot. the nypd is looking for this man. he shot the 42-year-old victim in flat bush, and the victim was rushed to kings county hospital in critical condition. it's unclear what started the fight. nearly 2 weeks after the deadly terror attack at belgium's biggest airport, three flights will take off tomorrow. the three brussels' airline departures will be under tightened security. it's been closed since march 22nd when suicide bombers struck, killing 16 people. full passenger service is expected to be restored end of june, beginning of july. police in brussels detained two dozen demonstrators at the site of the terror attacks. they were protesting islamaphobia. the city banned all forms of
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last weekend where a group of protesters disrupted a peaceful gathering. a rare showing of regret from donald trump in an interview with the new york times says he made a mistake tweeting an unflattering picture of ted cruz's wife. it is just 3 day before the wisconsin primary. >> reporter: candidates are all over wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary, and for the republican front runner, donald trump, losing in the badger state would make it harder to clinch the party's nomination. he took on criticism this week for comments about abortion in an interview for tomorrow on face the nation, trump says he's not ready to change the abortion laws. >> the laws are set, and i think we have to lead it that way. >> reporter: ted cruz is leading with a 10-point margin. >> nominating donald trump could be a train wreck. >> reporter: wisconsin has 42
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even if cruz were to win the primary, it's not enough to keep the open convention from happening. >> i can't win enough to get to the convention with enough delegates, and neither can cruz. donald trump would have to win, probably better than 60%, and as you know, he has never gotten anywhere close to that. >> reporter: on the democratic side, 86 delegates are at stake, and the rice is getting ugly. protesters disrupting clinton at a recent event. >> she wince, we lose. >> oh, i know, the bernie people came to say that. we are very sorry you are leaving. >> reporter: >> reporter: the latest poll shows bernie sanders with the lead over hillary clinton's campaign. sanders had a western sweep last week wednesday with washington, hawaii, and alaska. >> there's been some concern as to whether or not bernie sanders could win a general election. the last poll that i saw here
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state 19 points ahead of donald trump. [ cheers ] >> reporter: overall clinton is still ahead in the total delegate count. clinton's delegate count includes 469 superdelegates who have pledged to support her, and sanders only has 31 superdelegates. a plane falls out of the sky, landing on a car, and investigators reveal a twist with the same highway and the same plane from 16 years ago. and a man gets arrested because of a red light camera, but he wasn't driving. the crime he's accused of committing and why others are supporting him. a man dangling from a moving school bus and holding on to the mirror. why the driver didn't stop. there's just a handful of games left in the nhl regular season. this is the time of the year the rangers normally pick it up. will they do it again? why would you put mac & cheese
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t,inif he otrstt a mm yorellig b? ner tt i n'kn iheik tt.ahrtf e mpterefa a strange twist involving a small plane that crash landed on a freeway in southern
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today. the plane plowed into the back of a car stopped on the side of the road after it crashed on its belly. a woman inside of the car was killed, and the driver and two others were injured. the pilot and passengers in the plane were also seriously hurt. the investigators revealed the same plan landed safely on the same road 16 years ago, and a previous owner was at the controls at the time. they are the cameras posted at traffic lights that catch drivers going through red lights, but not everyone is a man. some in suffolk county seem to have taken their dislike to a whole new level. red light cameras that have many seeing red at the corner of main and landing where police caught brian valentine placing plastic bags over the cameras friday at 5:30 p.m. >> no comment. >> reporter: the father of the
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awaits arraignment for charges of criminal tampering. >> i'm here to support brian valentine. >> reporter: man calls himself the red light robin hood, stephen roof. he has been arrested several time tampering with cameras which he calls a money grab. >> many people have been killed because of the shortening of yellow lights for revenue. people are not afraid to go to jail. >> reporter: this is not the first time someone has tried to stop the cameras. >> every couple of weeks someone does something to it. >> reporter: gary rothman works next to one of the smithtown red light cameras. >> last week someone went up and put stickers on the camera. >> reporter: suffolk county says it's a matter of safety, reducing crashes at intersections and saving lives. >> i don't like the red light cameras, but i don't think it's right to go around and mess up things like that. >> reporter: mixed feelings about the apparent act of civil disobedience.
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movement that makes people heroes. if we all did it, they couldn't arrest us all. >> reporter: steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> scary moments for several young children on a boston school bus. video shows the driver taking off with a man clinging on to the side mirror. the man being dragged is james burdette. he was upset after his 5-year- old daughter's bus stop was changed to a different location. he admits he tried to stand in front of the bus to make the driver to let his child off. >> i said i want my daughter and that's it. he accelerated, hit my lag, and was drug all the way down, hanging on to the window for dear life. >> the bus driver was placed on paid leave and told the officers the father was punching on the door and he drove away because he felt it wasn't safe for the children. the school is investigating.
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on the fast-moving storm. elise? >> things are interesting. i want to check in and see what temperatures they are reporting at 11:18 at night, and. things are cooler around the area. upper 40 and 50-degree temperatures, kathy say it's 50 where she is. waiting on the next storm to start. bring in your plants. good advice. you want to bring in anything that can blow around. the winds will be picking up. 50-degrees to 40 degrees well north and far west of the city this is charlie in narrowsburg, and this is 40 where he is. he says the temperatures are starting to dip. they are. things are getting interesting out there, and let's take a look. this is high atop of the empire state building, and it's cloudy. 51degrees, winds out of the south, southwest at 13 miles an hour, and i want to show you where this is. this is 61 degrees, and that was the high temperature of 56 where we should be. in spite of the rain and clouds, the periods of that we
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normal, and now i mentioned things are getting interesting, and here it is, a severe thunderstorm warning issued for mercier county, and it's in effect until mid-night, and we are seeing the severe weather moving in. the system is capable of producing more, and let's talk about it. here's your vortex satellite and radar, and here it is. we are watching this system moving in and we will see this one line of strikes, that's headed to mercier county, not only do we have to deal with the potential for severe thunderstorms, very, very likely as we continue over the next couple of hours, but also snow and the winds will be a huge player tonight. turning on the futurecast, and here it. is this is the line of showers, and thunderstorms that are going to move across the area, and then we are going to see snow early tomorrow morning, and we will get a break from the system as we head throughout the remainder of the day on sunday. cold and windy, and headed into
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possibility, and as more people are concerned about opening day for baseball, look at more rain. we will see one line moving across at noon, and again at 4:00 or 4:30, and we are seeing additional showers there. what kind of precip? mostly a rain event. new york city out to long island, down the jersey shore, north and west, could see a coating to 1 inch on the grassy surfaces, the winds, huge issue. the high wind warning in effect in 40 minutes. midnight to 2:00 p.m. on sunday. damaging winds. could see gusts up to 60 miles an hour. tomorrow's high is only in the 40s, and when you cup it will -- couple it with the winds it will feel like the 20s. it's cold and windy for all of your sunday. get ready for that. >> all right, well at least we had a nice winter. >> we did! elise and i are wearing blue here, and that's because it's world autism awareness day.
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wearing blue to shine a spotlight on autism in hopes of raising awareness and money. the new york city sanitation department is part of the campaign. the trucks and street sweepers are displaying the light it blue poster. the stage is set for the ncaa championship game and the rangers have a chance to clinch the playoffs tonight.
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skate into the playoffs, and steve overmyer is here with sports. >> time is running out in the regular season. the rangers pick up their game. three of the last four years, the rangers made it to at least the conference finals, and again, they pushed all the chips to the middle of the table for the trading deadline, and now they need to make it count. a chance to clinch with a win over the sabres, and this is not the start they are looking for. lundgvist was pulled after giving up 3 in the first 9 chances, and new york would fight back, making it 4-3 in the 3rd, and they had plenty of opportunities including the 2- man advantage for a full 2 minutes, but they were unable to convert that into the goal. the rangers fall 4-3, and then the news got worse for the islanders who could not take care of business against the penguins. pittsburgh assaulted for 5 goals, 33 shots, and the islanders moving down to the
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blanked 5-nil, and the rangers are three points back for 2nd place and more importantly home ice advantage as well. not much the devils are doing these days. they finally got back corey schneider. the net minder missing a month be a knee injury, and he didn't get a warm welcome back in tampa. the devils fall short, 3-1. the college basketball national championship is hit. north carolina and villanova. the tarheels won over syracuse convincingly. villanova won by 44 points. a few preparations before we get to the kentucky derby. oscar nominated was not nominated to the triple crown series, but he got the 21-3 upset. he will be added to the derby
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$200,000. florida today decided the favorite for the kentucky derby. first and second horses both undefeated, and nyquist dusting him down the stretch that will set up a rematch for the kentucky derby. baseball's opening night is tomorrow, and there's a recent trend. the ballpark has become the breeding ground for innovative food options, and tonight the nyc food guy joined me to show off the culinary classics like the burgerizza, and the bacon on a stick, but who thinks of hot dogs and cracker jacks on a pita bun. we are not done! >> and last but certainly not least, the best part, caramel sauce. you have the honors, and then i
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>> how can you say no to that? >> this is food porn at its finest people, oh, yeah, watch that. >> how am i going to fit this in my mouth? >> there's only one way to do it. >> i have already lost it. it's falling apart on me. >> go big or go home! >> oh! >> steve! >> i'm still alive. >> yeah, but all that stuff. >> i have to be honest, it looked disgusting. how did it taste? >> you should not be eating spicey foods with sweet foods. you can't ingest it all at the same time. individually, they are pretty good. >> thank you for trying it for
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(sighs) (elevator bell dings) may i? oh. uh, no, sorry. i'm, uh, saving them. this isn't a game, mr. stack.


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