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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  April 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> right now dangerous winds and hail pound parts of the tri-state area. trees and toppled fences are blown over. plus, yes, folks, snow. live with eye on the storm coverage on this wild weather also. >> because of the storm we went to the back. we couldn't go outside or on the floor. it was crazy.
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what officers noticed about an abandoned truck that locked down businesses on a busy saturday night. >> nearly two weeks after a deadly terror attack, the first flights are set to take off at brussels airport. live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news this morning. >> good morning. it's 6 a.m. on it sunday, april 3rd. today's top story are straight ahead. winter makes a comeback with a vengeance. powerful winds have toppled trees in parts of newark. hail came down in woodland park and little falls, new jersey. >> we did say it's april 3rd, right? >> yes. >> that was the true correct date? >> yes, it is. >> vanessa murdoch, you have some explaining to do. >> hail is typical of april.
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sweeping behind those storms. let's start off on the vortex satellite and radar picture. this system moving on out. hey, some of us are seeing snow this morning. as we make our way through the city and the south shore of long island, it is in the form of rain. it's going to be out of here by 10:00 a.m. in the meantime, it's windy. winds gusty to go 45 belmar, 38 in the city, 37 in sparta. wind gusts could be as high as times of 60 miles per hour. it's possible. do we get there? i think we come close. i think most of those numbers will be closer to the 40 to 45-mile-per-hour mark. as far as the wind chills, this is what it feels like right now, it feels like 28 in the city. feels like 17 in monticello wind chills across the board in the 20s. as we roll through the day we are going to warm into the low 40s. it will feel like the 20s and 30s with these incredible winds that will persist through much of the day today.
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hour, expect partly sunny skies and a dry afternoon. yeah, it's interesting stuff. you know what? another chance for snow tomorrow. certainly anticipating a slick morning commute. forecast. dick, over to you. >> vanessa, thanks very much. >> our eye on the storm coverage conditions in new jersey. powerful storms knocked down several fenceposts and panels. it wiped out this stair railing at the entrance of this home. >> magdalena with a look at the damage this morning. >> reporter: good morning, dick and andrea. i was just talking to jose rodriguez who lives in this home behind us. as you can see, the damage is severe. if you look at the top floor of his home, this is his son's bedroom we can see directly here. he says these high whipping gusty winds knocked the window out, sent a television flying down from the second floor to the ground.
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on the ground is severe as well. there is all kinds of lawn furniture and trash cans and a basketball net as well as a small tree down here. a lot of issues to residents here in raritan, new jersey. these are viewer photos and overnight. in other parts of new jersey, we were seeing large pieces of hail coming down blanketing the area with thunderstorms and things like that. we also saw someone showing photo of hail the size of a penny on their hand. these kinds of storms feel very unusual, especially for this time of year, vanessa mentioned , we are feeling wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. as you can see, the damage has been done. the neighbors tell me they
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has happened out here yet. go into their backyards or go into certain rooms of their homes because these winds are still whipping out here. so we will have more coming up in another live report. for now we are raritan, new jersey. >> thanks. >> it's not just here. the windy city of chicago got a coating through saturday. one man tried to quickly put on his gloves as temperatures dipped into the 20s and gusts topped 40 miles per hour. the storm sent bricks and part of a roof flying in the city. and in indiana power lines, traffic lights and trees toppled during the storm. at one point over 1600 homes were without power. you can have the forecast any time with cbs new york weather app. you can also check live radar and send us your weather pictures and video. it's free in the itunes store. >> times square is back to normal this morning after a suspicious truck forced police to evacuate the area. last night for a time the
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determined there was no threat. cbs2's brian coneybeare has more from times square. >> reporter: police had to clear out thousands of people from times square just before 8:00 on a busy saturday night. they evacuated the entire area. even bringing in barricades to keep people a safe distance way from this beat up white box truck found abandoned on 46th street near broadway. that's outside of two major theaters and the marriott marquee hotel. it wasn't running but the keys were in the ignition. inside a set of suspicious wires on the front seat and a gas can in the gab. the american eagle outfitter store nearby and other businesses were locked down as a precaution. >> they closed the store. we went into the back. we couldn't go outside or on the floor. it was crazy. >> reporter: the evacuation an eerie sight. in this video of earth cam times
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musical, hamilton, was affected by the square. robin pruitt's son was there. >> he texted me 15 minutes hamilton should have started and said they were evacuating the theater and he was told that there was a bomb threat. >> reporter: police swarmed the suspicious truck and the bomb squad determined there was no threat. squad determined there was no threat. the unidentified driver seen here was eventually located, handcuffed, and taken into custody for questioning. the incident coming in the wake of the brussels terror attacks reminded many of 9/11 and the 2010 failed bombing in times square. >> it's eerie when something like that happens. it was eerie here thinking about that. >> no word on whether that driver will face any charges. another evacuation. this one at the port authority bus terminal. this was the scene yesterday afternoon. sources tell cbs2 a suspicious package was found in the south wing about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. port authority police gave the all clear an hour and a half later. no word what was inside the package. police also checked out a suspicious car that waistband under with the door open on the upper -- abandoned with the door open. a man's body was found in middle island. suffolk county police say a dog walker found the body yesterday afternoon in a wooded area behind a issuedered department store on middle degree road. investigators say 26-year-old alexander incorvia had been shot to death. he was reported missing on thursday. and police released new video of a slashing incident in the bronx they say started over a fight over cereal. investigators say a man tried to leave the pioneer store on 3942 white plains road friday without paying for a box of fruity pebbles. the start manager stopped him and police say the man slashed him on the cheek with a small knife.
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brussels airport partially re-opened today nearly two weeks after terror attacks that left 32 people dead. three brussels airlines flights are scheduled to flight for your mean destinations. the airport has been closed since march 22nd when suicide bombers attacked the airport and a metro station. full passenger service is expected to be restored by the end of june or beginning of july. >> police in brussels arrested at least two dozen protesters at a memorial site for the victims of those terror attacks. they were chanting on the steps of the square in a demonstration against islam phobia. the city banned all forms of protest following an incident last weekend where a group of right wing protesters disrupted a peaceful gathering. >> 6:09. police make an arrest in a violent robbery involving a 103-year-old woman. >> i am going to go out. this is not going to keep me from going out. >> where the officers found the suspect and the one thing she is
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elderly victim misses the most. >> plus, a woman killed when a plane crash lands on a busy freeway. the bizarre twist involving the same highway and the same plane from 16 years ago. and the tar heels and the wildcats are the last dancing. first, here is vanessa murdock with another check on the forecast. >> high-wind warning in effect. gusts as high as 60 miles per hour today. in addition, some snow moving through. this is not the last mention of snow in the forecast. so stick around. i have details coming up. first a check on the community
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>> in campaign 2016, a rare show of regret from donald trump. in an interview with the "new york times," trump says he made a mistake last month by re-tweeting an unflattering picture of senator ted cruz's wife. >> it comes after a difficult week for the trump campaign and two days before the wisconsin primary. cbs2's cindy hsu has more. >> reporter: candidates are crisscrossing wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. for the republican frontrunner donald trump losing in the badger state would make it harder to college the party's nomination. in an interview on "face the nation," trump says he is not ready to change abortion laws. >> the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> reporter: according to the
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the gop race with a 10 point margin. >> dominating donald trump could be a train wreck. >> reporter: wisconsin has 42 republican delegates up for grabs. and even if cruz were to win the primary, still wouldn't be enough to keep an open convention from happening. >> we are going to go to an open convention. there is no question. i can't win enough to get to the convention with enough delegates and neither can cruz. donald trump would have to win better than 60%. as you know, he is never got anywhere close to that. >> reporter: on the democratic side, 86 delegates at stake and the race is getting ugly. protesters disrupting clinton at a recent event. >> i know the bernie people came to say that. we are sorry you're leaving. >> reporter: the latest poll shows bernie sanders with a narrow lead over hillary clinton. that's good news for the sanders campaign after winning five of the last six contests. idaho, utah, then a western
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hawaii, and washington. >> there has been some concern as to whether or not bernie sanders could win a general election. the last poll that i saw here in wisconsin had us in your state 19 points ahead of donald trump. >> reporter: but overall clinton is still ahead in the total delegate count. cindy hsu, cbs2 news. >> now, clinton's delegate count includes 469 super delegates who helped pledge her support. sanders has 31 super delegates. this morning, john dickerson on "face the nation" goes one on one with donald trump to discuss his recent controversies and their impact on the campaign. also a preview from john at 8:00. >> one person has died after a small plane crash lands on a southern california freeway. the plane plowed into the back of a car stopped on the side of the road. after it crashed on its belly yesterday morning, a woman inside the car was killed. the driver and two others injured.
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also hurt. it turns out that same plane made headlines back in 2000 when road. major league catcher matt nokes >> an odd night. wind blowing through the houses. outside. vanessa murdock is here. least? >> it's slowing down, but the wind will be powerful. the cracking thunder, you know, that's over. but the little bit of snow, the winds, that will persist. the winds will be an all-day affair. the snow will be short lived through the morning. show you what's happening this morning. it's hard to see sometimes. this camera on the still side. we have got 37 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest at 29 miles per hour. gusting to 38 right now in the city. they are higher elsewhere. headlines. snow showers early. much colder today.
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teens and those strong winds will persist. so we do have a high-wind warning in effect through 6:00 tonight. what basically happens is at noon the wind warning ends for the city around 3 for much of long island and the east end. that warning holds on to 6:00 tonight. that's because winds could gusty as high as 60 miles per hour. system number one moving through right now. very, very quickly. you can see the snow showers sweeping on through. it's rain for some. snow for those mainly north of the city. as we go through the morning hours, it makes a quick exit again by 10:00 a.m. we are done with it. that's system number one. system number two impacts the forecast tomorrow and, yes, involves a little more snow. so let's break it down for you hour by hour so you know what to expect. quickly clearing out with the snow. we will have partly sunny skies this afternoon. it will be windy and cold. then overnight tonight into the morning tomorrow the clouds return. the wet weather follows. here we are at 6:30 tomorrow
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that a.m. commute. note snow north of the city. a windtry mix. through the morning rain for most of us. still holding on to snow for sullivan, ulster and dutchess counties. going through the day continued chance of rain. it even be heavy as you make the drive home and still snowing to the north in the city. well north of the city sullivan, ulster and duchess, north of 84, we think we could pick up 1-2 inches of snow. it is totally possible. for the most part, around the city east, south it stays totally rain. it will be an unfortunately unpleasant start to your work week and it will still be on the cool side. just warmer than today. tuesday will be sunny, but very cold. today frigid. 42 will feel like the 20s and teens. early flakes in the afternoon, partly sunny skies. winds could gusty as high as 60 miles per hour. more of us will see the 40-mile-per-hour range. overnight the winds settle and we will begin to see flakes and
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morning. 34 degrees will feel like the teens and 20s. tomorrow we are looking at periods of rain. a high of 50. and again those morning and evening commutes could be impacted, especially in the evening. we saw that line moving through. that could bring heavy downpours, maybe some localized flooding. as we make our way into tuesday it's sunny, 43, and breeze. wednesday 49 degrees. a little bit warmer. thursday rain returns. 58. then watch what happens on friday. 46 degrees. do you see the snowflake? yes. again we have a chance for snow to sweep through. 47 next saturday. very much below seasonable with the expectation of thursday. normal high in the mid 50s. it does look like next sunday we finally start to see temperatures warming above the norm again. >> a week from today? >> a week from today. >> okay. >> all right. to arrive.
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winter in april. >> thank you, vanessa. >> well, the time is 6:19. a fight over red light cameras gets a man arrested. so why are some people supporting his actions? and high end steakhouse quality this week's dining deal.
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morning. >> a classic steakhouse with a celebrity chef and affordable prices has a new location in new jersey. >> tony tantillo pays a visit to america cut for this week's dining deal. >> you don't normally think of a steakhouse with a name brand chef as a go to spot for a dining deal. at american cut, that's what you find. >> we are going outside of new york city to places like inglewood cliffs and trying to
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neighborhood restaurant. >> reporter: the chef presents beautifully crafted dishes to offer a new take on a classic steakhouse fare. >> and your quality? >> i started with a tempting caesar's salad. >> the original caesar's salad was mixed and chopped table side. so we are trying to bring it back. this is the original 1924 caesar salad. >> reporter: this is a generous portion for $12. another treat. a classic pastrami on rye. they make it in house and it takes over a month to prepare it to perfection. this half-pound sandwich is $17. >> you don't see pastrami and rye unless you are in a jewish deli in new york city. >> reporter: i know. and how is this for a steakhouse classic? steak tartare. a table in upscale restaurants and here for $19. it's uniquely served.
6:24 am
to its roots and put it on top of a hot piece of bone marrow. >> reporter: the burger. >> the bun is made in house. the cheese is made in house. the onions are in house. the burger is ground in house. everything is made from scratch on this plate. >> reporter: this is perfection for $18. i got to tell you, i am really impressed. >> thank you. >> american cut is located at 495 sylvan avenue in inglewood cliffs. cliffs. time now is 6:24. letters, phone calls, knocks at the door. a brooklyn brownstone owner says his home is not for sale. why do people keep trying to buy it? we see him in the grocery stores, but how do you know how
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do it yourself arrangements to bring a touch of spring to your
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>> the quest for a title continues for the syracuse women's basketball team. they take on the university of washington tonight at 8:30. >> sadly, the men's team ran out of juice last night. here is steve obermeyer with your cbs2 update. >> for the buzzer beaters and shocking endings in the first weekend of the dance, the final four was full of blowouts but it's setting up what could be a sensational national championship. final four in houston, texas. villanova's shooting percentage the secondhighest in tournament history. last night they shot 71% in a 44 point rout over oklahoma. that is the most dominating final four win in tournament history. 95-51. >> and the clock finally struck midnight for syracuse. this year's cinderella reaching the final four as a ten seed. but they were out matched by the only top seed left in the dance. north carolina wins convincingly 83-66.
6:28 am
carolina on monday night for the national championship. also, opening night in baseball is tonight. the mets visiting the kansas city royals in a rematch of last year's world series. i am steve obermeyer. have a great day. >> city little leaguers were not going to let a little rain get in the way of their opening day in brooklyn. mayor de blasio yesterday attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony in prospect park in the morning. they also celebrated the opening of the newly renovated field. many brought along umbrellas they festivities. it? >> i hope not. i didn't get a good look. we know the mayor and his dubious fan. he does have that -- >> he does. go mets tonight, right? >> yeah. he doesn't go to yankee games. we know that. >> the time is 6:28. up next, today's top stories including eye on the storm coverage of this weekend's really wild weather.
6:29 am
damage through new jersey. we speak to this homeowner who lost his window during this storm. it's coming up in a live report. a heart pounding scene straight out of a movie. a man dangling from a moving school bus and holding on to the mirror. why the driver did not stop. living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about botox , an fda-approved treatment that significantly reduces headache days for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month,
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>> right now hail, wind, rain and snow all overnight. we have live eye on the storm coverage with a look at the damage caused by this round of wild weather. plus this. >> this is not going to keep me from going out. >> a 103-year-old woman robbed over money and groceries, but not her dignity. >> we have been there so long. leave us alone. >> and this brownstone is not
6:32 am
"cbs2 news sunday morning" continues right now. live from studio 46 this is the cbs2 news this morning. >> good morning. it is just after 6:30 on this sunday, april 3rd. i am andrea grymes. >> i am dick brennan. a high-wind warning for the tri-state area overnight. wind gusts, you probably heard them, trees were snapping in newark. they blew out a window in the home of rare ton. >> we begin with vanessa it's not just the wind. there was snow and hail, too, >> yes. is the snow. the region. we will be dealing with high winds all day long. so there is still a risk for power problems. but the severe storms that rolled through last night are a thing of the past. let's look at the vortex
6:33 am
right now to show you just how swiftly this thing is moving. 50 miles per hour is how quickly those snow squall lines are sweeping through the region. we can see where it's snowing most heavily by looking at the reduced visibilities. there are pockets of snow on long island as well, but they are mainly getting rain. and as we go through the day the wet weather will quickly move out, but the winds will persist. a high-wind warning in effect to 6 p.m. tonight. with that it's possible winds will gusty as high as 60 miles per hour. some of the highest readings we have received so far this morning 51 at jfk. gusty to go 38 in the city right now. 43 belmar. with the winds and the much colder air in place, a high of 42 is going to feel like 30 this afternoon. but again after 10:00 we will be drying on out and we will start to see the sunshine return to the forecast. so partly sunny this afternoon and awfully windy. coming up we will talk about
6:34 am
likely bring a little more snow to the region tomorrow. andrea and dick, back to you. >> thank you. >> many people will be spending a lot of their weekend cleaning up after the storm pounded their neighborhoods. >> magdalena doris joins us live. is the wind still blowing where you are at? >> reporter: the wind is definitely blowing. just before my hit, the wind blew my hat off. as the sun comes up we can see and get a good picture of what the damage has been out here. this person, jose rodriguez, son's room is upstairs. the window was blown out. neighbors are batoning down the hatches, waiting inside until they can get out here, until the winds die down and get a better look at exactly what has been done overnight. a rariton, new jersey gusty up to 60 miles per hour have damaged homes. jose rodriguez has been up all
6:35 am
he doesn't know what to do after my winds knocked the window out of his son's room sending a television crashing from the second floor to the ground ripping down fences, sending outdoor furniture flying. when he opened his front door, he was knocked over by dangerous wind gusts. >> seen everything into my living room twirling around. my lamp broke. i was scared about getting electrocuted. and so on. so that's what i first saw, you know, what had happened. >> reporter: storms moved through woodland park, new jersey, flashes of lightning, and a downpour of hail blanketed streets. the clumps of hail falling the size of pennies. the dangerous winds spread through the area, uprooting trees in newark, new jersey. on palm street a large tree trunk crashed to the ground barely missing a parked minivan. newark police used chainsaws to clear fallen limbs and branches broken by high winds. this type of damage back here
6:36 am
can be seen through a few of these blocks here. i also see some crews coming out as well. i spoke to a woman who lives down the street. she says she is now calling around looking for new places to stay. her roof was really severely damaged in these windstorms. she is concerned she won't be able to stay in her apartment any more. unfortunately, as vanessa mentioned, we are still under the severe wind warnings and there may be some snow coming up later on as well. live in rariton, new jersey, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. >> thank you so much. >> and people in our area are not just dealing with downed trees and debris. they are waking up to power outages. con ed is reporting just over 1300 homes without power. pse & g in new jersey says nearly 6700 customers are in the dark this morning. and pseg long island reporting 2300 customers without power. >> police are searching for a
6:37 am
on a train in the bronx. it happened around 2:40 friday afternoon on a southbound 6 train. >> police say the woman who brutally robbed a 103-year-old woman in the bronx is off the streets and in custody this morning. cbs2's dave carlin reports from co-op city where the victim says she will not let the attack get her down. >> reporter: louise signore is plucky 103-year-old who is tougher than she looks surviving a brutal robbery inside her high-rise. it left her battered and sore. >> my head, my hands, my back, my neck. >> reporter: the senior has lived here 45 years. she is under 5' tall and she says she is legally blind and hard-of-hearing. and, therefore, must have appeared to be an easy mark. police say this woman in handcuffs, 53-year-old sharon mcneil, followed signore into
6:38 am
elevator with her and in the hallway on the eighth floor assaulted and robbed her. a break for police in this case was this security camera video of the suspect. she allegedly stole two premade meals signore picked up at a senior center and her purse. >> they are desperate. that's all. i don't know. they took about $35 because i have two purses. two separate purses. >> reporter: also in that stolen purse with a magnifying glass for reading and some bingo cards. and that's the loss that seems to bother signore the most. >> that's what i miss. my bingo. >> reporter: mcneil is charged with robbery, assault, and harassment. signore's neighbors in this bellamy loop building say they will continue to check on her to make sure she is comfortable, safe and fed. >> she is a nice, sweet woman. since i work here, i know her. she is very nice and i know a lot of people are going to look at her and get more, you know, attention. >> this is not going to keep me from going out. >> reporter: signore says
6:39 am
will not define or change her. in co-op city, the bronx, dave carlin, cbs2 news. >> police say the suspect has undergone a psychiatric evaluation at the hospital. >> a man is in critical condition after police say he was shot while trying to break up a fight inside a brooklyn car shop. the nypd is looking for this man. investigators say he shot the 42-year-old victim inside the leslie auto repair shop in flatbush yesterday afternoon. the victim is being treated at kings county hospital. cell phone cameras in elizabeth captured a home going up in flames. it happened yesterday afternoon on fulton street. residents filled the street to watch as smoke and flames shot from the windows. no one was hurt. it is still under clear what may have caused this fire. and in dumont, new jersey, firefighters rescued a cat from a house fire. this broke out just before 7:00 last night on the second floor of a home at 36 merit avenue.
6:40 am
underneath a couch and reunited it with its family. no one, no people, i should say, were hurt. >> a man is arrested because of a red light camera. he wasn't even driving. the crime he is accused of committing. >> a frightening scene takes place in front of school kids. a man jumps in front of a school bus but the driver did not stop. find out why. >> first, here is vanessa murdock. very busy in the weather center? >> yeah, wild weather overnight. it persists today in the form of strong winds and another storm system rolling through tomorrow. that will likely bring a little more snow. where exactly does it fall?
6:41 am
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coming up. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and new infrastructure for a new generation attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> take a look at this scene. witnessed by young children on a
6:43 am
shows the driver taking off with a man clinging to the side view mirror. this happened thursday afternoon. the man being dragged says he was upset after his five-year-old daughter's bus stop was changed to a different location. he admits he tried standing in front of the bus to make the driver let his child off. >> put my hand on. i just want my daughter. that's it. soon as i said it again, he then proceeded to go again, accelerated, hit my leg and i was dragged pretty much on the window all the way down hanging on to the mirror for dear life. >> the bus driver who is on paid leave said he drove away because he felt it was not a safe environment for the children on the bus and himself. the school is investigating. more drivers in suffolk county are taking their dislike to red light cameras to a new level.
6:44 am
bags over the cameras. the 26-year-old was arraigned on charges of criminal tampering. he got support at court from the man who calls himself the red light robin hood. steven ruth has been arrested several times for tampering with cameras which he calls a money grab. >> many people have been killed due to the shortening of yellow lights only for revenue. it's coming -- it's a war. people aren't afraid to go to jail. >> suffolk county says the red light program is a matter of safety and helps reduce crashes at intersections and saves lives. real estate is booming in bed-sty, brooklyn, for some that's not a good thing. >> one man is fed up with the offers to buy his home. he has posted a sign out front "not for sale." >> every week we get 20 to 30 people wanting to buy the house. >> reporter: a week? >> easily. >> reporter: jeffrey adams says the phone calls, letters and knocks on the door by people wanting to buy his bedford
6:45 am
this sign became a necessity. and it's drawing attention. >> i notice the beautiful house. wow, this is a really beautiful house. i thought, okay, maybe i should keep walking. that's a cool sign. >> i think it's great. he wants to be left alone. >> reporter: it reads, "home not for sale, don't ask! beware of sassy mouth owner ." >> that's your wife, not you? >> yeah. >> reporter: she was at work, so we gave her a ring. >> can we live in the house in our neighborhood? we have been there for so long. leave us alone. >> reporter: the sign is working. sort of. inquiries are down by half. just yesterday he got this handwritten note from another somebody wanting to buy. >> they come up to the ceiling. >> reporter: is this normal? >> yes. it's indicative because of the lack of inventory. >> reporter: david u del with exit realty says buyers priced out of manhattan want to move here. >> they are hunters and going out and trying to ascertain the properties. >> reporter: he says the best
6:46 am
>> it's annoying. >> reporter: lynette louis rogers says not only is it happening to her neighbors, it's happening to her. she is so fed up with the phone calls, she gives this response. >> i say yes, my home is for sale. and my starting price is $12.5 million. it's worth it to me. >> $5 million. >> reporter: adams says that's his make me sell price. >> i am not going to let it go. >> reporter: neither the home nor the sign. so don't ask. >> the highest offer adams received for his home $1.5 million. and that's actually the average of what some of those online websites estimate for the home. >> well, you know, those people should be happy because it beats the alternative when you are trying to sell. >> that is true. at least they know if they want to sell, they will have lots of buyers. potential buyers at least. >> that is the truth. >> 1% problem, i think that is? fun story. >> well, a lot of people at home, especially in parts of new jersey, have a lot of damage
6:47 am
crazy weather? >> the good news is those strong storms are over. the winds will persist. and some right now are dealing with a little bit of snow. so let's first check in with our weather watchers to see those reports. in fact, we have thundersnow reported up in albany. but north of the city here we are going to go 29 degrees right now. this report from chris acres. he says we have got some light snow falling. he is reporting 4 inches of snow that seems on the high end to me. i think more likely 1-2 for most. but the snow is making a rapid exit. this storm system moving out at 50 miles per hour. so what we're going to see for much of today is a mix of sunshine and clouds. we breezy conditions and very frigid temperatures. so live outside right now, you see this beautiful shot. we are seeing a little bit of sun. 37 degrees. west-northwest winds at 29 miles per hour. winds gusting to 38 in the city. we had a report of 51 miles per hour at jfk. what to expect from this forecast?
6:48 am
gusting winds through the afternoon. that high-wind warning remains in effected to 6:00 this evening. and then another messy day tomorrow. we are talking snow to start north of the city with rain for the rest of us, and temperatures really remaining well below normal for almost the entirety of your next week's forecast. here is the deal. what a drop from yesterday to today. it was 61. today 42. it will feel like the 20s and 30s because of the winds. tomorrow 50 with rain. snow north of the city. tuesday back to 43 with sun. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture, there is a rapidly exiting area of low pressure. in albany, if you watch closely, earlier we saw a lightning strike. guaranteed that's falling at 2- 3 inches per hour. they probably got a little bit of snow stacking up there. this is out of here by 10:00 a.m. and then we talk about what's making its way in for tomorrow. it's this area of low pressure
6:49 am
it will be sweeping on in bringing snow to start. overnight north of the city, and then rain for the most of us tomorrow. future wind gusts, here is the deal. windiest right now and as we roll through the day those winds will begin to subside. by 4:00 note what's happening. winds are gusting at about 30 west of the city, closer to 40 as we make our way to the east. then as we go overnight they really settle down. but tomorrow morning will still be a very cold start to your day. we are talking 30s and 20s. feeling like the teens and 20s. a freeze warning in effect for eastern long island. areas just north of the city also. then temperatures warm up to roughly 50 tomorrow. today early flakes giving way to partly sunny skies, 42 degrees with howling winds, gusts early as high as 60. overnight 34 degrees. winds will diminish. we will have late flakes developing mainly north and west of the city, and then again it
6:50 am
for the rest of us. tomorrow's a rainy day. so morning and evening commutes could be impact the. it's not a total washout. nonetheless, it is not a perfect beginning to your work week. 50 degrees is where we will be tomorrow. tuesday it's bright and beautiful, but cold at 43. wednesday 49. still breezy. viii on thursday with rain and another mention of some snow on friday. andrea, over to you. they say april showers bring may flowers. but you definitely do not have to wait that throng buy beautiful blooms. here in the city at least there seems to be flowers on every corner. here to give us tips on making beautiful arrangements for your home is arielle a, author of the flower workshop. welcome. such beautiful arrangements. your going to show us how to make one of them. before we get started, what is the one thing people should keep in mind when making an araping. like this? >> there is a few things. the first that i think is seasonality.
6:51 am
their peek. >> and which flowers are at their peak in our area? one of the finest times for flowers, tulips, narcissus, daffodils. it's a beautiful time of year. >> it is. different arrangements. first we will get started on this arrangement. show us how you do it. what do you use for a base? i notice you don't have baby's breath in any of these. what do you use for a base here? >> almost any kind of foliage or greenery. anything from your backyard. >> these are the special flowers. >> this kind of functions as a greenery, i think, in this arrangement. we are going to put it around the base. >> okay. some of these are cut already. you cut them on an angle. >> this is a very simple arrangement. >> these are creating kind of a
6:52 am
and then tell us about the flowers that you're putting in here. >> these are really beautiful parrot tulips. they are quite open. if you get them fresh, they are usually tight. they look like the little eggs. >> yes. >> but at this point -- >> is that a good rule of thumb? should they be closed? >> tulips should be tight, yes. another thing is recutting the stems before you put them in water. often people are surprised when they get flowers and they die. you have to recut the stems before you put them in water. >> every time? okay. talk about that beautiful orange arrangement and color when putting an arrangement together. what is a rule of thumb with color? >> i find a safe and successful way to combine colors is to build tone on tone. so this is a perfect example of
6:53 am
within one color field in this purple y color. it gives you a rich and satisfying experience of color to have many, many elements within that one color. >> your eye, when there is several different colors in one arrangement, your eye doesn't know where to go? >> exactly. >> and that arrangement on the end? >> similar to the tulips, these are the rose of spring. with halibor. they are sort of easily -- >> they are so cheerful. >> yeah. >> and then these simple carnations. >> totally simple. can find them anywhere. some more beautiful than others. you will find that there is a lot prettier varieties than there used to be. >> and these are just -- there is no base in this. you put in a beautiful vase? >> yes. having a good base makes a big difference. >> okay. we are almost done with this. how do we -- you could have done it -- >> no, no, no, no.
6:54 am
it looks really good. tulips, like you were saying? >> yep. >> now? >> and they drink a lot. so you also want to pay attention to the water levels when you have made an arrangement. make sure you top it at least once a day. >> at least once a day? >> yes. >> thank you so much. your book is available. there is more tips inside? >> yes, the flower workshop. >> thank you so much. if you missed any of arielle a's tips find them in her book and on our website spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go.
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blinds to go faux wood blinds combines the warmth of natural wood with modern durability to make any room beautiful for years to come. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. >> newsman anderson cooper has spent his career getting story, including a life story of his mother gloria vanderbilt. >> a rare chance to talk with mother and son about their lives and loves. >> here is the first movie of little gloria herself. >> she was born into one of america's wealthiest families. >> gloria vanderbilt is going on 13 now and quite a sports enthusiast.
6:57 am
beginning the world was fascinated by the trevails and adventures of glamourous gloria vanderbilt. her sensationalized childhood. her career as an actress, artist. >> stretch and lots of colors. >> reporter: and jeans designer. >> it's a shame to call them jeans. >> reporter: did you always have a sense that the whole world seemed to be watching everything you did? >> never. i still don't. i really do never read anything about myself. i do look at the picture though because i'm very vain, i guess. i hope -- >> vainty, vainty. >> vainty. always vainty. >> i think the public perception of her is very different than the person i actually know and she is 92 now. she has been making headlines from the time she was born.
6:58 am
the person that i know and the person that she really is. >> the secrets of gloria vanderbilt and anderson cooper and chris stapleton and megyn kelly at the center of the political storm. those stories and more this sunday morning beginning at nine right here on cbs2. >> facebook and instagram are not just for posting pictures of your vacation, maybe how adorable your kids are. they can help you get a job. coming up at 7:00, how to use your social media account to land your next gig. we will also check on the day's top stories and vanessa murdock's forecast when "cbs2
6:59 am
7:00. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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(avo) take a break from the expected. play wheel of fortune or any of the new scratch-off games from the new york lottery. >> right now dangerous winds and hail pound parts of the tri-state area. trees are toppled. fences are blown over.


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