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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  April 3, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> right now dangerous winds and hail pound parts of the tri-state area. trees toppled. fences blown over. plus, there is snow. we are live with the eye on the storm coverage of the wild weather. also. >> they closed this store. we went to the back. we couldn't go outside. it was crazy. >> a security scare clears out crowds in times square. what officers noticed about an abandoned truck. and nearly two weeks after a deadly terror attack, the first flights are set to take off at
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live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news this morning. >> good morning. it's 8 a.m. on this sunday, april 3rd. i am dick brennan. >> i am andrea grymes. the weather our top story with winter making a comeback. powerful winds have toppled trees in newark and overnight hail came down in woodland park. >> vanessa, some people have seen snow this morning? >> snow. we have seen reports of 4-5 inches. right now heavy snow falling on the east end of long island. in fact, falling in my hometown. what's happening is thankfully the snow is making a rapid exit. so still if you are out there driving, please are cautious on the roadways. let's take a look at the satellite and radar picture so you can see what i'm talking about.
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falling at a rapid pace. so we do expect almost whiteout conditions there. but it won't last long. and no, we don't have much snow elsewhere. so this system is really moving out quickly. by 10:00 most of us are dry. skies will be partly sunny today. and as we look at the visibility map, can you see where there is snow making an impact. the hamptons visibility down to a half mile. up in monticello visibility down to two miles. as we look at the wind gusts, this is really the biggest story now that the snow is moving out. it will be the winds. 45-mile-per-hour gusts now recorded in central park. in greenwich 44 miles per hour. and there were reports of a tree down on a power line in queens just because of these cranking winds. so for today windy early. they will start to subside later on. it will be cold all day long. right now it feels like 19 in newton. feels like 16spionk. central park feeling like 24 degrees. through the day this will make an exit.
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it will feel like the 20s and 30s for the duration of your sunday. so does it warm up? are we done with the snow in i will answer those questions in my full forecast. dick and andrea, back to you. >> thanks very much. >> our coverage continues in raritan, new jersey. that's where the powerful storm knocked down several fenceposts and panels and also wiped out this stair railing at the entrance of this home. >> cbs2's magdalena doris is live in raritan with a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: good morning, dick and andrea. the winds are still whipping and the damage here is severe left behind. anything that was loose outside or even tied or weighted down was pushed around by these strong wind gusts. as you can see, if you look up to the second floor of this building, the siding is now flopping in the wind. i would imagine anything that has been knocked loose overnight may have a chance of coming down later on today with these wind gusts.
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to 60 miles per hour have damaged homes. jose rodriguez has been up all night. he says he doesn't know what to do after high winds knocked the window out of his son's room, sending a television crashing from the second floor to the ground. ripping down fencing, sending outdoor furniture flying. when he opened his front door, he was knocked over by dangerous wind gusts. >> i seen everything in my living room twirling around. my lamp broke. so i was scared about getting electrified, electrocuted, and so on. so, i mean, that's what i first saw, you know, what had happened. >> reporter: storms moved through woodland park, new jersey. flashes of lightning and a downpour of hail blanketed streets. the clumps of hail the size of pennies. the dangerous winds spread through the area, uprooting trees in newark, new jersey. on palm street a large tree trunk crashed to the ground barely missing a parked minivan. on south orange avenue newark
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limbs and branches broken by high winds. back here live, neighbors say they have never felt something like this before in their neighborhood. others say they are concerned they may not be able to stay inside of their apartments because of severe damage to their roofs caused by this wind. as you can see, the wind is still blowing out here. we are under that high [ inaudible ]. >> you can see the wind is blowing so hard, it took out that shot there. but you can hear that wind howling. check this out. this is chicago. the windy city got a coating of snow through saturday. one man tried to quickly put on his gloves as the temperatures dipped into the 20s and winds gusty topped 40 miles per hour. the storm also sent bricks and part of a roof flying in the city. and in indiana power lines traffic lights, trees, they all came down during the storm. over 1600 homes were without power. keep track of the forecast any time with the cbs new york weather app. you can also check live radar and send us your weather
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>> the driver who police say left his truck unattended in times square last night has been released from custody. the truck raised serious suspicions and caused the area to be evacuated last night. for a time the crossroads of the world was empty until investigators determined there was no threat. cbs2's brian coneybeare has more from times square. >> reporter: police had to clear out thousands of people from times square just before 8:00 on a busy saturday night. they evacuated the entire area. even bringing in barricades to keep people a safe distance away from this beat up write box truck found abandoned on 46th street near broadway outside of two major theaters. it wasn't running, but the keys were in the ignition. inside a set of suses pushes looking wires on the front seat and a gas can in the cab. the american eagle out fitters store and other businesses locked down as a precaution. >> they closed the store.
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we couldn't go outside or on the floor. so, yeah, it was crazy. >> reporter: the evacuation an eerie sight. in this video from earth cam, times square looks like you probably have never seen it. the streets completely empty. even broadway's hottest musical hamilton was affected by the scare. the audience at the richard rogers theater was rushed to the basement by police. robin pruitt's son was there. >> he texted me about ten minutes after hamilton should have started and said that they were evacuating the theater and he was told that there was a bomb threat. >> reporter: police swarmed the suspicious truck and the bomb squad determined there was no threat. the unidentified driver seen here was eventually located, handcuffed, and taken into custody for questioning. the incident coming in the wake of the brussels terror attacks reminded many of 9/11 and the 2010 failed terrorist car bombing in times square. >> it's eerie when something scary like that happens.
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here thinking about that. >> and that driver was not charged, but he was issued a summons. >> another evacuation. this time at a port authority bus terminal. sources tell cbs a suspicious package was found in the south wing around 2:00. port authority police gave the all-clear about an hour and a half later. no word yet on what was inside the package. car also. time now 8:08. police make an arrest in a violent robbery involving a 103-year-old woman. >> i am going to go out. this is not going to keep me from going out. >> where officers found the suspect and the one thing she is accused of stealing that her elderly victim misses the most. there has been a lot of come ten tear this week that this has been the worst week in your campaign. a lot of people want to stop you. are they succeeding? >> i don't know it's been the
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i have had many bad weeks. >> john dickerson one on one with donald trump to success his recent controversies and their impact on his campaign. all right. windy out there this morning. take a look at the camera behind me. when did the wind settle and when do we warm up? wind chills today will be in the 20s and 30s. that's as warm as it will feel. i will have details coming up in my full forecast. first a check on the community
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>> in campaign 2016, a rare show of regret from donald trump. in an interview with the "new york times," trump says he made a mistake last month by re-tweeting an unflattering picture of senator ted cruz's wife. >> now, the admission comes after a brutal week for the trump campaign. two days before the wisconsin primary, cbs2's cindy hsu has more. >> reporter: candidates are crisscrossing wisconsin ahead of tuesday's primary. for the republican frontrunner donald trump, losing in the badger state would make it hardtory clinch the party's nomination. trump took on criticism this week for his comments on abortion. in an interview on "face the nation" trump says he is not ready to change abortion laws. >> the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> reporter: according to the latest poll, ted cruz is leading the gop race with a 10 point margin. >> wisconsin has 42 republican delegates up for grabs and even if cruz were to win the primary, still wouldn't be enough to keep
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happening. >> we are gonna go to an open convention. there is no question. i can't win enough to get to the convention with enough delegates, and neither can cruz. and donald trump would have to win, you know, probably better than 60%. as you know, he's -- he has never got anywhere close to that. >> reporter: on the democratic side, 86 delegates are at stake and the race is starting to get ugly. protesters disrupted clinton at a recent event. >> he wins, we lose. >> oh, i knows bernie people came to say that. we are sorry you're leaving. >> reporter: the latest polls show bernie sanders with narrow lead over hillary clinton. that's good news for the sanders campaign after winning five of the last six contests. idaho, utah, then a western sweep last weekend in alaska, my hawaii, and washington. >> there has been some concern as to whether or not bernie sanders could win a general election. the last poll that i saw here in wisconsin had us in your state
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trump. >> reporter: but overall, clinton is still ahead in the total delegate count. cindy hsu, cbs2 news. >> donald trump will talk about the recent challenges to his campaign with john dickerson this morning on "face the nation." >> john joins us live with a preview, good morning. >> that's right. we talked to donald trump on friday. we sat down with him and had a long back and forth about a variety of issues. everything from his campaign manager and the charges this week in connection with an altercation with a reporter to donald trump's position on abortion, which has seen some moves around this week, to his thoughts about nuclear weaponry. his meeting with his foreign policy advisors and that back and forth with the republican party, whether he is going to stick with the party. we will talk to the chairman of the republican party who met with donald trump this week about the state of their relationship and what it means if donald trump decides not to stick with the republicans. and then of course andrea dick, we will have our battleground tracker poll, which has new
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york and pennsylvania. those important contests. and then it put everything in context we will have our political roundtable as always. >> john, you got a lot going on. this morning's "new york times" has a front page piece talking about the electoral college and how trump would have a real challenge there. >> is this part of the reason why the so-called establishment doesn't want trump? >> yes. that's long been the worry. both about donald trump's position against hillary clinton in the general election in various states that really are the most important ones, but also the constituencies with women voters and minorities. also worry in republican ranks about what donald trump might do to other vulnerable candidates in the house and senate who are running in a year where there may be a womannen the other head of the ticket. it's not just that donald trump might not do well in the general election, but other republican candidates might be hurt as well. >> thank you. we look forward to watching your show and interview with donald trump later this morning.
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and a full hour of "face the nation" later this morning. that's at 10:30 right here on cbs2. happening today brussels airport partially reopens nearly two weeks after terror attacks that left 32 people dead. three brussels airlines flights are deaded to depart for european destinations. the airport has been closed since march 22nd when suicide bombers attacked the airport and a metro station. full passenger service is expected to be restored by the end of june or the beginning of july. and police in brussels arrested at least two dozen protesters at a memorial site for the victims of the deadly terror attacks. they were chanting on the steps of the square in a demonstration against islamophobia. the city band all forms of protest following an incident last week where a group of right wing protesters disrupted a peaceful gathering. >> it is opening day. >> it is. nicer news this morning. >> yes.
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you would never know if you were out this morning. >> no. opening day on the road for the mets. here at home it's wind. good thing they are not playing at citi field. >> the winds will be settling through the day. right now winds are gusting almost to 50 miles per hour. and it is snowing for some still this morning. the snow is moving on out. the winds will be powerful this morning and slowly getting lighter as the day progresses. let's take you live outside right now to show you a beautiful picture of the empire state building and one world trade. in the city conditions are dry. we know it is windy out there. partly sunny. 35 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest sustained at 35. gusting to 45 miles per hour. putting the wind chills down into the teens and low 20s this morning. so your headlines are this. skies are clearing. the storm system that did major damage last night is making a very quick exit. so skies will be clearing for all. much colder today than it's been. in fact, temperatures have been
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it will feel like the 20s and 30s and strong winds will persist through the morning hours. and there was snow. it is still snow falling for some. what are the totals like? rock hill, new york, 5 inches. monroe about 3. west milford, new jersey, picked up number 2.5 inches. in lebanon and oakland, new jersey, just a trace there. long island getting its share at this point in time. here is the big picture. low pressure moving quickly off the coast. i think boston's gonna get some good numbers out of this storm, especially eastern massachusetts in general. but for us a few more snow showers on the east end of long island. a little bit of rain across the twin forks and some snow as well. as we make our way through mid-morning, the wet weather is completely gone for everybody. still be windy. very cold. tomorrow another area of low pressure will follow the same path and with that snow north of the city. north of 84. rain for the rest of us.
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expect it to have some impact onto your commutes tomorrow. let's break it down. today partly sunny skies and windy. cold as well. overnight we will start to see the clouds thicken again as that next area of low pressure moves on in. 7:30 many people are heading tout work. rain for us here in and around the city, but look to the north. it is snow falling and that line kind of just holds all day long. 5:30 look what happens. we have some powerful stuff potentially moving on through. this is the evening drive. so if we get some strong storms tomorrow evening, that could, of course, slow things down big time. as we make our way into tuesday, it is going to be a bright day, but it will be very cold once again. today 42 degrees. a mix of sunshine and clouds. howling winds. we could see gusts 50 to 60. going to feel like the 20s and low 30s. overnight tonight a freeze warning is in effect for eastern long island. 34 in the city. 20s elsewhere. feeling like the teens and 20s.
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snow well north of the city. rain for the rest of us. beautiful on tuesday with sun, but it will be breezy and cold. wednesday it's 49. getting a little bit warmer. still breezy. 58 for your day on thursday. so that's finally seasonable with rain. note temperatures are right back down into the 40s on friday. and yes, we do have a chance for some trailing snow as that system exits friday. >> doesn't look good for the yankees home opener tomorrow? >> potentially not. we may get a lull. definitely not a perfect day for a home opener. >> i was thinking about the parents. the kid -- you watch. they want to wear the jersey, right? it's 30 degrees out. no, you got -- all right. let's put the jersey on over the sweatshirt. >> right. and the termals. >> have to bundle up. could be freezing in the stadium. >> it is going to be warmer tomorrow. not as windy. that bodes well. >> thank you. all right. the time now is 8:20.
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gets a man arrested. why are some people supporting his actions. >> living large at the plaza hotel with floor to ceiling windows, incredible views, and that's not all. >> here is your weekend traffic update. >> today brooklyn the grand street bridge over newtown creek closed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for bridge repairs. drivers can use metropolitan avenue as an alternate. that is our cbs2 sunday traffic report. perand hhe ctor tiaconorththd ar. aowawdsret erhi.buwh ty meroyo ster ty an l. lyiohathfaes teetn e stwaedneorrit w,etup ft 0meinrn wh uaupadandolo sed pl tanphe r st$699eron, li.cae n'ofr teet ee ts stt preth gd,
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>> this morning's living large takes us to a unique triplex apartment on central park south. it's in one of manhattan's iconic landmarks. here is cbs2's emily smith. >> reporter: pumpkin welcome to the plaza hoe -- welcome to the plaza hotel. build in 1905. douglas elements noble black gave us the tour of a unique triplex penthouse. >> this is the top floor. this is the only triplex. by the way, you're living at the plaza hotel. >> reporter: it has a central park view with a terrace to fully appreciate the vista. >> with the big windows, the light in the apartment is phenomenal. >> reporter: it has dramatic effects with large inviting rooms and a special home office with a frosted glass button. >> if you want to shut yourself off it's great and it's private. have you your own treat with your park view. >> reporter: that's incredible.
8:25 am
room they really did a great job making a very intimate space. and a table that even with the huge chairs you're seating 14, you could easily accommodate 20. >> reporter: a huge kitchen has two of everything. wow. you would not think this was the refrigerator. and a skylight above the chandelier shows one of the plaza hotel's american flags. the kitchen flows into a cozy family room. why do they do this? >> as opposed to this? >> reporter: yeah. >> i think it's personal preference. i do this because we are the roses. i thought that's what you do. >> reporter: i do it now because it makes me feel like i am in a five star hotel. an elevator services all three floors. we took the staircase to the top. >> the entire third floor of the penthouse is the master suite. >> reporter: it begins with a bathroom. >> this is the his bath to the right. again they didn't skimp on any marble. >> reporter: it's breathtaking.
8:26 am
>> you would be on the 21st floor here. >> reporter: a second bathroom in the master suite has a soaking tub facing central park and basket weave marble walls. >> you do have three bedrooms in the suite. all of these have great views on to central park. >> reporter: to live large at the world renowned plaza hotel it will cost you $49,950,000. >> living lark at the place de la republique a -- living large at the plaza. >> all right. we have got the stars of the show this morning. first, let me just say they are both puppies and they are both beautiful. and they are stealing my heart. and this little lady is stealing an awful lot of kisses as well. let me introduce you to gelcy.
8:27 am
she is a six-month-old puppy. she is a poodle-bijon mix. she loves to be the center of attention and loves to give kisses. >> there she goes again. >> show everybody how beautiful you are. okay. >> loves to give kisses. >> we have had the best time so far this morning. i am surprised she is actually looking at the camera. i am so happy. >> there she goes again. >> yes. all right. well, we will let dick take it over. >> this is antoine, who is a six-month-old. a multi--poo. he has been running around this place with all the puppy-like energy and loves to bounce around but is actually really well behaved and a lot of fun. he is excited with the lights and cameras. like where can i go next? i am going to put her down. i don't want to -- where are you going? >> it's so much fun when they run around. >> she runs circles. >> they both love me.
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obviously, who the real star of the show is. getting all the attention. it's always vanessa. >> all right. look at these two beauties. keep in mind they are puppies, so they need some training. but they are spectacular. for more information you can look up our furry friend finder on the best of new york section on yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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>> right now hail, wind, rain, and snow all overnight. we have live eye on the storm coverage with a look at the damage caused by the round of wild weather. >> plus this. >> this is not going to keep me from going out. >> a 103-year-old woman robbed of her money and groceries, but notner dignity. >> and the tar heels and wildcats are the last two dancing. their sweeping victories during yesterday's final four match-ups. "cbs2 sunday morning" continues
8:31 am
live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news this morning. >> good morning. it is 8:30 on this sunday, april 3rd. i am andrea grymes. >> i am dick brennan. the day's top stories straight ahead. first winter making a comeback with a vengeance. powerful winds have toppled trees in parts of newark and overnight hail came down in woodland park and little falls, new jersey. >> our eye on the storm coverage begins with vanessa murdock. vanessa, some people are seeing snow this morning? >> yeah, some reports as high as 5 inches. really the snow is on its way out of here. in another half hour, item 'say the snow will be a thing of the past and we will be dealing with the winds and much colder temperatures. winds are going to make it feel like the 20s and 30s today. here you see it, what's left of the wet weather moving out. just really the east end of long island dealing with a little bit of snow and there is a band through westchester and fairfield county, connecticut, at this point in time. could we see a few more flurries
8:32 am
the brunt of the weather and traffic weather will be out of here by 9:00. a high-wind warning in effect to 6:00 this evening. as we roll through the day the winds will steadily subside. at present 45-mile-per-hour gusts reported in central park. a 46-mile-per-hour gusty being read in the hamptons right now. so lots of wind. it will make an impact on your day. we have had increased power outages through the morning. expect those numbers to climb probably a little bit more before they start going down. and these forecasts will not climb much. we anticipate warming to just 42 degrees this afternoon. but it will feel like 30 under partly sunny skies. so winds cranking. skies clearing. temperatures tumbling. when does it get bir? i will have your full forecast coming up. and reand dick, backs to you. >> many residents are waking up to serious damage on their lawns and on their homes after this storm wall under parts of the tri-state area. >> magdalena doris has more
8:33 am
has been out there all morning long. >> reporter: wind has been so bad this morning it's giving us problems with our live truck. we are actually streaming in live to you guys back into the studio. i want to show you thousands of dollars worth of damage that is been caused here. on the window a window, the frame and everything crashing to the ground. that's just some of the damage left over on this home here because of these high wind gusts. now the siding is flapping in the wind as these gusts continue to persist. in raritan, new jersey, gusts up to 60 miles per hour have damaged homes. jose rodriguez has been up all night. he says he doesn't know what to do after high winds knocked the window out of his son's room sending a television crashing from the second floor to the ground, ripping down fences, sending outdoor furniture flying. when he opened his front door, he was knocked over by dangerous wind gusts. >> i seen everything in my living room twirling around.
8:34 am
so i was scared about getting electrified, electrocuted and so on. so, i mean, that's what i first saw, you know, what had happened. >> reporter: storms moved through woodland park, new jersey. flashes of lightning and a downpour of hail blanketed streets. the clumps of hail falling the size of pennies. the dangerous winds spread through the area, uprooting trees in newark, new jersey. on palm street a tree trunk crashed to the ground barely missing a parked minivan. police used chainsaws to clear fallen limbs and branches broken by high winds. and the wind knocked out our signal to magdalena. people are also waking up to big power outages. in the last hour, the number of gone way up. con ed is reporting nearly 5800 customers with no electricity.
8:35 am
30,000 of their customers are without pow ir. and pseg long island is reporting nor more than 6700. >> police say a man exposed himself on a train in the bronx friday afternoon on a southbound six train. police say the suspect acted in front of an 18-year-old woman before she exited the train on wood lock avenue. >> the woman who brutally robbed a 103-year-old woman in the bronx, police say is off the streets and in custody this morning. cbs2's dave carlin reports from co-op city where the victim says she will not let the attack get her down. >> reporter: louise signore is a plucky 103-year-old. surviving a brutal robbery friday afternoon, it left her battered and sore. >> my head, my hands, my back, my neck. >> reporter: the senior has lived here 45 years. she is under 5' tall and she says she is legally blind and hard-of-hearing.
8:36 am
appeared to be an easy mark. police say this woman in handcuffs, 53-year-old sharon mcneil, followed signore into her building, got into the elevator with her, and then in hallway on the eighth floor assaulted and robbed her. a break for police in this case was in security camera video of the suspect. she allegedly stole two pre- made meals signore picked up at a senior center and her purse. >> they are desperate. they took about $35. i have two purses. two separate purses. >> reporter: also in that stolen purse a magnifying glass for reading and some bingo cards. and that's the loss that seems to bother signore the most. >> that's what i miss. my bingo. >> reporter: mcneil is charged with robbery, assault, and harassment. signore's neighbors in this bellamy loop building say they will continue to check on her to make sure she is comfortable, safe, and fed. >> she is a nice sweet woman. and since i work here, i know her. she is very nice.
8:37 am
gonna look at her and get more, you know, attention. >> this is not gonna keep me from going out. >> reporter: signore says becoming a crime victim at 103 will not define or change her. in co-op city, the bronx, dave carlin, cbs2 news. >> police say the suspect has undergone a psychiatric evaluation at jacoby medical center. >> a man is in critical condition after police say he was shot while trying to break up a fight inside a brooklyn car shop. now, the nypd says they are looking for this man. investigators say he shot the 42-year-old victim inside the leslie auto repair shop in flatbush yesterday. the victim is being treated at kings county hospital. it's not clear what started the fight. >> cell phone cameras captured an elizabeth, new jersey home going up in flames. this happened yesterday afternoon on fulton street. residents filled the street to watch as smoke and flames shot from the windows. no one was hurt. it's unclear what caused the fire. and in dumont, new jersey, firefighters rescued a cat from a house fire.
8:38 am
7:00 last night on the second floor of a home on merit avenue. a firefighter found the cat underneath a couch and reunited the feline with the family. no one was hurt. time 8:37. a man gets arrested because of a redbay wasn't driving. >> and a heart pounding scene straight out of a movie. a man dangling from a moving school bus and holding on to the mirror. why the driver did not stop. >> first, here is vanessa murdock with the wacky forecast. >> yeah. it's all over the place. a high-wind warning in effect to 6:00. then a freeze warning goes into effect this evening for long island. i will have the full forecast coming up. we will try to decide when weather might actually feel much more like spring. with advil, you'll ask
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>> take a look at this scene witnessed by young children on a school because in boston. video shows the driver taking off with the man clinging on to the side view mirror. this happened thursday afternoon. the man being dragged says he was upset after his five-year-old daughter's bus stop was changed to a different location. he stood in front of the bus to let the driver let his child
8:42 am
>> put my hand on. i just want my daughter. that's it. soon as i said it again, he then proceeded to go again, accelerated, hit my leg and i was getting dragged pretty much on the window all the way down hanging on to the mirror. >> the bus driver has been placed on paid leave. he told officers the man was punching on the door and he drove away because he felt like it was not safe for the children. >> a dislike for red light cameras. >> brian valentine was caught red handed placing plastic bags over two of the cameras on friday. the 26-year-old was arraigned in islip on charges of criminal tampering. he got support at court from the man who calls himself the red light robin hood. steven ruth has ban arrested several times for tampering with the cameras which he calls a money grab. >> many people have been killed due to the shortening of yellow lights only for revenue. and it's coming to -- become a
8:43 am
people aren't afraid to go to jail. >> suffolk county says the program is a matter of safety and helps reduce crashes at intersections and saves lives. all right. time for the forecast. we have been talking all morning, it is theoretically opening day. not here. in kansas city. the mets are opening up in kansas city. tomorrow at the stadium. a lot riding on this forecast for the baseball season. >> i know. and today it is going to be windy and cold. tomorrow a little bit warmer. we will be dealing with wet weather. the wind won't be nearly as big an issue tomorrow. let's check in with our weather watchers to see what the wind chills are out there. wind this morning right now gusting close to 50 miles per hour. creating quite the chilly. here we go. if t feels like 27 in east brunswick. 16 in middletown. and in greenwood lake feeling like 15. you get the point. teens and 20s is what it feels like right now. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s.
8:44 am
it looks gorgeous out there, but it's frigid. partly sunny. 35. west-northwest winds at 35. gusty to go 45 miles per hour. earlier this morning some wind gusts reported up to 60. what can you expect from this forecast? first of all, partly sunny skies today. gusty winds through the afternoon. then another messy start tomorrow. we are talking snow around i-84 and north. rain for the rest of us. and for the duration of the seven-day forecast with the exception of one day, temperatures are well below seasonable. the area of low pressure that brought first a severe thunderstorm, then snow, and of course the crazy winds. it is making its exit very swiftly. might we see a few passing snowflakes for the rest of the day? yes. but generally speaking, it's partly sunny and cold. cold and windy. wind chills today will feel like
8:45 am
yes, that cold air is being funneled in. tomorrow this system will take the same track bringing snow and rain for the season home opener. of course, for you as you make your way back to work, too. here we go hour-by-hour for today. partly sunny. maybe a passing snowflake at this point in time. overnight clouds begin to thicken again as that next system rolls on in. 7:30 tomorrow morning this is really when that morning commute is in full speed ahead, right? well, it will be slow tomorrow. especially if you are making your way from the northern portions of viewing area. snow coming in pretty steadily. rain elsewhere. as we go through the day that rain-snow line healed pretty steady to the i-84 corridor. at 5:30 still snowing to the north. but note the orange here. the yellows. that's indicative of stronger activity. so we could see some localized flooding in places as you make your drive home tomorrow. just be patient. plan for extra time. as far as snowfall accumulations go for areas well north in the
8:46 am
maybe 3 certainly not out of the question tomorrow. overnight monday into tuesday skies clear. temperatures will tumble. you know what? because of the temperatures that have already tumbled, there is a freeing warning in effect tonight for many areas, especially east of the city. today a mixture of sunshine and clouds. howling winds. 42. will feel like the 20s and 30s out there. tonight increasing clouds. 34. then tomorrow warmer. 50. the winds have settled significantly. of course, we are dealing with rain off and on. tuesday cold again. 43. sunshine and breezy wednesday it is 4 the degrees. we will have increasing clouds and overnight wednesday into thursday wet weather makes its way in. it's a high of 58 on thursday. then we cool down again. friday we are looking at a high of 46 with another chance for a little snow. >> strange. >> what do we even say? > [ laughter ] >> i mean, it's not that funny because there are a lot of people in new jersey this morning with a lot of damage. >> clean up.
8:47 am
anticipate those numbers climbing before they start to come back down later today because the winds will stay strong through the morning. start to settle through the afternoon. >> it's crazy to think about. everything that we have dealt with over the last 24 hours. >> exactly, thank you. >> the future of space tourism just took a big leap with the successful launch and landing of the new sheppard rocket. the launch is part of the new race for space among private companies. blue origin, which was started by amazon founder jeff bezos, has had three successful missions in four and a half months. the new sheppard rocket took off from west texas unmanned and landed back on earth on a power chute. >> the women's basketball team takes on the university of washington tonight. >> here is steve obermeyer. >> for all the buzzer beaters and shocking end ins in the first weekend of the dance the final four was full of blow outs but it's setting up a sensational national
8:48 am
final four in houston, texas. villanova's shooting percentage already the second highest in tournament history. last night they shot 71% in a 44 point rout over oklahoma. that is the most dominating history. 95-51. and the clock finally struck midnight for syracuse. this year's cinderella reaching the final four as a ten seed. the dance. convincingly. 83-66. so it's villanova and north carolina on monday night for the national championship. also opening night in baseball is tonight. the mets visiting the kansas city royals in a rematch of last year's world series. for cbs2 sports, i am steve obermeyer. have a great day. city little leaguers were not going to let a little rain get in the way of opening day in brooklyn. mayor de blasio attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony in prospect park yesterday morning. he also celebrated the opening
8:49 am
many brought along umbrellas, of course, with their baseball gear as they sit the soggy field for the festivities. stinks when it rain on opening day. all right. time is 8:48. he used to cook meals for derek jeter. now this chef is on a mission to make sure your kids have healthy meals. >> that will be after the break. "cbs2 sunday morning" continues. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
8:50 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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>> this is miranda lambert featuring carrie underwood. both are nominated for female vocalists at the academy awards tonight. underwood is expected to perform her new single church bells at tonight's shows. we wouldn't be surprised if they hit the stage together again. you can watch the awards at 8:00 right here on cbs2.
8:52 am
>> i will be watching. >> big country music fan. a lot of new yorkers are, too. >> eating, too. it smells so good this morning. we are cooking for a cause. spoons across america is committed to helping children learn about the benefits of good nutrition and healthy eating. >> here to discuss more is former personal chef for derek jeter and a member of spoons across america's advisory board. >> liam and samira are also here. you guys are from the earth school in the east village. thank you all for being here this morning. >> cast of thousands for food. >> yes. >> what do we have? >> one of my favorite dishes. it's chicken with garlic and black pepper. it comes from a thai recipe. you probably had chicken with garlic and black pepper.
8:53 am
lime juice, garlic, black pepper, and ginger. >> and ginger? >> yeah. and then i took it out and just saute it with a little oil. canola oil. >> alley, tell us a little bit about spoons across america and what your mission is. >> sure. it's it educate children, teachers and families about the benefits of healthy eating. we want to nurture and develop food-ex plorrers who are curious and health attitudes about food and explore it with all their senses. >> what are your favorite foods that you learned about? >> i learned about, like, salt and acid and stuff. that's very advanced. what did you learn about? >> in our class we also learned about the same thing and also preparing for our dinner party. party? >> are we invited, i hope? [ laughter ] >> they cook the meal for their
8:54 am
>> these dishes are the type of meals that they serve. and we want to be invited. it smells great. >> she has made the caesar's salad and the crostini. >> and the chicken cacciatore? >> we have an asian dressing. >> very nice. for parents at home, what is one piece of advice that you would give them when teaching their kids about how to eat healthy? >> mainly, get the kids involved. take them shopping with you. encourage them to try new things. if you go to a restaurant, don't order off the kiddie menu. >> you see parents say get out of the kitchen. you want them to stay in the kitchen? >> that's how they pass on the tradition. >> you cooked for derek jeter? >> i did.
8:55 am
>> i used to make this for him. >> really? >> yeah. when i interviewed with derek i said, what do you like to eat? he says he loves chicken. >> a lot of healthy food, i imagine. >> yeah. what are you doing here? >> making a dressing for the salad over there. >> what are you putting in this dressing? >> well, some ginger. >> and what is that? do you know? >> not too sure. >> sesame seeds and everything. and ali, you have an event this week? >> yes. other second annual gala. we are honoring gail simmons from food and line and top chef and we are going to be raising money for our new program as well as all our programs. we can't wait. >> how many kids are involved in the program? >> about 5,000 kids per year in 25 schools. we are looking to expand that into more schools and more places across the city. >> very nice. and when you put this in, you are going to put the top on and shake it up, right? >> yes.
8:56 am
that you have made? >> hmm. >> tough one, right? >> yeah. >> pick one. >> what are you making for this year's dinner party? >> um -- >> all right. you got to think about it. we will get back to you. >> listen, great job everybody. we are going to dig into this food shortly. thank you for joining us. >> happy birthday too ali. thank you all. and it is time to see what's coming up on cbs sunday morning. >> charles osgood with a preview. he is back. good morning. great to see you. >> good morning. great to be back. good morning to you, dick. this morning we will be talking with the fox news anchor megyn kelly. we will talk about donald trump. what else? and more. leslie stahl will join us for a look at the expanding world of grandparents. we will hit the road with chris stapleton, and gloria vander
8:57 am
all that and a lot more. >> we are looking forward it. >> vanessa murdoch is here. if she gets the fork out of her hand, she can give us the forecast. >> the chef said you cannot kiss anybody after eat this. >> not a good date night recipe. >> let's get to the forecast. >> very windy today. 4 are 5-mile-per-hour gusts at present. 49 miles an hour in the hamptons. winds strongest this morning, settling as your day moves on. wind chills right knew feels like 24 in the city. feels like 18 in hamburg. this does not improve much as your day progresses. by this afternoon at best it feels like 30 in the city. thankfully, we will see the sun. the snow is making its exit. tomorrow morning, however, snow and rain in the forecast as you make that morning commute. a high of 50 tomorrow. all right. so a lot to think about with the weather. how is it? >> it's delicious.
8:58 am
>> her husband, if she is watching, better brush her teeth. thank you for joining us. so appreciate it. >> all right. thank you for joining us. cbs2 news is back tonight at 6:30 and 11. >> all the headlines from home at for vanessa and the entire team, i am dick brennan. >> i am andrea grymes.
8:59 am
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