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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 4, 2016 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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stars in love. is taylor swift talking marriage? news is calvin's going to propose. >> and the mystery man. >> and another new couple alert. which singer is selena gomez rumored to be hooking up with now?
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we have the naughty shots you wanted to peek at but weren't safe for work. plus, did drew barrymore just break up with her husband? then a big e.t. exclusive. >> did you ever kiss marsha clark? did you have a thing for marsha clark? would you say you guys dated? chris darden dishes. we'll show you his priceless reaction as we talk to all the stars of the mini series. >> i have to step away from this time period in my life. plus, patty duke's son sean astin, >> it was a very powerful experience. and we're with the curvy cover girl who made sports illustrated history, nowmagazine.
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this is entertainment tonight. thanks for joining us, everyone. we have the interview everybody wanted. o.j. prosecutor chris darden. >> he has not spoken to anyone since the people versus o.j. simpson started airing. let's get into some wild couples news this weekend, starting with, i'm sorry, who is the guy licking hailey cuoco's face? it looks like hailey's got a new guy. she was on a date with a historymystery guy, carl cook. he is a world class horse jumper. which explains the connection. kaly's been riding since she was 14. they've got the same initials and gave us the clue there in was romance when she gave this pic with the caption mr. kc, so
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mr. kc comes from a wealthy family, the son of a software billionaire. they were seen laughing, watching a tennis tournament. we hope he likes watching reality tv shows. >> turn on the bachelor. >> that's your ideal night? >> yes, it is. plus, drew barrymore breaks up with her third husband. this was her last instagram post on their third wedding anniversary in june. thursday she posted the photo of a new tattoo on her right wrist with her daughters' names, olive and frankie. george clooney and amal. you may have read articles about clooney's rules for marriage, that he and amal never spend more than a week apart. ah, sweet, totally harmless, but here's the thing, clooney never said any of that. it was based on an article, in
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about amal like she has a strong connection. she looks great on the red carpete pet andcar carpet and we stay in touch through social media. >> i don't twitter. i don't want anything i could possibly write at midnight to end my career. >> well, we reached out to clooney's camp, and this is what george himself told e.t. in my experience being misquoted is not unusual, but to have an exclusive interview completely fabricated is something new, and a very disturbing trend. translation? just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's true, people. what is true, take a listen to what george told us. >> she's caring and also happens to be one of the smartest people i've ever met. she has a great sense of humor. >> now, have you seen this? >> woo! >> ouch.
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it's a stunt double and a pretty awesome commercial for apple music. we'll see swift at the i heart radio awards, and we got an early peek of who's sitting with whom. harris and bestie selena gomez. one new report shows that he wants a wedding. hold off. only after a year together? >> are they getting married anytime soon? my sources say that they probably won't be walking down the aisle tomorrow. >> now, is selena moving on with charlie booth? gomez just instagramed this, working on new music. >> and now "us" weekly indicates
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we put him on the spot. >> things got a little steamy. >> yeah. >> what route are we going to go? >> i love where you're go-getting at. >> she's a good person i can turn to. i like her a lot. >> charlie's doing part of selena's tour which kicks off in may. who knows what's going to happen. next blake and gwen posting major baby news. it's a girl! we were so thrilled for them. and then, wait, what? oh, yeah, april fools. blake responded with a laugh on twitter. gwen was having a blast rehearsing this week at snl playing with her look on snapchat before her performance. >> i ain't no hollaback girl, uh-huh. >> no. no. >> wrong. >> after the show she will jet to las vegas to join blake.
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awards with air live sunday. finally, details on the relationship. john lovitz and jessica louns instagramed these shots. immediate speculation was that he was engaged to the 27-year-old. >> when i posted it, i couldn't get over the amount of people and chose friends of mine that actually thought i was for real. my business manager was asking if we should insure the ring. >> where'd the ring come from? >> it was all to promote the new music video "deja vu." we sat down with the faux couple. >> you have ever been romantically involved? >> young women love me. i was always told to speak funny and have a big stick. and it works. if we to get together, believe
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we'd be getting it done. this is ridiculous. >> he puts a lot in this april fools stuff. >> i was suspicious. >> jessica fronted this whole project herself. and for the record, she and john are both single. and "the people versus o.j. simpson", it's not only focussed the show, but the real people. furman's sold more copies of his book in the past few months than in the past five years combined. the ratings are big, too. we talked to the cast in new york about all of this attention. >> it's wonderful but scary at the same time. it's wonderful when you're, when you are lifted up and acclaimed. but if you do something wrong, woo, they'll bring you down real fast, too.
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hear any celebrity news that were a huge fan of the show. >> the best thing he'd ever seen. >> john travolta brought wife kelly preston out. >> today's the day. >> he told me years ago that the highest critical acclaim i ever got was playing an older, eccentric lawyer. i would say, really? >> but shocker. there's one person not watching. the guy playing or not j..j. >> no, i don't watch it. i have to step away from it. i have a real life. >> this scene had viewers going crazy on twitter. was there really a relationship between the members of o.j.'s prosecution team? >> i have my theories about what was going on there. >> we talk about it in my book "in contempt", did they do the do?
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came up with. the most i have done is plead with his daughter during the show. if he would like to grab a cup of coffee and talk, i'd be on it. >> never had any confirmation from either one of them. if we didn't have any concrete proof we were not going to give it to the audience as if it were fact. >> this is so good. oh, my god. >> have you been watching it? >> i'm obsessed with it. >> tina fey was fanning all over the cast. >> i need to fill out my paperwork for the emmies so i can vote for sterling and john travolta. >> and speaking of emmies, could we see sarah paulson nominated for her work on the series and "american horror story"? >> we've been hearing a lot from the real-life players, including marsha clark, but no one has heard from chris darden until now. >> can we talk a little about marsha?
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was there a relationship? >> what does that mean, a relationship? >> that's a good question. >> here's a surprising thing he admitted about his love life later in the show. and we have blake shelton talking about his love life and new music. plus, we're sitting down with his buddy luke bryan. what they have planned for the big show. >> you guys did kick blake off the hosting stag this is lulu, our newest dog. mom didn't want another dog. she said it's too much work. lulu's hair just floats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that.
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yaptly titled "if i'm honest." you're getting over him i'm getting over her keep singin' the song keep singin' along >> i know i'm so lucky, whether it's a divorce or my new girlfriend, i have an outlet, i can write songs. i can sing about it. love's enough to get us through what we're gettin' through >> if you follow a little bit of my career and my life you know what's happened in the last eight or nine months. >> his new ballad is generating plenty of likes on facebook, but as for the sexy babe in the video, sorry, she's too young for the superstar. others love the so cal vibe in
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it has a scantly clad younger woman catching his eye. gwen's video focuses on mainly dancers. >> my job is to sing about experiences of mine. so i did that. wrote songs about it, recorded songs about it and i've never been more proud of an album. i came here to forget >>he wasn't eligible for pa aan award this year. but don't feel bad for him. he met with brian and newbie. >> you're the rookie. any advice? >> i've learned that, you know, just add whiskey.
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>> it's a fun thing to be back there and working in your lines. >> this year you guys did kick blake off the hosting stage, but you are going to let him perform, right? >> oh, well, we might. we might give him a little opportunity. >> i heard he's going to perform his new song "came here to forget." >> do you know if he's bringing a platinum blond with initials gwen stefani? >> he wouldn't let me know. >> i try to find out things like that. >> how did you fit into the country music? >> i think when you date blake shelton, i think it's not affecting her i.q. maybe she's got a good support group around her to keep the positive influences of blake versus the negative. >> you know, miranda lambert's also going to perform and is up for vocalist award. >> i don't think anyone's won
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>> she brings so much is estrogen the right word? >> it might be. >> this is the warmup to the tour. both of you are going on tour, correct? >> i've already done a few dates for my tour. i require more practice and more warming up. >> can you do me a favor when you go on tour? please don't try to fall off the stage. >> you know, there's no wood around here, here we go. >> what happened then? >> when you're on stage that much, it's going to happen. >> luke is on the road with the kill the lights tour. it lands in west virginia next thursday. more to come, why curvy model ashley graham did not want to have sex with her husband before marriage. and all grown-up and raising daughters in hollywood. hear what he's telling us about
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we've got the stars on spring break, including some not-safe-for-work pics. jasony justin bieber getting back to nature. he was out on a trip sleeping out in nature and fishing. check out his ex-, selena partying hard like a scene from her movie "spring breakers." rere and blake. they were caught bustin'. >> kelly ripa hash tagged this one ""baywatch."" so wherever kelly is now, we're jealous. and finally, britney spears
2:21 am
to the beach. she hash tagged this redemption. >> there is always more nakedness to talk about. it's like she forgot to put it on for the cover of maxim, and she's already the first curvy model to land the cover of sports illustrated, and now he is ready for world domination. how she shared her plan. >> the dream of taking over the world. [ laughter ] >> i do want women to understand that they can take over who they are. >> she's become a role model for real women everywhere, but it's that bombshell body that's her money maker. >> what was your reaction when you got the call from maxim? >> i got so excited and i started looking up every maxim cover that recently came out. and it's so classy. it's so beautiful. >> part of that world domination plan includes becoming a fitness guru and her own talk show. >> the ashley graham show.
2:22 am
directions i could take my talk show. >> reality show? >> i think a docuseries. really truly the sky's the limit. >> she has been married to justin urban since she was 22. they committed to abstinence until they tied the knot. >> i made the decision not to have sex with my husband before i was married, because i didn't want to get lost in another relationship, and now i'm married because i want to be not because i have to be, and i'm having sex with a man because i want to be, not because i have to be. >> how does he react to some of these sex eyey photo shoots? >> he loves it. >> and she's just like us. what's your vice? >> french fries and mac and cheese. in the same meal. >> french fries, totally my vice too. >> she wants to have a baby in
2:23 am
her own line of curvy maternity wear. now let's talk about ashton kutcher and mila kunis. they kind of had a show reunion with danny masterson. we talked about other co-stars on the show and how they are both raising daughters. >> he's my best friend and has been since i moved here. he was like my big brother when i moved out here. it was a crazy thing, like on this show, when we got on the stage again, it was the same dynamic that we had from '70s. >> "e.t." was on that '70s set with the bffs in the '90s. now it's like brothers on the ranch. >> i'm proud of you, too. >> yeah, for what? >> i didn't think there was going to be a follow-up question.
2:24 am
support at their premiere, so -- >> is there a possibility we could see '70s stars coming on the show? >> a high likelihood. >> could you give me any hints? >> of course not, it's like "game of thrones." i don't want to ruin it for you. >> both are now dads of little girls. >> it's like a dramatic scene being shot, my daughter screaming "i want that "! >>you're going to force them to be friends? >> oh, we don't have to force it. they're terrors in the hall. we had to calm them down one day on the set next door. >> and on the set, deborah winger is mother to ashton and danny. >> i love seeing you in the sitcom world. what was it that drew you to this show? >> the fact that i haven't done it before.
2:25 am
hasn't deborah done? three oscar noms and so many iconic roles. an officer and a gentleman and terming of endearment. >> do you think if heralds a come-back to the old-fashioned movie? >> i feel like all the films i have done have been old-fashioned movies. >> let's throwback 34 years to her first interview in 1982. talking about filming a nude scene. >> it was hard for me to do it just because i wasn't there. and i kept chipping away at the crew, you know, could you please, no, we really don't need lights, the camera -- just turn it on and leave. >> this was deborah at her best, opposite anne hathaway in rachel getting married. >> you were the best you were request him with him.
2:26 am
she's ready to have some fun. >> i think it's really good to laugh. >> amen. >> mom! >> i gave you both life. >> i like this cast. can't wait to see it. deborah admits that she and 71-year-old co-star sam elliot are new to the comedy world and are holding on tight for support. >> i think they've got it covered. we're going to introduce you to one extremely talented talented 6-year-old daughter who's about to win your heart on steve harvey's big shots. what happened at the white house easter egg roll when we had kid reporters interview the first lady. >> what are your plans for after the white house?
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i've been adjusting mics for 30 years, and this one just told me that's enough. >> steve harvey's little big shots is a big hit for nbc, executive produced by ellen. it showcases young performers with extraordinary tal,ent, and you will meet this 6-year-old with a big voice and a big talent family. >> rodney has worked with beyonce, janet, and the list goes on. so when we sat down with rodney and heavenly joy, we wanted to see how the pint-sized phenom stacks up. you got to give a little take a little >> how old were you when you started singing? >> 2. >> 2. could you even speak yet? >> no way. that's the glory of love oh, yeah >> singing before she talked?
2:31 am
>> my wife sang the whole time she was pregnant with heavenly. >> and with a killer range. >> joy can hit the high note and go real low. heavenly peace >> you love being on stage. >> yeah, and also i have to say that nobody gave me the voice but god. >> that heavenly voice is an example of why steve harvey's been averaging 13 million viewers each week. >> how much fun did you have with steve harvey? >> so much fun. but i saw pictures of me and i went like this, and he did the same thing. >> actually, with her music producer dad's help, joy has rubbed a lot of elbows. >> i met michael jackson, but i was still in my mom's stomach.
2:32 am
is justin bieber. >> all right! high-five. you want to meet some little big shots? when our host kevin frazier was invited to the white house, how fancy is he, to interview the first lady, he didn't do it alone. he brought reenforcements, his 9-year-old son shane and friend gabriel. >> what is it like getting ready? >> it's a little bittersweet. it's our favorite event. there will be 35,000. the kids would never gain access to spend an afternoon or couple hours on the south lawn of the white house. >> what will you miss most when you leave the white house? >> it's really the people. i talk to the girls about the fact that there will be people that they may not see again. it's being able to give the
2:33 am
special place, kids like you guys who get to come in and do interviews. i'm going to miss doing this. >> what are your plans for after you leave the white house. >> good question. well, i want to make sure that my girls are settled. no matter how important your parents are, they're worried about you guys first. have you noticed that about your parents? >> yeah. >> i'm the same way. i'm going to take a break, too. i might go to a spa. you guys know what a spa is? yeah, i might do that a couple days. but don't tell the president, because he's not invited. >> you mentioned the girls. they recently attended a state dinner and seemed like they had teach so much fun. what was it like watching them? >> we generally don't include the girls, but i realized they hadn't been to a state dinner. all these years, they had never been to a state dinner, i thought, when they look back on this time and they're like, mom, did you ever go to a state dinner, and they'd say no, i
2:34 am
they got to do the big-girl dress-up thing. we felt like america itself. these girls have grown-up right before our very eyes. now they're young ladies, yeah. >> people went crazy, the ryan reynolds one. gabriel, how about you? >> do you eat breakfast together as a family? we eat dinner almost every night as a family. breck faesakfast is a little everybody's on their own schedule. i work out before i eat. but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. i always have breakfast. sometimes my girls sleep in late, and i don't know what they do. the president eats breakfast every day, but as a family, we always try to sit down, no matter what the president is doing, he puts off what he's doing and we're eating dinner together between 6:30 and 7:00. and that's been a blessing. don't take for granted eating
2:35 am
and when you weeteat with them, talk to them. we love for you all to talk to us. don't just go how was your day, fine? say like four words instead of one word, okay? >> what was your favorite sport growing up or favorite sport now? >> my favorite sport now is probably, i like to play tennis, and i actually like to ski, you know, skiing is like one of the few places where i can be outside for long periods of time and nobody knows it's me. >> now, going back, if you could whisper in your own ear, to the woman walking in the white house the first time, what would you say to yourself? >> i would say, be true to yourself, you know, because it's easy to live life being authentically you. you don't have to fake anything. and you don't have to worry about the haters. and it doesn't matter what other people say. you do your best.
2:36 am
to the guy above and you're going to be okay. >> what's it like being a huggable person? >> oh, my gosh, that's the greatest gift i have. that gives me energy. for the people i hug, i'm getting just as much if not more from them than they're getting from me. >> how sweet was that? >> very, very sweet. now kevin frazier was not the biggest name thayer.ere. >> what? >> beyonce showed up. that's blue ivy with the bunny ears, and there's jay z. and did he have a fling with marsha clark during the o.j. trial? and we remember patty duke his mother. >> she had been suffering
2:37 am
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don't wait, call today. welcome back, everyone. last weekend there was a big star tribute to gary shandling. he passed away at 66 years old. and this week another passing. >> patty duke passed away due to a complication with a ruptured intestine. she was 16 when see won an oscar for "the miracle worker."
2:40 am
for playing identical cousins on "the patty duke show." patty had a wholesome good-girl image from her sitcom. after it ended, she took a huge risk and played a boozy character in "valley of the dolls." but people began to notice off camera she was sometimes erratic and rumors flew she was a substance abuser. >> drugs have never played a part in my life, ever, except as fantasy stories made up by other people about me being involved. never v thehave. the whole idea of drugs frightened the hell out of me. >> doctors found why she was struggling with highs and lows. she was battling a mental illness. >> i happen to prefer calling my
2:41 am
it is known as bipolar disorder now. and if that works for other people, fine. i'll prefer calling it manic depression, because it sounds like how it felt. >> at that time, shy wase was married to john astin. she would often have violent episodes and attempted suicide multiple times. >> i don't ever really remember wanting to truly die. i had this fear of death. what i wanted was for the pain to stop. yes, there were attempts where i wound up in the hospital, where the stomach was pumped, extraordinary measures had to be taken. i was very, very lucky, in my opinion, that i dchbtidn't succeed. >> her illness weighed heavily on her kids. >> there was hell going on in that house. i didn't beat them, but they got hit. mostly there was outrageous verbal abuse. >> but after receiving treatment and stabilizing her life, she
2:42 am
also battling mental health issues. >> my goal is to talk about it so much that people will be bored to tears with the idea of depressive disorders and manic depression and they'll go get help. >> she continued to be a busy working actress, admired by her peers and was elected president of the screen actor's guild. she took on a crusade for those who were facing age discrimination. >> an entire decade or score of women should not just be automatically thrust aside because the number next to their name is greater than you'd like it to be. >> the very same day as her passing, her son, actor sean astin spoke to "e.t." about her final moments. >> she had been suffering terribly. just so unfair. it was in the middle of the night, it was a race to get there. it was a very powerful experience.
2:43 am
she was in peace. >> sean has set up a fundraiser for the project which will continue his mother's campaign of awareness. >> the thing that gives me such joy and reverence for her is that above all else, she was a warrior. >> a warrior till the end. she was born anna duke. she had to ae embrace social media and use it for good. >> people tweet that and they tweet about what they're feeling, and i respond to that. so it has opened a new channel to get the word out and to let people know that there is help, that you can be well. there's no cure. we're born this way. it's a chemical imbalance of our brains. but you can lead a balanced life. >> it is always hard to say good-bye to one of our hollywood
2:44 am
starred alongside patty in "miracle worker" sent out this tweet, saying my heartaches for anna's big, beautiful family, but i know she's in a better place. coming up, our exclusive interview with chris darden. did he and marsha clark have a romantic relationship? >> you can count the number of women i've kissed on one hand. >> is marsha clark on it? but first, in the entertainment tonight birthdays, which magic mike star worked as a stockbroker? channing but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft so we don't have to wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less.
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this is a circus. >> ever since the people versus o.j. simpson started airing, the real life people have been making headlines. but we hadn't heard from chris darden until now. we nabbed the interview everyone wanted, and chris is giving up everything on the series, the gloves, the relationship with marsha clark. did he hook up with her? >> everyone wants to know. the show asked. he cross-examined and she dug and dug. >> i guess i'll start with the first and the very obvious. have you been watching the mini series and what do you think so far? >> well, i don't watch the mini series at all. >> not at all? >> not at all. not a minute. >> why? >> i lived it. >> would you look at a clip, or
2:48 am
>> well, you know. >> this is the n-word for me. >> it will face the black george to make a choice. whose side are you on, the man or the brother? >> yeah. >> what do you think of the actor? >> i thought denzel should have played me or eldriss alba. >> he can joke about the casting, but he's dead serious about the topic of compensation. he hasn't received a cent from the hugely successful fx series the people versus o.j. simpson. >> the producers of that show should have reached out to me and i feel like they should have compensated me, because i feel like they've taken my life outside of the courtroom, and they've also taken things i believe out of my book in contempt.
2:49 am
compensated me for that. >> the series is based on journalist jeffrey toobin's book the run of his life. >> it portrays a prosecution team as kind of bumbling. >> a little, yeah. >> you know what? my book was on the "new york times" best seller list for 24 weeks. i understand that in one way people make money off of you and your mistakes by casting them in a negative light. >> it suggests that this unforgettable moment was a debacle for darden. >> do you regret him trying on the gloves? >> no. the gloves fit. everyone argues about it. you know, that's okay. >> is it true that f. lee bailey came up to you before court and said to you if you don't ask him to try on the glove, i will. >> if you don't ask him to try on the gloves, i will.
2:50 am
>> did you meet the kardashians? >> of course i met kris back then. of course i knew robert. i recall one day, i believe there was one day that she brought the children with her. they were in the d.a.'s office. they were little kids. >> those kids, kourtney, rob, and kim, their mother kris jenner was a good friend of nicole simpson who o.j. was accused of murdering. >> i'm so sorry. >> kris and kim both said they liked the show. but kourtney didn't start watching it until this week. she tweeted "this is weird to watch." it's unclear if rob is watching but khloe is holding out. >> he was my uncle o.j. not that i won't watch it, i have a little reservation.
2:51 am
>> yeah. >> i lived across the street while. what i think about the kardashians? good bless america. >> capitalism at its best? >> oh, yeah. >> but what about rumors of a romance with marsha clark? the series hints that something could have happened. >> could we talk a little bit about marsha? the smile. was there a relationship? >> what does that mean, a relationship? >> that's a good question. i would like to know, what does that mean. >> that's what i'm trying to find out. >> would you say that you guys dated? >> no. >> were you interested in her? >> i was interested in her well-being, yeah. >> you are good. >> you know, people raise this question again, and they raised it for 21 years. >> right. >> that law degree has helped him perfectly sidestep questions
2:52 am
slipped in a lot of what seemed like hinting. >> what intrigued you or sparked you about marsha? >> there'sing intoat erters erterhatter -- there's nothing to not like about her. she's a strong, intelligent woman. >> did you think about kissing her? >> guess what? >> what. >> i'm not a kisser. >> you never kissed? >> i can't count the number of women i kissed on one hand. >> marsha clark on it? [ laughter ] today he is practicing at his own firm and has been married to his wife since 1997. >> she turned to me and said, did you date marsha clark? like what the? >> and what did you tell her? did you give her the run around
2:53 am
>> are you really asking me about some woman i met 22 years ago? >> and you didn't answer? >> he did confirm that he and clark made a trip to oakland which was portrayed in this scene that exhibited a lot of sexual tension, so i had to show it to him. >> well, is this the famous scene that everybody's going to -- >> mm-hm. this is why your wife asked you eight days ago if you dated marsha clark. >> is that right? >> i think you said you didn't kiss. >> i didn't kiss in that scene. >> check out the body language in this vintage footage of chris and marsha. cameras caught them laughing, smiling and whispering to each other five separate times. he wrote about the trial but still didn't kiss and tell. >> will you ever confirm that you had a thing for marsha clark? >> i felt that marsha clark was
2:54 am
she was my friend 20 years ago. >> is she still your friend today? >> i haven't seen her in a long time, but i still view her as my friend. >> you don't talk at all? >> haven't talked in years. >> 12 rounds.
2:55 am
2:56 am
2:57 am
provided by look at all those stars with birthdays this weekend. we have jenny garth, eddie murphy, alec baldwin. which magic mike star once worked as a stockbroker. that is adam rodriguez who turns 41. happy birthday. monday on "e.t.." blake face-to-face with miranda. plus, we're with taylor swift and calvin harris on date night. that's monday. we are almost out of time this weekend, but for all the late breaking hollywood news go to our website.
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from alicia with her song "wild thing." she's climbing the billboard charts, and by the way, she's only 19 years old. >> enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. >> bye. so hey, this is how we dance no mistakin' we don't need your policies
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tell me where the wild things a deadly train derailment in the northeast. two are dead. dozens hurt after the amtrak train collided with a piece of construction equipment near philadelphia. also tonight, winter weather in springtime. fierce winds knock out power to hundreds of thousands. more snow is on the way. major refinery that exploded last year in california its clear to reopen. neighbors say pollution concerns are losing out to profits.


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