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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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dozens of puppies found stuffed in a van and the man accused of putting them there is no stranger to police. three young students accused of bringing a loaded gun to class.
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on camera, it sure doesn't look like spring out there. and get ready, this big chill isn't going anywhere. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. >> a freeze warning is in effect right now through the morning. let's get right to lonnie quinn for this bizarre april weather. lonnie? >> here we go. that freeze warning is in effect, all of long island, coastline of connecticut, south of the area. all of the counties that are not shaded, neither night -- neither light blue nor the purple color. your growing season and not begun yet. everybody starting at below the freezing mark. new york city, forecasting a starting point around 27 degrees. wreck of the heavy coat, it is going to be cold. skies clearing overnight but 27 when you factor in winds tomorrow morning, going to be feeling like 10 to 24 the book of the area, north of the city like 5 to 15 and you guys were hinting about how this cold air is not going anywhere. a repeat performance starting tomorrow night, they've already
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knots -- loss to talk about including 60 degree readings out there a little bit later. maurice? >> thanks so much. starling video from those windstorms yesterday. watch as a police sergeant from new jersey is driving down rockaway valley road when suddenly a tree falls on to this tree, the car drove under the tree as it was falling. a pickup truck went over the trunk going airport. incredibly after all that, no one was seriously hurt. breaking news tonight, arrest has been made in a brutal hit and run in brooklyn. the suspect is accused of stealing a 63-year-old man struck. and running him over with hit and killing him. cbs2's tracee carrasco live in greenwood heights with much more. >> reporter: reese, we have just learned that 24-year-old joshua colon of brooklyn has been arrested, charged with murder, grand larceny and robbery for this morning's deadly hit and run.
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greenwood heights and the -- bakery shows this man trying to disguise himself by changing his clothes, then run down the street, moments after police say he stole phil degrazia's work truck and used it to run him over. >> he came out and -- someone had stolen it. we had a male jump in the car and take off. >> reporter: it started in front of doug rossi's business. amd ironworks. workers were unloading equipment from the idling truck when someone got inside and took off. police say he got into another vehicle and chased the suspect until catching up to him at a red light. >> something happened there. he tried to get back into the truck at which point he ended up under the truck and the perpetrator ran over him. >> i heard a big bang. >> reporter: that bang was the grassy getting hit. >> we tried to stop him, instead ran him over. >> reporter: the suspect continued driving the wrong way on 22nd, hitting a lexus and
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the stolen truck. friends and family gathered all night at his home, still in shock over his sudden death. >> a great guy, man. family and work. that's it. seven days a week. i got nothing bad to say about him. nothing. >> reporter: we are expecting 24-year-old joshua colon of brooklyn to be walked out of the 72nd precinct here any minute now. it's unclear exactly what evidence led police to him, but he is charged with murder, grand larceny and robbery. tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. >> thank you. another gun scare at a new york city school, police found a loaded weapon they say it was used to threaten a young girl. now two teenage boys face charges. cbs2's valerie castro joins us live from the upper east side with more on this. valerie? >> reporter: kristine, after hours of questioning here at
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now charged two of three teenagers involved in today's incident, a 13-year-old boy has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and menacing a 15-year-old boy -- also charged with criminal possession of a weapon. ps 169 on 88th street is the latest school to deal with a weapon allegedly brought by a student. in this case school staff called police after a gun was discovered. investigators say a 13-year-old boy threatened a 12-year-old girl with a loaded revolver. the school safety agent later found the gun hidden in a hoodie in the position of the 15-year- old boy. police say a 14-year-old boy had a box of ammunition, he has not been charged. this is the fifth case of a in less than a month. the president of the teamsters representing school safety officers, says more metal detectors need to be installed at schools. >> these are non-skinny schools his weapons are being found in.
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scanning needs to be expanded. instead of eliminated. >> reporter: the department of education released a statement saying in part, there is zero tolerance for weapons of any kind. students and staff are safe and no injuries were sustained. parents will be notified and we are providing ongoing supports to the school community. the school safety officers union says the gun in today's case was a .22 revolver. it's unclear exactly where the student got the gun to begin with. reporting live on the upper east side, valerie castro, cbs2 news. now in new jersey pet store is shut down after dozens of puppies were found stuffed in a van outside. cbs2's brian conybeare reports the store owner was already facing hundreds of animal cruelty charges. >> reporter: 67 puppies have all -- of all sizes and breeds packed in cages and left outside overnight in the back
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according to paramus new jersey police. the dogs, some of them sick and covered in feces, some without food or water were discovered monday morning behind the just pops store on route 17. >> i think it's terrible. it's disgusting. >> reporter: police heard a yelping coming from inside the van and a powerful smell. >> there were quite a few of them in a crate together. >> reporter: they were all taken to the animal hospital to be checked out. at least 15 needed medical attention. >> they appear to have some sort of a puppy vargas. >> reporter: still dozens of puppies inside the paramus store that was shut down temporarily by the bergen county health department. the handwritten sign says closed until wednesday. we tried to find the owner of just pops, vincent sacco in his person store but he wasn't there. >> neither i nor any employee of mine is guilty. >> reporter: he did post this video on facebook after he was hit with 269 animal cruelty charges. three dead dogs were found in a
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cbs2 spoke with him exclusively about those charges last month. >> every pet store has six dogs. they get sick. >> reporter: the slogan is happy, healthy puppies. but they also post warning signs saying, all payments are 100% nonrefundable and puppies are not returnable. in paramus new jersey, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. a consumer alert about a needle scare, union beach new jersey police say a used syringe was found inside a hooded sweatshirt at a target store in middletown. police hope it's an isolated incident but encouraged shoppers to be cautious. and also, this bronze statue was stolen from a home on the upper east side, police say it disappeared on march 16 during an open house art exhibition at the owner's home on east 74th street. the statue is valued at $90,000. campaign 2016 now, the governor of ohio is in a new york state of mind. john kasich is targeting our
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some delegates and stop donald trump from winning the nomination before the convention. cbs2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: the sign on a huntington long island stage was telling. american never gives up. neither is john kasich. >> when trump is worried i'm going to get his votes, which i knew i could do. >> reporter: he seems to be under the skin of the new york billionaire. >> he ought to get the hell out. kasich should not be allowed to run. it's good if he gets out. i don't want him in. >> reporter: but kasich is in and making a push to pick up delegates in new york. the most recent poll has trump beating ted cruz and kasich by more than 30 points here. but kasich hopes to pick up a dozen or more delegates by running strong in key congressional districts. >> the party rules are such that if you get 20% of the vote, you get one of the delegates. >> reporter: ted cruz sampled cheese and stumped for votes where polls show him losing. >> donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-to-head
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donald loses to hillary. by double digits. >> reporter: hillary clinton is favored to win new york but her lead over bernie sanders keeps shrinking. she was up by 40 points last june and by 20 points in february but only 10 in the most recent cbs news poll. >> i think we can win. if we win in new york state, between you and me, i don't want to get hillary clinton more nervous than she already is. [ laughter ] >> reporter: clinton reminders -- reminded new yorkers she has won here before. >> it was the greatest honor imaginable. that the people of new york took a chance on me, and the 2000 election. >> reporter: clinton and sanders spent the weekend sparring over if and when to hold a new york city debate. tonight is a done deal, april 14 in brooklyn where sanders was born and where clinton has headquartered her campaign. kristine? >> thank you. tomorrow, the day common
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students around new york state. this year there will be several changes including fewer questions. students will also be allowed to take as much time as they want. still many parents plan to have their kids opt out of the exams in protest. last year one in five students sat out, the highest rate in the nation. investigators say an amtrak train that originated in penn station was going 106 miles per hour when it slammed into a backhoe yesterday. that's four miles below the limit but the engineer applied the brakes. just five seconds before impact, two people were killed. 30 injured. the crash happened outside of philadelphia. we've all experienced it. airline aggravation from delayed flights to lost luggage, are your complaints falling on deaf ears? we discover about passengers being silenced. trapped in a burning car
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fast acting first responders in new jersey are being called heroes. police say the woman lost control on a curve and crashed into a tree along river edge road last night. former firefighter james pinon and his 15-year-old son michael were driving by when michael noticed a faint orange glow. >> i had told by dad, listen, we should turn around. maybe there's a car fire. >> i couldn't reach because the passport and injured and firewall had crushed her legs. >> first responders showed up and cut the woman from her seat belt, she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. new tonight, everyone who was -- who has flown has been there, caught up in the air travel nightmares from delays to cancellations. >> you may want to complain but know if you do, it may not get to anyone. travelers say it's only leading to even more airline
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up in the air, -- and on the ground. flying can leave passengers at the end of their rope. >> [ crying ] >> so you want to complain? good luck. the airlines are required to put the department of transportation's complaint information online.. just try to find it. >> it is extremely difficult. some would say impossible. >> reporter: janice hahn had her staffers comb airline websites searching for the dot information. they found it, nearly impossible to locate. >> probably don't want these complaints. they don't want to see these complaints. this is their way of doing it. >> reporter: to get the information on american airlines for instance, you go to travel information, then click special assistance.
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the air carrier access act, delta's is also hidden in the air carrier access act section 4 travelers with disabilities. and it's a tricky search on frontier airline with the information in a sporting and disembarking section. spokesperson admitted the customer would have to do their research to find it. >> i don't see anything. >> reporter: we asked an go. after trying to find complaint websites, he came up empty. >> if you put something on the website that is so deeply buried that nobody can find it, really, you are just playing a game. >> reporter: complaints to dot are important. the agency can levy fines and issue new regulations based on patterns of complaints. she is sponsoring a bill to make the airlines prominently post the information. >> we don't want airlines to get away with bad behavior. >> reporter: the airlines are also supposed to have their own
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website but those complaints don't go to the dot. another option is to file a complaint on the doc -- dot own website. some turkey trouble in new jersey. look, -- [ screaming ] these wild big birds are going on a rampage in teaneck, chasing people and damaging cars, breaking into homes. towns health officers fielded more than a dozen calls about aggressive turkeys. one homeowner told us she was sitting at a kitchen table with her kids when they spotted several turkeys on her neighbor's roof. >> all of a sudden he went straight through the window and it's a huge picture window. we were covered in glass. the turkey was covered in mud and water and he kept flapping his wings, throwing glass and mud and water everywhere. >> experts say it is mating season so the turkeys tend to be more aggressive. new jersey fish and wildlife is
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relocate them to state lands. more aggressive? >> [ laughter ] >> supply and demand situation. not sure what's going on. let's get a look at our forecast, we've got freezing weather waiting for us tomorrow morning. >> cold enough today but a lot colder tomorrow morning. really today depended on where you were, some of you had pretty mild temperatures, let's check in right now, hovering around the freezing mark, except i have a 79 degrees reading. this is obviously a typo. yeah. this was not 79 today. but you know, listen, i had a tough time getting all my typos down. i get them all over the place. let's go to my home state, 31 in connecticut. what did stand have to say? a very short spring. i think stan is referring to the fact that april 1 was 79 degrees and here we are now, with all this cold air in place, take a look at what we see outside currently in new
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cloudy, northerly winds at 16. now the wind has turned to the north, everyone is going to be cold. 57 should be your high so 12 degrees off the mark there. going to be a freezing morning tomorrow morning. a freezing morning again on wednesday morning. than a mild but wet thursday. thursday is going to be about 60 degrees. don't think that's the end of the cold snap. it's all because of how the jet stream is set up. we have always cold air that has filled in from the north. yes, you'll get vocational days where you >> a little bit but the trend right now and the long-range models are saying first half of april, it's going to stay this way. not after the second half that the jet stream will retreat and you start to get mild or moderate temperatures in place. on the vortex satellite and radar, the wet weather with us knowing weather earlier today is now offshore. maybe a couple little snowflakes could push through, but for the most part, not going to be a big player. more of this cold air that comes in from the north, clear and sunny by the afternoon.
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eras, i know this looks complicated but this is how the winds were set up today. since -- since this front came through, first place impacts through was areas north and west of the city. maxing out at 32 degrees, places like poughkeepsie, monticello. east winds for new york city at 45. eight southerly wind for the jersey shore hitting 61 degrees today. tomorrow everybody gets the cold northwest wind. everybody is cold out there. 42 will be the high temp tomorrow. look at that, starting off at 27, been clearing as you go through your day. the sun comes back and wednesday, 49. thursday 60 but i believe thursday ends up being a wet weather day. 48 on friday, 46 on saturday, 50 on sunday, 56 monday, basically every day except for that 60 reading you see on thursday is below average. average this time of year is
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and grocery stores.
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time for sports and the yankees. >> we'll start with the yankees. >> why not? >> we waited all off-season and now let's wait another day. postponed because of inclement weather.
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same pitching matchup, masahiro tanaka at 1:09. brett gardner will be riding the bench tomorrow, joe girardi going with the outfield combo of aaron hicks. the yankees -- the only reason this is a story is because it is game one. >> it's not a big deal. but because it's opening day, what he has meant to this organization, it is a big deal. i feel for him. this is the reason we traded for hicks, on days we face lefties, he's going to get a day off. >> the mets will play game two of their season tomorrow, final game in kansas city. the chance will have a ring ceremony before the game, also noah syndergaard's first start of the season. we'll see if there is any retaliation for that page last world series over the head of escobar. the mets playoff hero, daniel murphy, picking up where he left off, unfortunately he's
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he clears the centerfield wall with a solo home run. 3-3 in the 10th. there goes that man again. the game-winning double. 2-3 with two rbi in his debut. nationals beat the braves in 10 innings. time for a quick break. when we come back, rangers try
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and welcome back, everyone. your men's 2016 national champions, villanova. 77-74. what a finish. marcus paige hit a three to tie the game with four seconds left but chris jenkins hit a three- pointer at the buzzer to win it, 77-74 was the final. villanova's second overall national title, what a thriller in houston. 77-74 the final. now to hockey, when will the rangers wrap up the playoff spot? the fans hoping it would be tonight on the road against the columbus blue jackets. a win in ohio would punch their ticket, they got a quick goal in the first on a big effort. his 20th of the year, a 1-0
11:31 pm
this is not what you want to see. so close to the playoffs, what? ryan mcdonagh blocking a shot with his hand, he left and would not return. mats zuccarello finishing things off for a 3-1 lead, the rangers holding on for the 4-to win. impressive sixth year in a row. the islanders trying to keep pace with the rangers, hosting the lightning. islanders having plenty of success against tampa. seven goals in the previous two matchups, tonight no different. the isles lit up big ben for five goals. big ben -- the bell tolled for him. two points behind the rangers, but they have a game in hand. the reason i'm so excited and discombobulated, the final. >> the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. >> in four seconds. >> we thought we were going to overtime.
11:32 pm
next year the final four is going to be back here on cbs. >> i hope we have a game like that. >> we picked a great year not to have the game. >> george mason will be there. >> we will have highlights tomorrow beginning at 430. >> and by the way, thanks for the spoiler. >> a little early. thanks a lot. for years to come. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. cae mpits veecve a w ar. buwee ceed f me. inudg maze'#1orinrn sed0 arruin anjdow rkeusigstinusmesasftir e irye..n ro awdsret erhi. twh ty meroyo cuoms,heme aotlyiohathfaesteetn e stwaedneorghno g serfa 1
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