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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 5, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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premier. which stars know all the words to the classic songs? the bare necessities the simple bare necessities >> now for april 5, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." say it isn't so, are bachelor be lauren already in trouble? three weeks ago that were very much in love. the bachelor's hit moments in a home parking lot caught on tape, you'll see the video, you be the judge. >> there's lots of couples to get to. one of my favorites, are you ready for another kardashian wedding? dinn at their house just got interesting? >> like it wasn't already? >> let's start with the back story. queue the dramatic music. >> we are now a couple and we're here to support each other. and you know, everything's going to be taken incorrectly at
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>> is this exclusive video evidence of paradise lost for the couple or just a serious conversation? what we do know, this 30-minute exchange went down saturday in a denver home depot parking lot. after a cooking lesson an inside they appeared upbeat. >> once in home depot, the two appear more solemn. he repeatedly dropped his head, rubbed his eyes and at point shook his head know. this moment when l put her hand on his back, looks t their only physical contact in the car when they walk in arm in arm. all the went well as ben generously removes his shirt to bring their items inside. that was the happy couple three weeks ago after announcing their engagement. multiple sources tell "e.t" despite that moment which
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the world of realty tv love. now tt drew's symbolic statement of normalcy, the ring is still on after announcing the end of her near four-year marriage. the mother to daughters olive and franky isully committed to co-parenting wit a source close to tells "e.t" it will be a bicoastal arrangement and they're trying tookeep everything cordial for the sake of the girls. they'll keep their apartment in the upper east side because olive ask in preschool there, but also is enrolled in l.a. drew never spent full-time in l.a., but they were always back and forth. >> people have to put the kids first, people have tha idea, but often times, you struggle with it, something gets in the way. >> and something that rewrote the language of celebrity splits.
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giving their marriage a first rate finished. >> "e.t" has confirmed a judgment package has been delivered to the court and their divorce can be finalized once it's signed. why isn't it? probably because they're holding true to their kids first stance. spending spring break together in peru with apple and moza. >> "elle's" co this month is being row mated as rare wide ranging interview with the queen bee. if you want to do an interview with beyonce, you just have to remember she runs the world. our fashion correspondent joe zee was once creative director for "elle" magazine, and it's a big deal. >> that cover could have been no love, a year, year and a half in the making. >> she has been on more "elle" covers than any other celebrity. obviously there was a lot going
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things to talk about. i'm a star >> how is bee making happen without asking for permission? one of the things that may happen is choosing an a relatively unknown reporter who reportedly last worked for the magazine two years ago in a spread got engagement rings. but her dad is a hedge fund manager. >> it's actually put a friend or someone with a personal relationship in front of her, you're going to get a dialogue and an interview and a intimate discussion that you will not get with a strang. and i think ultimately that's a win-win for both "elle" and beyonce. >> for ivey park, you really want to see those hose are. for her to choose the largest fashion magazine, whic "elle" magazine has the largest reader
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today that she's nominated for the best in social media award. along with james corden's car pool karaoke. no doubt about that. >> i would love to see that combination, beyonce on car pool karaoke? >> jay-z popping up in the back seat as a backup? >> she's a combination not so many people wanted to see. the oc's misha barton and dancing. period. we were coast to coast tracking all the stars lastnight. and our first hollywood and backstage at dancing. >> misha barton got the ballroom boot in l.a. >> is this experience what you thought it would be going into it? >> it's an intense experience. >> it's like i can't do another week of this. it was definitely maybe more than i had bargained for.
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and all that. >> jodie sweetin and her tv dad bob saggett remembering her bad times and getting sober. >> i think that's a big accomplishment, that she's incredibly real. >> i have known bob since i was 5 years old an he's a member of my family. it was just really swe >> marco ended the night at the top of the leaderboard. >> i was trying to be more relatable. not a lot of people can say they looked more ridiculous in front 20 million people on live television, i can. >> and in hollywood, i got wild with the stars at the jungle book premier. >> it's just really nice to be part of the jungle. >> mowgli with j crew. the night was bittersweet for director john fabreaux who was
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missing garry shandling. >> the reimagining of the childhood classic and one song fans can't wait for it. look for the bare necessities forget about your worries and your strife the bare necessities and modern nature's recipes that bring the bare necessities to life >> all right, i'm done here tonight. and in new york, it was date night for anderson cooper and his 92-year-old mom heiress gloria vanderbilt. >> their family documentary nothing left unsaid, debuts on april 9 on hbo. >> she's the last person in my family alive. >> anderson's besty andy cohen and kelly ripa showing up for the premier. so what's a typical night out on the town for the trio? >> we work it out on the dance floor.
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facebook page. fans are orb saysed with the steamy show on starz. >> get ready, it's going to be a really fun season. >> and my co-star alison sweeney is spilling secrets about me. >> he can fall asleep in the drop of a hat and the next thing you hear -- >> i do not snore. i was in the back seat, i didn't know she knew i was asleep. >> i was just so happy to see that you sleep soundly. >> here's a little treat, amelia clark, went a little batty recently with glamour magazine. >> where are my drag where's my wig? where's my orange mocha frappuccino? >> she asked for other stuff, but this is a family show. >> don't worry, we posted it on etonline
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ons. >> plus laurie laughlin on her real life fuller house with her two teenaged daughters. >> and which kardashian just got engaged? but first. >> hello, mother. >> i thought maybe we ccn hang out a little bit. >> i have to catch the subway. >> sharon stone, courteney cox and susan sarandon, they all play their stories tied togetter by selma blair, who plays a rock photographer who gets a surpri >> you're pregnant? >> what? >> how long do i have? >> it's called mothers and daughters and, yep, it opens mother's day weekend.
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you. (music plays) in this city, there is always a threshold waiting to be crossed. waiting for you to go beyond. to find the other side, to find yourself... greater. eight million footsteps daring past limits and delta, right there with you, as if all of us were saying together:
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pie and i has to do with kevin okay i love this story, blac chyna is only days away from being a kardashian. >> we know that the family loves drama, so actually this might create even more. i'm sure they do loveethat. and they actually think that kiley is trying to one up kim. rob is now engagedkiley's
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you see blac has an adorable 5-year-old son. how much fun do you think the rehearsal dinner will be i'm sure they do love that. and they actually think that kiley is trying to one up kim. >> it's kim versus kiley. can the kim outsell kiley on the internet >> kiley's cover for this most talked about feature is that she's the facing of youth. >> those famous lips are the focus, so she's not stripping down. >> there was not any talk of any nudity in this, i don't think we needed it, we wanted to go more bold colors and that type of thing and really focus on her amazing dramatic look and making that very himp real. >> and we have the exclusive inside pics of kiley's vibrant transformation. >> and we have those pics of
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>> we have six different wigs that we shot her in, all different colors and even plastic. >> she told the magazine, i would like to have a really big family and a farm. she's young, but she's already got a plan for having kids. >> she definitely wanted to have a baby before she was 30. she said that kim wanted to have two before she was 30. >> if kiley wants to have kids, al has to do is talko kelly clarkson, there she was yesterday keeping a hand on her baby bbmp. >> john travolta is dealing with that now. >> are you dating? >> and fatherrof the bride sta kimberly williams, hear the emotional family secret she has kept hidden until now. >> without her permission, i'm
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>> that's coming up.s. t 'vreiv aew re
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stars are just us, hey, taylor swift, we love that you love a good lunch date. there is t-swift we're talkinn about here. so of course she was rocking her signature red lips, winged eyeliner and some killer new heels. meantime, paul taylor lunched. >> are you proud of taylor? >> her boyfriend deejay calvin harris hit the gym. and in case you forgot, this is what the armani model i rocking
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also in l.a., kaley cuoco hit the pump. but check out the ffotwear. those slip osandals cost 375 bucks. jennifer garner's got puppy love and from the looks of it a lot of patience as well. here she is practicing her good dog on he golden retriever. this is the pup she adopted last year. and from puppy love, from me you. it took as if a cat totally came in as a wrecking ball on miley cyrus. the 23-year-old documented her cat fight on instagram on monday, her arms and hands seriously scratched up. and yes, that is blood on her bleached locks. >> that's another way stars are like us, especially dads, we just face the realty that the baby girl has started
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listen to what john travolta ellen about with his wife kelly and his daughter in the audience. >> is she dating? >> i don't interfere with that. she has two guys that she hangs out. i don't ask anything about what they say or do with each other. >> that would not fly in your house, would it? >> by the way, kelly says she knows everything. if you want to know some busy mom secrets. samantha harris sat down with laurie laughlin to see how she balances her own full house. >> how do you balance being a mom, having fuller house, having your shoo that's at hall >> it's one day at a time, i'm constantly writing notes to myself. things do slip through the cracks. >> my girls are now 16 and 17, even when i'm home, i don't put them to bed, they're up way later than i am. 9:00, i'm ready to go to bed. they need to tuck me in. >> talk about a fuller house.
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two, still findinging time do rock those abs while commu between l.a. and vancouver working on her new show. >> we have to get away from the river. >> t's so, so good. and brooke shields is guest starring on our finale too. >> i have known her since we were 11 years old, we started modeling together. so yeah, such a treat to hang out together. >> how cool they knew each other? >> samantha harris was lucky enough to chat with another mother who we spoke with way back when. kimberly williams paisley, the relationship she has with her ailing mother is truly going to -ptouch your heart. the name everybody falls for kimberly, father of the bride. >> i'm engaged, i'm getting married. >> i'm sorry, what did you sayy >> dad, i met a man in rome, and he's wonderful and brilliant and we're getting married. >> there's some rumors of a third father of the bride. >> would you want toothe a third one? >> i totally would want to do a
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i heard a great story line. kiran culkin is coming back and wedding. i don'ttknow if there's ny >> all right. >> they haven't called me yet. >> it's hard to believe that it's been almost 25 years since kimberly with her wedding day sneakers starred in the original, and she almmst didn't audition, but we can thank her mom linda for convincing her to go for it. >> she wanteded the best for me, she pushed me, i always say she's that voice in my head that still tells me to go to for it, do thinns, have adventures and have party. >> and linda actually appears in the movie, laughing next to movie mom diane keaton. but today it's a different story. kimberly's mother suffers from dementia. she can't speak or write, sometimes she becomes violent. and kimberly made the heart wrenching decision to move her into a home. >> my mom was aware enough to
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and that was really horr >> i know your mom is nonverbal. how hard is it to not to talk to her every day? >> i think my ways i have said goodbye to the old mom. my brother said it's death by paper cuts. oops, there's another little part of her gone. >> kimberly has found strength in the failings of the struggle and she writes about it in her really moving book life gets in. there's joy watching her sons play with their ma and that she has a sense of and can laugh and that country star brad paisley is her >> he was there on the really hard days when i didn't know what to do. he would just hold me and let me cry. any time you go through hard times and challenges in l you survive, it strengthens your relationships. >> oh, true, and they're a great couple. >> in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays which star of the voice was fired from two different mcdonald's
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is it adam levine, pharell williams? and you know what else is next? >> i like a little competition with mr. frazier so he's going to pay up, he's getting a pie right in the face.
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battle with jimmy fallon. welcome back to show now, in tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which star of the voice was fired from three mcdonald's restaurants? that was pharell who turns 33 today. villanueva beat north carolina with an incredible buzzer beater, so very cool i must say, plus more importantly, i crush mr. frazier right here, in our celebrity bracket challenge. i picked more winners in my bracket. it was like way more winners than you picked. >> most of the guys on the dan patrick radio show. >> here's the thing, their role was that if their wife beat them, then they had to take a pie in the face, since i'm your, you know, work wife, it's time to pay up. told you kafray. goodbye, everybody.
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good nifoalthr w vis.u n'brk .yowaa ecofakouswchs artemasitastoet00egntne usv d onfoju 9. p mthnle. blcat fethe ee ts ic lyioca tony: aha. would you like a glass of bubbly, director? no drinking on the clock, agent dinozzo. of course not, sir. and why deprive the politicians? most of them have not had a drink since this morning. mrs. bransfield, nice to see you again. excuse me. hi. you don't have a wristband. ooh, you got me. no wristband.


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